Wichita Force at Duke City Gladiators 06-16-18

Saturday, June 16th

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This is Wichita force football. Usually coliseum opened in 1957. Is the thanks for tonight's champions indoor football post round playoff game. Hello everyone I'm Sean Boston great to have you along with night broadcast where he may be listening on K events as radio. The home for which itself forced into a football sentence under is our producer and it here back in widgets on studio. It's nice pregame show is brought to you by Portland corn growers are proud sponsors of Wichita horse football all season long. Well folks we have reached the end of the regular season. Twelve games behind us over 5000 miles travel. He had video force Kevin tonight's game with 840 record they would take on beat duke city gladiators here. And their whole coliseum the Cebu coliseum. In Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tonight first round keeping it to a football playoff game. It what these few teams have already met three tie seated including once last week. And it's either they're familiar with each other and the city of want all three of matchup so far. Which itself is sure enough to become the first team to ever lose four times to be team. Yeah and the CAF. Schedule. And force have a great opportunity night to pull off. The upset over the number one seed. In that these guys have dictated to gladiators a few city which itself or lost by seven last week and then they start off little rocky bodies. Tour that's just before their final five drives. Q hopefully you're small bit of its view tonight's game console on the players. They talked about how they are doing doing very comfortable with where they're at right now if you of their forwarding record puts a lot of guys. On this team believe that this team. It makes in the weeks here in the playoff finals are tonight you're in about fifteen minutes we'll have to come here from Albuquerque, New Mexico beautiful weather outside of 65 degrees. In the overcast all day long we have some rain off and on throughout the day yes raid into the great southwest doesn't happen very often. We've got the second rain shower. This year. That says gruesome actually significant amount grateful outside. Fans or continue to college here had to recall you have got a great crowd but not a factor audience but. What was the duke city fans it's their first time that there are hosting AC I have playoff game last year. Video loss in the post round at Amarillo seven to 41 in the previous two years they cannot qualify for the playoffs which itself. They are making their third trip to India for years. Four year history of the CIA effort which itself this last year was at 75 record but got it acuity forty record. 2016 of the fortune one the kid people to do with a twelve to two record and it would eight and five. It 2015 the inaugural season. The CIA these few teams last bit of aren't met three sides of the grid iron to see that. Why is it with its own lives here in Albuquerque event last matchup. Here now are between these two teams back on March will be more than a lot has changed instead. What time will live up at work here are created show brought you back on the court gallery and whether speak. The heat is rough behind rough behind the better quarterback. It's good for safely here in the team we coliseum in Albuquerque is not played here as well as a lot of these other players because you to easily been around for years. And we'll see what happens here tonight. We will take a break and come back with work on our Hartley cooling got a reprieve truth and which are forced into a couple. I'm 97 in thirteen 33 and assess. 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Let's rank amateurs but there is only all want to know who want full and normal original you know I'm. How does the man who started it all gets the award winning surreal and burning exciting evening. Increasingly popular Rush Limbaugh. We don't need any help. Nine and thirteen thirty an SS. Explaining the logic of the last. The last strategic and that's using that term mayor real. An agreement then here and you may. We'll watch it while lack thereof of. That's the reality we live at. We are here illegally should benefit from. Hands and you must be erased evenings at five. Thirteen thirty. Jane SS. The first meeting. Soaring needs in my meeting was chairman Kim who would know about this it's him the next meeting ready to meet chairman Kim who else. Happening right here meetings every day more and more join us as we gathered together the latest update. Thirty minutes past this sale would mean less than just sex. Historic meeting. We should tell us number one talk. As far as living driving weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. It Albuquerque, New Mexico great tag along for tonight's broadcast on Qaeda says John buster which you. From tee in the coliseum on the New Mexico State fairgrounds. Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We're tonight's champions into a football playoff game around the number one is not coming set and we'll go live look at the other games going on. It BC SU playoffs when they've already of progress in Salina. And the liberty I agree record number one overall seed in the north division. All over the Bismarck but so for fourteen nothing that would these early in the first quarter already fourteen point put up by. The liberty keep going on tonight is SimCity. He added quad cities that will be a six holes several high pick up. You Davis haven't got his green paper policy that's been really good game here in Sioux City. As in on the south side the winner this thing will take on the winner of Amarillo. Texas the next game Bobby played until Monday. A night so the winner of this game. Want to wait a few days to find a next week and it can hear of me full affect of the background. About so it's definitely just that are National Anthem before buying eight trumpet player. Albuquerque. We set. Severe we have a lot as superheroes because that we see Flash Gordon have robbed at bat man. Who thought. School shivers. And all the everything they've got pretty much what who have been out there as well. Did bring up a great crowd here is that it seemed the couple you had a curious what kind of crowd we're gonna get tonight if that person. Time did you city has hosted a playoff game it and here we are here history here has the gladiators. Which itself has said they're familiar with the playoffs. Third appearance in the four year history of the CAF itself last year but they're back here. It last year they had a 75 record it's now been here 848 record but god did eight team playoff this year instead. Six which is that which it has big here. It did down the road with Abigail for. Yes I'll book the coliseum as. Our people it's really brought down by members of the Albuquerque police department at the brutal Leo can they deport me. Here telling down the year. Wrote here that it's. Don't ask does it feel it coming from the top we practice this guy what David is that this guy that kind of scary out there. He seems that your doctor Gary Solis as they do it from workplaces though there are excited to be here and and get things started bringing it down the game bull. We're at tonight's first round playoff game. We'll go ahead pick one more break and come back with football they captives are about to head out to mayfield will come back we have. They are keys that game and football on the other side if they have which itself a duke city coming up. 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Right now the teams the captives for both teams are out on the field as he gets it where are pointing us in. It's not if they get the ball berth which they have done civil ten season. Didn't want to put some more with that within just three pointers or arsenals the awful. It's an over the top deferred and Steve with the offers. Received word. If you go you've heard it right there is which it's not hold up that topic did and it will be football we're. But let me tell you step for step. With time score first in eleven of twelve games this season. Which have they did it look at Amarillo. Back in late April. But the forest. There were seven the eleventh game which. So obviously which dog is gonna be put them point seven we're trying to do think it could be. Disease defense it cents. And we if you get one night hoops. Great curriculum here. That could happen with reports of where to keep that simple for you have to do a fuel efficient yet he never went over royalty on their home for. And their lack of home Jersey black. With the it's way it's over him down the sad thing. That's like number. Reflects ribs gladiator browser yes black helmets. We phase two which right now on the middle by the year over on the right side were probably. On the left side with god is the road like. We'll we'll we'll both guys. Albuquerque, New Mexico. If the food this guy hopefully up. Which you know if you city. If Tina to pick it up this whole big group. 650. Pound kicker. We're glad you're here who are here a lot of good things we're the best in the league and he after he'd got the play with the black sleeve on his right guard. Gathered speed up back seat to receive edwards' rib. For. The course fit you very dangerous return man. Averaging nineteen point seven. But yard return if that little lie to a quick kick it's that the typical light up the bill Felix got Democrats at one point five. You're criticized groups in territory down to the nineteen yard line. And return here by Edward Smith to set things up posted ten which itself. You think let your territory. So you Rico which conference out on the field for the post at night. Under the direction of quarterback rocky nights when the best in the week. Played his college football and it will be in Las Vegas that few poor. Well we're right now. I mean that shot information you get the tale wedding who just acquired last week. To his right side trips that website I think that made a motion got jump at the law. And flag flying of the error. If there's a good get together here. It'll look like it was duke city. And they've been met Muster up the middle. Those yards for duke city we'll see what our colleagues. It is outside the unmet month. Former which sounds wild here which is now fourth player played his college football at Texas they'd have to find out where it. Really give brief NFL season and also in this you fail try else. And help boost it five widgets are at the fourteen yard night. Young threw jacket formation like it's now what is right now it's been emotional website we'll step two step job. Through the cross got yelled down to the pin normal life. Had to be close to a foot jump in market capital letters. On a quick pass for. Rocky times that the out across the bill to bring up second down and watch. Since second one coming. This package that the guys in the huddle. It's got to kill within two with Wright said he talent spread out wide left. Also Charles Johnson and Maurice you know now they go Rocha. Nights with nasty guy yelled at me incomplete. No could not hold onto it and let's go to the right. In a bowl quickly brings up for a film that won it. For the force. Which is not on third down if you didn't struggle for thirty corporate this. I would rate that is nine yeah yeah yeah. Here's a big third down opportunity. For the force on the whole drive of the day. At eleven yard line the need to get to the fear it either their shotgun formation watch for him to just kind of sneak this one. Good handoff to Lindsay but winds up first with a had enough. Where it was still garbage that's I think he's gonna get flagged for a little false start. That is the home. Those are the third wanted to brush back up to 36. Always resting after sixteen yard line. Duke city. Which it now moving left to right here in our fourth quarter play. That is home to the north. You'll go that direction it. Is behind me do the east but they read it if the Albuquerque delta force draft. And shot information to the right side lobes that picks it up and throw it down the middle he's got this being a complete its relentless. What don't I flies and average though for now. Officials right there is a business or fearful. It was two leading into the backfield with Edwards what were fat. And pushed into the ground and he could not tell us has appeared that brings up Brett. After a failed to keep it Google which is going to be. 831 yard except for Mathis. With his ankle bowed out with. Did you could snap good hold back his stick on the way it is aids good split yep rights. Retton at this it's and a forced the ruling nothing. After the field goal. Let the map. It's not six feet. We have to leave you with the eleven if you want to go in her first quarter but once it is the worst if you balance this. The seven point that they would like to kids. Which does. Replays yeah three yards. It happens settles with the masters. 31 yard field goal. 1151 to go you know they were here. