Wichita: Car goes into the Little Arkansas River

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

N. River Boulevard at 11th Street a hazardous sheet of ice; sand trucks called out ...


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for life. Team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock Pacific K and is this morning news is Steven says that. I'm Steve Macintosh. Icy roads bring cancellations across town central Kansas. We've got the story. A step mom arrested in the Lucas Hernandez case I'm Ted Woodward at those details are just ahead. I'm Phil held a brand new details surrounding the alleged assault of two children at the downtown YMCA have been released. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday some warmer air is being pulled into this latest storm system that will keep our precipitation on the verge of freezing rain or light rain will talk about what we can expect later on today in our forecast. Which is coming up. A number of students from the Florida high schoolers seventeen people were killed in a man shooting last week. Spent Wednesday meeting with lawmakers some say they had a very positive experience despite scores of practiced anti gun activists storming Florida's capital in Tallahassee. A number of Stoneman Douglas high school students were given audience by state legislators. And the Florida governor Rick Scott Diego theft fur was one of them. And did everybody was just super open to ideas we heard that some people will wake conservative we got Saddam and there are like you got. Guys out some great idea. The students hope to convince lawmakers to put aside politics and find compromise solutions for school safety. And that includes gun control measures as well as mental health initiatives. In Miami Evan brown Fox News many streets and roadways across south central Kansas are. Ice covered this morning that means hazardous driving conditions. And if you're entering out you'll need to take it slow and easy emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the city of Wichita. This means closings and cancellations for many schools and organizations across the area. Including Wichita as public and Catholic schools as well as. Wichita State University friends and Newman. Wichita police have made an arrest in the case of Lucas Hernandez the five year old boy missing since Saturday. Deputy police chief Gavin Siler says the voice 26 year old stepmother Emily glass has been booked into the Sedgwick county jail yesterday afternoon. This case is now considered criminal investigation. Investigators have arrested a 26 year old female. On two counts of child endangerment. Charges are related to new information gathered during this investigation. The search for leak of Lucas is ongoing and we are still asking the public for assistance. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 3163834661. Which the police have released new details associated with the alleged assault of two children. At the downtown YMCA. A listing of evidence that led police to arrest 21 year old Caleb gassed and a probable cause affidavit was released on Wednesday in the affidavit a mother says she noticed problems of her four year old daughter after she was that the wise kids zone. The girl was checked by nurses and doctors and the mother notified police. And review of security video from the kids zone was also done by police. According to the affidavit the video shows Kasten striking the four year old girl twice in the face and then at some point taking her to the bathroom where the alleged assault happened. Kasten is due back in court on February 27 he remains in jail on one million dollars bond. Fill all the grand Kagan SS news. More legal trouble for former trump campaign chair Paul man afford to prosecutors have filed at least one new charge against president transformer campaign chairman Paul man afford any easy great gates. That filing is under seal so what's included isn't being made public. But the move comes after prosecutors say they uncovered additional criminal conduct. Related to a mortgage job what a man affords properties. Prosecutors say metaphor committed fraud by giving the bank doctored statements that overstate the income of his consulting business by millions of dollars. Metaphor it's previously denied any wrongdoing regarding his mortgages. In Washington shall NATO Fox News. KE NS has used time now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Coming up in sports we'll tell you about college men's basketball life to last night. But the doctors and the wildcats those details are on the line so Oklahoma teachers considering a walkout. Over lol stay in budget cuts that story coming up on the case and has had sporting news receiving dead and. The K and us this morning news from is now 8088. Minutes and 8 o'clock. The California senate is today expected to debate punishment for a lawmaker. Accused of sexual misconduct. A highly unusual session comes a day after Republicans and Democrats met behind closed doors to decide the appropriate discipline for senator Tony Mendoza. That includes what could be the first expulsion of more than a century. Lawyers investigating complaints about the married and found that goes up likely engaged and on want it flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior with six women. That includes four subordinates a lobbyist at a young woman in a fellowship with another lawmaker. Tom or Gotti Fox News. Fidelity bank and its owners have donated one million dollars toward a new business school at Wichita State University the university announcing that donation yesterday from the bank its foundation and the bank's owners. The bastion family. The donation brings total private donations for the building to eleven and a half million dollars the university says about half the buildings estimated fifty million dollar cost. Is expect to be raised privately and then the remaining amount coming from university funding and educators in Oklahoma frustrated with low pay and another round of proposed cuts. To public schools are mulling the idea of an organized walk out. To show the disappointment momentum was spurred this week when hundreds of residents packed a school board meeting in Bartlesville. Organizers hope to replicate the success of a four day teacher strike in 1990. And led to tax increases to fund a broad range of education initiatives in Oklahoma. Can assist news time now. 099 minutes after 8 o'clock. Been a repeat bit tricky traffic morning a year on this Thursday morning commute win. Slick road raised in some places during the past hour we've been watching the scene in the Riverside area. Where a car went off the roadway down into the river at the eleventh street north and river boulevard. And they did get that driver out of the vehicle safely to our ended up at least partially in the river and there's people are describing the river boulevard as nearly un passable. It's just absolutely as we thought he utilized his right now look at north river boulevard. It's pretty bad so that's why this city crews tried a lot of sand trucks and trying to correct that situation. Thirty events that are present right like Campbell yeah. Frequent in my reference that traders out there and there's such a driver on every day and now. Trying to get that situation yes river boulevard nearly impassable due to high says Wichita fire department so. Getting that have figured out and trying to keep traffic moving here on this morning on this Thursday morning. I'm gonna get called Ted. I'll have to go through valley center except that you're out today yourself. I disagree forecast Dell Regina says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get morning's Dan in the good morning a winter weather advisory continues in effect until 6 PM this evening. The radar not showing a whole lot now it could be coming down in the form of some freezing mist as long as temperatures. Far below freezing but we are expected to get to 34 this afternoon so we'll likely see a transition to light rain. Tonight cloudy far lose 31 minutes and in dry on Friday with a high in the mid to upper forties. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday I'm more and more more moisture now freezing drizzle and fog reported. 28 degrees and coal no wind. Which of course means it if it feels a little bit better than when you've got. Some wind blowing at 28 degrees but are still listed sadness still icing up in in many places it's just not warm enough you gotta get up about 32 that's a freezing point. Yesterday afternoon under. A my wife should you allow I've been sick Ted Shelley's head of a sinus infection and knocked her down for several days but. She felt good enough yesterday we had a couple errands today actually got out house and go over the west side in. You know one bad yesterday afternoon about those 2:3 o'clock and if you're not bad we wound up at Dillon's to backup of things they were busy. When these kind of that these kind of weather events come up of course people. Get out and indeed all I gotta get this hole I got a death before the storm hits but delight people out doing that. And it people just to pay attention to the weather I think it very closely especially here in Kansas. And know what's gone on now I've got to went to 24 grandkids sent 77. Grandkids are getting like that. The seconds it's day of the week. And you know and I are pretty well behaved and hope that everything's. Going well help elect him in school would you know. School closings twice this week today on non I'm non consecutive days and yesterday I talked with. A gentleman who he's an acquaintance of hours. After Donovan Otto out on the west side name is Mike castor I am and my brother buying salespeople out there and he said he Toby said. You this is Stephen Ted every morning says he would you say I didn't end. So there yield from Mike Caster there's icu and he also said. Tell him I admire the way he carries the morning show and militantly Islamic times I hear Mike it. We appreciate that input and not sure what it means but it and by the way David what did that you mention our listener that we ran into with the women's fair. You know to her on Monday now we ran into a Wanda. From Flint hills aroma there yeah she said she listens to his every day wanting now. And so we wanted to give a shout out to wonder I don't want to glad she listens to listen hello. Hey you can download Afrique and his his app from the App Store them leave us a comment. By going to menu and click talk back and we'll play your comments here in the