Wichita Force vs. Sioux City 04-14-18

Saturday, April 14th

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This is Wichita course football. Thank greed heads down south would hit sophomore. Went to top sports football glad it would you here on this Saturday evening home game number two of the season for the Wichita forged and yet tonight's game marks that at. Way point of the regular season. And if you but those statements together you get the impression that will be a lot of home games in the second half of the season that is certainly true so. Has been a lot of road games so far from Wichita they love the home but the unit will be led the golf course be glad to be here on home turf tonight. In downtown Wichita putted five for you to come out tonight seemed to force take on the undefeated first place sin city bandits lately that north division. At a Ford oak cliff Wichita right now coming up a road win last week. His team win three overall trying to even up the market 33 here in the first half of the season and keep they still in the south of and on my name is Ted what we're glad you. Tonight on Boston's nobody needs side here in its trust bank everyday in our studio engineer cited Sumner. So obviously that's a couple of road wins it and already it would love you'll pick up a home win here and and really set things up for the second half of the season. Yet they have a great position to do so if you look at their first home game. Which applicable we see over here against him reload team that is the first place in the south region so. Which Tolkien definitely get back on track here in the south division here tonight. Has it taken on as juicy news that he says the team that leads the north division so big. He gave tonight for the course. This is our. Pregame show and we are brought to you by heartland point gallery pregame show tonight with the sophomores in the city to city bandits. Here at in front bank arena like we settling his second home game for the entire season started backing everywhere it very road Lleyton first part of the schedule very home blatant. Second half of the schedule. Of course we'll have two home games in May than to him or hate him. Finished the regular season with three straight games here at home still a nice fit to come out tonight. Here in April and watch you or Wichita or indoor football teams in action. We talked about on this team. It's loss of some teams that are off the really good starts they beat novelty that they should be. And now they need it they need to start stealing one of these at the publicity that has a better record no place better start and I don't home turf against Cincinnati it was because. Hearted still put the pieces into place and then you get to the point where things are in little bit more to flow and haven't experienced quarterback on the part of that. Dad and brother rocky times and they also brought in a couple new receivers this week if the let go to receiver rod into new receivers so we will see. Give me here tonight did notice if you try to put the pieces together the puzzle in. You especially you go in here in the second half. This season as like a lot of home games and that's a great opportunity you've got a lot of good teams coming here to interest Pickering. But they're playing with a homer a lot better than on the road the second. There is an. And we'll see if we thought we'd take advantage to some of that. Home most no doubt regrets in the second half of the season something that would obviously start tonight they get a home win enhanced C city its first loss of the season. We nightly look at the schedule to coming up it's not easy which by the levity Geddes really it is only it's only ones. He left the rest of the way the final seven games it is under 500 right now they're going to play be playing teams week after week that epic records. In which thought wants to be up in that Echelon that's that's the gauntlet and say now that they they got a it's a better serve areas start but it some of those games that sequence starts tonight. It's big night here at. Because they can read and it's college tonight shocker night anybody that's valid the college ID it's been for five bucks for the game tonight so. Really does get expensive ticket come at a night football tonight bringing acknowledged IP. These six Wichita State. And basketball seniors on the graduating class this year are in the house tonight they will be signing autographs. At at halftime and they are in the. The building so that's pretty opposes well Al rally towels are being given up tonight the first 1000 fans through the doors a lot of events have that them right. Gold rally towel for the Wichita forced tonight that are in the stands already had joined net. That little gifts and other areas there's always been special that the problem tonight is two dollars off the price of popcorn so it's so typical. But it popped lord save yourself a couple bucks on matters well so it's all good. 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Principles. Police high school or college knowing more about marks then they go. That's 5198. Cent. 1530. Today and SS. Why do you need to local news on your local news because stay informed. That's going on around eight. Many local news polls that he is changing constantly and you wanna be updated all times the information you want. The word and it just for the final score is Antonin. He severe weather time and what I'm sexy directly to your source for information for a widgets on. From which you tell the experience of having lived in this or any age seven and thirteen times local news. Access this marks living finding weekdays at five right. Here on tape and ask. He does that put it on Boston would be here tonight downtown Wichita art studio engineers side Sumner. This is the pregame show for which it off course indoor football. Rob do you like heartland pointing gallery tonight we get ready or football this evening the Wichita force evidently meant to know rocky times. An experienced quarterback now and makes for which saw. After some offensive struggles early on Rockies coming in at a getting back up to speed certainly guided help indoor football at which it's off with. Back to back championships for the Wichita wild. And that led to a stretch in which soon but because indoor football teams won championships three out of four seasons workforce. Just a couple of years ago to get beaten to get people to in this league. And not able to make the playoffs last year despite winning record in fact of indoor football on which he paused working on six straight seasons with above 500 records now on. And this team wants to keep that streak going. After season opening loss at Salina which saws now split its last four games like that likely to what he's going to miss with that road win last week. On we'll talk to open about that win the last week on Friday night so which talking to get an extra day. This week you get ready for this one and certainly steal it went away on the road in a close ones obviously it and it just makes every little bit better in the week to count. Yeah I have been over the game that which saw it took a 30 lead early on in. And really had a lead going. It at halftime and in the second half. It was Texas Tech got three field goals I believe that in that second half in. And they took the lead and in nothing was really go right for which it's all the force had the ball. Lawrence V Texas had to pull out. Inside their own five yard line without a minute half. To go day in Texas sort of had the leafs all they had to do is basically it's ice clock treatment and a touchdown to really seal the deal. But instead. Which itself was able to get an interception they called it. As Kendrick harper. Intercepted in the end zone took him back inside. The ten yard line and it. Within which just scored one play later on eight yard run by Kate was sites running back in. And just like that the crowd down at Texas was showcase. As a force and really it's just stole a victory down there and in Texas now with the game that everything looked like you with the forces lost and it's going to be. That the loss put. No they regretted down in the final minute half and were able to walk out of first it with a win. It Ellison that was big to take a late to take away. And come back on the Albany to get that's down witness games that which stars second road already this season. And trying to work on back to back wins now that comeback you know we hear tonight at home against this undefeated birthplace seems to be and its team. I'd ever look at its glitzy city. That really seem that. There's beat themselves they they don't turn the ball over a lot they they'd like Wichita strong kicking game. And that it got an experienced quarterback Nate this they've just that's taking care of business that's why they're porno. Yet that's the thing that there was the force got to do nice to take what's this is that. They as C city team that then leads the league in rushing yards a game over a hundred yards rushing which you don't really see. In indoor game as its majority of passage but their their balance you'd like to throw a ball and then also mixed up with some runs in. You know that's the thing that which are gonna have to do tonight is forced turnovers and in a way. That a team that doesn't turn the ball over like you said so that's what they got to do if you get a win it if they're very good season tonight. And Wichita leads the league in sacks Utley got would that be great to have some of those sacks. Kind of manifest themselves in gets takeaways at the end of that could be the swing of this game of this type they game this time. Yeah and and that's a big part of Friday's securities McCarty hit a big veteran at their Frontline is as well let's. Keeping gates has really stepped up his game this year and provided explorer on the on the defense of buy in you know pages. Those guys that on the front line of course you know an indoor football only three guys on the line and and do they get that here in Gibson quarterback and that's what they've been doing so well this season now it's got to carry the secondary it. The secondary dropped a lot of different. Would be interceptions this year played. Know they've just got to. Get those interceptions neither hold onto them in order either way. Pregame show is brought to you by heartland going gallery at. We have Wichita or football on tap in downtown Wichita tonight we'll take another break here in the pre game be back with football right after this you're listening to sports football on 9713. 38 and SS. Spring is here and Johnson Garcia and Brady have. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stockholder thing you need your lawn and garden this season. 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No not answer that isn't double negatives here actually sing and you do know something ZER. It's just listening to my music talk station I don't know I didn't. Gave more celebrity news. Zakaria before it's too late. More smarter reads per. Already we're 97 at thirteen thirty KM SS. Me just decent maybe join us from non real and we know weeknight. I'm again. That was on Boston would be here tonight they're the only two years Simon Sumner sports football on the way. We just that the coin toss at. Field. I had a soccer heroes it's been basketball's senior class. Out to their but the point split back background. Actually flipped the coin and the city bandits didn't win met. Point Austin may have elected to a deferred to the second half of Wichita will be getting the golfers here in the first stab at that point flip. You're surprised kind of protective equipment Peta which cut guy himself the with the and then now see cities that CJ Jones a defensive back it was the Clinton. Actually went up about that a got in the patent and people might still congratulatory bump golf Bible is not complete your. Throughout five of the six were there at it's got more it was not out of the unity jacket got here yet you're looking for parking spot with a but. And they're waving their rallied cells here tonight the doors and everybody got the first thousand fans adore all that rally thousand. I seen here in downtown Wichita airwaves and it tells you ready to support their Wichita or football team tonight. Here on the second home game of the six on the schedule here in the regular season they are ready to get revved up. Get behind this team tonight they did on first place undefeated sues city here just about ready for football our pregame show tonight was brought to you by heartland. Calling it a gallery. It's their support our great sponsors here tonight reports but all we are ready to go as. Which it was Wichita set to receive the kick. It's a bouncer bounces high at mid field not take it at the ten yard line. But turnout near midfield and that's where it just died this field can negotiate on sites on that return. And it hit it about fourteen. Yards out of that return after which doubles set up just shy of midfield. Yeah that's what data which has prided himself on this season so far is he returned gave their leading the league and in return yards in. Right now so that's where they they like to to give those guys back Edward Smith the end it Jim thanks both within and that's a big returns so far this season. All right Wichita has offered to begin this game. Here in downtown Wichita. Wichita where he gets home uniforms. Bright gold tops. Black pants new color scheme they fear of the org has got to weigh in more of this yellow gold replacing net as the main pillar. Running playwright delay decides that he is hit in the back field see cities that that out pretty well for about one yard loss. Get killed sex right there at that time he he spun off the first would be tackler and and that's one thing that strikes got to watch out always smaller back in. We saw on the kick return as well he spun so he's got to make sure that he got speedy and sick guy that's been a popular theory and he hit the ball loose. Maybe lost the footer to do but not much. So we'll call it second stand still long thin. As kind with receivers in motion to look to the far side back to pass on this down not the soft over the middle. I'm crossing pattern that BA Alan first catch and a gain of about five it'll be 35. Yeah Allen was wide open across the middle on that play it just like you say crossing route it five yards and in. Over across the field it was wide open to all rocket do which is hit it right into his hands. Which talk has struggled last week on his you know only one for ten on third down conversions on the road last week. The which block and proved that a little bit wanna keep movement capable bit I had back at bats. And he didn't have not receiver open really late flag after the incomplete pass. He's looking here in the near side spurs couldn't find anyone any kind of try to go to a receiver atop the well covered just kind of related stands. But maybe heavily after the play against sin city. You know Wesley Johnson taillight through rough and pass a very low hit on rocky hinds and that's turns an incomplete pass and the first count. And it turns a potential fourth down situation dual first intent if we go look like dole added but all I ask. Any yard line so. Opportunity from Wichita to take advantage of this heavily. Like Sioux City. Urged until the end. And up besides the backfield he tries the right side right that you could related Eddie maybe got a yard now. Inside it says though we second goal about the now about the nine. And this is where which saw has struggled this year in the red children out there year. That lasted the red zone scores read and appreciated threads on touchdowns and you look at all the way double and the light in the red zone category they are dead last. At the tennis something it obviously. This team will be putting an emphasis on got to get better putting points on the scoreboard receivers and most viewed the near side that's where I just going complete. The DJ to DA Allen he's inside the I haven't. That'll bring up about hey I got to about five so called third and goal at the five. 84 and a complete pass. I disperse. Second completion. Third and goal of five key player right here on which it's not trying to get points on the board early gives this undefeated Sioux City team. Get behind and definitely come back all night long time buyers into it got receivers touchdown but. Wichita gets all the Florida writes I don't want. The opening drive. You know Charles Johnson. With the touchdown reception. You know I think it would actually be a teammate. The PL lit. A southwest Baptist so he joins worth unity to god it gets picked up this week it gets right into the mix. And rocky. Get a nice job of it all it was just a wee bit too defensive backs in the end zone through a crisp pass. And thread the needle a little too defensive backs got an open touchdown pass nicely done. And a nice job by the line as well would you vote rocky time they get that that's often. In a nice clean line and receivers Charles Johnson. And went about as well for what you thought you would want they took advantage of a third down heavily and in depth story. That's not what a six yard touchdown drive to be in the game we've eleventh. And 43. The bill here in the first quarter loop rate make the extra points. Early lead which it costs seven nothing oversees city that's exactly what you wanna do what you. When you don't win the coin toss to get the ball first and put seven on the board. Yet made a great job both have moved the ball they had I don't think you need any place they had lost to the yards it. You know that route that roughing the passer and really helped him in gave that for educated. What we can talk about you know that are in the red zone they have struggled all season long it is great to see them. Could it be until the first stripe it and get the lead against his misusing team that's right now undefeated. And rocky hinds Wichita quarterback. Sean on the drive three for three for fourteen yards so that's that's a good side as well. Yeah he reachable or read to feel so easily you know he's 64658. Agencies over. Over the line meaning they can read feel perfectly that's we did that drive and ease of. Veterans so he knows the ins and outs of what's going on. Which it's not picking up praised hit this high end over end up to seven yard line taken vice. City back decide this field. And I returned the the bandits. In fact though they did it looks like they. This guy may feel content that power which he also darted just about a foot sky. Of the 25 yard line that's receives city will get its first drive. First then let it happen to steal first quarter which he talked seven nothing now on defense the first time in the game. The city will begin its first drive. We have Nadler quarterback since the receivers are mostly in the slots. Looking down field right away he's got a wide open man for a touchdown not even close Wichita as the but the coverage. Was. Where it needed to be on that play an easy to 26 yard touchdown pass to Frederick Bruno on the very first offensive play of the game. Got a little got a yarder to ahead of the Wichita defense and it wasn't easy that's down right there. A coach more smaller he's yelling and if you could affect the trade Matthews. That's got beat up and you know he's beat by 45 steps it says that catches me the end zone it. You know which suck up pressure right there on Nadler Michael bell from the left sideline. That. Pressure could not tying. Extra point is up and do it so right away sin city wastes no time. Coming back at retaliating or getting it that's dealt with zone one play it one pass from 26 yards out. And we're right back where we started 77. But at eleventh indigo