Who runs sports in Wichita?

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
The Wichita Business Journal takes a look at the Wichita Sports Commission and Visit Wichita.

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Historical matters for me emotionally that news is going to be the international adoption because. At the end of the day we all need to do. Worked together. Because we all have shared this planet. 97 through thirty K and has since. Keep it in the morning out of 746. Here on a Friday morning. Three big things these three. Men sentenced to fourteen years in prison. For shooting a government tax agent in Wichita seeing as secretary of state co bock removes himself from both counting. As a candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primary block iconic wacky Shaq building burns down. In abandoned joy I had parked himself beat Wichita. We make things Stephen dead on K innocence. The result out vehicle potential traffic answered and high traffic volume time this northbound I want 35. Right around Lincoln watch for slowed in America update from Kate in SS radio fund had chambers. Mostly sunny today than 10% chance for rain and a high of 94 degrees set which yesterday's night. 94 in Wichita. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 64 Saturday sunny. Tomorrow's high nineties who. Now partly cloudy coma and 69 degrees. It is as mothers brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens and Christie's in the state of Kansas. Fill out our coverage of military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In Toledo. 747 ounce even Ted stocks. Finished Thursday mixed. Dow down 74 points at 25005. On nine energy dragged across the board DS and 500 down for it when he 53. The NASDAQ bell up three and a half points at 7891. Has some of those tech stocks. Tire we did see Amazon and apple hit intra day new all time highs Amazon in fact had a record closing high. Dow DuPont UnitedHealth and Nike led the Dow as Procter gamble Rihanna Goldman Sachs drag on the Dow. And she movers on earnings vs Yelp new high at 26 and a half percent and Viacom also gained up 6%. After the quarterly reports. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange nickel metal Levy's Fox News. Instead this ball and beauty industry is growing so fast at 30000 jobs are going unfilled the watts ball Ed did you mod and the deputy OK in get your dream job campaign. He's aimed at to change that. The national lynch is president of beauty changes lives. A foundation committed to elevating the perception of careers and beauty and wellness and make their first choice she said maybe you know a Israel already answered mam mind going to respond beauty industry foundation provides scholarships. From a thousand dollars to 151000. Dollars. And spas and salons across the country are helping out the message. Be fun we can open up morals ball on Tuesday about that now. The management company of 270 KFC Pizza Hut and Taco Bell franchises nationwide. Has agreed to provide sensitivity training at those outlets following a may incidence. At a KFC in Mississippi. In which a deaf woman felt she was being mocked. The clarion ledger reports disability rights Mississippi a nonprofit corporation that advocates for people with disabilities. Said it reached an agreement. You just need to do sensitivity training about people who have problems like let's see once again it's just one or two idiots do some stupid. And then an entire company. Heston Heston has sensitivity training yeah. We don't do veterans we have and we had any sensitivity I don't know but Hampshire someone does something stupid. And the companies under requires stability something yeah connect. I don't think we needed I think we're sensitive enough. 715 Stephen Ted and speaking insensitive. You know sensitive guy and like Alan Alda of these reporting. Bill loyal cub business journal poll look a look today at local sports business of bill. The year so nice thank you yeah Ted good morning the big story in the weekly edition. The Wichita business journal taking a look at who run sports in Wichita. In early 20s17 the greater Wichita sports commission does it which Tarver at odds over which groups take the lead in attracting sporting events to Wichita. Groups not able to resolve their differences the commission was evicted from the when this went to talk offices. There's a Wichita hired a full time person to go laughter events. The sports commission says it still has a role to play in running events and attracting new advanced Wichita. Reported annual core writes that the arrangement still leads to confusion a bit about who is in charge of the effort to attract sporting events to town. Oil also says the arrangement is different from those and other cities in the regions such as pulse and Omaha. This week's top 25 list Kansas won the gas producers. Ranked by 2017. Oil production teams areas. Some improvement in the oil patch merit energy is at the top 3.4 million barrels produced. Correct though is next at one and a half million the rest of the top five. Murphy and drilling that soil and American warrior. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Continuing with your sports theme. Just days after saying he felt energized leading heading into the season the school announced Thursday. Kansas State University signed a bill Schneider to a new five year contract. That includes a pay bump to 3.4 five million dollars this season. And would keep the 78 year old coach for the wildcats from the 20/20. Two each season. Nice to locking down for another ten years. Or on a Mina. Holy smokes. He said he's seventy years old that he signed a five year. Now while. The already he already had a contract that essentially rolled over every year. But the new deal increases his salary immediately while adding an additional 300000 dollars each of the next season's. It includes a clause that allows for a salary negotiation renegotiation. After the 22 when he season. The same clause you have your content and I think it right all right bill. And did yes I'm approaching much seventy years in a a couple of years maybe out of find out who Snyder's age it is. There you go because somebody. Corridor and have one. It brought the right door of the president's office that I want more money okay if I ever. He resurrected of course Kansas State program when he arrived in 1988 taking a program that have been. Dubbed futility you to national prominence everybody knows this story. Stepped away in 2005 citing a desire to spend more time with the family apparently did at one at. Game back in 2009 with the program and again fallen on hard times. While. He's only the six coach to eclipsed 200 wins while coaching his entire career at the same school. His record is 20101. Includes nineteen bowl games in two. Big twelve championships while Purdy special terrific story that our I know that you Ari. Graduate of Kansas State built up and so I support the wildcats. Like to do a story group down in with you as I know that you enjoy hearing good things. About Kansas State absolutely thank you today is nationals. Oil your dog day. You know we really love dogs and national spoil you dog day is the ultimate in making. Our love of dogs official. Dog bring a lot of us do that every day you know when little dog reluctant allies says they might not be the most independent creature to invite into your home depicted as very much. And they'll get their dodgy goodness anyway details you know the whole thing. Prime fortunately. Neither Ted. Nor bill. Nor nor I only talk right. My daughter has a couple of blogs well I don't know it has done little to well Thomas national spoil your dog had already spoiled dog. I mean goodness gracious they don't have to work they sleep all the time you clean up after your feet and how you gonna certain oils like me now I think it. Eagerness violent. And it right it is nationals for your dog day right guys it seeded dead now seventy. If I've paced day withers. 48 o'clock hour will have the latest on vote counting in the Kansas governor primary Tenet as sport dead. You've got to force coming up millions vodka about twenty minutes from now we'll have our. Lives daily chat with Mitt told us why let Playboy's the Kansas City Chiefs will give us a rundown about last night's game like she's got entertainment news of lower on the way as well yeah I'm working on it we'll preview of the movies coming up this weekend against me posting notes coming your way in the blur at 835 this more we'll look at weekend weather and keep your post about what's happening in traffic stay with Stephen dead. In the 8 o'clock hour on eight and it as fast.