Wichita native in trouble with Olympic Curlers

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 21st

Kirstie Alley tweeted that Curling was boring, U.S. Curlers disagree.


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98713. 38 and as fish because they're in the morning now being affected and Woodward. 8:30 here on Wednesday morning. American evangelical Christian evangelist and ordained southern Baptist that are minister Billy Graham junior has died it was internationally known widely regarded. As for the most influential preachers of the twentieth century if not the most influential. Rim a spiritual advisor to American presidents. And provided spiritual counsel for every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. Billy Graham dead at the age of 99. In Mobile, Alabama police officer is dead following a visit with a person of interest. The shooting started after mobile police found the body of a woman and began asking a person of interest questions. Mobile police chief Lawrence Batiste explains how the situation quickly escalated. There's also linked to miss Holly's residency. So perimeter game away all key to Iraq to. Talked to him before shots. Our shots at the officers. Striking one. Also this officer Justin bill Le died at a hospital suspect is also dead. Following shootout it is unknown if the suspect died from the police or from a self inflicted gunshot wound. The Conservative Political Action Conference gets under way today. C packs annual four day gathering is being held in Maryland and host big names and conservative politics. This year's speakers list includes president prompt he spoke at sea tac last year after skipping in and 2016 during the presidential primary season we're gonna win and we're gonna win big folks who gonna sell winning again believe. Attendees will also hear from vice president pants energy secretary Rick Perry and FCC chair a Jeep high session topics include conversations with education secretary Betsy device and Kellyanne Conway. There'll also be book signings and the Ronald Reagan dinner on Friday night. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. A storm system featuring thunder and lightning dump plenty of sleep don't Wichita roadways just before the Tuesday morning commute continues which does director of public works and utilities. He says city road crews began putting down assaults and mix on the streets late Monday night. We didn't experience some flash freezing on some of the elevated roadways. And so it was a good thing that we did have consultants and down. Unfortunately at around 3 to 5 o'clock depending on where you were. A lot of precipitation came down fairly heavy and watch some of that treatment off the road so we essentially. Started over and some of the areas of the city. City crews are patrolling which does main roadways looking for trouble spots or any further treatment. The Kansas Highway Patrol says a woman died in two other people were injured in a collision on an icy highway in the northeast part of the state. The crash happened late Monday on US highway 24 east of law meego. The patrol says a pick up and another vehicle collided when both drivers lost control wanna bridge. A woman in the vehicle identified as 38 year old Sarah Salinas of Saint Mary's died at the scene. Legal police chief Michael baker said Tuesday Salinas was a 911 dispatcher for the department for the past ten years. The man and woman in their pick up were taken to a to pick a hospital for treatment Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Presidential son in law and advisor Jared Kushner. May be coming up against a new White House security policy after it was revealed that embattled former staff secretary rob Porter was working under an interim security clearance for months. White House chief of staff John Kelly's cutting off access to top secret information anyone who doesn't have permanent security clearance. One of those who only has temporary clearances advisor Jerry Kushner. But white house Press Secretary Sara Sanders says he continues and we'll continue to be a valued member of the team and they'll continue to do. The important work that he's the focus on what the last year questioners that working on multiple projects for the White House including Middle East peace. Other staffers may lose their jobs because of the new policy. And Washington chill NATO Fox News. The Wichita police department has deployed you radar trailer is an effort to reduce traffic accidents lieutenant Jeff Allen is in charge of the department's centralized traffic unit. Allen says the sign in the trailer reads slowdown high accident location. The biggest thing is we're trying to trick change driving behavior we're artists are trying to write to take instrument is trying to enforce your brother used. Look at this board and say maybe I'm going too fast. The trader also collects data the department plans to use to address traffic issues around the city. Can't assist you stand out 835 a look at the forecast with Kate and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning's Dan good morning our weather is cold and quiet for now but that is going to be changing by later today clouds are thickening up across south central Kansas are high temperature near thirty with a northeast wind a winter weather advisory in effect by this afternoon through tonight. Will likely see snow move into south central Kansas. So that will accumulate. The mixed with freezing rain is warmer air moves in aloft are Lou 25 Thursday 36. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy fourteen degrees north went to thirteen miles per hour the wind chill is zero. 836 Stephen did in the morning and day it's time for entertainment news a blur with Debra Byrd dead but more charges of sexual misconduct. I'll accusations anyway accusations from model Kate up then a big name in business is leaving. The co-founder of gas is stepping aside in two weeks. After allegations of sexual harassment were leveled at him from model Kate abstinent. Designer Paul Marciano. Is stepping down from the company according to CNBC and to be sexual misconduct investigation. Is complete. Or Janis saying in a statement I pledged my full cooperation to the company. Earlier this month. Austin alleged that Marciano inappropriately touched turned 2010. Saying he forcibly grabbed her breasts and said I'm making sure the real she added he continued to grab her. Throughout the shoot Marciano denies the model's accusations in a statement people. Michelle Perino Fox News. Jad chambers you mentioned this yesterday. A big name in Hollywood says I'm not dead yet. Up Sylvester Stallone speaking out after rumors of his death circulated on social media. The rocky start tweeting please ignore this stupidity alive and well and happy and healthy still punching. The 71 year old batting down the death hoax after someone on social media says he passed away from prostate cancer. The rumor sparking a flood of rest in peace tweets from devastated fans. Still owns younger brother frank also slamming the rumor saying it upset they're 96 year old mother making him doubly upset correlation guess Fox News. The Rockies still does stolen this glorious surprise revelation from tennis superstar Serena Williams. She gave birth last year. If peace for cnn.com the American tennis star revealed she almost died giving birth to Alexis Olympia back in September. William says her heart rate plummeted during contractions after undergoing an emergency C section. Back on September 1 after surgery went smoothly revealing she suffered a pulmonary embolism a blood clot that blocks an artery in the longs coughing so bad her C section moon popped open requiring another surgery. They're doctors found a large slowing of clot of blood in her abdomen and that surgery successful. And the column she goes on to thank her incredible medical team. And urges people to support UNICEF which provides medical services to mothers and their children around the world mad at all Tom how Fox News. Do mention a woman a young woman in better physical condition. The to undergo something like two a lot of complications there and this problem wow now. Nerd alert all got a big name calling up on a big sit. Dumb delegates to appear in an upcoming episode of the Big Bang theory on CBS the Microsoft billionaire has not taken impacting. Gates of claims self and an episode this coming march in which penny. How skates that are work naturally the guys will do everything in their power to meet him hopefully it won't likely happen to Sheldon when he met gates for the first time when gates punched him. It did give a speech at the university should have an up and up to its instead neighbor if you also distracted by security and Africa you could have put in it and what caught into Windows Vista up. Yeah no. Big Bang theory returns with new apps says march 1 Michelle Leno foxman. Us. I like it when they get get started tonight UW guard came alone on the hour Larry it was system again like dead out when they get that. Different people on there are some spices and a little bit yeah. There we go the Internet strong scratching its head a little bit over a rapper and those of big bar tab. Rap mogul Jay easy taking center seeing Jon social media for reportedly spending close to 100000. Dollars adding New York City allowing each star was spotted celebrating a friend's birthday and Manhattan venue playground a -- server later shared a photo of the musicians bill on snack shack which showed the purchase of forty people priced bottles of Jay -- ace of spades brand champagne at 12100 dollars a pop aside from an a bubbly to fill up several bathtubs it was tax and a whopping 111000. Dollar hit a total of over 91000. Box page six reports. While you. While. We give these people money and they know how to squandered I'm mad at myself because they don't work at a place where you can get an 111000 dollar tip tip the that's a that's moderate diet is on me. I. Okay oh there's have been a war of words on Twitter between a Wichita native. Actors skewers the Alli she's doing battle at the US men's curling team. Opposed to talking about Winter Olympics sports actress Kirstie Alley jumped tweeting on trying to be mean but curling is boring it didn't go over well with the US men's Olympic curling team who fired back were not trying to be mean either but your movies weren't exactly riveting theater Percy hash tag just saying Olympic curler Matt Hamilton also treating at the cheers star you're entitled to you're wrong opinion. Alley didn't back down at first week I role in the oh geez and the caption another day to try and be as sensitive as possible to not offend anyone anywhere anytime about anything I have to raise slew of folks praising the sport Alley treated she'd give curling another chance. Increasing Goodwin Fox News. And on and goes. He's yet to be in anguish over others and I think is boring his hey. I'm sorry I agree with Kirstie you're on her side. Well Steve I know what you are doing last night. You're watching the bachelor winter games on ABC. Will remember when Newton meant no one said that TV was of as a waste land app. Well I'm going to play you clip from the bachelor winter games last night Liz as you key says goodbye and remember this is on network television. And now we can come visit you in Japan has a list I think every main Japanese unless I did and I heard her could have. And now. I'm. He's in my hand and the end any time. No. It's still a good man. Eric. Sure. It. When anybody who leaves this place I always known that his seat and again though would you kidney never theory dad and that's those ads. Are you see my travels. And got. You keep grab a dictionary and look up the word dignity. That was me basically word for word. Mike Kennedy's final day here at the brightest and that was my my exact same wanna provide vital day I hope I'm better than you can't. Go to the bachelor lender and guy entertainment news in the blurb brought to you are good friends at pizza John end Jeremy they're located right there on K fifteen it 208 self Baltimore there open Monday through Saturday at 11 AM 10 PM. Beat that it is 843 Stevenson coming up editor bill Lloyd and it's the business at all. Wichita a good place to rent bills that tells about it. Seated in the morning on tape and a sense. Listen to the.