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Friday, September 29th
Can Tom Cruise hit the top of the weekend box office?

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Voice even dead heat Macintosh Ted Woodward most members of Kansas congressional delegation. Are supporting a proposed federal tax code being developed by house and senate Republicans. US senators Pat Robertson Jerry Moran and reference. And it is a Linda Jenkins Roger Marshall and Ron Estes all say they support the legislation. That would reduce the corporate income tax rate from 35 to 20% it also would reduce the top individual income tax rate from 39% to 35%. Ousting a look at the forecast with KE NSA staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get bored and good morning with a mostly cloudy and cool start to the morning temperatures are going to warm near normal for this time in September in fact will likely get to 77 for the high today the average about 78. Cloudy and 57 overnight and will be breezy on Saturday or high again in the upper seventies. We may see few showers push our way by late Saturday night Sunday looks breezy and dry with a high near eighty. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy call land 59 degrees a third teenager says he wants to be governor of Kansas. Seventeen year old Ethan Randall he's from Wichita says you'll join two other teenagers. As candidates in next year's gubernatorial race. Kansas has no law governing the qualifications for governor. The Kansas City Star reports at Randall uses running as a Republican. He's a student at which doll heights high school wearing calls himself a conservative area in which he says is a mixture of conservative and libertarian. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. Police since queens Borough Georgia are questioning the driver of a car that slammed into a busy Taco Bell killing one person and injuring two others. An employee at the restaurants has some of the injured were children police say. They suspect the crash was intentional. Witnesses say the cars sped across four lanes of traffic jumped the curb before smashing into the dining area. Sherry in the case says she has relatives who were working at the Taco Bell when the car came through. It was on the phone won that one of employees have excellent timing came into work and they had and she was on the phone. Days after setting an Emmy record to beat starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Reveals she has cancer. Telling in a post on Twitter actors Julie Louis-Dreyfus writes that one in eight women get breast cancer today. I'm the one she goes on to say that the good news is that her family and friends are glorious and supportive and she is fantastic insurance through her union. But the bad news is that all women aren't so lucky so let's by all cancers make universal health care a reality Louie Dreyfuss 56 celebrates her thirtieth anniversary with her husband this year they have two sons. Jason havens and ABC news Hollywood. Kansas Highway Patrol is looking into an incident involving a breastfeeding mother indicate each Pete trooper. The department said in a FaceBook post on Tuesday that David been made aware of recent incident at a local restaurant possibly involving an AK HB officer ask you know breastfeeding mother to go to the restroom to feed her child at this time the Kansas Highway Patrol is working to gather information on the incident and to determine when and where it occurred the patrol has asked the mom who was involved to contact them by phone or on faced park so they can find out more information the FaceBook post was not more specific about which locality of the restaurant was located here at Kansas statute allows for breastfeeding day and any place the mother has a right to be. And this information a purge Jim West. 837 now's even Ted in the morning here on Friday and it's for entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward talking about that cancer diagnosis. With Julie Louis-Dreyfus the sport as some bad news for the famous actress. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has breast cancer more from ABC's Jason Nathanson and Hollywood Julia Louis tonight. Just days after setting a record for any wins for her work on V Starr Joseph Louis-Dreyfus tweets that one in eight women get breast cancer today on the one. She says the good news is that his great health insurance through her union but she writes that all women aren't so lucky. And pleads with their fans and followers to help make universal health care a reality. We've got new music from paint she's just released beautiful trauma that title track off her upcoming album it's the second track she's released from the project following what about us six weeks ago beautiful trauma the albums on October 13. If you can believe it a musical based on shares life and career is coming to Broadway look forward to open fall next year I'm Christopher Watson. Who are the most successful leaders in the entertainment business someone has narrowed down to the top 500. Beyoncé Ryan Seacrest Tina Fey. Also very successful business leaders. That's why varieties included them in a variety 500 that's a list of the most influential business leaders in the entertainment industry. Game of throws co creator writer and producer DB Weiss is on the list so hard break. Justin Bieber Tom Cruise Chandra rimes hundreds of Hollywood movers and shakers most people probably never heard of you. If you wanna see them all to notre variety dot com. Ten Tom Cruise top the box office this weekend announced several new movies and big names are hitting the theaters but it does look like any of them will make the top spot as the new bunch might beat Tom Cruise action drama American made. Cruise plays a cocaine smuggler turned CIA informants. Now that hits the low end of expectations fifteen million dollars it'll have trouble topping holdovers king's men and golden circle and it's as well. Also knew the remake of flat liners Emma Stone and Steve Carell said. Tennis. Battle drama of the sexes also expand as well nationwide about Bobby Riggs. Billie Jean King. And here's your box office rundown for the week and a new marble TV series hits the small screen tonight get ready for the Indy humans. Focuses on a group of mutants with superpowers who live on a secret base on the moon and some wanna take over the years not the king of black bolt. And oh he doesn't talk by the way is queen of Medusa played by sir in this one and a much talked about massive red wig. Also a 2000 pound tell according dog again. Wanna watch that show in humans. Debuts tonight on ABC. Well after years of being off the air one of TV's most critically acclaimed sitcom is back on Sunday. Larry David and all his anti social awkwardness or better. Shut up its season nine premiere enthusiasm and women at a new season since 2011 playing now however it back. And why not David usually face questions from TV reporters and explained why now I got tired of people asking. Is this show coming back in deals a set of the cast on state I was missing neither they hope so. I thought yeah about new guest stars this season include Bryan Cranston Judge Judy nick offered in more Jason evens and ABC news Hollywood. Curb Your Enthusiasm hermit but he shows until order to love that share. Money's the new season of shark tank premieres on Sunday night on ABC there will be drama. Popular show about investing news. It'll move from Friday to Sunday this season sharp Mark Cuban says they're bringing the guest sharks' big personalities on the rise. Other guests sharks this season include baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. And shark Lori griner says something happens on Sunday's two hour premiere that shook her to the core. Wanna find out what that is yeah tune in on ABC. On Sunday night you. Both seats fifty years ago today the debut of the TV show the prisoner. May be one of my top five shows of all time. Patrick men who have. Played a spying. Woke up wakes up in a weird place and doesn't really know where he is and tries to figure that out to bring in one season show the way I feel ever more than exactly. The prisoner debuted at fifty years ago today. Happy birthday today to singer. Jerry Lee Lewis Platt the killer like you're eighty suit today well happy birthday to Jerry Lee Lewis. Today would have been the 75 birthday of actress Madeleine com all one in my favor. Typically long ago not many women can make me laugh at it he was a letter. There would have been 75. Today. Finish would Jimmy Kimmel ABC's Jimmy Kimmel live at I guess it was not too soon to already joke about the passing of. You have this or have there was an advocate for racial equality free speech. And day equal rights but mostly he'll be remembered for the boobs. Do you have parents they have all his achievements and there were many of may be the greatest of all. Was he figured out a way to Wear pajamas to work every day and have to give them a lot of. Well we can do that nobody would know that's true that is true Margaret. You give me an idea he'll start thinking about that. Entertainment news the bowler has brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns and me we love them so they're right there on Kate fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. We treat he'll visit pizza Johns and me at 8:43 Stevenson in the morning keep their court. The Wichita business journal update the Vanderbilt oil local focus on cyber security. Stephen tip of the morning on Kate and yes ass.