Who is shooting arrows at my house?

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
A couple in Mass. is dealing with mystery arrows embedded in their home.

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9713. Thirty. Hate tennis yeah. And more now feedback because Ted Woodward after 630 here on Leah. Thursday morning Kansas secretary of State's office has risen instructions. To county elections officials telling that to immediately implement a federal court ruling. That's struck down the State's proof of citizenship border registration law. The State's two page directive was emailed Wednesday to local election officials. Wichita city staff is recommending closing down LW clap golf course Wichita city manager Robert Leighton tells KS in news the recommendation follows a recent analysis of all the public courses in the city. Claps since 2012 was lost 600000 dollars because of the magnitude is not something that we can do if we just do a little bit more in terms of marketing. And advertising we've we've tried that. It helped a little bit but it won't it can't turn the system around the way it is. For now this is just a recommendation from city staff it has not been finalized. The park board is having a special meeting Friday to discuss the closure but the final vote will have come from the City Council. Marijuana will be illegal nationwide in Canada starting October 17. In a move that should take market share away from the organized crime and protect the country's youth prime minister Justin Trudeau says. The senate gave final passage of the bill to legalize cannabis Tuesday. Legislation that will make Canada only the second country in the world to make pot legal across the country. Trudeau says provincial and territorial governments need the time to prepare for retail sales. Apple continues to build content for its soon to debut streaming service. Apple is going into business with sesame workshop the company announcing it is given a multiple series order to the nonprofit organization including live action and animated series officially part of a slate of children's programming for Apple's upcoming streaming service the long running Sesame Street program is not part of the deal Sesame Street is on HBO with three runs Aaron on PBS stations last week apple announced a deal with Oprah to develop programming for the streaming service police careless arraf Fox News. Speak allegations have real consequences. One college student found out the hard way she never named suspects but claimed shoes grabbed from behind and raped while her attacker held her face and throat it allegedly happened is a Michigan woman walked to work car in the parking lot of delta college from the only issue their claims fell apart once investigators began questioning the 21 year old -- all Cal's game now admits to making the whole story up a judge sentencing heard a 45 days in jail she'll be on probation for two years following the term shall also have to be tested for drugs and alcohol and get substance abuse counseling Kevin battled Fox News. Federal prosecutors say three Kansas men allegedly made counterfeit money to buy Jordan brand athletic shoes. US attorney Stephen McAllister said in news release that 21 year old Douglas blocker Tony two year old Cornelius Wilson and 22 year old train bombing Garrity all of Wichita. We're indicted Tuesday. They allegedly used a photocopy machine to make counterfeit money. Prosecutors allege blocker paid one person at a shopping center or 480 dollars and state bills for four pairs of Jordan shoes. The indictment alleges all three men paid a second person 520 dollars and they bills for three additional pairs of shoes. The three are charged for counterfeiting and passing counterfeit currency blocker is charged with another count of passing counterfeit currency. Any web K and SS news. I was sick of the forecast now with his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning summer has officially arrived in Wichita and temperatures actually go in reverse a bit today in fact he'll be running below normal for this time of year with strong northwest winds are high 85 it'll be clear breezy and 62 overnight. And then sunny and not as windy tomorrow with a high 87 I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan the holidays. Partly cloudy 64 degrees never northwest wind at nine miles per hour and yes we welcome to summer. As 507 central time this morning. Here in which two on cancers that. Percent solstice. As awry means what the days are going to be longer now or shorter longer. No no shorter order Wednesday. Shorter every day until right before Christmas well. A little confused Balt salts s.'s. And that's of just one of the things I'm confused about 35 year old Alaska man suspected of weaving through traffic while driving a front end loader. Has been charged been driving under the influence of alcohol. We do for a morning shall we didn't have at least 1 DUI every morning. Daniel Hugh yet also is charged the consuming alcohol in violation of a previous release from custody. A caller told Anchorage police and intoxicated man that nearly hit a convenience stores as you parked his front end loader. Police received a second call saying the driver was back on the road swerving in and out of planes bouncing off a curb. Officers found the occupied loader park in the middle of a busy street. The witness followed if you get into that neighborhood where he was arrested. Police say if you get to go below are from his workplace at least that's his workplace front motor. It from decided and I just. And it's up as the snout and starts drugs sort of funny on the other hand someone who have been killed. And police say a Pennsylvania man suspected of public intoxication abandoned his daughter is an ice cream shop. Then fought with the officers in an attic where he was fighting before falling through the ceiling. State police responded to a dairy queen in fallow field township where the man walked in with his daughter. Employees reported the man is making odd statements and falling asleep at the cash register. Troopers try to arrest demand that he slammed at the shops door on an officer and ran away without his daughter and investigators tracked the man to his sister's home where it was found hiding in the attic. The men fought police again and was arrested after