here in the the first quarter our first quarter tonight is brought to you by. Waves diving company. It Wii Fit could see high scoring game. Instead of off just keep this face. His sister city to bet. Blacks were portrait third in the league with forty. We're seeking. To go. Out which because. Doesn't wanna I don't think they wanna turn this into look you know because that plays right to see city's hands that he said he put a lot of points on the scoreboard last week. 86955. Win over Kansas City. It back this city was down by a couple touchdowns early next game and they roared back with 69 of the scoreboards. They get their pretty potent offense. And we just got a little glimpse of that right there who saw that Iran would play. The eighty miles getting sit hit for the bandits in Wichita will receive the pick up here. And that's all it is scoreboard. So immediately that ball. If things went right in the hills the thought hit the ball it feel to be in this drive. But it's so potent as which has caused kick return has been there. These two cities content with that her. Right which he thought second drive of the game getting set which it's not right at. But we're here indoor football instead of 100 yards long field it is half net. The fifty yard field so 25. Right at the midway market where you need me but yards in the end zone with the tart starts its drive were under eleven minutes to go here in the first quarter. It's a 778. Here in downtown Wichita hide with the receivers in motion. Play action picks it up gets out of trouble and this is often bleak Allen who was left. Lurking but it near sideline and he runs it gets inside fifteen down to about twelve feet thirteen. Yeah Allen was kind of kissing taken out their loans this I needed and rocketed great obviously to tackler. In the backfield it they would step up in the pocket and find. EA for a first down. Down the well versed in which it's not well. Rocky hinds Wichita quarterback now four for four passing for 27 yards nice start. Which it's not experienced quarterback. It Sikes behind in the backfield beavers up top it would be a sweep decides he tried to speed I don't want to tackle problem. But cities corralled in the backfield for a loss of about. In the first place for awhile so far from script for the force tonight. So if you're seeing right there at eight. Haven't really used that play very optimist sees me just kinda get a quick pitch counts to sites and we don't we ever see that too much this year in. Might not see much more tonight. But and a half minutes ago here in the first quarter Wichita driving up the lawsuits now second in thirteen. Always at the fifty yard line receivers in votes needed to the near side I back as. Moved up in the pocket fires and it's it's overthrown intercepted in the end zone the better credit back. About applauding. I was under some pressure there he tried to find a receiver but he overthrew its market got picked up by solvency year at the end. We view of like yeah yeah. Holding it gets which toss obviously it'll be declined. And Wichita lip and it's the first turnover of the game on a promising drive. But did not get a get takeaways and now the beat it's like to step up and try to stop. Stops in city after that false. 913 to go here the first quarter. And I think it's not about to take a break here come back to more right after this 77. Which golf or football tonight here on 97 and thirteen thirty they had access. The price of gold is nearly four times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer and bring your damaged and I don't wanted to gold consumer jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate weights and six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreements rode next to starting number. Every one actors do that and it talks about him early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to wait unit I. We can make that happen. But the largest and I think after professional instructors and diet masters in the Wichita area and now have the largest training facility in this opera. Courses TP RED and birthday for adults children and it opens the eye and get real that is up screams. Visit us at every week I think dot com. In the way I think well I agree. Join us more things right here on Palin as fast. More football here didn't trust bank arena. First play of the drive pursue cities and upbeat about full worked for Gary Miller. Just yards side midfield second down six. We had eight and a half minutes to go here in the first quarter to 77 game early on in this one our first quarter brought you by amber waves diving company's second in six. This time Sioux City quarterback under center. Counter play and stepped out of the backfield for a big loss nice job by the Wichita defense on that one. As Michael Mills right there. Yet he's a guy that will give the bank food and realize that. That last drive he got back here in the force that would get people out of him really quickly that time he's able to get the backfield himself did the run. Very nice play their behind Michael bell and now it's third and seventh or Sioux City and crowd at thirteen. He did to make a third down stop here. The city receivers in motion in the near side. Complete but immediately hit by Kendrick harper does not allow the rudder to get hurt. Oh that might market first down yardage to blunt body stopped in giant equality but they're moving that stage that market at that wanna. At Mather hit again and then. In the backfield that he was letting go the football but I markers. Carter got to Marcus Carter picked up prior to last week's game played at Friends University here in Wichita and we feel it's never been there is adhered late here in the first quarter so far. C city got to get the benefit of the spot on that one end of the first down first ten not Wichita territory it's 18 they need seven negate seven. And often running back. Bruno the guy who scored the touchdown. Omnia on the first drive of the game he gets the they play out that one coming from the left the right games about. And we course he taught the pregame show on about. He said he being strong running team. Plays like that would make little miss direction bring players from one side of the field to the other. They got a pretty sophisticated playbook with a running game seems like. Nadler is under center on this one on second and very short it's beat two yards for a first down and up in the backfield just. It's match now got a nice block it running it from Hillary get first down yardage inside ten all the way down to about five. He had withdrawn fifties who it is who said what made in motion these kind of human across these go right behind cornerbacks and can either. Handoff to live the receivers running behind the quarterback for him out to the running back right out of the backfield so it's kind of mr. action it's hard to stop. He city allies first and goal but I have been here under six minutes to go in the first quarter it was 77 game. Thought defense trying to get to stop appears. To cities driving. Quarterback Nadler is under center you can't talk to them once again the receiver Bruno coming from left to right that a lot of running through their. Wichita statement did a nice job collapsing in pretty much know gave up there. You know which Steve it's got to do is to stay home because of quarterbacks can't jump when they see you right back. Out of the back don't go forward because most times premier receiver on the we crossing. Marcus. Carter and edit re both right there does not give fertility reading room in a zero. The Natalie second goal line foresee city near five minutes to go in first quarter 77 game. They can handoff rolled the right lots of time it's roper out there looking back at the end zone and everybody was covered really nice deep defense there. By Wichita second. It was great job as have worked with. Forced out of pocket and he just kept Roland and then nowhere to go we should try to throw back at the end zone but great defense like says he. Probably could have run yup but he decided that's the trouble once they were due. Didn't receivers that three Wichita players in many areas everybody. Of all right third and goal the which college again try to get a third down stop here. It is 77 game four and half minutes to go first quarter. Nadler under center. They could end up rolled to his land needed for. But it's not trying to get the fact that they do and it won't lose but to get the words we. Gonna rally talent and the feud in the thought. Maybe there people replied but it's one of those rally tell my opinion but I don't. Really really strong defensive job by which saw there. It's Marcus Carter was among those hit on the gang tackle. On the sack. Wichita first sack of the game that puts it all the way back the fifteenth for a loss and on the play. That's great job I was talking consists. The fans red zone offense. In Sioux City against the worse red zone offense in which on the other. That's thirty yard field goal right here who city had a very strong kicking game just like Wichita. And the thirty yard field goal is good. Like the city electric Pomeroy but. Good job it would flood defense there assistant city at first goal the five and hold them to me that the field goal that's got to consider that a wind it would not be that. Yeah especially after you know that's interception on the other end it's hard to describe the Iraqi hinds it. Great job and defense to step up his death sacking gives god can hold these three points. Obviously gap have a separate take away too soon though when you when you give up the football you just. You don't want to make that turning to seven. So my stomach to Wichita defense aired that new sorts of things up very good. Pass coverage on and on past played at the end zone and then really give coverage on the next play to do that that'll let does that it is. Quarterback in Nadler. Had a play designed and it was covered by the time. They start to develop their which tide players the backfield so nice job by. By the force defense there to kind of make it standard say OK it's not like you're not going to be one played in the end zone every every time like that persuaded. In some of their game. Going on tonight in the champions in Norfolk fully. Texas revolution that CNET the force be last week is taking on duke city the gladiators to. Are now just one you have one win one loss on the season rather after they lost last week. In a heartbreaker to Amarillo seven nothingness tour do you city leading. Tex is late in the first quarter. Salina all over Omaha twenty to seven midway through the second quarter and then Camarillo in Dallas that game got canceled Dallas. The marshals are. Sorry the second game so far they've canceled so as you can imagine that that organization soon they'll move it down hill. Downhill fast. Not is that all right. The picture of other acts and probably we'll keep you updated tonight. And we are ready for the kick off after the cuts definitely a field goal by Sioux City. Which I'll get the ball trailing since seven year. Kind of a cross stick. Fielded at the goal line but a little bit now partly taken aback at the end zone but what you are looking for some running room at the near sideline edwards' bid was able to get out. After an initial trouble rally the ball gets up about C a fifteen yard. This video work a lot for that and and it didn't products 42 yards on the return as he was. Back deep in the end zone after he kind of Bobble didn't. Couple times in the able to get announced so at least sweets or sort of the fifty at least it's not inside the five. Wichita will begin his drive on its own fifty yard line. Last time which I'm at the ball. Rock behind through it intercepted in the end zone overthrew his intended receiver. Receivers in most in the far side kind back to pass steps up. It got picked off again he pride aside our bit and just it was off the mark a little bit. And it passes picked off. Right at midfield so back to back interceptions thrown by Wichita. Thought we talk but it's the pregame. Sin city is not it's not seeded beat itself a lot you really can't afford to get into this take away battle with then you're probably going to lose that that. Yet they don't need any help at all their offense is so high powered they don't they don't need any help. To get the ball I mean that's that's what that is present itself on the year all season long he has. Is that offered decide and that's why you know if we let you sit at 69 points last week if no fun story at all. Well every every pass thrown by rocky hinds has found someone or its own players between the opposition the last two times. Now receivers in both men can't jump people jump on the line. If throwing into double coverage didn't simply not delay like Kendrick harper on the defensive stuff but we you have the flags on the line. We did at some open before the snap. Yet off sides against Wichita also. You better pass broken up by the defense but it's that instead it's justified or heavily on the off side that that you see city first and one yard line down with the thought territory. Yet they gathered knew that it with which like Chelsea kind of threw it up for grams. Your side here. And sweep gets about a couple yards out of that play will be second and about eight now now second at 84. City. Marcus Carter an honest job is. City's newly acquired picked up prior to last week's game out of Frisco. Quickly easily and Friends University here which don't. Sioux City as hit yards rushing here in the first quarter Wichita at minus two has gotten rushing game going yet. But the last two drives that it would interceptions went to gamble costs. Sweeten nearsighted first down yardage by Miller there in the and settlement date first down just outside. I'd pretend. We first in Tennessee city about the eleven. 105 to go here in the opening quarter we just got about a minute left which I thought I'd get expensive stuff you're down. And seven Wichita defense bit on the field a lot here in the first quarter after these back to back intercepted by the offense want to get another running play. And C city keys Bryant Miller of the right side of the line they're getting results. Once again Miller's able to. It's nice yardage inside the ten down to about the eight. It about the Rihanna wants. I mean if you keep doing that he keep getting you know 34 yards here in the area that adds up and that's what to lead the league and in rushing yards per game it. So I got you in if you keep the ball. In your own hands and use that type possession vets with me I could give the other team much room to move on the offer. Senate itself Nadler is under center it was the only fifteen seconds to go in the first quarter locator play receiver coming from the right side of the lab mix it up in the backfield and gets. It's in for the touchdown. And that's branded jeopardy if he comes in from eight yards out. And the sea city. Once again takes advantage of Wichita turnover. I'm coming out of field goal this time they got a touchdown after it seems that he is now taken me sixteen to seven lead. Extra point pending only ten seconds to go here in the first quarter. Us and always seem to hit points scored off turnovers for. Sioux City now which some now's your chance to Nokia some stops on their defense to be in it because some point south and. Extra point kick is up and did it. Ten seconds here in the opening quarter SimCity now to 177 lead but. Not those last ten points have come off turnovers. And Wichita got settled on the offense. And yet get another drive going again. Maybe Iraqis is a little bit. It rattled after the back to back intercepted but it well it's on that you can't dwell on you've got to play well. They'll make that mistake again this is no. Especially your indoor game win you know you turn the ball over we see. No juicy for attractive what lessons insect it's I mean in in the indoor game that the field since that big of a shorter. You turned the ball will be to be out back on the field you know the better Q so you can't let that they keep CU it because it's such you know fast paced game. Our first quarter tonight is brought to you by Aybar played diving company we've only got ten seconds left in the quarter Sioux City at 77 on Wichita. Cities but it seventeen points in a row for which it's not that that opening drive into the seven nothing lead. A couple of turnovers you're the first quarter kind of the rail which also offered little bit right if they're on track again the second quarter Wichita will be receiving. We kick off here. At the end of the first quarter. Let's get Wichita fans are on their feet to the pick up and still in the rally towels for 2000 fans tonight. Proceed with the team through the gates. But. With a clear that this use reverend and noted that there will tell it can. Line drive kick bounces at midfield which I doubt that can't take it I would talk about the three. Dale decides that they're cited the midfield it's you know do city territory. And I'll be the final play of the quarter net instead of which it's not good field position to begin the second quarter. We reached into the first quarter brought to you by M. Amber waves that accompanied seems to be seventeen which it lost seven back to interest bakery after this force football on 973030. Kagan SS. Spring is here and Johnson Gardner Brady happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location a full point guards there's stock holder thing you need your lawn and garden this season. And Johnson Gartner also quite generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. With the locations. What's that northwestern team and it works of. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So good you're sure bill like it's easy don't get card from Angelos and and and they can use their gift card the diamond and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza we're taking big lives on him. Heck I think festival you can take the excuse to get yourself personally troops. Who grew into those Italians. On center opened Tuesday night. Hi this is Nelson Tucker if you have credit for. If we understand. Because we financial future not just weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharge yeah. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Finest online payday dash rotor struck home. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment hasn't Novell to work on it and the parts to fix it even if you wanted to one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. Sole lone win the. George story from goes to Grozny and join me weeknight right here fine TN SA. Welcome back. Second quarter with the golf course. Football we saw the ball to get in Sioux City territory is incomplete pass on first down looking for Maurice young in the end zone. Well covered second down play were little better though past who have BA Allen on the near side in about seven. That'll bring up third in the reaper which gets off at the thirteen yard line big third down trying to heard this here. It's just like the back field he's got a first down yardage in sight then nice running play on third down on it which evolved person don't. It was an L-3 for three heavily on third down so. That's and here is they try to improve on. You said last week it's one of tea so. There's a great job already today now they've got to get it and now they're in the red zone they got a tour of yep with the points on the board now trailing by 28. This when they have to get supports. And it's more reminiscent of their first drive when McCain down the field then that's down. Now did he sit down decided to end first goal of the eight for which he saw early moments of the second quarter here with thirteen minutes to go before halftime which cut down by ten points. And just got to shovel pass. And hit. Looking for Maurice young. They call it an incomplete pass it assumes that these are backward lateral so that was an ally okay. Sounds a lot all of its work out of bounds of which top fortunate. Bobby but it took that ball forward a little bit that it's closed news. Instead it's a loss of the couple. They'll put it back and second goal at the end. One which plug it ill or 83 straight turnovers and not back to back interceptions the last time detectable. A half minutes to go for halftime Wichita technical and down by ten points here receivers in motion at. Are so I'd like it's down I just rubble of the backfield at least that's what she looks like it's. We'll be eleven to go before September 2 quarter tonight is brought you by a maximum out. Outdoor equipment. I'll fight against these cities that don't apply this act. And move the ball ahead to find a salute to tie it. It's the benefit of all that. And we'll have second and goal at the five now filled sac is nullified because the penalty. Let's see which block and take advantage we move under twelve minutes to go here in the second quarter which is not down by tidbit knock Salvadoran. Made it one red zone touchdown tonight Sean what's it. Keep that momentum going. He received a top about the site sees it right laid back feel very slow moving. Running play for Wichita but it's new city time. Really get the backfield missed set up for lost five in down beat third goal then again. Yeah now they're going in the wrong direction they want to it in before the last play Iraqi hinds in jail inside C were kinda talking to each others like it it no. Either side you know with the play was her Heinz did it but they kinda looked a little bit confused before that play begins. And you saw the results. A loss of five points third and goal at the end big player right here for which he taught down by ten points. Yet in that it zone eleven minutes to go for halftime receivers and most in the slots. I expect that's fired quickly complete about the six. Darryl Johnson not to pass. That they're going did. Market fives those gate at five. But now it's fourth and goal at the fine. And looked frail come on for a field goal try to get some points on the board. In which on the red zone but not able to get touchdown piper field goal here to get back within here but it did equity seven. Short field goal drive. About forty yards out. Nice snap and hold it. Pretty easily knocks at the roots of which fought back on the scoreboard and it's back within a touchdown. And seventeen to go here. Before halftime. It's now see cities seventeen which he talks ended. Re not through a short one yard field goal. And what time needed veteran media points back on the board after giving up seventy general. In this for the first time that Sioux City will be given a drive after kickoff out last two times through the drive began after interception. So hopefully we break in campaign through Citibank beat their territory. Our second quarter tonight has brought you by a maximum outdoor equipment. Sioux City seventy Wichita ten. Downtown Wichita tonight you'd trust bank arena. Tonight's game marks the halfway mark of the regular season or Wichita. Plus two and three coming into this game. It's games you wanna get back 500 wanna get back to 33 set things up for a lot of home games in the second half of the season. Yet next week we will apply only kid you know they've got. You know two weeks to prepare for a big game on the road here at the end of the month the and Emeril. That's actually easy game and also they can get of it here tonight and the bye week with 500 record. Have they ruled that reading your duty you know kill. It. Not by Wichita hide it by pray. Just ask the corner of the end zone out of bounds. They'll return priciest city. In officials try to get together and see if that bull. Yeah out here yeah where exactly it went out of bounds Adams right at the far corner of the end zone. Well they're gonna move up. At super close to. Right vehicle right on the border there. If I was kicked out for the past the goal line a bit out the five yard line so. And that's it what are your sweet granted elsewhere the ball went out from a few feet. But all of us not known what to plus favored would be placed right at 45 yard line so. Back to back possessions now see cities got start right midfield. Menace to build here in the second quarter Wichita defense down by a touchdown he said he was the football well counter play. It quickly Gary Miller off the left side. Nobody did for about four yards. That Miller on that wanted. You know he would it tripped over the turf he could've had it out of bigger Dick. If there is we'll be removed from the. C city has 39 yards on the ground from scrimmage they get loose and Obama on sat but. As far as designated running plays they put up. 39 yards on the ground thus far. Compared did. 84 for Wichita. But. It had six or Sioux City. Quarterback is brought the is built Bill Gates until won't go down as the sacked once again right there in the backfield Michael bell create some problems in the backfield to city. He has stepped up big tonight in the backfield. Who's got almost had a sand here at. Once that you would just keep we keep called Zain because he's been complacent McNamee you don't move all of us know. They'll call us again no Davidson and Alex third of and six or Sioux City at 11 yard line fans. Here rated thrust bakery that they didn't know why is. Under center. Nadler. Fevers and boasted of the slots he's looking up the top complete with its about the fourteenth. He needed a fifteen Dow moved today. If they're really nice play there to know how exactly have a yard he needed needed sixty got seven. The date first in Sioux City fourteen. And quarterback they'll proceed city. Nadler. Thirty for three passing for forty yards. Pretty fitted in that category. C city we talked about the pregame. Lot of good balance running and passing the football. I actually brought down. Out of the backfield there. About it McCartney just stuff for that one right away April it's it's not a loss on the plate receives city. Jason Carter right here it's hung on to do the running back here in Miller and is down which is the flip through. Loss of one that'll bring a second at eleven to four seats in the fifteen. We are the midway mark of the second quarter seems to be a quiet it down driving with well thought he'd been trying to get stuff here. A second quarter brought by accident outdoor equipment. Back at Stadler had a wide open receiver out of the backfield any drop in complete. First in completion of the game where he city it was the quarterback Paul. There's more smaller they're talking official not sure what that with the what are you upset about hood. That'll bring up third and eleven now perceive city. They play here for the we thought he could try to get a stop down by a touchdown here with under seven minutes to bill in the first half. Nadler under center Miller behind in the back he. But. Steve Rubel the remote in the near slot. Nadler looking there nicely divided sling it synar. Nicely covered by which sized battery back was the right there and pass is incomplete. Back to back it completed or Sioux City brings up fourth and eleventh. And they'll break young Craig Conroy concrete. For the field goal for us. Front Connery with the CAF special teams player of the week last week. And he's sizing up for about eight. 31 yard variety. Is it is not strong baker and nailed it. Our I'll pull out of thirty yard field goal or Sioux City. And they put points on the board once again. Point spread too early to talk here we'll take a break our second quarter is occupied maxim about the equipment it's sin city twenty which he taught at a Wichita proceeded to kick up when we come back. Force football on 97 of 3030 they get a sense. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time and assume you're skeptical consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're not Harlan going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next starring amber. Every one doctor's kidnapped and it talks about him early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to link. We can make that happen both the largest and my picture after. Professional instructors and diet masters and the Wichita area and now aren't you training facility in Kansas L locker. Courses you are a heat and birthday for adults children and is the idea is that up screams for a visit at that came a week I think dot com. In the way I think well of. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought it one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Pan out. So mom and then it's. And the other great American join me so. Every since the off map the field goal bounces once they can let Wichita the five yard line returned by Caleb Sykes is that the LP. Wanna know about fifty yard return there. And which he tells you set up and ready to go here now Mike standing here with. 547 to go before happen. Which I thought they get three points on the board last time at all had the ball inside the tent now up five but could not get touchdowns in the red zone. That field goal points out of it but Wichita back down like hit here and with the bat with the football 545 ago. Before halftime. Our second quarter tonight brought you by a maximum outdoor equipment. Quarterback rocky hinds and not yet he was in motion up to the far side a to a turnaround and it outside the backfield he lost one. Steve Doocy CD players right they're stopped I think right out if he wants relievers. With a stop their pursuit city. No college no gain. Second down intent Wichita Sikes was. Six carries tonight for negative two yards of running game just it's not. Not really got on track for Wichita tonight. Five minutes to guilt or halftime with a solid football now by head now it's second intent Wichita receivers emotions lots now. Hines but have not complete. In two Cincinnati territory inside the wanting doubt about the nineteenth. That they gain of about eleven and helping McCain first. Out here Elvis had a great couple of games they've given rocky I think it's perfectly rocky and a great job of fighting DA. If that's so then that. They had trouble with it their first few gates is finding the right and he has been so lethal we've got the ball sales. Five catches tonight for forty yards so far. I have once again with the receivers in most of the slots fines to settle a little bit. And the past was straight to. The Maurice young who had it for a second that need bubble that it has all been complete. No quarterback juggled Hitler's Siebert knuckled it no lull that ends up with a complete that. Luckily it wasn't a catcher that a fumble there yeah that's what if he'd had an affiliate. Pete evidence that a split second more they would call that a capital. And I have CC my beach county actually. Gap they are going to challenge that. Once again this is going to come down to a matter to. Milliseconds but whether or not he had possession long enough it didn't seem to me like he quite had it long enough. Which slowed it down take a look at it on video you know. Had a column a complete on the field is huge because you know picking it can't overturn it adds stick with the call on the field. We have 354 to go here before halftime it's in city to lobby which he plots and Wichita with all thriving. Down by ten points prime gets points on the scoreboard. Looking at schedule coming up and bye week next week. Wichita in two weeks from tonight on the road. At Amarillo and in the next home game it's three weeks from tonight. First of two home games in the month of may indeed be city gladiators coming in the second place team in the division right now. Although we're deeply speaks to be on the road and your home. For the return match three weeks from tonight. It city currently leading the revolution. Fourteen set in in the second quarter slide all over Omaha. 354. Seed at halftime. Gave last night. Quad cities the cave city fifty to 48. Lawsuits that he bit. Which still play later on in the season. That would topple traveled plots city on the second weekend in May. That'll be back Wichita last road game of the season you know Wichita finishes but for its last five at home. Starting from early may all the way through mid June so. Wichita last chance to be on home turf and make some noise here at home down the stretch. Obviously trying to pick up a nice home waiting here tonight would be used. Which it's only played one a home game before tonight all season long. Once again a play is under review it was called an update now the officials coming back onto the field after reviewing it. Enough snow at the very good really help but feel confirmed he could. Complete facts. And C city will get charged with a time out there developer in. Brutality of the played did not get overturn. So that works out well for Wichita. It's just an incomplete pass. Now more quad city. Coaches come on the field over there in the fourth quarter but at the. But not a predictably that's further a further explanation by the official yes but it. Plead that's it's the ground that's typically. Not bitter that they keep. 350 to go to before halftime once again receivers in the slot we have movement on the line edit this play will lead blown dead. Went through them for so why not sure who's gonna vote later joked well for the snap. Off night against the bandits. And that'll help which Saab move a little bit. That is ticketed to evidently sick and I have a. 346 now to go perhaps not the ball place the fourteen yard line here second and five that really give you some nice options here. He kicked out of the end zone may. And that's one thing that the you know the indoor football game with a players getting that had started you would be to Florence inside the red zone. That being said I think it's too hard to move. Receivers in the slot. It's hindsight target to La Allen right at first down marker. It's complete. Blue chip it out so we got negated by the got probably about five and a half out of it. And it will be first and goal which often pain. But once again Hines and Allen's. Team up. Allen now had six catches on the night of 46 yards here in the First Act three minutes noble or halftime. Which he talked out Mike and trying to get into the end zone for the first time since their first drive of the game went back early in the first quarter. Personal benign hides within the receivers in motion. He'll turn around and about the site the backfield gets inside and works the pads out of bounds around the seven the. Gated Koppel. They'll forget sickening gold out of seven or Wichita. He would have missed you know before halftime second quarter tonight brought you by a maximum outdoor equipment. Which blocked out by ten a bit driving it. Second and goal at the seventh. If so where which I really do is get into the end zone because we're late here in the first half Sioux City with the ball up in the second half. Especially since he gets the ball get here in the first half yeah. Receivers up to the far side kind of weary looking U pumps now I'd go on the left. Find sites out of the backfield completely I had a still pushing for yardage probably doubt about that suit. That's Merval. Probably be about third and goal of the suit. But little completed their. For about seventy yards. Balls of the three so called third and goal at the three. Key player right in this game for which it's not down by ten points. Against this undefeated Sioux City team. Heinz is trying to give you the same page here. 118 to go before halftime Rockies would have called timeout just didn't quite have everybody. On the same page here and it is to keep play like that third goal three that's great place all time. The play clock was down at altitude said keynesian and that's the thing about you know Theodore gave him you know. The transactions that have made every week is if you look at over at Charles Johnson who just got an acquired this weekend. And try to get the same page here's the take a look that time his new they have a practice very alone together and it just trying to to get familiar with each other and and everything it's it takes some time. Fans enjoy this win tonight. Second home game of the season college shocker tonight on the soccer being basketball senior police signing autographs at halftime. And all college students regardless of where you go to college get your ballots ideally did it for five bucks tonight again. Lot college students here. First thousand fans to the doors got rally itself tonight they're loving those awaited them on every play. And everybody's joint two dollars off the popcorn tonight but the foods that. 15 needed to go before halftime or second quarter tonight rusty but maximum outdoor equipment. Wichita at the time out now back in action they very key play this game right here third and goal at the three. After the thought about. You at Wichita dials up here try to get back in the end zone. Height is in the shotgun. And we have. With Dole's right at the snap blowing the play dead. And Sioux City Hall late very late timeout. Right before the snap. That's big because they. Which I was snapping a right did so Susie. Kinda got to see cutting that's the peca will touch Tehran. See if they decided caves up out of town are not now. Boy they called that timeout it was. Really close to that we'll be snapped. The clock never started. Well 115 to go here before halftime. Wichita. Down by ten. Really needs to get into the end zone here. Like you pointed out on and it's we'll get the ball here late the first app and it will receive the pick up in the second half. Which Tom meets these seven points down by ten right now to what extent. Thirty goal with three. Not taken a long time in a huddle populace went over. With coaches now back at the field play. It crowd back into it too proud that it all these timeouts at least drop not a quiet right now. It behind your team. Not known played a big player right here. Hindsight that it could goal line and back each but it. And what it's not that tied up comes out with a big big store. BA talent. You know just kind of feel that his defender almost like a basketball player like the ball off to come into it in the post. That's yielded a light at the bottom discuss sat down over the goal line in the the end so with a touchdown. The other teams that play out of the timeout it was a different place right it would they agree and create big touchdown for what it's not three yard touchdown pass BA Allen make it 2016 to raise extra point is on the way. And he nailed it. Down the middle. And that is date June. That's down from which gets off late here in the first half it's now sin city to Wadi. Wichita seventh needed we have one well that ignoble or halftime and boy. Which it's un needed seven point seven a drive on and they were careful about it and they got it. And DA Allen once again I mean he we've called as they won't buy it for him Iraqi have been on the same page and it's working so well for those two it. It every time it seems like DA finds a way to get open. Like so that Teddy Kennedy is back in his defender. You know like he was down low and it's really great catch him. Back in the hands of. 35 yard touchdown drive from Wichita capped off on a three yard touchdown pass. And let its Wichita back within a field goal now what he's seventeen as the score would want. Well ago before halftime. And now which it's not defense will be tasked with. Tried to stop the bandit gear late in the first half and not allow them at their three point lead. Sioux City has only had the ball for how. I haven't they have scored all four times. Two touchdowns two field goal. Bounce