The Whiskey of the Week: Jameson Irish Whiskey

The Good Life
Saturday, March 17th

Guy forgoes the Wine of the Week for a Whiskey of the week, and since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, it’s Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey.


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They look back the program got things whether the book giveaway bring it by Alec residents anecdote. Incredulous that the outcome for the public anger him a couple of weeks. We'll come if you live today from the Toledo district in the beautiful. I think it's that we did the Leno thing Patrick they operate. Afraid Scoble on. Probably be over here in the next 45 minutes or so but if you didn't make it there's so many of the plenty going on downtown. Put on your green come on down speak at the Saint Patrick's Day did you know that. The Saint Patrick's Day tradition and and how they did this started a long time ago I mean we're talking about. There really was a saint Patrick. 8388. And that regime was in. He lived 385 to 461. Do it this official Christian feast day in the seventeenth century started off. Important religious holiday and it turned it is so much more than that. We started celebrating it more here in our country as a festival with parades and we're instantly greens. In the Aaron McKie parties that that's what we do and that's how we do it. And what do you think you wanna do you come down that's where. If I call which Todd now the group capital of Kansas and it certainly has turned into that. One of the guys who's making that happen. With limestone beer companies if Alex let Alex welcome the good life thanks well it's it weird when a tree. And we snake though some of the laughs yes but your brooding image. Let's talk about this when school. It smells so good I'm not a cop you and you did well it tells about what's in this here. We'll look at that. Traditional Irish got a lot of Chris the Molson some reds in there numbers of the color of course for the traditional red. It's the name Irish true of course and enough. That's some cascade hops in their real. We'll balance it's bitter and get some that's the Romans from the so if some time it's a little bit citrus. Most of all the virtual. Few so. What cascade of drug often wants so. My versions a little bit more popular in the traditional Irish grin but because I elected you will opt numbers but so. If you join us for money. That's what you do school so that we gotta talk a little bit about you okay this is just one beer he made special for an aluminum boat here yeah and insight religiously. Tell us about your journey in clear and number. Sure that's our home brewing back in 2011. Went on a couple. Hello Michael influential. Through tumors of them some bigger breweries in the midwest and specifically Colorado. I kind of got me motivated to learn more about it than I started really read about it me as I say he can now about it you know and here I am so. You know it's sort of homered and Mike Barack Obama's open. Learn as much as elected. Which you know I just I fell along with that just because of the endless possibilities of years alone along with other. The team in fine wines of whatever you can do it was possibilities at different combinations pops vaults yeast. And all kinds of stuff so and you're so food for an L absolutely. No you don't need food cricket no you don't. And that's what we're doing right now I've enjoyed this we're roundabout red you were right here in the early in the about what else do you make noted. There's so many different styles and types of play win and everybody's going nuts I personally am not a big fan of all of the fruit infused the world aren't usually in groups groups although at some future. Probably what you're make. I kind of really enjoy. I. I put it this way I don't like to make a beer that I wanted to you know. So I really it's. I don't want to focus on Lou in jeweler to make the building itself years so policies on form now sales. Along with Jim waters are really really enjoyed that multi locker room from Germans the German he strains. So I really what to do those more often than not I abuse America PA's. In the armed. More often very sick receive their home for the but but not as hitters used that some ideas ideas medium bitterness for the very very flavor of the moment. But I like to do a lot of things with different kind of strains. You off from wild swift's. We called him my season low fat so I try to focus on. Just different combinations is the image in my opinion. Other than the obvious he's makes veered. You can a lot of character from the east as well that the offices. It's so funny that it was indeed. With dynamite it is something that you don't want. But you know there is you could put. Two sets of five each wine maker yeah but haven't been able yet. And you could tell a book that you argue for Britain out of my right right and subtle. And he Carreira Matta yes and you argue against it. And half what you could switch absolutely because it's just one of those things and you get a blood that is overly Brett inspected and now it's it's a little much. But that you put it Beers you know you change the complexity it's like my main sheet yet is that it. Why would you put molded them achieve that exit so different yet. Absolutely there's a lot of Brett is becoming more popular because it's. The movement for it was first came on the scene we didn't know along about it as far as researching. Variations of grant and now we're really starting to experiment more with that as a as a your culture so we're learning more about what we can do with this and how the firm and with it. The different characters she gave different temperatures and the different techniques that stressing you know experience things and I would think just as with line. Just the subtle hint so when someone first belted a tunnel. They go. What is right we edited out that yeah yeah yeah Lotta pretzel this Brett strains that actually produce a lot of flavorful. It's that you see through you know them it's called reckless and so. He's a lot of deliberate IPA. Which works very well does he get a lot of effort character from Brett. But then you pop it up with some real citrus. From fort Hopson it's a it's a great balance. I love you but a tree. Yeah where's the Marie what goes on there why do people wanna come their forgiveness so we are 707 north Waco which is from delight knowing you just take Waco to head north it's just straight north the central. We are in satirist uncles realities. Bakery food they always have a special going. I'm