What is your vision for Wichita?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 7th
Our Guest: Aaron Bastian, President of Fidelity Bank and co-chair of Project Wichita

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Is distinction which talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Which it talks number one news talk and what their station. Depend on us. Good morning 8 o'clock Pacific theaters this morning isn't even dead thank Steve Macintosh. Does the president favor a government shut down. We've got the story. Police investigating Wichita latest homicide and it was blurred those details just ahead which saw proves late night parties downtown during the NCAA tournament. I'm Dan O'Neill on KMS has meteorologist Dan Holliday. We've only had about two tenths of an inch of precipitation since the beginning of the year. But it doesn't look like we'll see anything throughout the rest of this week are forecast for today is coming up. He is president Donald Trump's threatening a government shutdown watches Kelly blank explains the drama over docket continues to. The more his style suspenseful as Democrats and Republicans. And the president try to come to an agreement. And resolving that problem now president trauma is demanding Democrats are agreed to cracking down on illegal immigration. If they failed to do that mr. trump says he will support another government shut down but I shut down may have been diverted due to lawmakers in the house. Passing a stopgap measure to keep the government funded until March Tony third. And bill headed to the senate now we're a two year budget deal is being discussed. House fire this morning in south Wichita around 2 AM firefighters were called. To the 2100 block of self to water where they found smoke and flames coming from the structure nobody on their battalion chief should you be says. Had challenging fire here because they had to ceilings and is now so we tried to bed to get the hot air gases out. Who invent probably because EC ceilings. Did a lot of additional work. A two alarm fire in south Wichita last evening at south lake village apartments 3100 block of south Seneca. Firefighters found smoke and flames coming from his second floor balcony. This fire made its way to the upper level of building 32. Alarm and sounded soon after the first responders arrived. The total of six apartments sustained damage from fire and smoke. Residents in those apartments were moved into other apartments on the premises by department officials the damage estimate and it caused the blaze not immediately available more information today on which it does latest homicide an eighteen year old woman shot and killed in southeast Wichita early Tuesday. Police officer Charlie Davidson says when police arrived in the 16100 block of south as del they found a car which had been hit by bullets. Driver of the car with forty year old woman and the woman's daughter and her the daughters eighteen year old boyfriend for passengers in that car one of the bullets had hit the woman's daughter killing her. Three individuals I just arrived home and park the car industry. What an unknown suspect or suspects drove by. An unknown vehicle and shot multiple times that the victims. What struck the eighteen year old female. The other two occupants of the vehicle were not injured. This is Richard does fourth homicide case of the year. Wichita officials approved a city ordinance will allow entertainment and drinking establishments to remain open after midnight to accommodate fans of the upcoming NCAA men's basket. Ball tournament the city council on Tuesday approved the amended hours currently outdoor events most close by midnight on Friday and Saturday. And eleven Sunday through Thursday. But what store eagle reports promoters wanted to hold special late night events to entertain the thousands of people expected to visit Wichita march 15 through eighteenth. NCAA tournament games will be schedule late into the night due to West Coast games. Officials say of the ordinance would allow the council to waive the usual limits on late night events or any events in the future. Dan O'Neill can SS news. Which dusty council has unanimously approved a firefighters' contract the city's negotiating team and the international association of firefighters local 135 reached an agreement through 2019. The union membership approved the contract back in early January. Mayor Jeff Longwell said this contract was a long time coming but as happy with the deal. I think at the end of the day it's a good contract for both and I think that. Certainly. Firefighters are very deserving. The three year term will be retroactively in effect from December 16 2016. Through December 13 2090. Ronnie Price K and assets dues the. House Intelligence Committee has voted to release the democrats' vice a memo and the president has this week to decide whether to release it to the public. White House chief of staff John Kelly says they're still looking at the memo and no decision's been made. Looks different and it does so not leading to a zoo becomes responsible way. What get this is with the first one was very clean relative to sources and methods. My initial credit is this one's a lot less clean. Last week the Republican version of the memo was made public. Even after the department of justice and the FBI voiced concern that the memo was inaccurate data says Huston 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. College men's basketball action last night the shoppers and the jayhawks have a full run down here from the coaches and players involved. Not miss it coming up sports and news sample commemorate mister Rogers. That story coming up on the cable access or you could beat a dead. Palin as his voice is defeated and now 888 minutes past 8 o'clock. Candidates would be required to be at least eighteen years old to run for statewide offices in Kansas. Under legislation drafted in response to six teenagers entering the race for governor. We get more information from Kansas information that rich brits Schweigert. The Kansas house elections committee is considering whether to set an age requirement for running for governor secretary of state attorney general state treasurer and state commissioner of insurance the to peak at capital journal reports that the committee could vote on the plan Monday candidates for governor and lieutenant governor would also have to live in Kansas for four years before seeking office if approved the changes wouldn't take effect until after this fall's election six teenagers are seeking the State's top office while another is running for secretary of state proponents of the bill say in most states require