Wichita Force at Quad City Steemwhealers 05-12-18

Saturday, May 12th

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This is Wichita course football. Located along the banks of the Mississippi River. That's tech's players that are in Moline Illinois the site for tonight's champions indoor football contest. Between which force in the once beastie roots hello everyone I'm John great to have dialogue we're tonight broadcast. I'm 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan SS. Sentence owners peppers and engineer sat in the anesthetic used in which itself. I've pregame show is brought you back partly point LA. Thank Brian has kept you from Moline Illinois one of the five cities that make the quad cities the quad cities are complex and cities. At the Iowa Illinois border along the Mississippi River it's by the name the region is made up of five cities Rock Island believe in east Moline Illinois. And damn important that were Iowa. Ran 380000. People live in the quad cities in the city of Moline is the world headquarters of John you'll talk a bit more about that. In just a little bit here are pre game show it's I figure the tax layers that are. Was opened back in 1993. Cost about 33 million dollars. In the rate of that's hosted numerous concerts conventions and other payments over 25 years it has stood here and it is in February he. Reminds a lot of the players what talk you through earlier runs him a lot of interest bakery in downtown Wichita with a play their home games this place. Do you deal with iTunes got a huge. We go forward. On the list in zone but that lasted Sony's picture clear video they've also. Got us. A lot of people that amount of these games right on the river that beautiful set it looked just to our north behind where I'm set up is the Mississippi River. And then you can see just look at north here it is. Rock island Illinois and it's actually Lynn that is just too hard north. It is actually on the golf course in but ounces. Well there to greet set up along the Mississippi River Mississippi River is actually flooded right now it's an. A flood warnings because. The precipitation that has fallen in Minnesota. It up there than other parts of the states. That is blown down or came down the Mississippi River immediately. Through the quad cities so long as the city. Believe especially downtown area a lot of the streets are blocked off peak. The river that has overflowed in many. The difference. Incidents that are under water completely. I went through the Minor League Baseball game last night. Won't Mississippi River over on the them right beside him looking out into the river you can see that the waters. Is much where it is usually at. But that people around here say they're used to it comes around. At least once a year and who knows NC. The last that wait for anywhere from between two to three weeks even a month or two months before commitment to its normal beat. Myth about the great city of molding industry and here it's night's game consent before tax slaves there. Features the three and five which downforce in the fight for every once if you if we're still sits at tonight's game. Straight games after winning their previous two before. Kevin after a 5840 gloss to your city last Saturday night in downtown which tell. Lets you stimulus them into tonight's game after it release will be five birdies you overtime victory. In Bismarck, North Dakota. On Saturday killed were currently sits in her place in the south division. One city's isn't there place and north to visit. Could hear the crowd with a background. They were averaging. Around 6000 fans per home contest it's sold out. His beautiful arena. On their first home game of the season in his seats about 9000 ourselves to be sold out. It's tax lawyers that are on opening nights and they are acting in about 6000. Every home game were the Steelers. So it could hit very loud and morality play Iran as the evening goes fun. Ridiculous as abortion and give back on the right track it's seamless try to use at home turf to their finish. I'll be back with more on our heartland Corey Dylan pregame show from the quad cities who seek to which John force. Indoor football and 97 he had thirteen thirty Cano fits there. The price of gold has nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harley and quite gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trillion next to starting number. Every one. Doctors do that's needed talked about it early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to wait. 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And other activities across a huge swath of the American west. The restrictions were put in place to protect and imperiled bird at the greater sage grouse and you know about the greater seacoast I know about the lesser prairie chicken. I'm a little bit unfamiliar with the greater and certain amount they are in some way you related in the Balmoral since their birth right greater like Stephen said mornings from six till nine on ten SS. Here are great Americans on its. Points down for a good show. As we closer to kick up between them which are force in the quad cities the wheelers from the tax lawyers that are in Moline Illinois. Take a look at the other games going on tonight in the CIA effort update you on the currency notes and post season picture. The northern division looks like this Salina. Is and first place at six and seeing if you want to show ratings sue city is sitting at second at five three. 11 straight quad cities is sitting there in after that foreign three. His mark at forward form. And in Omaha at three and five and rounding out the northern division is these kids seeking attempts at 2 AM six. On the southern half. Do city currently sits in first place and 71 they're wonderful assuring the hottest team in the C I have. Amarillo is in second at six and won their only loss came to do city you've city's only loss came from Amarillo. There's two teams will meet two weeks from tonight. You pretty much decide these southern Hampshire yet. And which it's sitting in a third place that three of five on this exit. Lost two straight games trying to in this game here tonight and then it is Texas at two wood five. They want you three games that are starting to turn things around down there which are. Better watch out because the revolution is right on the back there he'll. The Texas team trying to make some noise here late in the season. And of course Dallas is eliminated after. Their team folded so right now the eight teams. It would that make the playoffs if the season ended today from the northern division they would have tied teams bit. So it's the top three. Finishers in each division. And that you would mix the best record so we were in the eight team playoff. Salina Sioux City quad cities this more in Omaha for the northern division it would make it big city in Amarillo in which atop. From the seven half. The only teams don't you left town would right now be the Texas revolution in the cave city for instance but still a few more weeks ago. Which tell what have you were home game since the last of road trip. The regular season anyways. He was going on tonight Kansas City isn't Sioux City at 7 o'clock pick up all these games are set the clock to count at the south the is at Texas. Omaha and it is marked as the line was plus supposed to be playing Dallas. Which would Dallas. This team folding the and now Salina in Dixie both a bye week this week so those are games going on. In the CI AF tonight in those are also look at the playoff picture we get back to tonight's game. Last week the forces off the cells of right sides and so did the defense. Which still has a costly turnovers that were propelled duke city to an eighteen point victory in which it. We're committed three turnovers and accounted for twenty gladiator points. That was the difference in the game right there at thirteen the points. We're from two bad snaps over the head of cornerback rocky hinds. Resulted in a few touchdowns were key cities he fits. And then rocky hinds who interception in the final minute. The game and it's do city would go on dates or. In the final seconds of the game Lou Frey also missed two field goals as well as the extra point. That went eight points out the school boards who would seek safe that the force handed opportunities that just hated that we did. Q do city and talking about the very fact that in this sister pupils in this. You BAT's last week the rate did not make the trip. Here to believe. As. He had some other a friend. Wedding I believe it was what was going on with Lou tonight but they have two of the issue. In affiliate who would do tonight is written methods that this is a another Bethel College alarm played at Bethel College in north Newton. Was particularly and it's not about him later on. In the evening as we see him on the field so rich Matthews will be doing the kicking duties tonight with a force in San Oakland right. In the end. Also. He forced me to be another transaction. In that we got creative this theater from last week so. You know little different acceptance the F forces operatives here and get back on the rice and not to be true and that is. He beat it. If they cannot commitment was able with the escape they will have a great shot at winning that game with more Wallace was talking about earlier is it the execute it knocked the ball over. Have a great chance of winning this game here and of this. The eighth round here in the only. And one city's south Bismarck now back twice from down two scores last week including down fifteen with three minutes ago. This one's got a touchdown and extra point with 56 seconds ago. And they wreak Havoc on I'd sit here on the ensuing kick off. The resort in it and others who were. At two point conversion to tie the game at 32 with 29 seconds to go to force game into overtime. And in this few who's got the ball first scored on. That opening night at this sort of interception return for a touchdown. Q it's sealed the victory here in North Dakota. Of course you have clean up the office of miscues tonight. Around the environment if you were here in believable or talked about the crowd averaging about 6000. Her home contests and they continue it is warrior from every different. I feel that you can see the effort there to even people. Build as well if you lower bowl is I would say about seven foot hole. So it's good you alone advise me the biggest crowd that the forces played in front of all season long we'll see how they adjust to that. As the night goes on. Is that once these team that is one of the best in the league in rushing yards he inside the position. Of course defense got to do a great job they control the Steelers and their high powered offense. Well the force off incidents have to take advantage of the time here on the field because. Quad cities and their ability to. Be out there on the field longer. That's gonna leave less time for the force offensively on the field so which it's gonna have to take care of the ball. And it points up on every possession because you could not afford. So you know an empty tonight against these wants to be seen anything damaging. Hopefully the ball for more than half the game. But that that's their thing which started great job last week. They know the ball for 36 minutes and all for 36 minutes last week against the city. AM to move to a great job last week city and hearing that over tonight. It talked about wants these are on pizzas is being re Hyperic irrational things that. It will you the year eighty lines. Tonight's. Sounds. The once he's running back Tyler Williams you see the story himself talked about it just a little bit. But he is the leading rusher for a this quad city's team over 400 yards on the season. Run he is. Running back position in the lights have turned up here. Incited. Me. The chancellor coliseum. Also keep an accident that wants to be operative running speed option which you're not seeing very opted. In the indoor football game it's it's still hard to run. Let's each day Hilliard is ED veteran quarterback. Four quad cities that's a great job. Doings. And it's enough to you he is leading rusher and I knew Williams for those two right here themselves. We'll hear a lot at billiards it. Tonight on your radio dial and this field which cut defense giving all of the field trying to chase him down. That they need wants to these operatives. A great job giving Dallas and green space as they try to deal with an option it is create space. Especially easily it's not Norton sound. But eastern unless it kind of break it outside. And with millions feet. They do a great job. Just letting him go let him have free range and he has done a great job this season already guessed twelve touchdowns. Russia that is. Which lives he also has 49 catches for 243 yards. It finds were right there's there's seventeen touchdowns. Forward Tyler Williams. From the backfield. So you can get big threat tonight or this which itself wars defense we'll see if they can handle. He had task of containing him. Sylvia like answers to your old zip. Inside attacks their cult given the forces that kept me on the field you hear the boos in the back field or in the background. And it's. Not being welcome now live. Serious here. You know we'll leave the force of course where their wives whites road Jersey black pants black helmets with of course logo on the side. Black members in yellow trim. And they make their way across. From the no word east in zone is where they can around the locker room and their. Actual games is. On the southwest corner. The arena. Quad cities is yet to come out they'll come out today in just a minute through a inflatable. Old tunnel that is built up here. The northwest. Side. The arena that is just blew me I have. See them often you find your life on the northwest side of the taxpayers that are. Great says. Something else think any high school or excuse me college graduation. This afternoon. Did you read crew did a fantastic job at tearing everything down it hit the hole. Four. That her tear down the rule still eat the flowers. That shares he had everything. They didn't. In about an hour hour when that time he's actually consider. Group today the excellent job of getting this. They're ready we're tonight once these two rulers game. That was seen in growth university. Located across the river in Davenport. Iowa and he had your commitment ceremony this afternoon as did Silva together. Colleges universities. In high schools around the area. We'll go ahead and take a final break. And pulling down a pregame show comeback we've known nationally of the starting lineups in our points not that we're ready for football on this tie breaker listened to which of course indoor football 987. Seemed pretty innocent. It's here and Johnson guards and Brady have. Spring that he outdoors both Johnson location for a full Weingarten there's stock holder thing you need your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Two occasions when he stepped up that western team and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do befriend the room. Real and so juniors she reveal like it's easy given the gift card from Angelos every. And and they can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or taking big lives on in Munich I think. The all you can take the excuse to get yourself assembly troops. Who grew into those Italian restaurant on central open date and time. Hi this is Nelson Tucker. If you have credit. We understand. Because we've financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge and of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. From the beginning of the story on the the nuclear deal that we reached a little thanked the Iranian authorities from one chapter we. I ran live to another channel to withdraw from the Iran. The storm. World there's a story book tells the story that's being written every day many things written here the page and Frederik from page after. About a lot of descriptions of older 197 and thirteen thirty K and SS Wichita was number one talk. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight an eight on gay and handset. Players ever in Moline Illinois John Voss and Whitfield. Here in the closet inside his summer back in our they had this videos of the week. Handy if you really are certainly welcome now. Around them played a whole here in the in northwestern. His corner of the end zone. Had a great crowd here on him lower bowl like this kid is almost full. Great video. They beat me. Thought so what we'll do before it inside. Temperature for the. There was also. Relief for most of the game we. Our whole week. With the rain and we'll have we have run into the arena. Overcast it was like yesterday when the team arrived at team right here. Around. 2:33 o'clock yesterday afternoon they got into the early evening to themselves on them they wanted to do. Me me and not ready forward. Preface this morning well had you walk through it to walk through at the hotel and news. And over. He moved. He only got a different game really. Good group good Italian restaurants. It was definitely today expectations. Okay. Here you know on. Everything proved to. Graduation. Before getting ready. Action here tonight shall we there are about ready. For our National Anthem here in San attach players that are in Moline Illinois we will go ahead and pause and listen to. On National Anthem. Being sent here tonight in San attach players sooner. Roll. See. Our. He's. Well. Okay. Okay. Oh. Okay. Okay. You know. Okay. Okay. Great job prevented US senior National Anthem here inside. He counselors that are in Moline Illinois. As we its effort to. On me cloudy day outside but the action is heating up here inside those teams. We're trying to do their their winning ways which don't blow 500 now. You know once cities is just above that 500 mark. On this season. Those tax Lear center. Was open. In 1993. Constitution over 33 million dollars and has hosted numerous civilians over the years. Industry it and they knew were numerous. Different names it was known as the market first and then. Or is known as the market quad cities who bid the I wireless center. In the game the tax player. Just mono in naming rights. Prior to this season it's also the first year that we'll incidences had a football season. Suits 2008. At nine when they played in the. Arena football two league so it's bill well in these fans are excited to have. Professional indoor football back in San. You from the conference here. In Moline Illinois. So didn't make her points assay on the field pursue Phil both Kendrick harper or the captain threatening to force. Once you can't force captain delta wants to pieces in there may sound skeptical members red trim. The gold helmets with a you've seen on it. They've got cold down inside they also have their main purpose the first and lower this year than last they've. On the back to their purity in school. Getting set for points us recorded in the air. We think once he says what the tops. They have they defer to the second half and which town looks like we'll keep that football. You begin our action here tonight. In the quad cities. Which I assume we're there what it sounds like the incident move down this giant black members yellow trim. Around those. And a black helmets with the brewers logo on the left in rights. Yeah. About running for a couple of years in Moline Illinois it's the force in the ones and Steve who. Players that are. In Moline Illinois this along with the Mississippi River along the banks of the Mississippi River Mississippi river's just to our north. Just behind. Maybe it. Forces getting ready to break the huddle. And it is so Edward Smith being chief of sex. The reports. That keep you can't. These tickets six. Still it's. Played good news. It's good news Illinois. It is. Hours straight east you. Force flew in from all right to left. Here. Open things up here. In Illinois. Kid kicks the way it over and kick it's going to be. Into the and it's going to be a touchback. That's that's something we'll a little bit the goal posts usually on the back of the end zone. And here they are about three yards in front of the pack at the end zone so. And we're gonna see we're gonna responsible. It's kind of given a spot of the late night. It on today's coaches not on that woods. The speed boost it seemed forced that's 45 run at midfield. You can go rocky hindsight. It is understood her into Baghdad Jim thanks to his right. Scenes as human emotion used to him not to sit down around the right side Smith across that warning and brought down about the eighteen yard ninth pick up a seven. On first down for treatments for it or. You'd be way. And works and it. Well second down. We'll be forceful on the rise ahead. Force moving right to left here in the opening quarter. I dinner sooners got sites just to his left. Now the ball's lose on the chair in science is full of money has every that there were down. No gain on the play. You know bring up third down. Coming up with a sports. It's serious either tacklers and other feet. Which now has struggled on this season are on third downs. I just give me shotgun formation they'll get the Allen belts went out to the right side for him on display. Into the mid ocean once it got hired over two. Incomplete. Definitely a portrayal of him we will keep written after it was the first time this season and he comes and cute kick the field goal. This person who wore a trip. Couldn't chip shot here. It'll be 35 yard attempt coming up. I. It's 39 yard attempt coming up. Poor Brett back for anything the holder to snap football matches here is up he hit it is true. Let met this puts a force on the scoreboard first with a 33 yard field goal of the 1231 more. Here in the opening quarter. Munster students. Indoor football career threatening at this proves he's 33 yard exits. At 1230 wanna go here in the open court. And of course living. Read nothing. Excuse me 35 your excuse me. There was nothing with stuff through the 35 yard field goal. He's in Norfolk home. Debut. Now nothing's gonna come out in the kicked off. This is where meals whites. This week his right arm. Got advisor it will force while they look for utilities to. Ticking. Toward the floor. Mathis is going to line everything up. They keep away from our right to left. Deep to receive. He's givers who gave his time Lou Williams. As well as if we view this one is going into overeat and it is gonna go out of the bag the itself. Sesame place up at the 45 yard look. So both scenes. Begin their opening drive right in the field. Virgin kid coming up. For the quad city's office. Hopefully Clinton's war. Fifth worst defense. Here we go EG Hilliard quarterback for the C really tees and shot information. Empty backfield for area. Receivers spread out across the field since it's been a motion. Low snap officer familiar picks it up he fired his got a man it's not over there across. The forty yard woods had a really hips with the camps. Making of six first. Almost drastic happen nineteenth. Which itself. Three minutes gun here in Moline Illinois which tallied three nothing. Another problem for which stones hitting eight touchdown on the scoreboard on the first time they've always had to settle for for what you do well this season. Billiards in running at midfield. Jack information he's got loose behind up if it hits I have to lose lose your sat across the fifties and finally brought down at the top seed. Bruce can only yardage. Full list tiger Williams. It. The a lot of that tonight Ted Williams is a dispute quick. And again what is she goes to the police force chief of the record for 2011 to 2014. And hopefully we'll put everything one receiver running back and kick returner. With the Akron racers. Now Hilliard understood her. Billiard he's got to when trying to guess there's a rumor around the outside and he is brought down at the Pepsi he trade Matthews with the picks up to the back field. But hold on I believe we asked them who we've markers on the field we do it's resting at eleven yard line. She went on referee. Polls here. To waiting for were. Referee to make at all. And market topic it's which it's not so it's probably legal defense. Is that legal defense and others. Film on the scene today. Remember being Syrian forces to have an AT no matter who's negotiated or his car. Probably Marcus Carter linebacker he definitely believe that now brings the food stamp at the guy normally. Pound person go first down it's hit mostly for June 6 at the night. Hilliard and Jack get into two Williams Williams is around the outside he's got rumours it's finally. You know at the five yard line. Lindsay just need shift it will back him why he's averaging. Sixty yards per game on the ground. Now bringing a supermarket second down and really short second down. And Q coming up. We're. Each team will be left to right here in open court at 915 to go. In the first quarter of which itself three quad city zero. Billiards stat Williams to his rights. There submit emotion. Here's the big hits now Hillary looks bad. Good to what you want. In the opening quarter. And quantity. It speeds extremely. Any updates from six. Writing for the BAC 936 on the scoreboard. Which now could hold the key can block I can give it is. Fuel that are picked up by Kevin ray. And then he has brought down heated kid breaks through it blocks the PC. And Keating is we have called as they all season long those sacks leader. In the CI you have in that time he breaks through. Think it's a blonde beauty city. Once these that is. Its first. This season. We'll go ahead and think it's time around 936 to go in the opening quarter this quantity six in which it's not realistic to which John force. Indoor football 97 in thirteen 38 cents. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. 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Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum help the word quickly give them a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Can out. Three and. No one talks to. And assets. Back to its Boris indoor football on Qaeda says tonight. Sean busts in with you in Moline Illinois sent his summer back in arcade as this studio it's great to have you along wherever you may be listening for. Here on K units since our first quarter brought you by. With a frown sponsors. Which is tough political football right here on Cain instead of saying. We are ready. For it to go after. Wants cities it's a touchdown but he begins breaks through and lots of the gate city. So it is 63. Quad cities with 935 to go in the first quarter. Smith and sites that deep to receive for the course. Smith is that we we return man in the conference. Averaging over nineteen yards per return and over and kick it's gonna be taken by Smith three yards into the end zone doing neither side. Prostitute across the fifteenth to almost beat up to twenty in lockdown right here at the forty. 822 yard return for Edward Smith and the courts haven't posted soon after don't want it. With 926. To go the game clock here in the opening quarter. Always dresses on the left. Through the force to get eight touchdown on this night. Last week this little tour. Nobody. Hanks is too. He left hit a rock behind tons of Jack information. About the use IT BellSouth once after across the forty. In the vicinity of two point one yard line and it. Nice second half of it by Taylor decides to pick up. One yard on the would. Source moving. Right so. It's that there's Wesley. This is what. What's the road one uniforms and it's not good. Sank down to writes I. Let's sit joppy fight is not pace with the cost of 45 he's in the open field across the Tony fifteenth and finally out of balance here the ten yard line. Maybe pick up there on second and CN rocky times he got to Edward Smith. It picked up of seventeen. And or is sick and now. Ball is now resting. These steamroller thirteen yard away. Knocking on the course. Is a veteran on this fourteen multiply with Wichita wild. And who today. It is really to a football career highs which right now looks like he's got a wide open may have caught in the end zone touchdowns force. Any. Touchdown pass thirteen yards. Room rocky hinds two Marie's young wide open in the back of the end zone. In net quickly quiet the crowd here inside attacks what are sitter. On the touchdown pass. It is. Touchdown grab number four on the season for Marreese young he just got picked up a few weeks ago. At its keep is up heeded its eye off the left upright no good. And Mathis got hit to the turf and they're happy that the only thing. So Matt this one for one of Kilgore opportunities. Went over one an extra points. If we're now at 741 to go in the first quarter. Which it's done night in quantity six. We'll see woods. The force. It's gone up on the beach at the site mail to stop the Greek. We've been streaky ten Williams. Seventh 41 to go. In our first quarter. Got teed up again here than here. Goal line. At least you've received for this you really are. Is Kelly Williams. Darren Clarke. That deep receive. You cannot. Is going to be product by Clark he'll bring them from your stack Clark on the right side across the fifteenth when he came up near midfield. It is at least you know we'll begin their second drive we gave my dad me feel. Took two guns and look to have him be in. Right up in the future. On city. Well I got the right match. Failure that company back out on the field. Empty backfield in this. Slot receiver on the left side and a failure. There seems really as a motion here's a handoff to Williams moves across 45 he gets hit hard by worries Carter. For markets to order Marcus Carter brings them down after a short pick up an average of about three yards on the play. With a labor gimbal accurate yardage after the first contact put on the order. Hilliard is a guy that is in really. Do it with his completion percentage when he does decide to pass but a lot of them are just little. Short passes. So you're a shotgun formation. Into that duplicate now he'll look to pass with the possibility it is incomplete. Intended across the middle of the few who wouldn't as a receiver. And that was written for gross. Those that was that the. Covered by Chris who do. On the play. They'll bring a third down. There to come forward resting at the which itself 42 yard line. Second drive of the game for quad city. It's got Williams. Just do it right. There low snap puppeteer he picks it up and