What is the most popular beer in Kansas?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 6th

Here's a clue: amber waves of grain...


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 733. You're listening to 97 and thirteen thirty feet and SS. Here on Wednesday December 6. Following a recent spike in homicides Wichita police are going to. Back special teams to target problem areas. And problem people the department used the team concept and a pilot project from may to August making 375. Arrests. Wichita eagle reports police chief Gordon Ramsay announce Monday the department wants to use the teams in the long term. Because of the past successes the teams will begin work January 1. The first ten officer team will work on drug complaints in residential neighborhoods and respond to violent crimes throughout the city the second team of twelve officers will work on investigations of known violent offenders. Focusing on street gangs and responding to violent crimes. Third sixteen person team will work with community policing teams. Dan O'Neill K and SS news now's to. Look at that weather forecast journal Wednesday morning let's check in. With meteorologist Dan Holliday damn good morning this colder and drier weather pattern is going to stay around for awhile in fact we are in a moderate drought here in south central Kansas sunny with a high 47 later on this afternoon and winds increasing out of the northwest's. Colder air moves in tonight or Lou 21 the sunny and 34 for tomorrow's high I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank you Dan right now on which it saw we have a breeze out of the west northwest. Under a clear sky it's 32 degrees. Which stuff fire crews have been busy this morning a couple of house fires the first one near tenth and popular north switch atop. Another one in nine north which is tied to a 19100 block of north. Crews are called the home of popular about 3 o'clock this morning the one. The eldest son of president trumps that to testify this morning before a congressional committee Donald. Trump junior will testify to the House Intelligence Committee today as it continues its investigation of possible Russian involvement in the 20s16 presidential election. Trump junior will testified behind closed doors. His highly anticipated testimony. Comes as he faces growing questions on Capitol Hill. About the June 2016 meeting at trump tower where he met with Russian operatives after being promised dirt on democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump junior also exchanged emails with WikiLeaks touring the campaign. Apple White House Jon Decker Fox News. Late this afternoon Kansas governor Sam Brownback and First Lady Mary Brownback. While host the Kansas capitol tree lighting with help from adopting fairways and be on the first floor rotunda of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. The US House of Representatives voting today on a bill to compel states to recognize concealed weapon permits from other states. Regardless of what their own state and local laws saying. Supporters of national concealed carry reciprocity insist it will prevent someone legally carrying a firearm from being arrested in another state your law abiding citizen trying to do the right thing when I can turn into criminal book as you cross and doesn't statewide north Carolina Republican Richard Hudson says there are enough votes to pass it in the house. And even senate Democrats voted for a similar bill and 2015 and the were actually seven Democrats senators who were still in the senate who voted for that legislation five homes have Romeo for reelection if if that matters opposition comes mainly from states with very strict permitting laws. Evan brown Fox News. Republican sources say GOP lawmakers all want to get the same place on policy but there is a disagreement on tactics members of the conservative freedom caucus floated doing a government funny extension. From Friday to December 30 two lap time after Christmas to finish up fiscal matters. House speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders support a two week continuing resolution. To wrap up before Christmas I feel like we're gonna have a majority we're gonna have to eighteen for passing the CR we had this week conservative freedom caucus members acknowledged there wasn't enough support from rank and file Republicans for their plan. To come back right after Christmas. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer seemed to enjoy the disagreement on the Republican side. I hope the Republican leadership can avert more of this unnecessary hostage taking like we saw on the house floor last night. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. British authorities say they foiled an attempt terror plot against a UK Bryant prime minister's recent may. Martin brunt of Fox's sister network in the UK sky news reports. The investigation been running for well settled we certainly. An actionable Scotland Yard West Midlands police. And demo like five X it. Came to a head last week. With the rest of two suspects two young man won in London one in Birmingham both of them arrested. Pat gunpoint its kind to these two young men were charged with preparing at the terra. I am the two men on nine mile lawmen. Whose twenty he's from North London. And the second man Mohamed in runs. Henry is ideal to 21 he's from Birmingham and both charged with preparing acts of terror. Snowflake it's a disparaging term used to describe overly sensitive youngsters. Now research shows snowflakes the like because snowflakes so. People might argue that the research proves that the moniker is will burn the insurance company or Veba finding that 72% of people. Between the ages of sixteen and 24. Believe being called snowflake is damaging to their mental health. But before making light of this consider that the research also finds. They nearly half of the people Ned age range say that they suffered stress or anxiety over the past year. The research was conducted in the United Kingdom. Gary barn garden Fox News. 739. Was Steve intent on K and SS. We take a look at of course we always have these lists and now on another. Computer crunching outfit has come up with the list of of B years all right nation IMS and I -- years we have a list what's the what's the favorite beer in each state and what's the most Google. Brewery in each state. So for Kansas we ended up in the category of the wheat beer being the most popular makes a surprise at all. And the most. Google old brewery in the state of Kansas is boulevard brewing company which is based in Kansas City loser OK there you go what about our neighbors. Colorado Colorado. Coal each. Beer and Breckenridge brewery no surprise surprise there Oklahoma. India Pelé ill. Most popular beer and anthem brewing company and today Missouri a logger the most popular beer. And I'm sure you know the breweries is most Google in user. Anheuser-Busch. Arab. What's Nebraska got Pelé ill also and Benson brewery. It's one that's not heard of that now there egos and Kansas anyway we go for the weeks. And a boulevard realists and the other states that go for the week like us Arkansas. Hawaii. Hawaii that Iowa no surprise there again it's. Okay I'm many Wii's a Montana Nevada. That's about it on the weeks I have in that we I have to say don't don't share that with a few other I am not a week fan of fan of wheat Beers so but I have Google bitten. And researched it and it is that time of the year Massachusetts is the first state to be hit heavily this year by. The flu. So yeah I'd eventually gets every it eventually we'll yet and canceling out. It's it's been in my house has been here in a station he now is that it eventually it boy and I got. I got the flu. Earlier this year in February and it knocked me on my tired remember there were days criminal and you're not Europe and worst I've had it one. It is time for our prairie fire called daybreak on CNN says prairie fire copies the precious copy and Wichita why well because prairie fire coffee beans. Are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. Get very fired copy your office by calling the phone number which is 2673770. Want to. More online at prairie fire copy dot com. It is time for big coffee bride I'm ready yes. We'll tell you about a robber who should've had a plan but did not say in SS news time 740 seats.