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Now masters hasn't teed up you keep from our left to right. Speed. Dangerous. Still Davis that people talk about him more with the city it's on office you'll hear his name alive tonight hey experience. Quick speedy young man. Mathis. Now if you did move the ball. In tila. Mathis tripped over the carpet about how over for the game he failed to the ground. Which it is April. Better now that last hour. That's now in that heat up the locate good balance officer. David can pick up at the goal line David the on the Beers tonight. Block in the back there about critical it. Hands. Johnson was hit and had to say it was in the shoulder. Johnson with his idealistic sits near the fifteen yard line and that's where the city will have it for Cynthia that. At the girl fifteen yard line. So Caleb Holbrooke the quarterback. Portland city when the events in the week and build six touchdowns it cupid last three games including six last week. Acute which it. She said stuff looks left now looks right he's got a man is not near the side wall. Data five. On the pass out to JaJuan Lewis. Holbrooke on the sees it. Has completed 50% for. But it throws it to the last eleven games. It will be sacked six times this season. If a lot of credit to the foul line as well as Holbrooke but for those who can't get to switch on defense got that playing a lot of pressure here on. Holbrooke purely on fuel left now prove that he's got Davis and Davis goes flying LP. Gates and it is on the which are sideline but David was often hit. But throughout Kelly. We gonna move the chains posted kid coming up Purdue at City Hall is resting. At midfield. Lane continue to fall outside. Which rose got a roof over their Brooklyn Jack it will make you doubtless too right here's the handoff to Johnson rubble right cited he has bet it's wrong. Down behind the line of scrimmage by Michael wells. Cedric Johnson on the U three from the left side to the right side of the fuel Michael wealthy home games. Johnson to the cure for him off of through. Happily the second damaged well. Back in the city territory at their own 43 yard night. Oprah cubism and emotion it. It's just that brief if not brutal price tag is get his command is it is dropped to one Lewis. Started running before it happened football that's gonna bring up third down a ball border city. I honestly think you city. Hayes. Don't want at 77. We're seeing. Sixth in the league. Hopefully it's not good stuff from here. Fifty backfield. We'll Holbrooke got no right that's next to a few pulls off the rise you've got through it up for grabs is a complete. But there's a flat lying on the field and it's good beyoncé I think gift which itself. I should go jays record your view but one of the guys affronts. Got off to a quick start. Referee's microphone staff working. Signifies that it was. Well sag time which it down and I'll bring up third downs in about savitch. They're seventh heaven forbid city moving. For a right to left in the first quarter three nothing which it's not over the past looks right below the yellow tape with incomplete. Not the way like Kendrick harper the rhetoric knocks it away from the little download David's and it goes through it with the in the ascendancy. And I'll bring up fourth down. And they're gonna go forward. Just like they did last week. They didn't go well it worked out pork and separate all its resting at that warning to guard lineup which itself. Three nothing which it's not. Hope we're their kid if you got through. Four receivers can spread out the side of a what's that will Brooke hasn't Wright said Eric complete and can't ever Phillip Davis in which attacking that power abroad delves. Next up they are what which the kids. And the fourth thing at that have made this trip here Albuquerque at about medical. Regular bills being excited birdied speaks out there about which it does he fit. And we will fits me great 811 to go here in the first quarter play if we can tap three Cincinnati zero you're looking. If you were to top political football ungodly seven into. Including Qaeda. The. 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It's a post round. From rock behind it shoot Charles Johnson. Seeks to wide receiver. Arab southwest Baptist. Comes up with a first down ground. The widget John Hagee posted king at the duke sitting seventeen yard line. But it city defense that is really good. Here. It's apathy. League is pretty much every deepen the category I do shaft it will make it into evacuated. Quick fire over Smith Smith with the Gramm actually zero hill it instead of fifteen. Counted her Xena picked up before around for a staff. Since struggled last week but he traditional. Instead itself it really traditional. Quartet count on quarterfinals by the eyes of the game. Right now. Story of Google there for Saturday game and now knocking over the city tour here sic it down fourteen yard and if you city. Kind to him right he's got Johnson Johnson with the grab inside their kids. And can be closed the doors down more for there to give it to a another post count that yeah. From rocky hinds at Charles Johnson's. And how would you tell us is really knocked on the gladiators doorstep. It's been clear plastic hole I hit eight yard line of the gladiator. Which itself wanted to come out get a quick story. They have a three and nothing Lee. Is tonight Marie's young toothless night. Right she sits up looks right now it's that when the pocket he could take it but it's the fight. Medical when you're the man. We can't touch still recognized. Rocky and I think they're on the right side he skipped the pocket when he felt pressure. It takes a bit more it which it's not touched down from the eight yard line. Nine nothing force. In that BAT's by Greg Mathis. Let the broom after it. And as the holder. What's that Google to come away from after thieves through. In which itself. Now we've seen him say hey that's not to use it in the CI AF him up thing. Here we are 501 to go for the first quarter. If you can coach that make Vermont state is fearing a good players. But they've had premier. Because believe what I have a paper plate right now. Hit a lot of credit to rocky times. He would pretty much you're defeated night. To a great job so far. So I don't want to go in our first quarter players which account for any duke city but there. Now with the giants scored. Six of the last seven giants tickets fifty city team. Britain mapped it will do see it up pick from left to right with the kids. But I need. All of our lefties couple balance the healthiest. Good crowd here obviously for fair play a game here in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the fairgrounds for the moment to speak there. We hope later this year in fifth super. Told Steve has posted really innovative throughout the years and contacted about the food and David. Have came here and played. And this theory over the coals feel a hundred Elvis Presley. Kids. These heats up in more at this low kick on the tour. And if you'll by David with a five due on the left side still in the field crowd of forty point five days have been really great about it but it junk territory. At that point one yard line. For the best field position. Good diversity we'll have received it. Moving the right to left in the first quarter. Always dressing up the left hash at the 41. Available rookie company back out here for fifty to go opening quarter. Holbrooke in shock information. Maybe that Helio Gil hit up. In the markets car with a big play a game new line. On the way to clear of fruits. Carleton say. They're actually given you wanna play. Well especially at the ninety. Holbrooke again. In the in the that formation. Of snapple group rolled out to right through that door got the feeling is hot on the pool. We'll work it into the infield and an apartment pleading that he would have a panel. That's ridiculous. It's worked for Jerry O war. Andy you picked up a couple of weeks ago at a peak. Night last. Weekend against Wichita three touchdown passes. Period Thursday. The story about an old boys. He grew up. He had a Mississippi. That it was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. Major League Baseball draft out of high school in 2004. Went on to play baseball. And homes community college in Mississippi. And then. Played. The other nationally university division two program. It is. Also who's played baseball only seven of the backing of football in this way. Both baseball and football for the clintons. Southern history at the end. Went on to play football. At its. Mid American masquerade. In his one year there was. In AI all Americans. Really throughout every statistical categories they just played in every game ever since. For a night ago here in our fourth quarter play now which you cannot stand it you city seventh. Futures tour. And they do we'll have a C and kicked out. You Edwards Griffin drew Kelly back the. I was eight to play 41. Yard drive. For a few cities. They do. Hadn't teed up. Smith and Kelly both standing. Inside the five yard line of which it's not. Still waiting for the kid may do. Approaches the ball is doing and offered Joseph humor and out of bounds or just what are your lives. So original haven't for it to end after all what are now downfield with the issues. We'll see what you can do for me to score a touchdown on the last night. In the previous guy. Wasn't cool they've scored on to your defense tonight. We'll have exclusive 10 April 20 yard line. And there were minutes ago you know opening quarter of play. Who's your own actions may have playoffs. Nice because now. Get back to Patrick wrote it. After you've been handed down by the former widgets forces in wild player that mosque. And my 600 or six foot or 275 pounder and the Texas David university. Way to go to quote. And Southern California. Killed within fifty yards behind rocky. It down to Mikhail we've thrown right side and he could be hit hard at this when he went up your mind here to the flag but again. Click the play on the umpires room behind the only way. In the area of holding. It's going to be on which time because you referee Jackie Q. Johnny contribute very little things. You can do anything for the back. There shooting you back. It's going on the floor. Rivers might have a student working. As could bring a second down now sickened in the long coming up for the force. All these resting at thirteen yard line. They've got to give it to the New York City one yard line. It's going to be a second down if one coming up. Secondly what it would of course be left right and opening quarter. Science empty back field. Two receivers to have left and right. Smith in lives who we emotion they do so right now I it looks left noted cop idea on the left words you're the one yard line. Since they're gonna market near the eighteen yard line. From the actual pick up on second down to bring a third down in twelfth pick it was eighth. On the second down play. Whether this will take on the winner of Camarillo in Texas. Next weekend. Time. Continue to be determined. We hear me they're going availability of the arena. Highs lows now except it's got very deep. Drought doesn't cut it could appear quiet but you don't poor's. You yard strike from rocky hinds as our own children. In the force. Now leads by 916. To seven. What do balls roll there by Iraqi half way through Charles Johnson you really looked up tonight. And that kind of force that's been out. This on with a PH city. Good snap good hold Matthews who is good to hear from the flag. The only kid from the umpire. Officials gonna get together. But right now school were showing 77. Which it's not. Big city defense out on the field. Now than it had often. I should be here. You know let the legal defense told us duke city. Billy has declined in the result Americans think it's good. So widgets out seventy it. And at duke city. Seven with 159 to go in our first quarter of play. And I hate that starts tonight always which itself. Objects. County superheroes now on the field you'll. If entertainment. Six superhero night. And team coliseum here now her. If she's other stores doing none of these guys have playoff avail north division. It is a line at the top speed reading Bismarck 34 nights seeing what's it mean to go in the second quarter. The other team tonight is that good or between the PC three and three seed him seeded. Sioux City hosting quad cities that is 77 after one quarter. Keep an eye on those games even though it won't really affected me thankfully on the right now because. You're gonna have to win tonight and hit. We're next weekend you beat heat with a with the witnesses put the south division. And these champions call. Champions more than once you bring in our floor. This work here is the champion pulled Wichita. In the playoffs. Is through what ones overall. The last. Appearance in the playoffs within 2006 did what they've won 4845 over Amarillo. And championed school number you. It would help or maybe their first few people title. The program history. Texas has the best record. In the playoffs in the four year three plus years pay it forward through world. When you win last year in the championship. It's one gimme field it and. Taken out near the fifty yard line. It was clear roads in and out of bounds and will be posted soon duke city. Market before seen. In city. Who's down in San moving right to left which it's not leading 77. His attitude meant to go to our first quarter play. Few that would shot deep it's become a quick. It's it is scored on the last drive off. Over played his. College football at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. On highway fifty or. Good 54. Across the middle is an icon played roads. That's revolt Ruth who wrote that your mayfield good marker right at that we've by your willingness. I speak on first down the gladiators. Try to get up the line delivery. Are ridiculous who quarter. Holbrooke if that looks right wolf left of Scott the government said that it no more no more dedicated setup find. I drove Kelly. You know war is still went to the market. Habits and your life. Boosting gold big city. After which is telling you lose your mind. Few can elect to. Kind of rude in the fortieth quarter. You'll have to which judges who would do today right back at. Holbrooke is understood our. Handout to rise it's Louis Louis gonna watch this. While Lewis and every service university gets hit when they can. Which tested a hold onto a Q school week. We're very long. It is now separate team. You were thirteen penny if PAC but they do. And he has been pretty clutch throughout the season. Rightfully kicker. From Hawaii. It's kind of lined up. And key of course gonna call time out. It was still thirteen second on the play clock. But Holbrook. Calls a time out. It won the fate ends. Yelling out route you're really telling aides had found a PHC. Holbrooke don't know exactly who coached for months that he's. Echoed the rest of flavors slowly sort of walked over that way toward feet you've city. Did which is located. Let's decide. The arena. Directly across from the I met. They have opened that opened up at day 57. Good. Big difference young performer throughout the years. About a year terrible. My little kid. Do you think you get up to snap there was no clear they had real. We don't often. Frazier has seen. Eight and if panel appeal. Over the board looks and they do. That's right hit the a coach that's good holdings kick. Good. Now has 1714. After the Yankees debut with. Point one seconds ago. You know first quarter thanks rusty by Italy citing company. Which is now food football. When Hillary. Maximum amount to. They gave voters Johnson's door at dinner he and to a hotel good restaurant. Poll found bunkers that we. Indoor football team. We'll think on 97 or killing birdies. Your radio online and I think it's just regular dot com or even. The U radioed back to come back. I'll put it. You're in the in the regular desktop Mac. If you haven't figured hey. May you. You give up Edwards biffle drove really bad beat Purdue forward if Kelly is now. Pick your own. Influence. Missed. 