Stephen Ted geo can. Talk about if something were doing delight or you know there maybe there's an issue like talk about. Is today is a national Margaret today maybe our national day. If you download that free of charge you can be part of this team potentially yourself. Well somebody people it did not have to go to school a lot of time download that apt get on there and talk back yes only gonna get on there today got you got pop and above all oil about to sign legal. Prince Albert and they can no way to look at. It looking for that but it is you can do this creatively we'll entertain it clear that it. And Arkansas radio shows says it will no longer caller promotion where it blisters rate sixteen local female television personalities. In a turban like contest a baby a bracket after facing growing criticism so. Looks like for 21 years. These people at the idea that KABC's. The show with no name for 21 years they've done this promotion. Called the bay bracket to the local TV women and rate them then. Where others and I can do that more than gonna called the bracket with no name. Statement says the brackets winner will receive a swap package and 500 dollar donation. Will be made to the charity of her choice so they are still doing it matters taught us an autism and different also notes that change. Was intended to better reflect the nature of the segment. Change came days after female journalists in Arkansas and around the country. Use the hash tag more than abbate on Twitter to protest deprived. These guys are perceived as down their Arkansas to Europe radio show it proceed being kind of sexist. It's a bit they've been doing for two decades the case today to post that the Arkansas woman just found out about so these guys must have some real killer Rick eclipse. Well the oldest captive polar bear in the United States has. Died now I saw a picture this little babies Philadelphia zoo says the 37 year old bear well coldly locks. Was in declining health and was put to sleep officials say cold locks and a variety of age related medical issues including problems with their kidneys eyesight. My granddaughter's at the age Jocelyn. Loves polar bears she's got a little poll were stuffed polar bear. Cold polian I think it is it is thing's been around you know she's 1112 years eleven years old he's been around forever it's. It's not really like is kind of a dirty. Color in Italy has won high. But she takes that thing where it's panel Michael yeah he takes it Bayer wherever she goes and left school. You know it's just February but some people are thinking ahead to Christmas. The White House historical association is picked. How are only ten months away who's the next White House Christmas ornament will feature now. Italy 3033. President Harry through somebody's got a lot time on hand you know. One side of the orbital feature the Truman Balcony which was added to the White House in 19471948. The other side features the revelation of the blue room. And Harry Truman one of my favorite presidents in and out of now I've outstanding and so many ways but did he innocent person the only personal world has ever order an atomic bomb opt out by. It was failed haberdasher there in Kansas City he had been a farmer he just ten and finally get into the local politics and the machine there in Kansas and in the it's the tender guest machine. Took off way they went. Interesting guy. They UN guy Ted. Several years ago. And my wife and I have them have died this tabloid grill downtown Kansas City. Many many times as of romantic spot for a three era you put this one time that we are the eight. And we went in there to have a meal. And there is a corner right did a predicts a boy girl there's a corner Booth. That's Harry Truman. Booth it's got assignment is when he was haberdasher re candies. Clothing store in Kansas City that's where you'd catch everything he and his cronies. Little slice of history for. Harry Truman and have been the Truman library. Two or three times times into the Truman how ridiculous hours that's accurate to its early interest and all right did says that's an Independence, Missouri and other southern new Christmas ornament doesn't have anything on him like him the ball stops here. And clever and I. Now obvious that. It's 817 now Steven T added debt in attackers Schwartzman Ted Webber out of that big basketball. Like fourteen inches teams last night did it's it's interesting that it gives you were talking earlier about the won loss records of KUK state which dusty would get three. Major college teams here in Kansas all of with more than twenty Lindsay here that's that's pretty clean up. That's we're all building towards March Madness yeah film exciting stuff going on last night we had some home action for Kansas State and Wichita State so let's bring yet. Some of the highlights what was going on Coke arena last night's shocker for the first time ever taking on the he would never play for the green wave of a two lane. And the shocker is built up a sixteen point lead by halftime a easy right thumb up so fast Tulane came out made seven straight baskets to begin the second half and all of a sudden we have a game on our hands. Shoppers and kind of spent the rest of the half trying to beat the green wave at arm's length. Shoppers. That's enough to