Wichita State @ Memphis 05-18-18

Friday, May 18th

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It's time for Wichita State shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan as as. Now with the column to gain here the voice of the doctors might Kennedy. Pocket right back to map McCain Dennis offside Wichita State. Dropping the first game of the doubleheader here this afternoon giving up the tying run in the eighth. The winning run in the ninth the final score. Florida three Memphis and game two of the double header and the series but in underway in approximately twenty minutes we don't have. Rain in the area for about the last day and a half off and on leading in and overcast skies and light rain this morning. And we have had just a little bit of light rain shower returning. Toward the end of the first game a little bit in between gains and it doesn't appear to be anything that's going to threaten the start of this game. Memphis holding senior day ceremonies for five players here before the start of game two and again that underway right now. The parents with umbrellas up but just very light rain and it looks like the start on time. And saying you tax audit at the end of the first game pregame show. Soccer's Natalee down a game now but in the difficult position of going with a redshirt freshman is making its first collegiate start against a guy who's. Arguably. At least the best picture on the map the staff and a guy who's among the best pitchers in the American cup. Yeah guy who has. Eighteen strikeout game against USF. Jonathan roll a bowl in his name. And. Wichita state of counter with Alex legal guidance pitched well lately. Three innings and made his last three outings no more than one run any. But this is his first start and you know senior day we talked about there Memphis being pretty much. Dead in the water as far as their season is concerned and going to the conference tournament but yet seen here we can't see your day now. They've got that kind of draw upon a little bit shocker got up yes in the first game but really couldn't pull away or portable way. And now they've got. You know like we've been too little bit so they got their their guy going to. Which just leaves turning to. A guy it's starting for the first time and had their closer blows save and then end up lose in the game in game one so it really could have been a much worse part. Wichita State. After losing 43 for the team frankly likely have much good going form all the way around the pitcher that was very suitable shocker really didn't you let him. Offense and it being anemic at best inside the conference they get nine nine hits and scored the game's. For the last five runs in the game. From the sixth inning on anything basically winning time hi Kathryn flicker like. The pitcher that you mentioned Jonathan Poland would at least qualify for maybe I'm lucky is starting pitcher in the conference and want them in the country has a three point 14 ERA at thirteen starts averaged about six and a third innings per start. 99 strikeouts to sixteen walks. And yet his record is two and a who's the team that averaged less than three runs per game in conference play and he's been really at the short end of a lot of that a lot of most toward efforts he came back from his. Eighteen strikeout effort against USF to pitch an outstanding game the next week against UConn only gave up two runs and lost two to one ball game you have at that eighteen strikeout games the only one these one. And he has credible. ERA at 338 sites and I don't watch many. That's why he thinks I think that it without any question. If Wichita State's going to have any kind of shot. In the conference tournament next week they're going to have to perform with the bat somewhere near their capability this is a team that still. Relatively inexperienced as far as starting pitching and some guys that are capable dislike and Allen singled day. But you're gonna face a very good starting pitching and that caromed into every play. The shackles of got to get back to swinging the bat they hit 328 against a pretty good USF staff last weekend. And that it had six hits against Kansas State seven in the first game against pitches got. Nearly as strong as what benefit yeah. Their experience their old he got a couple pre season all Americans on their team. You got really really experience Courtney has been playing together for ever. Many of them you know from day one when they stepped on campus itself along the way. They are what I have seen a couple of them anyway. What drastically on the back me this bludgeon your way to win you know put it up happy that this could the pitching doesn't get it done. You know you know raked him over the coals a little bit shocker hitters did not do that against a couple of that this pitchers here in the first game of the doubleheader but you got a lot of accolades you've got a lot of attention gala. And most important Lee got a lot of experience. The position players to hit. And they need to target especially to back up there guy out Segal making his first start in that game. Todd Butler candidate grasping at straws little bit with the line up Louis it's not unique. But lately that George employers the starting lineup for trade picture to employers currently whether. A strain as take him out of the game after just wanted that it. And it. The second game and tries to different guys different left handed bats against right and terror hit this unique find hot cancer. I would say doctors it's imperative for him to score first they data from the perspective you know one of the first one of the second thoughts about. A promising start but the offense dried out. And they had to rely on Lou greater late in the game took it a base hit to left field to bring in what was that time the go ahead run but. You know and only score four runs and it's these guys in the first game of the this series or three rather. The first game series not started by Jonathan bowl of that's. That's not a good way to win the series now are we still talking about this because if Tulane trips up. Wichita State can avoid that the eight spot can they can get him to seven. And in the eight inning. It is 222 lane that you see out after UCF won the first game of that double header so if you see Afghan. Finish off the doubleheader sweep. They're two lanes sit still at nine wins shocker stuck on seven but if you're in this day and then you know take care of business tomorrow. That's possible a three hour talk about it you know that large stuff probably out the gate right now you are now but. Absolutely in Wichita State for many many reasons and even some we have brought up into in the senate and a. If the shocker his win these last two of two lane does lose that game and the shocker is when these last two they are the seven seat no matter what and again the advantages there. Get an extra day arrest the pitching staff particularly an extra day to rest Cody lawyer before a first games start in the tournament so it is important from that standpoint quality of the team you're gonna place. But to be about the same price as the age of the seven that. That certainly as far as the timing of when the games start you get an extra day in and that could be beneficial if you're gonna try to. Really make a run on the turn. And I guess maybe I'll. Disagree with you a little bit in that. I think Houston's. And in America craziness I think Houston's pretty average team and yet they're sixteen and hate me they're they're strengthened their first he's starting pitcher obviously it. Offensively in much to write home about. So if which dusty does it set up with them then you know you feel like kids that Tony what's the eighth you know nobody wants to be in the last spot and the conference tournament so. Charters get little help help themselves rest of the weekend to be seventh and play either I think it's UConn. And possibly US half. Those that he was still with the shot left to finish second. And depending on the health of king McClanahan. They can't get those guys to all the office that are so. I certainly put the cart before the horse to do some stuff to think about stuff the follow throughout the next two or three hours. 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Or online at money dash planning dot com. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on CNN. That's good but this pregame show for game two Wichita State and Memphis and a double header today Simon Sumner our producer in the studio for game two. Didn't have time to catch up with thought Butler between games but he is presented throughout the year by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a billion. To work. The injury report is brought to buy up to you live your life your journey. Your optimal view if you weren't like this in game one. Jordan Boyer had AS strain of some sort. Fathering a little bit before the game where was going drawing right groin area. And so they kind of bands to doubt he started the game but he had to make a play charging a ground ball about the end of the second inning. And didn't go back out trade Vickers took over at that point and George out of the starting lineup for game two. So his status little bit up in the air and if you did not hear Tommy art house was pronounced dot the year prior to this trip. He's been now working on recovery since straining his forearm but it's not gonna pitch the rest of this season so those of the current injuries with the shocker is not a whole lot at this stage of the season but nevertheless. A couple of guys pretty significant. And it's time for the starting lineups for game two presented by equity bank where you'd never pay an AT&T be sure to visit them on line and equity bank dot com. Shocker that thirty to nineteen and 1714. And one in the league with Ritter will lead off and it played second base. Batting second and third base great Kenneth. Alec home is at third base hitting third Wichita State cleanup spot in catching that are Trout line. Batting fifth and the aging your game twos Paxton Wallace. And batting sixth and left field is Alex Jackson. Jacob cats team is in center field hitting seventh the soccer's. Josh you backers in right field hitting eight. And batting ninth shortstop. He's trait Vickers. Alexy gold B making the start for Wichita State this his twelfth appearance overall. He has no record and a two point 89. Earned run average. And I citizens first arc in his second start. Wichita State to get the shocker Ridder generous the home. For outline Wallace Jackson Kathy Acker Vickers. And Alan Siegel make it start for Memphis they're twenty and 345. And seventeen Italy Carlos Williams left fielder and leadoff. Batting second at second KL Henman yet game when he RBIs in one. Tyler Webb was beaten to hero he'll play center field and if there. Alec for a lot shortstop will hit fourth. Kyle old black bats fifth place first base for the tigers. Batting sixth catcher Jason Santana. In right field for the tigers in game two hitting seventh is he stepped her. Evan bell will be 88. Kyle O'Keefe is it third base and of that night Jonathan Poland making his fourteenth start the year he has a but as of three point one form or program so again from Memphis. Williams haven't web Fella alleged Santana. Step your belt he. Jonathan Bullock pitching for Memphis. Calling balls and strikes here in game two Kelly. John miles key it is the first base umpire caps these at. Will be over there there which does state and Memphis game two on today and game two of the three game series final game of the regular season. We Mara. Throughout the year the drive the game brought by Kansas land tyrant servicer retires in professional auto service is always a home run and quite a few actually have made that drive yet here this series appearances and so forth some fans or. Not connected by relations by family ties to the players are here. And mention Paxson Wallace. 