41 seconds ago. An effort we're live with top seventy cute kitty fourteen. Retraction of the CIA playoffs. Here team with no fear. Albuquerque new Mexico City and over and picked. Except killing four yards he is going to come out infield in hit back and they get very far and near the fight going store to free. Near the team your lawyers. We'll tell you look like he usually pops. And about the war on. But seven health. Voters just beat up near the thin. You'll market happened nice food to CNN we'll which it's not approve nine yard night. Did David get a playoff in this in the quarter. And so that's gonna do for a person who replaced. As of widgets wolf take a 1714. Lead going into former number two here is the front of the champions indoor football playoffs. You're listening to right here on 97 through June 30 and it doesn't come back with quantum Q after the break. Spring is here and John Gardner Brady had. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners can stop all the everything you need your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Two occasions when that north and west thirteenth and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do both current groove. Real so good you're sure bill like it's easy getaway gift card from Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card design. Pick up and to most famous pizza or chicken that lives on in Munich I think. That's the wrong you can take the excuse to get yourself a settlement troops. Who who enjoy losing millions. On decent open convicted him. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have credit. We understand. Because we've financial future not his weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Force medical bills were many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash voters start home. Join us more things right here on K. And as fast. Do. Is headed your way from taking polls give in Albuquerque director of John Voss with your. For a New Mexico sentenced under these economic benefit studio in which it's. Horse leading seventeen fortune over the top overall seed in the playoffs if that would have played a big asset. Is it completely throughout Kelly noted that there was no pastor spiritual and still with all the clicks off when you're. Stay right there reform of the way. Everybody their hands in the air. Yelling at the headlines read which is right here in front of life. I'll bring up second bills being hit in which it's not knowing your love which are moving right to left. Here in Hoover never to. What's on got to go out. Q any Timothy Lee. It's been battle back you're actually Johnson Johnson. Trying to pass this defender place. John intelligent. It's about you know taking it to do you couldn't really fearful that here for Charles Johnson. He took the road down. And seven coming up with a force. In Wichita tonight. 01 on third down which you three red ferret. Through three on third down. They can do here. Globe staff I think that we've got dumped in young across the fifth period. Yeah these seventeen yard line and it's gonna bring a fourth down there. Felt sue. And Greg Mathis is gonna come out. It's. But Lawny port. More smaller. Points out in sensitivity because it's still hard to kick from this range because series they have. Belongings. Standard would take you down. The top of the coliseum. And so. Kicking up rough or right now. After we keep you from his own ten yard line that's going to be impossible. To give up. He kicks it. Out of bounds. We received. That goes about where there are more. Headlines in walking and they're gonna market. At the fighting and here's the pins on the football frothy pool lied before when out of balance. If more smaller attack in the headlines but here on the near side of life. Andy demonstrate this city can be stored at the old fives. So favorable wherefore their force. Won't being seeing coming up were you sitting. The food drive which I thought about putting. Points on the scoreboard. You know corporate junket formations and rise in gold line. That was the right shots at them. Paul Brooks into the pocket but Vicki on the field has got Phillip Davis Davis did complete green coverage that the they. Kendrick harper as well as ever great. And dale Davis. So yeah early on you hear a lot about him tonight and really has not been at all. Put the numbers he has put up against which not a season are remarkable. Davis. As over a hundred all purpose yards it hit an Olympic Games it. You've seen it played. And he's put up. 300 receiving yards against Wichita. 155 kick return yards if people if bathroom Holbrooke is thrown. Into the ground he had a man open. That would tear fell more deeply target. But those who would on the same page it quickly goes back to each other noble but run there they don't bring up or down the urban kid coming up. Always still resting at the five yard line on the right hash this city moving left to life. You cities is over one tonight author. We'll go into the huddle you know play one. That. You know we've done both it is. Late. Actually on the right are liked how hate him for his waits for staff who were both right that's what poppy good to have it run and you get a go wherever your audience wanted it to helmet hit. But. And I work its order that would balance in its market orders to report damage to a we're into coming out and Gypsies and go forward Paul at their own thirteen and you hit that fifty. Your workout. Well Brooke after you complete the rate jumped the route it in complete posting to it went down that completing thirteen yard line. Huge play there about the 45 the second time tonight that they have stopped. Duke Singapore fell. Now which itself. With excellent field but his position. Paul lefty gladiator thirteen yard line. It's not a right hash in the. We're shoppers back out on the field. Score will be used for the fourth office. Second quarter brushing my bathroom. Kinds two receivers led to receivers right. Went down two receivers on the right side the reality that he'll win the. And that he's got to get time out it played Margaret downforce that it's. Not everybody knew exactly what was going time. Good words burn their first time now it's okay. Yeah. He would they draw up here. They'll be facing East Coast and CNET after thirteen yard line. You city. 1048 to go yeah hour. Second. Quarter. I hear I think we've told you about. Repeat of Mexico. What which got to do here at least 74 feet. Have a great. Opposition here. If you polled foretell who Colombia struggled. With this kind of field position. Troubled mightily in the reds who have. 57%. But the guys in the red zone. It was a points. My jacket formation two receivers left and right if you back a little stamp hides. Right across a little bit at diving interception but it's still play the. Williams did. Gold. To live well. It made me phenomenal dad's. Though with the town I kid. Would create their position. Who took over. Which are now there's seven turnover against duke city this season. Counting rounds through a game against this why is Steve. In their first up tonight. Are terrible by any team tonight. It turned around out of my future is and that's why. The good down to a lab today. It's reports young didn't do their haircut and will former Shah who have been up. Yeah they're behind the ball over play action pass looks right good tip of the pocket it. Again that's actually the CI effort to protect it would look at him go. Receiving more outside and filled and I quickly thinking a lot out of me. Ultimately you wall huge. The exact master but that's the thing happening and yeah. Always resting at the one yard line if nukes they now that brings up second round of eight city. Coming up with a plan years. It is sad. Number. See we're giving gifts. Over. Into the Rockies yet and already wrote we've got a very good Elmore. No more. It's out of bounds. And three up. Threw down a very short. You're down in about a yard. Coming up on third down force in the third down. Consider moving left to right here in order number two. Ten minutes still here. In the first half. Like clocked at home in exploded this now on the sixth. Over Iverson. They're down here's the handout right at the middle. Go to Louis JaJuan Lewis has really bad and Lewis will be three yards on the road down a ticket for sale. The light and dark. Who's it profits warning posted seed the city. And you with quirky. If city 41 yard by. Holbrooke now a shot information. Phillip Davis look for him on this wife. Deep threat for this goofy outfits. Over what was it across know it's got David David across the middle and he loses a balanced. Yeah if you pick it up none. At all it's because the state. I think that. It's a night. That library. To move between good. It's a real check it out and about your. And without saying which I'm gonna burn a timeout. So Wichita uses their second time out. Just another evening and both of them have came here in the second quarter. Last pass was to go David good record with place. What scribbled a play and they give it to him. It's Phillip Davis. Talked about it all night long and he fills up every statistical category. Reasonable one in the league east with 85 receiving yards per game. Breaks from one in the league with forty receiving touchdown. He had ranks number one if I have what a 135. All purpose yards. He goes on and apparently. Things that he just racks up. The stats this. 738 to go in our second quarter which itself holding onto a three point lead 1714. First round action of the CIA employee up. Particularly coliseum. In Albuquerque, New Mexico Honda fairgrounds. Excuse me fair. Beautiful paragraphs again a lot of it still be as you can imagine. Artificial turf counters well sensitive grass because of how hot it yeah. Here's the head out. Oddly sweet brother writes I still want anything inside a fifteen yard line it was clear roads. The fifty yard right now. Listen to him. At the court seat. For the gladiators. And they're not the. The county which our doorstep. Over if you backfield. Looks let's go through across the bill is sort of sit and hit it would separate jobs across the middle. Holbrooke thought that was a replay and that's why exactly what you can't as a quarterback assume that the building markers and rolled. And how that plays through college Dexter Davis. On the left side pentagon over the jump. So Holbrooke assume that that's really what we're throwing. Just threw that one short armed his receiver because you've got them free play. But instead of break of sick about it here. Where this play the winner of Amarillo Texas. Next weekend and it's semi final. This you have whales. Holbrooke. It's that we rolled out to right Dallas proxy for the tenth in runs and goes out of bounds. Tito wanted to play for real devoted night. Officials are really give them that. They rates back you say. You need. We're gonna play. You we have to step it. Come up. Woody gladiator. Big city I've moved down one with three woods tells you before. It's just you guys in motion. Profit it was going to be and that's Johnson Johnson is here. From a hung back with him through. And delivering up fourth down after the stop by. Hits that you fill. In the fourth down about three. Always has a seven yard line. Which it's not your city. Trying to tie or take away here on this guy. If you like he'll pull a fourth down no matter where there and even now when the best kickers in the league that year old right foot. In. Corporate jets it will make its fourth down toward port looks right workers who were. Almost got to sack it won't go deep into orbit on the back. Johnson. Has survived that. Smarter. About his braves. Would hold with these things it will go deep in the back to the influence at the Johnson. Comes down with a reception for him around. Philly scored duke sitting. Six points. In a closely tonight. For the gladiator. What a play that I killed Holbrooke had his wife is on the best in the league just makes things happen. Somehow. Every time he sees you escaping the woman sat out seven times on the season. Five of which have cable buys which Todd Davis or Brooke may hold around me they view the eight feet. There was one point six to go and our first half of play. It is now a few city. Leading 2117 it was unfortunate listening to a stop forced into a football and 9713. Thirty Qaeda threat. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to suit your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next to starring amber. Everyone doctors get vaccinated talked about him early batting which patsy you're training and if you've ever wanted to thank you guys. We can make that happen both the largest market after. Professional instructors and I masters and the Wichita area and now have the largest training facility in this gal thought. Of course is he RE heat and birthday her at all. Children and it's been so I have yet but really that's up screams for a visit at that amber wait I think dot com. In the way diving well that's great. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Can out. Sole lone win. George story from coast to coast AM join me weeks knights right here fine tee and that's. Reduce city. Right here now. Leading with it's not 4117. For 46 to go in our food Tampa plays here and round number one at a young age you guys cif playoff. John buffet with you from seeing the whole field in Albuquerque, New Mexico recently along with a knife broadcast. Wherever you read listen I'm in a sense. Hey you. We've kicked out they of wall and got out of balance here with sin just past the ten yard right at the eleven. That's over it's now ruled. At first attempt at the road eleven yard look. Support a half minutes. Remaining. In our first half way. Hear from Albuquerque missteps. At first quarter which now Stewart. Your city 7014 minutes away. Fourth quarter at which it's has outscored duke city and through three quarters played so far. Signs of Jack information into that go low snap tight fix that officer. And flag flying from all different directions. As the best map from the get go. But there were flags flown why. In the years before starting its which now. It was time. Which time. We have seen her. Now with stuff. There have been teams that you feel secure much. Isaac inactive which is not season left hand wipes his foul. It's good that was the right side is god Charles Johnson Johnson is ruled like if horse. Buddy Johnny talented. Glad you're beat but the fact is jumped on the active. Charles Johnson at road for a few yards. Incorporating them down. Great crowd here a hit tonight here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Team he arrived here yesterday yesterday evening around 6 o'clock. Belt tonight 7 o'clock back here Wichita. Staff back to catch you throw that he's got Johnson Johnson with a catch. Seen close to the floor cellmark you'll see the market a particular tool or get a move the chains across that forty but 41 yard line. Carol just to have himself a night. Iraqi handed out of it ever single time rocky right now nine of fifteen. We're 76 yards. Charles Johnson five grad 57 yards. The move which James first of CNN FD 41 yard line. Pines. And if you're with who writes I've Patrick passable mountains that could put the accountability who has got jobs that it Tony it incomplete. Growing unit don't I respect the collective city with really little inflated grades. That fear is double coverage on Charles Johnson. Now it is sick of it to their feet which is not porn what yard line. With Lindsay now with last night. I expect to pass moves right Wilson was right to drove over the Allegheny Allen got a vehicle for me the courtesy he got it. Pick up amounts by evil on second down at the recruitment five. It was almost. Right there on the back field. But he kept him alive today LT Allen for the weekend. Down under a few minutes ago and our boot camp. Two receivers to the right one to left Iraqi. Ice passage DL across its bloody battlegrounds nearly eighteen yard line move the chains. Rocky hangs at the Allen Allen. If you go out of round. Finally stop the clock it. Now we'll be our. Want to read it morning. Still minutes ago here in earth watch half a plate. If you city leading one of what's your view which count towards. Just trying to make some pitcher's night. First up are trying. Not muted T had been beaten fourth time for the single season I want to be here in this particularly. The first team. You can either look overall field. In the first round if he had a playoff. And the warrior who just didn't. Q do you perceive the life and garden beaten three times by his security team good. And it happened in the playoffs. And right now we've seen a great game freak who's half way and some other schools doing. He would be playing off of an influence nice to city and quad city in front line if there's more. Once city's leading through city 1714. Well for me to go in the first half that he is in the city and had. Salon that is hosting fees more and that game is at halftime with a minor league sporting event feet. Hope it looked at his mark. Actions. In the north division. It was it was offered to do that final verdict. Or for pat. You are the second quarter tonight but you're right masked maximum of two equipment. Which itself when. We'll have a food and then. At the duke city eighteen yard by. Who move the ball to left hash down to the right hatch. Hines with Mikhail Lindsay to his rights and it. We've got troops who let's that Edward Smith told Johnson. It Marie's young. Writes it would it down to units got Johnson. Incomplete. Just a little bit over the arms. Charles Johnson. Johnson the big guys so rocky just barely over shot of Johnson. It's listed. At just six with two but he very leave. That alone for us. That time could come down with the. After a rough night. Phone is still at the eighteen yard line. Same formation we just saw. Hi it's looks like he's got a man added Edwards with across the fifteenth here that's inbounds for the nine yard line. And it's going to be closed through a first down. Through market. You can get a call time out there for months today. Asking for timeout. So a timeout thicken there. Lying to the city. Which time tanks he puts him points on the scoreboard here. It would be a good half. Which comes at a great job of tonight up. Really containing tells David he's very electric. Receiver word that he had gotten through many. Big plays tonight. So 46 seconds to go in our first. Half a plate or down in one coming up which town moving right to left. Trips to the right side of rocky Hanks. And Susan emotion with pass a wooded Johnson Johnson said it sit down with a five yard line if Johnson a film did. The defense affected greatly. Good hit on a bright greens lets them move the change first to go with the force. Black continues to run now have to leave it down marker sick person to walk a fine for the force. All of the right hash. It's excellence night. To see if I threw it over to ovaries don't know his hit hard in the cool way in the bounds of the market. Exactly the wallet. Donnie Duncan what day it hits that they are on Marie's young. And here comes the Jumbo package Jed McCarty Chris Pimco killed when the all coming into the game for the courts. Holes at the one that's a horrible spots. The officials gave. They should have been inside the ones that resonate. With the Fred knows that the fought the war. Not a good spot good. Rocky Anderson has got. She's reporting to guard behind a two flat. It's not a big JJ. Won't tell me why you're here until now horse. Is reportedly. From one yard out. In the 43 in the lead. And how about that mr. king recording but yeah I'll never wore. This season with a big man. And now they're pretty good get together because you know clock came up through. Of this. Game clock. And officials there. Back and even look at it. They're giving duke city about 45 extra seconds before. Matt this kid is okay good. No good actually. It's the right. And now what were smaller he's. These periods yet witness. Looking at the game clock. And officials. It's a playoff crews you look at it and making sure. That the clock is. His right mortal or go down the field right now he is about to go off of these official. But anyways right now we're sitting at 42. Here in our first half of play which town with a two point lead now 4341. If the score. Over the duke city gladiators. Big river accident. Room warning your L. There's still plenty of time. Who were your city it was. Points on us who were coming up and it can play. Purely an eight yard drive with a four team play. Not bad at all. Here for the fourth. We've kick is going to be picked up a good thirteen yard line. On the right side of the field. Go to return man believed I was going to be clear roads. It was roads and he takes it inside of which shot territory down nearly. What are your life. If the market right after the morning. So full of kids coming up. Would you consider moving left to right. I hope you stick your the first half. Sixteen seconds. I'm o'clock. You city. Like my accounts yielded just all the players who can do it over to him the most beautiful second half looks flat. Fools out to a right it would across bill picked up. Thank you for corporate. Profits and you're the complete you'll repeat it is down at fifty dollars sneakers harper. They're big interception and it it does not happen very opted from the right or appeal Holbrooke but in the barber the veterans with interception number three this season. And that list interception number five on this either for available this over time if you're Smart quarterback like I said. That sent a horrible decision there. By the quarterback out of Oklahoma Panhandle State University. So which is just gonna have a person can't. Ask the girl fifteen yard line with seven seconds ago. Don't play like this that the into the first half last week. Where Iraqi carry you through would have been. Was tied at the end zone. Since the right size for Iraqi. He's got Maurice Jones who flipped. But snap quick pass over it almost intercepted by Paul Robinson Robinson. Jumped the route. Is it complete. Robinson trying to pick up his former city. Used to play with the force back through. These first few games have be 4018 season that was. Released by the force of it picked up by duke city. Is that a big part of this due to the defense has been so good this season. Played quarterback for. Editors at life got very long hair was down it covers his number actually. Fruits of their ice data give Iraqis a receiver to left. They last played the first half. And you have little to play dead as duke city jumped. In to see full story. While. And I'm not sure how that was on which it's out because. Your city but. Guys up front which have been left and right. Let's three up second down and still will be the last play of the first half the Iraqi it is basically stood at two different brands. We've reviewed so. Which it's not. With eighteen point lead 4340 what is your score. As we approach halftime it Albuquerque, New Mexico first. Round action of the CA a playoffs. I publicly and picked up leverage of the overcrowded rocky six it almost eight disaster. Of an end it there but that will be their first half play abilities will have in the locker room after the end of the play. It has the which John force when he brewing and it gives it Latin players what they want. We come back with our. Terribly poor neighborhoods covered with that caveat here. On the other SATA right utility which itself forced into football and 97 in every day business. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are ready yet. Spring that he outdoors both Johnson location of employing gardeners can stock holder thing you need your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson's garden where you'll also find generation of advice and expertise have mistake we're ready for spring Johnson guards. A few occasions when everything west thirteenth and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do both current guerrilla. So good you're sure bill like it's easy given the gift card from Indians who knows. Since. They can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or chicken beef lasagna. I think there's the all you can take the excuse to get yourself it's amateurs. Who grew into those Italians. On center open Tuesday from. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have credit. We understand. Because we financial future not the history weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. Bjorn news traffic and weather station in 97 and thirteen thirty. Can SS. He wants round of the 2018 cif playoff. In Albuquerque and Briscoe great to have your lungs were nice broadcast and so on busted. Simon suburb is our producer and engineer backing McCain has this studios in which now. And right now you forced. Leading duke city by Stewart 4341. After the first half flavor of the half was which itself. Paul jumped out to me did nothing lead and duke city showed it to together opera's move at which time had a couple big steps. We're. The defense in our pockets of these offers which has become an all season long especially with John achievement which saw. The defense is really kind of buckled down and they've got a great job of containing killed Holbrooke. And Phillip Davis who's kind of guy for each city especially last week. We have some wind killed. Holbrooke played last week with phenomenal he threw six touchdown via supports. And if you're sixty later he's become a great job the first half it was done. Had a really people with much of a line that he is nine and seventeen. Two touchdowns and one interception. But right now it is which is totally playing these two of 4341. And once again whether this will take on the winner of the Amarillo in Texas that he will be played Monday night. And it which scored the winner of this game will play where that game this weekend. Time and location to be conservative in time when the arena of whoever's playing as the availability. Sign of life. Game between Amarillo Texas it is being played until Monday because. From things going on as the emerald city sooner has the big story book. The other the my whole left side of the road side is a lineup with it this marker. Playing right now second half action is why the Salina. Over the book. And half north of Wichita. All I've really tried. Where is your city. In quonset tech game going on in Sioux City. And last we checked wants to do with waiting. Actually. Since it was literally but because their leaders of the game actually and 4424. I certainly don't happen here. Thank you is being played. And what Unix and city people around that game was. Those people who matter until. You can't beat the champions pool championship game and they'll find out you're probably too good clean champion pulled over for. For the fourth season of the CIA out. We'll go ahead and look at that tonight's. It includes an option which itself giving on the board foods. On eight written after 31 yard field which time Patrick football beginning and he had great supervision Edward Smith had a phenomenally accurate that set things up. Which I doubt if that we've just three plays. For three yards. It is. Over three minutes. Put up a three nothing lead over the city with the Clinton 5100. Mathis thirty what you are Google and in which and that speaks out. Defensively. And the answer back with the Rockies had eight yard run where Iraqi stepped up and pocket pulled out was right. And a county until eight yards out capped a five play 48 yards 93 and since point one seconds. You with us forces have nothing age with just over five minutes ago in the first quarter. In less than a minute later the offers. Two cities throughout tiered award nineteen yard reception from the Q&A whole group. Now that you played 21 yards I mean it's 49 seconds. You. Put the gladiators on the scoreboard for the first. And I'm waiting since seven which itself with tornadoes were quarter. More sort of the first quarter has which accounts. What it did rocky times with a beautiful road with you Charles Johnson 33 yards down. It was it replaced her yard and I just over two minutes from Wichita. 77. With 159 year old reporter but with the lord please that was I had. For four veterans who. Two point lead. And then. Duke city if you went back to that school is trying to me. We've played 36 yard drive. I won't lose two yard touchdown run the court duty within 374. Team. We point one seconds to go in the first quarter ended we're required. There was. No action. Until. 46. Quarter would Sedrick Johnson. Nicely at a yard pass when you look at what. These guys play 41 yard drive in almost six minutes up front. Will receive your first half plus it was completely smoothly. The game at that point 115. Teams reported a hey Tim played 39 yard drive and pulled that's 45 seconds. Q what we just got back it was 12 ago. Yeah. GAQ was this club bread and athletes. Received. After thirty minutes of play you'll think he would break the back with more individuals that. It seems that here. The media neighbors have to report gives you which upwards into a football on 97000013. Thirty pain affects. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next to starting number. Everyone doctors do that and it talks about him early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to link. We can make that happen to both the largest and I think after. National structures and act masters and the Wichita area and out of art training facility in Kansas yup locker. Courses and PR ED and birthday for adults children and it opens the eye and yet that is up screams for a visit us at Kaymer wait I think dot com. In the way diving well. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum help the word quickly give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Can out. Dole low lint. Why do you need the local news on your local news because stay informed as stuff that's going on around. Many local news for this city is changing constantly and you wanna be updated old times the information you want us. Travel time to word that I know how to just for the final score is and these. It's severe weather time and what affects me directly to your source for information form which in John. From which you tell the experience of having lived in this city seven and thirteen times local news. Sex. Really great Americans join me. Run king of the coliseum. On the fairgrounds and expose state fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico shot at us with you. Kids and it's under their producer engineer bank it will itself. We have reached halftime here. He would tell horse leading these city but here's my school work. Over 23 to 41 at a very exciting for half of play himself those teams families which still ahead. Eighteen point lead twice in the first half came into the battled back had a a youth we for a little while but what's on his back. And granted that's two point lead heading into half time. Great crowd here on here tonight. We're into a football first name that this city has ever hosted. Me. It to a football coach. It's my ears. Our proceeds night as the number one overall seed with a ten to record fall to look ahead and looking back seat of her tonight. Who counts the city was eight which fell with seventy. With the deaths four of six on third down at night due to be just what report. Which shows that attempted a fourth down. It is your city is one of three. Total plays which he felt when he said play for a 118 yards and your teeth when he finally played a 114 yards. But to tell where it wants to act you know it's heating gives a sack master of the CI AF came up with a huge snacks that we had. The whole group that you're saying is don't want. Yard line and we'll. Vote. Quarterbacks are doing yourself tonight rocky I through one as well and feel Holbrooke. Look at. Possession with John held the ball for its over sixteen minutes. And it's getting have purchased over or just under which she management. Which also had a one fumble but. Luckily a rock behind him just through we'll have individual members. Rocky had fifteen point four passing 114 yards one touchdown and one interceptions. Lucky with one that runs from eight yards. Jay Carney went there. Neither team wise Charles Johnson picked for Sampson had 271 yards. He's fourteen now live with more grant for 42 yards. Marie Johnson catches for nine yards and we're Smith is drove Kelly both would. What Gramm McCain's Edwards threw for ninety yards and drove for three yards. What you can hear opposite field homer ignited a seventeen passing. They were a 181 yards three touchdowns in one exception of cliff roads do. Here for eight yards. While Lewis with Cuba here's where five yards and touchdown. And if you Holbrooke with three carries for. Possibly two yards. Receiving my chaired a war began 59 yards. And aides who were killed Davidson who grabbed recruit team. There's Johnson who catches for twelve yards. Hey that proves once grab for eleven yards. Defensively through the floor leader of the late in the first half. With a total. Six tackles Marcus Carter and philippoussis. Also that. Lot. And it. You can't look me. War of Dexter Davis have a great hitters harper he's a record anything it wanted people to fulfill hero Kelly in these kids. Can't give way to tackle for loss more control with one of the world in Michael Bell's. And also an interception. Thank Kendrick harper. And we'll see if eventually defensively. Fourteenth city. Leading the way it was seven tackles Donnie Duncan also tackles three for Redgrave. It's huge percentage of fifth special teams threat at this point if you feel all. Along with 31 in directory. With extra point. They view towards it city. If the field goal in three of three on exports go to your personality that is. We'll take another break and come back. As you're listening to you which itself forced into a football season that maybe even attack at a court right here and I need seven of thirteen area handsets. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are ready yet. Spring that he outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners can stop all of everything you need your lawn and garden this season and Johnson's garden where you'll also find generation the professional advice and expertise to help you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards posted occasions when that north and west thirteenth and it. Fortunate. Trying to decide what to do both current group. Real world and so good you're sure bill like it's easy get a good card for millions who knows. And they can use their gift card did nine. We'll pick up and to those famous pizza or taking their lives on in Munich I think that's the all you can take the excuse to get yourself personally troops. So women. Who who enjoy those Italian restaurant in central open convicted for. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have credit. We understand. Because we financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online and pay day dash rotor struck home. Over on eighteen. Better be prepared to be rock and shock. Rush Limbaugh all damn right I'm dragging them down deep investigator. Fury eight you rush I have been. On your side. Baron in all of this sounds he left and until June because you have no wind dealing with. I'm 97 and thirteen attorney Jane SS. This is Michael Savage stormy week nights they've done okay. You're I think we told CNN Albuquerque, New Mexico. If these indoor football playoff first round action if we were self worth of the groups that he gladiators. In the fourth leading by two right now 4341. As we are getting sick for our second half full plate. Which is so right now they don't want. Kind of yeah six games. Including the last. It's kinda thing in this game losing streak into city. Your team in June. And once Camarillo. They have. The once beautiful. Really proved a looker there could compete with the numbers everything. It's it's phenomenal about David which you don't attend any chance to get this team this season they play each other three times this in the fourth. You've city where as well read a surprise me. That would tell you go back through with an 823 games and a couple plays there. We stayed out of it looking this girl and last week you look at. But if within. The first thing that he has left. They scored the lifeguard might it is number one your. And they don't want today say they have had a stealth where if Google. It tonight and they'll we're doing what he had on their opening night and eighth against these kind that he death that you could not afford to continue to fume event. Brown became the fifth. You played a team like Houston it that we view people you. Which if it was hanging with these it's through QB he began his finger on every opportunity. Pull back behind it. Didn't give up. I think turnovers look we've worked with on the night your rewards her over. The picked up rocky and incredibly apathy through this. Notebook you look at what we we're back at Rockingham and that example for food or through the best in the league. And right now I think Roddy and he's really feeling it. I have earlier in the caves. You can let's just give me. Excited not do you. Played see that if we didn't fit my final. Championship game. Every single. Last year after missing the playoffs altogether. Giving back this year which doesn't that it makes it the way they they definitely have a field. That you could do that they. Which itself with all the pieces together there's a theory that he had was with him they. Yes every day if you like it but it offers the work people who wouldn't be paid through that worked in the past few who worked it. And against team better. It is good to have some way to account athletes we've got to have at least two of those three. If perhaps it's working right now we're doing it where you are pretty good percent if there's that they that they could change put. Overall it got to be pleased with their captain is looking at that never if that. Hey. You Citi Field their. Obviously 255. Yards a game which got hold of 214. The first half especially. If there's a team that. Led the way we thank you Holbrooke after sixth cut you out of which the last week. It is you always makes things happen in favor of letting. He's about to use that he stepped up its game to arsenal if I am kind of leukemia. These counties may have if you count the backing him don't you just player that. Here's the order breakdown and that's why it was so good at college from the man who think diversity. Is Oklahoma. Was an all American there. Have for. Ruth seventh and you have group over here pelted yards and 63 total touchdowns. In his career. It's me accounted for over seven not after after over itself. And I hear it. Hearing set in the second half action here in. Albuquerque, New Mexico is our third quarter is right you think Johnson's Goldenson. And which don't have to account. View. You today that he gave half over to. Which I'll be picking from right to left. Here is we get. Six who were. Half number two. It's kicking firmer. He ignored this Alpenfels. Pretty deep ever feel like if activated. That's where a lot of the guys and things. That they are. Be big other dolphins game and everybody especially around here. It was not about. And it was not a chance in the kicked off the map as it can be picked by the roads across the 22 defeats and weak side still. The way it's being run down inside. Which it's not here's what you out of its what are your life or his collar. And it's. A hand on him it. Was holding onto roads these undershirt. And it slowed down and put a big return to start things off here in half over to. Gloria speak you speak values for the left to right. All black jerseys. You'll Holbrooke and wipes whose light now hate mail from there. Sort of please fill. You see any right at their field. Three receivers of the Wright said Paul Brooks kept up a hockey through the eighth through this. Well have a balance of about five Europe or five rows deep it. Yes. It's. And to bring a second now. Those account being seen as a warning. Hope refute it is not on the same level he was on last week we've. We're playing in which itself. Through for six touchdowns did. Also rushed for one. If a player to watch him drive it feels it's just human emotion at the right thing to step drops into the pocket. Pocket quickly classes paid for the cook inlet near fifty yard line tripped up like here and gives him. Residual sort of mechanical. Over to god it is not. What a good out you'll fight through that tree or. Take down the fifteenth of every of we were down about six. Holbrooke slowly walking over to the coach he actually wanted. Flip through. Like clock out instead it. And they have different time now. They care what we have the play clock to reset after this year fell off but the officials did not do still play clock. Was winding down under. Five million U kitty finally decided ultimately verdict came out. Sears is about a minute game. You have to pursue. But the real third down and six go to raptors came out. Polish restaurant. Be right. Which tires. They're pretty good the third quarter and it's basically created at the pool reporter with thoughtfully. You know threw it elsewhere 17403. The fourth quarter. It is outscored by three in the third quarter of course he. United sit back before. See what happens here. Over their jobs information up to receivers web site. Pressure coming. It was a deep got a satellite eight complete incentive for pillows Davis. The flags on the play. I think it's a real which does it. Not sure what it was here but we'll see if the referees Mike you're working here. Marcus Carter it was before the legal defense. Football is now eleventh. 33 down at a yard ago. See that the individual who don't coming up. We're big city tonight video or one of four occurred out. He's half the markets to order with a fixed up please sign for extra yards with two on Louis they're running back on the left side. And other flag thrown here. And if it's on which time it. The legal people to get. Marcus Carter. But who flew back to back the legal defense this. Good vehicle failed. First the goal coming up four groups say at that would itself six yard night. Which you know holding on to me you for the 4341. It's under way here are third quarter. 