Wichita City Council member announces run for County Commission

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy tells us about the primary race for County Commission.


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Thank you should know I'm so glad I was on the radio station I really like did get it really you haven't found a few months about. Valentine's Day 98713. Thirty K and as as we are deep into the morning now. At 7:45. On this Wednesday morning February 14. Al breathing faintly he. Basketball fans is 83 I would say 77 as a citizen to try to shut down fellow citizen during police shooting discusses. And Wichita City Council meeting with the and just as that he lieutenant governor Salina businessman and former Tracy man could make things even dead on K and assess. Got a call a little bit ago from traffic tracker Bob let. Spotted at the lower gasoline price to date to 37 it I want 35 there in Park City. 237 gasoline there he also says that. He received death from someone in Oklahoma picture. Of a gasoline prices on a billboard there are 204. And on and Oklahoma through the traffic Kate as as as broadcast by Judy Robin Charles Goodyear tire located downtown a market and ornament. These very streets Mullen on money Carl's tired I come home of the 3495. Oil changed becoming mostly sunny and. Warmer today with a high of seventy degrees mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low fifty Thursday mostly cloudy tomorrow's high 72. Now all of you missed 42 degrees south wind it's eighteen. Miles per hour occasion assess whether brought you by the monarch. Explore your level of America's native spirit every Wednesday that's today. With four dollars like birdies and it was tees located at 579 miss Doug was in his storage delayed over the monarch. 747. Team Stevens in court too exciting poll. That is sweeping the nation the Stephen did which Toppert dot com poll right there on our web page yes it is in is as radio dot com closing out. Do you really controversial question we've had on for a couple days what is your favorite pizza topping. Green pepper. 2% which was getting zero pre yes somebody came green pepper lobbying group. Came in at the last moment there 2% and the cheese folks came around 2% 2% say they like she illicit pizza without cheese yeah. 4% of olives. 6% mushroom. 6% and Jovian tie there. Sausage and beat both based cited 2.4 percentage stay right there Alexia. Top top went pepperoni 32% after he still holds steady top. And today's question we have a new question what is your level of interest in the Winter Olympics op you're the four choices I watched live coverage everyday yeah. I follow the success of team USA and catch the highlights and now watch any better too if nothing else this song. Or who cares about the Olympics are right. Arrest you and Ted which stopper dot com poll. I don't know webpage came in SS radio dot com I'm probably up there at the top I've watched live coverage every day it's really like him. Okay. Actually have some results here yes tomorrow and yes I do yet. I'll looks like right now it's a split a tie for second place in who cares and I watch live coverage every day. So far no votes for I eight just followed the team and catch the highlights. But right now fifty 50% of the votes Al watch an inventor to if nothing else is on. You being part of that there are web page pianist has written about count. US consumer prices excluding the volatile food and energy categories rose three tenths percent last month the most in a year. The increase was led by much higher clothing costs and more expensive car insurance. And yet in LT 10%. Not a lot the Labor Department says overall consumer prices rose five tenths percent in January that's. The most in four months they don't include food and energy which is what everyone that our guys yeah. Americans cut back on purchases of cars furniture and a variety of other products in January pushing retail sales down by three tenths percent. The biggest decline in eleven months that says you what do you get the month after Christmas. Arabs it's everybody's tapped out there everybody's got democratic cards after Christmas come by and stuff in January stocks rose for the third day in a road Tuesday banks retailers technology companies led the way Amazon climbed once again. The Dow added 39 points the S&P. Rose seven and the NASDAQ gained 32 points. Kuwait's ruling in mere. Says his oil rich nation will give one billion dollars in loans and one billion dollars in direct investment to help rebuild Iraq. Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah. Made the announcement at a summit seeking donations to help rebuild Iraq after the war against Islamic state group. And their other countries lining up several other countries that are going to invest anywhere from a half a billion to a billion bucks in this. It would seem to me you know of these Kuwait the reason we started in the end the Iraq War. Remember color back to 99 Zain that invaded Kuwait its tiny country down their only ocean and and now they're gonna say we're ready to. Six of money in the big country going to be built. Now that says one thing to me Ted and that is if they're ready to do that it must mean that things are pretty much under control what do you think. Yeah girls that wouldn't be gone in there spend money they've been Witten for years of business. I think they want a stable Iraq you know Asian and they probably want somebody that. Either right next to Iran you know then if they do is not in ruins and taking get people building and constructing and haven't jobs in in a future. Maybe there's hope for Iraq will this knock on wood that there's hope. If Iraq is a mess than you leave room for crisis and al-Qaeda to start showing up again exactly crawl out from under rocks a big. International deal to partly hoping to rebuild its business after a series of food safety scares has named an executive from fast food chain Taco Bell. As its next CEO. Brian Nicole chief executive at Taco Bell chain for three years will start at chipotle next month. He'll be tasks with helping turn around the burrito chain which has long positioned itself as they step up from fast food. 752 announced even to a local company filing for bankruptcy editor bill Roy of which some visitor without this morning morning bill. Give or receive content you as Centene media has filed for chapter seven bankruptcy protection. Chapter seven means liquidation compared Chapter Eleven which is reorganization. The papers were filed Monday evening it lists assets of more than one and a half million dollars and liabilities. Of more than 45 million dollars the company closed its doors February 5. At one orderly 2017 S&T had about 100 employees. A local general contractor has a new president stop Marco about the promotion at deserve and so he spent six years. As the firm's vice president in charge of business development the move allows former president actually you know. To step back from day to day aspects of the business issue remain as a group OC EO. Marco will focus on client relationships business development and strategic planning. And a Wichita City Council members announced he will run for a seat on the Centre county commission Pete might terrible run for the district one seat. Which is now occupied by Dave untrue untrue decided not to seek reelection. Meissner says he wants to build a stronger relationship between the commission and the city Wichita he has served two terms on the Wichita City Council. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess Sander which atop business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual Roy well. Happy Valentine's Day do you today announced he was well one saint shelling Gretchen you view let you know if you're romantic today is you went out to. Shopping for flowers and candy in things though yes down about what I kind of planned ahead and got a car in the well good for you. But there are no cards left really. Did you not if you used ones as happy birthday and just graduate and put Valentine's. Yeah I can attacking. Today is the national affairs real day yeah. Ours the birth of the inventor of the Ferris wheel George Washington deal Farris junior. You know this. Separate O for the 1893 world's Columbian exposition began in earnest in 1991. The director of who works for the fair. Daniel H Burnham laid out the challenge create a centerpiece of the show. That will rival the Eiffel Tower in Paris now while came up with the pairs in Chicago. So in the pairs real stories for you a get a I've got one it's obvious you're not really but it wouldn't tell you personal story it's even got its romantic. Don't okay. I'm six years old and in the first grade in the recently called kiddy land park yeah. Rides or on every street years ago and you know I go there with my Brothers may do we get one little lead. One right. So. I had a girlfriend and he was victory. This year for re right effort and you know. She says couple to my house we'll have dinner and we'll go to the kiddy land are now now. And I agree it certainly starting down that offer but I don't they had a they had chick I can remember chicken fried steak and then we went through it and her most of these people had little money they don't refused our. Her mom bought this three detect likable I get right every right there. And wow and with Vicki and I got national latched on the Vicki Vicki I get stuck at the top of affairs. And it's all. Because you know liturgy slip the operator a little blood dime their to do it it it it if you know the ages six and was breached boot to it no doubt about it there's. A historic. Low dial. And thank you guys it is 755. Seat today coming up in the 8 o'clock hour Chicago police officer shot and killed. Minnesota man has been paying taxes for three decades even though the IRS thinks he's dead. Bill royal gonna it's gonna report Wichita City Council approving 435. Million dollars in bonds for Textron and it. We've got tickets to the women's fair and of the 8 o'clock hour entertainment news alert. Instead of about that all of that coming up either 8 o'clock hour beat writer Stephen did on tape and assess.