he has pressured hard by Marcus Carter in the backyard a sack. More Marcus Carter. Marcus Carter. With his promises activists season ends up being one of bring up or down for quad cities. And they will have to keep the feel good. And it's just comes out he has. Seven of fifteen. On the air 44 yards is his longest that he has made. It's giving you 47 yards to. Which dates. Harper in Mathews back T two return it's a bad snap it is. Some health could be returned by harper he's secured that they don't we've got a mere sight across the team sort of feed across the fifteen he's. 4515. Is still on its feet finally luncheonette a fourteen yard line Kendrick harper. Yet this at Q school return to the quantity fourteen yard line. And that is where widgets. We'll have more sensitive at this team Miller fourteen yard line. So in this field or first daughters event snaps and games to signal. Yeah the a fifth time. This wide right in. Now rocky I think he'll play back on the field Soledad the fourteen yard line upon sitting on the right hash. Kind speaks his kinship with Anderson. Did suspend his opposite side sites is on his feet still. Posted at ten yard audience you'll be brought down at the thirteen and given poor Ron Christie about the twelve or thirteen. Sure if it on cruise down. Four minutes ago here in the opening quarter and 96 which town leading. One city. We think minefield when you're away. Actually are similar in Moline Illinois. Sound who have the Mississippi River. Kinds. His guts he would sank to his right side. I incident that emotional fire is got a beta that's not self help. Marie's young goes over the all it brings it down with a one handed grab. A great pick up there on second down simply third down. Clinton CNN third down along if you beat her down in about two. Ratio showing up is. Ups there. Annual Copperfield now keep it gives comes on. And it's third down it short. Even if you think Chris did. And Phil both of them on the field. Gibbs is right for the night rocky months and months and I'm here to give up decides. And he is going to be small. I'm doing in making this up if you want to call for. Would want sitting. Antagonists you can keep the operates on the field. And it's fourth down which itself. Will be going forward on fourth down and down for yours ago. Scoreboard showed for the night but that is simply not right we've got a Ford coming up. And Anderson Erica thanks behind us. Pints. Lumbered up me incomplete. Intended to prison over the years sounded. But did complete turnover on downs. And once the usual habit. You see him coming up. Here and they're owed nine. Your life. So that is where quad cities. Will begin their next guy. Still with just under first three drives. Put up points on their two of their three. In the head. And saying they got inside the ten yard line and nothing to show for it. Except that. He. Wants the outfits were not this judge has thrown nine yard but. So too little time to go here in the opening quarter. Widgets on nine. Here with more incidents there. These are listening wherever you're making nice here in 9713. Thirty innocence. Their own uranium found online there on the radio dot com that it's great to have you along. Jon busted with you from Moline Illinois exciting summer is back and Martina says studios he you know which itself. First quarter rides you valuable ways diving company. Sponsors who were forced football game right here on the air. Other sponsors aren't important galleries that some amount to a quick. Johnson's dogs that are influenced Italian restaurants and they gave voters all of those. Making this broadcast possible. Right here on you radioed back. I have a little. On field activities going on right now. Inside the tennis player center. Opinions. Mississippi River. I've only availability. Whether it wants it. Believe availability for those who don't know who's. John Deere this everybody goes John the other big bright green tractor as it. And everything that is. The hometown John Q right your goalie. They've got a lot of John Deere memorabilia. And everything around the city you can look actually right outside the a leader here in Henley John Deere. Kind of a meat sit around saying it's. Going to win Selig John Deere tractors let's say chapters and everything. And sank over there at the John your plans. So first it seemed coincidence for their own nine yard night Hilliard understood that he's in a hand up to be speedy veteran of the left sank. And it won't hear that. Was gears hips. It was around the cliff Saturday he's gonna get a few dogs. Actually gain a fool. On the plate. You groups the one minute mark caveat here in the first quarter. Who went to tap that indeed what city six. Was resting at the thirteen yard line. Billiards too understated fix it one way now pitch count to tie a really good is. Is swallowed up in the backfield. Michael bell cute and gives him. All we're in on the staff for the force. That's a big staff there to bring down this speech and really ups. I'll bring up third down. He didn't give showing off his dancing moves through the home crowd as he always does. This young guy at all. Along my sleeve long white easily as well Hilliard city is an emotion that first half the time out to be taken here. By once city. Will be a first time out. First come out the half with 32 seconds to go through. Not like what they sell there. They're down at six coming up. Where these steamroller moving left to right here you know open court. I'm Steve valuable wind savvy company. Source. We'll be back at home. It's Saturday night. A fifty gun at his mark some of five kick out. Moment interest bank arena in downtown which you know you hear that game right here 97 at thirteen thirty came in a sense with Ted Woodward and myself. You have a cold room. I VA. Please settle classic golf against this mark 64 because on the pregame show. Which would have their final bloody week of the regular season. Hilliard. In Jack good. In deep to have rights and I salute at the past. Once it got me through until one I don't think cat who is Williams with Indianapolis. Actually Gary Clark being Clark robs it. Somehow. Clark. It is not the football. Started running with it before you become. There's still the replay here up on the radio for him with wide open nobody was near him. Okay. TJ Mathews is. Son who was outside of us play they'll bring a third down in war and it's enough for. Six. Clark shots onto the field he's gonna look into the probably hear about it here in the near sideline after dropping. You wide open pass that would have. Resulted in six. Or quad city. Shelter gamma one. Six seconds accounted neo in the opening quarter. It weird shack information it needs to take it a playoff attack they deal and got to lose lose across the morning. And Ron campus 41 yard line movie for feel he had seen for quad city at the Euro one point one your Bible we come back here. After these break we're reaching the first quarter. Which selflessly in the quantity few with ray scored nine consistency to which golf course indoor football on 97 in thirteen thirty came to assess. Greens here and John Gardner. Brady happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stock pulled everything you need. Her lawn and garden this season and it Johnson's Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise have mistake we're ready for spring Johnson guards. It was to locations. When he's at northwestern came and it. Unfortunately. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real world and so juniors she reveal like it's easy and we give card from Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card design and we'll pick up and to those statements pizza or taking big lives on in Munich I mean. Does the all you can take the excuse to get yourself for cinema troops. It's a win win. Who grew into those Italians. On center open Tuesday night. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if you ever. This week financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online at payday dash rotors dot com. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape and as fast. Which is now forced into a powerful right here on 97 and thirteenth hurricane has session on bus and went view. In Moline Illinois. Home Sammy said her bag in her candidacy studio. After one quarter playing this widgets on nine team quantity since. Once you have it first and sit at their own 41 yard but. Moving right to left down in our second quarter of play. Look at some of our first quarter financial we rocky hinds three of five passing for 36 yards and one score. We'll see what else. Not much else. Which Johnson played for forty yards. He and wants the eleven for 21. Coach sees over to a third down. In that first quarter don't know your Jack information seating is known fifteen yard line seats his name in the left side emotion. Texas map looks across the fewest got a bit wide open it is. For the Steelers but I think that is coming back full line. We've got a human marker over the years I remind him false start told on quad city. Quit for droves as one account the touchdown. Actually the same idea which civil suit. It's. Illegal defense. Musical players who touchdowns. You know perform save 1415 years ago. For years first. The program. It's I'm sitting on the city's. Has the lead back to their media. Steve feel for the PGA two very. I asked him with plot. Could snap good hold this one is a fan of good. Quality distance on this one. Go here first half of play is now one city third seed and widgets night. My second quarter tonight. It is not too bad masimo now tour if you put him. Thirteen to nine. Favor. The hometown team really. Chevy along with the game Sean Lawson with the U. We've Illinois. There's been no just the self rather of the Mississippi River. Universal finger which have returned to team comes back out. I'm sort of feels. They were sent to Edward Smith that the reason it did. Moved to its fifth. Her first maybe he would see. So they need it. Head of the world block. In one of the opera. It hasn't teed up he's speaking for mobile phone side of the field. Who attacked his team it's twelve feet. One click on his right foot at his left fleet is rich. He is ready to keep up. And to sort create. Us Chicagoans Alabama does not play thing is the first row. And how about this they're gonna market down at the fifteen yard line it's going to be great field position. For which it's up. As a market the sixteenth so we've boosted kid coming up for the force at the quad cities sixteen yard line. After a much better story than that. Last time which just started. The quality sports in your mind. Bill we'll work there to hopefully. They differ resort on the racetrack. A. I think Jack information got 32 look like much. It's happens that he looks left Heathrow. DL list. Villagers can be. Best of play from the get go grab your parents look to his left it troops DA Allen who is in double coverage. And luckily though that's still incomplete. And once before his other three. You inside attacks players that are. Played a minute here in the second quarter. Sparkling sequel to his ankles he looks lefty fired this. Not on this side wall in his beat Charles Johnson who brings down on the ground. Johnson with the news. Six kids over here. Those people who are down afloat while sleeping is getting back on the feet birdie inside coming up. One thing about about 6000 thing is. It's going through the break. The forces played in front of all season long. And if it's not good save at sixteen yard night he gets the snap once Jeff Johnson goes across the middle of feel incomplete. Intended for Charles Johnson and help bring up fourth down at five. Be big unit could come back you know Brett Mathis. We'll try to put three or more points on the scoreboard. For the force. This unique 46 yard chip coming up progress. Maybe 35 yarder. For the league best CPAC. Reducing the holder the snap could move to come away from Athens it is good. With the up rights in 1242 to go. Here in the first half. It is now wants to be third seed in which it's not well. 16 yard field goal. Road map there. That would stop those who gets several board what they do. You up three points bird. Forces better than this has been the struggle Olsen along with getting into the end zone for the sports conference. They have struggled to do so all feasible that the weather. Towards the bottom of the league. Almost every single off with a candle. Especially in the red zone really struggled to get down there inside. The red zone. So they will kick off. Hard left to right. The first time that we'll see who wants to return. Timonen this type of deal. And that deep to receive is going to be kind of lose and there are again. Both of us are pretty much feel about the same. We'll develop funds out of her show and both have them. Here that is. The middle of the back and Trevor laws here. The difference is. Different elements. A different look than anything else for what you seem that's ones can be taken by lose the war. Even at your side and hit hit all good until it would hit a bone. Here behind Charles Johnson he possibly at the five yard line. And you get here quickly. Charles Johnson. Still lose ground we'll let you attack the Williams. Well there's still probably going to be. Jenkins hello little business. He was not told them that way by Charles Johnson on the kick return. Applies to be on offense moving right to left. Hilliard understood anything at the five yard line Williams is Stevie ethical life. It's a snapped a quick pass over it received those great defense they picket but two on first down. On the ground there from dairy sticks. 