bounce bounce finally see Citi takes the stand at. Earned asked its field is alleged plot territory but Frederick Bruno. And that he's city will be set up. Decent field vision to begin this drive here late in the first half in which he thought territory the 23. With model Ford built before halftime. That shows how important it took jealous because that. Where it is too soon you have the ball right now and had great field position with still over minutes ago win. They got one timeout to work with. Sioux city's last drive. Applauded a nice job holding C city stopping them and he ended up settling those three. We've stopped play here at the one minute warning. It's in city twenty Wichita seventeen late here at the first step one minute to go before halftime. Second quarter tonight brought Cuba maximum outdoor equipment. On defense trying to get stopped. Now by three years we've been to the next home game is three weeks from tonight. On May fifth you know what that means seek the I know. The first 500 fans through the door on May fifth get our rockets. Public address announcement on all seem to be pretty excited about yeah that the fifth. So for 500 people get Moroccans on secure the bio on May fifth for the home games. And the food and promote that night on its half price frozen margaritas. I don't think we could be into any of those up here though OK now let's I had nothing left. They have to look forward that we'll have a big guess Saturday night three weeks from tonight the next Wichita Portugal game. You're at it trust bank arena on sick go to my bill. Medea duke city gladiators are here in town and only appearance here well I guess they'll be here again for the regular season finale meet cute. It was so quick and protective suits. You can see it right back after the one minute warning. The city's first split his drive on the Wichita 23. That asset group play action complete on the left side a lot looked past due bill. And it's deplete for about five. Of course here under the minutes ago. Clock stops. That's it is sevens those nice nice gain there on the athletic. Bruno certainly didn't. The go to guy in the passing game four C city tonight. Ultimate compliment differences well you know but. He picked up about 57 all purpose yards in the first then. Nadler under center for second at three pursue city 54 seconds to go to happy going to end up. He's brought down the back field right there on Wichita State that Marcus Carter friends falcon. Nice job for a loss. Of what those pleats that Carter dropped another Vega right. Fluorescent. Or it. And does that those who lost a couple back to equality. If forces users second timeout of the half. And it'll bring up about third and seven and now for. Receive city ball right at the twenty yard line. But it's on defense only down by three year late in the first half trying to get a stop. And maybe get the ball back. Which I would love to take away he had been fantastic. Haven't gotten one yet tonight C city gets the word on all four of its drives thus far. The Sioux City are Fitch's move so smoothly. You know they run the ball about 85% of the time it with a number of the ball late senator. Really does he would damage passing ability. Never only has to be completed in the first half receivers have both been up top Nadler back at bats he's looking at the end zone and need. Ever see that as efforts view of the secondary but he just let it a little too much. But late which not defended it you have to be perfect that's to be complete it make it there. That'll bring up fourth and seventh forcing city to all the Swanee so. I stop but what it's on them once again a field goal try will be coming here receives city little longer that we see. That's 35 yard attempt here. I. Like laundry 35 yard field golden. He's up. At the distance. And it made it just made it inside the right now right. Or field goal and Wichita does not allow it touchdown. But let's see city for the second straight drive it's the Google points out of it. And adds to their lead but it's only six. 2317. Is the story here and we have 32 seconds to go in the first happened on which targets the ball here thirty. He sets I do it now is when we need a break overturned by either Edwards made the two of sites where those guys can get a big return here. Which sought got a time out to work with at least get reports on what. You know go it at halftime trailing by five Google that's. And that's it you know. Obviously it's not taken leaders not to have played you go down. Bite there's three at halftime he gets on BCB got to be pretty happy with your performance at. We thought that now might send a couple times in this heated up by six right now and they are getting the ball late in the first half here. With 32 seconds to go before halftime our second quarter tonight brought you might maximum outdoor equipment. And that was they've drug their feet again with their rally towels there with a golf course. Yellow rally towels. Getting ready to receive this pick off. In Sioux City won the opening coin toss of the game and it will be getting the ball in the second half. Which I'll look squeeze some more points out of the birds that you. Were in the locker room. And sideways bouncing it that it quiet but what you thought of the fifteenth 125 room around the pretty attack. Now it hurts. Don't they use. It hurts so good at all know what to talk. Forward. First that don't let him. 36 yard kick off return. Technologies I've met that three point CEO we can look at seven point swing right here. And elite don't have that great return there by Edward Smith and the defense says that need it it's the perfect timing and great execution there on the return. Now Wichita east to take advantage there's only 225 seconds to kill her staff first and goal at the now. For the first time all night long which it's all get to start in Sioux City territory. And we talked about it all at the pick up return. Shows itself. Which I thought sits opposite field is near Hyde capacities in trouble it is linked to a head into the crowded. Only to sack. Second down only four seconds he labs so. Still 21 seconds to go. Second and goal for which it's often nine. Rock you know that time is forced out of pocket and switched the ball from his right and left your card is flicked announce that it. And his lip and want it into the ground. Second goal benign receivers in motion I it'll turn around at a besides the backfield mill running room defender right there probably know. Maybe it will also want to and which Mittal called timeout stop the clock with sixteen seconds to go. In gap now it's third and goal at about the end. Which at all. Try to take another shot at the end zone here trying to. I just went up but now my six right now up 2378. With sixteen seconds to go the first bat. Once again a fantastic kickoff return by Edward Smith set up this great field position. However first and second downs as a result but it might now for which it's not now thirty people dead. No will be interested to see what. Played it decide here and you know. They played right here for Wichita. Third and goal of the 1016. Seconds to build it burst that receivers did most of the slots. Lot of contact between the nose tackle to center before the snap. In effect to players involved healthy children your feet. Outside against. These city careful of the jumped off sides. Moment at five yards. There is more than the sitter for the force Teddy sent the boy he saw the notice it would be he got. Bush back in apple despite that that play a little bit didn't get time right there to build the five defense changes which thaws. Outlook on this bloody. At sixteen seconds to go before halftime which he talked a five yard line down by a touchdown. Receivers involved in the near side that's where I just look. EPA Allen bought it. Arabic diving over the goal line for the touchdown. I'd like to talk to I don't know what he birdied what he believed it could take believe it but an extra point coming up by the loop where. And boy that's the that's heavily at five yard offside that'll lead. I made the difference right there. DA Allen is having him monster game. But we're Wichita. Extra point but raised up a good. What you thought takes advantage of it great kickoff return by Edward Smith. And let's talk converts on a key third and goal at the follow. I had after an off sides penalty by Sioux City. And it's now which it's not 184. SimCity 223. We didn't still have thirteen seconds remaining in the first snaps this city will get it back. Wichita has now taken the lead its first lead since it was seven nothing. Raids great idea and no which I would've been fine with just three points but now to get that it touched down in them take the lead. Still thirteen seconds to go but happy that lead it it feels great for the fourth incident. Know they've been down bytes in a couple times I felt that can now have that one point lead so acute. Now which applause Gonyea. Fourteen to three run right here. And it's taken a one point lead here late in the first snap. See if they cannot. Never got his pick off season he's been pretty neat. Pretty good so far tonight it getting that ball right where they feel left every Wichita picked off. Yeah which it's not covered does this time seat Lou connects you to Ricky kick off here. It's edited overhead right at the corner of the end zone again to get two yards deep in the tip fifteen. Rich get tackled once again see city gets right back to may. Exactly midfield. On the comforts her daughter's only eight seconds to go. Before halftime Sioux City does still have one type not remaining. And all want to get it right at it field. That forced him. Too bad shot here in person and maybe second down it could force if you will from backing it's it's it's we saw him. Last time Connor had trouble getting he almost missed it from this. About this yard itself. Hands are on their feet. Trying to exhort the defense here to take the lead into the locker room. Rare time tonight sees that he's going to be shotgun in play. Receivers and vote in the slots walker and it never beat the Los that he's yet to rub off. Any throw the complete it's incomplete bubbled up near the side boards it complete ineptitude four seconds off the clock. Now there's only four seconds remaining in the half. And which because that's statements this release. Really does that a nice job lately back four of the last five passes by the bed it's a bit. Police and the other half to keep that Google they just ran one play it now. But to force at his house now caught extra amount for the long Google. Looking it up we're looking at a forty yard field goal here. But. The final play of the effort that perhaps with four seconds to go before halftime fans. Yelling. Field goal tries out. And this will be like right. That you have pulled it don't look I'm. But he barely stepped once inside the right. Closed and that time he was wide right probably forty yard attempt to build good. If you thought will take the lead into the locker room. But if this first place undefeated. Sin city bandits flawed which he talked to 24. Sin city to complete the re at halftime. And Wichita in the the second quarter on a strong note after being down by ten points. A couple of times which model that a one point lead into the locker room or score at halftime. It Wichita what people or CB city 2030 yards second quarter tonight was brought to you by accident outdoor equipment and will be back. In West Bank arena. Right after this with the half time report. Wichita up my wallet at halftime. On back from war sports football tonight you know 97 at thirteen 38 NFS. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are ready yet. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location of cold wind Gardner's stockholder and you need. Your lawn and garden this season and Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise helping state and we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Put two locations. When he stepped Arafat's west thirteenth and it. Virtual. Turning to decide what to do befriend the real world and so good you're sure Bill White it's easy get a good card from Angelos. Singh and they can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up into those famous pizza or take some big plays on them and accounting. Festival you can take the excuse to get yourself for Sam winters. Who who enjoy those Italians. On center open conviction for. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if you have credit. If we understand. Because we financial future not his weathered bankruptcy even if it's not discharged divorce medical bills or many other life events. We can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. This is Michael Savage stormy week died today on AM. Words indoor football tonight here on 97 and thirteen 38 and SS. I think what we're joined by Sean Boston here. There you read it and Simon Saunders or studio when did here tonight. Pretty good game on can't or sports fans enjoy this one with public view late touchdowns in the first half. And taking it one point lead in the locker room with it's not what people or Sioux City 23. Thought one point lead over the undefeated Sioux City bandits here in this one. And see city back to when they miss that field goal of the end of the first half. As the only drive of the game that the city did not. Score points although at the end of the half and forced him into a situation in his forty yard field goal that. On a nice job but what you thought at the tail a couple times it and come through its situations and get. Get some red zone points when they needed to which it will but it struggled this season but obviously a they went through a couple nice touchdown that beat up for certain kind of set up the second audit and it enabled which it's not come back. Back they deleted in the locker room so much it makes Abigail Adams reps with the. And a couple things we talked on the pre K was the red zone you know. The consistency of the red zone opportunities for the force right now they were. Dead last coming in to the game and pretty much every rectum category tonight four for four. They've been a great job of that is they've also been a great summer the good side. Great and that's. Two cities Cornel what that last drive which of had a great job of holding them feel three field goals and just being what it. To keep that momentum on your side and now have momentum going into halftime is huge because you know you're. You plaintiffs are set he came home this season he outlawed new faces on the team you're welcome me first place team in the north division deford a record I mean. Ever in was looking you know it favors to city to which does have a great job tonight really. The show leagues who city that's. It's the team that change right now and that is going to be at a better team in the second half of season. Which it saw it as it one point lead at halftime twenty or 23. Which it thought there was only two drives that which he thought could not score points on in the first half. An ultra both interceptions thrown by quarterback rocky hinds on back to back passing its network back. And we we talked about it. Let that speak gets through around over that you got to come back and it they can often in Baghdad and that's exactly what a veteran like rocky hinds has done. Since those two interceptions. He threw incomplete and not his next pass after that. Instead those close that a happy but he completed seven of its last night. A couple of touchdown passes it he moments in the red zone episode. He got a got back on track in DC just had a great connection in the first set especially with BA Allen was nice enough. And yet DA's and a great Java app getting creating space for himself and and that's the thing in the indoor game it's. Know everybody up there on the field effect you know and with the field being. Those shorter it in the guys which quicker it's it's a much faster paced game. It so it's at first couple steps off the line of scrimmage with a wide receivers created that space but it's deepened the fact that release sets up. The ability for the quarterback to find a receiver for the completion. He thought it came down as the heat plays that Wichita was dealt by the end. In the late moments of the second quarter and had a third down goal the three years and it was offside penalty by Sioux City to panic got switched a little closer and Wichita called timeout. To try to make sure that they and at a plated idol look like it was. Fizzling a little bit that the players were on the same page but with the puck out of the timeout called settled things down. Got a touchdown after that and then not once again like you mentioned holdings in city to do field goal attempts. Late in possessions in the first tapped in it which is not a not only keeps the city out of the end zone with the give Wichita I'd get the ball back and put points on the board again and that's exactly what force did the first snap so. I eat he cannot fault the clock management and and coming through in these situations they make things work their favorite late math. Also third down talks broke her down. Before the game as well which all five of six on third down to now and that's huge. You know. Turn away from what they have to Atlanta gal last week one for then on third downs tonight what is it 5% are for six person I don't that's massive. It's a great turnaround from Wichita on the exactly the type that you need to do. Eight overcome a couple turnovers that they added beat it's this besieged city team. That's that it really really help your movement painted converted on third down instantly give them all back to this potency city office. And we got to bet you that's another thing does he city scored a touchdown on the first play and at all tonight. He backed scored seven points on the first play of the game they had. And since then what does help them with sixteen points. Pretty much the entire first episode myself it would post defense to come through create some pressure on quarterback Nadler. It forced him to some situations you'd wanna be in. He's misfired on four of his last five passes. That it would start defense as to not be happy with the way things on an effort that after the first one. Yeah I think all around I mean the offense is as kid. You know. Be consistent all season long inside that been a great job. Like the number we just talked about it is huge debate you've got here a second half you know that be that be great especially acute that it that he lets you city and that's the defense has played well all season long it's kind of been that offensive. Outages hasn't been able to click on all cylinders and right now they're doing that today. This is. College night here at you must make a read of the force gave all college the college spoke with their college I beans got into the doors for just five dollar ticket. That's a great deal the Wichita State in basketball senior classes settlement concourse right now signing autographs on your fans are lined up for that it he knows that. Signatures those. Great guys and I'd just we just had no one of the best cuts down on the field was look like to thank the tiger Alec elegant now there's nobody. So we've got all sorts of college representation here tonight. And and folks are having an atom blast through to switch it off or football game of it got their rally towels. Which per thousand fans got tonight and they got cedar team. He's really literally place good football down the stretch here the first step taken lead in the locker room after being down by ten points couple times which is not what he or. Seems to be 23 halftime our halftime report is brought to you like they gave voters. To support our. Our sponsors for four football here and you know assess our halftime show brought you by a date motors but take a break here at halftime welcome back for more. I its Wichita before Sioux City 23 at halftime. Force football tonight on 987 and thirteen 38 and SS. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script gold consumer. Bring your damage to an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. 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In front bank arena for Wichita ports in north footballers. Studio engineer cited Sumner. 23. And Sean. That last touchdown of course was all set up by the great kick off return of Harold Johnson and that's another key component. Vickie Davis solid. Defense get some stops on the passing. And about the special teams picking in two and a real nice kick off return sits up Wichita final touchdown. And that's. That is the that is a great we've heard it though they got that it. Able you know first second down they had nothing going for their actions glossy yardage and Dan. You know that third down coming up like you said right before the the third down it's this accuser doubt it. It rocky hinds they'll sit back in the pocket and find the hour non. That it slant across the middle of it and it's been so deadly all all night long they have been rocky heights the Eleanor. Here in sync with each other right now and it's worked out exceptional in that first half. If Charles Johnson had kind of a book in place cute plays he scored the first touchdown from Wichita for driving game. And then late Nat he gets the big 34 yard kick off for third sets up the finals but not an app for Wichita. And force have a 2423. Lead at halftime here at impressed bank read it tonight on a on a we can't do it frankly John it's good to be indoors my gut did this. It was a holiday it I mean we're accustomed to blustery. Cold days in the spring but today it was especially agreed to. Yes especially after after the weather we've had like I know yesterday. Europe through which a survey folk gave I was too it. That first game so great and the Internet is slowly into the sunset belt and slowly started a typical choice drop within. No this morning it's. It's in the twenties who have it and just miserable all the live long and soft snowflakes Larry's hit. Which is not ideal verb. Or the middle of April. Now now so certainly attic of bands that are here to utter. Glad to be treated the unique and friendly confines indoors gears in breast bank arena. For a nice night indoor football and does so far their home teams giving demonized treatment when he or 23 lead for which he thought halftime. It's by the way is right in the middle smack dab in the middle of a pretty hectic five days' rest for the folks here at it for us. It started Thursday night with Kevin Hart concert. And they had. If Christian event here last night not to make an annual tour coming through. Got indoor football tonight and then Sunday and Monday and it got back to back. Home up playoff game for the Wichita thunder are lucky to five events in five days for the for the folks you're impressed bank arena. Yeah any notes to go to C. Know this everything transition here you know yet CH you have tonight minutes turf tomorrow you can get. The ice not down there and I mean it's. It's crazy how they knew how to put together all everything so quickly it. Tomorrow afternoon. You know it's a victory here is going to be. Could it be full lift which off under fans are making their. First appearance in the in the playoffs here. This year and so posts are very good Colorado team tomorrow after a blue with. There were 4050 start note which flies into the playoff hockey five years so nice to get back in the post season and of course this. The sports franchise just two years removed from it. And this minute but winning you know accommodate for indoor football here in downtown Wichita as well and they're doing themselves tonight. And doing adding it's arena right here in the confines of downtown Wichita where the NCAA men's basketball tournament here last month that. Video pretty pretty good time for the downtown arena in recent days with a lot of great events. We are at half time. In this one likes it. You know home gate which supplies for more home games after tonight's new inmates more in tune to. So we should get your tickets now on come on out SE or Wichita or football team and act or some fun. Saturday night here in the next few months. Our appetite showed tonight brought to you by payday motors and our score at halftime with a plot will be forced the city 23. We'll take another halftime break. Come back for the second half of force football right after this on 97 at thirteen 38 and as. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are ready at spring to be outdoors both Johnson location employing gardeners can stop all their opinions. Your lawn and garden this season and Johnson gardener you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise how you say we're ready for for Johnson guards. But to locations. When they're not that western team handed from. I'm fortunate. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So good you're sure bill like it's easy you don't give card from an Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card the nine. Pick up and to most famous pizza or chicken big lives on in. And accounting festival you could take the excuse to get yourself personally troops on your. Who grew into those Italians. On center opened Tuesday night. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if you ever. Because we've financial future not the history weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. What if I told you that tornado was going to happen tomorrow right would you list. Didn't touch down at exactly 3:17 PM I told you the exact path we take you of course prepare. You talk with your loved ones do you make a plan today but it's true I can't tell you a tornado strike tomorrow shouldn't have a plan anyway. Go to ready dot gov slash community and make your emergency plan today to wait to communicate brought to you by FEMA and he had counsel. This is Stevens and join us morning right here on cape and as fast. Green of upwards indoor football halftime you know it's brought to you like payday motors and our score at halftime at which it's not the forces city 23. This is that what we're a long which on Boston on the broadcast tonight immediately hear Simon Sumner. And we're just not ready for the second half of force football tonight. And it's on former soccer basketball players Zach brown off the point. In game and it does this went off with one by sea city. They differed the second half of bandits will get the ball in the second half which involves defense will be up aren't field in Europe to field a lot. During that first quarter especially during that stretch for Wichita through. Back to back interceptions. And a defense that weathered the storm there that part of the game. They did it and that's the thing with this used to be offenses you know they're run heavy so their opponent's defense going to be out on the field allotted. It would sought a great job. You know foresee like you said. Forcing. Handler in situations that he's not comfortable with a bit. It says of course a great job that he had decided see if they could keep it going here the second half. Nexus that he went that we don't want a touchdown in the final 46 minutes of the first half of which because defense. Trying to do a nice job and try to keep deceased at the offense a little bit off balance a little bit which I thought it have a late spurt. Strategize pretty well at one point lead in the locker room that would be in the third quarter which topped kicking off. Without having offered second quarter which they scored seventeen points. And only allowed six offices city did not get a touchdown in the second quarters here feel. And we are set to begin the third quarter which fell to keep. Kicking off Blu-ray. And as we mentioned. Rough first half. The city pretty much every time they received hick they were able to get it right back midfield. Which cost coverage and clamp down that little bit. Raved over it hit once it got in order to get the one yard line. And Ricky couple tackles. He city will be few yards shy at midfield this time. Probably not applicable to you that putting what yard return there you know. If you secrecy. How this is the operative sponsor here in the second half it's that. Especially the second court late the second quarter it kinda dwindled and it not much was going right there and into which our defense really stepped up. Suit kind of pressure that which saw people who bring in on Nadler especially Michael delegate McCarty those guys up front with. On not yet to take away yet on defense that's not or turn over yet receivers in most of the slots at their back and asked me. Don't rush it a little bit and threw into double cover a little bit harper was right there on the Wichita defense that was Marcus Carter he'd complete. And Carter with that perfectly interceptions so. He's been a great addition at that linebacker spot we're with a witch on defense. And that's the reached three in completions by a Nadler and the bandits. The content. Under standard now receivers. In motion once again that receiver coming from the near side of the bars like mixing it up in the backfield gets it to Wichita territory. Brandon peppered with the ball. No they can't play it. And once you get a rally towel out of the. Maybe gain of about. Six of the third or pursue city. But Sheppard scored a touchdown on it and that's neat about pulling. Back in the first quarter third at four priciest city. Sports fans exhorting their defense to get a stop here working on a one point lead early in the third quarter. Adler but the ones that drop pops relativity I just talk about. Right edit it to break up on defense. Their great stop their value today and now they're gonna force another kick from Connery has since. Not. Great. Spot for him again this is a mile long kick. Another really good job on coverage by which it's awesome time tonight Nadler and only in the you're double covered their situations where they're good defender right there just like that lately have been re able to knock it away. Now sea city of Friday kick a field goal to reach game believe it this is a 38 yard snapped. But not me. It is. And he mailed. 38 yard kick it seems Citi the Li. It is not a touchdown no Wichita Falls Sioux City three points we have 1228 to go here in the third quarter snouts in city 26. Which he talked to 24. The city's regain the lead with I'll be getting the ball the first time in the second half our third quarter. It brought do you buy it Johnson's garden centers. Greater Johnson would local weather indeed a little bit. Things and get back through the warmer the next week again. That's. Yeah it will be scattered here we get to three days a letter to a three days of explain it or somebody. You know last week it is beautiful field Thursday. Wednesday and Thursday was perfect. Twelve and a half minutes to go there in the third quarter it which it's like getting the bulk trailing 26 when people over here in the early moments of the second half. Wichita and getting the ball back Wichita scored touchdowns on two it's three final possessions in the first half. Coming up back to back intercepted it back into the game. Because the kick off like lottery. But. Once it's brutal on the ground takes a big pop at midfield they could it be eight yard line but field site. All roses are fortunate field that's where he'll stop about one on. It Joseph hubris on the kick return team now at it he's one of the guys that I would like to see return when he's. Effusive Matthew Ingram idea. Wichita will be in its fifty yards I have the 25 so which toppled in the ball basically on its own 24 yard line. Really I couple here 2624. As the clock is moving twelve candidate to go here in the third quarter or third quarter brought to you like Johnson's garden centers. Which caused great places to job. Receivers in both in the slots Iraqi hide that he goes to what that is drop. The receiver open in the past is drop. Johnson there at receiver. Charles Johnson just didn't hold onto it. And they'll bring it second and ten which it bought on its own 241140. Bill here in the third quarter. Wichita with the ball really iTunes. Regained the lead here on this drive. Heinz is it not. That is receivers when it appeared in the near side now they'll split up. And we have a we have an off sides and try to jump that's snap a little bit looked like seats cities that Wesley Johnson. Would jump off sides. So it was the penalties are melt up a little bit against C city. It's five or Six Flags system which the only one thing. What you would not favor a little bit pipers who seek out is the one bird which. Which. One of these cities and explain what stuff scored that's definitely the first step on it would. He would talk to take advantage of this soft side now second five which he talked might lead to sites Alda. Kind of circuits to play around it did to tackle these all laid out about their yard line. I hate it that a bit of say eleven. And that'll be up first goal with two top tens. That's that's my rocky times to sites out of the backfield. And that that's a Wichita first gold did hit it. A half minutes to go third quarter which is not down by two bit driving with a football here. Receivers are here on the near side. It's going to be instead eight Austin Sykes. Our side of the field. You'll probably get no gate will be second and then. What which caused her. Trying to get something going to Redding gave it has never materialized tonight. It hasn't there's another opportunity in the red zone for the force. Disappoint some aborted every day this week. Second and again under ten minutes to go down the third quarter our third quarter brought you might Johnson's garden centers. Which it's not down bites you try to move the football here's second and goal at the sand Hynes in the shotgun talking to his running backs like with behind it. In the back field. It's it's going to be tossed at the receiver the slot. Maurice young indeed. Bulls ahead for a couple yards it'll be third and goal at about the eight. Now made the debt that is seventh third goal seven. They play here for which it's not down might sue would love to get in the end zone. They scored touchdowns and two of their last three drives before the first half ended. Now they're knocking on the door in the red zone third and goal of the seven. Eight minutes to go with a quarter receivers in the slot that the far side then he's got why don't. Are at least not for the touchdown nicely drawn. Cincinnati got little confused on defense. Ended up leaving Maurice young wide gulf led the effort to order for the touchdown right it political. Why those two receivers up there on this of course I was resilient as well as Charles Johnson both the new guys. And jobs in. Through one defender and did the yellow was wide open now know we just did notice the quarter. Yet another defender is kind of got caught mid graphic in it and it were to go. And Wichita regains the lead 3026. Sick of the extra point it is up and no good at. And a line drive it off wide left. So what you thought does have a lead. And it's still it was the field deleted well eight. Eight minutes ago here in. The third quarter it's now which the top 36. City. 26. And we'll take a break. Our third quarter but you might not guard setters back after this switched off by explorer here on that 9713. 38 at us that. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script golden silver ring you're damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're not Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreement trojans next to starring amber. Every one doctor about it talks about him early batting which patsy hear anything you've ever wanted to link. I we can make that happen. Both the largest and not have to professionals doctors and a masters in Wichita area and now have the largest training facility in this gal well. He RE heat and birthday for adults children and it's been found by and yet that is up screams for a visit us at Kaymer wait I think dot com. In the way that he felt a. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types. If it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts of fixes even if you bought at a one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see him just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Out. Dole. And then. Let them enjoy you week in mourning tonight right here on CNN. All the Boston the unit. Don we just had a Pompeo promotion. It was two pairs of a couple of head of a woman trying to. Break a balloon. They are using their body parts not their hands epi use anything but their hands. I hope the mid we've been doing to other reportedly a little political reform there's a compromising positions and even a couple at. Six that's upping their balloon. It was rather entertaining all right back the football like it would not picking up after the touchdown. It picket the seventy yard line by sues city Bruno after the twenty pennies corralled nice job on the coverage thereby. Still you under. For which sits on and without them a better job on the pick up coverage here in the second half. And had a great job is and that's. Really the game into a football is. Is face off the field position because you know with a shorter field. Those kick returns he would be filed because you know we have great field position in department here in Sealy three point. 847 million in the third quarter a third quarters population Johnson's garden centers. Which all thirty C 86. You know greatness that extra point Johnson and that's the real deal now in the justice at the atmosphere AT&T now wanna. He's just automatic you just yet that didn't quite make that one line right off the left. It's not at the end zone SimCity throwing the triple coverage. It's going to be all the touchdown. Just see a perfect pass thrown. To Brandon yep heard there are a lot of yellow jerseys they're but never could quite get to the football. And for the second time this game. We've seen since city on one play touchdown drive on a long pass and that was perfectly thrown by Nat learn it. Not done well in the passing game lately. But boy that was a beautiful one and it enables Sioux City to re gain the lead. On 829. Yard touchdown pass. Shepherd or a rookie at Oklahoma State we've been well. It gives up and get it so much to get the second time tonight we seats in cities quick strike capability. For the second time tonight because they want to play. Long shot for a touchdown at the end zone and now see cities regained the lead it's bad it's thirty per Wichita thirty. 826 to go here in the third quarter. Which doubled hitting the ball back at it first time in the first played a game that is bad covered by Wichita this to play Hiller. Wichita three yellow shirts in the area but. Why Nadler to shepherd a perfect pass perfect except. Good shepherd had the north have to step on Tyree back tire necklace was right there on his shoulder there of the whole row on the post route. In Jefferson had that little extra steps had a great Iraqi fifth another. 