candidates to be older. Collecting fingerprints in the war against terrorism pays off for the FBI. And lands one immigrant in trouble he came to the United States on a non immigrant visa into 111 due to his wife's status as a foreign student now Saudi native has been arrested in Oklahoma for lying to the FBI and visa fraud his fingerprints were found on an application for an al-Qaeda camp where some of the September 11 hijackers trained those fingerprints matched one submitted by now I have alpha lodge in order to take private flying lessons in the United States in October 2016. And prosecutors say falsely answered questions about supporting terrorists or whether he had contacts with anyone from a terrorist group they say he should have never been allowed in the country Kevin battled Fox News and you stamp will commemorate demand millions of Americans grew up with. The US Postal Service will owner of famous neighbor with the release of a stamp next month so yeah. There aren't. The stamp featuring children's television host mister Rogers is set to be unveiled on March 23. At the Pittsburgh TV station where mr. rogers' neighborhood was produced. The sample to pick Fred Rogers and king Friday the thirteenth his longtime puppet pal on the show he produced. For more than three decades dance while she's being. My neighbor Rogers died in 2003 at the age of 74 after battling cancer. Rich Dennison Fox News. In assists use time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And so far this morning things have been out all right out there in traffic this doesn't heavy traffic rudder of the north junction I want 35 like 235 especially on T 96. Just east of I 135 some heavy traffic right there traffic update. From K and assist radio one's head chambers and other forecasts we've skated since stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday get morning Dan good. Morning once again temperatures are running well below freezing to start today and will likely be in the mid thirties by the time we get to lunch. Forty for the high later on this afternoon with sunshine clear overnight and not quite as cold Harlow in the mid twenties windy on Thursday with a high 56. Is there another chance of rain nor snow yes and it does look better for us if it holds together by Saturday night I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Partly cloudy fourteen degrees given north wind at eight miles per hour. 8110 Stevens hit it in the morning on K Unisys watched. Your vision for our community's future what's your neighbors once our overall vision what's our vision. There's something going on now called project Wichita with a us this morning is there invention president fidelity bank co chair. A project which is a city earn well to Sullivan good morning good morning. This is such an exciting initiative this. Project Wichita. Is going to be focused on gathering. BAT's broad diverse input from all over our our region not just the city which of the the region. Greater central canning area and figuring out. What the where the citizens when go to town in what's important what are the areas that we need to go work on and improves are city. And and what we ultimately lunacy over the next juniors fertility hadn't the Europe bank edit an ad campaign is. Something like this it was a very positive thing. You know talked about talk about bravely on bravely onward yes entry in the guy's been thinking about this a let down there a lot over the past couple years mr. What you know briefly onward is is really about believing that tomorrow's better than today you know and and these. Very much lineup as far as our belief that it. That we can make an impact. Across the city of but they're certainly separate and push your family goes back at least three generations of what you. Rights via for dinner or generate yes so would get a view Europe to hold down guys there I think that's very fair to say yeah so how did you did you get involved in this field I don't like to be on committees myself at all. In Demeco chair you know like like a lot of things your past and the and I say yes. When I was approached about this and this is an effort that came together over the last 45 days or so it's it's really can quickly. I just felt like. This is one of the most important things we can work on as a town and I had to say. So how you gonna get all this input voted I hate to do this title variety differently OK so global. Initiate things like town halls for large group. Settings will have small group. Feedback sessions certainly online in social media is going to be a huge component that. I think allow us to get a lot bigger reach than we traditionally was just because of limited people's time and their ability show up in person. Now if you have some really good workers you're gonna process all this information we do yet we are are partnering efforts with like a W yeah notes and now that would take part two law that you know but yet which ties State's public policy and management sinners gonna be doing the work. Work closely with them in concert also with a lot of volunteers because as since we've announced this effort. We've had a huge response in the way people saying I want to be involved but tell me I can help. Okay if if people more information is there a web page that there is yep project which time dot org. Pretty pretty simple project which dot org now you don't if my feeling is it and I like to think I'm fairly creative person but when you sit down and say. With a big broad question like this sometimes I think. I don't my ideas are not good. I don't wanna put aboard the Q what are. You would get over that bit bashful is that no no ideas of pat might know it is a bad one this is about dreaming big and and really saying. Here's what I would want irrespective of what it might cost you irrespective of what I think the bidders would be. This is is about dreaming big and really casting them one thing that Ted suggested Ted Woodward was media. 500 foot statue Stephen to head down by the ballpark where anything about that you know hey we'll take all idea how. So you know existed if it ain't it is convince a majority this isn't that's important and it'll keep. We like the Saint Louis art that threat for all right also best of likely and it sounds like a big project in them and thankful to you and your your. Hear other people on the committee who put this together all the workers gonna put together again for more information that web pages. Project Wichita about cork. And thanks for being was appreciate your time this point there's been California's air invention is the president of fidelity bank co chair of project Wichita. 