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Friday, October 20th

Makeup tidbits between Steve & KSN Meteorologist Leon Smitherman . . . 


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's 7 o'clock this is the case in this as forty users even dead. I keep Macintosh. Portland shot Khamese Wichita we got the story. Suspect waived their rights through preliminary hearing in Denver were custody dispute I'm Dan O'Neill. Republican proposed budget barely passes senate I'm Ted what words those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday if you Wear a hat you wanna hold onto it tight today cart complete forecast is coming up with a few minutes. Poland is listed in critical condition following a shooting in east Wichita Thursday night at an apartment complex in the 79 under bush to reach Lincoln. The woman and a man left the apartment complex walked to a nearby fire station to request help. The woman suffered a gunshot wound to her abdomen she was hospitalized. The man had a cut on his arm he was treated and released no arrests have been reported. The boyfriend of Wichita woman whose three year old son was found encased in concrete has waived his right to a parliament. Hearing forty year old Stephen bold nine made an appearance Thursday morning in a Cedric county courtroom over custody dispute involving Evan brewer. Anderson news reports borderline also pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault and criminal damage to property. Is trial was set for November 7. Brewers body was found September 2 at the home bold dying shared with the boy's mother 36 year old Miranda Miller. She also waived her right to a preliminary hearing on charges of aggravated interference with parental custody. The investigation into the child's death is ongoing no charges in that case have yet been filed Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Republican lawmakers got one step closer to tax reform and a late night session Thursday the senate passed the Republican proposed budget in a party line vote. The measure is estimated to add one point five trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years. After the vote senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the budget is a step toward needed reform. I agree completed the first step. Toward replacing our broken tax code. But passing a comprehensive. Fiscally responsible budget that will help put the federal government. All of the bowel. Authorities in California say close to 7000 buildings were destroyed in wildfires have burned across Lauren part of the state. This month fires were the deadliest in California's history leaving at least 42 dead. California insurance commissioner Dave Jones says early estimates from the eight largest insurers in the affected areas put claims it just over one. Billion dollar given. A number of the challenges that people are having. With getting into areas. And also. Given the enormous scope of these pars I would anticipate these numbers will rise significantly. The 600000 dollars spent to ensure security for an appearance by white nationalist Richard Spencer. Apparently paid off for the University of Florida violence surrounding the event was held to a minimum. There was some pushing and shoving the supporters of Richard Spencer's white supremacist views let the auditorium. When men with a swastika on its future was punched in the face. But despite a crowd of demonstrators numbering in the hundreds only two people ended up in handcuffs. One man for resisting arrest the other was a security guard hard or immediate team. At 28 year old from Orlando didn't realize that he couldn't carry concealed handgun onto the campus of the University of Florida Jim Ryan ABC news Gainesville. Every year in the US 911 is called by people 200 million times for emergency help. When first responders arrived they often need to quickly assess the situation any information to make life saving decisions. April Hazen says first file. Is an effort to have that information available to first responders arriving on any scene in the blue folder on the refrigerator. They community members are encouraged to put in their files their medication Lance. There emergency contact information. And their advanced directives such as there do not resuscitate or their living well. To assist the first responders. It is estimated that an emergency situation at 210 minutes of valuable time is Abbas while searches are made for this type of information. Starting this Saturday first file information will be available to patrons throughout Sedgwick county at all Wal-Mart super center pharmacies. Four teenagers who are running for governor of Kansas got a chance to discuss their policy positions at a forum in front of other high school students. The candidates all under the age of eighteen appeared together yesterday at Lawrence free state high school they discussed issues such as abortion attack. Taxes gun control and legalizing marijuana Candace has used time now 70. 5:5 minutes past 7 o'clock. Thursday night football action last night for the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland we'll give you full rundown would have highlights his wells coming up sports. A local effort to help domestic violence victims that story coming up on the case and SS sporting news was even to end. But hey this is sporting news feed it and then says 708 I guess seven phone nine. 9 minutes 10:7 o'clock on Friday morning. October is domestic violence awareness month Karen Schmitt. Is executive director of the Wichita women's initiative network she tells gainers as news how the network helps victims of DV. Though women in our program have left there be user and they're working to get their lives in a different direction. So we just help them become independent both financially and emotionally. So that they can hopefully break that cycle of domestic violence for their family. Karen trends are against this weekend and as chief Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight. You're on K and S asks a Mississippi school named for confederate leader who's getting a new name. Starting next year Davis magnet I'd be elementary school will be called Barack Obama I'd be elementary school. It was named for confederate president Jefferson Davis and 90% of the students there this year are black. Some in the community told Mississippi news now they support the move. I think is