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Friday, April 20th
Ted had a run-down of the movies hitting theaters this weekend on The Blur.

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97 and thirteen thirty candidacy as treated in the morning seed packets this is good for business. 830 here on Friday. Minnesota grandmother accused of killing her husband and then of woman in southwest Florida is now in custody. Who federal marshals arrested 56 year old Lois Reese last night at a South Padre Island Texas restaurant about 27 miles from the Mexican border recent and on the run since March when her husband 54 year old David Rees was found fatally shot at their home in blooming prairie Minnesota he's also accused in the murder of 59 year old Pamela Hutchinson with the same gun detectives believe three skilled Hutchinson to assume her identity Tom or Gotti. Fox News. The Kansas Republican Party chairman has dropped out of the secretary of State's race. Kelly Arnold announced Thursday years ended his campaign for the GOP nomination. So open he can quote fully focus on electing fellow Republicans office this year. Arnold has been the party's state chairman sensed when he thirteen and has also served as Cedric county clerk since 2009. Incumbent secretary of state Chris called baucus seeking the GOP nomination for governor. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Police say a teenage gang member was arrested Tuesday in northeast Wichita after the violent crimes community response team served over warrantless search warrant officer Charlie Davis says this occurred at the home of a teenage boy in a nineteen year old man both gang members in the 19100 block of north vanish. On executing the war seventeen year old male was arrested. And booked into the juvenile detention center. For possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Possession and drug paraphernalia. And criminal possession of firearm. During the surge officers located marijuana packaging materials cash a handgun and ammunition. Ed Pavia is retiring after 49 years of law enforcement the past 48 as director of the Kansas law enforcement training center near Yoder. In assisting is asking be about training officers to deal with violent people some of whom have metal to. Rodgers we train out of basic training. It's called special populations and we turn into a crisis intervention team tourney which you. The teachers do escalation skills available and do it. We're also. Visit with people who didn't suffer from mental illness to get their perspective and do it. But we're not only do that to the topic of totaled almost we do with a ought to zone where do we. The elderly. Others hold special population the law enforcement typically comes in contact with. If navy is our guest this weekend and issued putting 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. Ahead of a planned meeting with president trump North Korea's leader acquires a First Lady. Monitors of North Korean state media noting that leader Kim Jong owns life. With describe this week as revered First Lady South Korean newspaper saying that phrase hadn't been used by the north since 1974. Previously resold to that he be described as calm rate agree. But please note about the First Lady she's the least beat 28 years old and a former singer in cheerleader with a taste for expensive clothes. It's been reported the couple has three children although that he's also on consent Simon knowing Fox News. 833 now Stevenson in the morning. That look at the forecast McCain as a stampede Rochus to an already good morning Dan good morning some clouds are starting to move in from the west as we start today that's assigned to the storm system is moving in this weekend and this time around it will come in the form of rain instead of snow partly cloudy and breezy are hi this afternoon 64. Showers increased late tonight and overnight donned a 45. And often on ranger and they Saturday with a high of cool 52. Sunday 59. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday mostly cloudy 44 degrees of a southeast wind at twelve miles per hour. 835 now Steven dead on KN SS time for entertainment news the blur with dead rubber to talking about the investigation into the death of the York star known as. Brits out there and did delving into this for two years the news yesterday that no charges will be filed against anyone. Over the death of musician prince the singer's cousin Charles Smith. Says he's disappointed those around the rock star allowed him to spiral out of control. Filtered diligence in this kind of situation going on and I don't call him really real friends if they wanna talk to me about it. There while the try to find it hard to find and I explained to me why you would just leave the brother. My bad. Prince died two years ago this month of a drug overdose. His doctor did pay a 30000 dollar fine settling civil charges for writing illegal prescriptions. An outpouring of support for a Broadway actress she's opening up about canceling a performance to take a mental health day. Actress patty Muir and plays the character and I in the production of frozen at this week she called out on a show taking Inkster grandest say she suffered a massive anxiety attack and decided not to push through the panic she stresses the importance of putting mental health first saying even Disney princesses are terrified encouraging others who may struggle with anxiety to remember you're not alone your feelings are real and that is not your fault fellow performers are applauding including actor are Josh gad the voice of -- in the movie who tweets I have dealt with anxiety for years and navigated it through very similar moments telling nearing he is still proud of her candor. And bravery in being so open increasing good when Fox News. Yesterday day nine. Of the Bill Cosby sex assault trial the defense says expert witnesses have exposed the accuser Andrea cons stands accusation is made up saying blue pills that paralyzed her weren't quite roots. Cosby's spokesman Andrew Wyatt says Benadryl that Cosby did say he gave some of the women is illegal drug. Did does not call paralysis. By touches his memory loss blurred vision. Nor does it sits down to central nervous system. Prosecutors rested their case earlier today a judge Steven O'Neill says he expects testimony to wrap up early next week with the jury getting the case soon after. Good all stopped Fox News. It's. Getting a green light of biopic on Elton John. Rocket man biopic on oil giant is out of the gate ready to go with Tarrant Edgerton set to star as the iconic piano player. Edgerton set to saint John's songs himself as he portrays the singer and various stages of this life with production set to begin in