1135 to go in the first half thirteen twelve. One city with a one point advantage. Second quarter being brought to you maximum now. There were any equipment. Hilliard. Is understood it. Williams six yards behind a here's this man who are bad to test yet of the pocket threw it across the military wide open receiver. It but it has dropped. People. It was intended receiver that same made. Could hold onto the football. Coming up irbil hit eight coming up. We'll see we'll tell kids. From their own nine yard line play clock dealt with Tim it. Hilliard is in shock information and he is way back eight yards the it's Yucca tailored to ship jobs since over the puck into the deep down the middle of the field a team and program. Intended for receiver wants this is what the flag with the players got tangled up at the door wide. Evan really on the coverage. For the defense that was intended for it's not the one writer today. And now whole field here that shots down the field. Because there's no bouncing me into a football office did is found to kick this in. There is no way that he will make this over because they'll go buy a lottery tickets tonight. This is so that this is way out of his room he's been doing messages secret tickets or you can't. And over and kick it's going to be fielded by Smith six yards deep with a read in the until Smith. It just hit it goes right into wall Steve millers and the Pentagon fifty yard line. Get out of the nine yard night. And that is where the force we will be given extract through nine with 931 to go. In the first half. So 931 to go in the first half. Want to be thirteen which at times well. Of course. See they get some more points. The scoreboard. After taking it real leader Leland. Wants to be shot back with a touch down the road that would solve. And it touchdown. And that was it escorted the first quarter was 96 in favor. Divorce. And in the first place these cyclical. On the pass. We'll Hilliard who. And quickly Steve Lewis suffered through nine. And Redman. His second field goal of the night. Six approval of the season because it's his first game with the force for good indoor football game. Yeah it played his college football at Bethel College they do with who came to us. Going for the war forward coach always. Head coach. The Soviets in these other players. We're coaches who had contact with Bethel College. The great job that kind of building that pipeline through what you. Just down I 35. Which itself. Good road map this in his first indoor football team right now is Tutu from field goals and it's this is a repeat the. Good for instance years. And made that she knew. Google which killed a few points in the Ph.D. So posted team for the course at the 09 yard night until Jack information. Susan and emotion looks right. At the tip of the poppy fields not to assign sites across the fifth team that is where he has brought down. After the plane rocker dude on the battlefield. In the great. Jumping onto his. Think deep down legitimate science he gets up. About six yards. On the plate coverage of sector down before. With a force. Eight portico you're the first. I just got. Thanks Jerusalem Korea. My suits held onto the deep got a militants got Johnson Johnson. The fighting and into the end zone to put skilled workers. Charles Johnson. With the. Exceptional kid from rocky hinds. In 835 yards to work. From rock behind it Charles Johnson with the force back up on time. What do throw it what they can't hear about it affords. Rocky highways and Charles Johnson. Yeah it is. Touchdown number two on the season for Charles Johnson met this kid is. It found that could be instilled in policy for the kind of bring yourself. Inside to give it takes to hold the future band. And grated seeded one of the players bird once they got into it. And now we're gonna see where they take this out more smaller seeing just the one yard licensing every turn out the end zone. We're gonna see. What they do here. This is huge. You get your closet we've. PH is right there will be they're not very happy with their befits a play. You know the officials are prefer 841 to go. You're the first half have we seen it which it's not eighteen quantity thirteen. And they're gonna move now. Judge has the football and he is. Count toward the five yard line that weeks. And it hammered out soon midfield. We're gonna have a actually kick up as what they're gonna do. Greg Mathis and deep. To receive. Words to kick it up rather. But more smaller states is that you bring it I'll believe. It ends up before being tackle. So eight point one historian. The game clock. 1813. Which itself. And back to eight to receive again for quad cities is hard it really. At his feet and over again instantly feel that happen Warren. It's time though good seemed so quit and he takes down near the fifty yard line before guests and Charles Johnson. With a stop Charles Johnson has been everywhere and I had a couple great catches including the touchdown also had the big hit. A lot of lives last kick return and it just popped words that define your mind. And it brings violence in that sense sue Charles Johnson. You've heard his name more tonight that you have all seen the laws. That's because he has been making an impact its Netscape. That person standing at the fifty yard line for quad city. We go right to left the earners second quarter play. Hilliard a jacket formation takes is now once it got through that deep down the fewest got a bit it is. The public lives to various hits. Each day Hilliard is going to be extremely upset with the receivers tonight that is the fourth drop. Well the game already with the velocity receivers. That's not to build a little bit ability to Hilliard hill. Good he has been and he played three seasons at Florida international before me for his senior season two divisions to power down enough to stay. And Georgia plated 22 games started eight of those. Who are. And find you. Please 64% of his passes for just under 2000 yards. And did you completed 65% of his passes when he two touchdowns despite interception down Valdosta State. Instead he got punted around two news. In that series hits and hits in getting it close the first down to a for instance did want cities. Good play in high school football in Miami. Florida and it's a Miami northwestern high school and good story played behind. You were kids quarterback Teddy Bridgewater who was previously with the Minnesota Vikings Bridgewater play at Miami northwestern high school. It was these shorter ahead of Hilliard who took over senior year. For. Bridge water and then access their program. So that is secular back to pass loose left now looks like it's got a man is complete this over through continue to receive that route. Let's Hilliard when he was. Quarterback. His senior season. Had a very good wide receiver by the name of of boy Cooper who would be good don't know mark duper. It is now a Pro Bowl receiver for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. It was paid. Bruce it's me pro bowler in his rookie season. For the raiders history and what's up receivers in the AFC west since he has been in the NFL. Looked at ground zero. Their speed option pitch pitched enough to Williams Williams gets around the globe and force defender before being brought down near the when he won your nine. That's the real third down and states coming up we've seen good. Fear inside which its own territory the fourth quarter won't. As we approach the five minute mark in the first half of play. And quarter run. You buying national maximum outdoor equipment. Failure is standing inside the military command that's 42. Empty backfield for him. To step down through that deep down the field he's got to live and complete a he had tainted food security Clark. And he overshot. The mark by about four yards. Ask every airport down there that he had. Did they probably amounts to hit the Google. It was carper and Dietrich Matthews back deep. To return this kid if it does not go through that we have so. This will be a 36 yarder. Lined up for Steve from the right hash. Received bill moving his own perspective we're trying to. Corrupt and this one is up has its distance but it is white rice did no good. So 358 to go down in our first have to play with its only seen one city routine. Worse we'll have a first and stand. After a five yard line after that case. Was wind right. Force dolphins back on the field. I'm keep that little bit they have. On the other side after the big 35 yard touchdown pass from rocky hinds two it Charles Johnson. Only is on the rise hash. For the force at the five yard line. I'm moving down says the force. Turned the ball over last week did not come good they have minutes until here tonight. It did have one fumble but it was June sites that we've covered it quickly. He jumped on the football. But that if you're pretty good. Physically good tonight. Rocky hinds and shot information needs innings but his heels. At the if you weren't. If you bet threw for Heintz these steps up he looks right down his throat. Down the field he's got a big. He goes up of Allen who is it into the Booth well. You need luck keeping its key to keep the football it was done through the ground. Approaching the three minute mark. You're there for sampling which dealt with the fight motivated keeps him so soon. Jon Gosselin. Here that believe Illinois Kessler sitter. In the week. Kind of got sags down to was let go to winter back fuel. At the goal line and I pulled out two run record heat got to feel it's. It is Johnson Johnson goes up. With that let me seventeenth Intel to the play ball. Charles Johnson a kid. With an exceptional kids. Down to the seven your mind with a little market. What the ground there by Charles Johnson legal. It comes back down with a football. While city they might challenges to this day. And it's become the football improvement mind. Cannot city. This if they decided tosses it into Boston red challenge flag out onto the field. Let's see I like dance. And so a seed. If the call is confirmed or not. Yeah. So our previous play is going to be under review. 217 regular first half which it's not the force really quantity Steve Miller's eighteenth bird seed. 217 ago as a team trying to be first in super which itself. At the quantity seven yard I would go ahead and seek a quick break and come back with a final two minutes seventeen seconds of the first half. Listen to what stuff force football on 987 a thirteen thirty K and assess. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're not Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreements rode next to starting amber. 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Glenn Beck joins me begin mourning tonight right here runs. Is confirmed to be a long pass from rocky hinds and Charles Johnson. Seems as coal. And Wichita Kansas football. Happy. They don't have food stamp on it. David thanks Randy. And he pulled the football but the reference you fit on the floor and they. A draft into the reviewing this review board that he expects cast pump fake account fired to James Sikes and blown up view of the New Year's time. Was. Not review mobile. RC are used their time. Now could more smaller ones the targeting call. Is it. Coastal waters and then you lead with the crown of his helmet which is illegal. It's funny you know and will be on the big video boards. The officials. Should not looking up Bennett because if they can see if they got that call right. Or wrong it believes it doesn't look good that they have to look up there and they kind of records. Let's the officials keep looking up there. Even billboard. We'll actually is you'll you'll you'll see that. In the NFL were. Hello my kids. They're fortunate to see if they go on the right. And goal at the nine yard run for the fourth pole was at the right hash. Rocky hinds could be understood her. Is that James thanks. Four yards behind them. It's. And since human emotion it's Nadal and I'm. Fourth sack of the season of the airport down. This is going to be. We'll see. Throughout the wait until the other side of the one minute warning. But I know the ball is dressing up the fifteen yard night. Paula that the fifth scene. Soon they go out. Seven yards. We have the points you wouldn't add eight yards to the end zone so Jimenez thirty yarder. Civil war Mathis and tonight he has media age thirty trying to order any 26 yards so right now. Field goals wise heart he. Is maybe 35 minutes 46. We'll he about a forty yard. Coming up on the other side of the one minute warning. Grades. The crowd in. And I made bill. He didn't have their kids. Yeah dean of students being alone. Have read that this is ready for the tip it's going to be. May thirty yard except for Matthews straight up. Wearing seat the holder. Going to wrestle the snapper who snapped Kubel to come away from Matheson's. Why is who. But clearly. My left. And we'll see that the review this because. They had little official who was standing. About three yards deep in the end zone and he is not unique position he was not directly under the up right so he could itself. And the referee with no help at all so. Will be stands to also be no good on the for the artists yet. From Britain out this and will be for the kid who wants an example five yard line with 59 seconds to go to for example flip. Wichita eighteen points and bankruptcy. Failure is sitting to your seat them as owners don't. Takes a shotgun snap to get jobs steps of the pocket it was across and it's got a man. This guy. Or feel Clark with the reception after the warning to dog leg we'll stand for the Steve Miller. On a particular seventy on the first down. I. So forty seconds and counting. To go when our first half of play. Hilliard still just information Kat Williams to his left hip pocket. Snapped Hilliard back to pass goes that deep got to feel it right and with the interception and he's gonna tackle at the five yard line but. Relay goes. And grabs it that path with all right into the hands of the UA. And I threw a much easier interception there if you have a right. Which don't have one more chance at the end zone 45 seconds to go here in the first half. Ample ample room six don't mind. That is interception number four on the season for you right. Always dressing as a six yard line. On the line. The favor of front road trying to get it wants to prevent other street with the numbers that. Felt 45 seconds ago the first ten times and shack information lines the corporation. Before this town looks right group that sued Johnson Johnson gave himself up out of bounds. And it picked up seven or sue. On first down. They'll put 42 seconds that kind. The clock. So the community to clock its right now it's sitting at thirteen. But it went out of bounds. Nine seconds back on the clock 42% of the wood which started so will lessen institute's city is this little short reps. They have fixed it it's very point two seconds put up. So goal right now is at the twelve yard line which itself. On the right hand shake him down. In about fort ago. Times against thanks. One yards to the flight. I expect to pass through that he's got. But the downward. So on it is that same grew into the crowd and actually landed on me. A little girl. But incomplete third Dell's coming up. Moving left or right in our first half of the second quarter with the five point lead. Indeed Matthew through the rocky. Hinds. Extensive market accountants Lee is got to live at this time. This slippery slope with the cats and quickly timing out cold. By the force. Right now we're sure about. Twelve seconds on the game clock. Forced leading by 518. You're seeing. I grease guns. Will be up here. Your life and his career which is tell how it fit. At the room twenty yard line. Left calf which John has once had held to a win. We'll tickets on the game clock. And a couple shots. Short shots that they want them or they can build deep. We're seeing them so we'll see what they like to do here. I mean has she lives thanks to its web site. Signs of improvement in the ocean. Instead job he proves he's got to me and it's not this guy with Edwards read and sent its way down to the fifty yard line. Saint Edwards goes down five seconds to go. And it's time on ticket. Here and I widgets and coach Murphy. Enough with the coach out there on the field right now went over there they yelled it fifty. Heading toward the middle of the field go out of balance. Has now which itself is out of time else. Five seconds. We'll see with the lots of living here. Here. Shot at the end zone. Not me quit. But the clock issue with five seconds right now. So right now is. Want to know if you would just go back over there. He could have run one more way to be a bill. What will really quickly get out of bounds and just make a move made sense Stuart and it method. Yeah. Time. Goes it's fifty. The plea in seconds ago it took three decades in their home written up if the middle would do to a fifth. I. Today. Maybe 35 maybe 46. And received thirty yard attempt that during yarder came to us very close. This could well be left up right. Now the would show wind and are trying to city with a bowl. Consider it a lawyer on the attached. To reset the play clock it's been the last play of the first half. Now this is done. 830 yard attempt again. Words written message. And you're gonna tickets bill Mathis has hit was nothing good. But had not taken for Frank Luntz city. The timeout taken when the Steelers. It will burn their final time out of the first half. And now it's one half to attempt to get. To be a thirty yard attempt again this is basically. Food. Exact same spot on the field it says right now this news room. The driver go. And that time he had hit it good. Does not count because the title with a different. Bring in Steve is a holder Brenda Russell. It is the a long snapper. Good snap good hold matches his kick is up and that's when his wife well. He's not for want city. We're halftime break. It is with stealth force eighteen into the forest city Steve Miller thirteen people come back with our native voters have to report. That's coming up here on the other side of ridiculously to a tough course indoor football on 97. He had thirteen thirty Qaeda says. Spring is here and John Gardner Brady happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stockholder things. Your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. But few occasions when he stepped north and west thirteenth and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So you're sure bill like it's easy it would give card from Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card design and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza we're taking big lasagna. Manic I mean since the all you can take the excuse to get yourself with cinnamon trees. So when we. So who enjoy those Italians. On in central open convicted for. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you ever. Because we've financial future not this weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge him. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online and pay day dash rotors dark on. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall half. Happening right here on CNN San. I'm here. On the tax lawyers here in Moline Illinois at quad cities. Right now after the first half of play is which eight seed in light sleeper team. Returning tonight here too which felt forced into workable. 997. At thirteen thirty KSS downtown Boston and excitement senator editor producer it is your bank indicated that studio. That analysts possible in what they are sponsors and a half time. Report it much but hated voters are sponsors have been with us all season long making his broadcast happen. I'm here wherever you may do it because they feel a bigger spot the talking point gallery in the ways diving company's maximum help to work and equipment. Johnson's going thinner. Golota Italian restaurants and needed voters. You have happy excited for half a football it's 1813. But there's been a lot of them. And it'll start out with that forced him on the scoreboard first they Brett Baptist or I go to your local. It says he made with actual 31 to go in the first quarter to put the force at three nothing that was Matt it's his first. Career. Field goal made in the it to a football game. Mathisen is making his debut out of Bethel College kids graduated here. For me fresher. Still Matthews with the force on the scoreboard first and then. It was a quad cities that should. We have the touchdown passes for Vijay Hilliard she's tied who lose nine yards. 36 to go in the first quarter and get 63. In favor quad cities after he needs he would walk by feeding kids. Marie's young. They. Thirteen year old. For a rocky hinds. You have puts. The force. Back on the board the first touchdown of leaving that team with 741. Mark to go in the first quarter. But which took nine to six after. The written mattresses. He eats he was out for the up rights and first play of the second quarter. Was a touchdown pass forward PJ hill here in the qualities do you losing candidate clinched a long touchdown pass to the throws them. If he he was good to make it thirteen. To you that night at that point. In favor. The steel wheels. And which town. And eight other field olympians well 22 mark Redknapp is what this time 846 yard T. You put which is now within warned that thirteen to twelve. Then the former is later. Marreese. To beat Charles Johnson County 35 yard touchdown pass for a rough behind to make absolutely. Brilliantly. Thrown football. From the veteran quarterback to. Charles Johnson that was the 35 yard score. In the heat he was blocked that may eighteenth thirteenth and that's where we have been the final eight minutes and 41 seconds. But which it's leading by fine. Some of them are school right now we had a pretty much gave. Pretty easily. Contested first person to play for for both teams here tonight that you'll use of it the more of that individual numbers. As as we get those and into second place. Great crowd your own hands of the chancellors and they're averaging about six sound opinions and her home conscious in and I eventually got about 5000 or so and tonight at least around 5000. You really see behind me on the he has set its debt there. But a great crowd all around here but as we look at their individual numbers here in the first. Forward. The force. With of course. Ruined his Iraqi happens eleven of eighteen at 649. Yards two touchdowns. No interceptions more importantly. Edward Smith we have. One rest for six yards news sites would IE four negative four yards. And rocky hinds with. Credit for that says the court that sat with one rise work a loss of six. On the play Charles Johnson three catches for 49 yards. Have been. The city council's forfeiture for 84 yards. And a one touchdown Edward Smith two catches for thirty yards. Marie young with three grant for 29. Need to score Kelyn sites with two catches for six yards. Defensively Marcus Carter with four tackles. Including a tackle for loss. Dietrich Matthews. With Warren as well as check read to every mag. Kevin ray. My political we have three. And can carpool with free as well. In also. Tech philosopher Marcus Carter in Dietrich Matthews and in that editor section. Four. Haven't read this one ship owner of the statute issues canoe carper but it was you re with the interception. Can occur for his had to return optimized. Missed field goal that he was able to. Return on had a great return on that fits this has set up the it's life with the forwards. Other individual numbers for a quantity TJ who you're fine but we'll passing. We're 67 yards to touch panels in a one interception. In. Russia. Six carries for eleven yards for ten who have just eleven boards on the ground. Long for. If you or more smaller anybody on this it's forced coaching staff and you. And included Ted Williams to his eleven yards of rushing here in the first half you've got to be extremely happy Tenet who's leading rusher. In the league damaging. Over that forty yards. Europe. Happenings can be sixty yards per game. After four and a half yards for tonight we we just want to. Really for four yards tonight in the the longer than that sort of force really got a great outpouring and check. Quicker drove them with that one graphically nine yards and a touchdown scored. Tend to lose with three catches for 41 yards. And Jared Clark with 1 grant worth Pacific senior. Individually be principally who were. What cities leading the way. We have quartet whose mysterious Johnson read a piece of work include news Tinseltown's it. Dummies and got beat me and he went out for. Alfred with two tackles for loss already. Tonight's. And kicking you forget about the kickers. Math institute for. Sea is as long with 42 units soon. And first you'll be here with 42 yards soon. Your men may have been also made its. Whether it's 46 yard tips. Missed two. To attempt from thirty yards in and one of them was. Actually kind of looked good from where we are sitting head into smoking was its newest well let's. Just. He said it was wide left. And it. At this it's owed to an extra points. She gets its with the Steelers is 03 on field goals. And won it two. On extra points. Team members were quick for you and offered to place 45 for a 145 yards for the force. It's just what you play for 83 yards is old is she wheelers have. Offensively. I remembered this data on third down and watch these Olympic sport. Which it's done is one of my. Which done over one on fourth down and what cities is one of foreign. Which don't show a kid in the red zone over four tonight inside the red zone once cities is one that sealed off. Italy's superlative this horse that have been whistled earned the esteem wheelers. As the don't suit to have possession issues and that would touch but that it pregame show is what cities is. Leave the league in tenth position all night did doubled to fifteen minutes. And he's six. Sales which had a degree jab that keeping that high powered offense. For the field. We're as well received good. So we must look at those of us who are going on in the CIA of tonight's. With Dallas in Salina which was to place line tickets that went on a medically. And your city all over Kansas City 437. Kansas City it is really struggling right now it. He shows this is there losing by 36. Tonight. Different kind of Stanley Kubrick yeah Kansas City issued a profit you went seven on the season. And other schools. The revolution that I talk about revolution team. That's Texas. Being the leading a ruler announced 48 to one we will keep an eye on that game. As the night goes on but right now it's 4818. With 33548. Now favor the revolution. Late in the first half. Underscores is this more. Leading Oklahoma buys worth 3043. With Bismarck and to which itself bit Saturday night's we. You showdown with the force it I'd be a secret ingredient in which 705 pick out 645 trillion to Iraq here. It came assessment and the call Ted Woodward and myself. We'll be here. I'm with you. That's making it next Saturday night. And camp camp which itself. Those in the store front on this TI yeah. And we will go ahead and take a break and come back yankees to prepare for a second half of play who received two which itself where football. I'm 97 and thirteen 33 and assess. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer and bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate way it's six days a week Monday through Saturday we're behind Arlen going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreements rode next to starring amber. Every one doctor about it talks about him early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to link. We can make that happen to both the largest market after. Professional instructors and a masters in the Wichita area and now the largest training facility in Kansas got caught courses. If you are a heat and birthday for adults children and it opens and I have yet but really that's up screen mr. wrote a president that ever wins I think dot com. In the way well that's great. 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Maybe voters half time report shot by us with you is the quad cities in Moline Illinois. You're the tennis players that are there for you which stuff with Google. Force leading right now eighteen after today. And a half time break open the quad cities the wheelers Savvis center is our producer engineer bank indicated that studios. Great to have you along here on a Saturday night. Here. If the month of may force. Season winding down the regular season is. In right now they're looking in the playoffs on Hannity should be. And right now on a realistic returned it. Heard this thing around it and finally figured out who they really are because they are a peer group Steve we want to be it is when you not turn the ball over. CPU period there chilly tonight. They have not turned the ball over not cut let's see you please put right now there. Turnover free tonight and it's shown us before that now with a five point lead. We're back at home that Saturday night against this mark 75 could count on interest victory it downtown which itself. In the end the enforcement made by their final bye week of the regular season will be on it may 46 that is. Two weeks. Tonight. And being in the we move into the month of June. In the month of June the worst we'll take on Salina. The first week in a June June 2 they'll be 505 kicked off who have interest speaker Rita. In downtown which 505 pick up on June 2. It's it's one of liberty as a new round out the regular season this Sunday. June 10. Kids that you speak gladiators. That will be 84 or five kick out so. We won't were 7 o'clock kick up. Throughout the remainder of the regular season. And and be a fight we'll fight kick off in a four or five pick up. See you in the regular season and the playoffs begin you holy week so players will be here. The sixty. June June 16 will be. First round the CIA employee up. Leonard the front of your. You Mo moments ago as you can see it's the once the kicker was out there. Kicking in was making field goals from from way down the field and he was booted him from fifty yards out but. Experience I realize there is no pressure got evicted them no you know 656. Lower. Do you misalignment looking down Adam's bill. These guys whipping of depression on and it's. Pretty easy to make those. Putts right now. He has struggled here tonight it is so we'll all season long. Let's. Sitting on the second half on fools we about two minutes away the second half action here. Moline Illinois in the wants the he was out on the field and of course coaching staff is out the field and now the force players are starting to come out on the field. So we will take our final break. Is that come back with football here for the quad cities through listening. Q if they gave us have to report in which the task force into approval on 97 in thirteen birdie came at this. 