What should Wichita name a new baseball team?

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 15th
How would Wichita respond if asked to crowdsource a new team name?

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Thirty KM answer as stated in the morning now feedback on deadwood road at 730. Wichita police have arrested a father and son allegedly ran to pick up. Truck into Wichita bingo hall and stole an ATM machine. Officer Charlie Davidson said two of three suspects were arrested Wednesday. Officers responding to the bingo casino itself which is taught early Monday found the front door shattered a and the ATM gone. Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz has released a report detailing his rebuke. Of the FBI and Department of Justice is Hillary Clinton investigation during the 2016 election. FBI director Christopher Wray says the FBI will hold accountable all who broke the rules. And early here to the appropriate disciplinary process. And once that process is complete. We won't hesitate to hold people accountable for their actions. The report showed no bias toward the Clinton email investigation but did find it the FBI did not follow normal procedures during its probe. The Clinton investigation started after allegations that she mishandled classified data by using a private email server while she was secretary of state. Kentucky file suit against Walgreens for allegedly contributing to the states open joint crisis. Kentucky attorney general and even sheer accuses Walgreen so failing to illegally monitor its role as a drug distributor overseen what he calls a high rate of suspicious so VOA shipments that he says flooded Kentucky helping fuel the deadly crisis nearly. 80% of people using heroin began their addiction by using prescription pills that means that a true source driving addiction isn't on our streets it's in our medicine cabinet. This is the sixth hoping you're related lawsuit filed by Kentucky Walgreens has yet to comment on the suit. Jeff from and also Fox News. Police and Hutchinson are looking for thieves who broke into the YMCA's storage shed and stole sports equipment a lot of it. He has and you spoke with Darren really gear. Sports director of YMCA who says that Steve should dozens of new shoulder pads football's. A generator lights. And first aid kit. Should we will go on no matter what we will go on the kids are important part. This program. The hutch YMCA still has old shoulder pads that are safe for players to use anyone and information about the crime is asked to call Hutchinson police. Some students at the Massachusetts high school will not be able to get yearbooks for now because a student used a quote attributed to a Nazi politician. Andover high school in Massachusetts pulling its yearbook the students had to have without knowing its source. Used the quote which reads. Make the lie big make it simple keep saying it and eventually they will believe it rabbi Robert Goldstein saying context is important. The understanding that these students who is not doing something deliberately hurt anybody's the school resume selling your books once the quotas replaced those who've already got them can either get custom printed stickers or have the page replaced by the publisher of Lillian blue Fox News. And now the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning and good morning this summer like weather pattern is going to continue for a little while longer in fact temperatures soaring well above average again this afternoon. 98 for the high with a gusty south wind fifteen to 35 miles per hour. Will be clear and breezy tonight Carlos 75. The high pressure area starts to weaken just a bit tomorrow Saturday's high 95 mid nineties again on Father's Day I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now. Partly cloudy 76 degrees and we have a south wind at fourteen. Miles for hours 74 degrees and it's 734. Was Steven says it in the morning. Today as a Friday June 15 2018 on the state in 1775. The second continental congress voted unanimously. To appoint George Washington head of the continental army will odds pretty good decision I think it does the father of our country has had to be a natural leader. I mean he is an active over a regional bodies pretty aloof standoffish. He have if I had to. A way about him that was regal almost like a king and he felt like he could have and that's what I've read anyway and everybody the right man at the right time yet and people you know he had a tough tough time with that to be getting the funding to the fight the British for the with a continental army. And you know 177 by the weight quick quick note here. We're talking about the revolutionary war that period of time to work or starring in 1776. Come up here in a couple of weeks. A musical about the same time yes I'm portraying John Adams John second of president John Aniston is this different again as his his son John Quincy. Was what six present yes so we have that combination. But John as I understand was Myers any misuse. It's kind of small and get a little abrasive is it is openly play the character yes. The lower as they use our obnoxious and disliked. Yeah Elliot he's at it which are intended to rub some people wrong law and let him as but use getting things done as yet it was Jefferson or somebody that they didn't belong with anyway that that musical. Is pretty it's it's I would pretty accurate isn't it yachts married actress thirty are fascinating in the process they went through to get that declaration written and passed I've ever seen. I remember. Actually several years ago or Meyer who waited radio with Justin Leonard was in the cast on that show Florida so what two and is somebody maccast assessed beastie going to come see the show us. Get him out there on July 3 July 3 as I won't have to work the next morning. Hey Edwards going to be slow which star center for the performing arts the right they're little bit west central lab to adapt to bring a date. That's up do you now let's get a ticket that god loves it that had that. You know I'm getting its tennis immigrated to were like yeah in July 123. Will be the performances the first three days leading up to July you know I'm. I'm gonna do that that's