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The assistant to get ready to start game two of Memphis taking the field blue jerseys with white sleeves over white pants blue caps which stay all graded day letters and numbers. In black. Trimmed in gold and black caps. Any data shocker to play it 50% off your online order that he was two time area Papa John's blog on Papa Johns dot com. Is that from a coach soccer fifty. To receive your shocker this gap. Jonathan Baldwin getting the start here of game two for Memphis a 66262. Pound junior right hander. From Arlington Tennessee. We've mentioned his numbers. Three point 12 ER 14. But just a two and a record 83 innings 82 hits sixteen walks 99. Strikeouts. He did have a little bit of trouble in his last start at Tulane allowed five runs on seven hits in five innings and lose greater sleep it off against it and take to strike. Kelly not. Ball strike umpire in this game. Soccer seven for 31 in the first game and it's 226. Fastball low and outside one ball of one's right bold we'll get it up there. Anywhere between. 8895. Is that's law. 11. Browser out of the middle and on through into center field for a base yet. He lined out in the first game today leading off. And that's the only time in the last eight games Rita actually had the bat that he didn't get hit in the first inning he hit by a pitch by Kansas State. On Tuesday night so Ritter aboard. The better grades in Afghanistan. Greater now three for six in the doubleheader. Race and Janice stove for three in the first game today drew a walk he's hitting 308. Nine homers 37 runs batted him. Left handed hitter to first better guys that. Luke Ritter was well past halfway into the season before even attempted a stolen bases four for four on the year now. Bullet in the stretch. And deliver justice slices a foul down the left field line out play. Jonathan Boland is eighteen strikeouts. Against USF are the most by any division one pitcher this season he threw a 128. Pitches in that game. Four hitter two runs. Eighteen strikeouts and didn't walk anybody in that game. Pitched Afghanistan could strike on the inside corner brings it to Owen to. After a little bit of light rain here and there we've got. Pretty much for dominantly sunshine again Washington over the field as we start game two. On hold in the stretch this time out to be generous to a fastball inside moved him back. Just goes scene from bullet in his first six pitches or so. Yes little more firm than the starter cutter Alexander in game one. Log analogue hole the stretch throw to first base is trying to keep Ritter off balance a little bit keeping close. In that first game on the shocker seven hits Luke Ritter and know what croft had to a piece. 12 to jettison it inside almost hit him he almost started to go with that ball had a lot of late break on it. Ran him off the plate two balls two strikes. Packers scored in the first inning on back to back doubles by Bowman Trout line with two outs. That used to be almost a sure win for the shocker if they scored first. Here's the pit channel now back to discrete. And they still. Are 22 and five when they score first in a game that they had three in the first against Kansas State. And lost that ball game scored first today. So those trends have. Slowed down a little bit in the latter stages of the season. Addicting to jettison. In a hard ground ball to the right side scan through in right field for a base hit Ritter at second we'll have to stop there. At the right fielder stepped cricket to back it quickly that race in Afghanistan with a hard ground ball just enough to the left in the second baseman hit adamant to get it through. This could be something of an accomplishment they can rough up. Jonathan bowling here especially considering the fact that they only what they had seven hits came out seven hits in game one and and to say their best for the Memphis is best would certainly say a lot about the resiliency of Wichita State after a lackluster game one. Checkers in that first game only had two hits and an inning twice in the first and then again in the ninth when. Trade Vickers doubled but then was thrown out of the played on a single by lucrative. Poland pivoting toward second basis looking their utter back basically didn't throw it. Alec foam up there one for three willow walked. In game one is hit was a first inning double. Also grounded into a double play and struck out in addition to drawing a walk. Poland's first pitch to him as fouled the right out of play. Now it's one for three in the first game keeps him right at what one for three. Multiplies into as many times you wanna do it 333. Fourteen home runs 51 runs batted him. Two men on nobody out in the top of the first. Poland's pitches a breaking ball outside when a month. Soccer's in three previous double headers this season 11. And were swept twice they have not split doubleheader this season. That is now the goal today. Ticket second that it looked back and the 11. Hickson breaking ball in the dirt outside two balls and one strike. Jason Santana. Ads that are Trout wild and catching both games of the doubleheader for Memphis did a pretty good job of he beat some pitches in the dirt in front of him in the first game. Two balls one strike Alley though. Jonathan bowling delivers and bomb thousands to the right once again student to. 66262. To be honest he is a big guy doesn't look quite that. Has that heavy. He is a big dude out there. Pitching to another 66 guy right here. And comes from good good bloodlines his dad played for the tigers from 8789. And has the program's only perfect game and. Live up to the fifty tear. Lo and a fastball three balls and two strikes. There hasn't been much in the way of wind today there is. Just a tiny breeze. In the big flag in center field it's just enough to move it a little bit I would guess maybe 45 miles an hour tops kind of from the left field across the right. That it that's not to make much difference. 32 swing at a best got a lot of costly breaking ball similar to a couple of pitches struck him out in the first game. One out in the first runners holed it first and second in the better. Scattered throughout life. Give Poland and even 100 strikeouts is here. Most of the season in the last five years by him this picture. Mention the strikeouts to walks that's now 100. To sixteen. Walks. Ranked 24 in the nation in strikeout packing you have the 66 point two analog strikeout to walk it would be 24 it's hard to believe that many veterans Pickett second close play at Ritter just barely got back. And to be to an eight bit sad that. I think his career numbers he's below four with the RA. And he's eight in nineteen. Four and five last year with a New York if 375. Scattered true outline with one out and to laud and the first pitch to him is a fastball low for ball on. God has only yet in the first inning of the first game a double to right center that drove in his 44 round of the year is hitting 313. Seven home runs and those 44 driven in. One ball no strikes. Poland's pitch at a breaking ball gets the outside corner for a strike it's one of one. Luke Ritter its second Grayson Janice did it first started the inning with back to back singles. Outline. Coxnet bullet deals and its load inside two balls and one strike. At a trial winds double in the first game was his thirteenth. And he takes over the team lead. In that category bombs in the first game was his twelfth tee it Ritter both have twelve. Not one with thirteen those of the team leaders. 21. Yeah not to meddle another to the shortstop into left center for a basic that are on third Cavanaugh Beers Webster I'll let it is not in time this time. Got a pretty good throw by Tyler would that. He got Vickers in the first gain greater just a little faster beat the plane home of the soccer easily won an ethic. I don't know what they're doing with his arm in center field. He got his. Fourth outfield assist in that ninth inning thrower he's got great pictures a little much tougher play he had to go to his right. I think kind of throw off balance and still fruitful one hopper to the map to the plate. Just a little bit up the first base side and rear view anyway that. Are they kind of let me close. Now Paxton Wallace DH seeing here in game two of the double header. Right handed hitter in the first pitch to him is a little bit low fastball for ball one cutter Trout line. Another big first inning hit for run batted in two games in a row now. Paxton Wallace hitting three owed to. One home run nine runs batted in he's had 53 at bats with sixteen hits for the year. It's to have writers colony slices of spelled out there right. Hackers getting aggressive hit and run on there with pianist at second Trout wind at first. Almost put the bat on the ball all the violent swing with sprayed to the right. Well the last time he played in front this much family that I am aware of anyway. At central Arkansas closed his own town it was two for two with two walks and a triple. And a slap in the right side that's gonna move the runners at second baseman over the flip the first is just barely in time for the out tenement just got to clear in time to get Wallace. On a slow roller to the right side it does move pianist in the third and Trout line to second with two out. And heaven was way up the middle I mean he had a long way to go to get that. Little chopper that seemingly never got him I thought for sure losses like that one on its. The proximate proximity of the ball vs where Hammond was playing. And thinking he's ever going to. Now Alex Jackson had a chance to maybe come up with a big two out hit here that could put a couple more on the board Alex had one at bat in the first game. And hit a fly ball out. At the moment hitting 2291. Home run eleven runs batted it. First pitch to him in its way inside the vessel that bowl on. Alex Jackson has now had seventy at bats with sixteen hits. Hanging. Close to 300 over the last three weeks it's. Why did the right field for a base hit that's part of why don't get passed right fielder that's gonna score both runs easily. Alex Jackson races in the second base with a double and it's a three run first for which it to us today. Base hit by Alan Jackson. Shocker movement reading room here in the first on the island on the area but. To get three off the air force because it's often said Mike and it is true. You'll get their guy early some time in my game and all that doctors were. And in the first game as soccer's. Getting it right in the first minute of the second with the help of some wildness. This has been four pretty solid hits here in the first inning in this one. Naked cats be they hitter with a runner at second two out of picked a second then they just reflect the checks that little bit about it they can be let go of the shortstop broke he would announce it react very quickly to get back. Jacob cats eating 217. L home runs three runs batted in. This is his eleventh start of the year 32 appearance. They winds hit into right center for a base hit. Jackson around third we'll score easily on a play for the web just to get it back to middle of the diamond Jacob gets do you hasn't had a hit in a long long time. Whether another big two out hit the shocker here in the first inning. Well they're not wait around for good when they see their jump on it and they have time Jonathan Boland. Pretty darn well I said. Four runs on five hits the shocker here in the first. Better cash to backer. I shed one at bat in the first game after hitters pinch