Why are ambulances so expensive?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 14th
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about ambulance fees.

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Why I would say probably not the time kind of minimalist when it comes to the holiday shopping craziness of prop. 98713. Thirty KM answer as we aren't even dead in the morning. At 647. On Thursday now. Three big things pretty congress that we had a plan to overhaul tax code that's team thanks rob didn't Easter which is off line. Fifteen year old girl shot in north Wichita. Three big things even dead on Kate and answers. Not much movement out there in the gasoline prices still most places around you nineteen again and I did much better team seventeen. Near Kellogg and Broadway. Traffic on KN SS brought by Judith Robin Charles Goodyear tire located downtown at market. Washington the east every street small and online crossfire dot com your home for complete tour care. Mostly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 49 degrees Wednesday time yesterday's high was 66. Partly cloudy and cool tonight you'll tonight on 26. Friday sunny tomorrow's high 52. Now partly cloudy skies no wind and eight miles per hour and 36 degrees. Pat and Jack Tate shooting holiday gift ideas that can work for anyone including gift certificates. That's always make great gifts now open Sundays from one to 5 PM until Christmas. At and Jack 601 west Douglas by the clock tower into Leino. 640 toasty content comments from Kagan as his face good man drives entirely the Wichita the wrong way on Kellogg's. James says he's lucky he didn't kill someone that is correct and Matt says. It's hard enough to drive the length and who's up the right a while. Stephen Edwards Stoppard dot com poll today. How do you do most of your Christmas shopping. On the Internet 14%. In brick and mortar store is 29%. And nearly even mix of online and offline shopping 57%. Ego. You can still get in those poll of just go to our web page. Candace has radio dot com Stephen Ted which top perch dot com Ole. The major stock indexes finished mostly higher Wednesday I'll hop. With small companies notching big games. As lawmakers in the house and senate reached a deal on a sweeping tax reform package I'm yes and 500 slipped a point. Index closed at all time highs Monday and Tuesday. The Dow gained over eighty points the NASDAQ ended thirteenth very low. Nine's the Federal Reserve has boosted. A key short term interest rate at the last US Central Bank meeting that Janet Yellen is expected to lead. And the Fed says it's foresees three additional hikes in twenty AT. The interest rates. Now there's a guy explaining this yesterday on fox not fell sleep while he was doing I was hit stabilized throwing out numbers on loan you couldn't get while interest rates and in moon can be world. Yeah little numbing. Federal government is preparing to unravel sweeping the net neutrality rules that guarantee equal access to the Internet. And advocates of the regulations are bracing for a long fight. The votes scheduled at the first federal communique at the for a Federal Communications Commission could usher in big changes in how Americans use the Internet. It's radical departure from more than a decade of federal oversight. General does is to open doors so that what we see is controlled by the by the utility company to whatever. Yeah basically right now the regulated like utilities and if they do away with those rules they won't be any more the be able to charge people whatever they want. You know. Ninth in San virtual monopolies. That means your Internet costs will go up. I'm looking forward to that. The 615 pounds 651 Stevens hit in the morning. It's not the ambulance chasers but the ambulances says dot grant AFP. The money tracker. And it's like a dog here just sounds don's chasing and he's he has experience at this is an ambulance chaser I guess I shouldn't say yes he's. He's very prudent when it comes to see what he's got to say good morning guys. If you think it's expensive to stay in hospital think about what it cost to get there by ambulance. When you have a health emergency in someone calls 911. The dispatcher will pick the ambulance crew which is either local fire departments or a private company the crew often picks the hospital. Many ambulances are called by bystanders or police not the patient being transported. So the patient has no choice but both the ambulance crew in a hospital may be considered out of network for the patient's insurance purposes. Way back win some thirty years ago. Ambulance were provided. For free by volunteers or town fire departments using taxpayer money. Now they are big companies owned by venture capital funds and some smaller private companies. Medicare and Medicaid will pay for some rides but reimbursement is a low. So the companies make up profits by charging more to private insurance or patience paying cash. They charge by the mile. And for each service provided summarized in cost from 500 to 15100. Bucks per mile. Then added extra costs like oxygen in bandages and a simple ride to the hospital. Can cost several thousand dollars if the ambulance crew is out of network and they deliver the patient to an out of network hospital. The patient may be stuck with a massive transportation. And hospital bill. Most private health care insurers have not developed a standard rate with ambulance companies. In most cases they don't agree on a fair price so they ambulance service doesn't join the insurers network. As a result. More than a quarter of all pick ups are out of network costing the patient. 21 states have passed laws over the years and protect consumers in some situations. According to Kaiser health news most of these laws largely ignored ground ambulance services so they are virtually worthless to patients. Patients do have a right to refuse an ambulance ride as long as they are capable. Of making that decision. Maybe try to Cooper or lift. Twelve you have any questions you'd give me a call the number 6342222. As you know I'm now 653. Steven did in the morning today is Thursday December 14 Tony seventeen. Today is national. Boy ia based day. The French are known for many great recipe their food inspires travel to France for a taste of the authentic. Boy of bass. Is on the list of must have cuisine. Originating in the port city of Boris say April wheelbase is a fish Stew. Traditionally united America we've basically turned it to a fancy word for broth and a but over there it's got more to traditionally it is made using the bony rockfish. San Fran. Fennel seed. And orange zest look at you while. In my say under the new Mario Vitaly I protect Arab pronouncing these are not political argument sounds good boo your base. Using it if it doesn't sound at a fish do I guess we'll have Ferrara Christmas luncheon today who debate yeah RG suggests that. Yes and once that's when something's duty for at. I would like to believe these greens and Ed who have the caviar. About that. And we'll have some that party is today oil and LT and heavenly we have pace well I don't think so. It has Strauss added that the menu crowd around here it's you know as sophisticated as it comes and bullets usually chilly at right. He goes six of the stick to the ribs at 655 doused even Ted coming up at 7 o'clock the K and us this morning news a complete look. At today's view including four about a teenaged girl shot in north Wichita. They did in the morning on KN SS.