826 to feel now the third quarter which probably getting the ball down by a field goal 3330. That shows you you know it's three point game right now I would say that the ATP. Could come back to her which fell later if though it could be 3331. Inches at field would you which how to lead but now all the loose Qaeda. On this turned into a back and forth game in the last four possessions have all been lead stages. Now we consolidated client did. They leave themselves. Likes to get right ethical lines and heard about ninety yards of the nineteen. That from Wichita in this drive on its own nineteen yard line. And it will be first and ten with 87 need it to go here in the third quarter or third quarter spotlight Johnson's garden centers. Which thought the ball out down might be a local 3330. Iraqi hinds in this offense has officially. To view of Sioux city's three touchdowns have been one played. Long passes into the end zone. Passed to a receiver in motion on a little jet sweep and Edwards and it's going to get some yardage out of that from Wichita. He'll get up past mid. Field probably did about seven on the. So we've got associates which took it heats up let's quokka you know Sioux City it's up there. They had two drives that if we're less than ten seconds I mean they're they're quick striking team and it which socket. Can keep their offense on the field give less opportunity for misusing the office. Second that three out in a bid its territory just inside the one odd about the need for. Heinz looks let them go right elbow and he telegraphed that it almost got intercepted. Solvency ears on that one Kevin maybe just about a half step away from the pick six. Didn't quite hit their tot he did not it weighs what's the complete third theory. Heinz has to be careful of telegraphing passes like that's who the receiver that's not new news just standing there. Dowling the defense can't catch a bullet. Especially like the cat like DA Allen who who's had a goatee and those two have been on the same. Same page okay blown bit. They've not looked up yet here in the third quarter though. Probably see city little emphasis on making sure they know morality is at all times. Fired pats to a covered receivers incomplete. Incomplete and at. Now it's fourth down Wichita. And a potential game tying field goal will be in the offing absolutely which offense. It studied there. I'm back to back in completions and now they'll try a field goal here tied up. 620 to go in the third quarter. 39 yard attempt coming up. Pray. That we praise. Range as long 52 on the season. Made one Google earlier in the game it's not wanting this one is 839 yard sent them like lawn. So that the distance it needs just nailed it. Actually jump by moving pray. To tie things up. With just under six minutes to go here in the third quarter. 39 yard field goal for Lou Frey. And it's now 333030. Between the force and abandons. All tied up again. 21 minutes to go to this game gone through you know seventeen of 31 on the season. Pupils. Yeah both these teams have really really solid. Games. Makes efforts miss PAC a little bit ago. Guys up here. He's assault tied up. Our third quarters but he played Johnson's garden centers with solid again. It's now put points on the board in five straight possessions since those back to back interceptions. Earlier on in the first that. Health and Wichita had scored a touchdown on three out of four drives though that one. Kind of gets tiny little bit it could get receivers open net time. That drive that ended up with a nice long field goal opened to pray. Five of 54 to go third quarter which probably kicking off now it is to high ball game. And this has been a back and forth. Affair and then rejoice in this one but ultimately you top that if these kids lose. Susie he'd never did get a clean look up or not that much to talk all the football whose guys. Still try to sort it. It's not what all we could not possibly get to take okay that a couple of special needs as loop play. Crappy debt and sin city had trouble falling on it which it thought get that. That's agency and I think it it would opposite to the players end it looked like it hit the padding. So is that. Not quite sure that makes it. Out of bounds technically bidder or not. That's up this incident doesn't count now. And they're going to salads. The Sioux City route return man had trouble. Getting it cleaned up along that all he never did secure it in the loose near the sidelines. Which is tied them falling on it. Referees have said that it would puff football. And it still discussing it over there was Sioux City. Oh this could be a huge break for Wichita. Actually it might be counted. From the coach of their pull out the red. Flag. That's what they're. They will review this play. Fans are happy to help. Course which it saw it hit did. We had eight gallons of all the Sioux City was not able to get overturned it in the first happened on the very next play it would plug out of touch down. That was very very crucial to this game. And now it's played it also could be very brutal because it's going to determine who led the football right. Either which are receiving it. Our faith news that he fumble on the kick off. Heavy great field position which stuff inside. The Sioux City to worry I mean. You have for much better spot than that yeah as they standards which atop all the Sioux City 78. See how the missiles. Come out of this with there. They're up review of this. And it's commit itself called to overturn because. We're we're took place over there on this on the four satellites could have to take. Oh really you can't really go from that. To see if the ball actually hit the wall first or not. 549. To go. Back let's take a break here are third quarters but you'd like Johnson's garden centers. 3333. Game between which it's not Anderson zinni back or more right after this psalm 97 of thirteen 38 net asset. Spring is here and John Garcia and Freddie have. Spring to be outdoors both Johnson location. Employing gardeners stockholder thing you need your lawn and garden this season and Johnson's Gartner you'll also find generations of advice and expertise to help you say we're ready for spring Johnson guards. Two occasions when ever things western came handed from. Fortunately. Trying to decide what to do befriend the real. So then you're sure bill like it's easy and really get card from an Angelos. Singh and they can use their gift card did dine and we'll pick up into most famous pizza or taking big lives on in Munich I mean. Since the all you can take the excuse to give yourself the cinema troops. Hope you enjoy those you know it's on in central open convicted for. Hi this is they'll see Tucker if give credit. We understand. Because we've financial future not this weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharge him. Of course medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find some line of payday dash rotor struck home. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall half. Happening right here on CNN center. That recorded on Boston which you have to be routier's Simon Sumner. Officials are still reviewing this. Kick off fumble. That is the column field went Wichita is played players to look again. And you know John David playing in the YMCA song during the during the break here and this news that he did it still seem to be. I think overly concerned. There are there any of the players that need so the coaches have been doing the wives of the Obama the fans. But let you know when you're in first place near defeated life is good. Yeah and that shows ago. That's the race in this song is almost passed and that shows you how well that in the long run out so over the bill. Officials are still in the bowel earlier wake up in other emerging now possible have a decision on whether or not just political football fumble recovery and the let's see what the ruling is here. Outfield stands at Wichita football. First take the play of the game. Aim for which it's not a couple of special teams. Craze kicked off senator Dirksen elusive for the bandits to recover. And this dispute after a turnover Wichita at the ball first and hit on the seventh he did. You with under six minutes to go in the third quarter. It's huge especially if the forced to put support for the war. And for the first time well it. Some of the best field position which applause at the start on the city seventy. The only at a time is better position was not that long kickoff return late in the first that. Flags down on the first play here which it's not that long break. An offensive Italy only Wichita second penalty entire game. But not ten yards. About five yard throws the first enough fifteen now for Wichita all of the 22 yard line. Clock moving five and a half minutes to go third quarter it's a tie game 3333. We are nearing the final few minutes of the third quarter here in a tight ballgame we need to do I expect that's he's got time any throws. In the is that to complete its complete he'll do to be inside that. By the original line of scrimmage marker. Probably did about six will be there are about nine. PA announcer Donald also contends. But the ball that the seventeen off the sixteenth got to be second and nine. Or 52 ago here in the third quarter key of every of that's going to be keen now it is in the game despite back and forward. Addicted this game could swing on any possession and anytime now here down the stretch. I backpacks. It's left a little bit then tried to squeeze it in these. Lucky for Edward Smith but he really didn't have very long while covered in complete. And Natalie after the completion now to bring a third and nine for Wichita at sixteen yard line. I don't dispute three on this drag out. Seven's out much better. Tight game. As the clock is building as we near four minutes to go our third quarter tonight brought you my Johnson's garden centers. He third down play here for which he taught third and nine all the sixteen try to get points on the board after the turnover. And Hines doesn't like what he sees immediately called time out. Which talk first I'm not a half. 354. To go here in once again I. The veteran is pretty good sense of love what you need to call those timeouts. You know he did earlier in the first half on a key third down play here we are again and a third down ladies just didn't feel so it was. Right. Yes play clock what's that game was it was winding down in. You know I think about the indoor football game is you got to sit those there's been emotion and that takes some time right there so you've got it. They you know and in normal football outside. You'd have to have players emotional at times he can go whatever their set I mean you don't have hit. Felt wild where you know three seconds or so for that player that you don't have to get it. We got under four minutes to go here in the third quarter. With a plot called time out. Key third down play right near this tie game third and now. All of that the sixteen yard line big play here for Wichita. But. The receivers will be moving into slots. I'm back capacities looking up copies to rubble moves up in the pocket and he has Hillary guilt he sat. I play those well covered by Sioux City every receiver would like it is behind just had nowhere to throw it. And Sioux City gets one expert sacks of the night. And is tied to lose about three yards on the that second time exactly lose three yards on the play that'll bring up. Fourth down for which it's not they'll try to get points out of a field goal wise here after paternal. And 34 yard I don't know 34 yard attempt by Lou Frey. That one's not there who want players to display and they got. Deflected by somebody that did not make it. So Wichita despite. Possibly navigate you to break after recovering a fumble ought to kick off return gotten. No points out of it so. At with the potential opportunity missed right there. And it's gonna still leads us back where we started I gave him kicked off while seems to be getting the ball. And the good thing about but the Mitt Google is now SuSE he has started throw five yard line so they've they're gonna keep the whole field. That shot if they want to put some points on scoreboard as well so. See if defense can step up here get. Utterly clean field goal attempt they're there are some players in the way. Braves picnic at a low trajectory a little bit and they get with somebody. And that's the thing that happened on that Ph.D. phase out the Sioux City got in. Gotten into the backfield and then kinda. Shocked paraded. Miss that well. Two city takes over under setter he was the most of the top going to go to receiver. Week after ten yard line. In an array on the tackles. And that was a complete about 52. Five. The city. We're so it. Last complete proceed city was at 29 yarder. But it touched down now a second five on their own spin. You wouldn't happen is to go third quarter which it on and see city or hide. Little bit of his comedic into the backfield but the adopted bill to let the receivers and most of Bruno is nowhere to go he's wrapped up by. It's off. McCarthy was right there at. Couple of buddies were do. You like last week McCarty got it for you offered school of thought that. The quality it's news now it's third and three. But the loss of three it started out third and long third it. Eight or Sioux City on the awful that. Life and McCartney to triple a with him last week after that I don't think the score with a knife. Yet and deep into guys don't get to know until. At the other side of that. Very often they loved that third and long after the. They can't can't can't. And it is only part of me thinks nobody know. Except that. Harper dump all over it any minute please see for a pick six and Wichita backlog to about thirty. 33. It did serve foods beef with the score right there. At the 2008 he sees how about that. Certainly that's something that you had that many takeaways you wanna get results out of it. You've played it 66 that's exactly what Kendrick harper did right there jumped the route picked it off. Kennedy's seat fourteen yards to get into the end zone now operate extra point is up. He wants to get back to good graces on the ticket gave any stick is good. Interception and a and it's however what you thought now wait a minute 38 to go in the third quarter its Wichita forties. Sioux City 33. Which claws taken a touchdown lead here. After being down might and a couple times in the first half which is gone now up by seven. 4033. Late in the third quarter or third quarter brought to you by Johnson's garden centers. Pretty good stuff they're not Izzo Wichita defense. I'm Leo makes makes the point to come their way. In a good thing do you view them greatness that field goal is. Sues city had to start the ball through five yard run it and have a source in the passable they would they would let to run the ball much they have been. Because they're backed out so far so that was passing territory. You know that whole possession. In my third Nadler just get through it right to cater carper hike harper was played wide receiver perfectly thrown two out and harper just. Walked into the infill. Wichita regained the lead 4033. And it will be kicking off here. Great last kick off with ms. Campbell why did it would take it right ethical line. That's the first play games and that was second tackled out of Wichita territories to help. They still operating tackles flag is down a kick off return gave up 42 yards all the way inside the Wichita ten yard line. We doubled flight down back and about the seventh deep. It's still going to be a long. Kick off return for Sioux City. Holding against the bandits all right during the return late in return. It will market that it will back it up but it'll still be a decent position foresee city. Couple yards side of the field. About the there'll point three. Under feet heavily in Sioux City. Seat which studied it can take advantage now what's the odds on defense trying to protect a seven point lead a year late in the third quarter. Nadler under center fix the baskets off it was running back breaks a couple of tackles and Wichita territory probably gain of about. As he has very hard to bring down. Miller. Probably gain of about six their Miller. I think the same thing is upset that returning as you know there's. It has not stopped their feet their movement forward and picking up body that's ago. Johnson's garden centers bring you our third quarter tonight. Wichita leading at 4033. On defense trying to protect that that's now lead. Antlers under center. Fever comes Chris Ross. They hit up the run back he's going to pass any added. Receiver open overthrow Braden zipper was open but never fired a pass play over his head infinitely. And now that'll be third and and it's see your nerves out here. And the clock tick down that's the end of the third quarter or third quarter tonight rocky top guards that are. Which at all but let's now. In the fourth quarter leading undefeated Cincinnati 403030. Come on back verdict I think fourth quarter here at 97 at thirteen 38 yen as. The price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago so now is it time to sell your script goal of consumer and bring your damaged an unwanted gold consumer jewelry to Harland calling gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're behind Arlen going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you honestly just north of Cabela's and target in 96 agreement trojans next to starring amber. 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Plus living finding weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. In the with the water mercy city it'll flip to the running back Bruno and he's definitely a first down yardage. And David Stern business here inside the fifteen person and now that they're speedy yard line. Just under way here in the fourth quarter. Wichita holding on really seven point lead. It's his first place undefeated sin city and its team coming from. Right to left. Yet at sweep their Bruno getting the football and he's inside the end of probably gain of about six out of seven yard line. Second floor. The bandits are down by a touchdown to try to tied up here early fourth quarter. They had second and Florida out the seven yard line. Nadler is under center. You'll handoff was running back out of the backfield it's going to this type B Miller at any rights been out of a tackle you'll get down near the five. The third and short. Ball's spotted at about his six that we gain one. Third about three he'd force the city big player right here in this game which caused deep and try to get a stop. Leading by seven here with their speed. They feed it to go in the ballgame fourth quarter spot you like it blows Italian restaurant. Flipped the backfield and alerted Wichita was right there. That make the tackle in the backfield for all of us. Clinton partly was among the players in the back field as well as. Michael bell. It has been raised well yep mobile also want to. On a key third and three play. And there are a sin city is breaking up the field goal beat you stop for the Wichita defense right there. And they are going to see cities it's Friday. Short field goal here eight to 23 yard attempt. To get to within its fourth. Wants. I. They could but it 23 yard field goal it. Was a sin city bandits that. Once again gone. It stopped by the which he thought he'd been there as Sioux City get the ball out of the six yard line but only get out of it has three points. Nelson city to eight on third down there. I'll. It stops a lot of big stopped by the Wichita defense. And what it's not as 84 point lead. Here with 1223 to go. Now. The task will be for which Utah's offense capitalized on that. And make it a few presents and David they can get it in the end zone to get a touchdown on this drive they'll like double digits. Wichita mortality four point lead it we have to well 23 to go here in the ball game Wichita forty. Undefeated sin city 36. Our fourth quarters but you like it to those Italian restaurant. Which it's on its. Itself at the bit to get another kick off return going. Carl Johnson had a massive kick off return. Back in the first half to set a touchdown. Right now which stars got. Are sorry Edwards didn't want to edit long touchdown along a kick off return for his dad he's back there right now along with Jim Sikes. But late. Com re getting ready kick off for the bandits. 