fixing of Melo and his support you on the cans but I I'm really curious I never seen the hole making ability is as I know something about some of those characters in real life whatever the times my payment Ben Franklin and that thing you know GR Hearst as they know my wonderful Benjamin frankly that's a fun year really embodies his care yeah I'd that's coming up that Elliot. Good stuff ends so timely leading up to July 4 yeah. Right around the time when people can learn a little bit about his hand some funds have a good time. Tickets to talk about history and you know the giants in history like the George Washington Ben Franklin. John Adams have just to giants there's another giant have an opportunity and that's wished our mayor Jeff Long well there's another patriot right there guys enough. I'll tell you what do you talk about a guy who's it and it's super paper doubt mayor Longwell at a birthday you can hear I'm sure the Monday morning right here with Steve into the birthday cake in the punch bowl be flow overflowing no City Hall today to answer there I'd be up there in city manager violent prisons are we going doing party hats that Bob Layton is. The city manager's office up there. Fourteenth floor penthouse actually see entire floor he's knocked down a few walls and I think he's got a tennis court there as well but it's got to palatial there. You're gonna even after averaging. Only limited access yeah that if he'll let best bet to bet that that that woman out front of you know in Cuba today anyway. Happy birthday to mayor Long Island happy birthday in his knowledge of the matter is working hard to become a two to legends. A to and one other happy that and other happy birthday Teresa would be easy for trying to. What a nice punch your friends in France. If this is to Stephen Ted which you know right there she's got me on OK he worked for the Wichita our views yeah. And she's worked professionally and in and went marketing and so forth for years and years and years. Which is it just allow delightful person and he's one of my gridiron friends from years back. And we appreciate her being a listener and happy birthday to threes in May long yeah up next couple powerhouse birthdays our powerhouse that's. It's just it's segue right into rats OK okay. Minor league. Baseball team in New York is committed to rebrand itself as a Staten Island re pizza rats at least for 50 now only for. Do you dance the Staten Island yankees are altering its what are sixteen fan vote to change their name and will be selling merchandise promoting the near what. Pizza rats emerged as the winner in the name the team contest his fans voted overwhelmingly. Or famous pizza carrying subway rodent. Seen in a viral video. This is what happens when you let fans vote online for things you get a boat named bode with both base hit and you get a Minor League Baseball team names dates are rats. This whole thing with 1776. And democracy and voting you think it happened when you let people vote right you see Wyatt idiotic bothers. Of the Electoral College. To confuse everybody gets but to make sure that we don't get president pizza rat the we'll get in the year New York Yankees meter team will become the pizza rats for every Saturday home game this summer. Donning special kits for the occasion look natural that is. Maybe get some Veltroni gonna put pieces of pizza on their uniforms something like but that gets used to work for uniformed uniformed you know. Okay. I did you know. We talked about this earlier and I thought I never CNET videos sided it's not a hard to find its. I erected appear on the computer that is pretty funny at all or rats take even a hundred times and always makes me chuckle a little guy dragon that huge slice of pizza down lost. And it it's it's just you know. There's don't pepperoni on that case nothing like it just he got his hands on the sly is these. In I don't know where he's taken it he stated analysts say he's taken it to his little layer or that is EC digital sizzle and little rat that's awesome place. And that's become of Ireland's oldest people on Staten Island the name meant to them health. We're gonna have we've got we've got a wing nets now and someday we think we're gonna have another team here in which the have to. Maybe have yet to name the team contest. Year and a I don't know that it's goodnight till you think that if yeah min. If we've. May be not please a lot of names so far over the years telling them bring back the job offers John has loved that wonder what would go back from a hundred years ago what would John Roberts be what is that like would that be awarded John Murphy. That's wants we're working class style jump in like a work a working person okay. All right that jumps out there's not a lot of glamour and map though you don't like it now it's not a glamorous name. I'm like there on the lesser know what it will jump on the market debut of the new stadium and hear them their due on the PA Sunday evening job reducing welcome. Welcome. That was NBC turner I don't think the Wichita bombers will be no non not a bomber and it's got too many names yet it's too easy. And today. Now some and think about now we've got time but first things first. You need a stadium and a team orders for we can but you know things like that we're so far ahead honestly we need to slow down a little bit now we don't need to speed it do it let's. Get the semen here let's get a stadium built that's the thing is drowned along halt and it would really pleas of Mayer lot while at same time they put in a swimming pool right there. You know. All of his problems would be solved if it's. Hey happy birthday of airline will seriously guys it he he lives in breeze switched out there he's also working hard about it. And he just doesn't he does a good job he's hardworking guy and we salute mayor Longwell had Bieber to you mayor and also three severe acute. Is one of our favorite she listens as Stephen's dad what could be better than. Among the throngs of millions listened as the engine seven's. 741 now Stevens as editor bellowing coming up here and prove me wrong and talk about questions about a possible new medical school for which that's on the way. Stevens at the morning on Kate in SS.