What Thanksgiving staples are made here in Kansas?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 22nd

Ted talks turkey with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities.


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It's 31. You're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 MS best. If you're flying for Thanksgiving this year Kansas State university's Christen Malick says to arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance to ensure you capture flight. Those looking for less hectic travel days should consider flying on a Thanksgiving Day tomorrow one of the least traveled day is for flying all year. Wednesday's batteries on air under the worst case since tribal. Bias flying out iron at Thanksgiving itself. Unanimously nodding in the top 100 troubled days which is kinda interesting and more around like once when he went 25. When flying Malloch advised to check his view bags as possible. Because of the increased chance for lost or missing luggage during the busy holiday season. Instead take a carry on bag with you especially for your electronic items remember anything larger than a cell phone will need to be screened by the Transportation Security Administration. It is 632 we Stephen said in the morning here on Kate in S asks what does the forecast hold for Thanksgiving let's find out meteorologist Dan Holliday damn. Good morning we have high clouds across Wichita to start today and the clearing sky sunny cool this afternoon our high 48 with a light southwest wind will be clear not this cold overnight target temperature falls near freezing into the low thirties. And warming on Thanksgiving to seventy Friday windy and 72 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thanks Sudan currently in Wichita mostly cloudy and 24. Degrees. A small company made headline news when it won a 300 million dollar contract to restore Puerto Rico's power system following hurricane Maria. Now a new issue for a white fish energy. Well the latest dispute comes just days after the head of the Puerto Rico power authority resigned white fish energy is halting work on its remaining agreement ten days early. Because quote after meeting the terms completing difficult work on time and under challenging conditions they have not been paid the US territory's government owes the Montana company more than 83 million dollars for work done in October and with the island still 47%. In the dark the Puerto Rico electric power authority claims that payments are held up because of a November 16 letter from a white fish subcontractor that quote requested the stoppage of any payment to the company since it all of the subcontractor money now officials say they won't pay up until that situation is clarified Kevin battled Fox News. The Wichita police department partnering with the union rescue mission delivering Thanksgiving food boxes to more than 100 families yesterday. You know or to nominate his family as they come in contact with on the job many of whom are going through various types of hardships. Officer Donyell Watson tells KS in news he met with the Carter family a year ago after violent crime in the area. What's funny about this situation beta and alls come in this morning and yet they already had a thank you caller for me. Just from other things that I've done Foreman. This merger means the world means the making a difference in Barcelona do. This is the fourteenth year police officers. And people from the union rescue mission delivered the food boxes official said there will be another meal give away a little bit closer to Christmas. At least 69 employees of essentially health have been fired. Why because they did not get a flu shot. Ascension health has hospitals and clinics in Minnesota Idaho Wisconsin in North Dakota and the hopes of keeping patients from getting sick. All of its nearly 141000. Staffers were told to get a flu shot or be fired on Monday. The company says about 99 and a half percent complied. But 69 refused and have been let go. However some people are still going through a conscientious objector process saying mating give the shot because of medical or religious reasons. Several unions are ready to fight and filed grievances to win back some of those jobs. Toledo Fox News. The holidays a busy time for everyone the American Red Cross always. As special need for blood this time beer Red Cross spokeswoman Jan hail tells Kate in SS news. They need a blood continues. As our life skills as we. I had an echo the same time with friends and family we gathered this week. To be grateful for poor than good being in our lives and in just remember Red Cross should remember. And making that blood donations and pact is one of the ways that you can can certainly give them this holiday. You can learn more at Red Cross dot org if you can donate blood at 707 north main in downtown Wichita phone number 219 at 4000. The university Kansas student senate and Kansas athletics is offering a lottery system to make games at Allen fieldhouse more accessible for some underserved students. Kansas athletics is offering a lottery system for 28 free tickets for every men's basketball game for low income first generation students and pell grant recipients the Lawrence journal world reports student body president Matty Womack says the system was meant to counterbalance an increase of about 25 dollars in the cost of the student all sports combo ticket package during the last few years she says the senate is considering other ways to make student experiences more accessible spokesman Jim mark Giannone said the new system as part of a larger plan to reduce student ticket prices