815 now Stephen today cut cloudy cool day across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday was eight. My old 31 degrees normal life 46 I didn't get out and go for a run yesterday it was so ball. Bundled up and it wasn't bad debt it was cloudy kind of gloomy but it wouldn't that am I hadn't worked up some prosper expiration really yet. It was a little bit chilly yesterday now. You know if you if you get away about an idea death at age sixteen now Stevens it looks good start or dead we got. Basketball to talk about shocker basketball big event log on all of black blocked action last night in hoops 21 frank Wichita State is on the road at Memphis the shocker hadn't won there in more than forty years to Wichita State. Get off a little bit of history there they lost back to back road games on the answer was yes the shocker really dominated this game down the stretch last night on the road. Mike Kennedy involved hole had to call the game on KEY and advocates street nurtured try to split two defenders covers on the baseline as well as her. First time since I came back up it can't get me wrong move that time 00. You know Willis double double and it's been ten points the only hits in that it. The shocks and a nice job last night and pulled away beat Memphis 85 at 65 was the final score last night. The jocks get the road win Landry sham it shocker sophomore with twenty points and five assists certainly glad to get that win at. On the road is good for all of us you know do Arafat that losing snide and do not really. Knowing how to feel about ourselves for office has been ruled darkened world. We've we've had some some real moments with one another and we know if it is again and I think you know we responded really really well. Hopefully no carry over. Shock certainly dominated this game down the fine announced stretch in the final nine minutes or so shocker head coach Gregg Marshall after the game. It's now or never think that's got to. You got to perform you gotta you gotta play you've got to execute you got to take care of the ball you got to rebound. And we were flawless. The last whatever may help for me that if that was. Ten minutes eight minutes. We executed we got great looks we we stopped one the other removed rebounds we've deflection and steals. We are sharing the basketball and really look like. Team that wanted to win the game. Playing not too far from his home in Arkansas sophomore Austin green had 22 points to lead the shocker is the third straight twenty point game. Last chopper that you have Ron baker three years ago. Darryl Willis also had a double double with thirteen points and doesn't rebound shots with a win now eighteen and five on the season still holding on to second place. In the American conference. Men's basketball in Lawrence last night for tenth ranked Kansas the jayhawks hosting TC use this game was pretty tight with. About 56 minutes to go with the jayhawks. Got the job done in the late going you heard the game last night jayhawks and TCU on here they. Graham having his best game of the last six inside you know. Head vocal about open. They throw up that's the out late Jabber Biden joked if your kid is. Azubuike ended up with a double double sixteen points eleven rebounds jayhawks beat TCU's 71 at. 64. And they chipped up the starting line a little bit mich light foot in the starting lineup he spoke after the game with play by play voice jayhawks Brian Haney. And let's life foot gets his first artist is jayhawk I'm guessing. This is this going to be nights ago remember coop yet definitely it's one of those things have been working for this. Since under Basel wasn't dreaming of it and it's conclude that we get out here live today Dovonte Graham led the jayhawks last night with twenty. The four points after the game some comments from Kansas head coach Bill Self I thought we defended. Bettors and I think we have a long time. I thought we rebound the ball better than we have and while. TCU has never won a road game at KUO. And seven all time in Lawrence. Jayhawks now nineteen and five on the season after that win they are in first place top big twelve standings. College men's basketball tonight for Kansas State the wildcats are on the road at. Texas that game will tip off at 7 o'clock tonight in Austin, Texas has won five straight home games. A state is a five point underdog on the road tonight in Austin and fifth place is on the line in this one in the conference both teams are five and five. In fifth place in the big twelve look. Loser of this game will fall back behind. After this one. Jim go men's basketball tonight in nailed Laredo Butler community college hosting Dodge City this evening bowlers coming off back to back wins. Dennis Higgins level live coverage of the grizzlies beginning at 715 tonight that's right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and S asks. NBA basketball action last night the Toronto Raptors at home beat top seed in the conference the Boston Celtics. Big 11191. Coming off the bench for the raptors former Wichita State guard Fred van fleet. Led at the raptors with eight assists he also had ten points. Three wins in her over the raptors with a win for Toronto matching up the top two teams in the east. Toronto like twenty points over the Celtics. College women's basketball tonight for Wichita State shocks at home tonight Coke arena the shocker ladies tip off at 7 o'clock hosting Cincinnati. That's sports with Stephen Ted K. And as fast you run this Austin reed. The times he's looked really really an abundance spots recently certainly us here at play here I don't know. Router part of his sophomore year he seems to be catching fire yeah. So sophomore year now it would keep the cup more even. Well wouldn't that be nice nights in these plain rudeness and out he he doesn't turn the ball over a lot start to release gore and a that sounds good out of good stuff if you're looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day how about a twenty dollar gift card from Coca dolce. And friendly fare or their new location new market square next to and there are less Mannheim steamroller pressing romance eighty romantic morality and he. This prize package I've got available right now calling out 86913. 386913. 34 this Valentine's Day package are you. Time for our prairie fire coffee break on K and assessed now prairie fire coffee is a precious coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted. Fresh right here in Wichita right. And India prairie fire coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com 88 when he won out given your for the Hannity morning message John compares news coverage of a Republican and a Democrat. Seated at the morning on Kate in a sense.