Why don't we embrace our status as home of Dennis the Menace?

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
The cartoon family lived in Wichita, and we don't seem to acknowledge it.

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Dana good morning thousand. So those reasons. A man who wrote about 400000 dollars in taxes and who was convicted of shooting and wounding. Which contacts agent has been sentenced to nearly fourteen years in prison. Ricky where it's was sentenced Thursday news found guilty in June. Of attempted first degree murder for shooting court Holloway five times at a Kansas department of revenue office in Wichita in September of Tony seventeen. The shooting at the same day that Holloway. Served attacks warranted where it's. Home. Kansas governor Jeff collier's campaign has set up a voting integrity telephone hotline. As is close Republican primary race was secretary of state Crisco bought remains unsettled. Call yours campaign announced a hotline Thursday a spokesman said they had received countless reports of voters experiencing issues of the polls. Cold block is the State's chief elections officer and told reporters Wednesday that he knew of no reports of irregularities outside of a long delayed. In the reporting of results from the State's most populous county because of issues with its new machines. Collier's campaign announced the new hotline as election officials confirm that a mistake shortened caller hears vote total for another county in the states results by 100 votes. Discovery of a mistake cut call box lead to 91 votes Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. The family of an unarmed black man who was shot in the back following a police chase here in Kansas has sued alleging he was beaten by officers wrongly laid dying from a gunshot wound. The lawsuit filed Thursday Unionist district court in Kansas by the family of 24 year old Matthew Holmes a stems from an August Tony seventeen incident that began with a 911 call regarding a vehicle burglary in progress in Newton. A new push by Republican lawmakers to get answers about connections Department of Justice officials may have had the so called trump dossier. House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob good lad readying subpoenas for those connected to an unverified. And controversial dossier produced by former British spy Christopher's steel. House oversight chairman Terry gal he says he's troubled over new revelations for Obama justice official Bruce or. Had contact with steel even after the 2016 election. Kelly tells Fox News at night there didn't intercept this for a date certain or there will be a subpoena issued a Democrats over say house Republicans are working to. Undermine the credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller Russia probe. In Washington John financial Montes. Environmental groups are celebrating the farmers are not after a federal appeals court decision. To ban a pesticide that many say is linked to abnormal brain development in children. Kristin Schaefer with the pesticide action network says the EPA proposed banning the widely used pesticide clerk your thoughts Bakken 2015. And the ninth circuit court of Thursday you can't really take that back now. And that illegal for you to decide that even can not take action you have to show the evidence. And that is still states to have on the marketplace which they have not been able to. After ruling the EPA said data used for make Columbia study on the pesticide. And an inaccessible keeping them from making scientific assessments but earth justice attorney Marisa Ordonez says that doesn't make any cents. EPA for years has said you know that the credible study. She says the evidence that it is harmful to developing brains is clear. And Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Officials in Connecticut say a man has taken stalking. To a global level a Korean man's been arrested in Connecticut accused of stalking his ex girlfriend around the world. Police in Bridgeport say they arrested 61 year old quad Q dawn this week after responding to a report a woman was screaming in a bank parking lot. The woman told police she had fled her home country to escape an abusive relationship with the dawn. And the tractor down in Hawaii Alaska and eventually Bridgeport where she has a friend. He also apparently gained access to her banking information. He's now jailed on a stalking charge. Rich Dennison Fox News are signaling its. Forecast now with Cain is his staff meteorologist. And holiday and good morning Dan good morning with temperatures starting in the 70s across south central Kansas will see a quick warm up again in the afternoon at our high today 94. Isolated thunderstorms begin forming later on today if you those could produce some heavy rainfall scattered storms in this evening -- 67 if tomorrow will be dry and 92 but rain chances increase again on Sunday afternoon. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday and. I'll partly cloudy sky seven about degrees and call no wind out there this morning 635 Stephen to in the morning and you may remember Archie and his cartoon pals Betty Veronica and judge and then they hailed from the town of Riverdale right. But these days Archie is a permanent resident of Meredith New Hampshire. A life sized bronze likeness of the red haired freckle faced comic book icon now greets visitors of the town. In order of the man who drew characters Bob Montana drew Archie and his crew from 1942. Until his death in 1975. The statue of Archie sitting on apartment was officially unveiled yesterday. In marriages community part to coincide with a towns 250 anniversary. Meredith New Hampshire I was in a big fan of Archie injury and on number of high school kid characters it. But yeah I picked him up down and I'm familiar with Veronica and write all moderate you're 20 yes eight to get you can always unique products. You know Dennis the Menace it's it is the characters did their from Wichita. We probably don't embrace that have some sort of Dennis the Menace. Yeah that you lower. Hank Ketchum was his name right you as the guys that drink cart series you know now there was some sort of connection with him during the war you lived here is something I think