1223 Gil and his ball game. Connery barely misses the scoreboard and it comes down ticket at the three by which it's not by Smith. Couldn't really get after the first wave of battlers. Brought down side to point. The left which I'll begin his drive on it zones. Seven speedy yard line. Which has got to use the clock is different now. Got that lead is still plenty of time left foot and nice. Long drive here would be great especially its support for the board up out of it. Yet and nice long touchdown drive would be your ideal situation. Seed Wichita can execute that. Clock is moving as we near twelve minutes to go Wichita with the football and 84 point lead against this undefeated C city bandits team. Receivers in most of the veneer cited a slot that's going to be up to the upper. Hard side of the field in the flick like it's huge yardage out of its sights for the first time that I could be able to break. Along run into bad territory for a first down nicely developed playwright there. Get a whole side of fuel was pretty much wide open for sites he had a lot of room to work with over there before. The years after got over there. Eat up all by far the longest running play it tonight for Wichita. And now which doesn't get its territory burst into bed at the 21 yard line. Like you said. No rush on the clock they either time on the play clock. Working with the lead the football. If the costs. It was a it they're going to call it exactly as it was a forward tossed to the running backs likes Newt never got a handle on it the ball hit the ground. You limit costing what you think that the fumbled but it was forward so it's been a complete pass. Well and lucky with the vomiting blood. There that same play that. This site she's got twelve yards out they raise the same exact group kind of its play out there the left side. So that. That'd be a disaster for Wichita but instead it just ruled it incomplete forward pass on to the little bit to the running back. Now a second at the end which it's not what you want. Head and a half minutes ago which it's not moving the football it to four point lead against this undefeated bandits the hi flicks that complete the psyche of the 58 want the blocker he got that it can't stop it started out kind of sick. Nicely done but what you saw. Settlement of all the way through another person gold situation now the clock appears to hit that minutes to go this ball game. Sykes. The big plays Hiro is Iraq. Call out the gate of fifteen. On the past. Heinz now with more than 100 yards passing on it on the evening. In which saw. Long time in the huddle here clock moving now. Half minutes to go first and goal which he taught the six. Trying to increase of his four point lead. I ain't got Sykes yes to his left right next. Nickel back. Quick as other slant on the right side Allen immediately wrapped up. Those to complete that's been. Basically Purdue game. Second eagle six. Quick slant routes. The DA narrow we have really seen his first catch of the second hand values that we haven't really had. Much of it here in the second half you know a monster first snap. It's obviously a really tried to put him under wraps here in the second half. That Apple's complete or basically built gain second goal of the 6 o'clock movie under eight seconds on the play clock it. Forty on the game clock. Receivers in the near slot. The hits to sites. Almost stumbled repeated but he got doubt about the Bible only gate at one that. Now it'll be third and goal at the fire at eight and a half minutes to go Wichita trying to build a four point lead. And here's a key key third down play this game on. Thought it into the end zone get my double digits. Escape remain nor'easter in. You've been through recognized. You'd be at seven point cushion that. You plug it when he gave work ago. Under eight minutes to go. Hi back at bats he played so I don't besides cats that the five try to get attacked there's still pumping it up though. Three stops short it'll be fourth and goal at don't wanna let it be decision time for Wichita. They had wanted to go for it through that they're going. We go forward the ball is placed at its new look but the quality of the lead for sites. And which it's all built for it here on fourth and goal at the zoo. Any monumental play this game right here. He's recording and that rushing touchdown last week he is on the field right now the first one leaping over the boards and getting into the field this bloody. Is he going to be used to see the world's biggest because it and find out which cut to a five on the season case you're wondering on fourth down. You explain right here. Wichita flight suit fourth and goal at that do this time hides is under center. And not McCartney's blockade on display and not the sites are still turning it. Eat at the beginning of the week and it says in the senate conferees but it. When it beside the bodyguards don't put it bluntly if any and all mindful of not. Wow that's. They key. Exhibit have to go wide and then he was pushed and after that let's see if we can look at that. What there is a pile of players that look like they've filled out about the new movement. Now so why snipes got that football over the goal line for the touchdown that put Wichita might. What a massive blaze extra point blocked. Always down on the ground but it took the second time tonight which he thought it failed to convert on an extra point. But did the damage was done on that touchdown hitting six. How about that Wichita validate and a point lead with under seven minutes to go in this game. A massive slate of events for which ought to get eight touchdown. Fairly. For a deal on site. Food. We thought went to deal just about every player that drive almost. 650 to go here in this ballgame which it's awful. 46. SimCity 36. And Wichita. Twice in the first half down by standard now is up by ten. Here with under seven minutes to go in the ball game. But of course it indoor football. You margin you argue that Ayers raises bid anyway. You can make up a lot of ground. Very short about a time with the club still have to play very Smart you're down the stretch but they've really played it pretty fantastic game. Here tonight against is a good. BDC city yet they have in you know they've shown you know this crowd here at citizens feel it is. It's it's for real you know that they might have a blow 500 record right now. But they're they're showing that they could play with the best he had. Sioux City you were in first place let go deep in the north division. Look at tigers say there is pregame always tough losses have been good month they have lost to achieve that the Pacifica. I mean we want to their first or second please keep itself division as well as. That's why don't you live is on fire right now Salina is. Beating overhaul like 45 right now so. Old reel which have lost the big Oval Office. 4636. Which he talked kicking off leading bites and in this game now. First double digit lead for Wichita. It's taken a five by Sioux City and falling down with a couple of yards side midfield and it's begin on their own 23. It's 640 seem to be built this ballgame. Our fourth quarter tonight is brought to you buy into those Italian restaurant. All just gotta wait for. It would hit top 46 ccb. 36. C city Florida no atop the north division Amarillo it or no atop the south division. And Wichita is private and abandoned their first loss of the season. It would not close it out here in the final six and a half minutes went on defense right now that the ten point lead. Quarterback Matt are under center he was supposed to get the inside. Going back bat at a crossing route complete inside this tent. Easy pats pats they're forcing city. By Andrei London. And Sioux City moving the football effectively there. And on 820 yard pass. Just talk about how quickly. Can they Theodore gave up with new things can change just like that. In Ocean City already knocking on what's our doorstep. First goal bandits at the six under six minutes to build now. Wichita defense trying to protect ten point lead here. Add. Adler and that keeping the football not at the jet sweep depriving didn't work Nadler diskette that got rolled out was left doubt about the. Nobody got down to the full hours will be second eagle of school work. I'd wanted to go clock ticking. Wichita with a ten point lead Bryant did. Eat the bid it's out of the end zone on this drive. Okay. So far which paused and it pretty good job to keep the bandits at David. He's sitting knock on the door at the touchdown pass. Nadler found Bruno. Got to step on the would not be kits complete in the left corner of the end zone for the touchdown so the bandits. Counter with a touchdown to get actively for here at extra point could make it three point game. We tried that shows you how important o'clock it. Extra point coming here for the Sioux City and it's vital to to go extra point is up. And good. 502 to go here at the ball gates now which heats up 46 Sioux City 43. With five minutes ago our fourth quarter tonight brought you buy into those Italian restaurant and a quick 26 yard. Touchdown drive there. Idea of bandits. And a lot of that coming on a big yet that's a big twenty yard pass. To do. A London Andrei London. On the first played at drive earlier FC city business. Now which I got to answer back with some you know there'll actually. Which up to its first double digit lead to David did not last long. It still elite but now it's down to three Wichita 46 in city 43. We're Wichita that had does have to you missed extra points. They could have five point lead right now but they want to the point is I don't blocked. That's the thing about sue cities saves no matter what whether it be PH steal or an actual Google they've got me. Into the back fielded in conflict trade haven't had. All right. Sioux City will be to keep it up to which he thought it was five oats dude ago. I'll be getting the ball back up by three. We're Wichita has been putting up. Lot of points here in the second half. Last possession what date that's down. 33 yard touchdown drive. Like it birdied on a key fourth down that sort that now. Hi nick. Taken by Smith that the law these static free stuff aside he's. Territory. Going to be about 28 yard kick off return for Edward Smith who met a couple of big east tonight. And Olympic kicker in the period. Trying to stop Smith. Slowed down a little bit. Twenty yard kick off return they're by Edward Smith and that's that's up which it's awful that. First down and they'll begin to drive in bad its territories CC 21. Which took him into the night averaging ninety yards per kick return I think that's gonna go up a little bit tonight after. Always seat. Clock movie where geared for a half minutes to go Wichita with the football. At the eight to 41. Yard line leading by three. Play clock to. On. I. Don't think which I was really aware of that out closed the play clock was expiring. Which stop burn the timeout that might feel costly author and that would not because it. The game this close you might meet those touchdowns late in the game and that was on that probably would but didn't need to have happen it is to have a leader to CNET Tynan kind a little bit unaware how deep they weren't like clock. Especially K to play clock that's one thing you never would have burn a timeout after its its cage possession or rafter timeout. You know that's Hoosier. That's time right here you have between things. To go out there and know which can do and when you really you can't run a play right after the chase possession then and have to burn time now that's costly. Yeah hopefully yeah hopefully which problem not being speculation late in his neighborhood which they at that time not that. Here we go for 28 to play which is not what the receivers in most viewed the near side the fake toss decides looking for the heads up nobody's there. And all that easy intercepted. Drop by Antonio Brown. Out of it you get kind of spooked by the back of the end zone but he was the only player rarity with Mikey my at a pretty easy interception but could not holiday it. But they always say that's why those guys on defense if they did meet the epic its abbreviated Beatty via wide receiver. But we've talked a little break there might have been a costly intercepted instead it's incomplete second down in the end. At the 21. Clock moving our under four minutes to play this game which all of the ball only like three. Add to the point total as the DJ Allen. Our side it is complete. It eyewitnesses on one side armed that's what it's the way it about. Her. Through your floors still be a long third down right here from Wichita under three and a half minutes ago. Really eighty points out of his possession leading by three. They third down play here for which he taught third and about seven. I'm back to ask you. He's brought to find the talented. The defensive back and do it and every Livingston almost had a bit that he couldn't quite hold onto it in complete. So which taught not to play out of a couple of potential interceptions on that drive it. Well at the driver field goal here to try to double the lead from the reader six with 247 ago. York I looked over at the Allen living city jumped over there in Greece yellow was wide open. Libby who was on young and then weigh in high flipped over Alan Livingston jumped the route we radio was wide open. 32 yard attempt here by pray that the the lead up to six. I mean seemed a little off with like pray at the bottom hesitate for just a split second but he. Maybe take anyway. I stood at 32 yard field goal by parade met with which it up like six years now with the top forty now. He city 43 we have soon 23 to go in this game. Frey was his third field goal of the night. That war with much needed this week time. 32 yard field goal 223 to go Wichita 49. 43 year in double B kicking off to Sioux City. Tried to take a six point lead. We get to this part of the game. How important. The defense of that this will be here. The bandits out of the end zone. And you. That's clock. I'm Lou off the clock is also important for Wichita definitely the Sioux City Stewart two time outs remaining which showed itself war. Now those two missed extra point by which the hard start live a little larger the BF five. To be up by seven great that'll be up by six makes things a little bit more Dicey. Lute Craig agreed to pick up now from Wichita. Kind of booted. I did bounces at the end zone in and out the back. Untouched unable to return net. Processes through the five yard my and they did. Yet that is expected. To get nice bounce in the end zone a bit out of play. Nicely done by Luke gray right there. You'd wanted to go. Oh Wichita. Defense now trying to protect a six point lead at. And handed these idiots first loss of the season. Not going to be easy those two cities don't but. Strike capability. Which are certainly does not want to give up a big one here want they want certain nickel and dime the bandits to death on his drive to make that clock to. Your last time since that he had bought through five yard line that there would pick six. Kendrick harper. He was it boasts that would be awesome running play at Wichita got that bottle. Nice job at eight kids eat it did Kendrick are honorable Dennis jet that went down and that Michael belzer too. He didn't give as the point man there. We have a player downs. A lot of pay them back out and see that happen. That really wasn't. Play the Oilers in the player can count far away from my play was happening every Mac is down. And they are sending an M. Seemed to be. Will be it paint there in the back of the end zone. Ways away from the other side of the field not sure how that transpired the. The play was here in the air side of the field the running play and Mac is hurt in the far corner of the end zone. We got to do his feet now these. Walking off the sidelines. Most placed at the four yard line so a loss of one on net running play. By the bandits. Celebrate a second at eleven. 145. To go in this game. Which it's not try to protect a six point lead. Against this undefeated Sioux City bandits squad. Nadler is under center for second and eleventh. Receivers in most of X one pump fake throw to second and no the receivers back was turned plus it was a double coverage which tied it all covered right there in complete. That'll break up a big third down and eleven play for the bandits beat their own territory. Clock moving towards the one minute warning. And it's still seem to be in any hurry to get awful play before the one minute. When I had to go through it or not going to so we will get the odd minute mark to go. Which it's not quite six in sin city basic eight huge third and eleven deep in their own territory. 4943. Is our score which it's on top. And on which closet a couple of defensive plays away from. From really are in the decided this one get the ball back for the offense. That's been they're a great care to watch him back to forward after forward there. It is if which thought they would hold out here the final sixty seconds. It walked out with winning it's a very good Sioux City team. You know. A lot if a lot of movement of we cajun food the for the players. There's been a very solid effort by Wichita after being down by ten points in the first half a couple of times. Thought 1006 point lead. And the final sixty seconds we'll tell tale of this game. Big third down and eleven coming up or Sioux City and which Utah's defense get the stuff. Course now with under a minute to play. The clock running clock or not the effect anymore so the clock stopping at the end of plays. Third and eleventh here but the bandits. But. Stopping and waving their rally tells them they got free night they got into the game there on their feet. Defense want the crowd didn't do it. A big big play this game right here third and eleven seems to be on its own four yard line. Nadler patsy out of his own kids don't eat in the double. Thank you think he'll play well it definitely did not want to get never two starts there. That joke you know. And not the greatest team speed. They're on the defense on the cover. Whoever quarterback to receiver now until the but safety. Now its fourth. MD elevens news video their own court yard line which he thought twice six have made this happen happen as well. Everything has been going. If not its Wichita ball. You'd play this game right here it would flood defense. Looking for one more big stop. Now the auto you don't have it easy profile business these critical safety. And he and I typically. And we did not get this now. Hasn't stopped by the what you thought defense raji met Larry just get it back battled back pedal at the end zone before it got put into the end. Boards because that's the crawl up into the air if they held the ground incomplete. And it's when he took up football now on this and city five. James McCartney gave it. Apply the pressure to make Nadler who threw it up for grabs. Yet the goaltender for coming in. He city just had to backtrack got a trouble it's not good when you're in nearly into them. The balls being placed at that line of scrimmage that would cause the ball at the CE CB four yard line. There are now 48. Seconds to go in this game. Wichita with the ball now inside the five of any six point lead. First time tonight. Wichita defense stopping Sioux City on downs. And how about that Wichita defense. Sioux City is that we scored until its last five possessions. Hides under senator he's. Up to McCartney was simply. But I think the ball basically reverses and backs just played out of its new yard line. Repeat it to. Sweep it last week as well it is he got this at. Handoff and it spun around it. And got down to 183. And that the guys on the on the books afterward joked with him he spoke to before even got the football. They McCartney. Huge linemen from which I thought now it sounds kind of way to use him as an offensive weapon to. 6235433. Factor yet there ego the fact that. Now it's up 45 seconds to go in this ballgame which he thought the ball to him one yard line. Right it doubled to six point lead make it well gated the end zone. Late in this game. You can go to begin here. I did under center now these and and up. And an easy touchdown for Edwards may yet out of the backfield for the it's all scored from one yard out and has now taken a twelve point lead your biggest and again. 