Wichita City Council still making a decision on Clapp Golf Course

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 16th
Mondays with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell.

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713 thirty and this is Steve into the morning now seems like it's on Ted Woodward. At 730 on Monday. Centre county sheriff's office as a truck belonging to a 67 year old man killed last week has been found. Sheriff's office now investigating the death of the truck's owner as a homicide. Lieutenant Tim Myers says John GAAP these pickup. Had been missing since he was found dead in his home July 7. Myers did not indicate where the 1997 dodge truck which found a anyone with the information regarding this crime is asked to contact Centre county sheriff's investigations or crime stoppers at 2672111. One of the man accused of killing a semi pro football player in Wichita last summer has been sentenced to life plus thirteen months in prison. A jury convicted Richie Randall junior what you job in May of first degree premeditated murder and criminal discharge of a firearm. In the death of nineteen year old Timothy golden. Cold what's found shot to death and it's apartment in July 2070. He was a tidy and for the Kansas cougars a semi pro team based in what you chop investigators say Randall and two other men to curry Sanders and Larry Tripplett. Fired more than a dozen rounds and Goldman's apartment. Randall won't be eligible for parole until he spends at least fifty years in prison. Sanders and Triplett had not yet been tried in the case Rodney price KN SS news. The airport says McConnell air force base in Wichita will likely receive its first KC 46 air refueling tanker by October. An air force official says flight testing to bring the tanker has been finished. McConnell will be the first base to receive the tanker that uses the Boeing 767 passenger airplane as it airframe. Flight testing for the first delivery was completed July 6 in Seattle. Washington DC metros largest union has overwhelmingly Vito voted to allow its leader to proceed with a strike. Union vice president Raymond Jackson says the workers not only need these negotiations they deserve it. We move this city. We moved this we give up on this known but it's a hundred degrees we're out here every day movement this city. If it's authorized 8000 metro workers could go on strike and it could affect more than 600000. Daily commuters. They were not on their way to a fire it was a unique police pursuit. Imagine all the bells and whistles for this one. Police in northern California chase the stolen fire truck across four counties during the wild high speed pursuit. Lasting two hours the Sacramento metro fire district truck worth about a million dollars the state from the seat of a small grass fire Saturday. The truck was eventually stopped on state route seventy near lake or bill and a man and a woman are under arrest. A fire department spokesman says the truck had to be towed back for extensive repairs. Photos show off from real downer was ran. Tarver Gotti Fox News. Police in Baylor or Kansas or becoming frustrated with the increase in speeders in a construction on 45 street whole side has diverted traffic to the area of Oliver street between 37 and 53 street north. Because of this there's been an increase in traffic speakers and collisions. Delaware police chief Darrel out of Mary says his officers in Britain over hundred Tory high speed tickets since construction began in late may. Despite the forty mile per hour zone speed limit officers have clock drivers is highs 67 in the detour resolved. Speeding especially in detour zones of public safety issue the department has installed extra speed Lewis signs along Oliver and orange flags draw attention to the speed limit. Eller police say they don't want to write tickets but they will be forced to with people ignore the law in UNK in SS news. Now the forecast with Guinness as staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get boring down. Good morning a few isolated thunderstorms are going to be possible just about anywhere today some folks will see no rain at all. Others may get some brief heavy rain would any storm that develops are hi this afternoon close to ninety. Isolated thunderstorms will continue through this evening the overnight low 73 and again if you pop up storms Tuesday with a high ninety I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now we have a cloudy sky with a scattered rain around the which started area 77 a region of northeast wind at nine miles per hour 734 now Steve intent here on a Monday July 16. 2018 and we had scattered rain across central Kansas over the weekend. And brain in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods didn't have each afternoon high temperature yesterday. A toasty 99 degrees but yeah I'm Riverside did tit for about an hour a nice gentle summer. But my son and derby said they got enough that in your community and now I don't. That was that's been very spotty varies by and we have more rain this spotty rain today yeah which diaries funny. A Wyoming city has discovered it's potted plants have literally gone to pot. Officials in Powell believed pranksters planted marijuana seeds in city owned flower pots and spring leading unsuspecting city workers to water and care for them. The Powell Tribune reports city parks and recreation staff knows the unauthorized greenery late last month. While wandering the parts including one not far from the police station it's Seth Rogen movie went public on park superintendent bill Barton says. Workers pulled two plants in June 29 to get into the police. And that was found a couple of days later. And a police chief Roy Eckert believes the plan is signed cultivating in somebody's sense of humor. Have a little joke Dahlia. Yeah get these public pot stated. We'll put flowers in rounds that would never happen in Wichita and in Powell. Wyoming howl and only. Yesterday was the fifteenth of June today's sixteen. And fifties today that died. Try to remember every year because as today I started your Il. On 1970 mark 48 years in the radio July 15 there's starting year number 49. And yeah solar radio started it KWBB. In 1970. Teen summer of seventy suburbs avenue and that's the response. Was there any shag carpeting in the radio station it's not there we had a little in Florida that that first user I worked in was true riff was that it was all some wood paneling not know but it was all. The board if I can describe the console was all these different. Pieces of electronics have been patched together over the years as it goes like Frankenstein's lab gap a little like the Freddy got these lights up there on duke and then I had no I dealers and but I knew enough that the you know I said Boris Said no the Redmond microphone. Start talks you know goal and her nose and thus the career began busts their career. 