When does a paper airplane, become a paper airplane?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Steve tells us about a potential world record paper airplane, Ted says its just a statue unless it flies.

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97 to thirteen 38 minutes 52 morning now it's Steve Mancuso took over the a celebration of life replied you'll Wichita boy whose body was found months after he disappeared will be open to the public. The family of Lucas Hernandez says the memorial. Service will be June 30 at 1 PM an average of our state universities Eugene hues of metropolitan. Complex. The funeral announcement says the family wanted to offer all those touched by Lucas short life and his death the chance to say goodbye. Fire officials asked residents near a biofuels plant in southwest Kansas to evacuate their homes as they fought a fire at the plant. County fire lieutenant James warned key said the fire at the EGE plant near Mineola was contained to the plant after about four hours Tuesday. He said crews were waiting for the blaze to burnout at the plant Mineola is located about 150 miles west of Wichita no injuries were reported. The Kansas Department of Agriculture says the plant manufactures additives for fertilizer that are designed to keep fertilizer from drifting into the air and also might work with ethanol. One he said there are fewer than ten homes in the four mile evacuation radius around the plant because of the fire is under investigation. Fill all the brand Kagan SS news. Wichita city council's approved up to 100 million dollars in bonds for Wesley medical center at central hillside. The bonds will finance the cost of remodeling and equipping portions of the facility. Wesley ties to hire 66 new employees as part of this investment. And average annual salary of 60000 dollars. At its annual policy making meeting in Chicago the American Medical Association. Acted on doctors demands to take a stronger stand against gun violence. Many AMA members are gun owners themselves but as the San Jose trauma surgeon told the group there's a place to start in this should be. And members voted to press for a ban on assault weapons by a vote of 446. To 99. The AMA still has a lot of clout with congress with a quarter million members. Billion new urgency as gun deaths mount 40000 a year by Adair county including suicides and rising. But members also voted to encourage better training to teach doctors how to recognize patients at risk for suicide. And guns are still an also ran when it comes to health threats heart disease and cancer killer over 600000. People each year. Lung disease and alzheimer's over a 100000 deaths each even diabetes takes twice as many lines has guns Terry Crowley Fox News. The new studies as a prescription drugs you're all on May cause depression. And you may not even know about it. If you are feeling depressed you may want to check the side effects produced by any may June may be taking. University of Illinois researchers have been studying medication use of more than 26000. People. And say they found more than a third of people are taking drugs that may cause depression or increased the risk of suicide. And because these drugs are so common and have nothing to do with the depression. Patients may now be aware of the threat. The researchers say more than 200 common drugs like blood pressure medication and message some painkillers. Have depression or suicide listed as potential side effects till NATO Fox News. Good weather helped boost attendance at last week's Wichita over festival. Which tough festivals think president Mary BenJarvus still stay in business news how attendance is measured. But we view it easier for things like concert will take over at pictures that you created a child and another thing. We either we basic process. You know person to execute court in OPEC and I think some event we used quicker and specifically count everybody. You know. It's an extra art side. Rivers has attendance is estimated at 460000. This year compared to about 4101000. Last year. Now look at the forecast with cancer staff meteorologist Dan Holliday the morning and good morning to wheat harvest is underway in south central Kansas and it looks like the weather pattern certainly going to improve. Over the next few days to get things done we may see shower or thunderstorm early on that. Cloudy throughout most of the day with a high 89 tonight's lows 72 and his high pressure builds in tomorrow will be windy and 96. And KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 73 degrees from the southeast wind at. The revolving museum of Pittsburg revealed that. 64 foot long plane with at the Fitch burger municipal airport yesterday as no plan. There's no plan to fly the contraption to waste and it's not a paper airplane it would raise nearly at home all the influential lack on it. Pittsburgh artist Jerry Beck says he wanted to break the world record for largest paper airplane to take flight but. The hangar was built in was too small to accommodate a wide enough wingspan to support it. Construction crane held the plane aloft. To people measure of the plane is 64 feet eight and six inches long which bank says makes it the largest of its kind. He's asking Guinness world record two and a new category. So we can win. And. I'm with you if I say you know why the statue. And it's just it's not a paper airplane the stat line looked like a favor stationary come on now or a mobile yeah. If it's hanging from occurring but it's not a paper man and doesn't fly obviously this gentleman's. You know. Raised in a generation where. And we should feel good talk TV trophy to. Maybe that an Ohio man who it is got to turn that down now an Ohio man who ran from a traffic stop have been found himself playing by is and still window ledge. Has been literally caught by police waiting below Youngstown Ohio police say 21 year old Gary young that. Mitchell jumped out of a car fled on foot Sunday afternoon and officers responded to a report of multiple gunshots having been fired. Police say officers Jason Mitchell into a hole and while hanging by his hands from a window ledge he tried to put himself in side. When he sought to police officers beneath the window. Mitchell instead lost his grip fell into the offices cars and was arrested after a brief stray couple. And you've been charged with felony fleeing and eluding. He's hanging by his hands and he let go exit museum movie yet. 635 now Steven Pitt and that they elect. Pretty good dinner