Wichita approves IRB's for housing project

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
Wichita Business Journal editor Bill Roy has the details.

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I need seven of 3030 caved in and says Steven Pitt in the morning now. At 746. Year. On Wednesday morning. Great big bing to lead Wichita City Council planning any water treatment plant is suspect arrested in killing a Wichita woman to fly. President from traveling in Europe he will meet with Horton. Three big things even dead on Kate in essence. We have a traffic accident that traffic record Jeremy called in. That 47 street south near hydraulic we've got to traffic accident there's so watch for slow down again that's up on 47 gear hydraulic. Traffic on K and as test brought to budget problem Charles Goodyear tire hit it cantenna market and Waterman. He's Terry street small and online at crossfire dot com your home for complete dark hair over and. Did the weather pattern repeats now sunny. And hot today with a high of 97 degrees yesterday's I. Maybe sixth mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 74. Thursdays sunny and hot tomorrow's high 98. Now Clark County southeast wounded five miles per hour 75 degrees Janus has weathered brought you by the monarch. Explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday that today was four dollars like burdens of Christie's. Located at 579 mr. Douglas in his story Toledo. The bomber. 747 now Stephen dead on CNN says Southwest Airlines is ending its longstanding track. There's a serving small bags of free peanuts on its flights in deference to people allergic to the snack. Millions of Americans or approximately 4% of the population have a food allergy with peanuts among the more common. And some four years have called on southwest to remove peanuts from its flight. Now my understanding is that you have appeared allergy you know about it. And why don't you just say no peanuts but anyway they're taken him all the flights free pretzels will still be offered and other snacks such as cookies and chips will be available. Longer flights with Southwest Airlines I am old enough to remember when they served meals. On how well it. They were actually l.s long ago hot meals and you can take your choice and it. Yes that was those were the case those days are long gone they did not treat you like you're talent on the team you know being shipped aggressive you know now. Interest. Stocks shook off some of mid day doldrums Tuesday rose for the fourth day in a row. As strong results from Pepsi helped counsel Nancy total. Market is is at its highest level since early February are right. S&P 500 index Guinness and in nine points the Dow rose 143 points the NASDAQ picked up. Three points. Good news for you wildcats out there including your good built different bill Roy Kansas State University. Thanks to increase its athletic department budget for the upcoming fiscal year after setting a record in donations this year out well. Bill probably made a sizable donation Elton and enable listen capital 300000. University announced Tuesday that the athletic department received cash payments of thirty point nine million dollars. In the last fiscal year. For the next fiscal year of the athletic department budget will increase by eight point nine million. 282 point one million dollars. You know money export. In Manhattan successful football team at basketball team in the elite eight unity deal in basketball doing well also the news at the money is it just pouring and you know Manhattan. China's government has criticized the latest US resident of Ike is totally unacceptable. And vowed to retaliate in there escalating trade dispute with the US. Electric car producer Tesla. Says it will build its first factory outside the United States in Shanghai. It at a near report says China has joined the world's top twenty most innovative economies for the first time. While the United States has fallen out of the five top ranked countries. The global innovation index Tony eighteen Scola is cosponsored by the UN world. Intellectual property organization it keeps volatility in the number one spot or innovative economies followed by the Netherlands Sweden. United Kingdom and Singapore. The United States fell from fourth to twenty in 2017 to sixth place this year not quite as innovative as we used to him. While China jumped from 22 to seventeenth moving up. Eight you know or I'd dinner last night. No revenue and bottom lead geez all. We needed to go there and our course Stevens has pictures right up there on the all your first time there don't know OK I'd I'd never been there in their many times okay. Well how was it is fantastic the preacher ask that yes aren't as tasty what death. A pizza pizza and it's really get pizza pizza some cheese bread slow Cal's zones tasty. Also full elected member of fruit dessert tells them. I'm disappointed I estimate I'll get back there for that thank you president trump says pharmaceutical company advisories rolling back price hikes. So American patients don't pay more cup tweeting that he in the health secretary. And health secretary Alex is our discuss the issue Tuesday with fighter CEO Ian read. About that. Roll back prescription drug prices like 751. Now Stephen Ted. Bond money for housing in Wichita bill Roy editor of the which does business chat with us this morning good morning bill. It morning Stephen tale of the Wichita City Council voting Tuesday to approve issuing industrial revenue bonds for a south Wichita low income housing project. The east would apartments south of Kellogg and Oliver have been neglected and developers rehearsed and Dave Murphy and bought the apartment some plan to renovate them the IRBs would total nearly six million dollars. The Kansas City contractor wants to do more work of the Wichita area McCown Gordon construction was chosen to oversee. But for 114 million dollar bond issue for derby UST 260. Vice president Todd Knight says which stars heart hot market with lots of construction activity. The firm is also the general contractor for the forty million dollar rock regional hospital in derby. Which at all vice mayor from Brian Frye has a new job Fries a Kansas Chamber's new senior director of investor relations. The chambers and speak it but Frye will remain in Wichita and on the Wichita City Council. Fry than marketing director for Wichita company the reasons recently sold. And moved to Knoxville Tennessee. Local breaking business news every day on can assess in which a top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal and new Roy. You heard our story I presume a moment ago about all that money flooding into the athletic department at Kansas State University. Right and we were just curious maybe you don't want is to tell us how much money you did and Gretchen have contributed there's probably. It's in the tens of thousands maybe year war they meet while millions and seven figures interest and the significance. For the left without really contribute Bennett to the earned on bode real really. You know you went does case earlier law will columnists write a lot of supplies EU that support mine. Alma mater on it I'm here today is. While national cheer up the lonely Tuesday. Oh you know people across united she's trying to make someone happy national your polling day. Could be difficult time for someone else that huge financial reasons grief utilized for personal reasons or. Maybe in our case we're just not very nice people but the sometimes it's difficult to figure out who's lonely and whatnot and and I think everybody has felt lonely at some point in their line for sure. But you know. It is carefully canosa but he. You know and personal friend or maybe it is ultimately. You don't today. I've over the Steve Martin's movie the lonely guy yeah that. Charles drove. Put them ultimately movie back at some sometimes tense and I feel lonely when he's did you start in on tangent we don't know we're going we can appeal only hear you well I hope I don't offend you in anyway in any time bill. If if I did I would images crush me. Or maybe that would I don't know maybe I really don't care. Yeah how do you go all right thank you gentlemen stay I can't say was even dead. Coming up the 8 o'clock hour that big 8 o'clock hour on the line we're gonna have comments from president problem NATO defense. Ted we'll update sports we've got a former shocker pitcher that came up huge in the royals game last night plus entertainment news on the floor. It's on the way we got some interesting comments coming your way including Orlando pal receive boom boom. Then goes into and the heat continues weather and traffic on the way Stevenson in the morning. 8 o'clock hour on K and assess.