yeah I'm and in the B based Dennison and and mr. Wilson and all right here and any revealed that you know Dennis is dad lows. He worked in the aircraft industry in. So basically that. They were fail is in Wichita. Now and we'll never embraced that celebrated that period thinking about it for a minute okay you Hannibal Missouri I'm curious as it. A celebration of mark trainer Tom Sawyer. Why can't we do a festival around that you could have kids. You know in a lookalike contest for Dennis the Menace or estimates is off the he's always are the grid announced today playoff but it you know that's an up with a I don't know why we don't have a statute or. We've never embraced at all yet to that's a good point. Dennis the Menace and and I always liked his little girlfriend Margaret. Was her glasses and her curls let at and mr. Wilson the guy next story it was always at a grumpy. But yeah Dennis the Menace. Who knew we need to get somebody that's America's you know now he has. He still involved with China on the stadium he can't do that every. Wow my wife said to me last night to go to LD stadium this weekend regularly get through the NBC tournament they're tearing it down. Is that right. The district of bulldozers right after the get through the tournament of tour has never been confirmed and I don't and I it's been implied. But it has never that has never been okay officially. There. We don't know all we know is that the NBC World Series is not going to be there anymore nor will wing nuts and kind of the it they're saying it without saying it is that this is probably going to be the last month for the Lawrence Dumont stating. That be nice if we but nothing official has come out some sort of a stadium to replace it some plans or something there are plans. I haven't seen using and B is a beautiful park. Oh the city's already got this funding from the state to do it okay. I gotta say I gotta say when I'm gonna get no in the deep and here's a set the quick. And that is about the vote counting. I mean we've got to I know that mystical blockage talked about making sure that everybody gets glee votes legally and all that. I think he ought to probably just demand the people take a math courses something so they can count votes we've already had two counties commended have made it. Hundred vote mistakes in two Letterman to support when he too it's 522 ya it's news this is ball we already knew was elections are not. That scientific they're not foolproof we've seen bright but this is just is is is horrendous the way these people can't keep track of them being. Sit down you put these over here and those northern than somebody Tuesday people count of up together. And you did you get more. Your cat your Catholic yes they have people who every Monday night goal until the money. That's right at eight I know this and and they never get it wrong wallet commodity don't. Make you wish you put Evan charge a vote count. I'm not worried about people voting illegally I'm boring but people kept out the vote on it floored me that. Vividly on Thomas county said that all the probably couldn't read my handwriting when I faxed in the results accidentally and you're using fax machines Luke Luke if not that then I got to think well it's probably. Hack proof the Russians aren't going to mess with facts technology if they're trying to act why would that the Russians wanna mess with Kansas. We've already proven we ought to vote on this and I do not realize there are still using a fax machine asked to get the voting results and to the secretary of State's office. Wow. Well I moved out into the 1980s I think somebody and we learned how to Elliott's. Earlier today hearing candidate Shelley and I were in contact with the Saint Francis. They wanted to they wanted to copy of my mom's death certificate can you fax it over to us. Saint Francis law OK are we got a gig on it's time for the kids six property that. I for the commodities up they would tell left Laura left or commodities dom. Good morning Steve spoke to live cattle Peter channels interest them being made no loans from the could have moved lower as big trip to visit them side. It would let the lady yesterday but did many bad well the first salute and why isn't very quiet can't accomplish England started Roland Babylon new contract rose and quickly took part of the club and triple digit gain October and April contract closed but the three dollar limit. On the close yesterday October rod get Obama many Pablo Romo but I know I. October condemn them 7% to 13920. October we know the put three dollar limit that at 130. The soybean complex along the game Corky consultant that is trading but they'll upload on the negative side yesterday. I wouldn't literally died and positioning and a provision just being applied to they would board approval for an increase in US corn and soybean production in the Indian stalks. At the moment to turn McCain he would get three and a quarter percent that type 75 and a quarter but the record doesn't change that 382 and three quarters. The members are being down three and three quarters at nine dollar per quarter rose Korea. The typical reporting 35 cents cited 6717. December gold bella bella birdied 12118. At the good work differently than eleven and they have the 1 that morning 842 and a quarter but to have the dollar index to keep their entire 9590 pork. Determine bedrooms and treat them any good. The prototype tests and 395. But commodity trading right marketing advisor contact look at commodities on the program the read by using a six foot didn't do stuff. Hey Tom here's away but here's where we count votes OK. You gotta ballot there and it's got it's gut. Mystical buck on this one and dispelled orders yet mr. call your on this when you put a different stacks and and you count about the and his time would that be but network. I'm just trying to be logical about as. Well that's lawyers you're off base already and you're trying to do is logically. Yeah I wish you get a point. Third period no logic that they met briefly just. All right democracy you. What we do without 643 Stephen Ted coming up Don red CMV the body trapped here he says maybe you should find it. Another job. Don what do you know that I don't know that got up. Stevens added on NSA.