Why are spanx & corsets being mentioned?

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, October 17th

Steve has an in-depth query with KSN Meteorolotist Leon Smitherman about warmer weather and more exercise...


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We just cause number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case and as this morning news received intended. I'm Steve Macintosh. Which of our city manager expresses his absolute support for police chief. We've got the story from junior to visit campus in support of call box run for governor I'm battlefield. Firefighters are still working hard in California I'm Ted Woodward. Those details just ahead I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. For now any rain chances are holding off until the weekend but gradual warm up throughout this week our complete forecast is on the way now there's guys and 46 degrees. Kansas secretary of state. Chris cope box run for the Republican nomination for Kansas governor. Is getting a boost from the president's son called balk announce Monday that Donald Trump junior will be in Kansas November 28 for campaign fund raiser. Call block his vice chairman of the president's commission on election fraud. So far eighteen candidates eleven Republicans six Democrats and an independent have announced treasurer resort committees for campaign for governor next year. A requirement to raise money. Call box set and a news release that it's an honor that trump junior will join his campaign quote at this important time. Brownback is term limited and is expected to step down this fall to become US ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Last week the Wichita eagle published a story reporting the FBI is investigating a cover up of the traffic incident last year involving an off duty Wichita police officer. Yesterday city manager Robert Leighton expressed his absolute support or police chief Gordon Ramsay. While the city Wichita including chief Ramsey in the department had indeed made commitments to be transparent with our community. That does not override our obligation to also protect the privacy of our employees. Both former and current. Including those who have made public statements and we are prohibited from anybody. The city manager says he can only say that information has been requested of us by another investigative body. The district attorney's office declined to prosecute that case from 2016. Citing a lack of evidence. A burglar broke into a warehouse in north Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Sunday night near 33 and Emporia. The owner of the warehouse received an alarm notice that someone was inside the building. And when the owner arrived he found a broken window. Officers then arrived in surrounded the business when I suspect wearing a mask opened the door and began to exit. The suspect observe all the officers and then retreated back into the business. Officers entered the the building and the suspect a 35 year old male was lit later look. They're lying. Insulation in the attic I suspect booked into jail for aggravated burglary aggravated weapons violation. And destruction of property even though they're making progress the fight continues against those wildfires in Santa Rosa California. In this neighborhood the trees and rooftops or painted pink would fire retardant that was dropped by passing plane a bulldozer here creating fire lines. Crushing everything in its path away leads trees rocks to make a line to stop the flames as they come down from above toward this neighborhood. Every home here has a fire engine sitting in the front driveway they're on guard to put up a fight to save these homes if necessary. Alex down ABC news Santa Rosa California. President trump appeared with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and commented it. On the Russian investigation and the special counsel president Tran said Monday he is not considering firing special counsel Robert smaller and reiterated he would like to see the Russian investigation and there has been absolutely no collusion. It's been stated that they have no collusion. They ought to get to the other because I think the American public is sick of the president said once again that quote. The whole Russian thing is an excuse Democrats used to explain losing last year's election. Karen Travers ABC news the White House to. This has used time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Major League Baseball playoffs continue so far the home team is holding serve we'll have details coming up in sports City Council to finalize plans for sports complex in east of Wichita of that story coming up. On the trailers this morning news was Steven dead. The case this is for you Stephen deck down 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Today the Wichita City Council will finalize plans for the striker multi sport complex it twenty for two green which. In each Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will tells Kahan is his use it to 22 million dollar project. Parents will spin I think almost endless amounts of money on. Making sure that their child has every opportunity to play here you sport and that's what we're tracking here we're Stryker built. Money for the project will come from the Kansas star Barnes. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve intentional right here on K and as sash. The federal government has given Kansas permission to operate its private Medicaid system for another year state officials announced Monday afternoon that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has given the state until December 31 of 2018 to operate the can care system the program was set to expire at the end of 47 team have the federal oversight agency not approved an extension. The State's original request for an extension was denied because the federal agency said Kansas was not meeting federal standards and risk the health of the low income patients being served. The state is now working to gain permission to extend the program beyond 48 team. Fill all the grand Kagan SS news months after being diagnosed with a brain cancer Senator John McCain from Arizona sent a message to Washington. As he was honored with the national constitution center's Tony seventeen liberty medal in Philadelphia Monday night. The Arizona Republican says Americans live in a land of made of ideals not blood and soil. And that would be unpatriotic to adopt dogma cosigned a to the ash heap of history. To refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth. For the sake of some half baked spurious nationalism. Cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats. And shop problems. Okay. There's there's news time now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. We have some traffic got to tell you about here on the Tuesday morning commute we do have a traffic accident in south Wichita on your pollution and Evans. Just east to southeast boulevard and traffic accident crews on the scene at MacArthur and west. And we do have the police and fire crews on the scene of a fire that is probably Alex. This involves somebody that might be mentally unstable and they had gasoline and are trying to start a fire this is in the 4300 block of south meridian well so you'll see emergency personnel on the scene there as well. An update from Kate in SS radio and to what word. Beautiful Monday across Kansas which does high temperature yesterday 69 degrees normal high is seventy. Signaled that forecast now McCain is as storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith have been good morning Leon. Good morning he iGoogle or I'm challenging you to beat yesterday's forecast with today's forecast. We got it. US wins on last down. You might warmer now I have to eat that (%expletive) evenly absolute gorgeous yesterday at noon today like they make them. It will be a little warmer we've got ebony or cry on it a little less wind so the wins they'll let us now that not quite nasty sell. Doesn't get much better look low humidity sunshine problems start finished just perfect. Well OK it they. Pretty dog gone good alone. If it's four degrees warmer today than yesterday it means Bible pre speier more when I worked out in the afternoons direct. What do no work out as art but this candidate is kind of ballot and out that's seats Seat León that's not the way it works. When you're doing physical activity you need to push yourself and I'm saying. They're what they're trying to get a try to get a winter layer of attic. In particular target they're saying while on a court now really sell. That accurately so if TV ads. Fifty pounds you probably 200 pounds overweight right now. Schuettler or average right now. Our problem as this thing and future with more cameras each with four cameras just take the Pastor Wright. Is and it's weird with it a lot like your degree or. You're not. Sure. It. To a much larger fellow but I'd I don't exactly right. A Yemen and ended. That you think that we see cushy gear you go to the supermarket people are gonna recognize you all the time to radio you know we go everywhere and nobody nobody Elway are. I don't really are they on an artist like. You don't look like Nokia and they know useless and you know that's that's that's true I mean and I've forgotten the business again like the best on the radio he didn't like anything like I thought he sent out it would look like you know. Can I tell you you get this picture that you have this like oh man they're done authoritarian voice you know that the not pitcher not you know striking image of physical fitness person but you know he had this you know booming authoritative voice and they you know. Piled up though a downer or I think. I think the most of most people when they meet its are pretty much disappointed when you say so did you yeah it is. Absolutely there absolutely crushed I was disappointed when I met you yeah. But it but I it brought it and I. Able to let you know about I don't know you haven't met my wife but she's she's managed and some won't let. They're based righty but sees it and he met me before we even before I enter radios I. Again and vote quick but I think that the good thank you you're out at recovery like that's what you do bit but you bet well. It is interesting because people. They probably come up to you wanna talk to you like to know you like the they've known you'll all their lives and then they think you have something entries using to say and a Leah I know you probably don't. Early to say. We love helium hey worst of bread in his place. But I hope that. Really so anyway back to the left it. We are a little early in the week but always sickening into the weekend you think Guinea Guinea rain at all in south central Kansas this week. You know I think what's gonna happen is others it will sit and is pushing dirt it seems to stand up a little or paid maybe. Friday night the first spark that day Saturday took the chance of showers may you know may be a rumble under the ethical. To be certainly nothing like we had last week and I just edit them all cool hours a we drop a little bit