3 I am first round play off today. The team that holds you in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Holbrooke had the past we'll let you go to the corner of the until it completes its hit infertility was. You rate have been ready with the people think Hibbert. If thrown over. Who have killed Davis Davis listed at five foot 765. Pounds. The guy that. Pleaded harper college. Which is good Illinois. Vehicles and Illinois. Balancing Illinois graduate they'll that the hit. Played 41 games there. Over 700 yards receiving. Yardage Holbrooke back to pass through with it it complete yet of an open it. And feel Holbrooke who is not on the same page with his receivers tonight. Here no horse to youth yelled out there ought to have what. Don't bring up through the goal. We're going to pick up. The place at all. All of veteran right hash secure when we're shopping if they can from the waste food they'll. Oprah politically it is batted down at the line of scrimmage markets in order. Repeat itself refused to illegal treatment that he comes up. The middle. What you did there recently that they've got that down and now you've city gonna bring up your. Google you'd. It go to ABC's. Here we have seen it before seven usher. If you're amenable Britain's got into opener was that Davis took off his helmet in frustration and starting goal it. The board over there. Key vote they do secret to her kids have kicker is this is going to be a 42 yard field. Holbrooke is the holder good snap good hold indicate being. So they knew. Put that drew it up right city kids. The city and he's more for the 4423. Good anti bush enacted this view PH team. After authorities touchdown run. He would. Which of office to be here if in fact good enough. Which to tell right now the only guy you want. 44 point threes. You can go. Here it. Your fuel. Make people may group. Really strong. Ready for the future. They who have lined up at what's been. It drills really bad deed to receive. Hey this kid from left to right. Smith is standing at the two yard line. Wipes his. Hands together. With the black Nike gloves. Kate from Mayhew. And over it could go out of the back it's a great job here that's who we go out. To the 45 yard line. That's the field position coming up from Wichita after they whose kick goes out of the back Leoville town hitting the turf. We're getting paid to be established itself. Why did you feel. You can afford to do here. Buffy had to go. You know be better than those. Seen I have the will receive CP. Many other leagues. Rough you've waited. But the best news. And reported there were today. Great stat rat he feels it through to cross the ailment profit one yard line and it gains. Is slow down at me. Eighteen your body your market. For your second down and three. Wichita office. Behind this. Spirit tail flick and that's probably where we play in the NFL to work toward. Yeah for your for a field surgeries. It really slowed down. California originally. The first quarter profit California. We've passed a wordsmith Britain want him to grab a bite at the senior of fifteen yard like they're move effective move the sticks who opposed. The rocky hinds are you looking at where he has been it would be great group to put five through thirty pounder. Graduated from Saint Bernard high school in LA backed four. Let's not surprised we're back to the nation in his senior season Sanford sees any injury. They feel to write me. It's possible an old barricade unit signal that this is where the rest. Of it though fourth class. That really slow down all those different. These villagers on track to pass at the pocket pool with my same route across the middle it got swept across the pipe inside a fight like out of the lane. As reforms which account at victory. Rocky hinds were about to go right through it crosses the bodies. Here come the Jumbo package and again for him filled. She's recorded. Permanently opposites. Can make or being hit account number five foot with a hit. We'll leave it to a blog for him spill. And even someone else you would see it behind him off tonight. According to guard behind. A key holed that the three. According to a today and threw the flag of the play I don't know they flew their standard not. They shouldn't have a list. It was contact. If Murphy. Who are the force try to figure out what exactly happened. We McCarty. Watson did go to beta today. Keep give it to a. OJ is reporting touchdown to reply well the scene before him. And he's followed for a full bore his second rushing touchdown of the night it's one. With a big want the big man. The Qaeda overplayed from the get go is there's all sorts of Ruben apple line. And that's what they blew the whistle but there was no. Who stoppage of play. That's not for the Ph.D. susceptible. It is kick is up they have good. So I went to town brigade police. It is now fully to forty pool with 748. Weeks ago. In our third quarter play. Fell back and forth we go according to the 44 your score. Europe relatively small field in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After McCartney. It's his second rushing touchdown of the night. We're gonna get better bring your run here for big games. Thank you. Doing it and take a break case. We have 738. Killed Beers in the third quarter. Your school which have forced quality in active duty black youth when he pulled we will take a break come back more football room. But African American right after this hockey incidents and. Price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week. Monday through Saturday. 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Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Dole on any plans. In assets. The third quarter. First round please see Oceania. Which itself force leading the gladiators my score 3044730. To get here and upper quarter. But Matt that's what he's not guilty to feel this is the ethical line hopeful that the whole ball loose on the turf. Lot of flying all over the place and that today with this report hasn't and we will see. Bunnies all over the place and happy in this if I don't move is on the bottom of the pile. Which not saying they have it did to Davis when he would have left him. In Marcus Gordon aka announced they would still ahead. Officials have yet to make it is never. You're still trying to pull bodies operator comes a flags in oh my goodness. And officials have not given a signal. That route bubble is it because they do city has. But headlines Minnesota flag and I'm not sure who threw the flag on because. He gets right in all of sports like conduct on which side. It because report yesterday where. Coach more smaller. Give exploration from the headlines read it. It is man looks as you don't which offer with a player for or leave somebody else out of the pile. As a formal. I. That is after whom the fewest. Have been raised with some friends were like Condit was one of the players out of the final. It was going to be forced down duke city Paula that we thought when he three yard right now. We'll remember that later on. Here's the handoff to Lewis. Louis Philadelphia conflict will be elevated fifteen your life could be rocked out with sixty. By Michael bell Chris and Phil. Don't bring up second down. Which still has the team that. Isn't that Dick Pole programming abilities this season. But tonight it seemed like everything I have. All the room which are difficult for more importantly. Able to call for sixty this season coming in tonight it was good to delete. Holbrooke back to pass through the content with the Philippines is that the. It telemetry down instead defied him with a poor regardless. Who killed Davis. So it looks like usage up with the points on the scoreboard after. It is force like on that hole on every race for the bodies out of the final. So now first to go for your city at before. Oprah it's not to lose on the right side Louis Philadelphia airport near the goal line they have. The market down. Insane if you about the war in yorba. JaJuan Lewis. These second goal of the war. Always risen to write hatch told Brooke Anderson has got a big line did. To his right side. Oprah handoff to Lewis try to writes I live. That was hit are balls loose pick up everywhere you go look at Wichita for a full. And officials have nots would show up well with any better because I was a horrible. A bullet wounds. And that is mortal entered throughout the rig count flag. He's got to. That is a horrible call. Any official on the far side appealed to the one who called it. And call illegal people but which sought to. So both inside the world now. So that now there's nothing to challenge because. But it's still early marker. Second in school. Inside the one yard line. Pool reporters that are. Exactly push it forward and you can't. Still the officials have not cold I can see from up here who fit into the market short. And I guarantee. County officials have been together there. This is why the crew for a playoff group. Now there's three officials get together. If not it will have an idea what's going on right now. Other gonna say the test and. So fluid rookie of the one yard now. Taller tucked into his defense. Now they knew coming up with a. It's to break gave floating thirty attack. 441 to go here. In the third quarter. It's that good or may whose kick. 41 go your. In the third quarter. Hole. It's 631. In Wichita. I was one supplier for. It was like contact her. Hold on ever Rafer and we players out of the pine hill and me. The couple there looking cold here. I ended. And right now which does see pitches got to keep your composure back here. And who left there the next guy would probably picked up. But for fluffy offers Dracula here is what supports a school board because right now. Is that big underdog. David tonight. Do you do the life. And do we'll kick it off for far left or right Edwards this vaccine to. The receiver did. We'll throw fill it. Now it is. Did city thirty wanted which itself thirty or 41 ago. Here in the former number three. The fourth round of the 2018 CA a playoffs. Percent at duke city has hosted the playoff game for their history. Or your history of the league. Debut. Approach to the football into the right foot this what does he may go back and you go to another one out the back. And excellence you'll position coming up for which itself ball at midfield. Well for the force office. They do is. Good for the best kickers in the week this season. And it ain't either should tell us that they have for Edward Smith. Or being evening news is that kicking me. As soft as it makes you. So first it seemed to Wichita bullet resting. I have good deals. The chief got the bloody your helmet. And it feels good your midfield logo which don't. Football is the right here. That's. I find back to pass what's left he's got Jo Huber. Quarterback profits what are your life. My children with a draft pick it was six on first down. Help me set it down the board from about. It's effective crime. Come up. Over the course. Paul addressed her below attached. Heinz refuted to move left. I'm very often see a running back told the quarterback I've told not to drive through the through it. Into the crowd. Three up or down. Forward. The report coming up for the force. Always ask the big city nineteen yard I think you get down to the fifty. Do you get a first down and keep this guy for life. Since tickets go on the play clock. To receive left to receivers right. Rocky night. To have right through his got a man Edward Smith but hosted us for behind great defense here. Maybe a little out of Sacramento City College. Came from behind and strip and hold onto the football history afford down and Redknapp has a good amount worthy. Google. We've got a 36 yard fifth. Through security at who were written after the deadly Israeli. This after school they have a way it over and kick in the eighties upping. Good. Read the bill Mathis. Get which job actually 33. Through 31. Slipped your kid to go to European. These third quarter and. And the big kick out there. It's. Which are really being the leader birdied three through 31 and let people through Memphis. In the back of what this seems like Jeter seems able to refute these big hopefully he would not have. It's it's been evacuated. They're figuring there. We're better conclusively. Who drives worth. Food city. No matter what that we have exciting fourth. And he's had we will find out achievement for a few more minutes who is heading into the semis I. Looking over this take on the winner of your rules in Texas packing his feet late Monday night. At 7 PM. Yeah. Other teams going on on the other senate records online everything his mark. And Sioux City hosting. A bigger over his market. Once they saw the country five point lead. Through city. Throughout the playoffs they. In which you felt it. Superhero by. Albuquerque police department in its. The firm Leo county fire department. No word from me. Prior to the game bringing out its. These games fall. Come up with half the team got. If you have a right to left as he goes David's. Were you sitting. That is that a great job of kicking conflict or. It's having a line drive kick and I want he'll invite you to the one yard night modesty coming up profits warning. It brought down at any point one yard plus. They refuse to cover up or. Big city moving left or right qualities 41 yard night. The gladiators. A lot of us different superheroes here tonight. Yep yep and also still made him look over my left camp sees them. You guys get their hair cut the barber shop setup is beyond the the wall. And this southeast corner of the policy of. Holbrooke Jack information soon to fifty. His affidavit to travel outside because we'll walk across midfield filled with the it and finally an illness. Market away at the sixteen yard line. Biggest question of the night. Portillo Davis. Dixie youth football in Wichita territory for sixteen. It's a global flawless on the still would not have picked up. By police in which tells you what's likely bodies around and went to our football after the botched snap. It'll portrait here enough to Phillip Davis and those you're committed to right now each other about who should have a football with him. Which itself football once the Achilles idol. Where do refereed efforts would signal who's coming down the bottom of the twelfth evident way. You rate goes down. With the fumble recovery fourth down which it'll. You to have their homework every earlier. What do it's illegal defects. At night you may just come out with the football. You're counting on the tour. Nobody looks down which is now moving right to left after a woman. Times if you bet you'll. Some receivers left needs you right. I step on it except that the governor Sonny gets Rick didn't own an incomplete but here comes the flag. Big PPI. Loved it cities. Read comics. But distorted. Edward Smith and and it definitely a pass interference. And it's going to be how well that dubious. We've spot Taylor. Through gonna market. Faces a fifteen yard penalty. And that's where it which does not appear outlast us off out here comes another Flacco back about it. New York. And Bustamante. Is going to get flagged him you'd ever want generals he's gone. I know these. A legendary coach of this horse of the woods but it's got to cool his jets over there if you would see this game. I don't know what he was complaining about because that was definitely after appearance. And now back to back fifteen aren't always fortunate city and he is still riding the field judges. Tapes. I'm not sure what his upset about because. No reason to be upset. When his player. Interfere with Edward Smith this time. Those who do which is not a policy with a market is still. More it's going to be excited sit down after eight yard line. They go but it's not happy Yates. 32 seconds ago. Can't the third quarter. This city fans out there free. Which itself lives out of there as well. We get sick. Being alive here with its. I think this. Looks right. Philadelphia got good that you don't hear from another flag Eric Holder. Ed. If we close Johnson would be hello all the way. Right from the official. And that's why Iraqi threw it to Charles because there was no way. That they were not critical that. Now coach Vermont they he's. Yelling at him like me they definitely. Because that gray little told the deepest hole. Now for months at quarterback of the future. He better performance. But he's got to get another one. Now the headlight for that walk through back over. Where he should be. In darn exciting third quarter fifteen more minutes of football heading your way this war. To top 33. And duke sitting there and watch. We'll be back for the fourth quarter right activist who has been with sophomore football on 9713. Marie Qaeda threats. Bring it here and Johnson guards that are ready happened. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stockholder thing you need your lawn and garden this season. And Johnson Gartner you'll also find generations of advice and expertise to help you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards are supposed to locations 27 north and west thirteenth and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So good you're sure bill like it's easy you don't give card from Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or taking their lives on in Munich I mean. That's the wrong you can take the excuse to get yourself that's how many troops. You can. Some women. Who grew into those millions on decent open to date and time. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if you have. This week financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online payday dash rotor struck home. This is Wichita as number one talk. 987 and thirteen thirty K and as. Three quarter story in the book. The law and order. It is different life than one quarter will decide who will move on and who will not in the 2018 CAF. Playoffs without action here for a typical human Albuquerque, New Mexico I'm John busted in this time it's under is a provision here that indicated yesterday. With quarter tonight is right you buy into old Italian restaurant. Moves in gold for what it's not as we get the fourth quarter while the poor girl I consider senator. Here's a hand off the court and according. If there's no way would you have upgraded active through. Sign of the deep respect for critics. It's an event will bring a second debacle. Which does got to be. Excited about other players right now. Second goal output to. Always resting up right. On the visitors got. McCartney behind got. All that's who had gone to James James is going to be brought down by at the line of scrimmage. Now bring up food and fuel. People decided to keep that package you know word. Changed things up. But that didn't. Decided. Like to. Handoff to the party here. It was beautiful love to troops have killed a quarter of the interim report. If you. Touchdown passes he's clinical insight. Information on the receiving support behind a long path if you hit til this group that wants it. Incomplete. That's giving up fourth down and they'll bring out. Written that's the kicker Brett the group Mathis. And we are fourth in school. Fall at the three guard look. It should be good chip shot for methods. Rocky hinds at the holder. Now there's life up to fit this could be in nineteen yard field goal. Good snap good hold Mathis hit his upbringing good. After prove that Sunni. Guess which 846. You 31 bit. But it won't 49 to go. Here is her fourth quarter. Which. 33631. And it's getting underway here in order before. I don't think we've policy. Whether this will. These two winner everywhere in Texas. Through it quick to tell which they'll be heading to the lone star state next weekend no matter who wins that game. If Bristol were Emeril. But for itself which just got to win this game is. Depicted himself. And what it would it would be. At this once again as whereby he. For themselves in the we hear more about how harbor for the kicker. He's now practicing Google. And he was at fifty aid but really five yarder. It is if it feels her fears it's kind of pulled out and there's some thought that the. Openings in the seats and Mathis. Hit legacies. And rolled his ankle. So he was kind of work for a little bit became ill. And they let's hope it won't see you re pretty good job he's done tonight after he was hurt in mountain. Practice a bit more felt a little bit more comfortable when it's just sit him rest upon his. Redick who was good enough for. Thirty kicked off about this with a good one when awfully negative. Valves off the wall inside the fun actually remarkable right at the five that we flew into the city moving right to left hole. At the plate yorba. Feel Holbrooke. It for you city. It's going to be lined up. Two yards deep in the film itself. We've got a boost to his wife got two receivers right now. We'll look at the past fifth of the hot he's gonna throw it in April in the post roll over crowding complete. Which O'Keefe visited a lot of pressure so they needed to do it gets. Oprah but the league quarterbacks in the league. Marie's young Agassi gallon on the which is not so I looked kind of poke poke player. They can feel it. Although he's like you're like second thing. To receive this last two receivers right into that field for Oprah you. Love just now that I have taken out of right now who would have to probably get a wide of the bag. Good feel about that we'll go right up which account. You'll. You know more that is what I was. Wichita last recruit. Saving touchdown. He was that guy that you simply put a baseball. Shafted ideally the Braves in the orbit in the late rounds right out of high school but if you don't play it. He can be acknowledged in his home state of Mississippi. And it went on a plate and it's sort of answering. Play full baseball there. Over the went on to play. What year and mid America. History being. Kansas. I love about Lewis got a few yards in either party slowly get up. Everything was covered for. Fred Russell completed form. Right off the field. Second down. Always open one of which itself. It's to be moving right to left here. We play as it would for the sale. You're in Albuquerque. Corporate it staff. Looks left. He fired the left being it is incomplete. Agitated for the cowboys the front row. You. You can out of their you know Dave wolf ever to your right hand and LA superior football we've left it. To Peru and seven. But when your mind. So that. That's what. All we're seeing right at midfield. Went platinum single digits to a three receivers left. Holbrooke back to pass what's right foot cross built that over the years in the next biggest goes I would be a complete Ed Marcus Carter a kid. Yahoo! although the couple. His second pass deflection of the ninth. Have to bring a fourth down. Operate fifty cities being on the field. With his job experience. It would not be busy this up you want it's evident what it. Holbrooke who receive and left to right which not hidden secrets that passable road course for the inextricably. I doubt whatsoever and I was shot defense comes up and it it's what made you pick. We could soon move full. Paulson did. I've grown to what are your life. 9 minutes and I am sick of remain. New stuff. I'd have to work this out. Tough times. Rakes they hope he's going to be back do you receiver right to that. Get your confidence made the play solid Hubert truth right. Cases that looks left foot across new album the great crowd. Across the metal gear and see what side you're like you're the craft beer fueled an interview to territory at its what do you want. Hit it a dongle for sale brings the executive want. They're stable which doesn't get the points on the scoreboard here. Especially if they get seven. Scored 3630 blunt were under. Eight minutes ago. In this day. And a high easier to keep it in you'll want to change what is pretty. Who's down as rocky signals. It's now leading by five. If we're being that great a trip down your Albuquerque. Look at what person did you get to these things are and distress right now I don't know what to think. There's still use this team winning. All season at all. These kids to. Or lost one beautiful facility one point loss. Do you ever look back. On April 7. And which not gonna burn a timeout. It's time out. Small but which itself. Always at the what are your life. Did. Which Callahan up. We'll sit fit half the forty yard line after. This time out. Which accounts there's a playoff lasted. A year for that they've won the champions pool it. In the year before that the world is a semi final. So which itself is used to feed. Past the first round. Flew with the wild went down the force. Which it's happens that would lose the food out and guarantee you that bush may hold down the weapon down and let's life that few which itself for tonight's game which would have made it would be a foot and guys who worked so hard all season long it. Traveled all over the were fine until the finals. Travel. Throughout the season. Tickets were available today. They don't what do you defeated tonight. This is still far away from hope. To rebuild that they have a bit of they have experience specialty. Thank you for the great show there all week. The pieces of the puzzle. And where they help. You what's what happened to the final. Leadership over and it's hard right now with the cavity height where at least six and one. Bernard. We're happy to have with which it found 43 if you three point loss. With the been ecstatic people. All 45 plus minutes of influence who grew up as. It would com we'll have we'll Cynthia. Moving left to right here who will replace. What are this place where Amarillo Texas. For the next week it. Won't know who reportedly. But big night. Amarillo Texas we're not quite so much bigger and always. Playoff game. It's not late night there's eighteen to qualify for Plano poor from the report from the south. We proceeded by a record. He's keeping up to one seedings now. It was able to view. Texas victory it would accounted for. Same with the north with us lining up one and city government views Watson would agree. It is mark got to foresee. That's your eighteen playoff. There will be. Six remaining after tonight. We find related. Would you won't know exactly it will take is hey. Here's. A flat ruled as. We'll now with Brent bowers. Albeit. Got a little bit too excited. Hours out of New Mexico. Lot of former logos on the scene bowers 632 perfectly healthy for the bit. We're they've raced out his. His left arm. The most intimidating guys on this due to the team they got a lot. So to speak with players for hours that Mossad chief since you're all through those guys. Are for the skiers stupidly. Do now crucified with fifteen yard night kind shack information pictures that hunt quickly tonight so I just hot wheels Johnson. Outlets Charles Johnson's move the chains that did. Prove it Iraqi it's a CJ. Who could hold which is time for nine yard line. Fifty years Chinese you have to vick's voice and what to tell. You can't tell you withdrew its spread right now. 45 that killed. So fifteen on the play clock so they can travel around 630. Always resting it and I you know like Hugh Durham lined up to the right rough night I'm back to pass. Gonna be pressure. It's not about getting sick of. You're here by your city. Bustamante is gonna leave brother time now. So foul ball is to have the fifty year old left. These second go with the fifteenth. Come up from Wichita after this time out. They excite me. Ever since the give it. We had a good chance. Really do we go practice. Two of the guys really we didn't feel good. We hear about. Here's the. The best of their ability. Doing couple things that. Things that they could change what. Right now it's fifty dollars each week here. Was it weird. Seamless entry. It feels season but still trying happy. If you received a record time. It is very vehemently. It's definitely bucket into the Schobel is complete like this double over its hotels that crippled the complete. We have moved down and go back to the fifty yard night. What thing if you look at this which only by the time. It's heavily censored appeared to let the ball. It's positive yardage. Happens of their home. That's not a few going. Biggest factor to want that he'd love to hear that we can look at. Which 87. Receiving a play conservative. Would you rather. Right passable. Play clock every single digits. Eyes shut it will be definitely to have left. He's got white upper big Edward Smith yelled at six yard line but. Organs that it is that a real fort debacle. But a much more manageable we're down. To exit from Britain up. That's the rookie out of trouble in college. Take recruit more Fuller and the pressure it would good. Examples. The ball over it Greg Mathis. Right footed kick that. Beat when he threw your kid. The fifty yard line. If you put a marker. We've seen big hole of the revolt. He did you hit. And you just heard you say you. We've been city. It. Paul Robinson for big city has come around Redknapp who threw it feared the worst to a okay. Until we got instill them. If you think it's true that the wind the clock. Another wave about to pick up. They're doing. Greg Mathis. The right for the kicker had a couple college gives the course at eight what we need. His third straight field goal of the game for the force. It's worth now which it's not the night he added to the city during what. Was four minutes and forty seconds remaining. After three straight there wolf. So we're thirty go. Eight point lead. For the sports. That is. Getting ready if you out. The left or right. I for this year. Albuquerque, New Mexico. What do kicked in about Mathis. Davis gonna pick up eight euros deepening of Phil Cooper now for that they'll get hit hard metro just it'd. Expelled. At the ten yard life. Greg Mathis is. Really be good tonight. Excellent kit here. For Mathis that. Hovered over the ground it was hard for Jose basically you know. Here for the fifth buffet he'll let's go. Hughes' defense could come up. The picks up your widgets are leading by eight groups of people Wear Cynthia through today. Holbrooke hires it. It completes just wind it was it to receivers that Johnson on the near side. Second down here in Cuba. All the right hand kept the what if what if you do that did you have a. Two receivers wife. Received left civility back to right of hope. It's gonna vote for it. What's up from the pocket. If you would have a sad eyes go wide open go okay. We should have been a flag there. I was will be. Now it's an attitude to go over to him tonight we gave up. Bill Davis's left wide open it. All the side board. Always it was catching. It runs straight through to me though it. Three when he died ago. Always on the right half. Shot information got Davis who was left. Lewiston was right. Over Texas map. We had to pass you'll write it gave according to budget goes into this. Knocks it away from intended receiver you're known for everybody there. I think it was. Cannot open nearly kill flags and utilities McCartney. For roughing the passer. Okay. James McElroy hit killed over wolf. It is gonna do a good city a second chance. Points in time the game up. We'll try to get vault them. Wonderland right now. Over others that are. Take that handoff to Lewis who is look at their thirtieth. Until. Who was stand there for the poor steepen that's right it's no good here and games prisoner of filth Marcus Carter. It gave up that away with a big staff this sicker cyber debate chances. Duplicate that it yet if you were diverted and of course they have nine point seven which sadly I threw. Over him said he would read what he died ago. We'll stop there. By the defense it's pick up he's record after record you bushels would have fourteen like conduct on the. Big city had a chance at another puts it. Put a big stuff. For the fourth speaker. 