Wichita is getting a new Chick-Fil-A

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 11th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says it will open in late 2018.


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I know that needs to do. I supported it's fair to everyone. 98713. Thirty K ancestry 47 out even dead pretty big thing. Congressional Republicans looking for consensus on tax reform bill seen wildfires still burning across Southern California. Line weekend's shooting itself Wichita one dead one wounded three big things even as the ones in a sense. And this morning we've got to. I'll watch out we've got the report of a vehicle fired and this is around central and Waco so well. In his downtown to carry their vehicle fire reported watch for slow down traffic update on Kate and has as son dad keeps. Sunny and breezy today with a high of 61 degrees. North wind definitely playing math 45 miles per hour this afternoon. Mostly clear and cool tonight the overnight low 29 Tuesday sunny and cooler. Tomorrow's night fifteen months now partly cloudy and northwest Whitfield miles per hour 45 degrees. They can assess whether brought here by the monarch voted one of the best suburban bars American like suburban previews located at 579 must not lose. In historic Toledo. The monarch. 848 Dallas even Ted did today is December 11 2017 on this date in 1936 Britain's king Edward the eight. Abdicated the throne so he could marry American divorcee. Wallace Warfield Simpson his brother prince Albert became king George the sixth courses is in the news now because. And very much attention comparative. Given to this because of printer in his fiancee who is. The divorcee it's at times have changed it in now we're at the markets Markey there it's changing trying to change with the times against. Officials on the Georgia coast trying to get to the bottom of the stinky problem residents of saint Simons island. Have been complaining of fowl orders around a major intersection. With utility officials pointing the finger at gas is building up in the sewer pipes and leaking through a man or woman wrote I know that Luke air and the local. Water and sewer commission is working to snuff out the smell. The Brunswick news reports workers are testing sewage in different parts of the system until we can find the source of the gas mileage good old. He use testing suited mean there's a job and I saw occupation I don't care. Turkeys may be a cherished symbol of the holidays but in the northern new atrocity of mend and it. They're just plain old pacts with bathers. The Herald journal says president are upset about dozens of the birds in their yards. Damaging grass and dropping it. Waste. As fertilizers. Here mend in May ear and going east says. The turkeys end up causing property damage but there's not much he can do to protect his residence. Only the Utah division of wildlife resources can. Crap that hundreds of wild trees hundreds of them. Or issue hunting permits to thin their numbers now so the owners can't even dew and AM nor endorsed don't we just. If you those permits and their problems solved right now Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. A convoy loaded with Christmas really exists on its way from down east Maine for a weeklong journey to Arlington national cemetery. In Washington the regions that would adorned tombstones this holiday season the breeze across America caravan. Left Columbia falls yesterday were the reasons were made it. It traveled through Maine New Hampshire several state before going to DC arriving in a week in Arlington Virginia at Arlington national. The cemetery knickers we had a spokesperson on last week from the from this campaign to raise the money to get the threes Ted. A reunions across America. 815 now Stephen Ted and president of America's universities saw their pay increase by 9% in 115 according to a new report with several of them topping two million dollars in total earnings. The average chief received total compensation of nearly 570000. Dollars including salary bonuses and benefits. That's according to a survey of 500 schools released Sunday by the Chronicle of Higher Education as being among the highest earners for ten who made more than two million dollars up from eight. Now we've crossed that mark the year before while another 48. Mean at least one million dollars he's are college presidents. I'd say you better watch out there or you will soon be making almost. As much it's a basketball coach we'd ever yelling crap stories. College president salaries reduced by 10% and things like guessing lifeboat or not the thing is received well well tuition going down senator sent no we never hear that. Are always gonna always gone up. 851. Stephen did in the morning some engine problems for the Boeing dreamliner editor billboard which business general with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted you have some of the Boeing dreamliner aircraft have been grounded the issue with engines made by Rolls Royce. Several airlines have reported premature Wear of engine blades due to corrosion that includes blades that shattered. And caused engine failure at the airlines have grounded virgin Atlantic and air New Zealand. One aircraft had to return to the airport after an incident no crashes though. There's a shortage of industrial space in Wichita but are new city program might help. City council's going to discuss a program that encourages buildings built on speculation without yet having a buyer. Companies would get tax abatements in the form of industrial revenue bonds to companies that are looking for space. Each project would have to be approved by the City Council the discussions scheduled for December 19. Another chick filet going to opener which atop the company is saying where chick filet confirmed Wichita will be getting a third distorts to openness late 28 team. The other two stores funny first of maize and central and rock there's also presence in the erratic and student center on the Wichita State campus. Vocal breaking business news every day on can assess and it went to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I do Roy. Bill Richard Mondays with the mayor was Steven Ted exclusively which to mayor Jeff Long Island is this morning earlier pickets at 735. On a Monday Monday morning to this morning were talking about the yet. The spirit to 1000 jobs announced the last week. Bright and what a great thing it was and day he pointed out of me here. That you know that's the thousand jobs it could be as many as 45 when it's all done because of all the other peripheral jobs camera so. Yup that's what we've been reporting is around three perhaps as many as four. And than the question becomes okay where we can get all those folks yeah Oregon find him well. Course that you take a few of your staff members from the which our business journal there but that putt on the now reflects a budget like eight people just assisting you their coffee. But that I think people just not my staff entire act I know how it works OK I bet. As so often happens with the industry though it is that the jobs are here people come from out of state. Jessica nothing. It people here from and that's the that's true expansion when they come from outside the market. And by and homes there and do all sorts just got guys like it and anywhere from in state so. When you're what Peter does for us to be here. We'll probably that's retention we need to keep Alexi retention. Right now I'm Wichita as version of retention pond in the line. And listed as always thanks for being with us we appreciate it will stick with you again tomorrow morning team into the morning on in assess coming up status as you design. Wildfires raging across Southern California. Stephen tips on king and assess.