Wichita Force vs Bismark 05-19-18

Saturday, May 19th
Wichita Force vs Bismark

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This is Wichita force football. It would have thought that. Kicks off. Leading fourteen to seven. And now we start to the look at this game as Wichita has taken a lead in 147 and let's see help. Seal to force. Received here on defense let it be with you here before football tonight we keep our lead to 147 lead six minutes ago here in the first quarter first quarter tonight. Brought by amber waves diving company. Let's be with you on broadcaster tonight as Bismarck but for content. Little recap this game for you as we go along here. That what it's not to come on down the downtown Wichita and I enjoyed this game is mark back to pass that's going to be able sweet play. You up. As described started on the eleven yard line. This marked up the ball first Wichita I sacked. Fourth this market along feel bullet missed Wichita was labeled it. Receive that missed field goal and Kendrick harper returned it 47 yards for a touchdown special teams defense got which is not going right away. Each team was built by the other on bounds for the next couple of drives. This mark responded with a touchdown drive on its following. Possession and then Wichita countered with a touchdown drive and a zone along 34 yard touchdown pass. And that brings us to which lost fourteen to seven lead and now Bismarck as the football with five minutes to go here in the first quarter. Is mark completes the pass on second and long and only gained about that I gave about six yards on that. Now the third and four. Ford Bismarck books. It is first responders and military nice here downtown Wichita. Five dollar tickets available for first responders and military. In the crowd tonight. Big third floor here Elliot like down the play gets snapped. Which some might jump early. The off sides on which Exxon that's going to give this market first down but heavily. This market number one in the lead in getting first downs by penalty. Some of that is luck some that it's what you do to force that won him. But with us not to bury penalty prone. But. You send out for Bismarck your first tip off at the bay quarterback ate it needs it. And you know I would not territory. He picked up spots on the beeper will be second short. But he got nine out of that. And they can run pretty well for his sights 65 move to thirty. Played and it's Georgetown has been played one season at coastal Carolina. Was actually wide receiver Georgetown. Second one now. Toward. The Bucs need to run a sweep. The Braden. And eaten much but he didn't get much at all probably no gate cult third one. Not stop by which he thought he'd been there. There they'll cheer for the Wichita defense here. His mark what I've read so far. And. It's funny is under center here on 31 Rita happen to fill opening quarter would be adopted and slept. Games my heart as big names coming right at the metal stuff and played for a loss at that makes him or is that upside if you played ago that kept the drive alive. That's not there and now will receive work out or couldn't do. We go import via this market's second and one on this drive about what's important to. Stopped by Wichita on second and third down and they do it one more time this sparkling port on court interview with a one yard line received the most in the slot. So that's Blair. It it is looking at that's exactly where he gets on the far side is receiver in the spot that fifteenth complete. For a first on the fifteenth spot. Which our defense just played too far received a very period. It's fourth down is set to. Small opportunity that's what you've got to make up for. First new set it down for this market the fifty yard line and off. Immediately brought the down by even. On the ballot there. Very truly Italy period rather small. That's who is part. Already excited you'll love. Duking it out and shop make him think he's hurdling a lot the defenders and that's worked for so called help which falls on a good job on him he has three carries for negative one yard but an intent of Bismarck receivers in both the veneer slot here. It looking that way all coming out all of incomplete. Try to get an interception deep play map news. Report that the job or not at the football presented the quality and not very hard for old. He had the six. Going through his brain. Now it's third and then. Three straight completions broken up there. By the Wichita defense amid a happy go here first quarter huge burden then here from Bismarck Wichita trying to make you stop already leading this game 147. I couldn't guard unit. At the fastest time rolled up in the pocket everything I thought I had. And what you thought makes another nice up again even Gibbs. On a huge third down stop. This Bartlett come on my field goal. And the Wichita defense coming to play tonight. Now it looks at it Google it's. About they've where they period before they can feel it Russert. Look look what delegate. We love thirty yard attempt. It's been looted. It is nothing it is good. So this mark does get points on the board. Which he thought those hold on third down there's margolick is three points out of the drive we have 26 seconds remaining in the first quarter it's now Wichita fourteen Bismarck and but the Wichita defense again makes tonight's third down stop. And he Bismarck. Out of the red zone. 46 seconds to go here of course we did not have a pregame show tonight a freaking field is usually brought five brought you by heartland point gallery. So we thank heartland point gallery great folks think all our sponsors view winners. Wichita force football Lackey tonight we are now the first quarter our first quarter caught by amber waves diving company's. Wichita fourteen Bismarck. As we only have 26 seconds remaining here in the first quarter. And at the Bismarck pick up which is thought will be receiving the football. Which is off to a nice start tonight the defense has been. Now so far special teams has come through today. Missed field goal return for a touchdown. The offense. Headaches deal long pass for touchdowns though all three phases of the game. Working pretty well here in the first quarter. They're actually go to on in the show yet tonight emerald coast in the Texas power and duke city and Texas. Omaha is and what cities. Come to pick up bounty on the ground once twice it's going to hold. Out of five yard line. Doubted. It was touched as well. We're going out of bounds which poll beat deep in its own territory in this drive on its own six foot ball went out of bounds. Cable keep an eye on an idea is that you city in Texas game six is as relatively free of torturing the revolution had. And right now they're tied with these city. You know in Frisco Texas that's a CNN with the job. Is right the air. Which saw Texas go back and forth in the standards. Receivers in most from what you taught that it's going to be looked Edward Smith out of the backfield they'll get. Now that sent in for maybe. That's the last play the first quarter with our score Wichita fourteen. This marks. Our first quarter till I was brought you let amber waves diving company back for more force football tonight. Here on 9713. Thirty K in as us. Times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to suit your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Arlen coin gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 in prematurely and next to star amber. 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Why do you need local news on your local news because stay informed that stuff that's going on around me. Any local news the city is changing constantly you wanna be updated old times the information you want. The word and it just for the final scores yeah. Could be severe weather time you know what I'm saying directly to your source for information form which ends on. From Wichita the experience of having lived in this city seven and jeans yeah local news. Sex you'll learn views traffic and weather station. 97 and thirteen thirty. Rusty thank read it tonight as we are. Are under way in the second quarter the first play of the second quarter. What they sat by Bismarck written down or behind for a loss of three met with Wichita. With now third down and thirteen on its own three yard line. And which did call timeout here talk things over. Keep playing your feet and their own territory just under way here in the second quarter our second quarter tonight is brought you my maximum outdoor equipment. Glad to have you witnessed here before football tonight after a long day of soccer baseball. We promised no lightning delays here tonight. And impress bank arena if they shouldn't say that incidents ever never say never. The wanted to wacky happened. But that we're going indoor football here tonight the first of three straight home game for which you talk. Finished up the regular season tonight and then and a couple in early June. A week off next week. Now the timeout which caused it to go here. On third and thirteen. Which puzzled three yard line I'd pass at the end zone he's looking law. As a receiver. And by the time I got the and the defense just spot up for an incomplete comment yeah Charles Johnson. But just couldn't quite get it up on on the football is open. The budget on the ball got there the defense. At the corralled a little bit that they're just in time to stop it. Johnson was wide open and can't throughout these snap I mean yeah he was running down the side with these let him raise. After he was wide open. And I don't think rocky. Knew exactly how much ruby had to work with. The under shot up by about five or six yards. Well which don't announce Friday about it is sixty yard field goal. With two yards deep in the end zone. Just trying to get a much legacy in under and muscle it if they get the five by. Why is mark untouched into Wichita territory which want that would fifteen to ten to follow. He runs it back all the way up 45 yard return might just to mop. So each team has now forced the long field goal was missed and return for a touchdown. 45 yards. Betray. Trade booted it up returning now one. So each team has now forced the other two missed field goal on got to return for. Touchdown. In making an aide. That's out of chance for which it's done on a wide open receiver. Fugitive port down at. Then there's Google turns in to use it's system which users and other means opportunity with a forcing Internet. And the extra point is good. For this market now Bismarck is taken. Its first lead of the game at 1714. For starting that mid field goal 45 yards for the touchdown. With thirteen or five to go here in the first that. So which got called that timeout Buffett had a play drawn up that you get a long touchdown but. All couldn't quite get Charles Johnson on the completion with blood drive at right along field a lot of its own end zone. Minutes. Stewart. And his mark returned. And that leaves us with a 1714. Game Bismarck would the lead here early moments of the second quarter our second. Imports and I thought you buy a maximum outdoor equipment. Now much gore that look pretty could've done Theres music department noted that Al he has had to raise ticket towards he threw it. He's got a overly down about five but. This market that whole long feel the work win that point. Braden was able to get. Midfield before he'd touched and he made a cut. Which was not able to bring him down after one missed tackle on you get a. Saint ports across the field and did what millions of god in 45 yard return. Which will be getting the ball back here about three. After the pick up coming up by the Bismarck box. Franchise in its second season. Pick up one ground that. Top of the fifteenth and other top end of the crowd. Wichita will take over. At about. EE seven. I will stands and goes after basing their effort Google. Really badly he did a great job is seven back here especially on these accounts he's had a great I was grooving it off the turf and that's what guys have. Told him it's going out there. And then. Let him bounce like Danny Espinosa a great job. Using that surprises for it. For the second straight drive which it all starts inside its own ten yard line drive started. For the Wichita forced. 1258 to build here in the first that its Wichita trailing 1714. But. In clock is not running although it should be in the I think there's been at least two or three minutes it. It's been left on the clock here because the clock has not been running. I'm not sure what the problem is I don't think the person running clock no the rules of the league. Yes he's complete but which is not. Right away. Our son. Yeah Alan there and hit it about seven. And look who else is also a rocky hides his quarterbacks over joked you better. It is that start this season as the court after the fourth season there right now as kind of running back at that play he was lined up next Iraqi hinds. You can of course play at Kansas state university and coach bill Schneider. That'll bring up the second and three for which he talked. Picked up on seven jumpers now that that's in play kind which receives the most near the near side throws complete. Do. To help Johnson. And that's well in the first down yards in fact if it is mark territory earth. It about the. Eleven moment that's what. Yeah I think which shot has if you bury their case has that kind of a blocking back because of his frame he's. About 6465. In the big body bad period it in protecting. The right on the run behind it which followed the chance. It is always get from Wichita which is last. In the league and first downs per game. You to drive don't pretend to poverty of most in the slots behind takes a long back. I thought I could not gonna cut the end he asked Charles but yet it. Florida the last set it could. Bring it in complete. A couple of really close ones for which on the long passes just haven't come quite him. Second then. Our second quarter tonight brought you let Max and outdoor equipment. With the talk moving the football trailing 1714. Here 11811 to go first half. Second tenure for Wichita. I incidents receivers in motion a tough. And that's where it looked simply Maurice yup. With both. Incomplete he didn't call it in before it went out of bounds. Another capital passage did not make it announce third intent Wichita. 1035 to go here first half which are down 1714. Now we're to a third intent. It's not been a good scenario for which saw. Most of the season. I'd keep the drive moving and retake the lead. He remote in the bar slot. Although. It's not LB first down yards a game for Wichita. Maurice young got. The ball that hit just a little bit but it did brought up court too much it would not also been detained again birthday at the thirteen 811 again. Don't do a great job they're doing the steps to hold that one unit. I thought about Joseph you to back series kind of blocking Beckett right here fleet took a hit from the linebacker coming right out of but he did a great job of holding his ground. And not letting that fact get to right behind its job. So it's not literally sit down here per cent of all that the third beating yard line night it happens to Gilford that. Which brought down three driving with the football they can't go. On the bootleg idols he lowers his head and bangs inside the yard find out about them. The floor by kinds on the now on it. Second six then I yard line Wichita has struggled all year long in the red zone. Only fewer than three touchdowns for the eighth in the red zone for Wichita it has been a problem. 