Where are you, in the family line up?

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 20th
Ted is the oldest of 3 brothers and a sister and Steve is a middle-child.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KE SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. More like 6 o'clock it's as sporting news that the content. Thank Steve thank you talk about partly cloudy and 37 degrees. Two Florida sheriff's deputies are dead after being ambushed and shot at a restaurant. In Gilchrist county. Sheriff Robert Schulz says. Today approximately 3 PM. Givers cashier's office Steve and I won't call. About Debbie being down in a local restaurant. Deputies arrived as a long scene along with trim public safety officer. And they did find to our deputies the city's. Police identify the fallen officers are sergeant Noel Ramirez and deputy Taylor Lindsay deputies responded to the scene found the shooter dead outside the business. Wyandotte county prosecutors say Kansas City, Kansas school resource officer is charged with fondling at least three teenagers. 57 year old Michael English senior was charged Thursday with three counts of aggravated indecent liberties with the trial. Apparent head contact the police in March and three students have come forward all between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. English has been employed with the school districts sensed point fifteen. Has been on administrative leave since March 22. Investigators are still trying to determine if the alleged crimes occurred on school property. Dan O'Neill ten and. That's news to suspect was caught after a police chase in southeast Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened late Wednesday night when an officer on patrol spotted the stolen truck with a dealer's license plate near thirty for street south of hillside. The driver would not pull over for police. A tracker pursuit ensued which went into derby. In derby the driver pulled behind a residence in the two occupants of the vehicle. Fled on foot. Officers were able to apprehend. Both the occupants at 28 year old male driver. And 25 year old female past. Center the man was booked into jail for fleeing from police and aggravated weapons violation auto theft unlawful possession of methamphetamine is and traffic charges. Stolen truck was returned to its older. Teachers and Arizona have voted to go out on strike this teacher says many are packing their bags for greener pastures. It's the first ever statewide strike to demand increased school funding. We are under paying our educators. And so we have people incredible professionals. Who live. Devoted their entire lives to bettering our communities and our families and their leaving this state. Because they can't afford to do the job that they love with the community and the kids that they love. The release of fired FBI director James Cole these memos is sending shockwaves through Capitol Hill. Republican lawmakers seek Kelly's memos prove the fired at BI director never felt obstructed by president trump. Despite things from Democrats and he tried to hold the FBI's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election in a statement house oversight chairman trade county along with house Judiciary Chairman Bob go let's say the memo showed comic quote was blind to buying season and the FBI. But the top Democrat on the house oversight committee Elijah Cummings has quote presidential interference was a bull blatant effort to deny justice. And director Conley was right to document it in Washington Chama Angel Fox News Alabama has executed demand for the murder of a federal judge. Only days before Christmas in 1989. Federal appeals court judge Robert Vance senior. Opened the package mailed to his home outside Birmingham Alabama. It exploded instantly killing judge Vance and severely injuring his wife. The following summer Walter LeRoy moody junior was arrested tried and convicted. Last night strapped to a Gurney on Alabama's death row. The 83 year old moody remained silent when asked if he had any last words. A lethal injection made him the oldest person executed in the US in more than a century. Jack Callahan Fox News. Peterson issues I'm now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. I need seven to thirteen thirty K in his head as students head. It's 610 now of 10 minutes past 6 o'clock we got a little. We will problem down south southwest of the which right. That's right into injury traffic accident car vs semi truck. And this is on cape 42. And it's at Schulte threat there in front of the shall be general store. Along K forty cents right there near the that the Catholic Church yeah right right don't score I'm OK right there. And so that's where the accident is they've got the westbound lanes shut down there if you're going west you actually cannot get through. Again that's westbound to 42. In shelty right front of the generals or their. Traffic updates from Kate and yes that's radio and yet chambers and we have something interesting and our forecasters. Warning of a check that out. We can't assist after you all just Dan Holliday gets boring dance. Good morning an area of low pressure a spinning off welled to the west of us but we'll track over the Rockies have eventually in southern Kansas