Why invest in Project Wichita

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 13th
The Wichita Business Journal asked local businesses why it is important.

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9713 36 seasons in the morning here on. 1530 it is it Friday the thirteenth. Very big thing in the peace and the city water park with a ball that they're Roche. Fly them which avoid dive in 2016 they'll begin the motion after Labor Day seeing. Fireworks and Capitol Hill as FBI agent grilled about his possible political players. He's pretty good drilling going on there blonde woman rounds and home swimming pool in and builders who discovered by a resident efforts to revive her obviously failed. That's an end over three big things. Even dead. Stalled out vehicles causing traffic hazard. Southbound. ITunes 35 close to thirteenth street analysts have been Ike to 35. Brown thirteenth near to boulevard like that that's sold out vehicles and traffic hazard in. Fight traffic volume times traffic update from street and as as radial lines yet chambers. Sunny and hot today with a high of 98 degrees yesterday's time from the 89 the 40% chance for rain tonight overnight lows 76. Then on Saturday were looking for a 30% chance for afternoon writing tomorrow's night 97 degrees now partly cloudy. To get yourself into seven miles per hour and 74 degrees. 745 now we see contented. It is as weather is brought you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America by the verve and review the candidate 579 list Douglas and historically no. The Mara. It is 745 now and the London it's about 1:45 PM it's in the afternoon and not all reporters lined up and ready to come to this news conference that. Is supposed to start. Now. That the president dropped. And depth British prime minister Teresa made these things traditionally. Don't start on time so it. Admiral the British would be along a little more punctual about things that debt so far. Via president in the prime minister have not mean an appearance there in London. The president trop on a a big. A trip this week to enjoy this several countries. In Europe and of course that they had meetings with the folks at NATO yeah going on this week and major. Lot of seizure outing generating a lot of news in a lot of attention there and that there it's Albany conclude I believe it's Monday. He's gonna have it a meeting with them. The Russian leader mr. Putin yeah that's going to Finland GAAP and does so that's that's going to be important to see. What those two how that exchange goes the president is city's gonna talk to the to put in about. The possible tampering of elections here and won on many issues that the US and Russia have to talk about it is is that if you will what's been missing. No way to do that are of audio waited so what now but anyway. That's up that's up for the president when he's talk and sit down and talking with Putin in purple lady unit that news conference but with the president up. Trump and of the prime minister of great Britain and United Kingdom Teresa Maine that's in London and they are still waiting for them to come to the microphones. Detaining immigrant children in the US has become a one that billion dollar business really that's right the associate press. Has done analysis and found that health and human services grants for shelters. Foster care and other. Child social welfare services forty tamed. A cat and a company and separated children soared from 74 point five million dollars in 2007. To a 958. Million dollars in 2017. Is children only yeah that even count adults currently. More than 111800. Children. From a few months old to seventeen. Our house in nearly ninety facilities. In fifteen starts on. I did what we're waiting for the newscasts or news covers it's a particular comes stocks stocks ended today in the green Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average up 200 in 24 points at 2400924. The NASDAQ Composite moved to a record high off a 107 points and seven 823. BS and 500 gained 24 at 27. Nine. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and cold metal leading Fox News. So I attended the overwhelming. Response to a sale. Event and Build-A-Bear workshops. Prompting the retailer to shut down the long lines outside stores across the US and Canada. Crowds of waiting outside the stores well before opening time Thursday. And the retailer announced before noon it was cutting off lines and not accepting more customers. Due to crowds and safety concerns from local authorities. Build their announce its pay your age event earlier this week customers who showed up. At the stores can pay their current age for popular stuff animals I'm presuming that the age of their child about the age of adult but. It was a mess to these crowds going everywhere. Are you were just talking yesterday about a promotion you did were you offered gasoline at 90% often people lined up. Created a problem is pretty much the same deal and that 90% off people line up for it. And we have to a couple people come to the podium right now but that is not the president so. This could check in with bill Roy he's talking about support for a local business. Project bill what subtle about. It gave Marty Steven Chan gets a big story in the weekly edition we Assam Wichita business leaders why they feel it's important to invest in project Wichita. The organizers say they have more than ninety companies organizations nonprofits and local government entities. Signed up as project Wichita supporters most of them like the Wichita business journal. Paid 5000 dollars to show support. Jason Cox of captain Sheehan says his company supports project Wichita because it's making an effort to consider everyone's needs. And is developing a vision that supports Wichita as growth Rachel Laing a blank real estate says its action driven more than but like other efforts to is just a lot of talk. This week's top 25 list assisted living facility right by a number of residents Carrington at cherry creek at the top 109. Followed by KM H at veto Rolling Hills Catholic care center and the Oxford Graham Hartsfield place moved from number twelve and number seven. Local breaking business news everyday on Afghanistan Santa Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. All right bill today is national French Friday I'm sure gonna overrule some absolutely. As are many varieties of this classic food also known as tips prize fingertips or French fried potatoes. Our. Deep fried potatoes common pictures of local at fast food restaurants. And loved by adults and kids alike. French Fries how do you like your prize. How would you when he put on your Fries. Bill well I just do salt usually in times on outputs and ketchup on there but just just all loved those. Either critical cuts that are cut Ryder those steak Fries Malia. Thousands of and instead you get anything done here on a French fried as Fries in town. Anything yet anybody who man I am going to vote for Barnard's. I don't have Barnard's or wander those are France has think I've tried theirs I like it is. Daily that put on great for reading automobiles dipping sauces a Red Robin tennis as I kind of thing to Nancy's gauges nice dipping sauces for the prize that its now my wife said when she was teenager working and if in her relatives. Embers and the had appealed 100 pounds of fresh potatoes every day that was a locals are lower locally now. All right guys it says 751 was Stephen Ted endeavor waiting here the start of the news it was a split take a break. And is to have access to the statement added so at 7:52 here on Friday morning.