runner in the seventh grounded out to second ball that he came within a half step that beating out. Getting to 62 no home runs nine runs batted in. They last hit march 17. Creighton. University's back I would have guessed it was well well over a month you didn't like two months now al-Qaeda. So long ago was the that's the first what I have seen against the issues. Accurate from the left side cats they can steal a bag he's three for four on the year and now. I don't know what that was about the Kelly not just heard it says something to the shocker dug out. There's little feisty apparently been I don't know what they'll be upset about that. Apparently some teacher from Cuba to the wrong thing. Yes he breaks first pitcher pitches low and inside to throw his tie at cat thief steals second easily the middle infield late reacting shortstop. Relegating over their cattle Layden Santana this kind of threw it. Toward the bag had a right over the bag like you're supposed to but it wasn't close gets the steal second. Pitch. Was a strike on the inside corner digestive backer. It's gonna get a trip to the mound. Round pitching coach Russ make nickel. And that's the first time today that's been necessary on a dress. It's the first maintenance visits. By anybody. Todd went out the first game but to make a change know what else. Does that make of it. The inning started back to back singles but I Ritter and Janice. All love all people struck out. But then Trout lines singled up the middle to bring in Iran and after Paxton Wallace. Grounded out to move the runners to second and third a two run double by Alex Jackson and a sharp RBI single by Jacob catch me. And cats he had stolen second defectors have four runs in on five hits that are in scoring position accountable one to judge the backer. Conference over. Bullet ready to go back to work on the backer. Stretch further right hander. And he turns to second base this time neither middle infielder was anywhere near the bag. Backers steps out for a moment. Now left handers that. 01. Swing and a foul. Into the dirt around home plate go into the judge to backers. Becker is eleven for 42 on the year but started the year all fourteen cents eleven for his last 32. That's him over 330. That over for ten start. Started with just pinch hit single that TCU. Two fastball is Taiwan all in two strikes. Backers starting this wood in right field after. Pinch running and finishing the game at first base in the first game of the doubleheader. Jonathan bullet into the stretch. And the pin high again with a fastball to in two. It long first innings for Jonathan Boland. Checkers. Forcing him to throw. Pretty high number of pitches even though. Through three guys really jumped on it right away early in the camp. CT you know it is about her. Balloons that she Danny popped it up. Just behind the second basements position in heaven and back a couple of steps to make the catch and finally ended the eighth embedded. Four scored on five hits and after happening Wichita State for Memphis coming up against galaxy. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all plants. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars to. Hours from start to finish and I had chicken plants and we did. Hurt in retrospect. I wouldn't pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Pick Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center indeed born and over west Sawyer. This is Mark Levin joins me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as at. Alex we'll have to start the Wichita State here in game two he's a young man that. Cut Butler and Mike Steele have been wanting to have be a starter since he arrived on campus last year. Ended up missing the year with an injury. He has come back this year to make eleven appearances but he had a couple of extended periods on the DL because of a problem with a thumb nail. They seem to have gotten that under control it's still not completely a 100% that's reached the point where. He can pitch effectively with that that. Go a little longer games. We'll see how long he can go all these really effective if it buys about the limit or maybe sixty hasn't pitched more than three innings. But he's been very good in three innings a couple of different times recently three shutout innings against Oral Roberts one hit two blocks. Three shutout innings against USF last Sunday. Two hits with one walk at four strikeouts. Early in the year had three perfect innings against us value at original struck out five of the nine hitters. Basis Carlos Williams leading an op then misses outside for ball one. Seek dole get his fastball up there 8889. But. The breaking ball to curve ball is what really sets him apart when he's got it working that can be a strikeout pitch. 10 fastball in there for a strike. And I agree that a lot of Juan Carlos Williams one for five in the first game with a double. Hitting 245 for the year no home runs it runs batted it. Right handed hitting senior left fielder. Try to throw the curve ball earlier but it sailed high and outside. And it still want. Williams tenement and web bath for Memphis here in the first. In a minute left handed hitter flanked by two right handed swingers in the inning. 21. Fastball that hit even a foot. He has. Down in some pain and eventually it gets trot to first base or walk gingerly to first base you could hear that appeared and hitting hard in the back foot. So I hit batters started off. And ask you about the mentality a little bit up. Actually when your warming up command of the game you know you're going to be at and sons coming really knowing he's got to be ready and committed pitch but what's the difference when you know you're gonna be a starting pitchers have a couple extra days to think about all of you know it just to. The good part is you have a chance really bared out scouting report you know exactly what guys like what they don't like how to pitch and some times when you're. In relief you know quite as in tune that you. Just. You know watching that the course of the game. And try to throw a curve ball to Cahill had a that it gave him right in the middle of the back is it just sailed. Didn't do everything and everybody in the infield suddenly running in two. Chat with Alex Siegel and try to pat him on the back and calming down a little bit as he's hit the first to admit up. He was sent over that while thought about giving them but they hit two guys the way has. Here that's I mean you can't let that happen yet. Going over the plate. Number one win there are other whenever guys thrown thirty pitches and you get him for four runs. You know that they're gonna go off there take. And throwing a strike. When me opposition is absolutely not gonna swing sometime this part of that sounds but we've got to find a way to be able to do. Here's Tyler Webb the center fielder. And the first pitch to him as a strike. Down around the knees web the first game one for three with a walk and a triple. Just his second triple of the year yet nineteen doubles. Tyler Davis warming already for the shocker in case this. Continues. Stretched by Siegel the pitch and balanced way outside. He really seems to be searching for that curve ball he doesn't it's not snapping at all. Starting out of state run on the same plane or restarts it illness Memphis hitters and noticing that you can bet. We got one picture right now. One ball one strike. Fastball down and AM. The dirt two balls and one strike. Tyler Webb over the course of the full season. 281. Which is second on the team to Pannemon. But he was another one of the many. That this regulars hitting well under 200 in conference play 176. Coming into the first game. 21 fastball now tipped. And it's due in two. Came right at him with that fastball well just barely fouled it officers managed to come back with a couple fastballs to get the cannot even. -- question is what he put him away with now it's got two strikes that. Curve ball's still down the bullpen. 32 we got a pretty good when they're at. We have kind of lunged out pulled foul down the left field line that he threw that out over the plight might have been. Down out of the strike zone got web to swing stays tuned to. Williams a second head of edit first. Wichita State. With four in the top of the first. Ex Eagles to two and and it popped up in the left the military pretty well but Alex Jackson is there. Makes the catch the Arab rhetoric second tagging going to third got a chance to get it and he's out at third base on the play was like Eagles and mostly him. Part of it. And it could throw by Alex Jackson right on the bag it was just enough. In the left the bag that moment to bring the tag back slightly out of town is split just in time that's a big double play for which it does NATO libel Lula. And I think it. I know. What that was all about the different. Me Jackson got back there got behind it start to come in Florida it's the tankan you know run in part of the way and then slam on the brakes but. He goes this close way from put up zero after the disastrous start. Two out a runner at second Alec troll other shortstop and claim that matter right handed hitter in the pit stadiums fastball low and inside. Relative for four in the first game. The infield single a double. Hitting to 38 for the year but has seven homers and 39 runs batted in. By far the most significant power threat in this lineup. And it's an off speed pitch way hire an outside two balls no strikes. Memphis started the year returning. Five a ten position starters who started 27 or more games and throws probably the most significant of those based on his numbers from last year. Pitch fastballs one on advanced kept it down to balls and one strike thrower. Well about 264 last year we did have eight home runs. Thirty plus runs scored thirty plus runs batted in so he was a contributor in their lineup. This team a year ago. Was thirty and 29 although they only finished eight and sixteen in the American. 21. Fastball down and didn't miss by much but it goes to three and one. Siegel it back to back hit batters to start the game and got to fly ball to left. The runner at second. That it tagging noted there was thrown out turning it into a double play. Under its second two out 31 pitch low and so I'm getting. I've got him in the foot. That's to at least it was fastballs in the foot batting the right side. Three hit batters in an inning I'm pretty sure as India season high for which state. First and second to about Mike Steele checkered pitching coach. Now to talk to Alex eagle. How elect will be the hitter. Usually pitching coaches. Don't like to vote talk about too much mechanically of these situations that. May be an order here relic Siegel a little bit. Well late hit you know stretched the whole time so it's that's not it you know Christian from the wind up and then going stretched and can't get comfortable at. It certainly is not case here. In it for nothing game. The very first inning Alex Siegel may be teetering on the brink of facing his last year. We hit batters. And it Carlos Williams doesn't try to tag can go from second to third its bases loaded one out. Stay at first and second two down for Kyle left that two hits in the first game takes a strike. But let. Take that back had one hit in the first game that did drive in two runs drove in law under the ground ball that had a big line drive single to right center in the eighth that tied the game. No balls one strike the pitch. Now to the right out of play and out so into. If you didn't happen to hear just joined us. And here's the first games or Memphis scored one of the eight to tie and then scored in the bottom of the ninth with two outs to limit Ford histories of checkers. Going for a split of the doubleheader. No balls two strikes. See Eagles pitch strike to curve ball but didn't quite snap against adapt to outside wanted to. Still trying to find. Just the right command on that we get it going throughout a few decent ones. Through London air ads didn't get to call it looked like it was right there it is your call from plate umpire Kelly it's two and two. He's seen there have been had. He threw a couple good ones Tyler Webb. And them. For instance I really house. As for close eye on the outer black. Tutu they'll let you as the pitch and it's why did the left field for a base hit hundreds third. But the way Thomas Jackson gobbled it almost hit sharply enough. Third base coach Mike green was waived any kind of all the way but I think he might have stopped it that accident picked it up lately is that might pick it up immediately and so. And RBI single for a less. With two outs his third RBI of today's doubleheader. These guys really struggled. To hit so you've got you don't throw something. Sides fastball. Alex Siegel is gonna exist even though he's still in the lead. Sort of Siegel officially gets credit for two thirds of an inning. Given up around on a hit and three hit batters two men still on the two bouts. And it's going to be Tyler Davis. Feminine here. In the first inning with a shocker is up by a score afford one we'll be right back. 