this weekend. They'll bring us more clouds throughout today breezy with a high 64. The best chance of rain will be late tonight and overnight into Saturday far Lou 45. Off and on showers during the day tomorrow cooler in just 52 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy cold and 38 degrees that's right. And talked about bringing seriously talking about race. It is sunny day across central Kansas their estate which does high temperature was 61 degrees. Normal life candidate. Is it 169 so rain likely tonight and Saturday should help of that fire danger across Kansas and especially Oklahoma attentively it's rained down there. That should help a lot. And it'll improve what spiritual. I've been looking for little children. In my life and it. Six well now is Stephen did but get jet. That's just something else Larry I didn't mention their we have an unknown fire reported. Fires near 31 in Victoria. Now that's just a little ways east Ers Ari Louise west of hydraulic between when he. And MacArthur south side yet that's so yes how's our active six votes needed to today is up Friday. April 20 28 team. On the state in 2010 the an explosion on the deep water horizon oil platform leased by BP. Killed eleven workers and caused a blowout that began spewing an estimated at 200 million gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico. The well is finally capped nearly three months later. You remember those roles I do Ted Purdue amid edited video camera that they're idiots are constantly stealing it brown crap into the man. While and you know even the most. The most rigid anti environmentalist or whatever save lives that's the theory good. That was on those awful that it is a waste oil it was. Eight years ago today. Police and it was just it was more recent than that and felt that you know I guess it was maybe four years ago police in Louisiana sale woman came home. To discover a naked stranger innards. Eating her Tito's well taking. This is a woman who's up by the way. A Monroe police affidavit says 29 year old Evelyn Washington it was arrested on burglary and property damage charges. The Fort Worth star telegram reports in responding officer found. A full tub of water and a plate of food along with half eaten Tito's belonging to the victim all look taught it next to the top. Other Tito's were on the toilet not depict it like as a plea yet the victims setting of the good things the way it was a written. Washington told homeowners. And to police that an unknown male had told her to break into the house. Police found a tall ice chest under a broken windows so. Since my boyfriend made me do it. Then if announced that she's an unknown male and don't always aren't some guy some guy today you'll ever get there and eat the Tito's featuring easy Tito's. Eric flirtation of drugs with drugs. I'm going to drugs and liquor and it was wrong something is wrong with this picture. Somebody's sleeping in my math. He's been eating Archie those. There will be no shortage of hand me down for this Michigan kid the Grand Rapids Press reports that cater EG and GA wants. Welcome the birth of their son Wednesday five days before he was do. They have no daughters but they do now have fourteen ball weighs. You get your own baseball team basketball or football team it. As with their last few children the couple didn't did not want to know the baby's sex ahead of time well. You could've predicted got a pretty good yeah those those chromosomes lineup at least two. Gary Swanson earlier this year that he would have loved to have a girl but. Didn't think you it would be in the cards really insisted that you know he's played or presented as he was right you'd think that note. Cater each warrant is says she's used to large families there were fourteen kids in her family when she was growing up so. I should play less. Every time it comes up the same as you were up a fairly at least you have one girl right yes. And near you finally is this your mindset the final four. And Kelly boy who are three pretty well is finally got a girl that Mary and get out your house your sibling Nick's idea and note that the brother two Brothers the Brothers two Brothers and that. All males right and it and you had four males now you know. Getting to know. The women was interesting for me it's it's I had no idea. What their Alley have those Amal was old mom I'm I was all of those first news that particularly for earlier famine and there it is like baton. Hughes got the person who go up and decorated execs are so. Anyway it's it's a good adjustment the idea that you actually raised at an all male atmosphere you know what that's like dead sit. It's pretty much a fight over the different things you know now the animal and it and adoptive. You know alleviate better players a lot of shenanigans going on among the bullet yeah its it's just the competition is and I don't know you can do the psychological analysis of that. I'm the third of three and the middle child author of four that middle child. And don't talk about the middle child my wife is also of middle child. She's Syria of six. And you're you're that the gloves off the oldest of four at all the psychological breads and certainly very different be fun to have psychologist Sony's studied business that. But I