Is Wichita a good city for college basketball?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, March 8th
Wallet Hub survey says Wichita isn't even in the top 100 college basketball towns.

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The weather does direction the country's gone sure. Because you know a lot of things moved. Okay energy independent great discoveries and new technology that lets change it. No form of self correct him. 5 o'clock to eight control. Change will slow. 73030 K and it says Stephen kid in the morning it. Now three big things free. Kansas lawmakers pushing to restore job protections for teachers news state employee killed an accident at port city line. Grass fires still causing problems around Kansas three big things even dead it. Sold out vehicle watch for traffic slowed down northbound I want 35. And it's pretty close to that north junction at night she was 35 so watch him northbound there. I won 35 at the north junction traffic updates from saint NFS radio and yet she's sunny today. The high of 57 degrees mostly clear tonight the overnight those thirty fire Friday's warm and it sunny. With a high of 73. Tomorrow. Now partly cloudy 31 degrees and at home win. 840 feet down season in the morning on Kate in SS comments from pianist as FaceBook. FBI eight seed to best buy Geek Squad employees as informants. Anthony says I would never have them fix it's not because of the FBI think that because I know more about my own computers in the east. Video on water veneer interest bank arena where a box truck is stuck under a bridge. Agitators says it is. We as citizens have seen this before another driver another truck another British ha ha. Who gives these people their licenses to drive hopefully that will happen during the NCAA tournament so that out of towners candidacy glimpse of what we get up once a month there was little bridges goes collision of Waterman bridge. Oscars ratings hits record lows Sunday's night's telecast on nearly 2% drop for humanitarian. Michelle comments. I never see anyone considered that millions of DISH Network customers no longer have ABC coverage. And that could be another reason for lower ratings it's not always politics. And gender we talk about the downloading the Candace has absolutely App Store in the leaving us economist. And by going to menu in de click talkback and we do get another comment for playing back for play back this morning. Just go to all. Which turns into cantons as you're driving down the highway you see somebody lit a cigarette butt out the window. Red flag warning lost a lot of farmland lot of home a lot of property. Outlaw coal mine wanna get incurred in a good day yesterday they said that is not a wasted call it took to tag number that makes it horrible location. They said they would all look so I encourage everybody to see you at home on one. Want it and turned it. All right there's a man who took matters into his own hands. Are you lookout for fighter danger and again you're becoming a prevalent this week coming on whatever you want just give the state go to the they get to download the freaking innocent set from the App Store than. The basic comment and we play him back in the statement gel love to hear from him that's it call you think. Under Christina Roth has created super she island a private retreat off the coast of Finland where no men are allowed. Ross says her aim is for women to vacation at a destination away from society's pressures. And embrace an all female energy. The island sleeps ten people and for luxurious cabins. Offering wellness activities about opportunities for bonding us like fund and it said. Roth is a founder of super she lifestyle blog and networking group that encourages women to connect with me friend and encourage other women that. Yeah on the international women's day the super she island. You mean when I'm on vacation I don't. Want to optically bond and anyone. That's got to plan amendment to the bottom that's not on my tent area. And you know I'd like to observe people bundle up for other Zia and it is in Bosnia. At least I'm I'm actually going on vacation getaway from yeah from for people from having to deal with. Have to pick through. At age 52 now Steven did optimism about the future of the aerospace industry editor bill brought the witch style business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yes studies by the WSU center for economic development of business research. Showed that the nation's aerospace industry is getting stronger the center's airspace current conditions index. Shares growth in the fourth quarter of 2017 to have to do peak. And east to any score over 100 indicates growth the index score for the fourth quarter 110 points. Employment or stayed steady but wages and production have increased. Milestone for Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the Wichita restaurant chain will open its 300 store. In Indianapolis. Sports franchise group led by former entry level Freddy's employee. Look at percent he started the company fifteen years ago worked his way up to general manager the company expects to open fifty new stores this year. What is Wichita are ranked when it comes to the top college basketball cities. Maybe not where you think Kansas is a basketball savvy state but Waller have Rand switch atop. 125. Among the best cities in the country for college basketball fan items. Chapel Hill, North Carolina was first. Followed by Lawrence. Kansas. And Los Angeles Wichita shows up between Laramie Wyoming. And Boise Idaho. Local breaking business news every day on Candice doesn't what to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role I wonder what the prop. Old news we're just not getting enough people shoehorn into the the arena downstairs that is that times surveys a load of crap that's probably I think that's probably your idea. I've Wallace like I wanna see what they're gauging what's that what's in Laramie deal with the Wyoming you cash rent a Wyoming. Now now that it's a pretty exciting place commented. Of course we all I'm Hanson went their coach Hansen from it's mentioned. Which we have more than just. Wichita State basketball rounder we have some pretty at a smaller teams gear though in reality as you'd think Kansas is really a hot bed of the basketball. Ted can talk to this war again but man. He actually state yeah that yeah. Katie you've got Wichita State got all together do you goes. I don't know does that mean like it's bubbles are racist and says is a load of Lee. Takes a today is who else indisputably international women's day. Global de Silva it's a cultural political and social and economic achievements of women I love women bringing it. International where mr. gender parity. And I don't I favored genders yet but you know like up to genders there right up there. Top five at. Cursed you guys like. The bill and I've been married Romans do we have wheat every day is international women's day for absolutely bad I don't how you are with Gretchen I'm the same way we say Chile we treat it like. General like queen's queen's yeah I don't know what more we can do deal. I feel like we'll find out. Sounds like you two are celebrating humanity international submission day out is true but it should have a daylight there I pigs guys if it's time now Steve the dead. Coming up gay SS uses nine winter storm still counting the northeast US Stevens on the morning on tape and assess.