What do you know about Social Security?

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
Survey finds many Americans don't know much about Social Security.

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Historical matters for me emotionally that news is going to be the international stocks because. At the end of the day we all need to do and work together. Because we're up shared this planet. And so they're 2:30 PM SS even in the morning at 648 here on Monday. Three big things. House of Representatives to vote on to immigration bills this week. Hutchinson man's body recovered from Blake in Colorado fly. Man's body found himself Wichita. Three big things even dead on K in excess. This morning we've already had a bit of a slowdown in the road construction. He's found them. On Kellogg redder and I 1835. Looks like is that traffic volumes were just picking up and things are getting a little bit spotty there's it's good death places. Watch out for traffic slowed down her voice if you let him get around quicker. Traffic updates on Kate and yes that's radio on hit chambers. Partly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain today and the high of 94 degrees. 10% chance of rain tonight fueled little sympathy for. Usually 30% chance of showers on tomorrow's night nineteenth. Now partly cloudy 77 dream we have of south winds at ten miles per hour. The weather's front you by the monarch open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and then on Sunday. Thank you can be found at monarch which about dot com the monarch can delay no yeah. At 649 now come up on 650 just taken a quick look at the tape and assess whether senator radar and there is just not a lot going on out there. A little shower right south the Dodge City about eight or ten miles. Which things can move almost great north. Not much blown out there but to her retaining at this one at least a 10%. Chance for rain that could be a little optimistic. The Stephen Ted poll question on our web page gay and assess radio dot com Father's Day June 17 and we asked how you would celebrate. And we're Brooke totally missed out court because Brazil's government take dad out for a meal got 9%. A nice card came up with 17%. Simple quality time together which was the leader all week 34%. Fire up the grill. 40%. Parity that come I don't know apparently left and of people out owners don't think that fire the real confident we did that. As a matter fact. My seven his and his wife. They fired at the grill yesterday in derby the day before that my daughter insult to society needed voted both. And we had to have some quality time together and my wife gave me cart so I think it is I feel I all the Bosnia yes. Today's question what is your favorite ice cream flavor. There's here are the choices Vanilla chocolate no brainer strawberry the applause and chocolate chip. And rocky road and those are quite your possibilities. To mount on our web page pianist his radio dot com or at least the intent to poll question of the very very popular featured a connected. Yes. 651 Steve now what's going on your brain yeah. Oh whirlwind week on Wall Street ended with a modest losses Friday amid worries about a trade war with China. The Dow closed down its 85 points S&P fell just three points the NASDAQ Composite lost fifteen energy companies. Drop with the oil prices industry and technology industrial and technology companies also fell after the drug administration announced a 25% tariff. On fifty billion dollars and imports from China. 651 Stephen Ted what do you know about Social Security congrats you appear the money tracker is here he's an expert on those morality and credible enough. Tell me everything you know about Social Security works okay. Frankly I think you're well. For now. Mass mutual life insurance company recently released the results of a Social Security. Knowledge quiz. That they administered to Americans. Over fifty and nearly half failed yeah well the good news is that it. Three years ago 62%. Fail. So we got a 12%. Well here's a sampling of some of the questions. It might be fun to answer some of these in your head while you listen here and work or sale if you want. Under current Social Security law my benefits will not be reduced. If I claim them at 65 true or false. Well. No no proof well it's true today. Under so current such period might benefits will not be reduced if by claim them at 65. Yeah well well it's true. They world date it's true they will be reduced. So I'm 49%. Said false. So anyway they're not. Bewildered. They will be reduced yes. Will not be reduced if they climate true or false. It's true they will be it's not their answers true it's true that they will be reduced. And I've I've just read it right off the script your eyes is my spouse eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits. Even if he or she has no individual earnings history. Yes true you got was just 54%. Of Americans answered this correctly that one. If my spouse dies I will continue to receive both my own benefit and my deceased spouse's benefit. The total benefits I receive will not change. That's false they'll you'll change your right that's false and 80% got that one right. A surviving spouse needs to decide whether they wanna take the around benefit or that of their dead spouse they can't have ball. Oh several years ago Social Security Administration stopped it is sending out those annual Social Security statements to the everyone younger than age sixty. Everyone can create an account on SSA dot gov but. 86% of those surveyed by that mass mutual. Survey had not registered on SSA dot gut so in less. They had a meeting at the Social Security Office they won't know whether their income has been correctly credited. Toward their benefits it is critical to keep up with that reported. Bottom line of the survey is that most Americans don't know enough about the benefits that they. Eight and since their first paychecks. And two for the majority of the retirees Social Security benefits will be a critical part of their income. In retirement of course you have any questions you'd give me a call the number 6342222. It is national splurge day and a fun feel good holiday that was created for you do something special for yourself. Okay the dictionary defines splurge is too indulgent ones softened some launch re or pleasure well what are you gonna do. Camping humiliate yourself by a spot treatment or him no imagination. But steadily Terry or slurs on the intent Yong no better days in a Monday it is to do so is like learning. Monday's dredges splurge you know get your here probably burger. Yeah I would know how to appear. That zone simpler in those splurge on a day. But yes I would know how to do that the nationalist Thursday thank you gentlemen are right thank you coming up Medicare SS news at 7 this morning Stephen just. Man's body found himself what you thought we've got the story into the morning on Kate and SS.