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Tuesday, November 14th

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8 o'clock this is big game as a sporting news was. Man stands his brother in south Wichita we've got the story. Another woman claimed sexual misconduct by Alabama senate candidate I'm Ted Woodward those details just ahead. Kansas child welfare agency was described as being overly secretive I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Low clouds patchy fog and drizzle sets up across south central Kansas again this morning the wind will we see the sun again our forecast is on the way. Violence between siblings and watching of Wichita. Police officer called cruise as early Monday emergency personnel responded. To the 2700 block of south hillside. Upon officers' arrival they can't take that 24. Your old male victim who reported being stabbed in the chest area might 25 year old male suspect. We do know that the relationship. This. The victim and the suspect that they are Brothers. The younger brother was hospitalized in critical but stable condition. Legislators former employees and family members say the state agency in Kansas charged with protecting children from abuse and neglect. Works instead to hide how it operates. The Kansas City Star reports that a former state department for children and families supervisor. Says she was told to shred notes from meetings and not document anything out for a child's death. Former DCF deputy director Diane Keats said that she was given the guidance by an agency attorney and Tway fourteen. And so on attorney shredding no separate 2015 meeting. The department set in a statement that it is committed to transparency. The department has faced increased scrutiny because of five high profile deaths of young children in five years. And scathing state audit of the State's Foster care system last year. Dan O'Neill K and SS news a fifth woman has come over to claim that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore's sexually approached her when she was a team that. Fox's Ed Henry. Attorney Gloria already held a news conference in New York to unveil Beverly Nelson. Who charge that more groped her when she was just sixteen already said Nelson is prepared to testify under oath and brought us evidence of a relationship. Yes I high school yearbook she says was signed by more when he as a prosecutor in his thirties. And putting his hands go on for. Hijack an open my car door delayed. But he raced over any walked it is that I couldn't. And I can tell you without hesitation. This is absolutely false. That more out at a campaign event to sue the Washington Post which broke the original story trying to make a last stand hereby suggest and all of these forces in Washington are out to get. The Washington Post reported that in 1979 would more which 32 he also had a sexual contact with a fourteen year old girl. The GOP tax bill is up for discussion in congress making this a big week for Republicans Fox's chat program X. On behalf of president trop this congress despite Republicans controlling the house and the senate. This is a big one and they need to move this through to satisfy the Preston and that's why he's coming to Capitol Hill on Thursday. Orders for the family of a black two. Attorney Gillian castle Steve yet says a city initially agreed to allow Dominic white's parents to see the body camera footage. But she says the city later said Kansas law allows it to be viewed only by whites for minor children. Can't assist you stand now. 8033 minutes past 8 o'clock. College men's basketball last night the sixth ranked shocker is how did things go on a late night at Coke arena we'll have highlights results. Your coach Marshall as well coming up sports Joseph Biden for president in 22 money and that story coming up on the cape and it's as sporting news was even dead. Okay sporting news is he's dead now in those 66 minutes. After 8 o'clock. But most taxpayers who have ongoing issues with the Internal Revenue Service the IRS has advocates can help you Tracy Willard is with the which. Not taxpayer advocate office congress that the taxpayer advocate author strapped to advocate sport taxpayers that individuals or businesses to org that organization. We help resolve federal tax issues that they have been able to get resolved there than normal I Aaron channel. Service is free of charge for more information call 3166512100. Former vice president Joseph Biden is not ruling out a run for president in 22 money. Former vice president Joseph Biden appearing on NBC's today show refused to close the door on a possible presidential run in 20/20. Who knows what situation would be your hat from. I don't have any idea I'm in good health now I'm in good shape and knock on wood as my mother would say but you know I think I just don't know I honest to god Massachusetts. Democratic strategist Michael Meehan told Fox News Biden's. 75 next week will not be a problem. Rather the wild card will be the mood of the democratic base mr. Biden was promoting his new book promised me dad about his son those deaths from cancer. In Washington James Rosen Fox News. An unexpected danger into tools used by law enforcement. The maker of taser says at least fifteen people have caught fire and five have died after being stunned volume flammable materials at count spokesman Steve Tuttle says the deaths include demand shock November 7 by a police officer in Lindsay Oklahoma after he was shocked and reportedly got into was gasoline soaked ban although authorities say they're still investigating whether the man set himself on fire title says it happened about fifteen times in 24 years out of about 3.5 million field uses of the case there Leeson as Sarah Fox News. Cain is an excuse not now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. And this morning we got the gasoline prices still. Where they Wear when they went up yesterday