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Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio week nights. I'm OK okay. Wichita State. Did the first inning and the freshman from spring Texas making his twentieth appearance. These were six times as a starter recently to a one with a three point 80 ERA for 45 innings he had a really good run. Three or four starts. That in his last two times out two innings against USF last Saturday. Nine hits seven runs six earned came back to pitch three innings against Kansas State Tuesday. Gave up four hits and two runs with a walk. And four strikeouts. Pride in that he had been a Saturday winner. Against UCF and Cincinnati going six innings twelve times threw five shutout innings against K year. Four really good innings at Houston on just one run on four hits might have gone farther and that one except that he was just coming off the K you start. On short rest didn't want to overextended. Cuba and the problem with it happened it's gone through these guys a couple of days' rest after 6567. Or whatever pitches so. Even if he's effective here. He's done. Likely go more than two or three innings of relief. Bassist Jason Santana with two on and two out in the first pitch to Santana has low for ball on. Santana two for four in the first game to raise his average to 215. He has one home run in ten runs batted in. Boasts both of his first game hits were singles. 10 swing at a desk custody down in ninth one ball one strike. His best tool Tyler davis' this is command he's not likely to walk so. That's a good place to start its team like Memphis throat over the plate and start changing speeds and get him off the plane after that. 11. Fastball away to balls and strike. Usually will pitch at 88 to 89 with a fastball that he's touched ninety and 91 at times. Has a pretty good streak change for freshman and he's not afraid to throw all three of his pitches when he is going well. I'm called for a moment Santana steps out Davis. With 42 strikeouts 211 walks in 45 innings. He has inherited first and second two outs of running out of the 21. Breaks low and outside three and one. And it in his 63205. True freshman. Attackers with four in the first. That Memphis. Won back in the bottom half then threatening. 31. Fastball away for a called strike it all the way influence in ten. I Jason Santana did you hear from Chicago fire below 187. Pounder. Santana hitting 169. In conference play coming into the. Any line in the left field coming on as Jackson does daddy pick what maker of golf months out of his glove runs stores. Its base hit. For Santana. From the gang unit 169. In conference play is three for five on the day. And what this does. Is just put Memphis mentally right back in everything he does does she doctors get more kids. Ford and I think for the want your feeling kind of beat down right beginning fortitude they don't score another out of this thing they feel like they're right back and. God deal work ahead. Here is he's stepped they're getting us started right field in game two didn't play in the first game. First pitch to him is line to the second baseman Ritter makes the catch just above the ground for the out. So in the first four Memphis two runs. On two hits and three hit batters they were two men left on base and after one Wichita State for. That does to. Steven 10 in the morning James Taylor coming down in West Bank rate of major flooding forth and this week. To get tired of the way BIP tickets in the first five rose today a couple of seats in row four fortunately it looked. From what she talked good morning Sheila nice to have you with a Sarah Stephens ahead. Had you ever been to a James Taylor concert. I have not binding bite about being able and the uncertainties. Standing in the foreground off him. It but you're right up close and personal she looked thank you for for listening to Steven did we appreciate that and you know at that wouldn't be completely out of mental for you to pick up a couple of extra large church goers while you're there. Prep our. Deadline to take that. Out. Stephen said it mornings from six till nine fund Janus ass. When you listen more art form and more educated you do more and more prepared more to talk about you understand. Understanding more of what's happened on 97 and thirteen thirty we need to listen and SS which should tell us number one talk. Your news traffic and weather station 987 and thirteen thirty. NSA. Aliens first inning get ahead of the the gap against Memphis is best pitcher Jonathan bowling getting to him for four runs on five hits and needed thirty pitches to finish off the inning. So. Thing now is keep the pressure on don't let him off the ropes he peeking get him out of the game early Mathis came back to escort to live there harassment of fortitude ball game. Trade Vickers the only shocker he did not bad in the first lead enough for the second. Followed by Luc Richard grace adjust it. Straight victories came off the bench early in the first game after dirt Boyer. And it. Re strained his right there's a pitch Qaeda Vickers for all I'm train ended up going one for two of the walk. And one hit was a looping double down the right field line in the ninth inning. One. To strike on the outside corner. Trading to 732. Home runs fourteen runs batted in starting play in this. 11 from bullet. And how back to the screen one and two. Vickers won the shocker seniors honored last weekend. Play enough to straighten out his collegiate career. 12. Leaned back with a fastball two balls two strikes. Bull does not very comfortable out there. Talking to himself. Brings hands halfway over the head all over the two to bounce foul outside third anything bit. Slackers can do to keep him throw a lot of pitches again hardly walk to anybody typically so. You get deep into the pits can't even if he doesn't end up walking. It's moving him closer to getting out there. Teach him again. Vickers at a high fly ball to fairly deep left field looks like it's playable for Williams is back it makes the cats will mature the warning track little too far it really drive it. But along fly ball out through Vickers to start the second. I see him turn on a ball of Poland even though it didn't quite square and a brings up Luke Ritter who started the ball game with a sharp single up the middle. It's three for six in today's doubleheader started this game hitting 332. For the season. It stood as high for ball one. Look at that nineteen game hitting streak stopped in the final game of the Cincinnati series. It takes that went for a strike if that needs it wanted one but he just come right back. And now has another. Eight game streak make it seven guy sorry eight including this swing and a miss there what it is 8027. Of 28. And started today's doubleheader hitting 391. Over the last 26 games that includes the wanna went hitless. 12 pitch. Lol the fastball to them to. Okay. Right handed hitter facing there right with 22 on the way and a line drive right field for a base hit. Ritter's desk he ripped the ball around the Mark Adams was almost. Picked off Golan back. The catchers. Down the line Santana to cover the bag mostly fairly shallow right field. It was picked up by Specter's staff who threw behind in the loop kind of slipped on that that the throat kind of bounced and Santana also slipped it didn't technically. That would have been something. The heads up play by Santana the catcher. It's a one out single from Luke redder the better Grayson Genesis one for one of the ground ball single through the right side his first time. Grayson is so for three little walked in the first game. There's pitch to him. Fastball love smothered by the catcher. One thing I do like about apple knows he gets balding throws. Memphis is a team that calls their own that looks like Santana called the zone game. So there's not a lot of waiting around but Bolton just backs up a couple of steps to throw it back upon reverend Woodson for the sign. Breaking ball there that just miss candidate close pitch it Janice detectable to. Yeah I loved that. I'm definitely valid and he's an all or nothing wrong with that the ball. On the rover it. Stretched not a big right hander too low. Fastball and at the knees for a strike at its to have one. Some of it has to do he's called the game but even that can stand up if you really want to try. Lew Ritter at first base one out that a shocker is it to one count to Afghanistan. Poland's pitch breaking ball well the center field. Webb has it been done at gone back a few steps to make the pitch Padilla. Afghanistan hit it well but to the deepest part of the ballpark to that in the inning. I never did go back and total up to soccer's fly ball off to the first game that they have had a lot of outs in the air into the outfield in this doubleheader already. Brings up Alec bomb. This struck out swinging his first time up that is now struck out swinging in his last two at bats going back to game one that is highly unusual for him. Bullet ready. For his pitch to bonds a fastball outside. Alec bomb. Even do the double header with 22 strikeouts and a 198. At bats that's exactly one every nine times. So very rare for him to strike out a couple of times in Cairo. Easy toss over to first base traitor go back. Wichita State with four runs on five hits in the first inning. Ritter has collected a sixtieth here in the second he's at first base with two out. One notable home and a high fouled the right out play. One ball one strike two Alex bumps. I it's really developed that ability to let the ball traveling very rarely a few thousand policy way out in front of pulls it down the left side. 11. Fastball like most of the time these bats days hitting those long long time. Find them. Course speculation increasing and rising as we get close to the end of the college season about where he might go in the draft it's. Probably gonna be way up there from all the evaluations that would explode to that there had to get picked up by Santana. Santana is handled a few spike fastballs today with the dexterity. Three balls one strike to Alec bone. If Ritter might think about taking off here just try to get a start maybe be able to score on a ball in the gap. He is not bomb takes low for ball 41. Walk given up by Jonathan bowling. That's runners at first and second with two I forgot or Trout line. And are heading to that RBI double in the first game. And today first inning RBI single in this one. In little stretching before he steps in. Yes Ritter its second moment first two out. That's not usually 42 in the second inning of game two after dropping the first game four to three. First pitch to Trout lines just inside the whole month. All the knowledge with a little bit light rain it's been a very nice day here in Memphis nice evening now settling in. The pitch this tie to enough. We are just now. Eight minutes past what would have been the original start time for. Tonight's game which would have been game two of the series it is game two at the seriousness. That are under way a little ahead of schedule left playing another game earlier. This that's mostly field matters with the ethnic. It's a double. 