August. The film written by lead hall would include Johns beginnings as a prodigy at the royal academy of music. To his emergence as music superstar and it's partnership with song writing collaborator Bernie topic. John's career was launched in 1973. With the app and goodbye yellow brick road. Edgerton played the lead in the British film kings and Michelle Perino Fox News. It's been released. Time is a list of the most 100 most influential people it's a ballot individuals whose time is now among them entertainers I'll just. Sign. Read her party being a long way she's there yeah. Black Panthers star Chadwick Bozeman comedian Tiffany had it she makes the list saying it's because she watched Oprah Winfrey who like Spanish had a tough childhood. But still made her dreams come true. Also on the list actor who now man Giuliani who wrote and starred in the movie the big sick. Actresses Jennifer Lopez Nicole Kidman gal did not aunt Millie Bobby Brown are in with the most female heavy list so far. Jacqueline Carl Fox News. The cut Carty Beason. As it. Pardon me I find her extremely irritating I don't know who that is not it's just there. I think I've binder and and other people may look just probably levels are DB. The co host on the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon couple weeks ago or they found her to be extremely. And and not think. Anyone. Let's go to the movies this weekend Amy Schumer feels pretty much you may not be pretty nice take on traffic and super troopers on the show up. Leave no matter how many times we hear it's what's on the inside that matters. Women know deep down it's what's on the outside. Amy Schumer doesn't feel attractive and I feel pretty until she hits her head while exercising and then it's him. Pretty confident of powers are to live fearlessly. I know you don't recognize that she realized her parents never changed Shelly and and Amelie credit Kathy often act. In some reimbursed to the infamous comedy gets theatrical again inputs are super troopers in the middle of a border dispute between the US and Canada. Where they need to establish a highway you drove in danger. Your phone to. In traffic a couple off her romantic weekend and the mounds are Costa by biker gang. Alone in the mountains pre and John must defend himself against the gang will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. Paul Patton start that's fox on film on Fox News. All right there's your movie rundown for the weekend now. He notes for the weekend Steve 25 years ago today the death of actor content floss. And didn't walk offs. I don't know on the world in eighty days no. Which is that it's at the little guy yeah the most right or I've won a Golden Globe for roaming. They past really 25 years ago today Charlie Chaplin once commented that he was the best comedian alive this guy is a legend in Mexico. He's been referred to as the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico many compared to the Groucho Marx. Of Mexico and I apologize I didn't notice co starring with David nip and of course and Around the World in 80 Days. In the early sixties he campaigned with LBJ in Texas or democratic candidates. It's time. Is he is a lifelong smoker died 25 years ago today in Mexico City thousands appeared for his funeral. Ceremony was a national event in Mexico lasting three days his body lay in state. Is honored by the United States senate until the moment of silence him. Time loss died 25 years ago today. The movie FM am came out. Forty years ago today you if you go see this Adobe I nuclear Eileen Brennan Alex terrorist cleat on little Martin mull. FM radio station where the disc jockeys take over control station before a lot of resemblance to WK RP which have come out later in the year. Back to the beat here Pete people were worried that FM of them bill would become huge and nobody would care about the TV she'll turn up media the way around. The movie FM. Kind of fizzled and the beat here Pete turned into the huge success I've never seen them but I've seen frankly every if you believe you're in radio and you did not you'll see the movie I thought it was baloney. As it turned out our I get worried when. It worked at the DJ is already advocate for those accounts and this weekend also marks the fortieth anniversary of the finale of Maude and bought him did you watch mod a little bit about it. I was price too young to it and sensitivity. What I needed and didn't care for very popular shows there from. This weekend marks the fortieth anniversary of the death of actor will year we'll hear it toys social activists. Character actor. He was blacklisted in the fifties and he refused to testify in the anti Communist hearings to kind of derailed his movie career for almost twenty years put it caught all England probably people known as the grandfather on the wall lose and you also the prosecutor in in cold blood it's absolutely showed up some pretty interesting movie over the years ago it will gear deployed passed away forty years ago this weekend. Also tomorrow marks the fortieth anniversary. Of Steve Martin performing king taught on Saturday Night Live. Which just became this huge national phenomenon for awhile yeah. Also that very same night The Blues Brothers made their first appearance on Saturday Night Live and that became a huge deal. And all happened forty years ago on Saturn and a lie anyway I have seen Steve Barton. Reform thing tonight. That's ethical and coliseum bet but that place was built on you not realize is that exactly it he was he's on top of his game just race. A wild and crazy guy. Course I saw Stephen Martin Short. Few years ago on their show. He's still funny I think he's just one of the funniest guys ever as it all right let's finish with. Let's finish it at the last. Barca but the last one let's finish with. Let's finish with that Conan O'Brien last night on TV it this weekend is the eightieth birthday of Superman. Okay. It's. Pretty cool yeah. Get out of these eighty Superman is rendered helpless by Kryptonite. And his email password. Pago other aware of that entertainment news in the bowlers brought to my good friends at pizza Johns is very he hears their carry out number. Course leading into the weekend if you like Carrie at pizza they do agree carry out business 7882011. 78820. On one as their phone number they also have delivery available from 5 PM to 9:30 PM. The open Monday through Saturday right there on K fifteen it 208 cell Baltimore. It is tasty pizza served up every day at pizza jobs in urbane and I. Ted and breaking prairie fire coffee with the you have it or not drinking very tire call for you worked your boss doesn't love you. Coming up looking at Wichita overbought tech workers which are business journal update Stevens said.