to 49. Months. They get a call from one of the track record to sound a little bit better. Traffic check Tim called in earlier said that at grand in meridian and pays bills to 41 again. Strapped update from cape and it's as radio on jazz chambers sit out the forecast we've Kate NSA's stampede about Japan the holidays good morning day from the two. Mourning its moisture continues to Lipton from the south more patchy fog and drizzle to start today here in which it's not cloudy with a high 57 this afternoon. You'll of occasional showers this evening may be the rumble of thunder is a cool front moves through our little near fifteenth. Clearing and 61 on Wednesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now light drizzle fog and mist. 56 degree keys to the south wind at twelve miles per hour light drizzle fog and mist yes not. The best driving conditions when no visibility is pitching today. It is Tuesday November 14 the another great day across Kansas Monday. Which does high temperature yesterday was 54 degrees normal high is 58. And injured are forecasted. Moisture is gonna continue apparently today and net again through tonight and this natural rain drops tonight. The one good thing about that is the temperatures are getting below freezing that would make this awful. Now the past few days or previous to this overnight lows forget down around 2930 degrees right this morning right now 56 that's not bad. Right now so minutes of really bad. Bad driving conditions could have been awful numbers probably get. Nine days until Thanksgiving. And yeah a lot of people making plans have been net talking with my. Wife and my idea. Daughter my daughter along the people lined up for a for Christopher Thanksgiving dinner and a I'm getting pretty anxious out Thanksgiving. I think my favorite holiday and I tell you one of the reasons is when you mean do Thanksgiving a family etc. the multifamily and up. Maybe some times in L get around that they all behave themselves it's a good day. Yeah today yacht there it is dead. It was a remembering you know one year judgment when I was a kid I had like I think I Canada over thirty cousins. On both sides of the family I mean or thirty and it course. One year you would get together with one side of the family of the next year what the those Thanksgiving. Meals were incredible meaning don't like doesn't show up. We'll have a good time usually after. Oh we ain't in were kids it would be a touch football. Yes all the kids involved boys and girls that is not the same memories this is right at the time by the way you know I'm talking about when the Kennedys were and why Nelson. And they that's what they did that a great big family they play touch football so. It was always fun and I remembered that. The dead wood that my uncles and sit around and usually. If there wasn't a football game on TV in the early days. They would play carts. Now that that Getty they get a bridge game going on for our wow. There's smoke in their cigarette bit above my manager trumpet my dad one time try to teach. My Brothers and me how to play bridge. That was on yeah now no couldn't get it at all upper we did pick up poker pretty well. Thanksgiving is great time now Euro I would usually get in in some sort of an earth football game outside with my Brothers in many my dad would make an appearance. But he cannot play at all. Are we shoot hoops. You basketball you know I don't letters and science and my cousins and and remember that west Wichita. Because it's out shooting hoops anyway it's nine days away and I'm Lori get fired up for Thanksgiving Day. For many people you know giving and receiving gifts is a big part of the holidays for many people it's all there is I get it isn't a great. However news survey shows that 69%. Of Americans. Would skip exchanging gifts if their family and friends agreed to it. What you did redeem and that 69%. I think I probably would be survey conducted by. Harris poll on behalf of suntrust bank also showed that 60% of those surveyed. Say they would spend more time with friends and family. If they didn't have to worry about buying or making gifts are retailers love to have your hands and I you know that shares of our. Averages. Up right now. But this is just surveil without people feel. Didn't say David spends its survey found 25% of they would use that money on activities with friends and family. Conversely 37% said they would pay down debt. 47% would you to save that money or invest it will see there's the problem right there every. People living month to month and every dollars precious. If you're not having to buy fourteen gifts for fourteen people. Some of that money can be put to other uses a strike but we encourage people to coach well sure we just go to art are sparse. Yet. Just go to the you'll be all right. Children of any age can hunt in Wisconsin. After governor Scott Walker. Signed a bill that eliminates the State's minimum age walker signed the bill Saturday took effect yesterday up until now ten year old skills aren't. Yet to be ten with a mentor who's at least eighteen years old. Under that program that can only be one guy and between them. But the new laws says kids of any age can hunt with a mentor and each one can carry a weapon. So of course obviously the the person involved the adults had better be pretty doggone responsible that and illegal stuff yeah idea. I grew up in a family that went hunting. And that was the talk to handle firearms in an early age. And was whether it's very strict father and grandfather news and if you. If you didn't do it exactly right you're gonna hear about it. Unions he's in great detail well it means to be how it's done yes this is just Dina and I think people just don't think it's there series. Most the most hunters and gun owners are real good knowledge of safety. And I was just thinking about this ten years old. I told us probably told this story 400 times like grandfather. Who