temperaturewise on by the into the upper sixty. But they'll start to warmer right back up next week so this whole week. Although we into the week was very bright should step Friday night Saturday first part of the day. That unit at what age if your waistline does get out of control there are certain you know undergarments they can you can buy that we'll slim and trim a little bit there. Are you say that I expect on any blind eye gets his picture of your co anchor it's like in gone with the wind and she seeking. To. At target states and artwork but Jerry ball. Stephanie is given. Anonymity or early let these type of note who can answer as well. Fact it talked with the McCain SS storm trackers report guest of Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith moment. And now it partly to Elvis guy 48 degrees south wind at thirteen miles per hour solutions. Have you ever heard of that drug sniffing bunnies. A Philadelphia area here mayoral candidate says he was serious when he vowed to investigate the use of drug sniffing bunnies of elected. Even though it appears. To stem from an Internet hoax. Philadelphia Inquirer reports Republican nominee Dave got troll. Broached the idea at a Phoenix Ville made oral forum he told the paper. He'd been told about the idea at a gathering and thought he had confirmed as someone in Lancaster that the rabbits were in use there. Last year the idea surfaced in an April fool's post. By Amherst New York police and on a satire page called people of Lancaster. Metro said in a year since removed FaceBook post he takes his mayoral run seriously. And is looking for creative ways to fight the war on drugs. The main man and he just he didn't understand there's. Apparently no such thing as drug sniffing bunnies. In the end. Any more everybody says it's that you know we get people all over the country big people saying that's not really news expect news Monty Python skit you know. A Georgia positions as a flight attendant on a Delta Airlines plane told her not to sing the US National Anthem. Doctor Pamela Godfrey says she wanted to sing it in honor of fallen soldier whose casket was on the plane but he says he was told it would. Violate company policy. Got recent Sheehan fellow passengers were told to stay quietly in our seats. As an honor guard escorted the casket from the plane in Atlanta. Houston tomorrow would allow. People sing the National Anthem here on our flights. I 718. Now Stephen Ted on kaine is says it's time for sports with Ted what we're talking about tip and had a little football and baseball has its. I just. Had a Major League Baseball playoffs are continuing so far the home team its. Is doing very well and teams and get the World Series. We have the American League battle for the pennant between Houston Astros in New York Yankees and Astros won their first two games at home they were in the Bronx last night. And the New York Yankees. Got things going back easily beating Houston eight to one knee in game three. So the home team has won every game so far Astros still have two games to one game four. Between the Astros. And the Yankees is tonight I'm sorry this afternoon in the Bronx and a live coverage of the Astros in the Yankees at 2 o'clock this afternoon game started at 3 o'clock. Some live on Sports Radio feet at 81240 AM 975 FM. Or for the National League pennant the Los Angeles Dodgers won the first two games at home and at best seven. Now they're on the road in Wrigley Field tonight taking on the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs Dodgers cubs. 7 o'clock tonight on TFH Dodgers two games to zero and at best of seven for the National League pennant. Kansas City Chiefs have a hectic week course they lost their first game of the season on Sunday. At home now very quick turn around and got to play division game Thursday night on the road at Oakland with. So it'll BA jam packed edition of the chiefs kingdom showed a weekly show hosted by the voice Steve Schmidt told this. If you wanna know about the chiefs and in the night benefits seasoning and a show you'll find it everything you need to know it's 7 o'clock tonight good show right here on your home of the cheese 987. And thirteen thirty feet and ask us. College volleyball the weekly coaches poll coming out. Kansas is ranked number eleven in the nation in volleyball they dropped couple spots from last week Wichita State moves up. One spot soccer is now ranked number 21 in the nation. In college volleyball the highest ranking in eight years. Same record for both teams they you and the Wichita State are both sixteen and three on the season. By the way the shoppers are ranked number ten in the nation in attendance and volleyball. They're averaging 2600. Fans per match at Coke arena CNN the watch this rank volleyball squad have fun doing. Happy birthday today to a former shocker means basketball star Vijay coups and artists thirty. Three years old today of course remember these days he was a sophomore. On Wichita State sweet sixteen team mark surged back from six. Happy birthday 33 or Jacobs no hard. Am. Good day yesterday for the friends soccer program wins for both the men and the the women over sterling it. The friends men and women are in third place right now in the Casey AC to friends men in second place right now in the conference they're both on three game winning streaks. That's sports with Steven Ted K and SS 721 now Peabody for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Is congress in a tight spot over health care. Stephen did in the morning on Kate and aunts and us.