When will the new tankers arrive at McConnell AFB?

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Tuesday, December 5th

Local business information from editor Bill Roy of the Wichita Business Journal


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Assets. In honor I can't thank you and Aaron need do you you need just. About national teacher that has come into my eyes I didn't make the call me and thank you. It's 845. Horning in listening to 987 and thirteen thirty Kate and says as. Bill Roy's Wichita business journal updates fifteen minutes away when are those big air force tankers getting year. Maybe bill Roy has the answer for us and within the next few minutes now it's time for three big names three. Another shooting overnight in southeast which it saw one man is hospitalized in critical condition seeing. More than 27000. Homes are now. Evacuated after a huge wildfire about an hour northwest of Los Angeles plus. Soccer men's basketball team home tonight though the real mean South Dakota State suckers are ranked number six in the nation. The three big thing was even dead and 98713. Thirty K and as at. Well the key charred area we seem to have people on the loose here 254 and north whoever couple was. The wannabe. Noon. And also a medical emergency right now being reported in this checking out 100 north important this is actually here. Vehicle cost over. Particularly the north and that's traffic kept watching it by. Joseph to Brahma and Kyle's Goodyear tire located downtown market Waterman in the east hairy street mall and online at Carl's. Tired dot com your home for complete car care. They don't reduce. And let's check in with the weather forecast here on this Tuesday morning. As we've started out pretty cold there. Cloudy and cold they'll clear off as the day goes along we'll get that wind out of the northwest looking for high built 49. Tonight clear skies overnight low down to thirty degrees and and tomorrow high of 47 degrees will be sunny and windy again on Wednesday. Right now in which it's always cool breeze out of the west northwest it is partly cloudy and 31 degrees runaway to a high of 49. That's your weather forecast. Here on this Tuesday morning. 847 with Stephen said on Kate and as vested Woodward and Steve Boyer with you on this Tuesday morning. It's more the live it's just one more reason for your kids to wanna get their hands on your Smartphone. Or want their own. FaceBook is launching a messaging app for kids. Steele I'm amazed this hasn't happened before. Don't so why the four you get too worked up there are number of controls for parents to keep youngsters from running amok for laughing chatting is limited to parents and and friends approved by parents. Messenger kids will not let youngsters add contacts nor delete messages kids don't get their own separate count messenger featured extension of their parents camp. I shouldn't parents be having these controls. I think that's the gist that and I guess it gets kids. Dipping their toe into the shallow end of face books that they get hooked eventually okay well enough I guess those here's a name from the blast from the past orient. Jim Bakker remember Jim Baker. He was AM founder of the PTL network. In 1988 on this very day. Federal grand jury in North Carolina indicted June maker former aide Richard George. On fraud and conspiracy charges baker was convicted on all counts Deutsche pleaded guilty to four counts and cooperated with prosecutors. In exchange for a lighter sentence. Baker was initially sentenced to 45 years in prison. Term is eventually reduced to eight years he ended up serving a total of about five years. And you're talking a bit ago about the late night shows a former tonight show host Jay Leno and his wife to spot a new home Abbas and oceanfront property. In Newport, Rhode Island. The Boston Globe reports that Leno whose property and humanity can see the ocean from here. Leno who grew up and hand over. Massachusetts or math yes it paid thirteen point five million dollars for the mansion and is called seem fair. Wow that name after name of houses of being has eight bedrooms eleven. Bathrooms. Comes of the pool a tennis court private beach. Lucky thing from Villanova knowing knowing collects cars that thing has six car yeah analyst at sits sits on nine acres it was Jay Leno it's. Yeah do you have a 32 Carter he's got warehouses all I know Southern California there. Passes built in 1936. Was previously owned by Denver mining share. But it's impressive along you know. It is for the wealthy. Anywhere to build word of those old Christmas trees guild of your in Wichita you take it one of those. Recycling sinners like chop them up net. Older Rockefeller Center Christmas trees knows things are massive do you know what they do with those when they when the Christmas season is over. Well they just get built into the wall frames and four supports. Affordable homes. I did not know this for the past decade at the Rockefeller Center Christmas trees have been lit up with. Glitz and rockettes and all sorts of things and then once they're done they get milled into lumber and used in dozens of habitat for humanity homes across the nation. The non. One town fifty miles north of Rockefeller Center Newburgh New York has gotten would price. No rights so they're using puzzled the rocket they don't just throw the landfill there in New Jersey they actually cut it up and it gets used for homes that are just thinking about the rockettes red glare when you look at. A history center in western Indiana is getting a mural featuring Coca Cola's Kirby models it's not the regions linked to. The uniquely shaped container or what what is Indians. The mural design was unveiled last week projected on the wall soon to be completed. Vigo county history center in terra haute. Now the root glass company in terra haute won a competition back in a year in 1915. It. 95 15 to create the glass Coke bottles contoured design. I did not know there was an Indiana connection to Coca-Cola I was not aware of and do the iconic curvy. Kirby state that a bottle I want Arlo. I love soda pop and bottles hole yes yes. A weekend when I was a kid I mean when you get that cold bottle of Pepsi or Coke in the summer. I'll hum and the glass and of course our at all I went to Kansas gas and plastic. And today they they brought back a little six back of bottles now on via sticking its that you can get him more than you more Ridley didn't used to it and you know. There's not the Mike and recycling that pop on net that finally it's my childhood he hit us. That was rather lucrative yes it was two or three cents apiece for the sixteen pounds when he got a nickel for now. It is 852 we Stevens dead on take an SS where are those big air force tankers and beginning year. Let's find out some answers from a guy who knows bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journal mr. Roy yeah. Food Teddy out not by the end of this year is the answer of that question Boeing defense had hoped they would be able to deliver one of the KC 46 say. Pegasus aircraft to be here forced by the end of 2017. But CEO Liane Koran says that delay won't be long she says the first aircraft should be to the air force an early 28 team. The Kansas turnpike authority project complete and drivers to use the will be moving faster the bridge expected to reopen this week a lot of employees work at Spirit Aerosystems use that route to get to and from work. The bridge was widened and Reid to act. Sawgrass country club getting some work done construction is beginning on a clubhouse renovation. Club will also be getting in new exterior dining and patios. The person development has commercial building permit valued at 720000. Dollars. For a locker room and fitness center project there tall grass is one of the largest private courses in the area. Local breaking business news every day on campus ascent at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role like at sawgrass it's. Private I don't even a word is that that they won't even tell me and I don't know the place yet. That's well this is the old Rodney Dangerfield joked with my kid goes to a private school restored to only word that. The but at a I know you're a big fan of the Kansas State wildcats in the proud alumnus up mr. Roy and the course yeah. Your wildcats have a big basketball game tonight against South Carolina upstate. Sure your I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat. Not able leeway now at a one. Well the thing is you never know sometimes they play down to the competition and I don't know how upstate is bad. You know when you start getting into directional stuff and they're not it'd. Now the the wildcats should rule tonight. I hope so anyway. Now and 07 analysts dozens of each other one. They're getting things done and of course are ready immediately got your cactus bowl tickets yet for the football team. Now I'll be enjoying it from the friendly console arms of a sofa the TV all right. How to get to it thanks for the update guys we appreciate it always good to hear from cat backer bill rural and editor at the Wichita business journal of the local business up. Eight and SS news time on this chilly Tuesday morning is 855. Holiday season and Taco Bell is giving away free Christmas cash. All you have to do is listen each day for the Taco Bell weekly location.