35 or 36 and 66. On the season in the red zone. Second end at six for which comparable to nine yard line and off. That time you heard it yet to be very. Got down to about the seven but. He's publicity and blame whenever they put in a gain of two. That'll bring up third and up about. Or for which song. But the third three. Balls at seven yard line. Wichita is down by three points 815. To go. Second quarter second quarter tonight brought by a maximum outdoor equipment. And the receiver from the far side it's the hand off on a jet sweep Maurice young. He lost yardage on that played before at end. About five for which to solve all of I don't know what that places it well and on his seventh. Got more yards and thought he did not much help bring up fourth. And about three for which it's on the willow go for a short field goal here. Two yards sent by Lou parade tied up. When he hit 41 on the season this is simply in his right at the midway mark of the second quarter. 22 yard attempt. Everything looks good so far but. Misses wide right. Which Tom misses on a chance to get an easy greedy. And still is behind will take a break 714 billion the second quarter with the score still. But seventeen which is off fourteen you're listening to sports football and item 97 and thirteen 38. It SS. Greens here and John Gardner break it ring that you outdoors both Johnson location employing gardener's hands off pulled everything you need your lawn garden to see. And it Johnson Gartner also my generation. Advice and expertise to help you say we're ready for for Johnson gardens. Two occasions when that north and west thirteenth and it. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So then you're sure bill like it's easy you don't give card for millions of votes. A substantive. They can use their gift card done and we'll pick up and to those statements pizza fortunate that lives on May impact how. The all you can take the excuse to get yourself sent amateurs. Who Angelos you know on center open Tuesday night. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you ever. Can we financial future not his Brothers bankruptcy even if it's not discharge you. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash voters dot com. In the grand American one. Work the ball. Goes eighty. Play by its mark to begin the drive. Thirty until five yard line but then on second and two penalty. In this market back up the bucks. Ultimately about second seven. All plays out eight yard line. Up second in seven here for the bucks. Which you can't miss a short field goal 42 yard tenth. On the last drive leading scorer. It's our comp upset before he now that's Smart with the football trying to build up his three point lead long past over a home run fifth that. Twice but not quite able holly did it didn't complete boy that looks almost as it. Along touched down there. If they receive right there hand it a step. And the particular car group back there in coverage in. Steve we're just gonna vote on the news. They bird on their. If you. And that'll bring up third and but it didn't bark which you gonna fans on their feet. Right. Behind Ford's defense here and make you stop down by 3540. To go first yeah. Even the most in the near side. Aiken throws on his own goal line. And it's complete it's. Perot lost that drive right at the right here at July describe it looks guilty for the long. The complete basket story is repeated zero. Yeah it is remarkable to attempt the long field goal with. Just felt Wichita got a return to earlier in the game. It's going to be 857 yard attempt right ball right at the one yard line for his more. 57 yard field goal it needed to woodland has been noted one but simply. Acted as long as it. It active and edit them that's now. Yeah the yeah. It was yeah. And could. They don't get the football before it got out in the back of the end zone. And I hope that's not cost the fans Marc watts and want to talk special teams. Comes through again with a touchdown. The upgrade is an independent so 150. Every and it seems like a different group who step up. And kids that these weasels. In eighth and Jones who reports tonight and want to get that set that up. By Mike. Getting great stop on third down forcing Bismarck it belongs field goal and a bad snap certainly work at which the odds favor that time. And Wichita convert. The extra point is not made. Ray puts it through now at 441 to go here in. That second quarter it's now Wichita 21 at this march 17. He missed 57 yard field goal block. And Evan already recovered it in the end zone. For the touchdown. We've had a wild game so far here tonight he'll miss field goal return for. That's down. A blocked field goal. Recovered in the end zone for a touchdown and Wichita is up 2170. We had two officers with night Measurement Specialties. With us another touchdown Wednesday long 34 yard touchdown pass that. Seemingly was way overthrown but. It's secondary receiver not a rushed past that we want on the along bats and Maurice young all the into the extent. Yeah. I'm feeling. Rocky hinds knew that Maurice Jones can down the sideline there. Fitted perfectly. Voice or speak the defense and meet. 441 to go here in the first that our second quarter brought the climax of an outdoor equipment. Wichita picking up now leading point 117. Britain takes it three yard line up for the fifteenth wanna give midfield brought down on. And the drive start for the bucks right at me field. Bottenfield. Tackle on special seat there. It is an all over there it's an idea and he wanted to return for a touchdown for 45 yards. I had a couple great returns on the kick return units and the nice have on the opposite side as well. The bustle that it is driving with a top territory point four. But as to build second quarter which on beat its leading 2117. Year against the Bismarck bucks. But. He's dropped three in a row looking to get off. I get back in the win column. It asks. You the first down marker. And also complete oil puppet look like it was really lol but apparently. Receiver hauled it in over Pope. It'll be sick. Second short of his mark here second one it I don't that that's what. Running play. Dude Stewart. Off tackle little bit yeah he didn't want to look like he got maybe a yard pass. First up. They'll move the games. Employees got a fairly. I don't know if things go out and set it down first and CN Bismarck on the four. Speed yard line three and a half minutes to go first out. But keep on defense leading by a full point 170. Is mark driving keepers in both the near side but he still played Stewart he's got room to run inside its. He got all I. Thought it was tackled on the boards but he just yet know when streaking past everybody into the end zone for a touchdown. Which. Definitive snake skinny kid was. Pleading his cases the officials that he was hailed him. With new and worker broke. Stewart gets him from fourteen yards up for the touchdown to put this market back on top 231. Extra point pending here. From Espinosa. But. Snapped a little odd it got them in tickets good. Pre nineteen to go here in. The first that it's now. It is back and forth game Bismarck 24 which he talks when he won. As Bismarck responds with a touchdown after. Disastrous last drive that saw the miss along field goal got to block it which are recovered in the end zone for the touchdown. It or what they want this part here of course not we mentioned. Last week this marks the final score was 7978. In the game against Obama. Yeah and if you look at their three losses you know they've been in every single game that cup which they were in overtime in. And lost at home to quad city's theater which lost to last week he had been. Period every day and that it has he had found a way to pull out he would put. Notes. But we've seen so we've had this year with the force. A missed field goal here is fueled their turn over here to over there it says it costs speaks at. Everything. So back to action at this mark will be picking up here. Which is called a ball down by a field goal 4421319. Go here and efforts that are second quarter brought you but maximum help or equipment to. My daddy when it's important phone innocence this evening. Nick picked one about which is what makes it would be hard line. Amid fields just shy of midfield. There isn't ready on the return no there was an Maurice Jones returned at about ten yards. And which don't get on its own 24 this era. Which is which caused best starting field position of the game. Down by three wood 312 to fill here in the first half. It's hard with the ball trying to. I reading the lead on this drive. Right now most. Without. A true running back in the office. You know that the quarterback you are kind of blocking back on most of these ladies. Nowhere really thrilled Heinz on that drive and eventually beat his arm got them percent. Second time it's accurate the second quarter. It Jalen size who has been the spirit to an event for all season long gone on the roster tonight. Not sure what happened Airbus sites is that suited up tonight with a forward said. So really they have no true running back. Said they make you say you know you your kids get the any kind of filling out all let's. Hopefully the worst. Get a running back because indeed one year's season winds down go to the post he's second fifty. Now for which it soft pass to Maurice yeah. About apple what he needed in the fifty it'll bring up about third and seven out there. That all is value in. This marked territory point 33. And seven coming up here for what it's off. That's Maurice for about eight on that one. And big third down coming up here from Wichita receivers look like will be in motion. In the far slot. Hines and it's simply. Inside the fifteen doubt about that then. Or Edwards. With the actual site that Carol. If that's bit. Or would he joked no I'm Gerald Kelly you've. I just picked up. Let's say the defense the bank I think ultimately it's one receiver out there. Wallace at the eleventh. Where it's going to be first contents of which thought it up first down yardage. And we hit the one minute warning to the first step which is thought. Drive going on has it down to the eleventh would be first in. Our second order to withdraw but that's an outdoor equipment. Scores this march 24 which you talk what do you want quick response Friday with football here. We did three lead season so far here in the first Paula bookmaking four. Lead changed before halftime gets here a second quarter tonight Rutland maximum outdoor equipment. Which tough passing game has been. Working better of late Hines is completed four of its last six. Enable or three receivers into the mix so far tonight in the first them. Multiple catches for Maurice young end where he would Allah and so forth. Carroll Kelly. Used to play for the fortunate. We've done the cif championship. Team head down and brought him back here. Wide receiver. For the force night. Just acquired the other day. Now Wichita after the timeout I have to the of one minute warning rather. Ready to get things going in first and then at the eleventh. The fact that means first goal. He was mostly in the near side. I'm back to pass throw bombs are back and Marty shot at the end zone in complete welcome Albert by Bismarck. But. Maurice just couldn't quite bulletin it completely second and can appeal and 56 seconds remaining before halftime. I'm trying to. It is the end zone. They've had some red zone struggles all season long. Of course always want to get seven on the board redden. Sent to three. We get a second stint once again receivers in motion near the near side. And complete. Girls don't again. That's what we got about the soon will. We're will be third one. Welcome back to you were before. You know the great grabs here on this yet. What would argue here on third and one with the ball at the two yard line forty seconds to go in the first that. Our second quarter tonight brought to my maximum outdoor equipment. Course we joined in progress tonight we did not have a pregame show brought to you by the good folks heartland point gallery. It real third and wallet and it's going to be deeper. Or otherwise and not thrilled all their rocky hinds you'll probably get a note gave out of that. Which taught called time out. Maybe got a couple inches out of that inside the suit now. Now it's fourth and yeah art. With nineteen seconds remaining in the first half. They're bringing out the equity unit they've now made it. Just a yard and a half away from that end zone that. We thought could not get the ball in there on fourth and one. And going right super short field goal. Which you know obviously he's not yelling right just 22 yard earlier this VA. Since I was that a sort of beaten yet. Yes this same spotted as an extra point yeah this will be a seventeen yard field goal. The tie to tie it up with nineteen seconds to go in the first half. And prayed you can really work well at the time. It's all tied up. With the thought 24 Bismarck 24. On a seventeen yard field goal by Luke parade tied things up because too long ones. You've made that one. And now with sixteen seconds to go get the first half. We are tied to 24 point four Raleigh and up here. It's marked the last sixteen seconds to operate. Would it still in all three time outs don't quit. First time since he's 746 marking the first quarter. 