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Wednesday, May 16th
Announcing batters for decades

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Is this station in Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. The board 7 o'clock this is the case an assist sporting news even did the I'm Steve Macintosh standoff in west Wichita. Ends peacefully we've got the story I'm rocky prize the design phase of which consequence master plan has begun. A Korean summit may be scrapped timed hit Woodward those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays a fairly quiet pattern over the next couple of days but that may change by the end of the week are full forecast is on the way. The police standoff ended peacefully left Wichita Tuesday afternoon near 119. Street and Taft. Police officer John Davison says officers were contacted by a man and woman Monday saying their 33 year old son was intoxicated and pointed a gun at them. Officers confined to Monday they followed compliment tasty Tuesday and and found that breast side residence police swat team. And the dog were called in and the man then was arrested. At yesterday's meeting the Wichita City Council approved the design initiation of the city's. A quad X master plan the cancel proof that master plan last year with Tuesday's approval one point two million in aquatic plants funds are budgeted this year and next for design and construction. The city's selected water's edge of products designed to handle the design phase. Overall the city already paid for facilities turn five swimming pools and water playgrounds and bill two additional water playgrounds. Which will address such issues as water conservation safety exit to pull seasons and operational hours and cost savings from eliminating lifeguards. The capital improvement plan includes 22 million dollars in funding for aquatic facility improvements through 20/20 six. Ronnie Price KUSS. And it's one woman killed three injured Tuesday in a South Carolina California explosion. Fox's Rick Lozano reports FedEx. Closing inside of a medical office building first reported as a car into a building that we've learned. There was no car involved but rather a large explosion of some kind killing one person. And injuring three others extensive damage to the building fire and police some massive response including the bomb squad. Hazmat canine units called in as well as swat. Debris from the building strewn throughout the area while across the street a daycare center and some staff members are removing. Some cribs and other furniture and pieces of equipment. Meantime children were inside that daycare center they were evacuated safely. The FBI believes a package bomb likely caused that explosion. Kim jungle and threatening to scrap his historic meeting with president trump a day after canceling talks with South Korea North Korea says it has no interest in a summit. If all the space on his quote one sided domains to give up its nuclear arsenal. North Korean media also warning ongoing joint military drills and South Korea could derail the meeting calling them an intentional military provocation. Miami Republican senator John Barrasso who met with president trump Tuesday. Tells fox is ninth the president may just pass out the summit the president is really focused on trying to accomplish this realizing he may just have to. Walk away the summit between Kim Jung an impressive trump is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. In Washington Salman told fox needs Kansas governor has signed a law that will allow those who wrongfully convicted of crimes to collect 65000 dollars. For each year they were incarcerated. Under the law signed Tuesday. My go to collier those two or wrongfully convicted and whose convictions are overturned will be eligible for the yearly. 65000 dollars. Michael Feldman of the instant prodded me that Michelle felt Bolivia innocent project. Says the new system is a gold standard among such compensation laws. In SS use announce a little blood type and it's as simple life. Last home game of the season last night for the shocker that big stadium will have a wrapped up in baseball actually coming up in sports changes in the way west our customers are build it. That story coming up. On the case and as this morning news was Stevens. The canisters or use the Stephen deck down 70 wait 8 minutes past 7 o'clock. West our energy wants to change the way it charges its customers. Really your bill end up being high. Or lower. Potentially deep crease at the end of this year followed by an increase in electricity rates is making west are looking to introducing a new rate plan. While some people's electric bills of goat now however other bills would increase. Another proposal by west are would be a new optional three rate plan that would include lower electricity rates most hours of the day. But an increase charge for high usage between the hours of two and 7 PM. If your household uses most of its electricity between two and seven this straight and would raise your bill sometimes significantly. However if you have a job that keeps you away from home during that five hour period the new plan could help save a little money. Amy web Kate and SS news. The former deputy who was widely criticized for not going inside a Florida high school during a mass shooting. Is now pocketing a hefty. Pension the deputy who didn't go inside Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school during February's massacre is now getting a pension of nearly 9000 dollars a month. That word from the sun sentinel. Former deputy Scott Peterson's taken a lot of heat for not going inside that building even getting called a coward by president trump. Peterson retired rather than risk getting fired but now there's an investigation under way in Peterson may lose that pension. His lawyers been saying Peterson thought the attack was under way outside the building so he never when he and chill NATO Fox News. Why are Americans so enamored with the royal wedding interest in this wedding is astounding with royal watchers worldwide media. Analyzing every aspect of the relationship. Attendees ceremony. The new princess may be Markel is living in every angle files dream she is Libby met the little girl in America that dreams of being a princess was meant to tourists visiting the UK each year it seems almost everyone. One is interested in some aspect of the big day. I wanna know what's gonna wrap leaking below wasting innocently catch it