Where can you NOT get french fries?

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 5th

Well, soon, apparently nowhere . . .


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He's by lunchtime 49 for the hi this afternoon. Tonight will be clear our low near thirty sunny breezy 47 on Wednesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan how that day. Thank you damage currently in Wichita we have breeze out of the west northwest it is mostly cloudy and thirty degrees. A former longtime congressman and independent presidential candidate has died at Fox's Steve Rappaport has a story. John Anderson sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1980 but later waged an independent campaign the Illinois lawmaker made his pitch during this debate with Ronald Reagan on CBS. I believe our country is in trouble. I believe that all of us are going to have to begin to work together to solve our problem. And went on to receive 7% of the national vote. Anderson's daughter says her father became disillusioned with the Republican Party and felt the GOP was moving too far to the right. Anderson served in World War II before serving ten terms in congress he fought against housing discrimination during the civil rights movement casting the deciding vote on the house rules committee for the open housing act of 1968. John Anderson died Sunday at age 95. Steve Rappaport Fox News. Last week Wichita police responded to house fire this was near market and Harry. Fire lieutenant Jose okay eighties says it was caused by an electrical Mal. Function several extension cord plugged into. A series up three power strips. Which would eventually connected to a portable space heater. Again we cannot empathize important sign that they detainment of extension cords from one extension cord to another to be able acute. Support especially a portable space heater. Two people were hospitalized after that fire one victim in critical condition for smoke inhalation both victims have since been released from the hospital. Wichita mayor Jeff wrong well tells KM SS news there's a big announcement on the way. Are never really big jobs announcement this week. That's going to get people excited I'd. My. My guess is when people hear about this jobs announcement they're going to be so happy they're just gonna run around spent a lot of money on Christmas. While will make those comments during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen tent show here on Kate in SS. The Sedgwick county sheriff's office believes it could save taxpayers 2.4 million dollars every year. By turning the Wichita work release facility at Harry and McClain and into a jail. Under sheriff branded beats and says it over the past two years 200 people have to be sent out of the county per day at the cost of 35 dollars per inmate. This is because there isn't enough room probably inmates in the Sedgwick county jail. In order to make the Wichita work release facility in jail the sheriff's office will need to get a conditional use permit. That would allow more inmates to stay incident can only the inmates it would stay would be lower risk inmates work release inmates could be sent to another place in the count me. The caddie wants to know what the community thinks people can voice their thoughts and opinions at a hearing on Thursday at 1:30 PM. At the Ronald Reagan building at 271 west third. Anyway had Cain and SS news. And the first of a couple of food related stories in Wichita City Council was expected to vote later today. On whether to approve a community improvement district on how the restaurant chain that chicken and pickle. To build new or near thirteenth and green lynch. The community improvement district means customers won't pay more sales tax in the district in order to help cover cost. A new entertainment area will feature food drinks a rooftop bar and a pickle ball. It would be built next to the Alley and the additional restaurants and hotels already in the area. The projected cost for the project is estimated that ten and a half million dollars with around 20% generated by the community improvement district. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Taco Bell kind of stands out as one fast food chain where you can't order French Fries. Well that might change can you say you'll kiddo French Fries you may be able to play such an order at Taco Bell in the future the fast food franchise or is testing out what they're calling a California loaded Fries burrito it combines ground beef sour cream not true cheese and French Fries inside the burrito. But it's tasty is this may sound it's now only available in Charleston, West Virginia stores earlier this year Taco Bell Castro not to a French Fries but then never made it into stores nationwide. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. A court rules in favor of scantily clad coffee servers. Popular TV breweries to lose in. Everett Washington bolt after cover up at least for the time being. A federal judge on Monday ruling in favor of the swimwear adorn servers they sued the city over its new dress code. Which band bare skin for the damage cost delivery personnel. The ruling means the seven employees of hillbilly hot he's coffee stand can continue bending their Bruin beach where. While the suit makes its way through courts. Rich Dennison Fox News. It's 737 which Stevenson in the morning your listening in 987 and thirteen thirty KN NS excess. Of course when I saw this list I had big grab it and take a look at it. Most popular Christmas candy in each US state. Most popular Christmas Candace each state this is a list compiled like candy store dot com. The online ball candy store surveyed more than 50000 customers come up with these numbers. The average customer will spend 110 books and candy and food. And 59% of Christmas sales expect to be on line. One point 76 billion candy canes are made every year for this season. So let's take a look at this are so what I'm now I'm going to. And on the spot here what do you think the most popular. Christmas candy is in the state of Kansas in the state of Kansas these I'll preface this by saying I would never got the right answer. Auto for Halloween it was races that's correct yes so for Christmas for favorite. How about the yet. The marsh don't covered that topic. The marshmallow. And it causes the CI like that that's an answer. Well I can't track that's of course well not as if there's corrected according Hillis the most popular Christmas candy Kansas is. Or temperament bark. Really. That's what it says. Now there are only a few other states. That also have peppermint bark as their top you know California. Nevada. And it. West Virginia. Unless there's no place here that they share that with what about our neighbors. Colorado the answer is Hershey kisses OK Nadia you can't go wrong that on now all sorts. Now though don't. And Nebraska as well as Hershey kisses Nebraska and Colorado both had Hershey kiss and we've got to peppermint bark now on the other way around us Missouri and Oklahoma also had the same result. In this one mystified me low star burst. Star I do not think of that as a Christmas candy I don't ether at Halloween now though that one can found me a little bit. Well now that's so you know. At peppermint bark at government market at least that's specific and it's Holland it's not CNET used in cooking making cookies and and and candies and things that justice. That makes it sound like he just sit around and on it. Over some the other anomalous candy canes Eminem's. Once again I guess it at Eminem's I'm here in the pre 65 AM. Jolly Ranchers Illinois okay month Snickers Indiana once again Mora. Halloween Halloween type answer there I would think. On Arizona has passed his coming out and I hope they Santa Claus Pez dispenser. I have some Homer Simpson Pez dispensers. Louisiana was also pay Reese's pieces you mentioned the Ricci after that a Maryland. Reindeer coronet Michigan reindeer cord that just can't equal or as a little askew that's. Maybe. Get it that it is sell at all for Halloween so they re label written ballots Christmas candy New Jersey got a real specific Reese's manes no minis. The loans now they're tasty. North Dakota chocolates and a man gets more content area over territory you're guessing how made them in their own state. Many many more interesting. You know Utah also did the reindeer corn. Lot of has lot of Eminem is there you go there's your results there I wonder how long do that I know those eye candy cane just talking about the steps to an end to end. We probably don't wanna know there's your results most popular Christmas candies in each US state compiled by candy store. Dot com. Hey you know laughter all that candy sockets time to go what my whistle it's time for our prairie fire coffee break I guess in SS. Prairie fire copy is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire copy being. Are roasted fresh right here in which it's on a you can get prairie fire copied your office. By calling this phone number write it down to 67377. You want to. Or you go online to prairie fire coffee dot com. It is loses 740 C news content in the morning on pain and this. The moment Christmas candies yeah. We will loan will be discussing it. And epidemic in the US another topics on the way as well okay Unisys news time 746.