770. After that we had three lead changes that now you are right back get even up 44 point four. Second quarter tonight brought you my maximum outdoor equipment. Glad that he would this report football tonight guarantee and a sense. After a long day of soccer baseball often depicted two out of three from Netflix to finish up the regular season today on the road. Now get ready for their postseason tournament coming up next week they're water for. Wichita hoping to get a win here tonight and it into what a week off with a win under their belt for the last two games of the regular season also here at home. Pick up on the ground taken decided midfield on the clock starts running. And tackles behind about wanting to only four seconds let off the clock there. Is marked as twelve seconds to work with and they are about at one yard line. If sincerity of this market indices. Exactly we view where you wouldn't be inside. Which is not territory. That three time outs to work with. Wouldn't it concern you with twelve seconds but still played ten or second straight. Drives starting in which it's not territory for Bismarck last time they got a touchdown out of that Iraq. Capped off on. A fourteen yard run by Xavier Stewart. All right it's mark ready for the players only twelve seconds remaining in the first half he was in most of your that your side take it back as if I'm. He's going to the end zone. They are falling down on. It touched down. It worked out for his Marquez. The receiver Justin but not just inside the defender was able to of that's it as he was falling down a little bit the corner the end of the near water at the end zone but for the touchdown. It's marked the the working out any better here at the end of that they got its work field work web. And they got a complete pass for touchdown. Up forty yards. Their longest pass of the night. And it's going to give an elite now I'll have six seconds left. And yet the point is good. It is now Bismarck 31 at which it's not a one floor. Not the way which you don't want things proceed here at the end of the half. It marked with a one point touchdown drive. Just to me here and what at all thereby. You're naked you do it where only his receiver. Just him not to catch it. To be great job of just putting it right in there in giving his mark the media touchdown lead back in their hands. And we mentioned at Wichita beginning at 54 points a game during his three game losing streak it's. This marks put up 31 here in the first half already. Once again which follow. Kind of had that mindset they got a lot of points on the scoreboard at the point wanna win this game. Bismarck it. Scored back to back touchdowns on its last two drives. Outscored Wichita fourteen to three years. Of late. In which they'll get the ball back. Here is only six seconds remaining in the first half. Pick up by Espinoza sailed bounces at seventy. You know place at five. Perfectly upper what his heart wanted to accomplish no return for which kicks off forcing. Wichita either into a super long field goal fraud or maybe just keep at the end zone type derived. Maybe it orderly which goddess wanna. It is perhaps. Not try something either and all the other office party super risky. We've seen that was sent to a lot of those little quick out. Two especially DA Alex you know for a few yards. Maybe we'll do that this kind of get closer and it you can Google. Can't really do much with six seconds right. Trying to steal this far out. Weight too risky. And we. We've already seen Bismarck return one of those for a touchdown. Our second quarter tonight brought you climax of an outdoor equipment six seconds to go before halftime ya bin incidents. It Bismarck 31 which he thought what before. Which boss couldn. I'm not. Very good bargain mark not okay. Entertainer. I'm sure. You can figure out with the defense do you view her war. Refer to it which is not all on its own five yard line. We'll see help with you don't want to proceed here at the point six seconds remaining on the clock. Receivers caught a lot of near the near side. I'm with an emotion. Throwing out his audience don't it's going to be completely out a lot of room to run the fifteen tackle there's like three seconds left on the clock to the referees. Referees were going to play dead and two seconds left on the clock but the clock counting down to zero. But the thought did get a timeout called before. Apple adamant that he seconds on the clock which. Exactly right. The DE Allen and all the way up to look. The 23 on that play it about eighteen Lana Lana actually four seconds I know. Maybe. Clock there was little table with the. And now Wichita we'll have a much more manageable field goal attempt. Try to get closer here before halftime and only two seconds left. Yeah I really need it that was that long four seconds. At 42 yards and appeared Greg. Forty yard vehicle that but right on the final play of the first that. He's up. The business. It is why don't left. And that's how the half ends. And our halftime score is Bismarck thirty want to Wichita 24 AMA wild. Back and forth first that. 31 bloody Ford Escort which it got down by a touchdown going into the locker room at halftime our. Second quarter was brought the climax of an outdoor equipment will make or break the back downtown right after this fourth football tonight on 97 and 3030 AM answer yes. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to set your script gold consumer in reading your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harley and quite gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday we're behind Arlen going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target in 96 agreement trillion next starting number. Every one doctor give back to talking about him early acting which I hear anything you've ever wanted to link. We can make that happened you book the largest market after the nationals record and a map. Actors in the Wichita area and narrowed the margin training facility in Kansas yeah. Or is he RED and birthday for adults children and it's been so I guess that's up screams. Visit us that he believed I think dot com. And the way society well that's great. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all sides if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought it one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Dole. Or Clinton then. This is my tools that we enjoy you week nights they've done. Most decorated tonight. Not for indoor football and I guarantee and it says Sandra Hamlin as the eulogy of Ted Woodward and shot Boston with. Here tonight. As our score at halftime news. It is march 31 which he thought 24 gone back and forth first half. And we got some wild occurrences so far. It must still got more stops. Does Gordon red zone. Ethnically which defense and a great job tonight we look at it. This tour that the other 55. Point between the two teams put a lot of them have teams via the special teams unit by both teams. And it all started with that Kendrick harper. Kick return. Or Google return it historic example of the forwards. Just over a minute into the game really kind of set the tone. In there that's experienced leaders would this work. Scored. Hits and tied up being. And after that it was back and forth back and forth a bit. Which I prize that would be a ninety seconds ago the first half. Making you know here's a chance we're going to break tie when he four point four with a Bismarck it fits me great field position. All of the ensuing kick up they give all of which are forty yard night it takes just one point you get into it get badly with that right now so it yet been back and forth game. About the whole entire first half. Are stored at. Halftime benchmark 31 of Wichita 24. Halftime report spot duplicated motors. And we'll take another halftime break the back because they can read it with more right after sports football tonight on 97 and thirteen thirty they had SS. Spring is here and John Gardner Brady happy spring to be outdoors both shots location and point guard cutters. Stock holder thing you need your lawn and garden this season. And it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of advice and expertise how you think we're ready for spring Johnson guards yeah. A few occasions when everything western campaign and when. For them. Trying to decide what to do both friend gorilla and so that you're sure Bill White it's easy it would give cards from Angelos. And they can use their gift card did dine him. Pick up into hosting this pizza or chicken that lives on and I. The all you can take the excuse to get yourself how many troops. Two teams lose millions army since opening statement from. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have. Credit problems. We understand. Because we financial future not his Brothers bankruptcy even if it's not discharged. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online and pay day dash voters start call. Arena tonight reports football Ted Woodward John Boston with you here tonight our studio engineer and through Hamlet are stored halftime. The bucks on top of Wichita 3124. And Sean. At third downs been a problem for Wichita in weeks past the food all right tonight. They're not doing too bad still under 50%. Three of seven. On the eating at thirteen out of ten Mario Bismarck rather one of six. On third down Bismarck is one of you on fourth down in which is over who won. Both teams struggling in the red zone both teams are one of four. Inside the red zone. Yeah special teams has come up big for a few touchdowns tonight or both feet. That leaves us are scored halftime Bismarck 31 which to plot before halftime report is occupied paid eight motors. Let's take another gratefully back to more depressed bakery after this sports football tonight I'm 97 and thirteen 38 NF. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was two years ago so now is it time to set your script gold and silver ring you're damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Arlen calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trillion next starting number. Every one after give back and it talks about it early batting which I think you're training if you've ever wanted to link. I we can make that happen both the largest and I think. After a national record and a masters in the Wichita area and now have art training facility in this out well. He. Visit us at Kimberly acting dot com. The weight dieting well. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell can work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Dole. It clean and it's. She's Stevens. This morning right here on cape enhancement. Did not work force football tonight but adding with a champion it says that Woodward John Boston's going towards the ambulance here and you can't. I scored app climate Bismarck 31 which he talked to one floor. Its been in festive night here in downtown Wichita first responders and military night. Five dollar tickets are available for first responders and it. Military personnel that are in attendance here tonight for 500 fans got water bottles. And before pick up there was data dollar off barbecue combo meal for rough pot belly barbecue so a lot of folks having fun here tonight. We've had a lot of activities going on for force football of course there's also tonight also fund raiser for. Wichita police officers Stacey what's his family for thoughts of what's been passed away a couple of weeks ago money tragic motorcycle accident that ultimately the life of its sun. So they're proceeds tonight special twenty dollar tickets to benefit officer within families that we think all the folks bought those tickets. And helping support officers lifted family. In this tragic time in their lives. And we're glad to have a lot of folks it is here tonight on non military tonight and first responders night our score at halftime is. The box on top of the force 3120 or use our school work. We proceed here tonight John. Which he thought it only has one puts it on offense in the first half we kind of talked about that is well. Dolphins released. Upstart be being more more potent part of the attack if they want these things going like this it looks like an. At least in the first that it's shaping up as high scoring game so gotta get that got its head office Clinton. You know starts with a rough behind these. He's been good tonight got an F sixteen passing for over a hundred yards but. There's been a couple of passes that I know he would want back that he is missing receivers. You overthrow them are under thrown them but they're they're a couple of those throws dead rock behind me a veteran that he is he knows that he should make. And that could regionally and work forty points at the scoreboard. But today. Also the rushing game is a big part. Repeat success in right now which shot does not have. An actual running back the roster who killed uterus had a cat it's happened tonight. And so far the four players that have ran the ball for the force tonight. And it whopping zero yards. On the ground ninth here if for no yards. For the force of the outfit on the Russian side so. When you can't. Really kind of goes to one got to go to the other yet stick with debt and right now it's passing right because we can't turn to that rushing attack. Course when you turn. One dimensional like that. What you your putting pressure on that part of the equation and you better produce otherwise the defense going to catch on pretty quickly in. If you applicable to its relations with. You just cannot afford especially close game like this one scene helping develop the second half. Which he caught down by a touchdown this is. I have covered or brought to buy payday motors scored halftime the bucks 31 forced 24 of the matter halftime break. You're listening to sports football tonight 9873030. KM SF's. Greens here and John Gardner Friday that spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners can stockholder thing you need your lawn and garden this season. And it just Gartner you'll also find generation. On advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards and we do okay. They're not that west thirteenth and it. Trying to decide what they did a friend Bruno and some. Sure bill like it's easy you don't give card for millions who knows everybody. And they can use their gift card done and we'll pick up and to those statements pizza or chicken baked lasagna and I. There's the you can take the excuse to get yourself this winter's going to. You and grows on you on center open convicted. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have credit. As we understand. Because we financial future not. His weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge divorce medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online payday dash rotors dot com. Let them enjoy each weekday mornings and night right here on. Arena that Woodward and Sean Boston with you tonight our studio engineer Sandra Campbell scored app content bucks 31 force. What he for a witch hunt down by a touchdown here at halftime. And which it's not trying to get things going and got a nice. And I special teams touchdown. Field goal team got adapter will break out on the scoreboard with a late field goal but Edie was forced into a a few long ones that obviously it's it's it's that he gets Johnson the super long ones just what quite able to get in there but which caused downed by a touchdown halftime 3124. I would talk. Absolutely need a couple times in his game two on the got outscored 21%. In the fourth quarters restarted second quarter especially down scripts little bit there as. Is mark got a couple of touchdowns late in the half let's talk I have to get back that was felt they had thought that the beginning of the game it. And that gets some of that defense cranked up again. Yeah luckily for the forwards tonight they could default views or it has which we wrote about don't you know. So that's one. Positive look at it and they would net points office there. Come into our apartment. Hopefully they can if some points out of school board to be in this the second half and when they. If it's IQB yes. Our score at halftime is 3140 for the Bucs are on top. Halftime break is brought you might think they motors. And with ticket out of halftime break welcome back the arena right after this you're listening to force football tonight 987 and thirteen thirty KN I SS. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now how is it time to sell your script gold consumer and bring your damaged and unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Arlen calling gallery always buying golden seals are always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next starting number. I every one after that it talks about him early batting which I think your drink if you ever wanted to link. We can make that happen book the largest and let it happen. National record and back masters in the Wichita area and now have the largest training facility in Kansas outlook. Courses PR EE and birthday for adults children and I guess that's up screams and give it up and going backing dot com. In the way well. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought it one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Deon. Grant and. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on me. What we're gone off with you here tonight 3124. Score at halftime this is Mark Fox on. On top of the Wichita forced 3120 or both feet trying to step three game losing skid comes into this game someone. Our Victor today it will snap that skid. In the team that we look at the fight for playoff spot you're down threats with a claw. Love the fact that they have three home games on the regular season schedule. To wrap up the regular season so you don't dog. The other deputy shuttle bus and go anywhere for the next month and that's what a luxury that is in this league you have to travel get. It'd be home what you want to take your business when you're on home field and make sure you get those bins at home. Those last two games at Hobart and that could be easier Salina coming to town and you've city both those teams have created really successful season long you and right now if you see if the playoffs begin they would shout what they've been playoffs. So they've got some work to do here. In play at home these final three games is definitely. A big boost for them and hopefully it pays off playing for your home crowd it here have been the playoff but right now. It's easy it is day. Force would be left out playoffs yep. But they're not far out and there's a lot of football appeared on the strength in his sleep through the opening playoff which Republicans. Come back. Can get this win here at home in the second half trying to come back from the seven point deficit at halftime 311 before this park which believe our halftime report tonight robbed but they. If voters let's take one final break we'll come back with a second half right after this or football on 987 and thirteen thirty they end as. Brings tears and Johnson guards that are very happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location of cold wind Gardner's stockholder and you need your lawn and garden this season. And it Johnston Gartner also my generation the advice and expertise have mistake we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Would you locations. When that north and west yeah and it. Drug and to decide what to do both current group. Real and so then you're shooter bill like it's easy and gift card from the Angelos. Into. They can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up and to those statements pizza or take their lives on him. A copy of the you can take the excuse to get yourself that's how many troops. So who did you lose millions. On center opened Tuesday. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have. Because we financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online payday dash rotor struck home. Get weather stations 987 and thirteen thirty an SS. Trust bank arena tonight. I have to report brought you let the voters are score at halftime is Bismarck 31 now which it's not a body or. Weird is not ready for the second half play which I didn't win the coin toss. Think we'll get to receive the football in the second half down by it that's now the vita seafood spot in its football. Back on the snowboard I stay up make it all eaten or we get too far into the second half. Wichita bit had a lead going into the fourth quarter last week on any game you called it clutch city but the take the fourth quarter kind of warm down which I would love to have a more sustained effort in the second half here tonight. In the fourth quarters where that force is really struggled this season especially. In the second half it. It did this three game losing streak that would back him. It looked at some of the members had in which John has just been. Outscored big time the fourth quarter outscored 7127. In these last three. Games that they've lost that it would you not producing points in the fourth quarter that's what really matters and that's when you want to have that lead him. You know obviously if you just look at BO scored but I 44 points is that gonna keep you. Really whips. And as we take a look at what's going on of with the rest of the sports schedule the week off next week and Denard next home game is two weeks from tonight. And Salina liberty comes to town for an in state that'll. Now that will make thirty you're here in person we'd love to see here in prospect arena for that one on Saturday June 2 it is military guy. Five dollar ticket available for any military personnel with their idea to be with you thought I'd give five dollar ticket to the gate river fest but. There will be dealt with our flag prospering that it giveaway for the first 500 fans. And date creek that golf's special look. Dollars off a large soda pop so. Great specials giveaway is discount tickets to military or at a river fest button lets see here two weeks from tonight. Topics on some kind of liberty to defeat game right here in front bank arena. I don't wrap up our halftime report brought you let payday motors as the third quarter ends this mark with a kick off the field but Wichita. Maurice young takes it to the thirteen yard line it's. Occurred at about nine up about 22 in which it all began his drive on its own twenty yard line. I was involved in the second half. And. Which offense which only sort of one. Touchdown in the first half. And try to get things on here in the second half down by touch our third quarter is under way our third quarter I thought he might Johnson's garden centers. What a great place to visit this time a year older plants beautiful flowers things for your house garden Johnson's garden centers. Right which you toss it to go here down by a touchdown as it in the second half later tonight. Downtown Wichita. Behind the receivers in motion. And heat and a receiver open yet dead broke belly open but. Had a drove all the wake people heartened overthrew second half incomplete. Again another chance here for. For a touchdown is. Secretary Ted Knight did it which. Receiver has been in defender but. And it's a great growth have to speak start. Look up on some of those if six out of that. It'll bring up second intent receivers in motion to the far side of rocky conflict to an inside for the Allen for a short. Quick maps complete for about 45 yard. Into a Bismarck spirits break. It abouts it's already occurred before. As a TA Alan death. Fourth at night. And bring a third end up. Or for which he taught now in Bismarck territory just underway here in the third or hike back to pass. Throws it operates. The Allen tried to seek to productivity himself you know he's very well covered but. The ball ends up falling incomplete. Boy DA really try to stay with that ball very well covered that on if it's not the way. And the that'll bring up fourth and four for which it saw at one point three. And it looks like Wichita is going to go forward here for the board. Early here in the third quarter. Tonight. 01 on fourth down you know. He resembled the top on back to throw that one step drop complete incitement want a hoot about the seventy that first down yardage that's what brought to spot. Hooked up. Urgent and moved this date. You drove it in negative impact tonight. And hopefully with the balled up seventeen. Forget about six. And be first hit Wichita balled up a seventy yard line that's been detained a fourth down conversion. He did most of your that your site now tiger is looking up top. At least try to get a lot of want flagged down everywhere is the receiver would flip that TA Alan. And see if that's it if it's a totally gets this mark which thought we'd try and it worked that. All night long and it might but it is marketed it's a penalty on them. It is bloody pass interference at Bismarck. The market. Thought the outlook plug it's been set it down to work with you first instead of the ball as it. Thank you are life. It would double at first people that night. Let's go do it but with Favre had red zone struggled all season long it is not particularly. It's seen it's been very heavily from the night and it many flags. My third went through night. Burst open. 6 o'clock rolls to his right Philip ambiance of somebody's front you know. Nobody could pick nuclear right. I did a double cover it up the floor this bark to step right in front of that pat for an easy. Easy interception. And once again we were talking about what to talk of that was zero points. In the red zone. And that will write the Iraqi province stooges the in ring at. He rolled up there was right. There was obviously no one open and he thought it was going to be able to try to float one. It was intended receiver in the far corner of the back end zone but there were too many white skirt in between him and we're turn over that night by unity. And which it's not down by seven at the bulk of the second. But did not eat any points out that possession now Bismarck operating not obsolete your side here. Starting on their own five. They gave about four on first down. We. The second thing. Which cut defense can step of being here and it stopped if the ball back to the war stop that without being down two scores. Second or six. Hear from Bismarck. Eleven minutes to go third quarter Bismarck with the one touchdown lead into the football it's a keeper. Or errant aching. He's up there. Arab first down yardage just about a yard shot off a couple of yards that we thirteen. Give them out of it thought it would it be third in stimulus it would flood defense to make it picks up here early in the second half. Down by a touchdown on third quarter tonight brought you let Johnson's garden center. Steve. But. Motion it's going to be. Adopt medical it first down not a whole left side of the line go way up the quality of their do you think that seven refers now. Once again 23 Boone. If she if you little Becky you Baguio. Hello David at the same sizes. Of back room. You've city that made all of which are a few weeks ago. This marked number one in the league in rushing touchdowns in a very potent rushing game. They use to but it wide receivers to rushing situations. You can vote in the near side. That's about what the home run want to want to cover it at both the receiver to get better any democratic politics touchdown I'll man. Which is volatile right there bowl. We go to flight down in the back field. Walk through Martinez threw food Bluetooth. So you know which. What goes the thirty yard touchdown pin. Rick harper and the receiver both look like they spotted about the stateside miracle wrestling sport in the end zone. It'll be. While it was a penalty gets Bismarck. Roughing the passer call it what you saw the offsetting penalties need to play to play over so touchdown comes off the board. But thirty yard touchdown pass. Or Bismarck and net ended up benefiting Wichita. There's little sweat on that one of them. Big kind of break their people and Alex about it 5050 call me at them too as to whether the Bismarck receiver attitude. Cedric carper Abbott the official called touchdown Bismarck. But offsetting penalties if canceled the play. And they'll redo first down. That it happened as you know third quarter achy back pats again picked up now he'll throat. And rightly did receiver too much in complete. In the second stint. There's our heads of all its own twenty yard line leading by a touchdown here neither team has scored yet in the second half. With six minutes into the second at nine minutes to go third quarter. Our third quarter tonight proxy like Johnson's garden center. Which caused defense trying to get stuff. But in its take away. Receivers and both of your slot going to be a sweet tossed a bit. Running back once again it will be treatment and. But a lot of it is the third and long you think that are made here. CNN Wichita. Trying to get. We're man behind it makes no it's pretty bad news spread it throughout excited here upbeat third at eight. Labor Bismarck we could not trying to get stuff. If he were to most of the far side. And it could be as. All of my Monica's quarter results and I sat score wickets off. And second sack of the night. Yeah it defensive play for which it bought a third down. That right up for the belonged for his mark in the battle played Wichita sports and here. The senate that's tough defense like we saw back in the first quarter. And if you just a touch. What is the market Carter can straight through the line and it and it straight shot underneath you that was the loss of seven. Now I long field goal thrive or Bismarck. If you want yard drive. Which on September 3 that it doesn't make it I snapped brought up. Which he thought Carell bit Aetna Airpwn thirteen eight not secret Matthews what we're at the block now been put up the sideline and Pete they. It all the way into Bismarck they're tour. And once again it's because defense. On a key third down stop forces this market dual long before them field goal try that goes awry it. In which he thought that it touched down out of it this time. They will get. Real nice feel with this and started it Bismarck they're bored with seven and a half minutes to go here in the third quarter the thick of what's taught them by seven with the football more football ID seven a thirteen thirty they have access. Price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer bring your damaged an unwanted gold consumer jewelry to Harley and quite gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week. Monday through Saturday we're behind Arlen calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you hustling just north of Cabela's and targets in 96 agreement trojans next to starting number. Every one doctors give back and it talks about him early batting which I think you're training if you ever wanted to link. We can make that happen to both the largest market after. National structures and a masters in the entire cast and out of art training facility in Kansas. Yeah of course is he RED and birthday for adults children and I and yet yeah that's up screams for a visit us and Boeing backing dot com. You go way back home country. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has no health and work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Sole lone win. Plus living finding. Season five right here on tape and as. Field goal which involves first play from scrimmage on a seventeen yard line keeper for the quarterback. Rocky times but it runs up the near side and he totally out of the four yard line regain a thirteen. Nice skipper for rocky times on first down. Now Wichita has first and goal at the four yard line down by only touched down here with six and a half minutes to go in the third quarter. Create new position he would do with the foods and hopefully it encapsulates his time. Down by seven. Which cause offensively scored one touchdown tonight want didn't let it so I just they got behind him under center it is not. Glad to be prosecute nervous he is one way to tacklers but then they got it. About before I've lost won't comment life. In this league you don't have much time to rubble laterally really got to find it Holden. And ghosts field vertically. Maybe it will call it's no game second goal before. Which brought down by seven seconds and gold out before. That's where the lack of a running game but really hurt you it gives up the running game your beat deep it. This is not materialized and titans are better at it would back up and throw. Because they are pretty Allen Eddie get. Now it's etc. still bill. Going to the big. All the target. Exactly what he qualified to do there go to someone just growing up and let the smaller guys yet that's exactly what prince Abdullah they able to do. Decrypt that back here Korea. The downward effect him Graham will you could have a versatile roster like that he's a defensive back it is a massive target anyway. Use them for good for a touchdown. And now with not a by a point we'll try to get. Get the extra point tied it up. And Braden nailed it right through. I have 27 don't get the third quarter. And our first score of the second half cubs were in Wichita. Only four yard touchdown pass to Chris Hemphill. Do you think it was a big bowl wide receiver target. I just threw up and threw it well Chris do it and eat what does he evacuate them to be alert at under throw it. Because it'll be ticked off if you throw it out quietly your receivers you're taller receiver support. Put yourself and edit that's exactly what started to take advantage now we're tied at 3131. In his game. With five Abbott is noted in the third quarter or third quarter of popular content garden centers. Sean Wichita at our store their first possession of the second half. Which of a downer but the defense rallies. Stops this market in the which the offense. Responded got heavily into. They can insert this special teams would suspect what do you think kid instead. Blocked field goal and that's except that offered to drive right here there was cap wise was seven. Wichita has walked to his mark field goals tonight. Both of them super long of 57 yarder and a 52 New York. That would be fourteen in that situation. Like it some favorable a lot of it take it right ethical line by Bismarck. Breaks one tackle now it would give up territory isn't afraid polluted cities run. You'll be pushed from behind and stop the 184980. Yard kick off return to. He took right at the goal line and almost made it to the other goal line but we stopped yards short. So look like that was the deal to work. Which come might. About the fifteen that labor and was able to get hot one tackles step out of trouble to go another thirty yards before just from behind. Who is averaging fourteen yards really earned it tonight he is really upset it's got 49 yarder right there. The scandal which because defense make it brutal stuff here is his mark as first and goal of the wanted. Or thought that we. This market the situation they'd they'd through an easy sweep on our running play and Stewart walked into the donut. We'll see what the market dropped something to stuff. The bucks right here first and goal the want. Quarterback eighth it is understood or he's going to try to take it they put your mind at ease it easy for the touchdown. Gumbel which split from behind we saw a couple weeks ago when the city did it. Now which would talk on the added that again but along the copper third sets up an easy touch. Which taught tied it up but then it's mark respond right away it back up. That is been said many times this season. You can leave it up and then you write that. No matter felt sick it's not even a minute when Upton clot from the the fortunate. 