Wichita City Council gives preliminary OK to "Common Consumption."

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Monday, January 22nd

Mondays with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Thirty seated there in the morning. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says the vote to end the stalemate to talk to government shutdown is now scheduled for noon today that comes after. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer objected to. Olden devote late Sunday nights I am happy to continue. My discussion with the majority leader about reopening the government we've had several conversations talks will continue. But we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides for that reason I object. Democrats are demanding assurances that the Republican majority will focus on immigration reform. Now look at the forecast we've K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get boring day and the good morning we have blizzard conditions going on in northern Kansas were roads have been closed in snow is piling up but for us. We're far enough south will get the southern end of this system for some rain possibly wet snow through late morning. Temperatures in the low forties by this afternoon with strong northwest winds clearing off overnight Harlow 25. Sunny and 48 for the high on Tuesday on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy 38 degrees drivel west wind at seventeen miles per hour. Forecasters expect a major winter storm to dump snow on most of Nebraska and parts of Iowa and Kansas. The storm could make travel difficult the National Weather Service says the storm is already moving across Nebraska. And blizzard conditions are expected at times many school closings and delays across northwest Kansas today National Guard units are in place to help during the storm. Hutchinson police say one person has been arrested following a standoff Sunday. Sergeant Eric bowler he says officers attempted to serve a juvenile warrant in the 300 block of east eleventh street. Sergeant borrowers says police had knowledge of the juvenile was armed and did not putting about the police surrounded the home and made contact with the suspect that asking the person surrender. Nearly four hours later the suspect walked out of the house and was arrested without incident a Wichita business was robbed at gunpoint Saturday night. Wichita police responded to an armed robbery at the Dollar General in the 4500 block of these Ponte. A female store employee said to unknown man entered the business armed with handguns and demanded money. A sixteen year old customer was battered her wallet was taken and was pepper sprayed along with the store employee. Both women sustained only minor injuries the suspects took cash and cigarettes and then fled on foot. The first suspect was a man of unknown race approximately five feet eight inches tall what they medium build. The second suspect was an unknown white man around by feet eight inches tall with a medium build. If he had any additional information on this case please call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or Debbie PD detectives at 2684407. Rodney price KM assets news. A jail in northeastern Kansas is seeing a rising inmate population. After a 2014 law that redefined the defendant's right to a speedy trial from ninety days to 150 days. Lawrence journal world reports that the Douglas county sheriff's office is calling for a 44 billion dollar Jill expansion to combat the rising population. Sheriff Jim McGovern says the speedy trial redefinition is one of multiple reasons why the population has exceeded its 186 beds. Defense attorney Jennifer Roth testified against the then bill in 2014. She said the redefinition would force defendants awaiting trials and unable to afford bond to spend more time in jail cells. She also said it would increase the cost for Kansas counties has defendants spent more time in jail. Fill all the brand can get SS news. Kansas governor Sam Brownback has moved one step closer to leaving the state and taking a job and trump administration. For a second time a committee in the US senate has approved his nomination to become ambassador for international religious freedom the vote puts Brownback nomination right back where it had been for several months awaiting final approval from the full US senate. Given the delay is Brownback says he isn't packing his bags just yet. Appears to be progress in but I mean I'm not gonna make any conference not long time in this much what actually happens that's the that's the case. Brownback had hoped to beacon. Earned well before now on an already handed over some duties to his lieutenant governor Jeff collier. But after his confirmation was delayed Brownback said he would not step down until he's officially confirmed as ambassador. Yes prices continued their recent climb industry analyst Phil truly Lundberg says the nationwide average rose four cents over the past two weeks to two dollars and 58 cents per gallon. It can be known what crude oil prices will do but they are substantially higher in recent weeks they have a kind of higher prices at the pump. There's a few more pennies to comment because retailers have now fully passed through the wholesale price hikes they have received. San Francisco had the highest priced lower 48 states an average of three dollars and 46 cents a gallon. Tucson have the lowest at 216 and the average price of which start today to 35 gallon. We have driver Lewis car's driver was planes and starting today a store with no cashiers it's the Amazon goes store in downtown Seattle powered bio artificial intelligence has not cashier in sight. Located on the ground floor of the company's headquarters. Can allow shoppers to scanned their Smartphones. With the Amazon go lap of course pick out the items they want and then leave. Using