the people's imagination in the case. And could attract beating me Adam Housley Fox News. And is this news to announce seventeen and 10 minutes as 7 o'clock here on a Wednesday morning. And as we take a look at. Traffic here on the Wednesday morning commute. We do you have the reports of a fire that's probably out the fire crews are checking it out anyway in south which it's on its near McArthur and meridian. Might see some fire trucks there just tricky to make sure that fires outs when 200 block of west MacArthur. Traffic update. From Kate in especially Stephenson all right thinking as sand storm front of your forecast now with Kansas today meteorologist Lar abandoned devouring Laura. Good Wednesday morning to you look like you been working on your tanned their eyesight on TV well. Yeah little toasty over the weekend. The you know it's like all settled and I kind of know they're really and they. Hey outside in the forecast for today on first thing this morning we mostly cloudy skies. And it really within the last thirty minutes we actually had some spotty showers pop up in a round in which time and it random storm but these look like they're on beating out quickly so I don't know that small potential for use race storm today mostly cloudy and warm 83 stain Nike wins those elect also by the northeast at fight fifteenth. A column other take it tonight into tomorrow but it tomorrow brings the heat's 88. We'll see a little the brighter sky on top of that storm chances ramp back up into the weekend that else comes along with that summer sizzle he protectors in the nineties and its own rights. Oh for a little respite here you know its worst off what. And fifteen degrees above normal for this time gear now yet no big deal let's count in my view though I mean does it feel I don't know walk with my wife were about to went through 4 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday. It started mug and up again and have been cooler but yeah. Yeah I know anything about it at ten degree difference I mean really helped out without doubts and muggy. Let's sit up a couple of degrees at least for now gonna Antonio Sousa size of the volleyball falling on us today. Exit is open dot. In Georgia and how to calm afternoon please Syria and just get that every down and just a calm day and a Villa and isn't a score. Now probably it's. Laura the KS and storm tracker report desk with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura Bannan now fought diminished in 61 degrees call no window there. Up partly cloudy breezy day yesterday which does high temperature 84 we had when guest clocked at 33 miles per hour it really isn't that much is. On this state this is may sixteenth on the state in 1991 and F three tornado developing nuclear water. And move northeast across south and southeast Wichita that damage around twenty homes. And at about one million dollars in damage twisters track was very similar. To that of the infamous Andover tornado that it occurred just twenty days out earlier three weeks after the hand over tornados here comes another ounce may kind of the same path yup pretty much not as fierce obviously in did not hit some popular a voluntary Huntsville. I think a team of university of southern California's game innovation lab has adapted Henry David Thoreau Walden. Into a video game. Players can most boring video game ever. Players can build a capital along the shores of Walden Paul today and in one and then Senator Clinton feels for sustenance and export seventy acres of digital nature over the course of one year the same time period. Governance rose ball. Game has been available for about a year on computers that it was launched yesterday a PlayStation four. Tracy yeah Fullerton. Who led the team that designed the game says Walden is one of her favored bush and the chief thinks its message of escaping technology to appreciate nature is topical today. Exit results on better did she understand the irony I'm seeing it. I'm is still a lot of irony here okay or you could actually leave your home and go outside enix and experience nature of stately their own senses again on that as the object is to find the right balance between survival and fulfillment or. It's just relax and enjoy nature that could be it too 714. We Stephen did this is again may sixteenth. And on this date in 2005. It. The series finale of Everybody Loves Raymond aired on CBS. Which is employed. As a British strong characters show I really enjoyed the mom the dad. Peter Boyle Lloyd the dad Doris Roberts boy that where they funny and Doris Roberts Domenici been like stage actress for years and years. But she was terrific in net and a that's a Peter Boyle. Is a treasure hurry. Lasts less to chatter Mort Qaeda. He was he was terrific. And had a Big Brother or the blue vote won't. What was his name guys about what six foot eight Robert Robert over the another great character in who they knew how to write for it up funny stuff. It was a trip exit company corsets it's on all the time on cable news he would just rulers pretty clever stuff that was very good stuff did you catch just a moment ago. The Fox News report about the yeah Peterson the media officer safety retired. And deputy down there in Florida who did not go into the building. He has retired on a 9000. Dollar a month pension. And I. Didn't know. Personal I didn't know they still had such a thing as a pension anywhere. But apparently that sheriff's office down there in Florida is really generous with the taxpayers and Americans attention as he put money into it over the years I understand that. 9000 dollars a month Europe and one. I can live off nine and I looked at a lot of prejudice you know. Now it's a 760 was Stephen did what I mentioned something really. Well that caught my attention this morning and that is it to Tim Woodward has now done. 33 seasons of baseball public address announcing. Now you get European it was kind of boring in the book last night and I did just that in the total up there. And I am I a pregnant it well I'm doing it here for 29 years it Wichita State yeah. Other foreign colleagues 33 years Jews and and I'm sure the shocker this sports management out there yet had a nice caged now. And some balloons and so forth to celebrate and maybe they'll do it on for you think well next year will be amenities thirtieth years doing it or thirtieth they are yet you ride maybe. Of them that are put that in their kid and a calendar marked down. So what is it then of course it obviously