5543. We have 43 seconds to go. Edwards met with a one yard touchdown they did not end up McCartney date simply use the dividend. I'm so block Kurds and it was able to easily in the end zone from one yard out. First rushing touchdown of the season. For Smith. Which I thought I'd get personnel on the field yet to point to make it 813 point lead. And perfectly done great knocks it through 43 seconds to go on now. And back to back scores from Wichita field goal last time a touchdown this drive. Edward Smith takes it from one yard out. And it's now with the top 56. Sin city 43. With 43 seconds to go in this game. And that's exactly what Wichita all wanted to happen. Yet these defensive stops on the 34 down takeover DP territory that you budgeted for seven points. As put the icing on the cake itself. All is and which are 43 seconds away for improved their record at Q3 of three and city to city back the first loss of the season. That'll that'll. Set things up for Wichita for a second half of the season they closed it out. More home games on the last six including the last three at home here to finish up the regular season. Knocking off eight. Very quality team from the north division. And which don't try to hang on to this thirteen point lead to close it out here in the final 43 seconds. Now with their biggest lead negated if these 643. But right will be kicking off. You once again hugging it. Are sidelined this when sales. Across so the goal line and out of bounds that it contact. Brown that's constantly placed midfield. Right at midfield for the bad it saved 43 seconds to work with no clock. Ran off on a kick off out of bounds. And of course the bandits white tonight and let that one play drive for a touchdown and it. Probably a lot of that they formulate here and they get one strike that's now that's what exactly what they need. Both T who one time out remaining. Nadler will be under center he's got receivers in the slot up top. Back to ask it'll pressure but it. It picked up that's who we wouldn't talk another pick or no bars and that's going to be it it's great news yet that it. I've never afford to look at things that you played that he entered through the football went to college right there right. There. Another big. Play it I don't Wichita defense they're down the stretch. He faces really stepped up tonight and they'll start in the first half in. Which they were able to force ever out of his comfort zone it. We just. With not very fluid with its offensive. Production tonight. Now we could not could take away. 33 seconds to go. They have the ball right about it it. Field. After the interception. By people braved bad news. And with a towel try to close out the final 33 seconds cheerleading let there need to. In this second home game of the season. Pull off a massive win over the undefeated. Cedar City and it's adopted games McCartney you got about a yard out of it. Sioux city's not even bothering to call the final timeout to stop the clock. That they should. Throw one up to McCarty one of these days. And Wichita the speed at run another play and see cities. Not going to use that final timeout that'll do it. Yeah it's huge waited for the Wichita sports football team here tonight first call live to port with it's off it may not golf. The first place undefeated Sioux City bandits are finals or the night. Which kicks off 56. Sues city 43. Our fourth quarter tonight was brought to you by and Angelos Italian restaurant. And let me tell you it. What's gone as an exhibit of the fourth quarter. It was fair it. You know we we talked about the time the whole fourth quarter helping. He goes European and the defense give once again sets up Hughes for the force tonight and got that win last week at Texas with deadly interception. And god who way to get here tonight. Wichita outlived it 5643. The final score. And Wichita. Really put on a clinic in the final three quarters of this game. And tested the it's consistently throughout the game outscored at seventy. Need six in the second quarter sixteen bit in the third quarter at sixty. And at the end of the fourth quarter and it all added up to come back when it for the which I'll work tonight. With its off 56. C zinni 43. Our fourth quarter tonight ought to buy into those Italian restaurant and exit solid first home. Others see it now 33 halfway mark overall. And potentially setting up a big second half of the season. And which spot not a huge wins tonight. In many respects it's delicate different aspects of the game we'll take a break we'll come back with a post he'd feel right after this. But downtown which flooded rest bakery in your listening to for football the night on 97 and thirteen 38 and as that's. Spring is here and Johnson guards that are ready. Spring that he outdoors both Johnson location employing Gardner's stockholder thing you need your lawn and garden this season. And it Johnson Gartner you'll also find generation of professional advice and expertise in helping state and we're ready for spring Johnson guards. But few occasions when he stepped north and west thirteenth and it. Unfortunately. Turning to decide what to do befriend the room. Real so good you're sure you feel like it's easy get a gift card from an Angelos. Since. They can use their gift card design and we'll pick up and to most famous pizza or chicken that lives on in Munich I mean. There's the you can take the excuse to get yourself it's amateurs. It's a win. Who grew into those Italian restaurant on central open convicted him. Hi this is Nelson talker here. Because we financial future not the history weather's bankruptcy even if it's not discharged. Force medical bills or many other life events we can help you rebuild your credit. Find us online at payday dash rotor struck home. Jason hey join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay. We're the ball and it was a fun night at the arena the sports football and their fans. Wichita comes back when it 5643. Tonight over the previously undefeated. Sin city bandits needed here for now but exit or one which he thought was down by ten points couple times in the first snap feedback when it. My couple cuts down 5643. The final score Boesky report brought by amber waves diving company. And that Woodward it's not possible with you tonight here at the arena it's not. This is a big win for the course I would have to say. There really is and we taught them for the game going into next week's bye week now three and three with a 500 record it. You'll enjoy this for a little bit that they've got to get ready to have any real where they take on the fit them who are red hot right now undefeated. And so they will take him on here a couple weeks down there in Texas so they would join us for a little bit but that they have to get right back on track can. Go down Amarillo take on a really good bit of team who came here it be to force couple weeks ago so there. Which under try to return the favor in you know care in this moment that if they got from tonight. Performance into the second half of the season. My talk about momentum getting net win on the road last week with a late fourth quarter comeback. Doing some things down the stretch in this one especially in the late going in each cap in the first half and the second half we let them through the plays they needed to win this game. And about thirteen point win 5643. Shot it might even. Subway go back to that that the golf fumble but it really candidacy everything seemed kind of bill which calls play after that it was a kick off bite the parade. But the bandits had trouble fielding about it fumbled it. Oh Wichita recovered it there was a dispute. And men and referees let it refuted a long time and it video review and handed a confirming the call on the field. And did confirming that it Wichita football all that would block didn't score after that. Everything after let them see bill which it calls wade turnover. Sioux City at an interception at 66 on its next possession. And which I ended up holding notes city without points on four of their final six times they had football so. That was key against the team with a 69 points last week. And which are held to 43 tonight. Yeah I think the force off it's a great job as well you know rocky kind of got off to a shaky start to those two interceptions. But didn't after that in my view is he was great the office looked really well James Sikes had that's a nice roads in. You know the offers start click it and then that the defense is. It's been sown doubt at all season long and had a great performance and tonight it goes couple interceptions it. You know really computer carper ticket that won back you know the momentous shifted. From there on out it and the defense stepped up what they have to give tonight but it's a very good off it's like here's talk about. In Wichita offense tonight really really been through time and again. Which spousal unsettled early rocky hinds and a couple of interceptions on back to back passing attempts. Then Wichita scored. Scored a couple touchdowns late in the first tactical one point lead into the locker room. And then did oh there's only one drive in the second half to target score that was a missed field goal attempt that. Other Matt. He had you know yet touchdowns a couple of touchdowns early yet pick six by Kendrick harper but a couple of touchdowns in the late going. And which topped 56 on the scoreboard tonight in a comeback when it. Yeah and that I possession which are the ball for 33 minutes. Before stuff it's also talked about third down in red zone third down six of eleven for 55%. They are perfect on that fourth down. Conversion and at seven for eight instead the rest of the night at the event was dead last almost every red zone category of seven for eight. Night in a much needed victory in this also a team that was. Second to last in the league in it I possession they had the ball for 33 minutes tonight six minutes about their average on the season. So the options. The great job of using the clock their friend and in when the office was quick and deep it was quick and you know everything was quicken for the force and when. Wichita comes back it winds at 5643. Over the sin city bandits who were previously undefeated. Well their loss tonight here at Wichita. This is the post Kate Snow brought you like it. Amber waves siding company will take another break here commitment bakery and come back from more right after this. You're listening to force football tonight on 97 and thirteen 38 NSS. There are times when it was ten years ago so now is it time to set your script gold consumer. Bring your damaged an unwanted gold and silver jewelry to Ireland quite gallery for honest appraisals and honest and accurate waits six days a week Monday through Saturday we're behind Arlen going gallery always buying gold and silver always treating you wanna slinging just north of Cabela's and target to 96 agreements road next starting number. Everyone doctors give back to talk about him early batting which patsy hear anything if you ever wanted to link. We can make that happen both the largest and most it after. 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So since you listen to lots using it correctly is no. Just ask you Smyrna being here wait so they're earth isn't flat. Your speakers at wake up with the latest news and information. 87 and thirteen thirty K and SS. This season. Join us more things. And as best. Also Woodward's on Boston which you are parties aren't here it's. It's not Sumner it's a post game report brought you by amber. Wait diving company 5643. Tonight Wichita winds hit over the previously undefeated sin city and its. And and gone now I'll go back to. Another thing that they really contributed to win tonight. Sometimes you got to be lucky that I've got to have the bounces go your way and this was a game in which there are many times the bounce. Just kind of seemed to go Wichita is why there are a couple of interceptions that might have happened that didn't. There is that the the course of the fumbled kick off that might have happened but didn't admit there were some system bounces tonight. It let the witch is tough place sometimes that happens to get home and you take that good fortune in the and you do what you need to do it at the getaway in that kind of seem to be one of those nights where. Which I had things go on Maryland. Yeah and also penalties played a big role it. In Sioux City penalized five times and couple of those really helped sustain drives her for the for a sit there were capped pleasant couple of those penalties and and you know like you say you know football is a crazy game especially here in the indoor race in you know anything can happen just like that it in heavily reliant. You know which I did a great job responding when they got down they were don't give up and then. It gave just went back and forth it was a great game by both teams that and you know if you don't take dead. That last. Touchdown out of perspective they don't 4943 it's it's a bumper that I came so. It's there's a great game by both teams having everybody. Played great especially on the force I then it would make it clear the record at 33 now. And that's what's most important is back to back wins with Wichita at 33 now knocking out one of the better teams in the league tonight. And really setting things up nice for a second happen which is scheduled not an easier. They'll be playing top teams down the stretch here only one team left with a not winning record in the final six games but which ought to serve notice tonight that. They are they are forced to be reckoned with and that's certainly something you'll Watson in the second half of the season is now Wichita proceed from here to. Coming up back to back wins and they'll winning record in the last five games now certainly it Wichita overly excited for the second half of this one and come back win here tonight to. But he ten points down in the first half couple times they come back and win this one by thirteen. If the 6430. Birthplace sin city and it's our post game report brought you by amber waves diving company. We'll take another break welcome back rapist went up from interest bank arena right after this for football and item 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Maximum outdoor equipment knows mowers inside and out backwards and forwards commercial mowers residential mowers all brands all types if it has blades it cuts grass maximum outdoor equipment has the know how to work on it and the parts to fix it even if you bought a new one of those big box stores maximum outdoor equipment give them a call at 9430201. Or go see them just south of Kellogg on West Street and online at maximum outdoor dot com. Send out. Dole low lit it. Spring is here in Johnson guards penetrated happy spring to be outdoors both Johnson location. Employing Gardner's stockholder and unique. 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Here in downtown with Saudi press bank arena on a cold extremely blustery day in which it's off. And got indoors tonight may certainly enjoyed seeing their team come through with a big win over first place undefeated sues city 5643. Which you can't win it tonight. Ted Woodward and Jon Boston with you might decide tonight on. It's a not nice wait until late in the first tablet back to back wins give get a bye week now. It really did help him get things worked out its practice time to develop. Some report with the wide receiver corps that is nice job tonight and get things revved up for the second apathy. Yeah you go back to back. Wins one lasted on the road one here tonight at a home both of them come from behind wins for the forest so. So you know it shows that shows you when they get down they're not they're not gonna just give up there. They have fought hard all season long it you know back to back wins are nice going into the bye week you're the second bye week overseas and it. And now it's time for the second half a season that went with things really start to matter and it's nice it was soft place only keep a home here in the second half has. Nokia the middle and upper edge playing here. Is that interest bakery template. You know it's it's a whole different level now go into the second half fit it starts off routes that. It Amarillo acute that it is unbeaten as we speak right now it as their team that is no pushover in any way they got a big win last week on the road. Down at duke city now predicament cosell. Fade or erode the big play tonight either because. That game with Dallas that was postponed so. You know they're they're ready and couple weeks away so. We'll see what the the force able to do here in the second half of the season. To be fun to watch the course you'll have the cold the next game two weeks from tonight on the road at Amarillo taking on net. Amarillo veteran team that leaked the south division is undefeated right now on. Which has the authority not one of the speeded up the ranks with certain seat which top might be able to do it again two weeks from now. And we'll have that game for you right here in the united says you'll have caught a bigger it would. Yeah look reports. It. To see with this he was they were in the second half to be fun why they win tonight. For what you saw on the force 5643. Over the sue the city bandits are post game report brought by amber waves diving company and on now the does the get her here it intra bank arena is eighteen hours away for my eight. Playoff hockey game so they've already started dismantling the football set up here and there are getting ready to convert this to block eerie. Yet in hopefully fans here myself force with hopefully tomorrow night they can leave after thunder went in the playoffs so. An exciting time of year right here and downtown which off. There is good stuff and it all started that tonight on it but excited bank. The big win for which top sports 5643. Over the Sioux City bandits back to back wins the opera which is not. Heading into the second half of the season now. Our post game report brought you by amber waves diving company's on the Boston thanks for being with us tonight you Bettman and his a lot of thought our border. Second half I certainly appreciate all your expertise and help on the broadcast tonight. And for our producer engineer back in the studio decided Sumner we always think Simon for his help make you sound super good on the air. And we course that dollar sponsors that make this broadcast possible so please support them they're good folks. Thank you to our sponsors heartland going gallery amber waves diving company maximum outdoor equipment. Johnson's garden centers and pillows Italian restaurant. And payday voters thank you for making. Sports football on the air possible. And pay you for listening to football tonight Iran and it says that'll do it or force football tonight once in a final score big night for the force. Winning over the sin city and its fifty states 43 thank you for listening to what to call or indoor football. Here on 987 and thirteen 38. And SS. Deny.