What's In Development At Apption Labs & The Wine Of The Week

The Good Life
Saturday, November 25th

Guy's wraps up his visit with Joseph Cruz as the two discuss features of the "Meater" and other things Joseph & his partners have in development.


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Yeah. Instead they're glad to still Willis it's just joined us what they see Amanda go back to good laugh got dot com or go to direct it can assist radio dot com. Follow your intuitive links to good left guy and you can look that podcast that the that the on the phone with me is Josep cruciate and three of his buddies have put together a really cool app company. A development company based on technology and does your fund ways to use technology and we're gonna talk about that but the V a device for talk about house called meter. You need to go and follow the links for the kick starter fighter go direct a meter dot com. The kick starter site is so cool and it's why they raise so much money. Probably one of the most successful kick starter sides. Ever. When you consider they were hoping to get a 100000. And they got a little more mad with 9007. And 37 backers. They got 1251480. Dollars. So with that being said. It's a great product can't wait to Triton Turkey and take it with me a shortage of the where I spent the holidays. As interested I am is in meter I wanna talk a bit about this technology aspect. The three of you guys are. Our techno geeks is that is that a fair and complimentary way to put it. Yes thank you very much yet and it and Teemu lives and in England. Where's Dawson Chang live. I thought. Of Psycho businesses say a multi cultural and global accompanied. Even before you made an eight. Well absolutely I mean happy weekly meetings like Hitler was a pain there's only one person. Who would wipe away. The other two are either so well that night having been eating or one is that. They get an important. And well you know what we've we've made it work they need to look to technology. Enough competent and you put that in this device. Can you just tease me with some things that you might be working on the future. Yes. That's correct. No side problem the meter block or. Course. Additional features. Two meter well. And that is. You know oh outlet in that actually forgot mentioned earlier. That we have one more connected. So we have to the tune out from your meter probe to your phone. And then we the Wi-Fi connection on. That he saw all of your data to like I or longer range. And then let it not least is actually power while. And. Basically want to you you'll like and work Internet connection and I'm over the meter flat out. Now what this does to cushion that they announced new teacher run out server. And you can monitor the cook anywhere your. Own as Internet connection. So let's say you're looking long roast and deeper oh my gosh I forgot. I need to buy more wine store. Good. And art by the league you know of course. Like cooking in this should always be. A pretty typical with the cook. But let's say you do have to go by more wide. And even so monitor the crook and get notification you can take a look at it and I have twenty minute but I'd better at home. Does that meter that's pretty cool actually hurt the already. India. So you know with that in mind when the equal. Albert building eight. What court. That means that you can monitor you're actually on the computer. So for example you don't need. An additional tablet or second phone OJ did you give me your phone not close to your called. And then how that and that eight over the loud and I a couple of pure cooks on your computer computer monitor yet get the alert. And even you know. Literature history. All the good that you've done and that's one of the cool things that we Albert that it we do well in India. Law all theatrical and done so you've done something really really well. Before you want it repeated all the leaders there just repeat. That's great well. It's a great product. Brilliant idea I am at a big communication with you because I want you it I would love for you three guys to put your heads together. And and and I'll give you some ideas. Are on how to manage a wine cellar. I used. I used the veto. To keep track of wine with label recognition beautiful technology. But I wanna be able to make it easy to use VP you know and seller tracker. You can do it now it's just cumbersome to keep track of a once so we'll talk. I chose a cruise what I treatment and I'm glad you could spend time with us. Regards to Teemu and dolphin and and best of luck with the product meters. A great idea and congratulations to Larry here and Kansas who just got. His own copy of meter. It have a great weekend my friend. You might do a lot. In which you're all right take care. OK so you can get one of these again got it and I've got to come follow the links. Look at the kick starter side there's a link on good luck got dot com and then better yet did or an addition that go to meter dot com. It if you go look at it that there was some issues okay added I did a lot of search around for reviews and a lot of people have to wait a long time they got involved in the early days of the kick starter will Brigham Sutton is technologically sophisticated as the market. Take some time and nobody things that you say no ma'am we didn't do that it will have to re engineer that and so it takes Simon. But now that it's online and available. A really cool products so. Now stocks and being here I just opened up. A 1919. I'll be OK it was just a little flashback today's column by 19502015. Cabernet summoned known. It's got the old school label from chateau saint Michelle at saint Michelle vineyards Columbia valley cabernet the fiftieth anniversary edition. I support my glass when you were looking and I don't want him through his 89. That may not sound like a lot about the US I don't know what happened the marketplace at some different. This one is a beauty and so reactions often. Nice undertones of oak and you know you. You can drink this in the summer book right now called misty day fire Playskool and watch a little football. Who needs beer all of gonna have beer and complain but were the answer. This is this is a great one. Did the manufacturing is typical. Saint Michelle Wanda states the vineyard Turk from eastern Washington along the Columbia river coal creek canoe rigid Indian Wells who's your premium vineyards. And then. He got that great weather you know in the cascade. Range shadow where they don't don't get that much rain in the mines do so well. The llamas a. Replace stainless steel an open top. It's just abuse the age fourteen months of American friend joke 32% knew this is rock star wine for really load off. A tea accord the fiftieth anniversary saint Michelle vineyards. Columbia valley Chardonnay and Johnson's garden and the 26 in addition. And it is equally as good I would say the perfect answer for your holiday entertaining. It's a case of each. Think Michelle vineyards Chardonnay and statements show when your average it over you. Two of these great wines from famous show you can get an agenda liquor exchange on north broad Grogan. On the finger of my nose in this class I hope that you have a great day. It out enjoyed some of the many fun things going and our town on this day and I can pay the jayhawks now. Losing Tony 16 of the players but. Maybe they'll come back have a great weekend with a unit that.