What is the worst corporation?

Steve & Ted mornings
Wednesday, January 24th
Taking a look at 24/7 Wall Street's list of America's Most Hated Companies.

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Online and SS radio talk. Distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today at SS Wichita is number. News talk bad weather station depend on good morning to watch this the case innocent sporting news or even fit. Newly released court documents went into the US immigration and customs enforcement. Ice. He's facing federal charges. You bankers told local police but he was sending her sensitive one for the materials. And messages that were sexual in nature. A probable cause affidavit made public Monday says Kate news anchor Devin Harris. Met in March with police who photographed about 185. Screen shots of text messages between her and ice agent Andrew club it. Burris told the Associated Press Tuesday that club attained or asking to be resources and text of things that made her quote feel uncomfortable and scare. Harvick was indicted in July on two counts of exceeding authorized access to a government computer and one count on destruction of records Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Police say a man who was shot well trying to rob a store in southeast which if I was armed with a toy gun. It's evident ponies weekend beauty supply of self hillside police say an employee pulled a real gun and fired wounding the suspect twice. The 43 year old suspect was hospitalized with non life threatening wounds to his arm in Chien. The Wichita City Council held a workshop Tuesday. It began with a discussion of youth employment in which job. Misty proctor at the director of public policy and management Sydor Wichita State this got some of the input they receive about last year's process. You give us a lot of great feedback about some of the barriers you yeah. It may he netstat collection. This program things like transportation is I. Now the purpose of the project is to create an approach for you to deploy that it Wichita and to measure community impact. Act the studies also recommended several items to help the project approved moving forward. Rodney price paid at SS news. The remains of five gas rig workers missing since an explosion in Oklahoma have been recovered. And an investigation is underway Pittsburg county sheriff Chris Morris says authorities searched for the five missing workers after stabilizing the drilling site Tuesday the bodies were pretty much located in the area that they were. Presumed to be in working Ian Lance working in in this sort of work because the dollar helps us doghouse is a room on the rig floor typically used as an office for the drilling crew in initial report blames it on controlled release of gas that caught fire Monday sending black plumes of smoke into the air the report also says a worker unsuccessfully tried to shut down the well Steve Rappaport Fox News police say a -- town Missouri man Michael Augustine. Mistook his neighbor's house for he has and killed a homeowner thinking he was an intruder. Watch for Kansas City John capital has the story. Neighbors say he was met by the man living inside sixty year old Clifton came there was a huge argument police say Augustine called 9112 report that he had an intruder in a chokehold but when officers arrived at his real address no one was the air they soon found both men about a block up the street at king's house police believe Augustine was intoxicated. Because his speech was incoherent. And officers noted a strong smell of alcohol neighbors say paramedics tried to revive -- for about thirty minutes. CIA director Mike Pompeo is praising the president's ability to grasp information from the agency I have seen. 25 year intelligence professionals receive briefings I would tell the president drop. Is the kind of recipient of information at the same level that they are. The former Kansas congressman speaking at the American Enterprise Institute. Marking his first year at the CIA the president has been coming under fire by some or reportedly having a short attention span in high level briefings. Take a necessity to announce X four Foreman and spent 6 o'clock. 97 at thirteen 38 it's best. We are Steven didn't boarding added 609. Here in a Wednesday morning. And these traffic volumes that they're still kinda like not seen any big slowdowns. At the moment but he gasoline prices and they aren't going anywhere readers till 235 again that's what we're seeing out there. Remember he's got a better gasoline price for easiest. Trachsel an honor and accidents it was called traffic 1869. Thirteen thirty traffic updates contained in its history on gas chambers all right let's take a look at the forecast now with pianist his staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning down. Good morning with a chilly start of the day we will be sunny and breezy going into the afternoon and by the time we had the lunch temperature should be in the upper forties. 54 later on this afternoon. Clear tonight and not this cold Harlow in the mid thirties and in windy a much warmer Thursday with a high 64. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 45 degrees we have a west wind it. At ten miles per hour. We don't warmer breezy Tuesday across south central Kansas which caused high temperature yesterday was fifty degrees the normal high for the day 43 so. Anchor. Last week can be inanimate teams this week rep like like spring time but thanks gonna last year for the next couple days if you heard Dan just maltego. January 24 Tony eighteen on this date in 1908 which would be. What is it yet had a 110 years ago dollars and ninety years ago and nineteen Lleyton. At the I'm Mike Mathis over a hundred and yet in England the first boy scout troop was organized by Robert basin coal. The scouts. I pledged I can't remember the the boy scout players and a member of an old and it's three fingers that the Boynton boycott of its two fingers. I was a boy scout for a single meeting and if your list of any note I did not the probably pay issue and did something nasty and now. It in his delivery. But this stuff for everybody. Procter & Gamble says it wants to stop the tide pod challenge. Or about this yet of the cap and a I hadn't heard much about it's a social media fueled friend. We're teenagers eat detergent packets about those field. The American association of poison control centers warned last week that it. Had seen a spike in teens eating the detergent pods which it says can cause seizures. Respiratory arrest and even death heavily hit some children some younger children die from this. CEO David it. Taylor called the trend dangerous and extremely concerning said the company is. Working with social media companies to remove videos of people fighting in the closet as did also speak with kids about the answers. That's a very neat tidy way to do your laundry but it wonderfully Deo chief should stop doing and about the outer. Now stupid people are stupid well and right feet you'd give it your best shot of you commuted sentence if a lot of times the life like we'll kick you right in the re now. Honestly I remember versions of these challenges. Before the Internet was a thing or the Internet existed before there was some media stupid stuff nothing like yes yeah still went around it it's no different now aren't well. There you go you a present for your applications more. Are comments from cape and it's as FaceBook twelve year old. Twelve year old arrested for fatal cyber bullying in Florida. Cindy says okay I'm I'm glad these kids are getting in trouble but seriously something's. Gotta give what all the cyber bullying I don't understand what kids this young girl out to be counseled the media. Good point he and the parents get in trouble as well. Just adds it's just kind of backing up social media out even know what social media version these kids were on whether this was a Twitter or FaceBook thing. The one thing I do know is it is it. The terms. And conditions. Set out my face both set up by Twitter those kids are not match goes beyond their knotts was beyond their rights or my dad. Redefine Brit there. What nobody reads the fine print when they sign up for stuff Idaho and mom and dad don't have time you don't notice if Tony for seven inning run but technically to rules are kids that young. Are not allowed yeah Steve did which Toppert dot com poll published on City Council to approve the ordinance to allow consumption of alcoholic. Beverages while the walking around. I suppose I oppose this change because of so many proposed restrictions it will be impossible to enforce 25% one unfortunate I can do the math. I oppose this change because it encourages alcohol consumption 28%. I support the exchange to allow adults mobility in their party. 47%. Thought about it after the split 5050 now. Great question frankly at my came up with a I didn't support it some don't forget him I think debate today's might be a little more fun. All right very simple do you get flu shots. You know I never get a flu shot. I sometimes get a flu shot I get one every year. They go to the web page jealousy for our iPods have on us in assists radio dot com the Stevenson which cup perched dot com poll. We probably have some very results right newsroom good could be you know I think we do am I try to act that obviously she I've tried to get one every year for the past. Or five something I did you remember this tent several years ago. Is we brought India county health director yeah. What was your name Blackburn on your Blackberry out potter and he gave me a flu shot an 81 common area and will do that next year. We can begin inoculate YouTube which will probably pass out I probably a federal hate and if you liked it. I don't respond as Stevenson won more away this is kind of neat and Allen this good download the free kick in SS app from the App Store. Then leaves a comment by going to menu and click talkback got super. I'm going to be just like Steven Pitt and talk and Il now. What should be more exciting than and then we'll get you know get comments on the 8 o'clock our little more Laura input for you out there. At 615 and if you've ever felt neglected ignored or even scammed by a company. Well Tony for seven Wall Street website has figured out who's the best at being the worst. So it wouldn't variety consumer surveys using three main