The Wichita Business Journal's yearly Book of Lists

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

Editor Bill Roy tells us all about the 2017 Book of Lists.


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That's gonna want this person because Alan. A lot of things I wanted to give to people. ID 713 38 NF. What are you looked at in the mornings at 746. Now three big things. Congress avoids government shut down at least until January 19 seeded veteran sportscaster Dick and bird dead at 82 line. Millions of Americans traveling over the Christmas weekend. If they vacated dead on K and assess. And if you are traveling as well we've got a decent gasoline prices here in the Wichita area this morning to fifteen I gallant. This morning we've got it to fifteen kind of an average here's what stuff I felt very early this morning traffic early droids but better price. I want 35 to 815 birds are how pretty private and Park City. Saw gasoline to thirteen there drunken state from Kate and as as radio and hit Kansas. Becoming partly cloudy today with a high of 36 degrees partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight moved funny. Saturday sunny and cool tomorrow's high 39 now cloudy and 26 degrees north wind at fourteen miles per hour the wind chill is fourteenth. Taylor says weather brought you by the monarch voted one of the best suburban bars and Americans by the verve and are you located at 579 mr. Douglas in his short delay you know. The monarch. It's funny seventeen hurricane season hit with a vengeance. Fox's Jeff but also report's 27 to whom. Love you hurricane specs are 123 punch should 2070. Harpring slammed ashore in south Texas in August causing widespread flooding to metro Houston taking dozens of wives and inflicting almost 200 billion dollars in damage. Why can't hurt is. On its side. I'm basically a home later that month and it was rookie Irma and her giant firewall that hit the Caribbean. Before slamming into the South Florida. I mean that's. Crazy causing widespread damage and flooding 126. Deaths 66 billion dollars in damage. Hurricane Maria few weeks later in Dominica before devastating Puerto Rico you. Here this week who very scary it was very scary. The scariest thing in the I thought we live in time then I turned. Hundreds lost their lives that storm triggering a major humanitarian crisis that continues today. The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are still in need of funding to recover from the storm 748. Stephen Ted stocks closed. Broadly higher on Wall Street Thursday erasing modest losses from a day earlier. Energy stocks. And banks accounted for most of the gains retailers also rose technology stocks lagged the most of now. Rose 55 points he has to be rose five points and the NASDAQ gained four points. 749 now Steve and Ted the big book of lists. That's right bill Roy editor of the which dubbed as journalists live this morning good morning angered mornings the content. I have to clear my throat because I had one of those really get great cookie Cody and best. Saint Shelly well the big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which of course is on the streets today Merry Christmas the Wichita business journal's new book of lists. Publishes today there is no weekly edition this week. We are producing a paper. That's to make room for the new book of lists it's compilation of all the top 25 list the WBJ is published over the past year for example. You can see which Wichita area construction company is the largest and turn some projects data which Wichita area car dealership sold the most vehicles. And the salaries of area public officials that's a popular one. The book of lists free to subscribers 59 dollars for those who do not subscribe if you subscribe now to the Wichita business currently get the money seventeen book of lists. And the 28 teen book of lists when it comes out in a year ago also available online. At Wichita business journal dot com this week's guest on the biztalk and bill Roy podcast and Jennifer McDonald. She's treating Wichita first urban winery called Jenny dot sellers grew up in Nebraska got to Wichita about ten years ago earned a master's agribusiness to help relies dream. The winery is expected to open in the Union Station downtown in about a year the podcast available Wichita business journal dot com so thank you for letting me do this live here. Then plan hybrids that continent now. Listen bill. You publish those lists yeah I'd like to have their fans of course. One time somewhere in my closet I have the baseball encyclopedia oh we have ever had one of those I I had won many many years old man out. All the information you gained an all right there it page after page of statistics vocalist from the Wichita business journal short like that you know a little bit like. Are people. Numbers as if they take you where they like to read lead early in the loan you can you can check that out just about anywhere anyone ago. The book list out and get a dose of book list when they do the public officials which you did. Taxpayer funded right that app which Jesus and not very private but I've noticed that they always make about. 78 times what we do it at least. Why is that one that's why we put that house of people have an understanding about how much those people for example that UST 259 or some of the surrounding school. Districts. It's make billions and billions of I today is for Father's Day I could bring you know that this is observed in Plymouth Massachusetts. A commemoration of the landing of the pilgrim fathers in Plymouth Massachusetts on this day what more timely dated in that in three days before Christmas 1620 that plant about a month to late observance. At. No that's over the forefathers that would be the but that the Pilgrim's Pride out and it. Those people had those buckles on the issues inside the hats hats they had in Beverly they always show those guns they had to. That we had this big round thing in the end like you know block of bell bottom god yeah. Yeah the other blunder bust thing what was musket via. So wrong and getting all your images here from Warner Bros. cartoon Dora the Bugs Bunny is it part of your life and getting everything and it from Warner Bros. and go back to. By the way oh what we're doing we're talking about movies today I didn't ask you really bill while ago did you do you have a favorite movie from that Christmas movie. It really wasn't part of our tradition but we certainly we watched you know Charles dickens' a Christmas story. The one you're talking about from 1950 if you'll counters and and there's several good Goodman's absolutely that we got into Christmas story. Get a picture I had kids in you know you're at the BB gun when your kid I did know what's funny is that it disappeared Monday. My my mom didn't care for me having him be began and so it disappeared on the basement rafters somewhere. And I found years later yeah there's a lot with my slingshot yeah. Well resentment my for my three Brothers Dennis the Menace Giles and accuracy. That you see that at his back pocket. But ultimately my three Brothers we got one. BB gun. To share yeah why not sounds danger and a team by about the third dated January. It was down to a barrel nominee and they'll lever the stock was at Rhode Island wrote. And up with three boys. Were four point oh but. Open house like that nothing I had ever lasted very long now. But it really didn't have any personal possessions and then came along and got married and it's even worse. You did you got nastier poisons that yet did as having him. We had we started out with three bullets to rightly now so there's a lot of that on. The footballers just yet but already there's destruction right. It's something I'm open presents on Christmas morning in my Christmas afternoon it was it's it's either thrown to the side for something else or an hour on armor off there was there was one atomic Adam. Very shiny new truck. And apparently went through several scenarios with that truck you know coming off the edge of the cliff rock and earth LA out there are several disasters that defined by the you know by the end to Christmas Day prior crumpled now involving fireworks left or up with the July is that they think yeah it's great educational toy right teaching us how to think could be created. In destruction I admire her personality I'll be right there having a serious disaster and it was. I think guys Merry Christmas and built late curbing with a 755 Steve dead. Got it about 8 o'clock thinking and just this morning news no shut down federal governments don't running. We've got the story that's gonna beat a dead on K and assess.