by re allocating 420. Seats previously reserved for students to Kansas donors. That. Phil Morris reporting to the Kansas information network. The Girl Scouts offering some of the usual family advice this holiday season your relatives might be puzzle but girl scouts of the USA tells Fox News that amid swirling claims of sexual impropriety in the news. It may be better not to force her daughter to hug her kiss a relative. The Girl Scouts explained that telling your child that she knows someone a hug just because she hasn't seen that person for Wyler. Because they gave her gift can set the stage for her questioning whether she always another person any type of physical affection. When they've bought her dinner done something seemingly nice for her later in life. Suggesting less personal touch instead with the family a smile thank you are giving grandpa high fire. Teresa Crowley Fox News. President trump continues at Thanksgiving tradition at the White House us presidential pardon for drumstick. In the annual tradition does before the Thanksgiving holiday president trump pardoned at 36 pound guy I'm learning drumstick. The feather full blue headed Byrd was donated by four age group from the great state of Minnesota. His counterpart wishbone didn't get the pardon but he did get a chance to tour the white house press briefing room it's quite a site. And in case you're wondering no wishbone won't end up on anyone's dinner table this year either. Happy Thanksgiving. At the White House Kevin court Fox News. 638 with Stephen Ted in the morning and Kate in SS. A lost interstellar asteroid has entered the solar system after wondering between the stars. For hundreds of millions of years. Is the one is Desmond is the type stories to make your head explode OK try to think about stuff like this. The object is read it is highly elongated. It's about thirteen hundred feet long. It's the first space rock from outside the solar system ever observed by astronomers how. A telescope in Hawaii designed to spot near earth object picked up the asteroid. Last month as a faint point of light moving across the sky further observations showed beyond doubt that it did originate from outside the solar system. And who knows where it ends up paying assault visit here at a an asteroid has been wandering around for hundreds of millions of years. When here's a guy that has not been around that long. It is Tom leveler of left flirt commodity is here on this day before Thanksgiving morning thought. Good morning kid. The live cam on the Peter Campbell completely avoided making new loans for the boot to the downside is they treated in close poverty. Yesterday yesterday that decided the best positive gains we've seen since the bird November. Cash cattle trade has started developing between the price of 118120. In the peach yard. We know futures closed negative yet they have of starting the patient with new highs for the week. This afternoon in the cold storage report at 2 PM. I've proposed yesterday December like cattle 87 entitled 11797. Jean Peters a two dollar and seventy cents a 15162. In December lean on the boat 32 lowered 6070. But we get upside it is he has Russia apparently admitted to a spike in radioactivity over that you are male and it'll pop pleasure it is this is just first Russia admitted to that. This'll London new news that there but it did got some fun short covering you know we market the corn and soybeans head decided trading and closed Nagy yesterday. In the stock market yes they've made a new all time record high. At the moment December Casey with a penny higher port 21 and a quarter December quarter a quarter of the penny Hartley 45 and a quarter continually being torn to record so tired by 93 and three quarters. January crude rose point one dollar higher 5783. December gold and dollar eighty I or 1218350. December isn't he up three point 12599. December dollar index five cents lower at 9382. In December schedule features a 46 point. A 23000. By the 89. Commodity trading like marketing advisory contact club for commodities on the program whereby using. 866. Go too tough. Well Tom here we are the jobs of the other day before Thanksgiving out are there any Kansas commodities that we can especially tie into the holiday. We're not a big Turkey state I would imagine. Now we're not a big Turkey's state I guess you know we always have. Bread rolls comfortable along that line let involved last week we great you know I peered cameras. Pistols gavels dinner rolls will probably come the closest wooden. Exactly you get all of a certain amount of you know freak that they're afraid to camp and I think we're there sort of Korean buried near campus. So. Yeah that's where we're really not cranberry country. But our. Campus. Well we did end would die in the southeast part of the state I know there are a lot of come grows maybe some of those pecan pies. That's exactly right who I think very true very and a total. Bottom line is they've given that means you have to eat Turkey so you know we've got plenty of beef import trade and Keyon and lower blood that makes on the table. You got that right on value Gabi salivating so you've done your job. Tom I'll hope you have a great Thanksgiving and we'll talk to you again on Monday morning take care. Thank you so much that is Tom left flirt with the commodities update Lechler commodities great information. Every weekday morning at this time right here we Stephenson. On tape and ask ask. Getting it for the best price. That's that's a great goal I have and will get more on that from money tracker Don grants coming up right here with Steve instead on 97 and thirteen 38 in SS.