020. And that this is outside three and I think. Mentioned in the first game Memphis has had this all season this is the seventh time in eight home weekend series and they've had to just starting times because of weather in this is their fifth. We can double header of the season. 30. Undertakes a strike fastball down three and one. Any begins left handers loosening from Memphis though. Things start to get serious for a constable and he wants to stick around in this one. Does that two outs in the. 31 to get her to outline. And it turns towards second basis to see if Ritter might be starting early. All of threw thirty pitches in the first inning. Got a B or twenty here in the second. It's to try outlined. Good breaking ball that time kind of a slow breaking ball that caught the strike zone it's three and two. Don't seem to have a little bigger slower rate than what he's been thrown out that your team. Throw one of those for the 75. On that breaking ball. I'm sad once again. Voters will go in the three to return outline lowered their civil war. So Boland who typically walks. Learn. One and a half every nine innings his walk to in this inning bases are loaded. More Paxton Wallace easily walk more than two in game wants. Though he is really feeling for. Thaksin Wallace hit a slow growth in the second baseman is first time not so for one of the ball game getting his. First start of the series. From Greenbrier Arkansas which is near Conway were jackets played central Arkansas. He says it's about two and a half hour drive for his. Family members who are here in force for the weekend. First pitch to him. Fastball low bone. He's got some company that sold the good time up Boland and pitch where he's looking forward. My these fireworks. One ball no strikes. And pitch fastball low and inside to you know bomb or bullet really struggling. Throw strikes all of the said. What moment Trout line back to back. Two and on Wallace. And that's a strike on the inside corner to the ones. Like he's taken all the way. Soon the analysts. Good enough to hack yeah he's an aggressive hitter so maybe Todd but cuffs on him. 21 pitch on the way Andy gets a big high fly ball to center it was just under a little bit. And Webb the senator feel it will make the catch him in the end it really missed seven by much soccer's and getting no runs on one hit and leave the bases loaded in the second after one and a half the soccer league fortitude. 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And if it qualifies to get you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient models that's a win win. Cult plus stock for details 943. Cool this season. Join us more things right here on K okay. And as fast. Shoppers. A 42 on the tigers after losing the first game 43 Tyler Davis. You know the bullpen in the first inning as Alex Eagles struggle with command. Siegel was charged with two runs on one hit that three hit batters in two thirds of an inning. Davis gave up a single. And a line drive out to two hitters he faced. Started off with Evan bell to designated hitter than Kyle O'Keefe. And Carlos Williams feast after who ended the first inning. And Evan bell both got a chance to started to slip because they're right handed hitters. Soccer's destroy the lefthanded starter that by the time they got out the lefthander was out of the game. Fell get a chance to swing against Davis series' eleven for 64 on the year 172. Two home runs five runs batted him. Line but I Davis first pitch swung on best fastball up nothing in one. They'll pinch ran. And was the writer who scored the winning run in the first game in the bottom of the ninth inning. 01 way outside one ball one strike. Both bell and stepped period to right handed hitters getting the start in this game have eleven hits on the year. That both have two home runs among those eleven hits. 11. Fouled off cut in on the hands a little bit one ball and two strikes. Alex Siegel. Started to escape with just days straight up understanding no predetermined split itself. Tyler Davis pitches effectively the shocker stay ahead he could potentially be credited with the winner fastball just barely inside there it's two and two. Starting pitcher doesn't go five and it really is an official scorers decision. Who pitches effectively thirteen states ahead of course it goes back and forth. Swing and a miss on a breaking ball down bell strikes at the start the second. So it's not whoever it is the fifth for example on. For illnesses it's not whoever's out there. Davis pitches three shutout innings first second third or whatever their doctors their hand on the way and you can be termed as the winner. But it's doctors go 111111. Aggressiveness there that it. I mean Syria hourly how would you society and actually as the scores discretion it's like out. That would be a tough call it a fastball for a called strike to Kyle you shorten up the month to get back. Looking Fo for three in the first game of the a couple of strikeouts. His season average dropped to 1943. Home runs eleven runs batted it round. All. Can barely cleared them of their baseline into the left field corner. And that'll be an easy double for Kyle okay. Going from here out here was one of those it was so close. It's hard detail. All the shocker there are egging it now. And it looked like third base umpire Jeff SpaceX had a little bit of July almost like he had started to signal Fowler then turn around and signaled fair. It is a double for a key with one out. Second hit off Tyler Davis three in the ball game now for Memphis. Carlos Williams at the top of the order was plant hits his first time out. Thus these acts. The base umpire telling the shocker dugout to shut up. Surveys to say hey everyone knows right on the line I thought that he could see it so I don't need any help. Fairly linked to. Knock it. Like explaining. Why he should decline. He chopped to third bomb feels they are below they say long through a process just barely had time Williams runs well. Well jumped in the year that big high bounce landed in foul territory about it where the ball crosses the wagons. It was fair all the way buys these it. Well through. Oh. Had to get Williams. No we'll see how. Frisky which I think it would. Fail element here. He ended the game after a frustrating start to game one of the double header just not a guy you want to mess with. Anymore you have to when guys are on there. He was O for four with three strikeouts going to his last at bat. First pitched in gear and he slices it now down left field line is run on the outside it. Oh for four with three strikeouts first Hamid struck out three times all year. And then blind lender right field to end the ball game. Starts this would hitting 289. It by a pitch his first time up. Under its second two out. It is his pitch and a high foul over behind the third base dugout so in two. He ran out I was pretty much center cut them. Hale had a lot of transfer from eastern Illinois in his first year. At Memphis. Matter of seconds to go out. And vote to count to the hitter. Natalie Davis the owners of a ground ball to the first baseman and get a storm make the play an assistant I was at Wright added. Battle of the innings no runs one hit for Memphis and after two British actors leave fortitude. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's Opsound. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us let our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services Hussein I promise. George story from coast because they enjoy me week knights right here I'm Kia has. The top of the third innings Wichita State. Leading 42 all four runs coming. In the first inning of the sockets loosened up Alex Jackson Jacob Kathy. And Josh to backers three straight left handed hitters against right hander Jonathan bowling here in the hazard. All three of these get well. First to these guys had base hits the first time around Jackson of the big two out two run double in the first. All of bike paths meet with a big single that drove him Jackson. That really. Put an exclamation point on that first inning which doctors had scored a run early on gutter trot line single with two out. Jackson cats the big back to back hits to turn in the beginning. Alex one for one double two runs batted in 041 in the first game is a late game insertion. First pitch for ball and fastball high for ball one Jonathan bowling with a pair of thirty pitch inning sixty pitches through the first two innings. A line in the 10. Texans swings and misses on a fastball away when a month. Just ticked it with that. Doctors collecting just seven hits in the entire first game six already through the first two that Jackson's house went back. Fastball up. Couldn't quite get on top one ball two strikes. Accident swinging outside the box reduced to vomit. A sophomore from double Texas. 12. Fastball on the outside corner gets it looking. That is the second strikeout for Jonathan Boland in the ball game. Present Jacob cats they. At one of the best swings he said weeks aligned shot over the second baseman and right center for RBIs singled. In the first. Came into the game hitting 217. Sophomore from Lee's summit Missouri left handed hitter and a pitch to them that breaking ball that didn't do much to stay high out of the strike zone it's wanna know. One out. Nobody on cats they try to get something started fast base runner if he can get aboard. 10. Lifted fouled on the left side slicing toward the corner. And Williams. They couldn't get here you pathologist out ground ran out of time one ball one strike. If you just joined us in diagnosis yet to work this afternoon may be could listen to instantly. Jane mentioned there is a tremendous amount of foul ground in this ballpark and it. Extends all the way down the lines on both sides. 11. Strike call on the inside corner it's wanted to Poland for the first time in his three innings targeting this spots a little bit. Yeah eyes. Still little erratic but for the most part the boldly going where you want you here in the third game. First time in three innings. Won two grand to the right side back get a by the first baseman to the pitcher covering ad out at first base and Poland may take a break running at. Do make that play at first it let it a little bit too much get things he's 66 it was extended about as far as he could reach to pull that one in. And we'll let threw him ball two on. Fired. And luckily hitting right in the glove as. Bulletins crossing the first base bag ideally you want Iran to the line and then up the line. But that what was he knew that he was in foot race with Caspian thieves gonna do to line up the line he wouldn't win so. Not how you brought up but that was the only way that who's gonna get the out. Cash to backers takes one that bounces couple of feet out in front of home plate verbal. Actually pretty amazing that cats the end. Bullet didn't collide in his right there. One ball no strikes to judge to back through popped up to the second baseman is first time out. Drive this would fouled on the left side out of play. And leave it at one ball one strike. Tucker scored four in the first and left the bases loaded. In the second. They lead it thwarted two. 11 pitch on the way in the Becker takes a strike on the inside corner. There are talking about it you don't get to a guy early you mean like it to him all. That thirty pitches that he through and he took the first two innings may be news I'm doing even if he does certainly that's. Maybe the shoppers. Not the same grades but the good part about even though they left the bases loaded in the second. Actress Lindsay Vanessa got a fastball and a half an apple do it. 23 inning for bullet in the third with two strikeouts but the soccer's lead Florida to add to that a. Lead Lauren asking nosy that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate did not only taste good but does it. 