736 now always Stephen tit ended its time for Monday's with the mayor was Stephen dead. And wished on mayor Jeff Longwell with us is forming a nor'easter. I'm man. Certain someone call you very young man that going to be marked O'Neal or who would have Saul who are CNET Millen no c'mon. I. The potential to be maybe not I don't know nothing. Listened. You hit. That's pretty awesome. A lot last ornery and I juniors and then radio bit about. It shows that I'm not good enough to go to another market intelligence. I'm in the same boat left back area. Mayor of London and one of the things I got to talk to you about today and ask you about that is of in the gulf situation because it can I think you need to know you're gonna open a can of worms and equipment and talked about closing Clapp park but it. And who's been a lot of public input what's what's the status right now what's going. So we don't know though. For sure exactly what can happen in part or recommended steps down class are after this all season. We still think there's some other options. And Oregon are used some of those. There we really don't area we need to ask some conversation. Look in another option. Yeah. Maybe make some kind of design changes out there that might inspire. Away. In new didn't regret simply. Amber ties or golf courses. Over the last year's richest year people playing ball. You know. As opposed to within anyway. So don't. Over the weekend my wife and I were we drove right down Douglas right now for the middle of town. Now one day and it was it was fund them and new construction don't net debt cargo buildings also. And new construction people were out have a great time in old town and over the -- we drove right east of the east to west aggressive and it's pretty exciting down and got a good story itself. An enemy now how much trapped people trapped excuse be now. Even without their Vietnamese and down amnesty gambling is walking. Douglas or corporate or court door and around Latino. There's certainly are more Stanley friendly option now than there were a few years ago when. And you can't union investment that remain in the court course cities and I and I'm excited about it. Yeah and they and replay outs of these seniors were family and yet that's really. Really nice it to print books can and I did I saw families down there and in it's a place for. You can feel safe thin and in very wholesome atmosphere and a. And that cargo building is going to be absolutely in chairman and I've talked screwed a few weeks back and and it really looked nice they're excited about it will be to recruit people in in the heart of the city and and and it stated we are building and haven't some great opportunities around the area or. Places to live their stance similar in new hires just fill out down out. All right well and again to worst we're still looking at the the ongoing problem or challenge we should say of fining people move in here take all the jobs and we're just out their dangle like. Like where DeLeon of official there. I needs of people. It's not quite that now. Chartered which are currently. Being talent to come back which I thought we aren't any clearer pretty good game plan and urged. Right so again as I know this is not your area but the it's amazing we're I'm we're talking about. Rash of drownings and Oklahoma had to over the weekend here in the which type area. I'm man drowning in it one in the pool one related in this area. Well he's known what can you say that's just amazing to me. I guess people look to know that they know where the life preservers for their around legs I economic I'm a pretty good swimmer I think I'd say keep that like Bergeron roles I'm recently getting. They have typically in an on and you know those. People dependent children and adult beverages. And hang out of the water probably not a great combination of you don't have your life as a crime that out where that same way when you're unlike what are going. Come across that and it's just that good they've practiced and people liked on. All right one last question and that is winner re going to have affiliated baseball in town has myth and she got some new details today. Detonated doctor. Built like. Will have some great news we're hopeful the suit. I have just finished a book by Keith Hernandez who does great Major League Baseball player. After the cardinals and Mets is you and Denny was on site fell that was as and even he is bookie he has a lot of their about debt when he plays Tulsa. Playing against the which time Eros and what a great team we have with a which the tire goes back and back in the day itself right. Kind of fun to read about that the rumor the arrows and when they started. I am. I affiliated baseball bring it back bring it to. Brand based Altria. You know obviously we get to take care of that and you burst and that. There's just not a whole lot and they've there or jemaah. It's more tired than you. Real. Well outlook. It got me but it. Remember I am a registered voter. Oh. Thank you mr. mayor we. As always we. We appreciate your time in your insight and ninety whenever I think you sir except that reported in the in this. Mondays with the mayor Ed Ludlow gets one at least now one Nolan now he knows very good 742 now Stevenson coming up. Editor bill brought the which does business don't talk about a huge show this week in Stephens in the morning on K and assess.