Who has the better sunset: Butler County, or Sedgwick County?

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 19th

The issue gets settled with Tom Leffler from Leffler Commodities ...


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today at SS Wichita is number one he. News talk and weather station depend on us. Good morning 6:30 seated in the morning Steve back into Austin what word Kansas plan to have. Nation's largest private prison operator build a new state prison is in limbo. After several top Republican lawmakers backed away from supporting the project. Governor Sam Brownback canceled a Thursday morning meeting with the legislature's top eight leaders to seek their final approval. At least three Republican leaders have grown less comfortable with a project in recent weeks. Now the forecast with Kate is his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Net good morning as we start to move in the late January it looks like a much better scenario for us in the Arctic blast we had earlier this month. Sunny and breezy today we should get to 55 for the afternoon high a few clouds tonight windy and 36 and in 56 for the high tomorrow with a few showers popping up Sunday and near sixty on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy 29 degrees we have a south wind at twelve miles per hour. Authorities have released more details about the crash of resulted in the death of a 26 year old man near derby Wednesday night. The Sedgwick county sheriff's office says that Josh Howard was driving on 79 street south near 127. Street east. When he crossed the center line and left the road. His vehicle struck a culvert and mailbox and then treat. The crash happened at around 10 PM just diss to derby Howard was pronounced dead at the scene. Passenger 25 year old Austin young suffered critical injuries and was taken to Wesley medical center in Wichita. As of Thursday afternoon he remained in critical condition. The cause of the crash is under investigation. A family friend said in a FaceBook post that Howard leaves behind a wife and child. Amy web KN SS news. Wichita has unveiled street sweepers with a new eye popping design says mayor Jeff Long oil so officially today there and called street sweepers and longer. There's sweepers of the planes. But they have a really cool really cool what's taught flag logo on the and we think that that's going to be a real hip. The new sweepers are on the streets five days a week nearly 24 hours a day key equipment came up the flag design of the sleepers and install them free of charge. The sweepers clean Wichita is arterial streets eight times a year and neighborhood streets get swept about twice a year. There are photos of the newly designed sweeper is along with the news story on our web site Kate and as as radio dot com both crunch time for congress as a federal government gets closer to a budget shut down tonight. Democrats in the senate are calling for a short extension of a few days to come over the deal on how to protect young immigrants from deportation. Some comps conservatives want a long term spending plan to help stabilize the military. No matter what happens Republican senator Lindsey Graham tells Fox News. The American people don't like the process. Public pays the way we did this discount man. This chaos is gone and I'm willing to keep the government open days not weeks to get a deal that we should gat. A year ago the house has already approved a short term spending plan to last another four weeks. A woman was unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle traveling along a Georgia interstate. The state trooper took quick action to stop her and get her to hospital. Fox five Atlanta is Laura Neal has the story. If not for Georgia State trooper Asher grace quick action there might not be a woman and a hospital to visit to observe hey hey she'd be driving left shoulder. Fallen partially on the wall it was then trooper gray did something he'd been tots that never performed a technique usually used on the bad guys this night was used to save a woman's life using his car to push the woman at TV to safety. Back seat to the front windshield she was actually. Heading for the ocean but that's part this woman is a life at the hospital being treated. Pianist is due time now 634 happy ending to that story Ted while thank goodness here on a Friday morning got my prairie fire copy on trial where you got it the right yep. And Ted's he's my yes he's an eyewitness yes and you're not drinking prairie fire coffee at work your boss. Doesn't love you. How about that are right here on a Friday morning they said a paper cup. Allegedly used by Elvis Presley's six decades ago and Oklahoma is up for auction bids have already surpassed 12100 dollars. North Carolina resident wade Jones is a collector of all things Elvis he tells the Tulsa world the crumpled blue and white Dixie cup. Was snagged by a fan and April 1956 after Elvis performed at the also fairgrounds pavilion. Jones says a fan named in June allegedly retrieved the cup the day after the performance right before Elvis left town for showing Oklahoma City. A letter accompanying the collectors' items as June had asked to keep the cup as these little memento. Apparently it got to somehow documented right. Man. Usually sets not only is documented that's why you have that we use the word allegedly earlier in the oracle. It's a great story militant. In our friend Jill Rocco here in town would say eight is there a certificate of authenticity or Joseph is Joseph Rocco knows this stuff in out at he would want a certificate and I'm not sure that if I think it's a good story though. That's great isn't there may not be true troubled and coupled Dixie cup. And we ever get famous baby are troubled cook coupled kind of trash will be good for something QL Lis Wiehl will be touching on Elvis in the 8 o'clock hour this morning and almost exactly two hours from now. The Busch entertainment news in the blur we do have some Elvis. Items to talk about and always good don't have about so meeting now we got to give we got good stuff done enough to make sure you're listening at 8:35 this morning. Authorities say they have captured the alleged ringleader of a gang of smash and grabs the use dubbed the what do you model batted burglars. Because of their penchant for stealing lottery tickets. 