0449. And to go in the third quarter extra point handing eager for the buck. My driver but it. Who threatened. And Wichita now down 31. 38449. To go here in the third quarter it's now but a thirtieth 31. The puck skated in on touchdowns. But has now scored touchdowns on three of their last four possessions. And it does not play well in the which he thought they were trying to come. That. Defense did make one big. Big stop again the second. Happen. Defense will once again be tested here at its next drive coming up. 449. To go here in our third quarter or third quarter profit by Johnson's garden center. Both teams have lost three in a row coming into this when. We talk at all by double digits but. It's part two of their three losses despite one point each. At the make up that form to start they've dropped for Euro. Both teams trying to get in the win column. And stay in the playoff on a lot of football left here in his sleep with a month ago. Which cut deftly to win especially with the bye week next week they know what to get one win any kind of human they're actually. Into next week it. Volleys that is in the vaccine claim that night and next week so they have. A game ahead of which time so which have really need this wit here. As the go to the kick off for Bismarck. Paula get the ball down by touched down again things that are really at at halftime. Well thanks for your four bounces and tough work Billy to corral it's it finally it took me into it that it. Fifteenth the 18 may 220 I kept it a bit more territory still only got about what if they need to that if I think about it. He did or not we're not up early. Over his mark tacklers but not quite a bit. And he still gets about the. 36 yard kickoff return. That was a heck of a return especially account you can use you know we've been bubbly at public efforts. Disaster right there have been. You were somehow continue to. Keep he's laced verdict in the attic you through to her about 38 yard kick opportunity recovered a couple of yards deep the end zone. That's that's up with a Pollack great field position at the Bismarck fort. Which it up again a lot spot is set. He's got a touchdown out of it Osce which blocked indeed edit in. The short field. The emotion of top high throws complete. If you elected Charles Johnson. Inside the tent. Pete about. I. Will be second spot. Inside attend opening night. Four minutes to go here in the third quarter which ought inside yard line down by touched down 3831. Everybody's loaded up here in the near side now on display. I'm looking now baby belly roll that was right. All it is the secret so cute they're that was all Clinton and that's the pompous figure it's been complete. Rocket fired a little too hard I don't know if that's still you there was an open. You'd that it eats and a spot away from his defender. Got itself opener about the four yard line behind didn't like completely incomplete. But a break up. Third in five of the ball and high eighty yard line here which brought down by touchdown with a big play right here you know he hears that the repeated that one with a. Yet that the quarterback. Clock moving three old dude go third quarter kind buyers complete inside the and it backing up into the end zone at least that's out for told Johnson. He caught the ball about what's noticed that the deal or you turn your back it just got to keep. Backing up any practically fell into the end zone. Did that evolve out of just took it right there and what tipped off back to back possessions lose. Really good field position they can happen bulk up a touchdown. And do it through the passing game was well. And Wichita back at that point you're of the extra point tied up. Great big news good. We get to 57 to go here in the third quarter. And we're tied up again the bucks 38 which saw 38. I see Charles Johnson. Get on the board and nine yard touchdown reception. That is picked up more time thinking about you and your last either. On which talks broadly in the red zone not seen a couple of red zone touchdowns the last two drives it down close and that if at all. Especially needed in. You know Iraqi had a letter reception earlier easily bounce back from that and that costs two touchdown passes in a row last two drives and really as they set them up great here to a either the third quarter. We have 257 to go on third quarter were tide 3838. A third quarter popular Johnson's garden centers and pray. Will handle the pick up you can. In Bismarck it hit the ball back. It's mark has scored touchdowns on three of its last four possessions. Went back into the first half. But we could not down by touched down at halftime is not tied it up for the second time here in the third quarter taken the five yard line but books. If he'd want. You midfield in the still got broken the code blue is to have won eight of fifty expand upon it. Why did not like at the end of the class is deep dive into the end zone. That was that Tyler tanks. What you thought should. They've tackled at mid field but he broke out of that it almost returned it all the way. We didn't push back against Bismarck right the very very very into that return. Right at the five. So it was almost. A 45 yard kickoff return for a touchdown with the ball back up about fifteen steal its market. You kick start the Wichita fifteen. On first stint here. Got Wichita today that it tackled right at midfield but broke out of it. Almost got it touchdown out of the penalty brings it back the 51. Pit Bismarck. Which on defense it is safe I gave 3838. Who would happen is to build third quarter Bismarck. Fired that your side. That's complete. Which off. Tackle right away like hinder our record gain of about the fourth. Athlete before yards second sick. Flock still moving which we hear a few minutes to go in the third quarter second and six Bismarck this tie game. Follows that the eleven yard line. Keepers in both the far slot. Throwing underneath the ball is off lead footed receivers and he simply look at her over Pope. On his hand to complete that'll bring a third. And six for this market be eleven yard line markers Carter you've got through the area. Write anything down that ground if you ruin your kind of person in the U Rudolph Marie. The eight player right here third and sixth ball he'll levity yard line admitted to have to go third quarter I. Aiken is really at work in this we'll know where was his coaching staff did play. And they break the huddle. Crowd on their feet. Her dignity bits of the key third down play. It right. It appears. Markets I was the first one to five and his buddies help that happen. Yes let you didn't give following up. But it is Marcus Carter and it was back there first and fourth another sack. And another key third down sack for Wichita tonight most. Market Broderick did you can do their everything tonight. That was the lost six it'll bring up a long that is the right field goal attempt by this mark. 31 yard tenth. But. Break it 3838 I would because the league itself blocking. He Google about a block new look. That one. It's not going to be one at all. So let me. This 31 yard field goal. No points on the scoreboard but its mark on that drive at Wichita will take over in this tie game. What do you want tickets to go in the third quarter that shows you how big definitely gets. My 71 bit of a kickoff return for a touchdown. This market is getting zero points out of that drive and Sean. Yes exactly how to break widgets on needs to cook. It is one. A push in the back on a kickoff return very late in return. Reverse Wichita sports in there. Now what it's all take over until five yard line begins this drive I gain 3838. Spot moving under ten seconds to go third quarter. I'd be glad when the third quarter here it's time to leave patsy out of the end zone. Oh please let up yet. Mercy. Cody the good a huge and mark I would hit song they ever have a third quarter. We'll take about another huge one it got behind any event there's thought behind what about there and I think it's good for a way you do it. 43. Yard completion on the final play. The third quarter will take a break we saw Edmonds Bart Bryant had 384. Football on 9873032. Spring is here and John Gardner rated at spring that he outdoors both Johnson location of cold wind Gardner's stockholder things. We lawn and garden to see. And it just Gartner fuel for my generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Two occasions when everything west thirteenth and it. Trying to decide what to do both current groove. Real. And you're sure bill like it's easy to gift card from Angelos. And they can use their gift card and dying and we'll pick up and jewels famous pizza or take their lives on an. The wrong you can take the excuse to get yourself sent amateurs. You can't lose value of its own central open date for. Hi this is no C Tucker if you have. Because we financial future not. This weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge divorce medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online and pay day dash voters Garko. Jason hey join us for. Radio week. Drove 44 yard touch. Up 44 yard pass at the end of the third quarter went to college first we both want and got the big changes McCartney and he Tampa don't want yard touchdown her odd. And that that's what you thought top 4438. Fast and play at the end of the third quarter. Nice punch yen from one yard out to be in the fourth quarter now what you thought as a six point lead extra point on blown away by it. Pray. Snap and hold a good. And we are five seconds into the fourth quarter and our sport which kicks off forty. I haven't and the bucks 38. At Woodward and Sean possibly due here on the coverage tonight from him trust bank arena. Employees lightly for the Wichita fours with a huge plays into the third quarter and a touchdown in the fourth. It can't hurt immediately or moved there have been reports have right now back to back scoring drives. It's. You know. Things have rock behind really start he you in the second half especially the last few drives that long past. It's just before. Beginning of our fourth quarter and then they games. Means his way into what one yards rushing touchdown it. For the forces like that have the lead. And. Which it's not down by seven. A couple of times here in the second half is now up by 74538. Is this war now. As we are just underwent a fourth quarter or quarters brought you by inflows Italian restaurant. And so on I think we're going to have a wild finish here. This is final fifteen minutes. At first leaf for the horse since the second quarter for 41 mark when. Kevin ray hit a plot to recovery and it's in the and so for that touchdown. It's in meathead. Your time you're Bismarck. You. Which is what they thought they can put one yard line by great boon. He gets that's what exactly to the 55. This book but. Marcus Carter didn't get in but Kendrick harper bit filled night somebody. Pick up recovered defense. As this market not. Not big test the fifty yard line will be first tent with the Bucs don't. Talk about the Texas revolution and how it kind of came on hot right now they leave you Citibank bank team. In the second half. Team that went down with. Really right so can see part of skating and you. There will be a lot of the game didn't leak down the stretch here. For ten days market beat you provide any candidacy. And everybody their receivers gauntlet that you went right and I have all the work flip. And you'll gain about. Gulf war. Or maybe five. Second five or. We have we have with the top player down. Looks like meaningless he'd he had been held. Might have a cramp the working on it though left. Leg but for now. It. Can occur security into. From adapter out there from the thing. It would top 45. Bismarck 38 it's ours gore. Which it closed down by seven at half. Halftime. Now leading by seven here in the early moments of the fourth quarter that third quarter which. Crowded carefully to hear this secondhand news we're witnessing. At this mark. Only scored one touchdown in the third quarter only seven. Point. One. We've fallen loved it. You gotta get in the fourth quarter pole is marketed. Under ten point in this court. After the injury. Now it's second and five of its mark wiped out of the backfield or on long it'll be touched down. As though which top contender filled out that we have flagged down in the the backfield before that play even developed so let's see what goes on. We don't have the Bismarck player face down on the field. Seems like is personal. Alec is Bismarck. And that's why he's on the ground right now it because he went low and Marcus Carter. And Anke. Her step in when he went Loney a left block very gingerly hobbling on he can put weight on his right foot. So let and that's great boon who's been a lot of running. Running plays for Bismarck the night out kickoff return he is really hurt you carry him off he's that he's well. He cannot put any weight on his right leg. And it's a penalty like we sit. Low block. Against this march so it's not a touchdown play. Not 831. Yard touchdown passes that the penalty of metal that's another Bismarck but now there's been taken off the board by a penalty. And now this market back up. But at long. Take it back badly. Out of the rough near the one ER. We've seen two movies the lines of Michael. Michael will block connect I have to live plus because you kinda go home which is the priority is to look at wind