What do I do with all this money?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about what to do with the money you've saved when you retire.

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I'm you know I this is something fun to think about rather than you know getting around that needs an immensely. Good and it's a big I mean just today and then you know literally see if there's a lot of weight behind. 98713. Thirty KE NS has been hit in the morning now 648. Here in the Wednesday. Three big things me. Which caused Wesley medical center planning a multimillion dollar renovation of senior citizens and City Council debate location of the swimming pool lie. And did speak woman's wedding ring at gunpoint in all these Wichita. Big big things Steven dead on Kate in a sense. The gasoline prices in the Wichita area this morning a little unsettled and seeing prices at depth. None and Highlander and she's 72 bit to 69 seems to be the yes low into the gasoline price on seeing out there remembers these product. Better price soared traffic tie it's your fault that traffic outlined. 31686913. Thirty. Traffic updates from cape and it's as radio I'm here at chambers partly. Now below 40% chance for rain today at a high of 89 degrees. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight from 71. And Thursday mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow tonight 96. Now partly cloudy 73 degrees river southeast wind five miles per hour. Okay Unisys weather brought you by the monarch. Beach Florida your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday with the four dollars a like burdens of miscues. Located at 579 less Douglas and his story delay you know the monarch. Seated at a morning now 650 here on this Wednesday morning. And we're taking a look at the Steven and Ted the whole question of the day right there on our web page. K Unisys radio on Father's Day is coming up Sunday the seventeenth. And what would you how we celebrate filed Tuesday. Gonna take dad out for a meal 9%. Fire up the grill 9%. A nice card 18%. Simple quality time together 64%. That's right you go you can't abide dads club with a cheap card or a great big juicy steak. Although I well wanna try that to our you go for it can't hurt. It Steven dead bull question right there on a web page says radio died down. Yeah yeah go ahead. You can try and bring on. You know the FBI agent who unintentionally shot someone while dancing in Denver bar. Turned himself in to police Tuesday he's of waiting charges 29 year old chase bishop. Being held the Denver detention center for investigation of second degree assault pending formal charges from the district attorney's office. Bishop was showing off his moves in the center of a dance circle at mile high spirits barred June 2 when he. Washington to back and spring during the move a firearm for all of his waist band Poulter ought to before he moved to pick up the weapon. And unintentionally fired a shot. 1% struck in the lower line and there's an FBI agent on now he's a little more fire arm training them on. Stocks mostly rose and quiet to Tuesday's session as investors reacted calmly to the outcome of that meeting between president trumpet North Korean leader Kim drew one. And turned their attention to this week's trying trio of central banking meetings of possible interest tonight at nine. Dow fell just under two points S&P rose four NASDAQ added 43 points. Ted it's up that you write discuss every day what we're doing all this money. Don Graham I know can Don back at CF BI tracker is with us this morning. On. He chuckled but you know I know you've done well putting it away as you may have this problem Steve. Tell you you sock it away you'd weathered the ups and downs in the market and now it's time to cut loose and retire well these employee benefits research institute. Conducted an online poll and and found that about 30%. Adult workers don't know what they were supposed to do with their investments. Once they retire. 30% said they would brought their 401K assets into an IRA. 25%. Said that they would keep in the planet work in 5%. Would take the most extreme action of hashing it out. Is Stan. There's some education needed here. Well if you keep your retirement savings in the 401K app you're acting you're job as protected by. Some degree by the employee. Retirement income security act or recite the advisors and administration trust are the act as the the judiciary which means that they are required always operate in the best interest of the participants. And reserve will protect your savings from security by you know. It will be secure but by creditors soaps and nobody can go after him bankruptcy yours and my dad. The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC. As recently floated. Some guidelines that we acquire all registered financial professionals giving financial advice and solid financial products and services. That they must also act in the best interest of their clients essentially acting as producers same protection manager after 41 K. These guidelines and not have not passed into law yet but they will be infection. As will affect all financial professionals. Not just those taking care 401K K plants. Individual retirement. Match. That. Player spot or are smaller range of choices to invest yet. The cost of asset manager and management will vary from plan the plan. And from institution to institution it's important to work. To compare apples to apples when comparing where you may keep all that money that you've invested in retirement. Enlighten yourself by learning about your retirement investing well before you leave your job waiting until the last minute before you pull. Or it. Reveals some surprises that you don't want. Tax issues underfunding did just to name a couple of them plan as early as you can to start putting it away and of course if you have any questions you give me a call the number 63422. Two twos. Don today is national kitchen clutches of America today. This honors those who would like to cook can be an occasion but it just doesn't seem to work out well for them course. Clutch most commonly referred to as a clumsy person. How are you an idea. How are you indicated you Lakeland so. I'm great advocate I'd love to cook some afternoons I'll pour myself a line and I'll just start start work in this you know have dinner on the table by it expects. I loved the cut but I just haven't. Have a question okay generally these days are. Somehow put together by some sort of a lobby trying to sell something. If it's kitchen clutch day. Who put this one together resist that restaurant industry. Nine NC a source on this at all he came from the Internet so you know it's accurate. Yeah and I think it's going to be a percent current idea plastic wrap on the floor she's just something for us to think about it. To dishonor us people are here the people who maybe did that in order takeout pizza. The our indications that you do OK I enjoyed time and become an unknown entity to elected but now and then non everyday but every now and it. Our guys thank you it's 656 and coming up at the 7 o'clock this morning we've got the pianist this morning news received him all the day's news including day about a building fire itself what you thought just a few hours ago that's all the way. Even though the morning on cape and a sense.