inside there are pretty small systems so it works for my Taft behind the bar. We're open. Some game. Through Wednesday 10:30 AM to roughly four. And then Thursday through Saturday at 10:30 AM until midnight so close the last person there's an. But I do wanna remind people that. It's reality is on Saturdays and Sundays it's great for Washington that is too so it's a good time to absent some great beard and any excuses. And kids can bring my own ground I heard you answer that will film absolutely yes. I think that's a good deal would have left some of the things that are coming up technology was yes that double insulated yet he's gone yeah stainless steel colors and you know we'll keep it cold yeah. Hours and we heard embassy to before we films that are the little bit long. Yeah. What a treat I am so glad to stop button up extra ones they permitted for the and now we magically. Would it be fun to have some Irish whiskey and and it showed how. Isn't that great and yes Jamison and I was you know I was stationed in the here's an intelligent we had so much funded and I was comfortable which opened. Well you know they're all kind of owned by the same company now a little bit weird mail what do you think it would hollered just you know if you could have a beverage that looks good may have been there. So you brought something that. You know you're seeing a lot more over Britney Spears. Local pervades here it doesn't have to be is down that's just the the oak. Characters that developed hands I think it actually is of great companies with the multi students he uses that as a lot of correlation between the two. And pounding fervent fan as well so it in the treatment agents of red wine Julia and fervent prayer yes and you think. It's pretty good Els and say it's tasting of network gets all but intelligentsia. In spades compared to discipline and combine them with the forgiveness of the ratings great compliment yeah. At some facts about this reduces. It's probably one of the most notorious exported in the majority of the products that make. But it is exported it an act at the T yea Booth but the best part is our friends and Ireland. Have a lot of small for them and it's Whitman's of that but. This is that a twelve year Irish whiskey it's it's a lead and it that gives the good the master this killer great opportunity to play and you know. I like this just like this maybe in plastic protective. You know and a nice whiskey glass yet if you want you've been there one of those beautiful crystal clear round by skewed. And I like it straight but it. It's like a written same thing you know but you can make such great beverages oh absolutely you know my mom was a big enemies act. That there's some recipes a bit left guide one of the things they came up with it is of course. This Moscow mule the couple different names were. The importance of here today also fit well unless they've grown they did Kentucky here I. I don't Irish knew I'd pick at the and a preacher and we unity agreed to relatively simple it's lime juice and freshman just make the difference. And then of course a decent quality. Jamison for example Irish whiskey little ginger syrup can ginger beer. Garnish with a look at which of linemen that if you really you put those copper you know. I'll like give them the more insulated but. There's a lot of fun stuff but you know it was a quick yeah. Use it as a mayor and equipment that garlic. High quality excellence. Like pepper. Freshly ground a lot of it. Garlic. As much as you want. And you know in the end of the clock back with with a prominent enough slices of Wednesday. Probably a quarter cup to a half cup of with the and let it soak for you know on an hour. And then grew that sucker. What would you do. I've never had flank steak like this at all I need some beer I have not heard a bird and beans for yet it's it's a wonderful thing it. And then of course oftentimes when I cook I put that in me. Oh. It helps of course the break the monotony and I'm Revlon would that are beyond that it. There's so little that he's gonna vote for governor or I was with we got test which you know instantly capture. But what fun limestone we are cutting its north Waco user. And you've got day you have a website and you update we are pleased that runs after him on the left side FaceBook actually. It's more traffic they think yeah it was and that restaurant meal. They've they've got to it's it is shows some of the great food items. I gotta come by have been false equivalents and now. We're so busy travel and there's so many new day yes all of witness. It's great to greet them to be here. Grew appeared have always lived here would be the element and I would expect that your. And then back out they would. From when I was younger and it'll here and now this is the best. Like uncle and all we moved here in 99. And that's with pretty confident poem that man Jack yeah. You know that was pretty much figured the way and now yeah in this thinks the temperature. But accidentally you look at what's in the best blow. My want to view the 16 I'm really excited. I would treat the BF one more question about over him. Okay you're in small location you're still kind of a small producer of where are we five years. Well hopefully grow up you know but the thing elect Obama particular set up right now is is like turn here pretty quick. So it allows me to do all kinds of different styles. Rather. Quickly. An and I really enjoy that is that experience it more like a lot of things with at Johns has the column you despise suburban barrel. So I rather enjoy that aspect of it for now I've been it opened. Almost a year next month a year in the I think I was looking in my with the years I've done it's it's approaching almost forty different views of it's it's pretty fun being small. With our limitations of course as far as capacity but it's still fun. Well I wish the best luck and hope that I hope that you talked to my wife at our about being a part of the bit with your yeah we moved it. We we did a tropic and date for the wrong reason we're back in October and now so let's see so it's in October this year it is not a okay. We'll talk about that I've got back to let you know. The music starting and guess what that means. We're out of special thanks to match our. Being down here early had everything that. If you're supposed to and it it it it's like real estate. And all the folks going to do what a great day I hope to get out lots of basketball that we did. I've got Barrett the good life policy every Saturday right here on. Their feet. And 98 when. Podcast that the bat that lets.