Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell promises a big job announcement this week

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 4th

...and the Mayor report everybody had a jolly ol' time last night at the Christmas Tree Lighting in Old Town


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of great DOK. I SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Even though the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward just. A slave processing plant and Hutchinson has closed costing 77. Well their jobs CH NS incorporated announced Friday that the Hutchinson plant. As one of three was closing as it moves out of soybean protein production. The others were impressed and Iowa. And it's innovation and technology center at Eagan Minnesota. Now look at the forecast with Kate is a stampede urologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning you're strong cold front is going to be sweeping across Wichita today but not for a nice warmup this morning. Will certainly want to savor this because much colder air will move in this afternoon it was strong gusty northwest winds. Low humidity is and the strong winds will create a fire danger throughout especially this afternoon and overnight our temperature drops in the upper twenties. Clearing by tomorrow and fifty I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy. 64 degrees south wind gusting to 28 miles per hour. A special Kansas legislative committee on public school funding is having its first meeting today. To start work on a response to a State Supreme Court order to boost funding the committee's daylong session at the state health includes a briefing from the attorney general's office. The Supreme Court ruled in October of that state aid to public schools remains constitutionally an adequate. Even with a new law phasing in a 293. Million dollar increase over two years to make it four point three billion dollars annually. The court directed lawmakers to enact a new law before July. The committee's chairman is Republican representative Blaine finch of Ottawa he also was the house judiciary committee's chairman. The panel's eleven members include the senate majority and minority leaders and the chairs of the house and Senate Budget Committee it's Phil Noble brand Kagan SS news. Kansas may be getting closer to adding another memorial for president Dwight Eisenhower at the Statehouse in Topeka the State's capital preservation committee is set to meet Thursday its agenda includes a presentation from the state department of administration about a statue honoring Eisenhower on the Statehouse grounds. Governor Sam Brownback has advocated honorary Knight with the statue outside and his administration has been working on the idea for about four years. The state added a plaque for the president and supreme allied commander during World War II. To the statehouses sidewalk walk of honor in 2015. Eisenhower grew up in Abilene the visitors center also has a small statue of like in front of a sign with his photo and a quote from him about statesmanship. Righty prize Canadian assets. News hundreds of aircraft including two dozen stealth jets begin training as United States and South Korea. Washed a massive combined air force exercise the war games come a week after North Korea test fired its most powerful missile ever that ICBM. That may be able to target the eastern seaboard of the United States Supreme Court will hear a case tomorrow all out of baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding. And the baker Jack Phillips a masterpiece cake shop in Lakewood Colorado is citing his First Amendment right to exercise his religious freedom. Adding he should not be forced to make a case for a ceremony that goes against his beliefs. At issue Colorado as an anti discrimination act dating back to 1885 meant to protect black Americans. That law has expanded over the years to now include sexual orientation. Lawyers for Phillips will argue the First Amendment trumps any state law. Similar arguments were made by businesses in the segregation era south tonight will service the blacks. And those arguments went nowhere Tom Graham Fox News. The office holiday party is getting shaken up as reports of sexual misconduct by famous and powerful men have many companies thinking harder about how to stop bad behavior in the workplace. A survey shows fewer companies will serve alcohol this year than last year. But human resources experts say that's still not enough a man who says the earth is flat once again going to try firing himself often a rocket see how high heat. And Mike Hughes is a 61 year old former limo driver turned rocket built there after his launch is postponing California's Mojave Desert. Because you don't have the proper permits to launch he says he's going to attempt another launch today on private property. The goal is to just get into the air and withstand a 500 mile an hour speeds at some point his life he does have to get into space to prove the earth is flat. Carlos what a bridge he. Okay which turned out edges now the edge which keeps although oceans Ian is a 150 put ice wall which is in larnaca. The Bureau of Land Management which had stopped his last attempt said this time he's doing it on private property so be Elin has no role anymore. Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. 735 now Stevenson in the morning here on and on Monday December 4 and all possible that apparently drank Berman after breaking into Florida liquor store. Was central wildlife rescue center to sober up. Officials say a liquor store employee found the animal next to a broken and empty bottle permit. The animal appeared to be disoriented was Palin was excessively celebrating oh. That's the usual for a possible and that's pretty much business is now staffers say they. Loaded her up with fluid to flush out the alcohol toxins and she was good gulf cup and they clear out your basket. He while via store owner says he never had a possible break in before. Says she came in from the outside was up the raptors who NG game through she knocked a bottle at her off the shelf and then drank all damn bottle. So area unquote coming from fort Walton beach Florida at its nobody likes of a trunk awesome of them marsupials the Betty Ford clinic in India. 