Wichita news anchor is leaving TV

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 14th

KSN's Mark Davidson is taking a new job at an insurance company.


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You Americans eat do you you need just. As a teacher that has come into my eyes it's called me. Thank you. 97. And thirteen thirty kids in excess of the year he contended in the morning now. 745 of the third day's three big things and he's. Congressman again had been planned to overhaul the tax code Dixie thanks rob in Easton widgets on line. Fifteen year old girl shot in north Wichita. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. We have a traffic accident now this is northbound on I 135 at thirteenth street. Avoid theory in this time again it's northbound I won 3513. Got any traffic accidents or traffic update from cape and has as radio one's kids Jesus. Mostly cloudy and cooler today with a high of 49 degrees yesterday's high. Plus 66 today's ice going to be. Closer to normal this time of your normal high around this time your 404445. Degree today's high. 49 partly cloudy cool tonight the overnight low of 26. Friday sunny with a high of 52. Now mostly cloudy 37 degrees we have both windows and the miles per hour. Kagan has asked whether brought you by the monarch offering five dollars select appetizers. Monday. Thursday from four to 6 PM for happy hour full cocktail menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch. In delay you know 746 Stephen did dad get your flu shot yet I do not you don't do not ever gotten a pollution yet. Andy do you done pretty well over the years damages until this year that you edit the about. Let's just let that February was that now maybe I should start getting one now you you're getting of that age I can I am NB becoming an old timer there isn't free flu bury Caesar at the year. They're PG pre freebies or. The free flu vaccines available for uninsured Cedric county residents over the age of nineteen while the vaccination is in stock he said earlier. A liberal obamacare everybody was insured up on everybody is obviously not now of the vaccine is available at Sedgwick county division of health. Main klink got to 2716 west central and Wichita that's right there just west of the McLean. And with the old where the hospital used to be there. Mondays. As through Wednesday that offices opening eighty and a 5 PM Thursday noon to 630 and Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. Flu vaccinations are available to. Uninsured children up to the age of eighteen. And children with state sponsored insurance plan such as Medicaid Amerigroup United Healthcare or sunflower at re talking about obamacare there. Sliding fee scale is available for children who qualified Edwards. Depends on your income and so forth and there's going to be a flu shot clinic at the main clinic from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. January 628288. 28 to eight get used to say it almost here not that far aligned just right around the corner if you say OK yes stocks finish today mixed. After the Federal Reserve announced another interest rate hike. The Fed announces the widely expected interest rate hike up a quarter point stocks moved higher. Though BS and 500 pulled back late in the day the dollar and US treasury yields fall. Dow Jones Industrial Average up eighty points 2400585. The NASDAQ up thirteen at 6875. ESP 500 down want. At 2662. Financials came under pressure. That we did see some winners on the Dow Jones Industrial Average caterpillar Nike Coca-Cola Procter & Gamble we'll winners on the day Goldman Sachs new high. Caterpillar new night Isa and also Boeing. Hit all time highs on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and Paul Otellini said Fox News. It via comments sedate and from KE SS FaceBook. The story about the man who drove the entire length of which at all the wrong way right Kellogg boulevard news stories. Which you were reported on from city hall and the police department apparently. There was an amount of possible alleviation in beat me now the drug and down and I was arrested. UA Jane says he's lucky he didn't kill someone absolutely but somebody was pretty seriously injured. As a result of him on the wrong way. Matt says it's hard enough to drive elect the right with K. Tell you that's a good point you're gonna and I've I do you I do this every daddy you don't have to take you live in a different place but living in Riverside. I start up right here at rock yeah annual clear over to get off a debt net them more or Seneca. Yen and in it's amazing to me. Yeah mid day. And I can be out there and ambulances but sixty mile an hour right. Zone I'm gonna 6465. Is actually unsafe it's amazing to be how many people just goes but Ryan on around the and and not get if I'm not gonna fault our law enforcement people but they keep you know if you want it to. You could put people up there and be Bibby around 24/7 write tickets. Course after awhile you will slow down after the learn that and it's like a speedway up there. A bit out there and afternoon drive it's amazing it's just amazing. All the way to implement mentioned that Lazio 500. As I was pulling out of a business on the west central right near West Street there yes with