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This it opting liked it when he person whether online it off deep Tyson life dot com. Shoppers force is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Your news traffic and weather station in 987 and 38 SS. Send it to. There is relief as we go to the bottom of the third inning game to this double header of the facing the 34 and five hitters. In the Memphis order. To state more runs on six hits Memphis two runs on three hits so far. Tyler Webb leads and often fly ball to left his first time up. One for three in the first game today with a big triple late in the game. And had the biggest play defensively. Throwing out trade Vickers at the the plate in the top of the ninth with the potential go ahead run it takes a fastball just inside from Davis for bowl on. When it came into this game hitting 281. Davis' 10. Yeah it misses outside to balls and those strikes Webber right handed hitter. A junior college transfer it last year from Galveston college. 20 Davis slap towards third foul. Announced today between the coaching box in the third base bag. Web last year made 52 starts for the tigers hit 305 with sixteen doubles in six home runs. His average down about 24 points this year and only one home run. Strike on the inside corner you can sit back up to two and two. Web Alec trauma. Kyle left for Memphis here in the third. To do. Adding drag their reach down for one checked swing foul just little roller over toward first base dug out. Good pitch but I Davis down borderline strike at the bottom of the zone. We have started to go look like he tried to hold up. Kind of a hassling little roller. Two to be and they struck him out and prostate breaking ball in the dirt try outlined will throw to first to complete put out. Good pitches in that sequence by Tyler Davis to get web. Nice job since he came in the game can calm things down on that. It's the leadoff man in the getting the better Alex trauma. Fellow was hit by a pitch his first time up. Telescope TRE LA he is a sophomore. From Bloomington Illinois went to normal community high schools are right in the backyard of Illinois State that ended up here at Memphis. By the way well yes straight year freshmen last year. That was low for a ball. Trailer two for four in the first game started this when hitting to 38. Davis big deep breaths into the line and a fastball in there for a called strike it's one month. I can't appearing over the glove. And the 11. Just outside two balls and one strike. Davis in his first full inning of the second faced for Manny gave up a one out double but then came back to get a couple of ground ball outs left the runners stranded. To want to trial. Also pioneered a setter. Katz he started back now moves toward right center a couple of steps that makes the catch for the second out. Easy fly ball to cats theater center to have been two down in the third for Memphis the better Powell left. But an RBI single in the first and knocked Alex eagle out of the game. One for one of the ball game and asked him for five in today's doubleheader was eighteen best three runs batted him. Davis into the line his first pitch duel lettuce why a lot of missed good breaking ball. A little quick pitch in him really abbreviate that wind up and slide to home plate. Did that wants to throw first it letting them for a kind of freaking out out after Tyler Davis switched it up on it. Missed low and away with that on one ball one strike. Basically eliminates his leg kick in when he does that you know you you're waiting for the got a rock back and do these balance point they come to the plate but. Davis is Russia's right through it speeds up the the brain and hitter. Swaying and an essence an off speed pitch down it's one and two. And coating employers wind is similar in any kind of starts. Three quarter turn toward the hitter kind of turns decide that it's all in one motion Davis turns and almost stops like he's in the stretch before delivered with a line drive base hit to left field. All of a sudden attackers can't get left out he has hits in his last three at bats going back to the first game. Two out single here in the third. Three it's not Davis for a total for Memphis in the ball game. The batter Jason Santana who lined a single left driving around his first time up. That was as the first hitter to face Davis of Tyler's now starting his second time through the order. As he faces Santana again. That are at first two out. The first pitch to Santana is low for ball one. Santana having and I usually good day for him three for six so far in the doubleheader. It to 27. Last year. In 56 games. Pitch swung on and missed one ball and strike. Santana junior he's in his third year in the program. Rhetoric first two out the shocker is leading 42 bottom of the third inning. And pitch high throw behind the rhetoric first stand not quite time pretty good throw by go to trial on. And it goes to two and one is that pitch was up above the strike zone. Davis retired the first inning gave up they hit to a letter to one now. On Santana and the pitch. Low three balls and one strike. Davis. Started to go back to work that Santana called time and step back for a moment so Davis steps author ever. Everyone recess. 31 pitch. Most of all for. After getting the first two men here in the third. Davis has allowed two men to reach. Those are the potential tying runs in the game as he stepped there comes up. First walked given up by Tyler Davis. Step your basic Davis swung at a first pitch hit a line drive in the second baseman in his first time but he has a junior from Hernando Mississippi. And that transfer from in a while but community college. Davis' passion chopped right back to the pitcher he'll run it toward first base until tennis to get there and flips to first baseman to complete the play. No runs one hit to left for Memphis in the third the shocker pleaded fortitude. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Then there's his second job. Recruiting. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive stare share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can stay out recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shot hurts he learned more and exact air shared dot com. This is okay NSF. Meteorologist Dan Holliday. It was a tornado warning a tornado warning is when series of tornadoes likely in the warned area. If you were in the tornado warning area you should take cover immediately when severe storms break out. Two right here KM SS four live reporting with the operations we'll watch 97 and thirteen thirty. KM SS. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad will be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. Here they are great Americans join me so. Army had pictures won't come up to lead off an inning and so that first here in the fourth. And we followed by Lew Ritter. And Grayson canister. Wichita State four runs six hits no errors that those two runs four hits and no errors. And all the scoring was in the first inning attackers jumped out with poor man there's got to back. And it's been scoreless cents. Jonathan ball in the Memphis starter coming off his first 123 inning of the game and his retired 40. Vickers gopher wand with a fairly deep fly ball left his first time you don't want for too little walk in the first game. Vickers into the box from the right side Jonathan bullet into the ones first pitch of the inning his way fastball one ball in those strikes. Sneakers coming into this game at 273. One out. Hi fouled the right out of play. University of Central Florida. Beating two lane twice today. Keeps the door open for the shoppers to possibly be the seventh seeded next week's tournament victories takes time it's the one. He's yet walked off twice. Along bury them Orlando first game was twelve innings. Swing and a miss by Vickers and a fastball down and it's two in two. UConn NEC is split. You can't taking the series two games to one. And fell back but Vickers to stay alive. They both finish fourteen and ten in the conference of the tiebreaker is head to head that puts UConn. Ahead at VCU in the seating for next week's tournament. So UConn hosts and he he doesn't think that series maybe that we'll may come down there right yeah. I pop up first base line and foul territory to catcher over and Santana makes the Panthers own dugout. For the first out. I hadn't even thought about that element of it and that's certainly possible go and play. Somebody from the American get those regional. One not to look Ritter who is two for two singled up the middle of the first single to right in the second. Four for seven in today's doubleheader. Line by a bullet to pitch. Luke swings and misses it a breaking ball. And something we've mentioned much earlier in the day that this is a grass and dirt field. A longtime reader little sister or the shortstop. Fell out with it and throws him out. Soccer is wearing the same uniforms in both games Memphis at least changed tops for the first games of the guys that have played a while. And dirt all over them like used to see baseball players for their minister. Reiterated particulars. Drug habit should throw to first base he's got after it up and down the front of race and Jenna still one for two singled through the right side of the infield him. Flied to center his two at bats so far. Two out nobody on. Poland's first pitch to left handed hitters outside for ball one. Poland has now retired six in a row going back the last out in the second inning. I don't know. Fly ball left field Williams toward the line still moving still moving in there and makes the catch very high fly ball. It's time to run under attack and another 123 inning for Jonathan bullet in the forest Wichita State leads Memphis fortitude. Yet felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big glut tire store date yet but then getting that service that feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by a factor train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you had your car and a good move. On line it can't just plan tired dot com can't just plan tired you're out of there Ernie prepared big guys here. Well good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the Kansas health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy. Learn more and Candice how. Dot war. Got shots. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger or an end over west Sawyer. This is Michael's. Join me weeknight an eight RAF. The doubleheader Tyler Davis and two thirds scoreless in the books back out for the fourth to face Evan bell Palo key. And Carlos Williams. For the tigers. Davis took over with two out in the first it's Alex Eagles struggled through first five hitters in the ball game. He has kept its dockers in front four to it in the bottom half of the fourth Evan bell for one with a strikeout. Now DH again this one started the game hitting 172. Those name redshirt freshman from Chicago where you know Hewlett aligning ever want to deep left field on back is Jackson quote all makes the death. Not that one had a chance if that Jackson right to the barrier many things on it but he one. There are able to feel like yeah. Now imagine that first game it is 318 down the left field line 370 in the right 360 realities of 379. To straightaway center only seen one home run today. It seems that many balls even threaten that. Kyle Keefe. It went right down the left field line for a double his first time up. First pitch to him as swung on and held into the there. We've seen couple or three hit in the two games it off the bat looked like they were going to carry like deeper than they did. Thought that when Luka area off. The balance. Bill Kennedy. Strike caught quickly go into Davis for the breaking ball to keep that time. O'Keefe all for three with two strikeouts in the first game today before. Polling that doubled on the line is first time up in this one. Davis taking just a little more time goes to the line now. And the other two is way low and outside. I want scrambled out in front of it. One ball two strikes. Attackers got four in the first. Tigers answered that too. And that's where we stay into the bottom of the fourth inning. Four to Wichita State. Davis with a 12 delivery. That's ball away got him looking into that outside corner. Davis has struck out three. Just sit out the second inning at a rally couldn't quite finish it off in the third gave up they hit and a walk after retired the first two batters. Try to do it here against Carlos Williams waves that hit a bad pitch and has granted the third. 146. In today's doubleheader the double in the first game. Davis' pitch fastball right through the heart for a strike nothing in life. Carlos Williams a fifth year senior from Covington Tennessee which is here in the Memphis area. 01. Just missed low one ball one strike at a fastball. It is first couple of seasons at Memphis Williams is primarily a pinch runner late defensive replacement 35 games in his first two seasons in just one start. Started 27 times last year's 45 games it's 228. In 79 at bats. Started this one hitting 245. In his senior year. Alec Davis with a 11. Hard hit ball the middle of a base hit to center for. Williams able to get on top of that what hit it hard loaded grounded it scooted past shortstop pickers up the middle of the center field so that's his first hit of the game. And his hit number five. For the tigers in this 101 with two out. Tyler Davis pitching well I just can't seem to get that 123 innings last two innings in a row it's got the first team that. And get that third consecutive now faces the dangerous hail tenement. Pannemon just 146. In today's doubleheader at that one hit was the game winning single in the bottom of the ninth in game one. First pitch to him as a fastball on the outside corner for strike. And then step back for a moment to look down to his third base coach clay Greene. Sketch by Davis. And tack foul off the plate it's only to go ahead and leave me a little blood starts from first that didn't actually run. He's a pretty fast router that doesn't try to steal a lot of street reform front here. They are unheard of 25 for fifty. Stolen base attempts to get caught half the time. You know pour based the only team steal 65%. Of the time successfully. It is Poland sued Cahill Pannemon. Tyler Davis at the belt and delivers. And a line drive up the middle and on at the center field for a base hit waves around second got to go to third. That's free throws to third and that's it allowed Hitler to go to second on the play out for the season but that's what goes shot. No shots and actually threw it at that you have no shot. And that allows. Them and you know the second. Four decision. That was a line shot by hand and that it was right over Davis who tried to throw it to about I don't know if he's the mother raised him a little bit with the glove that. Not enough to slow it down. For it now second and third. The different areas that pits first and there is single gets want him but now with two outs especially a single tie it up Tyler Webb the hitter. Hit a fly ball to left. That has struck out swinging. Striking out his only previous at bat against Tyler Davis. Port Richey shocker is that Memphis now with the tying runs and scored this year with two out of the fourth. Avis it's pitch. Just missed low on all of those rights. We mentioned at the time to soccer's struck immediately for four runs on five hits against Memphis is ace in the first but Alex Siegel all over the place at three batters into thinking that. And Memphis immediately got to back him put themselves right back in the game in the bottom of the first. Other that pits that one did hit cities restrict its one month. Dismissed with the first one came back with that one just. Slight edge above it got to strike it's one and one. Tyler Webb won for five so far in the double header the first game triple off the center field fence. Davis nodded at the signs from better Trout line. And the pitch. Asked ball away gets strike one and two he's thrown three really good pitches to hit the first and just didn't quite get in the zone close. Tyler Webb senior center fielder for the tigers. At this twenty and 34 on the year after their first game went over the shock here's. 12. Smothered in the dirt bike Trout line had to get down and block it if students do. Carlos Williams at third Cahill had a motive second. Two out in the bottom of the fourth for Memphis. These baseball games this weekend the first ever meetings and that sport between Wichita State in Memphis. You can pitch well I'd over the shortstop they sit at the left field this game's going to be tied up. And here's where cats peace through the third makes the difference. That being afforded street gave it Snyder put forward down the bottom of the fourth minute. Well at least they earned it here in the court this little theme there. Slugged 343. And a 21 home runs all your twenties you have picking on home. Point five steals all year and they keep on base percentage is only 349. So the way you make them beat you use to make him beat you and in this inning. They have compounded that this isn't my ticket cats either through a third base but with two outs and nobody on their guns single single single. And we are not enough for. And here is Alex trauma is to put it in perspective there are 297. Division one teams in baseball. Memphis is 286. In batting average and 279. In on base percentage slugging percentage and scoring. Four point one runs per game. We'll announce nitro behind the rhetoric first close look at the rudder back and it's all 12 Alley trouble. Four point one was good enough to what is the first it 43. Four runs here in the second hasn't tied. One ball those strikes. It is his pitch way outside a wild one. ActiveX not rendered down the second makes the tears holes. But that's another man in scoring position we're two out single could bring in another run we've got activity in the shocker bullpen. Slightly and Eddie. Getting loose. Two out nobody on. Three straight singles wild pitch. Two runs in a runner at second. And a fastball leads him back it's three you know. Now it trailer so far this what has been hit by a pitch and hit a fly ball to center. Or runs on seven hits now prevent this four runs six hits the shocker is this. 30. Yeah the ground to third bomb gobbles it up and rose across for the out to Indiana. But Memphis with three straight two out hits picks up two runs on three hits and they tied up at 44 after four innings but. She understands stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So it this spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to vote since what he's 66 are goaded stingers ripping dot com 20221 is 66. Dinners roving and construction your home team pro. Hey we don't come to big box I'm looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV stand none. The TDs are back there in the stands there over there by the stands real wouldn't trip me here what does that mean melt the plastic looks like wood and especially these twins. I should've gone enhancements Hefner TV we not only Selma. Highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real wood entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches. No one talks to. CNN cents. Just again games is that double header Alec bomb Walid offer Wichita state of the filed by gutter Trout line. And Paxton Wallace. That bowl of the starter for Memphis has given up four runs on six hits through four innings. But he has now retired seven in a row as we go to the fifth. And Memphis has rallied to tie it up at four. Poland's first pitch on the way to bomb. And I hard drive to deep left center field. Webb on the ride back to the track and runs out of room that is a home run rally ball to deepest left center. At Wichita State back in front five the floor on bulbs fifteenth home run of the season. And ties Casey Gillespie's 154. Years ago. And so now. His next home run would get him actually on to the all time single season list it would be got out the bottom obviously but Alec home. Those special things this year. After one swing of the bat that soccer's spit out the way they get right back. Casey gaullist he really did four years ago that's for itself back up into. That's only the third home run off Jonathan bowling and 84 plus innings first pitch to better try out ones fallen. Hatteras and RBI single and walks before. Strike on the outside corner wanna want. From ropes and gutters to sag and windows let your home's exterior again please go to dinners ripping dot com or call 3162022066. Figures ripping and construction your home team grow and better swings and misses wanna do. Connecticut BE CU two out of three this weekend winning by scores of three to fortitude. He song took in the game 63. UConn finished 1410. And Lee. That are checks just in time that ended up in the dirt. And it's even at two and two EC falls at fourteen and so whatever ties they will be in income went. Tiebreaker and either higher seed. South Florida is trying to be that. Higher seed dump both of those guys although there waiting through a delay with Cincinnati 74 USF in the seventh. Breaking ball to try outline gets in looking attic he that's a good breaker by Boland for the first out in the fifth. Place for a strike now. So if USF wins in there game against Cincinnati that the lightning delay right now they get to 149 and one and then they'll jump over. You had gone through spot. UCF has beaten two lane the first two games of their series walked in off both times. Double header today. He gets thirteen can't mentally. And will be the only game by hot besides this would still being played in the lead to more a couple of others got moved up to because of weather yesterday are anticipated weather tomorrow. Fastball low wanna go to Paxton Wallace who is so for two. And in Houston and southeast Louisiana just getting underway. Shocker softball team won their second ever NCAA regional game. Swing and a miss by Wallace on a fastball it's one and want spotted Oklahoma State to earlier runs shocker that the next eight. Cowgirls Pete to do so we'll take on Arkansas tomorrow 13. One Wanda Wallace checked his swing on a fastball away and when they appeal to first. There's base umpire John miles he says he went one and two. Wallace has grounded to second and flied to center. Starting as the DH in this one. 12. Detectives Wang it's a strike and he's now. For the second straight out in well except for one mighty swing and that by Alan Ball it's pretty apparent Jonathan bullets finding nice group settled in. Question is how much is yeah left in the tank as he's. Going to be paying the tab goes first two innings. That emit 92 pitches through that last and so. That'd be getting near the end although 128. And then eighteen strikeout game against US have you Mona down on the news as this one Tony out of the stress free lunch if it. Now it's Jackson takes a dive for a ball. Alex had a big. Two run double with two out in the first inning and struck out looking in the third. Two out bases empty. 