39. I'm 37349. To go. What's not gonna get the football back. Duke city only has one timeout left which it out with you. The right people after did. Edward Smith thank you receive it we'll throw Kelly. Both up about fifty yards. Compared with a usually are. It's kick onside kick doing network. Consider. Oh my goodness. Nobody that would tell the democratic told confident. Elephant in the room kill the kid if it did too heavily on site today. What do you care about hey who. All of plays at the good to go like for instance here. Reduce city. City fans are really into it helps players getting up on the wall. And here we go. Which it's thirty nights you've city. There haven't. Three and a half minutes ago. Holbrooke. An affidavit I think David is going to be upgraded a scene a letter to maybe. To bring a second bail. Don't always dressing. You your life. If you couples who want. Him to fail. Which itself once again lead by 230 day 37. Holbrooke with two receivers in the right now they built up emotion left. What we'll make sure that the kind of sad I've got a beta available Elmore. I. You can hear this. It's twelve. This book back to back that killed. Masters that was set up. The onside kick. You know they. I'm thirty that they. Which we'll get the football bat. Two time outs to work with they do love for the community. This to make it. Forty. Including night. 230 to go. This is going to be good fifth to thirty remaining. And the school did city 44 which itself 39 after which it outscored nine streak without a field goal for Brett Mathis of 38 yards ninety yards. 47 yards. Your city is back with back to back touchdown passes of forty yards and 36 you know Holbrooke who Phillip Davis. As it was last what was secured a war. Of backpacks coolers and left with a minute were gladiators Lee. Take away equally forcefully got. Smit came Kelly's back feet receivership. And you won't tee it up on the right side. Publishing data that was written he competed for us to be heroes Kelly. And who ante up everybody. Into the coliseum on their feet on the edge of groups he. Gonna go off. Charles Johnson couldn't figure out who else. Probably a Smart decision takes it just across midfield which don't have approved its dead. At the quantity. Three yard line. We're since it went to town at the 23 of duke city. This is the biggest drive of the season's. Over the course. It would achieve their season alive. They're gonna now. You come up here scandal plagued night. Incidents huge. Tonight. Okay. They kill time for the hospital he held over for quite open up the fifteenth out of the fourteen normalize. CA Ellen White open. On a post route across the middle. If you're. Looping here. The whole field. How were put into Mexico. Hole at the fourteen normally through which itself is sentencing territory of the event over night. Takes the snap. Who's left open. 8 o'clock out I'd like to. Do you. Let bowers takes them down a lot for two. All of the sixteen your life. That's the biggest or one minute warning. We'll take a break sixty seconds remain an escape this important city point four widgets now Tony night. 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It was fourth and goal at the fifth. Which it's not jive I thought they needed touchdown if you extend their season if not. The season is over. Half foot in the morning until. We'll see in our fourth quarter it tonight is products you buy into those Italian restaurant. Shot possibly. Go to Wichita. Seven point three seconds remaining. Everybody in pinnacle studio is on their feet. Which isn't. Going to. It's looks at the neighborhood. It's just get back. Was not the right person who's up for grabs but actually I don't. And now. That moms who have former Wichita wild it was a tough course standout player. One seconds remaining with the times. Down a full. At play here and prove them. And you'll have to fit. It was it was time for the whole story although which itself. The left side about a review of our kids who wants. Here most news you. And go back to fifteen. I. Game Allen. We'll Johnson went to the right night it's the looks like. It was across the bill. It's going to escape. This day. I players are all on the field. And then we'll do it that's what you. He threw season. Comes through it. In Albuquerque, New Mexico. It gives city will become the coolest. The guy ever play. Had one season. I have begun to happen to a huge celebration. Is going on here I think the whole field. Yeah that would stop work full the first round of the field eighteenth cif playoff by a final score. Whether influx of good run. With this other really connected eroded and thank you city just all the time now. So 43 seconds on the clock. Good evening and intended to gladiator we'll proved to. The eleventh on the season. In advance of the cif playoff. For the game that's. The report. We're 93. You grew up. One of the best. In the week you'll Holbrooke. It brings to light years. To the semi final. Homestand playoffs Holbrooke would take a snap he'll run it forward. And that's gonna do it. Yes which tells you the whole time I was like. Got a couple time I'll see you soon. We gonna burn their final two time us if you were slowed. Which itself. Is reporting season. It's not news to. A below 500 record. On the season. But cable. In the season the 2018 season with the flu and uneven record. Try to go back did. Look at the hole which a while records to last segment which it is the season. Below 500 especially. Tiger can yeah. Here's what it's done. Is that going to be a tell the truth ravishing. Last June as well that's. Me. It was founded. Plus it's not be here. Of the dark suit. We can. We cannot be. The last time I'll bring up. And fourteen seconds of I think clock right now. Funeral on this one of the middle. In which a Phillies a final time now. Here for the flags it for the ball outside and I picked him city's focus on the field it's got. Still lives. Good how about this this is going to be. Who wild final few seconds. To a sideline warning. Was found it before down. And I believe which also one more time now to use. They are on their foot. Will be fourth down. In May use the tickets and come out. And kick. Not sure what they're gonna do they have out. Fifteen got a done deal right now in the play thoughts on it. Zero and your slaves game. Lately is to be called on his city. Show forth now. How about this folks what's it down by five. He said he can't be a long do. Still with nine seconds ago which strong. Have a few blocks Google sees it. And no one right here. We will with. Maybe looking up to kick it. This will be a 54 yarder coming up for. He normally do. But snap hold its what is up in it being youth. Vote. Then the whole code good would have wanted list. But now. That the ball hit you don't. The people put out of five you'll still rocky night. Help warm up more shots. Happy until. We just can't feel about that time. To top thirty guys. If you ever need a miracle. Rough behind to open its movements. These are applying to play and you know eight point four seconds. On the game clock. Always justified though. All the right half. UK handles. All forty for the fact. That the it's the capital well. Paul Robinson. Haven't done it. Or did save my. He's got talent. What happened. They give you bigger touchdown of the game. Bubble and it picked up at the end zone. Touchdowns that is. And that would do a final score. On team was called few. It out that your backfield that was. Eight team and hopefully I'll come to a bit. Levy. Fifty. It would help with 39 we will hate doing that take a break and come back. We're both games show. Into the thank you believe that it over the next coming up what is the break and to those who would not work for all. Seven. Yeah it. Green here and Johnson guards that are ready happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners can stockholder and unique. 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Season and baseball here at the flu throughout the playoffs. You seek Levy is my final score of fifty to thirty guys it. Golden. Albuquerque you've picked up as reports came this season with a record. Good night of the city that gave in the playoffs and now have a record of eleven if you look for welcome back to. Can't wait. I'm John Carlson. Indicated that studios and restricted it to me and go ahead and recap tonight's game and thank game. Did you see. The clock out. Pavement of its kind in the playoffs. As we look at the year tinker with. To top. Five level third downs we've snipers did he didn't just one step. Office of which Atomic Kitten played for a 158 yards to city 49 plays for 253. Yards. I'm convention which don't have ball for 343. Seconds you kitty 48 minutes. Rocky times. More importantly a forty passed 280. Yards one touchdown and two interceptions. You're recording we're hearing from five yards. Touchdowns. Drove Johnson ninth theory or ninth round and eighty yards and touchdown he Allen with seven catches for 47 yards. Were you Citi Field Holbrooke thirteen of thirty passing 211 yards four touchdowns and one interception. We'll lose the fight here for eighteen months. And a touchdown jail more for the big night against the he would fight catches 170 yards two touchdowns Phillip Davis worked right. 65 yards in the morning to let him. Has quit his job. Had eighteen point lead place of this game. And it's nice to give nothing. It didn't. Let the kids. I. My eyes. 3631. They look like eight Cleveland. Within back to back touchdown passes and you hope for a really seal the deal is worth. He let the fear of being done in the playoffs. We'll go ahead and take about a great comeback you wrap things up here for the team with nausea and Albuquerque, New Mexico. You have to do with southward to wolf on 97 to thirteen 38 of them. 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Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Dole loan commitment. This corruption in Washington DC. Think we've kind of been. And I've known them for a while huge are true it's coming out. So why don't on the drone campaign agreed to weakening continues only. That's problematic for many shots. And that's the way de Morgan Washington afternoon's test you sold disgusting really corrupt Chinese salmon. Thirteen thirty or. An SSP Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on CNN. We're hopeful right here on Qaeda since. John vause with you back here at T Michael Villa in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it. It's not file which is John force is there seat him would be coordinated record after only. I finally a fifteen to thirty guy to do to be gladiators in the what seed. It's getting a playoff which itself is this season more than I do city. It's eleven AQ and a bit. In the playoffs we'll play next week against the winner of Amarillo in Texas. What this team would see a lot a lot of prevail throughout this season. Feel any road trips over 5000 miles traveled. In Texas. New Mexico. We're up to quantity. Weaving that you would drive up 135 to Salina. Team that's put a lot of effort a lot of work. And secret with a lot because they took a lot about it through the fortunately theater's season here nice and how to play out a lot to look forward to that you're. Not sure what play we come back with what was the court went through all of it and been a pleasure working with this season. This a full and exciting here. Who wants his team covered the field. Ralph. We see this sort of back at lord and aliens. It is the month of two. Things I mean center for all he has done. For putting us out here I hear it is at all season long also but they definitely do that would work for all he has yet. We will bring you were to pull back. It which it's on. All the games at home. Me. To resign. It think all of us especially. We're listening about the season when you listen to the way of losses are both. And if you wait you had a role for the broadcast. Every night throughout these last few months. It to a halt all responses that have babies broadcast possible. On davis' shortened week out you waved at a company maximum Al Stewart put it. Hate gay voters Johnson Stewart jitters. Angels Italian restaurant pickled effort sponsoring. Which now we're football. All season long and getting. Guys on the year and everything else. Maybe what if they actually go out victories. Find sponsors given your visit did you have done a lot were beaten worse if we have the community of which itself. It's. Been a pleasure working with it was over these great people its feet. Studies out there with our producer is here back you know which just to view making thank broadcast happened. It from all of us intercom communications. Which all the dad's out very very happy Father's Day and wants to get our final score from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It gives you be glad you're fifty and it was now with thirty this is John vause is a good night is still long from the land of enchantment. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are ready yet. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location for wind gardeners can stalk cool everything you need. Your lawn and garden this season and Johnson Gartner also quite generation of advice and expertise how you say we're ready for for Johnson guards posted occasions when there are several western keys handed from. Works of. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real world and so that you're sure bill like it's easy you don't give card from Angelos. And sing and they can use their gift card design and we'll pick up and to those famous pizza or taking their lives on in. I mean there's the all you could take the excuse to get yourself that's how many troops. Who who enjoy those Italians. On the center open to date and time. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if give credit. We understand. We financial future not just whether it's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home.