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Wichita Means Business
Saturday, March 11th
Madyson Ayesh with Kansas International Dragway

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Thank you for listening to which some means business we have a guest in the studio this gonna really be fun to talk to. And have fun events all spring and summer long and it just an exciting business here in town that's locally owned and locally operated and hands on every week and so Madison ashes in the studio today from Kansas international dragway Madison thank you for joining us today thank you for having me so fun to have you here because I know bit about what you and your family do you and today we've been focused like normal on local businesses and so it's really cool to me that you own a business around Kansas international dragway. And your mom Shannon. Runs which saw auto auction and your dad Steve Grimes mid states Otto. And so cashier busy family with lots going on Iran and three businesses successfully in Tampa that's pretty rare and keeps things exciting man's fresher or never bored I'm bad. Give us a little background kind of snapshot on all of that if you would. OK so I've banner around. Business is in working hard my entire life my pants open their first Kyle I was probably five or six years old so. I even had my own little office when I was young and I sat and how I sat up at the office when they had their of what late nights and they were just getting started and five years ago they decided to get into extract these days and I was just eighteen years old tonight there really know what part I was gonna play I went to college and I don't like being away from home and I came back after semester around like mount. I'm gonna give this a track and I've been stuck with the track her by fears now I wanna have it any other way and loving it and it's been five and following in their footsteps. Well you've done a great job in fact a lot of changes and growth that we'll talk about different things you've done them. Two increase that response to the track out there. And NASA it's been really kind of understand back and watch you and your family build that business which time international raceway was out there for ever as it's not a new business here in town and then. You guys bodies of five years ago. Yeah and we started integrating wind the old management and 2011. And so. I actually worked in the concession stand before my parents even took over there extract I mean it was something that I've always been a part of my life and I mean so I worked in the concession stand for the previous. Managers to we're operating there a shack in the nineties and it worked my way up. Well all the old cargo Eisen town know Bob Morrison are no Bob Morse and interests years and years ago I used to do announcing for him and run run a starting tree when Bob had which time international raceway and so. It it's always been a fun thing to me and and bicycle bicycle out there and race and and we got there are lots of weekends and it's always been a fixture here in the which top business community for all these years and it's so fun to see you guys take it to a new level. My way I really want and involve everybody. And what we do and being young in time meaning to that I had a fresh you for things. And I wanted to veins that were targeted for every one so we brought in new styles of Racine new classes new veins. And of course I increased my marketing in my involvement within our community. Trying to everyone and always. When I would go into new businesses are being. Colleen and speed idea night none not quite weak yesterday but you know racing racing it's fun but. It is different from circle a track racing and there's no dirt or anything like that so. It was not educational process and that's why have focused on that educating gauge entertain this year that's kind of my three focus points for the year and I'm excited to see what I can read. With that those guys do great job out there achieved that there's no left turns on your track no less turned its effort to get off this straight shot into. Okay talk to us a little bit about one of the options that you provide for people it's an alternative that I think is really important. And that's an alternative to street racing everybody knows that that's an illegal and dangerous proposition. That there's quite a bit of it seems like still on that day and you guys provide an option are turning to that right of Christ. Street racing is something that's very important to me them very passionate about. Not just as a track manager operator but papers at a pro since middle school on high school or something that I've always believed and so three years ago now I started the program riot which stands for race it on the track which is the educational side of things on the benefits of racing at the track first is street racing. And chasing is becoming more popular especially when new television shows and I making you seem exciting cool to be a part of why I wanted to be exciting and cool to be apart of the events that we're having at the track because it's safe it's Smart and it's just as much fun so I started the program. Men anchor right fest. Weights is targeted to an ID institute does. King gage and street Racine in they like hang out with their friends and we do those. Ram 8 PM until 3 AM in the morning while. And so hello it's that late night failure get to just hang hourly your friends some nights we'll bring in AD Jamie make a party I mean. It's not just the racing that's fine it's the community. And being able to spend time with your friends and know that your not gonna get in trouble for it you don't have to wait there and wait for cars to pass or anything you get to make as many passes as you can get and you know it's only ten dollars a car when it so you know that targets my younger audience because it's more affordable for them hey let's. See how many people we can thing in the time that. And lost let our money at them we're gonna go to their racism really have a blast. So that was something that was really important to me and with the help of home pay being. I'm gonna take it to a whole another level this year. Holland paving allowed me an opportunity. To be able to push this farther I met with the Wichita police department lacks. Season it was just silly in the year to be able to push that any further. But you know I wanna get in to some schools this year I wanna push that educational side of things so people know it's opportunity come out the track. You don't have to be a race car driver you don't have to have a race car. You can bring what ever you hadn't come out and Ryan. Are those are those are great ideas and great projects again behind. We're talking with Madison Nash and she grunts Kansas international dragway. And let me get us address straight I know it's 7800 west 61 street north. That's just right there by 61 and is it ridge and prayed for richer or OK so you just take 96 to ridge and go north. Right and that and ninety BOB write their 61 street take a left. And you'll be able to see the track as soon as you do that so. I'd check it out online if you'd like to follow along with us today and it got a bunch of stuff. Cool stuff up on their website it's Kansas dragway dot com are you can get McCaw 31679. 