event so are. Just can't give us. And now this market on its own one yard line on what is going to be about a third at 184. Met with the club band gone. On their feet but his defense going into the back we. At the plate again. And number eighty you've. All start. But when you're a false start the bulk of them want to get back in a few months. The receiver got the bullet that the poor five yard right now we're gonna wind up at the obviously outside all right here we go again now. That's Smart with the ball inside. Its own one yard line in the third and 2413. Minutes to go here in the ballgame. Which I look at the big big stop here. As he marked what that brought it don't end zone Aiken. Finally throws. Volatile. Now and I think. And he's probably got a clue about this topic. You could recover may have been a flight down in the end zone. As a quarterback Aiken was hit every through. It is going to be roughing the passer so it's intercepted. It's taken off the board for which he took off. Instead of getting good interception. And a ball inside of five that. That will be wiped off by a heavily roughing the passer and Bismarck as the ball again at the sixty to. Ironically pretty much right back at the original line of scrimmage before this whole drive it. King McCartney listen there for the rough the past we've got happy with it. But anymore you can't really touch the quarterback did. The referee bet here this child protective. Quarterback but. After all that. This market's first content sixteen as its lead. Of about seven. The suit he penalties spot each team. Bizarre way kind of up offset each other. And now this market has the ball back in it is moving a couple yards side of midfield look at second short here. As we -- twelve but his abilities game which on defense leading by a touchdown. This Mark Bryant tied up with a drive here. But. The handoff. And Stewart gets hit he brought down immediately. Marcus Carter. Right in there to make it you stop. That was the only third short didn't get first down yards. I don't know what else Marcus Carter imputed I don't know do you fit in there every single play. About three cents or about how we can't we. When you're the big play on third and short for Bismarck voltage so I've made field. They give up the Steward equipment that we didn't have been a bit of everything we know it. Any movie I candidate yeah. Oh it will make a bet with the big relief definitely yeah. Okay. The bottom Martinsville that we just the commitment to get big support of the fumble with a thoughtful. I think eagle outfitters today LT. Can't deal and that he forced the fumble there. All they wanted to bounce but it hurt twice bell snapped it up and about the 183. Well ultimately they're sideline. Got a nice blocked. It is able to get in for the touchdown. And what a break would not apply one touched down now by two touchdowns and eleven minutes to go in this game. Extra points like Frey is good. Him 38 widgets are fourth quarters brought to life and blows Italian restaurant. And. This mark which leads the league. In fumble recoveries. Got the tables turned on it knows what you saw. The fumble recovery and her thirtieth for a touchdown. And what we can start to look at that. Great work by Wichita as deep bench tonight forcing of his field goals to block field goals and missed field goal return for a touchdown. Now fumble return for a touchdown. And what you thought now on top fifty to 38 did not talk about. Which are struggling in the fourth quarter in recent games. Tonight the fourth quarter has been friendly to the which I'll force. Rumors. Would crumble they're poor or here's garnered first. He threw the touchdown of the season for Michael well. Levin seventy to go this ball game build. Three yard fumble recovery for touchdown which top fifty to 38. Now this market the ball back at Wichita for the first time I. As a two touchdown lead 5238. But it's always doubted this day and 3831. 8210. Run it now for which kicks off. Touchdown touchdown touchdown. Bismarck it hit the ball back. Its Wichita defense is fired up reports that counts as half. It is so for Google. If not I'll flip side boards and in some bounces and how would you qualify to make that goal broke a tackle broke tackles no loosen the fifteen to the wanna. Don't want it to midfield well I wanted to return like Tyler thanks. He'd be lucky with that rides back around the entity somehow making it which we thought territory to have a great or third by Tyler yeah. We see some great return but those teams that we've. Seen who would have a cup pool room now hangings. Out of 29 yard return for banks to set up this bark. It Wichita territory first counterpoint to. Course the fifty yard field here in indoor football. Half of what you see on standard field. So midfield instead of the fifties that one spot. First down. Bismarck. On the Wichita 122 we had eleven minutes to go play this game but because on top fifty to 38. Taken back if that's pumped he's look at the end zone he's got a receiver open he's going to be completely touchdown who have. It's a bird they're leading receiver he got by the defense and take it sounded perfectly. Anyone play. 42 yard touchdown. And which caused two touchdown lead or right away is that. Back to one's door. If Byrd hit a great job they're just getting past the defense they've got it right behind Kendrick harper. It is a great Pro Bowl their value aired a commitment which which had all that momentum. Is mark come right back on one play drive. Extra point is on the way. My Espinoza. No good wide left. So Wichita instead of a seven point lead three maintain that eight. Eight point lead that's. And would talk that the at the ball back leading by eight now it's fifty to 44. With ten. And 48 to go here in the ball game. Texas Oregon duke city 4317. Surprising result. From the south conference tonight. You city's struggling. On the road at Texas. Exit your modesty about their own conference at that point on a hot but it turf. Or would that quantity which I was trying to keep up within. For playoff spot. It hit 48 to go here in the ball game fans of with the that streak tonight they've been lead changes come back fumbles returns. As long as it blows it all over the place. And we still have eleven minutes ago so that's why penis to come. It's Wichita 52 bucks 44. 48 to build here in the ball game. This market picked off. But we'll get the ball leading by eight. Baltic one bounce to take a five yard line. But I had by Edward Smith. That much room to run ice covered by. Its mark brought him down about its theme. Seventy to get about twelve yards of that. That we're concerned and would probably get his drive on its own seventeen yard line. For shoppers try to keep their momentum going here in the second half. Four touchdowns on the scoreboard. They have not had to settle for a few books if they keep that streak alive here in the fourth quarter. Three those cuts down by the offense. Leading fifty to 44 with the football. About bloody time consuming touchdown drive that beat them. They're like wow receive unemployment pay off. Flight out of the backfield. Heinz. Maurice young opened. Him roughly the after the Iraq behind with on the Thursday. With a flat broke. Yet it is roughing the passer. The FDA Allen open wide open but roughing the passer in that statement called Wichita. Intercepted by this market wiped off the board boy. We've had two touchdowns but his mark wiped off by penalties and now an interception wiped off by a penalty that was shown oak. Weren't there were wrecked in the past they each need certainly what we're never seven earlier the only reason I that would spin this because of those two different options he's very. Got a bright. Neon. Orange color I don't think I've read. Hood and a blue one left foot. And that includes all the way up into Bismarck territory the eighteenth which I'll have a new set it down here at the at roughing the passer penalty. And offbeat humor and powder play music would get about forty. Yards out of. So bring a second and long for which involve all the seventy. He got one out of that. Second nine which bought all the 78 yard fine now. A half minutes to go this ball game we thought with the ball and an eight point lead. Second and long. I'm in the shotgun back to pass fire accidentally. Look what he's looking for turtle Darlene he was or thought it was going to be. It completely third and here we go big third down play for which he thought try and they put points on the board. Make it to you possession game again. They lead by a minutes to go here a fourth quarter brought you buy into those Italian restaurant big play of his drive your third and nine it would off. Leading by eight points fifty to 44. Receivers and most of the top. I will throw a 185 year old Kelly the I keep immediately there by the beat him up this ball late on those then they get to bring down the it stopped his forward progress and that at about the eight and penalty but the change still it's good that first out yardage I felt quite girl Kelly. They don't worry was that deal where does he got the first down copper and gold out to eat. He had about nine of that life. Situated now first and goal in the red zone made. Time to work with. The drive alive and we're talking about a time consuming touchdown drive being the perfect date. So far so good. Under eight minutes to go and out which it was first and goal eight leading by eight receivers most of your slot would be at the Elena captivity. I suspect out of trouble we got down to about this is inside the seven. So it'll be as short day. It'll be still be second goal about B six. Price never went to bed. Kind of crossing routes VA out that they get. In the past has its way across the middle. More active tonight five ethnic gave him. Second goal with six for which he taught clock still moving. We're midway through the fourth quarter which are leading by eight. And I have second goal of the all of the six yard line right here. Three seconds left on the play clock receivers and most don't stop I'm looks the relic. He's in trouble at the back up rolling out the back into it instantly much better to do that ended by the force of the against it here. I have points out in his drive flight was down. Though not a target them to somebody else for. Good to see they're still bringing those out here. And goal at the six yard line with 640 to go the all big key third down player right here from what you talk. They'll try to get a touchdown out of his drive and don't bite touchdowns against. What would talk drop here on key third and goal of the six. Hi back at he's going to throw quite playing. It just couldn't quite find Charles Johnson. It look hard sided the end zone. It's where he's looking all time predicated on a quick slant it didn't catch it Johnson says yeah that's my fault to cut that. Incomplete bill. And now bring up for people to six at Wichita will buy short field goal but notes that this is doing. Two possession game. A fight it. At 21 yard attempt by Luke break. He did visit 22 yarder back in the first half. It is up. No dude why it writes another short field goal missed for Wichita. And we'll take a break here in the fourth quarter with 539 to go it's still with the top 52 Bismarck 44. Football tonight 98713. 38 SS. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago. So now is it time to suit your script gold consumer and bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for an honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week. Monday through Saturday. 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Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. I can out. Sole lone win. Your news traffic and weather station 97 and thirteen thirty. NSA. Garrido. And on the first play of the driving complete bikers are starting their own five yard line. After the mid field goal by it would not Kendrick harper and Princeton built there to make stops on defense and complete that. Why this market in second and intent on their own five yard line. Clock moving five minutes to go Wichita leading by eight. Eight year fifty Q 44 at this thick brutal drive in this game for both the ASEAN. Yeah did not end zone Aiken throwing long it'll while I want my ex employee. Knew about it damn bird. And it's not a touchdown that. It's about a 43 year 44 yard completion down to about the one yard line. If bird. Gets behind their defense and Aiken foundation for. Up 44 yard pass. He thinks needs the staff here. Which plugs eight point lead is on the line but this market now as it first and goal at the Wada very. 44 yard completion from a kid today. Dave Byrd. Personal one naked is under center. They would put them in the last time for this distance it's not gonna slide around. Short negative net but nobody would compromise be described by the whole ball forward or what really a whole. Be second and the. Second and goal inside the one. Boy you did ever inside the one didn't do about an inch away from the goal line second and goal Bismarck. Clock moving 348. To play the ball game. It would stop by eight. What together just what it might have rushed the quarterback it is not exclusively behind its big oil as a daily Hezbollah. Alia budgeted for behind. And that'll be a one yard sneak in for a touchdown now it's 5250. And obviously this park we'll try to go for too weird tie it up. 334. Militants ballgame. This marked by the Gilbert did get this thing tied up. Which I'll try to make it stop there to preserve a two point lead. I would not bad draw their feet. If mark goes forward here the ball is a huge yard line here on the two point to birds try to tied up. Eight is under center. You rolled up who's right. If you double and I go back would let you go. All empty field brought up pretty easy run it he started out with riot at all but it beat that move did all right Betty. It just don't read those left that there are no black skirts let go there to help remedy is easily brought into the end zone I doubt if Pete du 52. We ceramics that in order. Both teams with three timeouts remaining three reporting on the clock which has hit the ball back. And recruit more followers not happy with self doubt that he's. My announcement on the field. Though Wichita bad eighteen touchdown lead that is now on. We have three and a half minutes ago and now it's all tied at 5252. So it all comes down here to the final three. Half minutes our fourth quarters but do you play any blows Italian restaurant he'll miss the second this excitement. Down the stretch here between Wichita benchmark. Like it's going to come right down the very final play this game wouldn't be surprised if I the evening. Which is slowly getting the football back. In eight IA game. You'll be buried brutal drive. Because offense that Britney all in the second half. But. To contact the one point three touchdowns and girl by the offense. Not able to get any points on the scoreboard on their last drive of seats they come back. It villains cranked up again ball bounces twice into the end zone picked up right ethical line. And we have liked to blow the place that would hurt not make it even out that he. And see what flight are thrown in the area Edward Smith was out there. And blah Carol Delhi on the stern. And he had no motive till the market's. Holding its Wichita. So which I'll begin to drive. But he backed up. Always place the couple looks like seven yard lawn. Probably in this drive. Persons at Wichita tie game at 325. Begin though if it eat you 52 is our score. Wichita that did not get any points on its last drive. Now trying to regain the lead in this one. I expect a patsy wrote an open the reality catches it. And you simply falls down and retain about 7 o'clock. They get out with. We got about seven on now. DA now. An upset second it's three all of a fourteen yard line plot moving under three minutes to go in this game fifty to 52. Which laws that looking for the big scenario the last drive you want it in consuming touchdown drive. Get that accomplished this late in the game clock can be your friend. But cosmetics you know offense to do its second in the re looking. Along. These. Put it now. Don't want all of the ball slightly undercooked ground all the hip I the second married. Yeah I. No but I. But then bought by Edward Smith for the touchdown. Wichita State with a pyramid I think you know it's their outlook for the touchdown at Wichita is back on top 5850. Do very sound one tip overnight and it would dilute its a second one. And both them and resolved in days without a doubt. And how would call the extra point right well spices and we still have 227 to go and it's one. Praise this is good. June 27 to go in the ballgame. Huge touchdown play for what you thought. 