the after they fell through the ceiling. And is facing multiple assault and public drunkenness charges. All right and I feel sorry for that little girl little girl is this is again when her dad's messed up. Parental examples at the UNC and remembered all of their lives these things have an impact she's got that to overcome them. 635 now Steve into one of these stories this morning were covering music. Which does schools. May finish putting fences around all the elementary school playgrounds. And these will. Have locks on the men after after school time yes. But it's and is still in the recent days due and is it had a couple of these playgrounds and have been set on fire. And it's just costly thing. It's an Al that it at least during the day events that are the after hours. There will be an excess bought don't want people coming in there anyway while we can deploy and and protected but I don't know. It cost looks like about corporal million bucks to do it. I first of all thought this was. I misunderstood the very for covering this story. They're gonna put fences around the entire school building that looks like he's just going to be around the playground areas. You know they have the equipment and so for them and does and this is a again the reason is they've had some problem with people and there are certain fire in some of that stuff burns. And then analysts they won't stop it. They'll be that by the list just to be considered by the which starts school port. A set in stone just yet I guess I didn't realize this was a huge prize I don't think so either and it's got to carry. Tenet creeped up but it did not notably a lot of fanfare about it. It's a security officer Terry in Moses was on. He has and talking about and explain what the the logic the logic was behind it and enable up. Considerate apparently. The public school for me what to do about it but anything shortly finished and it. T damage can a teacher. About little bit about an hour from Ortiz hang around elective kind of about. Hot dog water. Okay. I don't think I'd. My gut reaction is I don't wanna know the iron on water yeah well it's added these stories come today. Had all over the place are you tournament updates and hot dog look. And it just makes me. Yeah field entered is going to is already mean and again the a lot of flavors you want your water but looks like dollar. Not really I don't know that sells sells I really delicious it and 638 Stephen dead in December are commodities update. With that Tom wrestler of muffler commodities boarding time. Good morning Steve. Well new highs for the record they'd win the in the live cattle pigs cattle futures but trading was mixed you have to first of the pilgrims mostly on the positive side. The Fed cattle exchange yesterday so important 169 get a cattle at a price of 110 ball Obama if we both countries have a second straight session of triple digit loss yesterday. In the past recessions July thugs have dropped over four dollars to detailed site ideas about a ten or impede enclosed storage report. Until yesterday dog flood killed twenty since I don't wanna six point 5 August and there and twenty cent a little Ford 42. In July lean on them dollar 85 that indeed no two occasions at the height as part of include wind we have the corner important but I totally closed positive. After the lord Lawson from some of these trading but yesterday was mixed and in a barrel trading range. The graying black players market moving him from any type of price direction movement yesterday. Trading overnight in the most illuminate inside at the moment so like can can point to recent floor that. The port 852 record but the record at. A record of opinions to be 76 and three quarters November soybeans down two and three quarter at 97 and three quarters. I was crude oil trading at Boller to lower this morning to extort 68 wouldn't go there at eight dollar and eighty cent to 1216570. The kimbo has condemned the point between 768. The camera dollar index 33 and 495 dollar spike stands. September dollar index. I'd have to say September children's teachers need to point lower than one point 400588. Commodity trading Craig marketing device or contact us for commodity on the program live by you'd think. Have slipped due to job. Did you and he reigned in Augusta at all yesterday. No it's real I was at a meeting last night and I was coming back into the gift of from the west I looked up north these are lightening up there have been. All the liberal an important step but never got anything anywhere. Well the official reading active Eisenhower airport which is that's for the National Weather Service is located you know. Who is 21 hundredths of an inch. I don't know if I knew you could measure that that's what. Comes up to about a Nance mere sampling it's that Iowa. As well a lot of water. Now some places up in northwest Kansas if we get 78 inches of rate. They win this step. That first quarter of state there was three to five inches or is there a mirror yeah they weren't there and an Oklahoman kicked the can handle it handle complacent. They'll all have come down and it doesn't mean it's us it's a rhetorical question why don't we get some of them are. I'm. It's and if we can blatantly on our state leaders maybe there are good. That the baby the legislature is incurred the wrath of god and so that's not impressed for overnight in the rain late night and yeah I guess get this. It happened just terrible feeling one of these days the heavens are going to open up and really get 56 inches of rain in at four hours or something. In it just via measures terrible catastrophe. Students quite honest and sometimes that's what happened you know I Q prolonged drive period you'd have to slice wasn't like we saw it here in parts of western north well established camp yeah where you did a matter of several inches with a virtual paradigm. Now and then there it is. And those wouldn't come planed to just not everywhere there's been dry. All right so we just major hit pleases all the time. And our. Thank teacher appreciate your time this morning Jessica is as commodities update with Tom left her lover commodities and I coming up we've got. We go would've done draft. CFP the bunny tracker do I still lead a life insurance Don asks. Glad the answer coming your way and just nobody is Steve until the morning on Kate in SS.