736 now Stephen dead it is time for Monday's but the mayor what starter Jeff Longwell with us this morning good morning sir how are you this morning. I'm stay. And it good to be with you what would we then say that possible as drunken discount. And a I dug a possible I don't as. Let's a couple couple things alone talk over I've done a bit haven't had a chance frankly you look at the at this week should judge him as are meeting this week on the City Council. Do we have all meeting this week well you know we were busy people in this time. Much to do work like Santa's elves do scurrying going around trying to get everything done before the and of the year we get a secular the building. Program network but canal we've got some more. On issues because some companies are continuing to invest in growing Wichita we have. Potentially today. Chicken and pickle ball. Restaurant opening up in Wichita that they want to. Desperate CIB we have. Renewal contract with our visit which taught that continues to am. Share with country how great of a place we art that come and visit. It is their they're truly is a lot on what's at Wichita and finally we may get as sidewalk down the ridge road. I really united. And paid much attention to that issue at our profile stuff on. And that. Northwest area over a comment. Suddenly designing thing I can I thought I can remember when the streets of their Disney's net gutters I mean. You know I'm proud I from the west side. You are. From the west side and you can remember when maple sugar roadside and he listen up Melanie secretly about the the prospects as they here we're getting closer all the time to get Nia. Major League affiliated baseball team it should come and which. So we we are we and continued to visit where it but Neiman and there's just so many steps and all that you'd have to goes through all the mentally it's not that and explain it this way it's it's like the west are mergers is going on. They have recently. And they're their board vote was overwhelming response like 95%. Why starring Kate BP you know boards said yes this mergers great. We can have a totally signed deal and it's not a done deal until Major League Baseball signed off and so they have a review period that they apt to. Look at the country stack look at that team look at the plate through the got to play in. Nest in my hand stands Major League Baseball could take a couple months before that final. This is a kind of thing though and we've relied she transparency but this is attending you don't you don't. You don't write anything they. You can't make it's so complicated. Because it is a process you don't want amassed. Worth it seems currently playing and just. That there's just so many issues involved with bringing a new team the panel. Yeah he listened to talk about the river quarter affected you have them and ask you how the big Christmas tree lighting went on yeah. So the Christmas tree lighting was a huge success that biggest crowd we've ever had it was a lot of fun and it caught the theory he landed on. One of the building in the old accountable thing. And and the kids. There's of their faces just lit up when senate auto landed on that's actually the city arts building and so it's. It's a gorgeous tree great crowd than Newman true brutal hours. Or just an awesome group to sing Christmas carols sung they did a fantastic job and I was the night visit from stand out. I am sure sent them and made that visit perfectly timed with probably someone's birthday. Yeah public sabathia I heard a rumor that the jolly old elf was really greeted with a lot of fervor and and good good gray you know good feelings and talk about the jolly old off talk about my Kitchener there. If there there is an. Jolly and help for two great way to. Elizabeth about the river corners it's incumbent on now suddenly the river or or. Continues to progress. Obviously associated with bringing in new team that now. And we're looking and building now that court or new restaurants open. Retest solid opportunities. For people to come down and enjoy. I am core of this city. I'm looking forward to what next year's going to bring because I didn't. I just obviously see so many great things happening we're gonna have a press were really big to stop announcement this week. That's going to get people excited that must. My guess is when people hear about is jobs announcement they're going to be sort stated is gonna run out spent a lot of money on Christmas. Any of the chickens. And an airing new chicken. But it really good paying job and it's gonna make a difference in our community and so. Bringing in new radio station. And so that's almost impossible to calm peace with the talented Kahan SS radio stations he had around everybody else but me. That's on the river corridor just would you just leave enough space there for that does Steve intent statute that you're planning. I mean will build a statute for all of the mark on the award winners in Wichita. Doug about a tourist attraction the and be a good place for pigeons to reveal the elect the Eiffel Tower. I have some place for the kids in the program alright or hey have a good and and we'll talk recently it's always nice visit but the mayor which to a mere. Air Mondays with them here and that she didn't make much about my birthday that he its driver are very fired. You break on Afghanistan's president you ran hadn't done on that you don't dwell on things like that very tired coffee is a freshest coffee in the which not very because. Barry prior coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire coffee Carol office. Like pulling 2673771. Or on line. At prairie fire coffee dot com 743 Stephen dead and your bill Lloyd it would stop business journal coming up a look at local commercial real estate. Stevens in the morning on tape and assess. It's just.