36 yards to Charles Johnson on the fifth. Because now take a 5952. Lead here were 227. Ago. And boy. There have been times tonight when the bounces have really not with applause why not another one. Rock kind continue. To do. Yet have been perfect tonight. But he is somehow found a way he took his touchdown passes and throw. And 270 Wichita it's eaten. The bucks 52. And which don't be kicking off. These markets don't pretty good. Pretty good propensity for storing and quick course tonight. Rockies' fourth touchdown pass in the night there were the second half. It's good to see that with the offense clicking. Which caused highest point total since. Week two when they put a 73 and that road game at Dallas you bolt on. That was back on March 10. Matthews who could doubt but neither the equipment even exist anymore. Now with the clock ticking off backlit hit a seven point lead if you now. 52. That's the teams trying to get a stop. Ulta is the one yard line by Tyler thanks to fight them all over the place after the unit block down in the backfield he was suspected that's. Perhaps folding. Cody polio when connected here yet. We're Bismarck. A block in the back. And battled back up. It's mark. Peck wrote the earth I received yard line up so that's where Bismarck we'll start this drive from the 28. Keep going in this ball game. They'll start of their own six yard line after the panel. Or last time I started on their own five yard line. Long long. That it would sort of them. With on defense try to get it's not be what you all night to go receivers devotion to the near side but he. Up immediately tackle her short game nice job I would you talk. Michael Mellman knows it Darrell to tackle for a very short and second of long. That's a loft second at eleven. Michael bell to you played out second at eleven Bismarck. 145. That killed Wichita leading by seven. Bismarck with the football. Beat its own territory that's out is that don't get to. The product you get pregnant just. I'm a complete right before he got sacked by Marcus Carter got booed but a Purdue football he knew that pressure was coming. Yeah market carters and these principles that we. The hardness or you could say that we've been calling all night on a defense markets Carter now nearly a lot. Massive third and you let it play for Bismarck clock when they want him. Oh the ball game Wichita leading by seven. They have on their feet. About one minute I think this market might take it into the one minute warning and they will often stop with one minute ago. A fourth quarter brought you play those Italian restaurant. Both teams have all three of their timeouts left. About a what the scenarios are the final sixty seconds. Which I'll get talked things over here. Leading by a touchdown. Bismarck is deepen its own territory with a third and eleven play coming up here. And boy Sean which cost got to guard against. Those long plays they've been able to find their receiver. Scott keep an eye on him. And got to him that they get a real good job here but started out strong defensively in the second half but didn't. Later Astrid got here in the fourth quarter we've seen couple. Laps in fits resorted Bismarck touchdowns though and got it really tightened up here on this guy was given the last shot of the day. And here we go. 01 admitted to go to a bowl game would probably about seven this market has its third. Do you Levin on its own five yard line do you play in this game. Up right here but. It didn't happen until the end zone. Flights are down everywhere the throw it way too long incomplete. If we have another walking below the waist said he won't Carter horror. We've whoa. If you called it. That's headed. Wichita will decline that they believe the result of the play was an incomplete pass for that'll bring. Go. Forth and you love it. His mark on their own five yard line 54. Seconds to go in this day. Not trying to get a stop to get the ball. Crowd on its feet. Game on the line here on this play this marked by a convert on fourth and eleven deep in her own territory. Receivers that most of the top. Lot of ability and don't go to Detroit it's complete the 52 point eight at midfield went up territory they got a complete Albert. There's a flight down to the end zone. Possibly rough the pastor aching gap rush. Oh boy. Automatic first down. That likely be less yardage and it would have been with the completion. Article attacking not the end of the complete yeah we will complete count then they're going back on the personal foul penalty. But now the ball to advance all the way up to the ten yard line first in gold this marked as it did. And boy on fourth MD eleven the eight years. The police had lost a roughing the passer penalty but this mark puts all the way up the yard line. Eight it was here by about three different we're players. And made it that hit workers hard. First and goal Bismarck at the kid. Not gonna shake off that result but did not build their way they'll stay within here. Take it rolled up it was right you'll get inside and it and it was not about about seven. 41. Seconds remaining in this game but it volley 5952. But Bismarck now as the ball went out of the seven yard line. Second goal with seven. Wichita. Bryant get a take away trying to get that ball back to try to preserve this seven point lead with under a minute ago. But is barking at second goal of the seven. This time they could will be under center. He's going to do it possibly on the right side Stewart. And he's not doubt about that about the five. Koppel. That'll bring up third and about five. Well. It's funny because yeah. Yeah it'll be it'll be the fourth third and goal of the floor. 37. Seconds to go to this day. Wichita trying to get a stop here on third and goal at the full report Bismarck. Wichita leading by seven that didn't bark is thriving. Inside the five before. What to get a it is under center. Utility closet. New bird. On the left side. And he got it for a touchdown. The wide receiver. At the blockers in his face he didn't make it a one point 85958. And now this guy. Down at the point five Bismarck. It would have trouble getting the football back with 33 seconds to kill his arsenal refuse to go for the win the market's going for you know. Wow. And that's no respect from Wichita is they can. Bismarck and they give they buy this stuff that we thought they'd get a the field goal when it's about this market going where. Do we get to leave. Which bubbles go get a chance to get back in the field goal or touchdown here we go big Wyeth what the market makers not miss the beat again. Go for food but. It's gonna be put in there. We didn't try to get people behind. A horse big minutes it was a pitch the Stuart what do we know now. He's bought from below the it wouldn't want to maintain belief 5158. While. This guy out here. Nose gets through their back pocket Martinez returning back to which itself. And he would go pursue in the wee bit. Then look at their video board making sure that stagnated in. CP unit countered that. They'll let you go. Now thanks so it's got this talk of working it has that red challenge flag it is. In his pocket. And why not just throw it he would let them loose with the north that prisoners do. Still talking it over with the officials. And I'm not gonna lose he would. After some discussion. Great job by the with a plot defense you know it looked like. But what do we could get a block there for marquee Smith but we got beat it kind of got around smitten couldn't get a clear shot at Stewart and and knock it down kind of massage. And he's not able to get forward motion towards the goal line but the two point conversion that would potentially given it. The bucks eight lead at. It's up short and now what you saw as a one point lead preserve the and we'll get the football back with thirty seconds to go in this ball game. Talked about the kicking game. That's been those that early. And how could you woods would get this we've kicked off the fair. And to come down to his right foot right here. With the top 59 the buck 58. You're kind of the ensuing kick out by Espinoza. Which are guarding against the pits alongside drive. See what Espinoza has up its sleeve here. Going to beat him on the ground battles over the initial bunched back let me. Eight yard line. And which bought corralled. The 27 seconds to go. But the real village. Who got three timeouts left his mark yes that's way let's go ahead and he could be. Which evolved into stride until twelve yard line. Five point Christina. I had 58. Cannot afford any mistakes. Definitely do not want to get the ball back to the bucks in any sort of situation. Maybe it's very it would cause you know quick pointed at. I think game. They can get that you know rock behind the Elton. Sort underneath passing game click here this could make all the difference. Yea Ellen will line up the far side. 27 seconds to deal which caught the ball leading by one net. Hi this handoff. No game without the clock moving little stuff. Friend Steve. Second any eleven. Clock stops and there's no forward progress there 183 seconds to go. In the ballgame. Which Polly I want to. Game clock is stopped though it to 23 seconds. Second down. I'd throw underneath yeah complete. That'll take some time off the clock they gonna beat her I'll tell you beat back probably that's the only. Now will be edit it about second at eleven and got about nine evidently third short. So Milwaukee got saw the buck's call time out Bismarck calls time out. To stop the clock with fifteen seconds to go that was that was a big play that took. 82 thought it at least eight seconds off the clock not a put couple back on. Now to seventeen seconds on the game clock now it's third. End super short. Which it thought he'd get that first down yardage move the chain. Ain't in this game will be in the book. Here comes that. Do locate McCartney and you know Chris it feels good to go back to the sideline with Jay Carney is coming at. Only seventeen seconds left. Mike you said that you speak to McCartney on the goal line at the gold personal want to. For a touchdown out or is it noticeably muted ED yards. Hides under center McCartney just off his left shoulder and optima card that could. Break it off but he did get it right in his belly and he move the football. And I think they're going to. Hey good they are. Personally didn't. There's only eleven seconds left on the game. 8 o'clock now. And now Wichita to name senate don't footwork went. And Bismarck. Only has one timeout left to stop the clock. What people think flight deck out afterwards he gets back out on the unit's new guys that count flag right now it. It. Not happy. It was a mark. After thirteen seconds on the game clock. Not sure why he didn't move it sounds like if you would they have spot. And with that not enough eligible all on. Let's not be as he was ready to throw it at the refs let them don't you just turn around walk the line. Now it's first and hit Wichita are only thirteen seconds left to go. It's hard to get one I'm not left which but just. Cannot turn it over cannot afford bad snap like that and off I'd just takes that and head falls down. Yeah Bismarck called plus five out. Stopped clock with and seconds to go on the clock. It's all really only needs one more good snap the Bucs are timeouts. And we can talk and walk out of here where they want to point win. In another one point loss from Bismarck Bismarck a has lost three and rose two of those have been by a point. They're down by a point here at the end it tonight. Does mark have a chance to tie it up with 33 seconds to go elected to go for to do. After a touchdown they did not get a end. And that has created the one point deficit right here. Now this market out of timeouts would cause that you don't hear on second down instead it meet clean snap. In his games over. Bet I. Oh. This sport has Rick Butler was the second hole would you ever do without a point yet I go to get over. Instead of fat on. Thought and this is our national ball back with six seconds to go. Complete. This after for the withdrawal forest. On the bloated. Now Bismarck as seven seconds to go down by. I want to. But coach more smaller what the flag because this Smart player threw the ball up the crap out. And a visiting player can't do that that. They're going to review that play. Not sure if her review. But. What a development here late in this game. And an eight bit mark had their offers got edited or he's gonna try the Google. At that point at least. You weren't shot and I don't. A shot at getting close third getting into the end zone. Maybe it would. Once though was the running back down vote for the ball game out but yet they're looking at. But boy at this place and that is. Not good for which you thought you'd Bismarck. An opening on a door that was just about got it locked. But the ball came loose and a fumble. It's mark recovered. It's Marc leads the league in fumble recoveries and they just might have gotten. One of the most important ones of the season right there for that. Seven seconds to go at which could top 59 bucks 58. But this mark as the ball at the Wichita twenty yard line with seven seconds to go in his game. Our fourth quarter tonight brought you played pillows and Thai restaurant. On the beginning of the fourth quarter but that's going to come right out of the final play of the game. And here we are seven seconds to go in this game is in doubt we don't even know after it's pending European who's ball it is. Know what they're reviewing what if I guess it have to be reviewed and even I don't think. They try to hit us Jason McCartney had. I'll publish it to the replay if there on that that video boards here because a lot of people are wondering what exactly had happened. Besides both on the turf in Bismarck recovered. Or even why do NYU and O company had been just kind of having rocky hinds at the football and just. Turn for a little bit get tackled especially handoff to it like me. He could tell right away that I wasn't great on net and off and it did result in a fumble. Its market it up with the football and now that plays being reviewed. In a call here that we'll. Really go along way in deciding this game. It don't want Italy for Wichita 5958. But now we're trying to figure out. Whether or not there was a turn over there but they're not without keep the football. Ethic here it is. It's always confirm it. Which are coaching staff means it's serious because or go to Hillary drove because. Bismarck player threw the ball in the crowd. And officials knew that he threw the ball the crowd because they had asked the kids for the ball back. Laid still under review our fourth quarter tonight brought you by Angelos Italian restaurant. This gave it in the balance right here with seven seconds to go with it off fifty. Bismarck 58. These markets recovered. The football after a fumble by which he thought that is the call on the field right now as we stand. Right here so Byzantine player because you're throwing the ball into the teeth of the fifteen yard penalty. Well that would have that would make a huge difference that it came down to a field goal. Here at the end we talk has blocked a couple of longer attempts five Bismarck tonight a beautiful drive. Along street view. That's you'll see the Bismarck misses its last field goal attempt back in the third quarter that was the 31 ardor. Fact is market attempted to field goal here in the second half. They both minutes. The want to play before that blocked and returned or recovered for a touchdown by Wichita. So this marks the repeal the officials are emerged that lets see what the call is with the game in the balance. Bismarck ball Wichita fumble confirm it is mark football at the twenty yard line first instead seven seconds to go. Which is solid at one point believe. Bismarck offensives on the field are going to run at least one play here. Aiken is good shot yeah. Seven seconds to go on the clock receivers are mostly in the near side they get back to. Yes he's double but he didn't receive a good. They thought I would get off my feet and I you don't speak for a good look at the Hokies don't think the it did well and all the hitters then why did the dude I don't hold it up again. Bismarck blowing its rather than attempting a field wall. It's an interception I want to plug the Bismarck procedural ball under the ground the Clay Matthews picked it off to be able to. Appeal of the clock expired. Which hit ball went hypnotic fifteen. 