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Find us online at paid a dash rotor struck home. Mr. it is his story this is the first North Korean Communists in the pot belly dictator and actually walk across the border into South Korea. Dreaming I'm Kim Jung known as well I don't know why pointing out hypocrisy on Twitter you can find in these guys don't do this. How do his thing. Mass murder lose again romance. The American. Until noon on 97 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as. If we get sick for a second half. Actually here for on the tax clearances in Moline Illinois shy about what you review which off course. Indoor football player in 9713. Thirty and it's as great to have you along here for tonight's broadcast. Which apparently the eighteenth thirteenth they were kicking off. Do you want cities. To open up our second half of play. Ozzie will be moving right away. Am. Third quarter. Read that this is fast deep. Good for the way. Williams. I didn't receive as is Clark is what could be fielded by Clark one yard keeper they have done to break up the writes out across the 1050. Now that your son when he is finally Kendrick harper. Brings it definitely want. Before or since did it. Coming up at the 21 yard line. Where the Steve Miller. They've got a set of me moving right to left. Here in third quarter of play. Third quarter. Tonight is much you like Johnson started sooner. Hilliard and shot information. And now to those now actually we can keep on we're gonna created he gets across midfield. This one if you don't want you obviously have very often. Yeah me. This operates. Hilliard kept it fair if it's that positive yardage. Picks up seven. On first down. He's second on the short about. Lucy Lewis instead which concert tour. There in the shotgun formation by himself nobody else in the backfield form. Low snap it looks right throws it right is that we. It Williams. Losers get a get the first hand yardage. The last few groups. Got a lot of balance familiar early on it had a roses and other guys that it is. Any veteran you're in the indoor painfully force chief of Akron and 4011 of fourteen. It nearly 900 keep Hillary. Kick return yards on 52 tips and he average seventeen yards a kick return. Including almost 700 yards a kick return his freshman season. With the Akron. Zips. Noted that the past looks like any U pills Marcus Carter who blows them up of the backfield another sect. We're Marcus Carter. A loss of seeing him on the plane and Marcus Carter globes he gave you it and backfield. Getting back to Williams. Rushed for almost 4000 yards and 48 touchdowns in his career at Cooley high school in Cincinnati Ohio. Both were school records it and played for the Wichita Falls to nine months the indoor football league. And toward heavily up. As a special teams play. Billiards now understood. It's a handout. To pitch on the left side and it hits you sling it good to do. The boards on the near side. But what this was a three time. I have feels special teams player of the week lastly that second seawall Ifill office where should he averaged one point three owners who return. Last season but it had 4500 all purpose yards at both. Live at the idea though he let the idea build all purpose big kick return your feet to the last two seasons. It is in the record books and the idea though for. For all purpose yards and he is doing that a earlier and shot information he's got room to the right side. New tees yet gotten done stuff goes with it could get blown up by Christmas so I think bill. In your 'cause they hit stick to down they create his weight down. Williams is drop down thirteen of sue. I have Phil. That's covering up fourth down and nine. In terms. Stance and the it wants to be. Special teams units. Stint is over of three. Thomas you yourself as well. Seven eighteen on the season. This will be thirty yarder chants from the right hash. It's what they've wiped clean on his right foot which snap good hold kick is on the way in this one is wide left. And no good. And a walk around in the financier just people wrote that there hit. Any confusion. This guy has struggled all season long. We've seen really. Said he was important to those fifty yarder early on me. In Hampton but he also had no pressure and make him hit pressure and it comes up. So first drive of the second half we'll. Which time he gave it to dirty work. Five yard line. Kind that it's accurate or Anderson or rather. It's up to sacks thanks. Shimmy his shoulder still receive across the ticket and brought down a little bit. But when root beer by the political cauldron. Johnson brings downside puts. A lot of movies here. We shifted back to those sites. Picks up six on first down. Second down before. I'll address to camped at twelve yard line. Nice hands up to Johnson Johnson near the first down marker he gets the first down marker in war. Across the fifteen near the seventeen year old right. Charles Johnson. With the first down carry on the street. From right to left. Forces. There huddle and they finally break him. Pines. Which is not peace to the left him. Once it might mean with these. 26 looks up tonight the top decides wide open across midfield with forty. You wanna Phoenix center team. Did your people I still of course. Wanna move nearby GA web sites you play. If the previous owns stakes. Worthy flying to New York touched numeral. Can live sites. Who is zigzagging all across a few. Go to an offense was we had 34 yard run here for sites. And that's. What a great run there by six touchdown number eight of the things that. At this kid is up and threw it. Plus you have rights on this great city 846 to go. Here in the third quarters now which it's not 45. AM the quantity per seat. Camera that's on the first drive of the second half. Not in that to me it's not the clock. And a touch you on is on the board. Toward the force. We're going to quick break and come back with more here in the third quarter a 46 though which it's not 45. Wants to be thirteen USC which are forced into a football and 97 at thirteen thirty Cain assets. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Arlen calling gallery always buying golden seals are always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next to starting number. Everyone I could do that it talks about him early batting coach pat you hear anything you've ever wanted to thank you that I. We can make that happen but the largest. And I think after professional instructors and diet masters and the Wichita area and now have the largest training facility in Kansas gal well. Yeah RED and birthday for adult children and it happens I'm my and yet but yeah that's up premature and visit us at every week I think dot com. In the way I think well. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers in sight and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought it one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Dole on and win the. Chase and maybe join us for become reality radio week nights. I'm okay. Caitlin sags puts you yourself quite well. 82 points or two possession. Lead for the force and elite point 513 840 to go here in the third quarter. And a return Al like club city across succeeded even have a plot the bank facility. And Skinner carper was shut down from behind. Pretty easy to own their for the official. That is going to beyond. 21 series. We're quad city. And now it's going to be first in CNN we receive no federal site or not not a nice deal. Starting position where there. Sick and drive the second half. Hilliard was under similar handoff. Sue Clark he Clark it's up across and see anywhere else thanks Phillip on the force it. So gonna. Why fullback Tony resort at split. Wait for events. Confirmation their tour referee puts right now they're gonna. Moving up to the tip. He forces inside. Come up. For the Steelers now that fit. So Hilliard. And they shot during this time he is. It says he'll fight his left foot forward Dallas right foot is a yard for his right foot six. At the four yard line Hilliard to step drop crude across a good guy helped by duplicated. Wanted to lead into the and he's forty yard score. Familiar with the. No city can. It's time for the PHC. That snap good hold in the kitty if you. 807. To do. We'll play. It is now. Which it's not 45 day quad cities what it. You have third quarter drive to anybody Johnson's golden sooner. Both teams went back to back nice offensive guys that both in every. It's seven points on the scoreboard in the courts back to a five point lead. It's when he thanked what do. Horse return unit going to be back on the field students beautiful time of the US. They announces on the field they have not says had to return to kick kids. Early in the second quarter. It hasn't teed up right in the middle. Political life. The end soon that's quantity it is kicking slumps and wants to be Steelers across this country. Paddle boats. With the. Seen coming on the tap through the pipes and that's but it's who was viewers in just to help those kids. Would good tradition of Mississippi River and everything has gone by here and his. When the vehicle was he really just when he came over and feel good night Smith security Smith has decreased across the forty and he is flat out actually. Just shy of the forty. Tonight help. I'll so. I. For just under eight minutes ago. In the course we'll have it now. At the moon thanks you know what. It was seven. 57 to go in the third. It's back on the field for the course. Where it's deep down here now had two wide receiver for the bush clearly. Too much in the ninety cents special teams but he is lined up to the right Iraqi night. On the lines periods exist thanks to left behind recent job looks right through that too wide open G Allen it only. When he's out we cannot come up with a graphic view is all that sort of birth. The end TA Alan. Is laying inside of five. There was a flag on the play through with the call list. The legal defense going to be called quad city. This Nathaniel Phillips is neat. You know the legal defense. And Steve Allen it's being held to help if you put TJ Mathews features Matthew. It's quite a character you'll move go onto a force gaming you'll find out quickly TJ Mathews. It would put these guys whoever we put itself is a serious. He was. Been tapped into a lot of things on the first row. On the quantity saying that. And he was just actually sitting in the until a few minutes ago he came profit over the boards keep them. CPA was OK I expect to pass times looks like those three. Okay. It is brought them. The second thing tonight. That's going to be. Second round and fifteen. September 14 after the fifty. It takes thirty to go. Generally known for a quarter point. And rocky good. All the time now as of late clock Louis war. Yeah let's say defense had to be. Out of about the influence of these on their feet. And to get this. He will receive back to the game right now they feel like five. Which always was six weeks ago the third quarter. Which doesn't have the second Elliott we're seeing coming up. To throw fifty we'll navigate. To be 41. There's that feel for the good don't know political hole eulogized fifty yards long. It soldier eight yards deep. They're upset about fourteen. With a force. Left or right revert weren't holes on the right hand. And fixes his helmet and just sit going to tape the game happens now decent sabres seemed as every play. Who got a news not Edward Smith across supporting you lose. And bid for the flu. Loses the football. Played at 640 mark. Edwards' rib. The formal. I was three years. Clear whether or not go meet that challenge outlook. You fumble. With the stimulus. So sort of first and sit at the fifteen movies the end of what we've got to be first in sin. We're wants to be thrown fifty. There are now moving right to left Hilliard understood earlier so there's been a motion. Here's the handout. I around the near side. In theories hits how is he brought down. Community. Sixteen going to be about a yard on the play. He gives him on the stop. All the sixty Europe it's your life you'll hear injunctive formations seven yards behind me consider. If you that you review your. We're back steps of hockey got a wide open being that his brilliance near midfield. I'll pick it up ninth inning for us to own team. Currently do Hilliard to. I really. At least you would answer. Finally soon get into this game. And this group back and forth back and forth didn't. And which dogs are fit. To score Leah meant to last very long noted that the past tense of hockey's got a bad defense team. Hey. No reception at the game. They've just like they. 435. To go. To her third quarter. It's not the PAT. I'm sitting right now they one point lead. Hi snatched it puts it up there and clears you up right. Soon want sitting down leads the way. It 1745. That is plenty of answers. For the steam room. Their fans are really started feeling good. And they lead. I'm still here with 435 to go in the third quarter. Third quarter run tonight Johnson started sitting. When you throw them. But we will do it. Just. On the banks of the Mississippi River. We just toured north is Rock Island. Chancellor center was opened back in 1993 that there is. No you cannot tell that it was built. 45 years ago. Pass it just over 33 million. And is host to Missouri Valley Conference will be fast we'll terminate the past three seasons. Also goes Broadway shows concerts family shows. And much more. And is hosted at Debbie Debbie programming as well as to whether. Cool things that. You attendance record was actually prove back live you guys who played here. In 199620. Point two years ago Neil Diamond plate here. His stereo and arena. Intent cleared up actually gone up the run from the I wireless. Right here. In the season. You know it that is why is the ten players. Posted John. Yes Kenny Rogers you tell you that sticks. Reba McEntire Brad Paisley year's record of strictly. Fleetwood Mac. And many more artists including those who were simply kill him. He played here in the past. Place. Let's get some things over the years. Oh wait for word to stuff. Still it hasn't. Okay. It's either. He will be favourite soda. Smith and so I expect deep into receivership. And over and do and it's going to be at the script for three yards the now around web site discovered across the sit still with these costs. Up near fifteen and as we run down right out of fifty. Return were down seventeen yards poorer. Edward Smith. All of resting on the left hash for 44 remaining. Hands on city leads finds itself. Great to have you along. We'll see right here in 9713. Thirty pain SS online at Kansas as radio dot com. On the news radio that how. John vause when he. In Moline Illinois. Simon Sadr is back irritated there's studios remain report. I'm sad if you can't feel and we have a late game. And judge threw the flag in. It's a late game that's not even sort of cut. They want them to reset the play clock. But they did it. And how it's going to be able. Posted soon at the U which it Satinder night. I did you back here. It is to be to go to the rice tonight. Hynes rolled out to its right. It took off this site so web sites sites across the what do you may feel. And he has brought down just passed it one at the 22 yard line. Picked up. About seven it. First there. Once again travelers moving to the rights that do web sites with. Wide open as a safety valve on the left side of the field. Good snack nice sense of the pocket who forced out of pocket now looks like. Stiff armed defender although honestly vehicles left is complete. Via download and Charles Johnson. We're right here in the same vicinity. And each of whom got the other what was gonna condemn that but instead it won't be complete. And it brings that we're gonna hit. Moved down. Good. Mentioned fifteen seconds. If you go in. Or play with such back to rocky I adored piano and. The floors side. In new football is that what went into the crowd. Greg Mathis is gonna come back out. And it's in the coolest movie. The longer see that it. Don't mess this is going to be. We'll be real attitude about recruitment methods. The rookie good snap good hold matches he is. And over it's got the distance it is good. Let's map it for 43 yards out just what it's not the 4847. Lead with 146 to go in the third. In Damascus. Shoot the aero of the for the second day here. But the attacks leaders sooner. And he has talked about that only 43 yard. Google with a rookie a couple poet. Now math that's left of LP due to countered that yet. I'm leave. Kick off. We town back down. Influenced by blood. So Mathis says. They hit 35 yarder. Maybe 46 yarder this. 230 yarder tips and don't hit 843 yard. Great start this news campaign. Here in the indoor. Football game. Now those were already on the field until mess this up there and it. We change it up here where they keep this one so. He prepared. Want city coaches are. Other players watch out the scripted. At this ranking up there now you approach to football it'll kick in as they go. Onto the Wichita binge. Midfield. Ball is going up to the 25 yard that's a great field position. Here for. Quad city. Hilliard a couple of act on the field as. We have made it fifteen to go here in the third quarter which tell leading by 14847. Billiard he's got to lose Williams is getting hit about a yard all the played navy seal. On this flexibility built the 43 yard line here. Under minutes ago in the third. Once you have a couple more plays. Here in the third. There I understand it he's sitting at the logo right at midfield. Here's a handoff around left sided game. To his man. This is serious hits it seems slightly a bit to the port on your side and I Keenan kids. And asked of it taken us to our fourth quarter of play. As the players are holding up the four. In the air. And we will hand to her fourth quarter play with that would John force putting. The quantity steamroller clients who have 2847. Won't want to miss our fourth go to California senate break. You're listening to which itself forced into a couple on 97 if thirteenth hurricane assess. Bring it here and Johnson Garcia and Freddie have spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stockholder everything you need. Your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson's Gartner you'll also find generation. Professional advice and expertise helping state and we're ready for spring Johnson guards. In two locations. Point seven north and west thirteenth and it works or. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So then you're sure bill like it's easy you don't give card from an Angelos. And they can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or chicken that lives on in Munich I mean. Since the all you can take the excuse to get yourself cinema troops. Who grew into those Italian restaurant on central open to date and time. Hi this is Nelson talker. If you have credit. If we understand. Because we've financial future not resist weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharged. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. And confidence to be yourself and you're any. Friends all jumped off my boy oh boy yeah she touching to be responsible you're not going anywhere they. Making moms everywhere. The moms we need. Voice all right now IE SM sorry but. There's a day for 97 at thirteen thirty. Your news traffic and weather station 987 and thirteen thirty. There are here in the book and we had to our final quarter of play with which John force leading he wants consumers buying scored 4847. From Moline Illinois. And of itself horse into a football. Right here on in a sense for the tax slaves that are in Moline Illinois. Great to have you on here Sean bonds with you. He's Simon's silver is the and hurricane center studios. Glossy Atlanta first instead of after which itself fifteen yard line thirty seconds down here and a fourth quarter play. So caesar's delivery shuttle. Hunker down stay. Wants to be that now one of six. Well which itself is one of six as well. Hilliard is not to lose hope Williams runs in the back to Hilliard. It really isn't gonna lose a yard on the play. And which shows and a great job of containing Williams bill eight series but we're. Eleven yards to synthetic he would have to sixty yards a game on the ground. Which I just got to keep it up bit. They should be happy with what they could do it. Hilliard shotgun formation it's going to be backfield he's standing at the 23 yard line. Two stepped up. Pressure is collapsing Hillary Clinton run. I. From six. It's now. It. Woods wants to be back upon a time period and don't hear that is the verse seven. Rushing touchdown of the season you're gonna go over to. Sixteen yards out. They go for too. 3328. To five point lead. We're quad cities. It was attacking to his office at. Hotel on the field right now goes in the huddle. Great to huddle Hilliard could be under center. And we'll see. They're gonna reset the play clock again. My clock was out at eight seconds and then. Officials that close at 9% committed the reset my clock soon. Although left hash of the two yard line and we've understood her. No you're. Play action pass to towards across the middle it's not. Two point conversion. It is fewer than you would think. We'll do it. But beyond that. Two point conversion kits and once they leave by seven with thirteen 27 ago. I have to do point giant is good. Back to some individual members rocky hinds fifteen at 44214. Yards. Three myself. He has been really good also. Threatened that if we have five. Long of 43. In his debut. And the indoor football. Game. How he would still return team back out of Felix's. Which just specialties is insert her beauty. We came insights into edwards' bid that. Smith had soon. He's got some good cleats up coming geezer. Really royal cool. Forgot someone sees expanded on those. The goal mouthpiece the white gloves and white's office Palin's. It is. He Linux. Stood ready for. Big kids. Smith is seeing ethical line on the near side. Thirteen 47 remaining. Want to leave by seven and over and kick Smith has been taken from the five to the team across fifteen may have brought down with a twenty yard line. Johnson with the stuff because cities. I'll be the first down toward the force and the twenty yard line moving right to left. Trailing by seven what. What fifteen minutes ago. Very great. Everything we expected it says there's active about 6000 per night. And of course you're back in 2900. Maneuvers. We. Relatively. Protagonist and I have this season. I'm exact information to step up and put it down the sideline. Intended for key element in complete. Allen was running down the boards. Live the defense of player there that was. So that was. That would cover them was killed Howell looks like he'll panel. The candidates. Played two years since people receive pulled up. Had similar. Problems soon had to step away from the prove they have been fortunate for two. He brokered inside. The state of Illinois. What do you room for the timid when he looked up and I started. Refreshment 2010 but quarterback eleven. And hopefully we'll close innocent of charges against them. He transferred to Eastern Illinois University if vigilant program in the Ohio Valley Conference. In 2013 would move back to one receiver. Played in nineteen games during his two seasons but what passes for 170 yards and effect will be could decide. Ninth through that the guys he's got a wide open Mahan is. Those jobs that. I was Johnson back to medal in two minutes of Hoover's own feet and he was why little bit. Initially the bid needed to deal with the forwards been stated it's gonna bring up. We're now. And the offense is gonna stay on the field. We're building it's seven. I can't information gets sent to regret for the receiver to the right. I've got to pass the toughest thanks thank you closet. What do you think. It's. A good. Over. Will be. The good old bulls. If you look at a team of 46. It's more in the fourth quarter. He had a close look at six. What it marked the third quarter. It is now one of the tape 46 mark. In the fourth quarter. One of will there. After sites. Probably had a belt yardage from. He'd probably do that quad cities. And the football match. After only eighteen yard lets you could force opera deeper it's gonna mixed up here. You'll hear. That's that's gonna go deep what he had done the first place. I. Since when did you go. Yeah. Coasted down on the PAT. Most now. Kick is up for it through. Including kids who feel that the defense saved thank goodness. Well there it's got to get something going there. This is it deepens and of itself to a good season and he. You know the few militants hit that first half of play and you know right now they've they've probably here. It is time we gave them real advantage to know Tim minutes ago. But they fell by two scores that. Weeks' worth. And that's I. We'll let us do. Notice the phenomenal athlete all American hyped up for any standout receiver and NCAA division to Minnesota state. Played 42 games for the mavericks are 37 passes for 545 yards. He I think the NFL quoted university of Minnesota into our thirteenth blew out this entry in the us focused. To play in the NFL. And in you work for foot locker and Nike in Seattle before were attending the logic I am. He's a hometown kid played his high school football halls we've heard Davenport Iowa. You served as a ball boy was he moved back when there are you arena football two league. It just a great story is he. Decided to leave his job and it's Nike in Seattle Washington. In a great job fair working for Nike. Come back and played for in his hometown fans. Smith takes his streak turned out the five yard line or from five yards deep. It cost of 15 in the morning and the clock count of the seventeenth. Poll finds only air traffic jumped over. Seven foot in the hotel. Since then remain here in the fourth quarter 4228. Want cities with C. Two touchdown lead. Three out of five on the season. Ames. Was edwards' wrist to his left sat. And it's a stamp to set got booted down the side incomplete intended. Ovaries you know the rights act. He had his young on the you've got bright green neon. Clothes in weeks. And why. And sleep on both his right and left arm. I do not consider them all over the seventeen yard night. Fumbled snap thing. Okay. Another athletes who. It's one of the ninth fifteen or. Good fumble. Of the night for the force outfit. And Iran and our kids it's news. Because of the go. That's the way to. Once he's right here back of their own doorstep at it which itself sixteen yard line. Hilliard and Jack good. It's the option as we keep it. Cross the fifty music scene yard line. I could go through some of the they'll let that. Always. At eleven yard line on the right hash. Plus it's gonna use the time so they're big Dave got. Plus it's time. To work with here. Second down made about crime. Who have good. Earlier Scott Williams who was left. You see him not to move across the team that you're the fighter right and he can't match. It's held me. Indeed Dave Matthews. If you've been through its web. We want to be players. And there's going to be at first they'll. We've achieved that six yard left. Right now. Which cut defense is. Let the quantity. Database to review it. Paula that the six. It was a goal through the Steelers. They pitched Hilliard. NASA itself. Incomplete. Suited for Clark to the back to the end zone. Think Clark is come over Saidi he cannot the football. Is gonna what in the channel debate you're gonna. YouTube video port through their friend first conceived they should replay. And here comes the replay. The big video board. Any comment but it was not good. Off the wall filled. What is the lawless did. Panel second got to go. All of the sixth. And looted it's a good time else. But they're gonna have. Q you've attacked them. So 643 remaining. And haunts me leads 4228. And second down they go through six. Whose team will adapt to this amount. From left to right here in the fourth quarter play which job back at home next Saturday night. You could take and leave his mark looks. And them up easy tested as well it's it is hard coming. North division right now here for four. Lost two straight games this. See that. It's very good there. Wayne yeah. The Bismarck is playing at home against Oklahoma in last we checked his work was. Reading that gave him. Second down. Knew what to see it. And glossy. And ham. Hilliard came got a boost this person to be filled. Good so when it. Of those groups. Play of the night. That was a sleazy. Run around the rights act and the right in the nuclear. We're Williams. Where it's good that. So 618 remaining. Now is 4928. One city. And leading by three touchdowns this. Sexy scenes ago. Fourth quarter tonight drugs but it's close Italian restaurant. Fortunate for me it was it's some work to do here. Yeah fourth quarter. Didn't like everybody feeling you have 9713. Thirty. Sense. It's not impossible if you. That Moline Illinois. Seven silver backed McCain necessity of. Edwards hit in June so I expect you to receive again. And we're sit on the news side my. Eight for the kid. King of stints. And over in news that he's gonna feel that the two. Profits in and he is still receive another. Outside across the fifteenth. Of mutes when you are loaded lockdown at the morning. Edwards' wrist. Would return him to deploy and be first down at CN. It was six minutes ago. And. He's a little. Last true. Over with a force resulted in points and word. Once civics. Actually all three. Rumors have resulted in quantity points here's a pass across the road Johnson instead of five super street musical life. It is why kill the one yard line. Grateful for rocky times through Charles Johnson is here. He first goal which it's not want. Five and a half where that's the only Intel. He hides under sooner he didn't check it. News good minute. Try to give forward. And yes I'm sure it will likely he would sit rebels from the. Eight minutes ago. Austin league's thing. We want. 4948. Thanksgiving Henderson you're kidding can and boots fit. I go behind us. I mean since the notion we think he got to Smith. It's made the. Being on the play. And it's been recruiting tool. Yeah. Murphy on the first night. Still beyond its at gotta go. You simply go away. Night. Slings it to me. What's good. Forty years. Great. And Shakespeare. It's. Watson sooners leading by three touchdowns. It's pitch count to use bit if this is going to get close the door why didn't he. We have not only did. If not for the whistle yet and help me. Sports. And he wants city. Have a clue picks it up it's gonna take it. The begins on the other side it. Not sure what the lowest year. MS Smith lost the game. In the red counts like yourself and there will be a challenge on the field. Three minutes seven seconds ago. And its own grandchild flags on the field and it let's take a look at this one. It took you won't say who the official season. Will the play dead. The head and does surprise who has. Not sure what exactly happened. It's open. There's still Rendell and hit the ball crossed the plate and if the goal line because it's the theory goes from behind. So they're not sure from the site. And that's what she really it is. Is from the sun. We'll see what did the officials decide people. Three in. Their official backed up good here they can move up through short review. And Adobe. We'll be agency received. Our defense down the field so. And militant if fumbled. With a force. It all for. Half came in the second. They've all been. Crucial three or resulted. It is positive