metrics customer service financial performance and how happy workers are and they ranked the top ten. Some of not only don't they are you go. Tenth on the list. Of oh. What is the worst place. And in. Cigna. Nine Spirit Airlines not spirit. Aerospace Spirit Airlines. Number eight. On the this would be vice media. You know that is no idea. Seven sprint. Intelligence based company six Foxconn Technology Group. Number seven electronic arts. Number four outside what gadget Al I was just such a you know vice okay. They are a mass media companies so well news basically okay. Number five electronic arts number four University of Phoenix number three. On media company that people. Really dislike NFL. Number two maybe you can use as an fox entertainment group. And what is he would number one or the worst company that people perceive. Equifax. It's a credit reporting services. Anyway so Leo. The media companies on the bears and telecommunications. Companies yes I'm on is pricey NFL came into. I don't have a lot of problem with the NFL then I'm kind of surprised that EA electronic arts was the number one they have been in years past right. In other surveys of about. Half of mining what they nor that. Would have I would not how to complain about some stupid little. I it's six. 617 now Steven Ted and well good down 618 this wouldn't do leadoff sports with Ted Woodward and in the case you team basketball team men's team. On the road they had as they hit it pretty straight on to the next step down a wall and I had a nice long road winning streak going it. Of course we talked about yesterday yet despite that they were an underdog going in no Norman's that the folks in Vegas knew something sometimes I know they're talking about oil. I got this one right there at number five Kansas visiting number eleven Oklahoma last night. Hey you seem to be in pretty good shape had a decent lead with Adam back led by ten points about nine minutes ago we. But the jayhawks did not take care of things down the stretch. See you in fact was trailing. In the final item within the final minutes ago trying to get a defensive stop against the sooners. After a lot of missed free throws by the jayhawks here in the game last night it was on tea they've gone the very wide open first foray. We're in the we'll of course it's you know there's no. The plots that. We've got shot it's reflective day you collect Miette DP grew even though there's nothing. They know. Oklahoma comes back and wins it 8580. Kansas only scored once on its final nine possessions while. So that is a lot of free throw and gather a lot of free throws missed the longer you know eight formula for yeah. Defensively they ended up one for eight at the line for the game night and then we'll talk more about that the 7 o'clock hour with coach self. Yeah coach self was disappointed things didn't work the fact we'll hear from coach self right now he knows that you know. I was out there it was not have a good not the line he's trying to get through it. This one is all on me our kids fought harder and you know I it's it's a disappointing. I actually I've always believed. In the NBA guys tell me one time when I saw bill bad free throw shooter Tulsa. Pieces are you to send a message to warn your best players that you Heath either need to play in pressure situations and so. I I don't hindsight being what it is I I should've by the stuff the best thing built got to learn to make them under pressure he's got sue. He won't be in this situation here and he's got to. Jayhawks take a loss they are now sixteen and four on the season. Still in first place all alone atop the big twelve with six and two but they've only got one game lead over. Four other teams are just to gain back now in second place so. There's tighten up a little bit in the Big 12 Conference. In Oklahoma wins it last night 8580. In Norman. But it looked at they'll talk about it tonight. In my view Christine K you basketball ought talking head coach Bill Self the lead 6 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. After coach self you listen to college basketball tonight on KFH Louisville at Miami through the top us. We two teams in the nation and our Pia. And we got you go basketball tonight Butler community college hosting first place Barton. That'll be no parade no Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of Butler grizzlies basketball 715 tonight that's right here on 987. And thirteen thirty KM SS tune in tonight Steve Butler grizzlies can knock off. First place Barton tonight. In el burrito and a Signet. Insignia and avert they last week. A year older that now. That are you know pace himself a year older and deeper in debt. Sixteen tons. That's that's sports with Stephen Ted KM SSH yourself buddy six to what are you look now. Yeah they're for Fox News commentators I'm starting to talk about a Greek restaurant. That entertains the Republicans meeting. And liberal world demonstrating event's history restaurants are doing and I'll be breeders I know people don't regret present military out of Lola and I feel plastic. I don't care who your take I these people were pay him. Explain to find out if they've seen it in the morning on K and possess.