21 year old Jared MacKenzie. As already pleaded guilty to 32 break ins of mostly smaller grocery stores throughout northern California last year. Three others have been arrested and police are looking for two additional suspects. Several the suspects broke through the front gate of Travis Air Force Base. While fleeing police last month prompting a brief walk down. The six men are suspected of using rocks to smash convenience store windows. In the wee hours of the morning and stealing scratch off lottery tickets cash and cigarettes from San Jose. To the Sierra Nevada. I too it's 636 misty content and a while ran it talking about people who. Who may not be on the up and up. How are you on net. On psychics I've never been a huge fan of psychics. Especially since a timeline. Looked at on the Internet. A Torah to tiller exactly what was in a person and I told her. An impression varying. Or gets a makeup and right but now. And you kind of you kind of embarrassed or on the air and less time she appeared on our Charlotte had perplexed look at a very Paladino that there anyway. A purported psychic who wish you referred to there as a little suitcase a little sick and I don't care and you'll soon it's bad. She's an isolated Electoral College she's a she's a sweetheart a purported psychic who charge an elderly Massachusetts woman 3.5 million dollars. Poor accuracy isms and spiritual cleansing has been centers for evading taxes. The or prosecutors say 41 year old Sally and Johnson of South Florida was sentenced Wednesday two years two months in prison. Ordered to repay the woman and pay 725000. Dollars to the IRS. Prosecutors say Johnson ran businesses they claim to offer psychic readings and spiritual cleansing and strengthening. Between 2007 and 2014 prosecutors say a Martha's Vineyard woman Paige Johnson about 3.5 million dollars. Or services that claimed to rid the woman of demons. All right it's a 638 was Stephen dead and I am going to I mean the we consult. We can shelter or attendant near the airwaves I I'm gonna go elements say that it's time for the king in his as commodities update. With Tom Butler of upper commodities the boring time. Imported good shots. Yeah they've gone to brilliant Steve usually. Well I saw the live cattle feeder cattle currently making loans to Russia and say new highs for the week include positive for the third consecutive session. Have opinions have not yet reported in the case cattle trade. I would trade in the cattle futures is still be inside the technical immune to money buying the weekly standard carcass weight at 900 pound at them lighter than the previous week. You know contributed to cited training includes positive yesterday. On the coast live. Live cattle many have since I won 2195. Once Peter the volatility at 14770. And terribly nod 3273. You'll arrive. The computer because they didn't yesterday the wheat and soybean futures closing argument. Gordon Tony engagement were able to make new highs for the week. All NAS they report that twenty to seventeen with the second warmest year for the world. Based on records going back to 1880. Trading volume overnight has been light to moderate. At the moment Marge can complete opinion they have hired for 31 march corn a penny they have hired 353. It's silly thing that they were recorded since that 977 and a quarter. Good morning crude rose starting to comport since slowed since he turned 41. February gold seven dollar parred thirteen 13421. Just complete seven and three quarter points higher clean old sport what's dollar index despite cents lower at 920. Instead turned teacher that 72 point. 26013. Commodity trading right marketing advisory contact look at commodity on the program whereby using 866. Contend Tom. How about the weather's at the same pretty much the same over there and Butler county is it is they're over here in Sedgwick county. I would certainly didn't hear a bit. It is the nightly round up a little bit don't like a little storm coming back. Can't have solar industry can maybe take some I was in Butler county doesn't over an old Laredo last night in the sunset was a may have seen. We have been concerned that some broad Caylee. Oman and chaos it was fantastic. Coach and said I wouldn't say recounted actually the sense and Cedric can Hattiesburg was also amazing. Except it's making a lot of difference to what miles difference and if they are. Nobody knows until one dude did not like that they're getting so that. Ira go in and vote for the best but now I'm not that's a good idea I'd thank you time 641 nationals even did give an airport Don grants the FB the money to. That's coming up with seated in the morning on CNN cents. Wichita State women's basketball continues.