get the job done Mike Kennedy and David dollar the college game last night you heard it on 103 point seven KE YN. Yeah. Bring it to go along let's ordered you know tickets for me. Note that the three not a more than those without tickets to go down just. But this is. If that's about six that it actually. Well he'll Morris soccer scene here these 620. Point game of the season tied his career high with 25 points seven of eleven shooting. Ten of thirteen at the free throw line. Big night Jack he also had nine rebounds. I'll just go with the big star last night among many as the soccer's feet and lane. 9386. Ended up being the final score Connor frank camp another shocker senior tied his career high with eighteen points. CJ Kaiser coming off the bench for the shoppers and he got a career high with eleven points. Kaiser pressed into service. Or some minutes because a shocker point guard Landry Shannon was ill and did not suit up for the game last night. Soccer team without the great Landry sham it had more than enough firepower to beat Tulane last night after the game some comments from shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. We can handle the pressure and in made free throws like a said especially CJ Kaiser. Jack Morrison and that was the difference in the game to building the big blue boy. They just methodically kept coming into it cutting into that would get to 34 what was the lowest you've got to war was close you know. You know fooling guys closest four with a shocker is held on for the victory in 9386. Shocker is now 22 and five overall. And it's just a half game now behind first place Cincinnati in the standings with three games to fill in the season. And let's get some comments from other shocker senior Connor frank camp with a big night yet a couple of big steals late in the game to. Fighters wanted to come out here and from the team the best I could. When I was open. Knock down the shots also look for my teammates and their offense and the guys did a good job in the first half you opened up the challenge them. He goes Sox get the win last night. In Manhattan. A low scoring game between Kansas State and Texas. Neither team shooting the ball that well especially Texas had a rough shooting night. Kansas State defense doing the job. A late push by the wildcats outscoring Texas sixteen to four at the end of the game. Berry brown had fourteen of those sixteen for the cats in a 5848. Win of for the wildcats over the Texas Longhorns. Each state has beaten Texas now four times in a row. It's swept them last season they swept them this season. Texas only shot 19%. From the field in the second half. Now cats getting the job done on defense with that win in Kansas State is now twenty and eight on the season. When he wins season for the fourth time in the last six years and the Kansas State is now tied for third place in the Big 12 Conference standings. Jim go men's basketball. We did not have a game last night Butler community college at copy Billick got postponed because of the weather they'll try again tonight Butler at twelfth ranked copy bill. Butler has won five of its last six copy bill has won eleven in Euro Dennis Higgins love lives covered the Butler grizzlies at 7 o'clock tonight that's right here on 97. And thirteen thirty KMS best. College women's basketball in town last night's ACC tournament quarterfinals the friends women beat McPherson 66620. Friends ladies on a fourteen. Game winning streak they are ranked number 21 in the nation the Minsk ACC quarterfinal round is tonight. And we mark the birthday of interesting character Charlie Finley was born 100 years ago on this day. Late great Charlie Finley is the guy that was the owner of the Kansas City athletics baseball team up innovative creative. Crazy. Little nutty but they'll bit crying guys. He brought in the and he Thursday was one of those guys that was kind of ahead of his time baseball brought in white shoes and Kelly green and gold you latch on flashy you know to handle our people don't understand that until it became a law. The visiting team wore a white uniform. And I was very gray uniform that whole team or white and that's the end Nestle it was for a hundred years yet color on the script that was Charlie Finley came along and things that happen. Things got pretty interest singing born in Alabama. Was raised in the northwest Indiana. Gannon get army had six. Bread and I did a great midwest Indiana and there there's a huge barn right by the highway there and on the barn Rupert said. Canada. Home of the Oakland Athletics and he used to bring the case at the players yeah the players all builder and he'd have huge parties and spreads forum and all sorts of funny. Charlie Finley he was born 100 years ago on this day that's sports with Stephen and now it's time for our prairie fighter call. Break them KN OSS. Prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Very prior coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you could get very fired copy of your office just like Stephen dead by calling. Through 673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight when he poured out even here for the Hannity boarding minutes. Nancy Pelosi is coming it's all the wealth at a town hall meeting that's coming up Stephen dead on Kate in SS.