think of the facets of very different dynamic is a cap and writer you are in line got a pregnant you don't hear the middle child well you're on a bit about you know now and I'm the youngest and the youngest side. By and large gaps Stevenson Gaza there's a different dynamic for those which means he's yeah he's always been the baby right and he's a baby here we treated like a little baby. We berth in the ages diapers. I hurt myself and I expect it yet. I've heard you pretty good at Berkley at least things that right now that he would that dynamic it would be fun to explore with somebody who is an expert on now. Atlanta. And pecking order every sibling has their own little. Pecking order yet. A reason why Bob like the other right exactly and that's only like another and stuff all right well liked you better. Every every simply they see on has an easier I do you'll excuse us ladies and gentlemen the for a little silly this morning a little giddy because. We found out it could range of that'll be incredible 618 now Stephen Ted it's time for me don't sport it is delivered. Did they talk a little baseball today it or yes it's city Roy as Iran or oils they daughters throws were off the right was correct. As Carter lightly but you have to. Well the weekend right now on the game lots of mountain he's after baseball team is ranked number 24 in the nation. Soccer's are going down to Houston take on cougars doctors haven't been there in 21 years or another new conference mates. Of them then after it. The American conference standings had eight teams all within just a game and half of each other. So there's you have a good weekend you probably move up to these teams are all beating each other shoppers in Houston tonight for a three game series. In Houston. Mike Kennedy we'll have all the action where you live right here on 97 and thirteen thirty feet and SS. 6 o'clock tonight. 6 o'clock tomorrow night. 1230 on Sunday afternoon union for soccer baseball right here on it and aunts and us. On the road series this weekend we have news from Wichita State men's basketball and other players leaving Austin Reeves soccer guard. Ask Boren was granted his release from the program that transfer elsewhere. Eleven. Roster members of the soccer basketball team from last season will not be playing for the shocker this season or six graduating seniors left. To walk ons gone too scholarship players gone and Landry chanted going to the NBA eleven guys on from last year's roster. Austin reed will take his lead. Major League Baseball the Kansas City Royals were on an eight game losing streak right now they're at the bottom of the American League and they you have two games today that we playing yeah. Series in Detroit or even Detroit twice this season. Will be in Detroit for four games this weekend it's a day night doubleheader today. First game coverage begins at 11:30 this morning game suit covered 6 o'clock tonight. And the royals at Detroit again. News Saturday and news Sunday although royals tigers games are alive on Sports Radio eight at 81240. AM. 975. FM. College bowling and the team championships getting underway in Lincoln Nebraska yesterday. And the Wichita State women have advanced into the final four unbeaten in the winner's bracket. And after today's competition will know who the final four teams are heading to the you so much financial semi finals tomorrow. The Newman women and the Wichita State man that did lose in match play yesterday and you'll have to make their way to the losers bracket they want to keep advancing. And pro football the Kansas City Chiefs bound up their schedule for the upcoming season for 2018. Chief season opener will be on September 9 news in LA taking on the Los Angeles chargers. The chiefs do have five at primetime games coming up this season Monday Night Football I Denver Sunday night game at New England at. Monday Night Football game in Mexico City against the rams. Thursday night game late in the season against the chargers at home and then a Sunday night game on the finale at Seattle. We won primetime game this season at home at Arrowhead Stadium. And so lets you run now and she's in the of course your home with the kids because he is right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and a sense does it working here on the right. Right. Tree go race. Schedule released for the upcoming season get excited about. That that sports was the instead case in ass and Saturday tomorrow 2 o'clock. Feels like Christian church Ted Woodward inducted into the Wichita sports hall of favorite. And Tim will be there signing autographs right to it. Whatever and open our reaction been able to have some cookies and and a punch there as well we'll see I pulpit regulation though that at that tomorrow at 2 o'clock K if you wanna go and see if it's free it's over the public free of charge. Now let's see there's very nice honor and I'm looking great or does seem folks tomorrow night six when he you know if you veer four. Fox News coveted top stars he says the Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania wants a new type of Disney princess. A new a new type but it's about that coming up Stevenson warning us. Let parted in Pennsylvania it's got to revolting it's awful coming up even that he uses on K and SS.