it was basically grew up in western camp yeah. And his job he told me one time when he was seven years old. Was to grant his rifle. Jump what is pony every day Angela bring in the house at 87 every day. And those of you grow up in a rural Family Guy but he's got something to do out and he's so he knew about firearm but I'm just right walked. Gift giving this time a year they're getting close to that time with a new but is it Black Friday the day after. Thanksgiving supposedly although all you see on. Only see on the as an hour pre Black Friday sales now Black Friday doesn't mean much Friday anymore. It basically starts the first to November it seems like. Or even before that main. What we were before Halloween we saw this storage getting ready with their Christmas stuff right. So. You were gone to a store on black right on even coal or clock in the morning in ways not even. Remotely close I can't remember the exact circumstances that several years ago Kelly and I. Actually went to a very elderly wow store. And I can't Alex and I can't remember the circumstances that we thought afterwards that not me and I can do this again. A think my son in law actually got a line for some sort of an Xbox roots for the grandkids one time he was their way early. But then the doors open and everybody trample each advocate of stuff. Some people it's like intergrations fun. Yes I know many families that's. That's the thing they've circled the calendar on that they know what they're going to do on Friday morning a course aisles and on Amylin due on Friday morning and we community. Sleep. Outline a man we're at that age where enough deep RAM at that age where such a slumber takes a priority. You up like last night. Are you an update this list that early this morning to voters now these tea plate then your back hitting and a twin peaks about midnight last night now. And you are dedicated quick turnaround. Thought about 818 now Steven dead in its sports that would Ted Woodward ten out. A shocker game last night the basketball. Now delivery tonight with the shocks last night later than usual Coke arena six ranked Wichita State hosting College of Charleston. Wichita State was geared up from the start and big men Shaq Morris certainly providing. Big time entertainment for the shocker fans last night Mike Kennedy the only game on 103 point seven KEY end. Doctors back at work correctly these well right sidelines he has this build process rightly or a salon for eight. But its. Tonight. Those big guys were we supposed to be able to shoot those. That can't do it pretty good attacks off to a great start was on the mark last night seven of eleven shooting. A couple of three pointers finished with eighteen points ten rebounds couple blocks. Jack Morris had a big game and the shoppers. Roll over the cougars 8163. The final score some Ozzie means Jones dishing out seven assists in his second game is a shocker. The shock throughout but 25 at halftime up by as many as 33. About midway through the second half. And kind of backed off a little bit ended up winning it by eighteen points 8163. Was the final scoring soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. We played well for thirty minutes and then we played horrible so. The good news is we have things to work on. The coaches continue to grind we let good be the enemy of great tonight at the end. Talks are off to a two and oh start. And ranked number six in the nation meets those principles of our coaches ever totally satisfied. There are one thing that was great he's not got to have some work on athletics that perfect no ever known. Won't be playing your best in March. That's true don't want the perfect game in November that everywhere you go there. It shocks are off to two and oh start now yet great college basketball coming up tonight oh yeah Chicago at the champions classic. The first game is at 6 o'clock tonight that's number one duke against number two Michigan State or out at 6 o'clock tonight duke at two point favorite. You can listen to that went on Sports Radio KFH 12:40 AM 975. At them. The second game of the classic tonight has fourth ranked Kansas against seventh ranked Kentucky so. The top two winningest programs of all time in NCAA division one mean you know well that'll be at 830 tonight about. They use of Florida half point favorite seat state meeting Kentucky for the fourth straight year. And that is also on CFA slide covered jayhawks in Kentucky tonight a really huge. Basketball games featuring for the top seven teams in the nation in Chicago tonight including Kansas. K state is playing tonight the wildcats in Manhattan tonight hosting UN Casey that'll tip off at 7 o'clock this evening. Televised on fox sports Kansas City case state off to a one a no start on the season. The Wichita State women's basketball team will play tonight down in Stillwater heading to Oklahoma State shocks. Are looking the first win of the season any of only one once ever in Stillwater them back in 2002. Interest in coaching matchup between these two gently tell at Oklahoma State keep Adams at Wichita State. Jim was keep his head coach when they both were at Oxford high school. In Kansas. It's and cast him out. And Southwestern College students about investing matchup between Wichita State and Oklahoma State. Steve strain we'll have a live column that one from Stillwater at 645 tonight with some live right here 97 and thirteen 33 in SS. And it the National Hockey League last night. Four goals in the third period helped the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Dallas Stars 521 at. Winning goalie in that one for the hurricanes and former Wichita thunder goalie Scott darling with twenty. I have to say is helping her keys to that wins or Stephen Ted KN NS 2821 now keep it here for the ended the morning minutes. Hillary Clinton's election loss blame list. That's coming up Steven did in the morning on eight and assess.