my wife my level of life and I had gone into this. But to get to booted we're coming out. And as I turned in front of this woman it's it appeared the T speeded up and gave the old high sign there wow. And in this they can you know I haven't that even annoying me anymore these disputes so common in Wichita. The union annoys me about testing god bless him because you know. You keep behaving like that someday you know it. You're gonna have to address your maker in arms and and he's gonna say yeah but this time did you do this and people ever think about that that maybe it's wrong it is that maybe it's. Not only rude bit but these breaking the ten commandments are so I don't build on this so often do you think you're just immune to it beginning but maybe I'm just a crummy driver at. But you know she had a right but I'm challenged she had to use three quarters of a block away. In a thirty miles alone. How annoyed continue beat at any. My wife says when she used to drive on the west Kellogg went to the west every morning she observes beat them she said every morning. Three or four people would flipper offer for driving the speed limit. Filling. Yes it's everyday and you entire immune because we're in here road rage get the Stevens Ted which Toppert dot com poll how do you. Most of New York guy you knew most of your Christmas shopped. On the Internet 14%. In brick and mortar stores 29%. A nearly even make some online and offline shopping 57%. From Matt take the poll Stevenson which Toppert dot com pollute our web page K units as radio dot com. Two area firms are joining forces let's find out more with the editor bill. Of the Wichita business journal a morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yeah pair of wealth management firm answer merging you keep financial group now combined with the prairie hills financial group of the person. The practice open to new location in the will Easton Wilson the State's office park. You're 21 and rocked the bank yes and be building. I come structures did to build out on the 3000 square foot space the firm as I've advisors and eleven supports that. Wichita TV anchor leaving his job. He has since mark Davidson has been hired as a producer and risk advisor. At I am hey Davidson is a co anchor on kansans morning show he'll begin his new job that the insurance company January 15. Miami's president says qualities make Davidson that anchor book translated into making him get producer. And the Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate by a quarter of a point now range between one point 25% one and a half percent. The Fed is predicting stronger economic growth over the next three years of forecast growth of two and a half percent in 218 and that's what above. Its previous forecast of two point 1%. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess in which a top business journal dot com or the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. It was uninteresting comments see the qualities of an anchor will help them do well and other businesses. That's what they saying now I was out of work I was told that the qualities you have a radio all of you for nothing at all but the not a thing nothing sequences in the consider a copy shop and talk to people is not to talk to yourself I had to guess if there's a you know there's a job for annoying people than net. A face to face maybe that's it I would think you'd be you'd be real again at that think suing mark Davidson's time here on Stevenson in the morning is partly in his career into. Problems stratosphere. As you know what this yes cool okay. He filled in from meat to on sports OKW's via the now that's probably right there. Today is you know we like to keep went at the other night at via radio hour when we're doing the show. Brian we had a person come up woods and he said he loved it. The that we share what day it was easy to the almanac typed the all got the job got a good in four years day today is monkey day. And Allah. Annual celebration of all things Ximian. A possible prime mates a chance to scream like a monkey and throw species that whomever you'd use Wahl perhaps just threes and hang out what their friends while driving and picking fleas are each other. My Monday day out I was and he reverend you don't remember the old style which draws Xoom which downriver side. Right I was there one summer day with the young lady who I was dating at the time will not mention her name because he still lives here. But we were outside and we were kind of making fun of them the baboons in there in involved in it and Sharon that he came running from the back of a cage. Skipped up witnessed a couple of handful you know what the through it and hit my date right on her leg so all my guys wow. You know monkeys there but you know they're strange that Canada. Well today. You're the one making fun of them and why you're calling them so I ask Florida can I am all right you know Miller. A Nazi like him picks him please off some or coworkers today I thank you gentlemen seven to dive. Steve it's that doesn't get it says. Coming up the completely to the news at 8 o'clock here was even dead on K and is it clarity here some more details on this. So the man who drove the wrong way all across Wichita. Even death on K and SS.