computer vision algorithms and sensors. Amazon will be able to tell what customers want charging their accounts accordingly. They changed their mind and put something back then won't be charged there will be employees have work stocking shelves offering any assistance needed. The store will also be serving breakfast lunch dinner and snacks acting chancellor Fox News. In a sense you Zahn now 736 Stephen dent in the morning here on the Monday morning and that means it's time for Monday's with a player which dominated Jeff Longwell with us this morning of warnings that are. Understood we've tried fabulously very humor bill last week did you answer. And I at a time. That it was one of those stomach viruses and that was. Just horrible painful. But you're not the only one it's been going Diana's. Now I am but it just seems like this and spin it out year Earl. 9 AM. Hopefully you don't ever have to get through that for a long time. Outcome healthy again look at him or did a year we've got an awful lot over there there's a lot going wrong. OK we've got analyst you're of the sends an email wanted to ask you about construction around the yet interest bank arena area. Try to get ready for the big basketball tournament coming up that he's than their point was well that'll be done in time. So they visitors will have a nice experience. Well it's certainly. There's been several projects that the city's doing their. Make sure that he experiences. There a better experience for the visitors permanent it now we wanted to showcase our city and we've got a lot to show up but yeah out that. You know that spaghetti warehouse project I can't imagine that. It's going to be that far along against you know extensive project include timber into building that. Apartment and and building some. New office and retail space out towards Douglas. It'll be at some level construction will make comment. Many project shall he wrapped up they keep saying Hilton garden and a rooftop bar girl back. And finished. That they have wanted to get that in time or about ten NCAA term on others. You know there's there's during the being an exciting time for what you saw what have. These news stations around town or you can enjoy your beverage warrior. Enjoying some of the down down amenities and put them forward to. Just having. Thousands of people in the heart of our city. You know admitted no workshop I understand tomorrow what do what's gonna be discussed at the workshop anything exciting. It is exciting that sub sub impetus in her wallet he knew used employment project that we've been focusing on and that's. You know giving me high school students an opportunity to experience works. A little more typical and today in my armor or our schools students defiance from summer ornament so we've. Been reaching out a lot of different industry and they've been responding very well and last year we had about 500. High schoolers don't let through specialized. Skills training and and we. I'm so experiment in different areas that they had that interest in and there's just a great opportunity to impose. Give these students and experience and to. Another step in trying to keep our talent what you are. You know all of these jobs are grown right now we not only have to recruit. We've got to keep talent here. And we ended this report just this past week have. Kansas unemployment rated three point 6% the lowest in eighteen years which does unemployment rated three point 6%. And yet you're saying that there's there's still out there of some jobs out there if the F training. We're really growing up right now of course beer just started. You know an increased due unemployment this year they're going to have a 850. That thousand although there. Going to grow out there we know there's a 31 multiplier and there's a lot of other opportunities on top of that donut. It's a good time to let him be in Wichita and certainly if you wanna work you can find a place work right now. I just Mike but my grandsons it. Where you actually lives in derby and east lost but job B student he's only seventeen. And I'm and I'm hearing that if you're seventeen you're not eighteen years old it's pretty hard to find a job now. Won't and that's what we've done this you've been on her concert for for the younger. Students it is a lot harder and I have. Especially it down into the 1516 year old ranch. Limited up in his or I don't like. You know manufacturing didn't used to bring them ensure that environment scissors. Limitations on what they can do but they wanna introduced but most. Great manufacturing jobs and finally do that now. All right. Well I don't help everybody in your household is doing well with regard to illness and a. Well it's character our house are by doing better. In my life and a light speed travel one. But this time here so as you can being immune their parent amber enrollment. But such a busy week for travel let's make them and not to speak at campus status when we got a lot on on. Count their minds there's gonna do a class on trying to up there in the peak gondola in Spain. Should be that should be good. You can just take one artist street sweepers up Mike to to begin back. Now you know as we have to have any delay in them mayoral operate everytime I travel. Them. And now that are awesome. Sleeper of the body by the way. That's Reno the the sleeper of the plains. Where America may be careful somebody might think you are the sweeper the plants. Under obsolete or are cleaning up at all right. They give mr. mayor appreciate your time this morning as Monday's with the matter which of about Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will this morning was Stephen Ted. 740 now and I cannot forget bill Roy editor of which tough business journal. He's gonna talk about the Kansas economy and the impact of possible changes in NAFTA seated in the morning on K in a sense.