it is due you do stage work and obviously like he had front of people and a live situation. Ended. Anything you do that really gets a lot of feedback. Yeah you do some special stuff. Always used to not as much anymore okay. For many years we did some unease some comedy bits. Now. Mostly it's just reading announcements and announcing who's batting and his pitching. That was up there the other night the ball game ended before the game your you were just did you original kind of an all out those indeed. There are lots and lots of pregame announcements. And flawlessly realism and listen to them while I hope I want. I was talking with friend of ultimate figure most people are talking editors Ted didn't goes on hearing my voice yeah walked over them one yeah you just droning on. But it exists is a good part of though what goes on and I I enjoy hearing with the PA announcers and you get a good when go to the shocker games and in basketball like McDonnell does don's. Got the franchise out there can you Liam does a good job any errors in now. You guys have gotten nailed it. Anyway congratulations if you do anything for 33 years well now there that day you know a hard time for fourth after robberies they think it's it's it needs to be recognized. And and it appreciated. Can own 718 now Steven dead. It is time before we get over that we're looking at baseball. Truckers and royals play yesterday written out last night we had the last home game of the season for soccer baseball at X stadium and in state rivalry is that the shocker is in Kansas State. Meeting for the only time this season. Sox got things off to a good start that didn't go too great after that boy it was a nice night for baseball. Season high 4000 plus fans on hand a lot of them clad in purple is either and a state wildcats want shocker fans as well. In the post game wrap up from the play by play voice the shocker is Mike Kennedy who had a game last night right here on. A innocence Wichita State with a disappointing seven to three loss tonight to Kansas date. There's shocker started in very promising fashion scoring three runs in the first on who hits and three free passes and looked like they were often running. Kansas State began to chip away with two of the third and scored two in the fourth to go ahead. And as it turned out to shoppers would not score again after those 31 inning runs Kansas State edit solo runs in the fifth eighth and ninth. And the final score was seven to three Kansas State won that game. Shocks winless in their last three games are now 3218. And one on the season. And that's the only loss all season long shocker to hating somebody out of the Big 12 Conference he state won that game last night seven to three. Major League Baseball up in Kansas City last night the royals hosting the Tampa Bay array is the second straight night it was close. And the second straight night it was a one run a loss for the royals the rays won it last night six to fire at some of the post game analysis from the game and hit eight. Other royals got it tied at a single time they're sealed off Romo in the seventh inning that. Could not concurred in the ninth inning after Bill Owens to a single and Guerrero who. Rarely blows and say did now assume the rays one at 65 as the royals. After a goodly number I another bad we have lost six settled out of seven. And their hosting the rays again it will be a day game today to wrap up this three game series lives pregame coverage begins at 1230 this afternoon game started about 115. Listen to the royals and braves on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro basketball in the NBA last night was game to an Eastern Conference finals the Boston Celtics at home beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 10794. In the starting lineup the Celtics. Former Kansas jayhawk Marcus Morris. Twelve points five rebounds and three assists with a pair of home wins Boston is up two games to zero over the cavaliers. Eastern Conference finals. Men's soccer tonight for FC which it's off it's on the road and it's the second round of the US open cup. Is that national tournament continues. FC Wichita tonight visiting the Tulsa rough necks at 730 both teams are undefeated too and on the season trying to advance in a national tournament. You go softball national tournaments beginning today the division one national tournament isn't saint George Utah Butler community college taking on Walters stayed out of Tennessee 6 o'clock this evening. Of course the Butler grizzlies are back to back national champions are going for three in Euro at 141 of their last 42 games. And a division two national tournament begins in Mississippi today Cali college is the number six national seed taking on Madison Wisconsin this afternoon. In the opening round. No Wichita wing nuts baseball team in an exhibition win last night at Lawrence Dumont stadium 65 over the Fargo Moorhead redhawks Wichita has split its four exhibition games thus far. Won the last pre season game tonight wing that's hosting Fargo and morehead. 705 tonight downtown at Lawrence Dumont stadium when it's getting ready for this season opener on. Friday night. And happy birthday today to a guy that. It's in which it's off for the Wichita air roads and along Major League career Rick Russell is celebrating a birthday today. Came up that cubs system and it's great years with the cubs. Finished in the top three in Cy Young award voting a couple times three time all star two time gold glove winner. Good pitcher I've ever been a lot of games big guy yeah big guy and fielded his position well on must have yeah yeah he he didn't he wasn't shaped like a guy you thought would be a great gas well it. He wasn't area it's gonna say he's got a bit. Round and found broad bully on 214 game really leagues now that's playing a lot of times for not very good team dealt but. Rick Rick you know got the job done he 69 today. Towards the end of his career he was he was getting pretty large. And somebody and somebody got on a morass and a reporter asked him a question about him gaining some weight. And he made the remarks as me gaining weight is like putting a couple more suitcases on the queen Mary. But that it mattered as it. Happy birthday to former Wichita Eros picker pitcher Rick Russell 69 today. As sports you Stephen Ted KN SNC three now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh's. Destabilizing masculine privilege case that's always seem to have the morning on patent and has asked.