58. An aide back him for a Arnold there. Downtown Wichita. Do you record you better be saying his prayers tonight. Is they were contains are right there. The thrilling game winning streak snapped doesn't want to talk knocks off the bench Mark Fox 5950. Audit intercepted on the final play of the. Big win for what it's not a night here in downtown Wichita. Fourth win of the season for the forwards their second win here at home. And all that. Lackey this result today one point win for the forwards with a few more home games ago coming up in view and after a week off next week RI. Final score tonight. Went to top 59. Bismarck 58. Our fourth quarter tonight with rob do you buy into those Italian restaurant will be back. They're downtown Wichita right after this sports football on 987 and thirteen 38. NF. Brings tears and John Gardner radio spring that he outdoors both Johnson location for wind Gardner's Stockholm. Revolving door in this season and it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of advice and expertise and how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Two occasions when they're not that west thirteenth and it. First of. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. And you're sure bill like it's easy get a good card from Angelos. And they can use their gift card done and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or three big plays on yeah I'm. The you can take the excuse to get yourself that's how many troops. Two teams lose millions on decent open convicted him. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you. Because we've financial future not his weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge of course medical bills or many other life events. We can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online and pay day dash rotor struck home. Join us this morning. And as fast. It doesn't think Hillary done. Our post game report did not brought you by amber waves diving company at Woodward and Sean bought with you tonight or studio engineers and her family final store. Victory for Wichita before it went to the nodded at 58 tonight over Bismarck. In a really contest. Came right down and very final play of the day. And it's mark try to go for it. With seven seconds left to go but receiver but falling to the ground as the was thrown which causes the Clay Matthews with the interception. Deep in. Deep in Bismarck territory. Read out the clock returning to football after the interception in Wichita whole bottom but it 59 of 58. And John good to see Wichita. Get up that three game losing streak get back in the win column in a desperate race to try to get position for the post season. And the bounces just kind of let which applause wait tonight most of the time. Now we'll get the pit passes and some some fortunate breaks along the way. What made final. 3035 seconds and AK I mean. Aid me. The sequence there that. Everybody would it just ship that had no started with the you play this. Not really sure why they would try to hit up there. Just you run one more plane and run out the clock in track heading off to Kaczur Carty alignment. That bubbles it in the end it was picked up by Bismarck hit that one more play which which is not that it was intercepted but says. A wild ride here in the last 4045 seconds. We talked about the fact that as well there were. Passers by which to audit. And it ended up birdie which he talked Aybar. Every team that's down to look like they were might have been intercepted the ball scare him off the candidate defender for his mark in Wichita ten from long passing plays one of those touchdown. And then Deborah green they're pretty Bismarck touchdowns they get called off because Italy someplace there was a kick off return of the passing play to. This Marquette plays that might have worked out for scores but got called back because apparently gone. And finally it seems like everything we can't Wichita here in the past few weeks especially with the turnovers. Abilities and search it tonight it kinda it. Switched sides and tonight it was. A bad night for his mark with pretty much everything. Somehow they stayed in the game they've made this a really good game. Here to a GA and especially if everything goes go wrong with them offensively defensively special teams wise you seen this game which that was. They would just get that extra stuff they needed it'd go right there with TJ Mathews intercepted the ball. Making our final score tonight with two top fifteen. The Bismarck fifty. Which snapped their three game losing streak he gets back in the win column here at home win tonight first the home games that are owed it to the regular season. If we get that first win at home set up but two more home games coming up. In June we'll take our break here on the amber waves diving company post game report back. The downtown market this one point win for Wichita you're listening to force football tonight 97 and thirteen thirty ASS. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to assume your script gold consumer. 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Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum of the word quickly give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. I can out. Seoul alone clip. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here on CNN it's. Because they bury the. And I said look we're not Boston with you on the coverage that the proposed in port brought to light amber waves diving company to Buick yours ambling final score tonight which he thought 59. The buck 58 but boy it was not an easy win. As which it's not at 80 lead late but he late fumble in the game with under ten seconds to go gave. Bismarck the football and it's dance duo let it down by only appoint its mark decided not to go for field goal right away deprive for a offensive play. Trying to get a touchdown into the end zone with under five seconds ago. And that's our play of the game tonight the very final play of the game you heard it right here on base residents. It hit it in the shotgun. Seven seconds to go on the clock receivers and most did the near side they get back that fast he's Villa but in the receiver could. They thought I would if not let the people I do is pick a good look at all of these don't think the well and putt later they did I did try to use our own final point oh okay. Bismarck blowing its rather than attempting a field goal. It's an interception might want to plug the Bismarck procedural fall under the ground they play bad news could not have been able. Appeal of the clock expired. Which did not witness that night. Fifteen and 58. But that the after the game other final play of the game which targets an interception. And wins the game tonight 5958. Post game report but you might amber waves diving company Exxon we are talking about back to the maybe it's Arctic not thrust its kicking game a little bit they decided instead an extra point. The Hyatt. With under a minute ago it went for two and did not make it that's not a key play the Wichita defense that stopped played it would have given this Markel one point lead. And this mark missed its final three field goal the Biscayne two of those three were blocked so. Which also specialty it's been very nice job stopping Bismarck kicking game and and edited news and they've been able to go on for late in the game for two point conversion rather than pick for a time. It all started with that cater cartridge return. Just over a minute into the game that in the first quarter and zooming along time ago but Kendrick harper that 47 yard. A return on the midfield battle and really sharp innings which sparked a special teams really at night. Have blocked Google mean everything was working nights especially that defense has said Marcus Carter a huge game for him and it forced fumble. He had the you know three or four sacks and he was he was all over the field tonight for the force defense. And he came up big on a couple of third down plays to that that really stopped Bismarck try to write their tracks. Wichita with it tonight 5958. Over the Bismarck bucks as quick thoughts picks up its fourth win of the season. And our ports reported spotlight amber waves diving company. Which I thought it likely center Shaun it's only been ever think about 33 point game during the losing streak scored 35 in the second half tonight it was good seat. We thought finally get points on the board did this one kind of early on we count the opposite that up the ice or regain it loads and both of us. Yet it'd been a great job of that news hopefully can carry his momentum into the bye week you know they. He didn't they would join their last fight week of the season. And the latest got the final two weeks data come down got to get locked did those final two weeks. Really are gonna matter of whether the force if they play the playoffs or if there are left out panic if that's gonna come down the final two weeks. Yep no some games both yeah bye week next week and then the next game is on Saturday. June 2 two weeks from tonight and then on the finale eight days after that Sunday afternoon here at Commerzbank arena so. They have got to treat tonight is what was fun it was back and forth they came right down to some very key players. Heard over at the very fact that there were turned over the last two plays in the game a fumble by Wichita and an interception by this marks though. It was not only back and forth literally on the scoreboard that says it was ping pong back thankful that moment on in Wichita survives with a one point win tonight. 5958. Bismarck but. It's so post game report that brought you let amber waves diving company will take one more break come back and wrap it up from downtown Wichita right after this listening to sports football and 97. At thirteen thirty AN SS. Spring is here and John Gardner break up ring that he outdoors both shots location for wind garden centers in Stockholm. Your lawn and garden this season and it Johnson's garden where you'll also find generation of advice and expertise to help these states we're ready for spring Johnson guards posted okay. When everything went to keep him at. Fortunately. Drumming to decide what to do girlfriend guerrilla who. So good you're sure bill like it's easy and gift card from an Angelos. And they can use their gift card design and we'll pick up until most famous pizza or chicken that lives on yeah. And a copy of the you can take the excuse to get yourself that's amateurs. And blows millions on center opened Tuesday. Hi this is Nelson Tucker. If you ever trip. His weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge for a medical bills or many other life event. We can help you rebuild your credit finest online payday dash rotors dark home. Your news traffic and weather station 97 and. Tennis. Here's Sandra handling a post game report brought you by amber waves diving company which it's always tonight 59 of 58 the Bismarck bucks. Thrilling win for which he thought it Sean it. Third down conversion has been a problem for Wichita recently during the losing streak the only converted 13 down last week. Really strong numbers on third down conversions tonight. Yes it is great to have six and well tonight on third. Good numbers here you know to 50% but. But with the with the force have been doing this season I mean 50% is great. They were three of six in the that's taken half on third down. One or two on fourth down still struggled in the red zone just four of eleven but. When you're able to come out the way and it's not that matters in have a tonight brewer Marcus Carter on the defense that talked about him earlier thirteen tech tonight. If you lead alt hecklers. But he would then secrecy until I'm not so for more than than the second of those markets Carter. Credit went to a half sacks and half tackles for losses. Also a forced fumble. A pretty great game for Marcus Carter at night in a market starter out of. Friends University edit massive game tonight with a Wichita defense. Lot of that we can point to that helped out all the way during this 5958. Win. To real belly is being real revelation on on the opposite side of things helping out the receiving game. And that the Terry Matthews that interception there on the final play of the game Charles Johnson with that that's spectacular touchdown catch Michael bell. At a recovery in the end zone for a touchdown on defensive play so. While contributors tonight for what it's gone on it's a little one point win. Boy it is nice it. Just difference in particular have rather than losing a game going into that by early and festering for two weeks and adding a win the Elliott has two more home games coming up to make all. Yeah especially with those those two final home game with specific opponents a lot of counted counted in the city vote teams. Are it towards that happened their respective divisions so it's going to be a fun final two weeks John. Austin thanks for joining us again we appreciate it another good night yet fun night tonight that my name is Ted Woodward and aren't you engineers and drew heavily. Our post report thought you'd like amber waves diving company had of course a huge thank you all of our sponsors from making. We took off for football possible heartland point gallery. Amber waves diving company. That an outdoor equipment. Johnson's garden center Angelos Italian restaurant at payday voters are final score tonight from downtown Wichita before 59. No and a port 59 and Bismarck 58. Thanks for listening to what you thought fortune or football tonight. On 97 at thirteen thirty K and as as good night.