Wichita needs to diversify its economy

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
Mayor Longwell responds to negative report on Wichita.

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I did talk about it tasted like to become crazy Ambien sex sounds delusional on their hearts. You don't like mildly. Just. 37 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Stephen did in the morning now. Seat back is understood what we're 744. Here on a Thursday morning at. Three big staying three. To gamers pleads not guilty and fatal swatting incident in Wichita seeing. Two men dead after two semi trucks crash. Is Pratt county in western Kansas and Wichita woman dead after a pick up and semis crashed in Marion County. Please please make things even dead on cape and a sense. Continue avoiding the area we've got a traffic accident. We had a semi overturned on the rampant greed which road westbound and 96. We've also got some slow traffic reported in a couple of other areas. One of them of course the road construction of these found on Kellogg approaching 1935. And that we have some heavy traffic and this is. By. 3740. Between 37 and 45 street north on I 135 of their by the north junction. Descend heavy traffic slowing things down that they are traffic on state and as as. Rusty budget problems Charles Goodyear tire and in downtown market and Waterman he used cherry street small and online at Carl's tired dot com your home for complete car care. Katie western told me a few minutes ago for instance don't record streak. That's a ridge of high pressure dominating your weather here in Kansas and that he is going to be. More of the same for a couple of days sunny breezy and hot today with a high of 98 degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 72 then on Friday. It's sunny breezy and hot again with a high. 98 degrees. In the normal high this time we hear about 8586. Now mostly cloudy we've got southeast wind ten miles per dollar and 75 degrees. Can assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the perfect feel for conversation and cocktails. The monarch covers a military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in delay no. Seven. 47 now Stephen Ted super six gold tour card. Play eighteen holes of golf and each of the six area golf courses for only 49 dollars such just over eight dollars per round. Cherry oaks cottonwood ills Wellington Heston. Prairie trails and Augusta country club. Purchased now go to Wichita perched dot com a heck of a deal as a good deal him for golfers this time a year and yes yeah. On the stock market. The Dow NASDAQ and S&P 500 all finished lower Wednesday. The Fed signals to more rate hikes for the year 2018 stocks sold off and closed at session lows. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down. 119. Points at 25000. To watch. The NASDAQ Composite down eight at 7695. The S&P 500 down eleven at 2775. Verizon Boeing caterpillar and Dow DuPont with the laggards on the Dow Walt Disney Goldman Sachs an Intel gained. In fact we saw financials moving to the upside ball homebuilders back on higher yields on the ten your spot. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange hopefully these Fox News. Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell says US Central Bank has not resolved how financial institutions. Should deal with marijuana businesses. Marijuana usage is permitted in some states but not by federal law. Pals as the disparity puts fed regulators in a very difficult position. And that the Fed would love to see the hazy issue clarified. So Assam got to be some confusion to at around the country. In the cities and localities have some of them are and even states they've legalized. Certain amounts of Merrill water and yet the federal government has known all that is a federal offense. So we get two different if the guy next to get that figured out and match about somehow bounce into the banking industry I don't know how. Chicago has chosen a found. Company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. To villain express service from downtown to O'Hare international airport. Reaching speeds up to 150. Miles per hour. In other words a really fast true opinion nor depth of the airport and back in Chicago. We've been into we didn't client aware of that time we came back from a flu in the midway midway okay oh yeah. Samsung Electronics the world's biggest Smart about color is of that yeah that's all I just. They're gonna look into ideas how to how it again and my guess. My go to my first thought is how they only acquire the property and have a right away make apps already there are they going to do that. Ability to build something like that maybe that's already there somehow I don't know him well that's that Chicago's problem. Samsung Electronics the world's biggest of many of us Smartphone maker. As they should convert its operations in the United States Europe and China. To using only solar. And other renewable energy by Tony Tony. That's an interesting offensive threat they pledged to do it a 100%. I don't want 750 now Stevenson in the morning on K and SS equity bank expanding. Editor bill Lloyd switched opposition with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve in Kenya we squeezed in this breaking