What really makes us happy?

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 4th
Moneytracker Don Grant says savings and security can make us truly happy.

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It's 73030. K and us as we are the content in the morning. At 6:47. On Friday morning at three big things. Congress in recess president taking some time off his convoy of hope offered free services to those in need in Wichita. Wichita police investigate video taken in a movie theaters restrooms. Pretty big thing Stephen dead on K in a sense. So far this morning in which it's not well traffic starting to pick up now we're actually starting to see some heavier traffic out there right now. The key eastbound at I 135 in this is that. Her sorry eastbound at Kellogg and 1935. And this is in that road construction through starting to see some heavier traffic and little bit of traffic slowed down there traffic update on cape and it's as radio on gas chambers. Mostly sunny today with a high of eighteen degrees. 50% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 64. 50% chance for rain on Saturday with a high of 88 so it looks like some others. Could get out of more lawn Margaret now cloudy 66 degrees and pivotal between at fifteen. Miles per hour. Pianist as weather brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens of risky in the state of Kansas. Full cocktail menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com with the monarch in delay no. 649 now Stephen Ted Stevens did Cain is his radio. Dot com poll. And the question is which atrocity counsel looking at possible changes its century two convention center which solution would you prefer. Renovate and update century to as it is 92%. Now Teradata replace it only 8% while now nineteen to one I was looking at those results earlier and I was thinking to myself it wasn't so stark. The last time we did know the difference is we're so stark. But that was before somebody started running commercials about us again campaign is going on those things that you know when you run commercials and ads on radio. Sometimes it convinces people. To two things. That you know and changes lines about that they actually as they used to say. Hey advertising works really. Japanese auto makers Toyota and Mazda. Say they plan to spend one point six billion dollars is set up a joint venture auto manufacturing plant in the US. A move that will create up to 4000 jobs are you listening. Mayor along well are you listing. Those if you can do these kinds of things to plant we'll have an annual production capacity of 300000 vehicles and will produce Toyota Corolla is for the North American market. My civil make crossover models there that it did players who introduced that market both sides said okay. 4000 jobs why not Wichita. OK and if we don't have an upward fuel import a few we'll get to people in here why not. Stocks were mostly lower on Wall Street Thursday but the dal. The Dow Jones Industrial Average still managed to boats posted eighth gain in a row. And closes another record highs the Dow closed up nine points Standard and Poor's 500 index slipped five points went the other way NASDAQ fell 22. As a US economic expansion. Enters its ninth year today's jobs report should help clarify its future path. After mixed signals have emerged in recent weeks economists forecasted employers were adding healthy. 180000. Jobs and the unemployment rate will declined to four point 3%. Matching May's sixteen year low. In sixteen years as we had him unemployment. That low employment data. A German Volkswagen executives scheduled to plead guilty in Detroit today. In a scheme to teach emission rules on on nearly 600000. Diesel vehicles. And well also was this from the AP that they're talking about this this assembly plant the US. One more headline I managed accidentally read this I saw the economy's been expanding for nine years. I mean it's about time of the recession well you know and got you. Yeah unflinching Q because those and rose to ten years we've been around awhile and now we've been around a while we got to know. These things what goes up must come down and we get little leery so it's time to be careful. But all the we do against 652. Stephen dead what really makes us happy you know is better than that. Then Don grant CFP the bunny tracker good morning Don. Good morning mr. happiness here he did it. Well if you subscribe to you know do a follow social media you may occasionally get sucked in by. Some salacious headline and lead you to one of those clicked traps. With some mildly provocative text and photos. I bet recently. But it was about a cent on year long study. That look at what makes humans are. Well. Just give you a Nobel Prize for solving health care dilemma in America scorer. You know way. A Tesla or ask Ian yeah out how to late or. Or licensing. To me. A vineyard stacked with you know ninety year raider red wine and a past you markedly to do it all here rate. What's happening right well not really. Robert Walden a professor. From Harvard. Presented their shirts that followed. Up a 120 or men in their lives course 75 years. Now that rely on memory at hand it to happen in real car. Astra search team to team are governed half decade. Each participant was interviewed nearly every two actually every two years receipt of complete physicals that each check out. It's not a cheap nor is it material possessions that make it according to that it boils down to three. And you want to make more concise. What really makes us happy is social connection. Our mental and physical health it is critically connected to our social connections. Akron our relationship brands neighbors and particularly. Those with social connections are happier healthier. While they're sound that loneliness. Is toxic in those two 01 bit relationships but lack them. Count more health problem. Well it's quality not quantity when it comes to helping relationships. Those were loving relationship in their lives healthier. Relationship mattered more than cholesterol and other health markers that commonly argued tomorrow under at all. High quality relationships are good for brain health better memory cognitive ability and over health is frequently related. Just solid human relations better help. Now the definition quality relationship with. You know what when you feel like I eat or internal armed with the other person in other words if there's somebody who got you back. That is considered a good relationship. Now borrowing would that person is an earlier this year it's trust incompetence. In the the other that really matters so there you go the answer of course if you have a question you'd give me a call members that street for 2222. That's all that was out a couple of years ago don't worry be happy ever that. There. What are the long time ago the teams like just years you know it's to make first and a new ego. Today is a national Coast Guard day and note to you served in the United States navy. On the Coast Guard one of five US armed forces it is a maritime military and multi mission service. A lot of rescue work. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Atlantic coast of America the US Coast Guard. Shaved over 33000. Lives. An estimated 24000 of those lies were rescued from Perelman severely dangerous conditions. Saluting the Coast Guard and he. And our local branch at lake Cheney don't we need to. I. Great job carpet. They are certainly probably there are and it's because there's interstate waters between the Barrett California so they have Coast Guard here to do is go out into Lake Tahoe yes my luggage in the wintertime that otherwise be great. Oh but outward. That's at this Islamist Prado is not the bone Mario way to show it thank you died 656 LP today at W 7 o'clock. But take it as a sporting news received intense police investigating video. Taken in the Wichita movie theaters restrooms. At story and more news at seven seemed intent on K and SS.