conversation yesterday at City Hall he probably you may have heard that run the prices update a few minutes ago it went all provoked quite apply. Susan's talking about twelve ought to ought to do at the pool in our neighborhood and then in another neighborhood ally long discussion around on earth and coming schools yes and it if you heard it but it ran around tried it couple different ideas take it then finally there's gonna. Delay of the vote and maybe find out. Some more information. As to where that's really cool about it but the Ed Gordon McCann apartment. And write to them not too far apart few miles. But did but they're doing is are you are tired they're holding this down what fortunately equals it's more pool been closed for years. For swimming pools and in just four pulls in and record these water parks. The mayor Lola selection of the short driving this additional hundreds swimming pools missed out public and private obviously. And he really likes these water parks. Because you give. They can keep open longer there less costly to run and you know people would cool off its complaint of that worry about drowning. But you know my take on it is going to be someplace. Where kids can learn to sway them. To India. I was very. Insistent on my children were little doable swimming lessons and it was well that's something that needs to be done saw a story. What we saw as well the networks listed running story. An athlete and I can't remember who was famous soccer player or somebody. In their toddler. That's eighteen year old child there's always adults sitting around talking and nobody knows it went out films include round. And I'm thinking you know every time I see a story like in an element judge people witnessed it's a tragedy. How can you live a toddler. Get out your side especially if there's a pool around I mean. I don't think my children got out of our site to labor in high school and maybe that's too protective. On the other hand you know and a kid and suddenly this happens you just to. Keep track here too. I know they can top law might actually mean ending goal long way. And you're talking about the swimming pools and of course from the pools the part of my growing up how you did you and your family pool of people when your kid. Not overwhelmingly but I did takes swimming lessons I was six or seven at the college hill pool great idea. Who is and I native about a block and a half from my house. Amonte will regret about Wesley K there was Wesley pool was there. And because there were so many baby boomers and at neighborhood did. In the early mid sixties they built another tour partners partly to usually you municipal Obama will be at one time. That was probably a little over done but at the same time like I said it was a time when that area of town at so many young kids because of the baby blues drawn up there. We get both of ms. that it can debate is and maybe make a decision. Here and a weaker to with a poses city council on where to locate that swimming pool but it was lively for one area out at some. Pretty good spirited discussion yes there's a discussion way to put it says that all of that bucket. 638 ousting the dead time for the case as has commodities update. Top left corner of Butler commodities to boarding time. Include positive will triple digit gains in July scoring a new High Court occurred moved. On the blue yesterday August live cattle twelve since I don't wanna important. Disputed get a fifteen or 14580. Yeah I mean I hope to dollar limit the choir at 8145. That we can't just let the ire of Clinton that acorn told tensions head yesterday. Despite the big upside than we did edit and delete the mail upright with the unions for money have you reported yesterday. US didn't stocks were mostly lower for the growing and the food and the reports the only. In the spot that would. World cause more profit taking you know reality check has told good prices overnight to the downside. And this afternoon. We'll find out. If any ailments that they would bring interest rates at the moment so like completely seven and have sent lower by those 46 fans alike want them to remain hampered 375. George Bush Administration nines and lower at 945. Light crude oil opening seven cents lower to about 99. All of this go over the all of sudden reward 12197. Revenue. The camera complete five and three quarter point tired 2790. Or dollar index and cents higher at 9383. In September that just futures 43 point five point 50035. Hey. But commodity trading meg Markkanen advisory contact with the commodities bombed pearl on the web by using. 866 due to the top. Don't I was there a dummy Tom I was out down near harper via the indictment at a friend's. Rich farming and a the custom cutters were going to neighbor cut the week what I think I told you about this having Monday but. The thing blows you know I was thinking he does that come by his heck of a piece of equipment. Obviously what does that what does it knew wouldn't cost what would have a percent to pay for brand new combo. It depends on the side is here with their children were somewhere between 303151000. Dollars. So he you know this is one of the reasons that farmers have to sometimes get a little credit gone and whatnot that debt. It can you get a usual and at a better price. And what you can and I didn't want to know who blew away our bottom kill one thing to think about a com by any open an old pair of run you know what you weren't that you're only went far work. Well good wheat corn and soybeans. No matter what at peace will only use their piece of equipment that big investment. Just took two weeks there have been tired are you you're right I bet they're pretty big investment in food and have a little US commander Tom wise. So time weighs about how much how long can you can bring go what what 1520 years on one of or even more than that you'd think. Well you can do they have the most don't OK and it all depends there's no. And I answered too bad you know. The thing would likely thing. This movement control and day out more valuable when you have as. You can't the first day you it's gonna have troops there had been don't have much use of. Aren't OK they consider re appreciated 642 announced even tendon disease commodities update was Tom left reluctant commodities. What quite knew what all this money Ted Woodward asked himself that every day importantly they have the answer coming up. If that's a question we're gonna put to Don red CFT but funny tractor. That's given a pristine the dead on K and assess.