2882%. Are correct yes all right get get. What are some of the changes and upgrades achieve made in the last five years to the track. Sun and 2011. Week completely Reid did this her face we trended down but new asphalt down in solos a new surface. Actually dating a new burnout box so we try to take care of that actually attracts her face. We Voss. Now we have new bleachers because we had a star norm now in years and now yeah ten years that I completely cut down on all of our bleachers and now we have new nice and stand for stairs in their really fancy you know like those and I think makes it more comfortable for the fans to the other common though that they have a great place to see and we have new vans new mark what about the concession stand has. Full lineup threw this out there. We deal we actually trying some new things this year to act Jeremy make things a little more find that just switch it up a little bit you know we're gonna do some walking talk as though we do care area. You know cheeseburgers hamburgers. Hot dogs we came polish sausages hot sausages. Not to lose so somebody wants to come out to the track and be there for the night or weekend or whatever it is they they really don't have to bring for looters got everything you need I'll keep your belly full line we have. We have you know energy drinks Lotta a Gatorade and adult beverages that whatever your drink of choice is I can take care again all right. How many employees you have what are some of their responsibilities. I don't know him all of name. We have on average fifteen employees. Of course we have Ian he's answered by paramedics we keep those on staff I'll times you know a little bit about my starters in my announcing his and then I don't mind hind the scenes crews really important Ximian I don't feel like they get enough credit because they weren't just as much as I do if not more they've been out there. The last three weeks in Philly you know 1:2 o'clock in the morning in matches making sure everything is ready when you get there and they stay in you get to enjoy the experience you know taking care of making the grass looked nice and the track is mean and every thing is reasonable all right let's get some definitions on I read stuff on your web page and I think I know some of them means that others may be not once and no preparation what does that mean compared to a regular race. Okay it's and no prep race seeing is obviously in kind of an accident drag racing road it's news to Kansas will have been doing it for four years now. But in no prep races there's literally no threat. So that's gonna go in to me explaining a regular race we play at BHD. Or you know PG one whenever a compound down. On the track and makes it sticky slowing your. Using your tires or he knows you'll see different have Tyler is slick tires something like that it's going to make it easier. More than to hook on the track. So I know prep race when no prep on the track it's awfully. Obviously a more slick surface. So that makes it more exciting for the crowds and the racers it's. More of a driver's game then a car game because you have to you know. Think with your head when you're driving you're going down that track because there's not an extra keeping you hooked on the track and so makes it really fine and that's. Kind of they excitement right now is you never know what's gonna happen in and then you know with my no prep race than I have brain now. I have a lot of fast cars that are registered but it's so hard to even pick who you think is gonna win because it's not always the fastest car who's gonna win. It's easily the best driver right yet it's a driver's game and that's why it's. Is that equalizer it's real interesting all the things took to me at least that affect the outcome of those races even temperature yet right pitchers thing. And so it's a crazy about what to make a difference. And you know its import and I like questions like that because I want people to be involved in learning more about drag racing in understanding. What is that I'm putting on my fires are. Why kind of event is that what's that mean what is that what's the difference between this driver and that driver of that car and this art and there are a lot of things I go into it that makes drag racing so diverse and so special. Okay and you still have like bracket racing and heads up racing in and some of those different category yeah how we do heads up bracing bracket racing index Racine. And and gorgeous cover regular testing and also so those are fine. What are some of the races that you have planned each year that it may be the most popular to people okay so. No track is obviously our biggest events that we have. Now we've had for the last four years Baston is three national rent and then Swede is spring summer and fall nationals. And those are foyer when I bring out. That shows and they exciting parts of racing we'll have jet cars and will standards and prone minds and the cars that just make you rumble and you can film when you're sitting in the stands in their so much fun to be apart. So those are exciting to you and when I've been out there several times on the events like that of course and it seemed like this was years and years ago there as a jet car they came out and when they inject Arctic dolphins lose part of the launching pad cement. Away. They're crazy and well now if you've been in our tire before we have glass windows all around our soured. So when we have a jet Caricom want have people go up in the tower and we have to hold the windows and because there's so much pressure coming back from those jet cars and it's insane. A pacers have some races coming up you got to test and tune coming up next Thursday right yeah and then and do. We wanted to Gatorade stand before. Our first points race and just trying to open up for the season obviously mother nature Genoa nordic with me not play it. So I'm gonna get attesting to NN and this is just today where anybody can come out and be apart it's just open Ryan's. And we're gonna open up for probably four or five hours try to get in as many passes as possible it is a real laid back environment no pressure you know you don't have to feel like your recent with the pros or any thing in. Everyone's welcome to be a part of that. OK then march 25 that Saturday is going to be the first big. Open race day Iran may that is are going to be our official openly and we'll start with our first points race for the season and then. Kick off and are racers there I'm exciting. All right now or I'm fortunate we're already running out of time but I know your dad has a really fast forward. Night has quite a few upload right up global temperature at tell us about the silver on the one that he had built out. In California are on the mark when yet today he's had that car since before I was even born. That's kind of his baby but that's his least spring car keys when race issue out all fled that he used. 17 races been in magazines. And that's a local Wichita car that you can come out and see race quite a few at my thing and that's a crazy fast car like what does it do the quarter amount typically and he. I we've been running eighth mile from. Without carp are allowed. Can't celebrate accurate time on a courtroom one I don't know off the top of mind and that is way fast it's it's pre S president and. All right we're talking when Madison Nash with Kansas and our national dragway if you want something funded in coming up. Put under counter right now march 25 what time of the gates open 10 AM 10 am all right so big Saturday Ingraham have lots of fun decent and different. Take a measure their concessions and everything that's gone on out there it's at 7800 west 61 street north. That's 61 and Northridge road as you can check amount Candace dragway dot com are give McCall a 79. 2882. Madison thank you for realist and thank you.