a good thing that. Davis' tried to move forward and especially with the. Our first black president you know Barack Obama they've got something really good for the school others feel the renaming removes a piece of history. This is the first time a Mississippi school has been named after former President Obama. Monetary powers Fox News. Statistics show almost half of marriages end in divorce and it can be tough financial going for single parents especially women but one woman vowed to defy the odds and says anyone can do the same when Johnson found herself divorced with two young kids she knew money would be tight. But she vowed it would only be ten. Ferreira investing in my career and earning it now the long term chaos was going to be much much bigger and it was Johnson who blog says the wealthy single. ABC news 7-Eleven now Stephen did in the morning OK and has just 11 minutes past 7 o'clock on Friday both. If you look at these. Friday morning traffic. We do have an injury accident in southeast which it's on at L pike hill and Mount Vernon just build it east of Oliver and Mount Vernon injury traffic wreck. And a little bit southwest of CD we have a traffic hazard to the west of 391. West and 39 south. Traffic hazard that location that's traffic update from KN SS radio is Stephen dead the case in aunts and storm tracker three forecast now. With Kansas today meteorologist we announcement and good morning Don. Good morning it's quite important. It is Friday morning that is correct. We're on the same we're on the same thing we're on the same calendar page at least now. Together that they hide them we'll get the day is the winds start to ramp up their bet yet. Yeah it was good party in this week that what it's terrible you're locked up by lock out that the out actually got evidence today a big win big big win change. Thirty to forty mile an hour wind I was hired got even and now our eyes. Opiate of the upper seventies and brought it wore today the chip. Really really wouldn't be so that takes a little bit of the unnoticed otherwise back to we just put some rocks in our pockets of go outside. But at least to pay and small dog warning days now as it the rock upon our Internet ballot begin though. Really don't get bounced around it much but absolutely. Village in noticed you know that art and it is wiggle around a little bit stay up by today I'll write it. And have to double take down Lille to if you do that right and I'd issues staple gun anymore staple guns it. For a couple. I know your I know you don't learn to fail can't senior on TV. If you look at that its net to to pay you pay too much for that released because states can't put your. Idea what I. They. Couldn't get away. I would report that there is here. You know. The built that yourself well what money exactly should I saw I saw a guy out there and abandon on the baseball game last night to you know month on it'll. This guy's got like red aired it. It's about eight feet long coming out of his helmet and huge beard. And he just looks like some millet patrol would like go drop percent the as it and I think it elegant again and I'm prejudiced OK I like clean cut okay. Look at him as it doesn't have a wife girlfriend and mother says you know bail you should go get an act you know to. Maybe it didn't expect game grow well I just noticed this and that is it game its rounds is that what it is okay I think that's what it'd depend what that lately though that irked that popped them. And are now I mean I'm not probably I game of count that as Michigan twelve million dollar and Justin Turner so Albany can he can afford Justin can afford it Erika right. But any Democrat in the air Eleanor hall mania. I don't know who's in it or tell him but. You're the guy who knows about the budget you and who knows about you the only guy that we're talking right now under the only it's one of the three who wears make up every day okay. You don't want to what. The funny thing I have to bite that they make up like once he hear that that your group that. So what I've been a lot of what you got to come down and then get this elect Scioscia liked my shall so. I'd buy it or I don't I don't believe that a couple of times I know I've seen you at the Mac and hundred Dillard's and now he's square. A guy like with Freddie and all lie she spoke about that it but it can not let artwork out that last. April poll Iowa. What a you're riding your motorcycle this week can you be careful out there and get. Absolutely and it ought to spot Blogspot relate more accurate yeah Saturday looks like we could we could get some rain on Saturday and Saturday it looked like a rainy day on strike or ill that we belong with those earlier this at a you know it up after about what Apple's a night. Are on how does that look for the Dixie state and man oh yeah 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Tone. Cool. Well at our. I don't think it's going to be at the games start but certainly Biden you know where it into the game and can actually be sweep on her there are so it shouldn't. I would delay it imparts that. I think that probably aren't in the brain they can get out or prepared you absolutely. Thank you Leon appreciate certainly there is a storm tracker three forecast in Kansas today meteorologist. We announcement you know the last game we had Manhattan error long lightning delay I have a lightning strike and they have to wait had a long and for the that James at five or six hours to get in touch with all those delays and well we might see a repeat of that on Saturday and then what happens that people stay in the standard than my own course there are encouraged not to do this senators nostrils to smell it and they don't you got a bunch of people from Kansas their cycle and it's an out there and pull up the poncho and didn't do our products and interns and laments. All right done. It's a 760 was Stephen devastating got a happy birthday today to. A tee let's have to have Brittany is in meet challenges birthday. Amy is one of our Steve co workers one of our coworkers she easy listener he started up here in the working. I'm working reeking and doing news gadget is one of our honor helpers is a terrific job yes and then now she's in the keys in her. Marketing now he's gone you out to another department seasoned sales and she's delightful and we we. We just wanna say happy birthday to Amy the big birthday today and how old she is but I