points. Hilliard understood they're always at the rule five yard line it's got to within his roots are on the right side and loses going to be brought down right near the five yard line. Nothing losers. So let's start a pile up there and build them. There's team really prevents you. Me and yet another gave me. This will be at their second straight win in a row Libya after a loss. For the woods golf course. Clock is June. You've got to its fifteen seconds five seconds on the play clock. We've got the city's guys emotion we quit and Dennis. Snaps thought there was a possibility it is incomplete. And Chris have still got his hand on it and Jimenez. Is broke his finger actually is in a lot of pain as he comes off the off the field is the sub pop. He is any a lot of pain. In grains seeds and come out and play defense for a. Number 135 ago. And we've learned. We're sort of play itself with its. CN over here ninety seconds seen counting. You. In Moline Illinois. Those steps of the pocket and he's going to be brought down across the five yards to about seven yard right. And LT is number one minute warning. Actually. We're always gonna take its time now for the force. Before that what minute warning hits in the quantities that can be happy about that one. They tickets I'm out. One minute it thirteen seconds ago. In this war. Started out really good through the floors in the second half this. Force. Defense and offense this. Just collapsed game. Tumble here in the second half that. Really it's notably safe turnovers turnovers internal. Dot com last week lost in the game against duke city and again. Four fumbles. Tonight for the offense. And it may kicking you won't feel welcome and it is his Stinson. There's rule these indicate if room is known to your mind soon Kendrick harper back the to receive. This yet. Good snap good hold and keep it on the way. Actually pretty good kick if you feel badly in the back of the infield. Are we gonna take out concert fifteen points to receive incentives he would territory down to the fifty yard line. Before he brought down hill to guess. We're gonna have one more play. One minute 12. Emotionally. The year. Clock. So what does gonna get to know what more money. Gave reporters. One minute warning. Actually wolf and run. And I don't think it's our woman warning would have scored he would cross receiver 49 it would stop for 48. 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He are eight ED and birthday for adults children and it opens the eye and yet that is up screen misread visit us at every week I think dot com. In the way back home of the great. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. And plant. Join us more things right here on K. Still a divorce. Thrilled by the 4948. In favor be on city stimulus. Your other home surfing and this head. Flag thrown. Actually gonna. The clock back therefore puts on their bill we'll have fun. 43 seconds ago. We'll be. Door behind. You lay it rocky Hinds County Allen who were. If you get to the five yard line and speculative on first down in their first. And a second down and what the plan Iraqi signs he's up to you Edward Smith and on the left side Smith. It is. And on the inside the time. Let's do that market actually right now provide your mind. Clock is. Into the third down goal. Times we have. Smith whose right kinds Jose in the back going into a complete almost picked up. I'm 31 seconds remaining. Ford down. It's clear that the balloon. You could see 10 o'clock hour here. Oh good. Times through this cop idea Alan Stillman. Will be the final play. Enough with the play. For the course here tonight. And all this news conference have you he's just not clear if. They could kneel down there they'll do it. As we. Force helicopters flew straight game. Enable whole Q3. And six. On the season. Contact you and all we have food stamps. That's when you want to be playing your best football season this late season. Right now boards. Turning the ball over way too much. For more turnovers tonight no interceptions before fumbles. Three of them resulted in Steve Wheeler points. Hilliard in shotgun. Is that to a deep down inside line. Out of bed and in completes. On the first down play. I officials. Kind of stopped. Play it. Kind of stopped 15 o'clock. Two seconds on this. I'm thought. But now it's just simply wanted. We'll make. They've appeared to be trying to really cares if there's eighteen more step foot on the scoreboard. Horses ready. It's our board of us in the head back to which itself. Yeah you'll arrive early in the morning Tony and a half hour. Bus ride home. So offensive. Which stung. The 8 o'clock hour. They're hands after you lose billions field as being a community fifteen yard line. And a. Then it's gonna do it. Now their final play of the game. In your final score. You know. The united. Coming up on their side of the break. Downward. Into a couple 9878. At thirteen 38 assists. 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Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online and pay day dash voters dark home. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week nights right here I'm Kia. Zulu. What's force it to a football right here on 97 and thirteen purity innocence it's. On final year. The Kessler sitter in the Moline Illinois final score is the on city Steve Lewis reporting on him which itself forwards would be forced down their third straight game. This season and this what was that tale of two different paths which itself. We needed to be halftime leading by 51813. And it it was all downhill. After that for the forest and it's. Publicity is really put the course of the sick it. Towards their offense was clicking on all cylinders that first half and in the second half. Was a whole different story. As the force. Turn the ball over four times in that second half. And three of those turnovers resulted in points. Forward. The that he will. That's which. Now back to back weeks dance turnovers have cost it. In. You wanna go far. In the playoffs they can go to the ball over and let him have the last two games because it is obviously hurt him. He would says they could do it only a few more weeks of regular season left have been 2% of the proceeds. One and done and you lose today in the postseason you're done soon. If they want to ones here. Season two adolescents do. Late Q&A. In the massive cleanup complaints and it'll starts with that it just to this map. I'm firm considered a quarterback room. In the his rocky and maintenance is we're which and it's really struggled. Another couple of miscues tonight that quarter but on the center court that occasion. And also in the open field which I had. There's almost in the open field and you know little sorrow with Edward Smith had a great the great catch and run he was inside the fifty yard line and that he fumbled it and turned around over to quad city who would winning in. Scored that bill. If it's a rough night offensively from with a force that second half rocky times with a great team McKee and no interceptions tonight. It really was able to view this week at the end we were three touchdowns passing. All came close to happen. Nothing really words right for the force and the second half we will go ahead and sinker for hours. Break here in our post game report right you may resent the company will come back and look. After the final numbers. Games look ads. Next week they. When do you wish to take on Bismarck books as well as others who were from around the CI AF tonight and you're listening. To which it's now forcing new football right here on 97 and thirteen thirty Qaeda says will be back with more on the post game report right after this. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. 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Our amber waves any Kobe post game show what you're listening to his sophomore football. I hear on cancer shot busted with you from the tax later sinner in Moline Illinois Simon Sumner. Back in arcade as this studios. Instead of force poll tonight by a final score 409048. On the road here against it wants BC we'll we'll go and look at our. Scoring separate sever as well as our final individual statistics in. And that would show started off with it you'll regret that this team goes three nothing. And did. Quad cities shot with a touchdown which donates the back of the field goal. And after it one quarter it was 96 in favor of the force and then the second quarter came around been. Rough behind continue to really put on a show in. And it would still went into the halftime leading eighteenth thirteenth at second half with a whole different story. As quad city after which itself was up by 12453. If you thirteen with 846 to go in the third quarter and it is what it always itself. From the air as. One city answered with fourteen straight points to go up 47 point five. Which don't have another fuel from Mathis. Ended we were into the fourth quarter 4847. Which its own lead but what's the Wichita led after the first quarter the second quarter in the third quarter. And still. Phil Knight 41 night they outscored. 182 you'll have nothing in the fourth quarter. We're the Wichita forcing him to cite that aspect to get the job done if he can he really affiliated and it's quite a force dropped their third straight game tonight. With the with its own with 111 downs what's that he had sixteen. Some office place 46 play for 262 yards or quad city's fifty for 263. Yards. Where the force of the force actually had more officers yards I want the ultimate form workplace. And did. Which are lost three fumbles. Tonight's. Also. This time. List kids in favor once that he did well for about 31 minutes. The hurt him with its own struggles he's long and it was no change tonight on nine. Interview on February 11 pursuits. What's it was one upset and much better 14%. The force. All sides of the ball tonight did nothing really worked for them offensively defensively or anything. Which still O seven four aren't in the red zone and show of all season with as well also a look forward on fourth down with. Rocky and I thank you 33 passing 262 yards and three touchdowns. Receiver Charles Johnson big night five catches 113 yards in the store Marie's young with very graphic 29 yards and a touchdown. And it also gave a sags with five catches for sixty yards and a touchdown reception Breton at this Iraqi had a couple college three F five. On the ninth field goals and also not the 43 yarder tonight. It. They would hit it right some spark on the kicking game. Have big nights for for him and it always has been this season with a force kickers this seems like. Night in night out their offices to get the job done so they've they've got a good specialties. But it's which don't volunteers on the road by a final score of 49 to 48. Here in Moline Illinois it would take one more break you'll come back and look at the scoreboard. And actually know what happened the next week in a cif. If you listen to the post game report wracked by enabling savvy company Lesotho which itself forced indoor football nine. Spring is here and John Gardner Brady had. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stockholder everything you need. Your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson's garden where you'll also find generation of advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. But to locations. When everything westerns came and it. Fortunately. Drumming to decide what to do befriend the real world and so good you're sure bill like it's easy get a gift card for millions who knows everybody loves him and they can use their gift card the nine. We'll pick up and to most famous pizza or taking big lives on in Munich I mean. Festival you can take the excuse to get yourself assembly troops. Who grew into those Italian restaurant on central open convict him. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you ever. Because we've financial future not just whether it's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online and paid a dash rotor struck home. Or destroyed by machines of our own creation. Plus get the most out of that seemingly harmless little feature hello. While we still can use an answer to me ha ha ha Alexa remind me to win 1000 dollars when should I remind you. Times each week day on nine. Thirteen thirty can't assets. Money will be used for us when we rise up against you the Smart money is on OK and SS radio. We're the great American join me so. Welcome back to ever waste tire company moved Steve Shill for the tax lawyers that are. And but only in Illinois just south of the Mississippi River actually look out. On it got behind us and seeded Mississippi River but. Beautiful out there and not so great indoors tonight has switched off towards finals fall by a final score at 4928. Here in Moline Illinois others action going on around the cif tonight. It was Sioux City all over Kansas City 7726. And Texas revolution and I talked about of one Tuesday teams make it three straight as they take down Amarillo Italy lost one game. Prior to tonight 5744. To fight over there in Frisco Texas. And Omaha and Bismarck tied at 37 apiece. That game is going in Bismarck and that will be the opponent with a force next weekend. We that this Mark Phillips is. Actually that gave up is not updated on the online Santa 3732 and a half then. No it's deadly past half banquets. No storm updated on that actually going on next Saturday nights in a CAF. Camera will be taken on the Texas power to. Six or do. Took over for the Dallas Marshal its effort that marshall's away games at Texas and our affiliates though. The home team is not without I came home as soon Amaral take on the power. It'll beat duke city at Texas so watch out that gave duke city. Governor would one lawsuit. Text revolution are not twenty one loss. Also Omaha is playing here and believe the Omaha beef will be played BC military units field next Saturday night. And of course his mark books will be traveling to. Downtown which had a take on. You force. At the interest bakery in. Downturn which I'll be as several front kick off at 645 pregame show was at the Ted Woodward it myself you can hear that right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Cain assets. Still. Want to get the final score here. For that the tax their Sydor in Moline Illinois these. Quad cities the rulers of forty guy and you which itself was 48 Wichita Falls to three in six on the season. Well plus he's improved to five in free which Alex I do in that three game skid next Saturday night in downtown Wichita. What do we say yes happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers are listening wherever you maybe celebrate that tomorrow. And enjoy the day especially back home and in which it's now the weather's so nice you don't do something. And into that all you mothers happy Mother's Day for everybody at Qaeda says it myself but to. Got final here in it belatedly. Now score 49 when he if forceful. On the road. Poor are racing engineer Greg indicated that studio sentenced under daycare for his work tonight if it's on us to say good night and so long for the quad cities. Jason maybe join us for become reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK okay.