news yesterday a little bit more information equity bank making another acquisition the bank's parent company announcing its signed a deal to buy Citi bank and trust of got an Oklahoma from docking Bancshares. A barking at the city talks began in April they made a deal for equity to buys CBT. For eighteen point nine million dollars in cash it's equities eight acquisition. Since going public in 2015. Wichita mayor Jeff Long while says it's give the city some credit long well over is responding to the data presented Monday by. John says which does lagging behind other midwest cities of about the same size. And not doing much public or private investment long while system didn't mention the new airport. The open 200 million dollars over the new Cargile headquarters. Are new apartments along the river. The deal between Boeing and resilient airplane maker Embraer is reported to be at its final stages. Reports say Brazil's president has endorsed the deal and talks could wrap up in the next few weeks. Boeing would take up and prayers commercial aircraft operations but would not touch the defense sort business yet divisions. Local breaking business news every day on candid assessment of what to top business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Let's talk about that a little bit about mr. Jung's. Information about Wichita need you've been here for quite awhile good part of your. You're adult life your career in 1988 ebitda. Ted and I of course are real lifelong residents of Wichita. It and I'm just thinking about what happened to to this city. Right after 9/11. When in the airplane stopped flying and so forth and it's of my recollection is. Somebody put out that they're resists Wichita was a single community in America most. Negatively impacted that are impacted. You remember that bill oh yeah absolutely so reporter on a that'll play guy reaches a decision it's his great big sucker punched now holds community rocked. Then we start building back and we're doing good going into that recession hit. In 2008. And that was a bugger forests bright and we haven't in nearly everybody I talked about it some businesspeople later revealed. A few of them not as beneath you but you've got to make a point of asking and have we ever come back. From the year recession most some say now know probably never will it's gonna be a different ball game and all that so I don't know. That's and that's what John says he's do we really you know while other midwestern cities have have grown there's a gap there between those cities in Wichita because. Wichita hasn't grown as much and I think the big big change that always strikes me. Pleased to have pizza Coleman. Boeing of those companies used to invest a lot of money in this town. They're wrong yeah earlier almost to a point with their individual leaders to him. And then it is as we point out when the view spears goes create that 1013 and were jobs with a multiplier effective. You know three jobs for each one of those. There created in debt has an impact and we and bring peace that most people left that took away a lot of jobs. Right and I was working for a company that. He's pulled out of left attendant right shortly there after they pulled up went to Dallas. Right in I think in the meat and they've probably gone under and aren't what happened and that's my understanding. I you know the same company and talker. But he was diabetic small company not a great big company but in the started right here in Wichita they need ideas. And it grew and grew and in mills at all what we need to go to Dallas now. And a re doing so well what competitor yeah competitor bought just their ego. It anyway I MA it all sounds like which studies to reinvent itself somehow I don't little bed you know we. We do we still need to do a lot of work in technology there are things going on here that are very positive and people are optimistic that more than they were a few years ago that. As John says so there's more work to be done well. Aiding you in Medina and not to be but one look at this thing with the rose colored glasses. And it is he he's giving you some day the splash of cold water to face. Here it is guys do what you'll write so and have long discussed with him. Not only this week the next week two of the biztalk but the raw podcast Diego there. OK today is national strawberry shortcake day. These are shortcake Syria. As split in a bottom is covered with a layer strawberry Houston with cream you're talking about strawberry sure Eric yes and my wife is of is allergic to strawberries that I like you're gonna run very short day because it hasn't won ingredients. That I like on nearly every food and that is. With pre Kramer and now I mean you that pumpkin. With cream and he got on at the Jason's deli for that strawberry short yes let's take is that good and mine okay. Our guys thank you 755. Student at pace they would Stephen density o'clock hour. We'll tell you about new Jersey's new even tougher gun laws. Ted has a sports updates. The double checking with the royals in the lane let's see what happened last night plus entertainment news a blur with just let us coming up at 835 yeah plus we've got a hot. Forecast and traffic to tell you about state was even dead. For the 8 o'clock hour. Here on CNN cents.