don't think she's. Much that he probably not Alter much or fifty would you say mean if I'm not making. Probably quite a bit there and under under 5760. Stevens and eight of one of our advertisers here. With Stephen Ted. Salutes restaurant Italian restaurant famine struck in north Wichita. And Jelena would last night for its first place went on a date hello when we were young people. And emit their last night at stake in the bank debt and sound and eight. Duties was it just is awkward as the laws that first date not really. But I didn't see was it awkward to you get it off right along when I don't know that I don't I don't think. Awkward would be at the thing okay there is so busy I mean you had let's face it you're both very outgoing. Personality people I was a little guy was quieter in Tuesday's yet so you don't talk back sense of alone. A reliably good looks okay. That didn't goers mail. Only we headed up and get out meant to talk about no doubt about it. It's lasted 47 year I'd say that's pretty good pretty good got a run yes so far. 04% of seventeen Stephen dead and it's sports time we did over ten as a sport spills about sport very busy weekend and a. Including getting it started last night with Thursday night football. But the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland at taking on the raiders of course the chiefs coming off that loss on Sunday next few nights later. Trying to show that lost get back in the wind 33 quarters things were looking pretty good chiefs have. Piled up thirty points like they were on the way it's going forty or more again it. The offense kind of dried up in the fourth quarter only has the ball twice in the fourth quarter punted it both times. Meanwhile Oakland was scoring. In the fourth quarter. And that started to put the chiefs. Lead in jeopardy back Oakland would go on a drive late in the game trying to tie it up they're down my sixth. And the and ended up being at the end of regulation. There was a passed by the raiders that throw and complete game over right right now he's in now all know there was a holding penalty on the chiefs' defense and in the game on a defensive penalty so. They tacked on and I'm timed down at the end of regulation. With Oakland at the eleven yard line. Our buddy Mitch whole list had a called game last night was right here on KM asked that. It's the chiefs 3044 it's boiling down of this car empty backfield he's got three by two. Wheels of legal right to vote today. Left in the shotgun right footed. Looks left bumps those other. It is not. But a flag is thrown holding again on Kansas City. Chase. So we played another. Now after regulation had ended this time the raiders got a touchdown pass from the five yard line kick the extra point Oakland's 31 achieves. Thirty. From coal. After the chiefs who started out I. I don't know now they have back to back losses of five into Oakland snapped its four game losing to the holes and it in his defensive backfield the teams got injuries and so forth is known as part of that area. Yeah that's that's a similar stuff pretty obvious though they were dragon receivers now on the ground and tuck and breast stand right there. It's a tough way to lose that one Oakland 31 achieves thirty we have college football tomorrow we are talking about that K state game in Manhattan tomorrow afternoon. The wildcats hosting ninth ranked Oklahoma. K state is a two touchdown underdog on homecoming going into this when they haven't beaten Oklahoma in Manhattan and 21 years. That'll kick off at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon nationally televised to fox. The Kansas Jayhawks are on the road tomorrow night at fourth ranked TCU. Boot undefeated TCU the jayhawks have lost 46 straight games away from Lawrence. They are 39. Point underdog going into this one expected to lose by Ford. And live coverage of KU football begins at 5:30 PM tomorrow game will pick up at 7 o'clock tomorrow night listen to the jayhawks at. TCU on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. It is we'd take a high school football in the state of Kansas the finally to the regular season for the big schools and class 6858. We've got a huge matchup tonight in one district in class three days she and Connolly sprained both undefeated seven and now. And the other gain net district six and one garden plain at five into chaparral. For great teams but only two of them will emerge. To make the postseason while so I mean even seen yet Conway they're both seven and Albert. Neither one might make the playoffs it is yeah I'll never know. It's very competitive district that's your news games and there is heavily huge game right there. College men's basketball all of this weekend on Sunday a very interesting matchup it's an exhibition game featuring third ranked Kansas taking on Missouri. These longtime bitter rivals have not played in almost any sport. Since Missouri bolted the big twelve and defected over the Southeastern Conference and traditional rival aha the first time in five years they've met. Pretty much in any major sport. This is a charity exhibition game all the funds benefit hurricane relief efforts. In Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and Florida and Texas great they're expected that sprint center sold out in a matter of minutes in Kansas City expected to raise. At least one million dollars. Not on TV not being streamed on the Internet this is old school baby it's on radio only or you have to have a ticket wants the game in person but it. One listener that in case you Missouri listen live to thirty Sunday afternoon it's on Sports Radio they FH 12:40 AM. 975 FM. The Wichita thunder hockey team is off to a two and oh start in the back to back home games downtown that would interest bank arena tomorrow night seven clocks an afternoon at 4 o'clock hosting Rapid City. NASCAR racing only five races to go in the chase for the cup in this weekend's stop is in Kansas. The Kansas Speedway for Hollywood casino 400 that Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. And in college volleyball Wichita State ranked number 21 in the nation with two home matches this weekend Coca arena shocks hosting Cincinnati tonight. And east Carolina on Sunday afternoon. The sports the Stephen Ted Hayes in SS 723. Doubt you could ever Rush Limbaugh morning update. Weinstein sexual abuse story mushrooms. Have seen a dead in the morning on faith and has asked.