10 pitch this slow to balls and those strengths. We have medi has continued to throw the shocker bullpen so I'm guessing we'll see him come out for the sixth from bottom of the fifth. In the top half right now. 54 shoppers. Jackson takes a strike on the inside corner two and one Alec bomb. Hitting off the inning of the first pitch home run to deep left center of the Wichita State back on top. After Memphis it tied it was to the bottom of the fourth. 21. Lined up the middle and just over the shortstop in the left center for a base hit. Little floating liner that was just enough to carry over the short start throwing the shallow listener Alex Jackson is to future in the game. There on that too that eight hits now for Wichita State. And the better Jacob patsy who has singled to center and grounded to first. Bolton and give up this many years since ECUs gunning for eight in seven innings. April 21. Eastern Illinois got a nine hits in his second start of the season so he's been pretty hard to get soccer's Lima at times. Check swing later down the third baseline by cats it's going to roll foul. Tried to stop his swing got that out there enough to get a little tap along with third baseline and if it had stayed fair would have been a perfect swinging bunt. Come back with him don't want. I ticket cats we started the game hitting 2171. For two so far. At RBI single in the first his first hit in. Right around two months. Here's the pitch there goes Jackson. And a high drive to deep right field that ball is going to be way out of here. That's clearer over a little pavilion that's beyond the right field fence Jacob cats but he was his first home run. And Wichita State has gone deep twice in the inning that make believe seven before. That. Platform they fly. He's had two swings in this game unlike anything he's handle all long time he just hasn't squared many balls up when he had a chance to play. He's lined that single in the first and he just rushed the ball to deep right field. He becomes the fourteenth different shocker homers this year and that's his first home run in his career. Here's Josh to backer Oprah to the pop up the second baseman and a strikeout swinging. Fastball away for a called strike one. So Packers now with 55 home runs in 53 games they fell slightly behind the pace of at least one per game. Couple weeks ago week and a half ago and last weekend. Pulled it back up even or above there's a swing and a miss on a changeup but it's no one to. Poland had given up two home runs and eighty units that are coming into tonight's game the shocker to reach him twice in one inning. 02. The outrage that had a pretty good had a talent. Seven runs on nine hits now for Wichita State. That accurate to 62 coming into this one. Another road to pitch bounced that one in their one ball and two strikes. Now that is something bulletin does not usually do that's give up big flies to. Coming in. And entering this thing covered about 85 innings. One to the end ground ball right side a base hit for the backers dropped a candidate pulled one through the right side of the infield. And he's aboard a two out three straight hits for Jackson Katz the end backer. The better trade Vickers. Attackers with ten hits Jonathan bullet in four and two thirds innings. Victories over two of the fly ball left. You know foul pop up to the catcher. Accurate first. Can steal a bag if you wanted to there's a fastball outside the ball on. Just four for five on the year. Seven to four Wichita State top of the fifth. It's the Vickers is a strike on the outside corner 11. Starting dissent here in Memphis. First base umpire. John miles ski. And initiate his eyes just a little bit. Line drive left center field base hit their victory to tennis in the gap center fielder would have had to get off. They'll have to. Give up third base to the backer had they'll play there pulled stickers to a single. The shocker with four straight two out hits here in the fifth inning. It's the bottom four guys in the order. Eleven hits now for Wichita State it is. Just crazy with this team how contagious it goes both ways last two games it's been contagious. Nobody hits. And now they've got it going in this when everybody's responsible. That is that he was settling in except that the Atlanta. Well he Phillies certainly seem to big and then. And hit but Jackson got to go and Katz threw the bomb. Backer and Vickers was solid singles that's gonna do it for Jonathan Boland. So he collects and after four and two thirds of doctors of Netscape not for seven runs on eleven hits. And we'll be back with a new pitcher right after this. Steve and 10 in the morning. In the Wichita City Council approved a 25 million dollars and industrial revenue bonds for projects of greater Wichita YMCA. Seventeen and a half million dollars will be used to build a new branch from the which does state and innovation campus breast would be used for improvements to the east branch of the Wichita business journal I've been war. That's a good investment suppose in public health I'm sure that which it is probably have been highest physical fitness rate in the entire United States when they did but that's the that's big news help their tip number it is still wide out there in northwest they get a pretty good array of vending machines like stuff in the air at eight of them mr. they have been there. Romo apparently Obama's town weren't here Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine Montana SS Swanson talk while you're doing laundry just ask. Alexa played KE NS this radio no problems there are plenty of issues to iron. Seven and thirteen thirty K at SSMRS. Stevens and join this morning right here on cape enhancement. 59 sophomore left hander from carpenters bill Illinois takes over for Memphis. Ends 59198. And he will be making. Find in his fourteenth appearance of the year only his fourth in relief he's been a starter most of this season one in three. With a four point 63 ERA for 44 and two thirds only 37 hits 233 opponent batting average. The thirty walks in 44 and two thirds also 43 strikeouts almost won the one strikeout to innings pitched. Twelve extra base hits including five home runs in 44 and two thirds. The left generally facing Lew Ritter would it to launch. And the shocker with three runs in here in the fifth to take a seven Worley. There is. Lew Ritter. Look to for three in this went. Two singles then grounded out his last time out. Since pitched two and two thirds at Tulane. A week ago today allowed three runs on five yet. In his last three appearances which have been spread over nineteen days he's pitched five in the third inning it is allowed nine hits and six earned runs. First pitched the reader breaking ball high for ball on. The Ridder the eighth man to bed in the inning. Only foam led off with a monster home run to deep left setter then the next two men struck out. Then the flood gates open pit China outside to. Single by Jackson to run powered by cats we singled and backers Ingrid single Vickers. Back for a third Vickers it first with two out to go to Ritter. And the pitch fastball in fouled off. Got an adjusted not to get it on his fists a little bit fouled it straight back. The critters 4482. In today's doubleheader. Left hander in the stretch to pitch fastball swung on and may have slipped to. It's not matter who happens to him to. Danny gans that. I'm really fear in the fifth for Memphis. And that it straighter off speed breaking ball hit it. But that left forearm had late rates Friday and owning. That loads about four Grayson Janice does give Danza left on left matchup here. Recent tennis is so far on this when a ground ball single in the first to fly ball since then dissenter in the left. One for three in this game at 146. In today's doubleheader for grace. Bases loaded. And two out. The first pitch is a breaking ball over for a called strike one. So Packers left the bases loaded in the second. There's a drive down the left field line way out but now. No balls two strikes. Okay. Exit Wallace flied out with the bases loaded two out in the second Janice do with the bases loaded two out here in the fifth. And the other two missed in the dirt. Smothered by Santana one ball two strikes. Figured this out on the way down here Wichita State had five grand slams in the first twelve games of the season which pulled them within one of the all time record six in a season. Including the at bat by wall is in the second they've now had 47 at bats in forty games 41 games since then. Without another Grand Slam they have had fifteen hits which is out of 320 batting average. Minister takes a big slow breaking ball that stayed a little bit up and am close pitch but it goes to into. Q ticket 46 at bats the weather go on and gotten another one somewhere run in the one. I don't think he really came close here it's not where you gotta get your. In the inning yeah. 22. Now fly ball to setter this won't be that shallow left senator Williams left fielder calls out to center fielder went that makes the catch to end the inning but it's a big inning for the soccer's they'd better round. They scored three edit three runs on five hits. And leave the bases loaded for the second time in this one shot who's now lead after four and a half seven to four. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. See this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Great now with a smile Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. A thing it deserves filtered down to the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile to our delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important. And invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver and kiss home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy owed any Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Let them enjoy your weekend mornings at nine right here on. The bottom of the fifth. Eddie after being in the starting rotation for the first eleven weekends. Made a couple of relief appearances in his last two times. Red and accountable and all of his last three starts. Only lasted eight and a third innings giving up nineteen hits and fourteen runs. Including. Three innings that you see after which he gave up. Three runs on five hits and two walks since then a scoreless inning against Cincinnati gave up against the law. And three scoreless innings against South Dakota State. This past Wednesday. One hit one strikeout a week ago Wednesday that was so. We have many four scoreless innings out of the bullpen any RAF three point 68 for 58 and two thirds. Needed some rest and hopefully he's getting back to the point where my he'd be a consideration as a starter in next week's tournament. There's a strike to Kyle left. Elect two singles and two trips three for six now on the doubleheader with three runs batted him. In these 01. A swing and a miss on a fastball away it's going to. We'll let. Adding fifth in the order living it up here in the bottom of the fifth. 02 that's all the way look pretty good just missed wide one ball two strikes. Editor has the sign. It lined up for the 12 eight busted it in on him. Dribble little file over to third base yeah. And he got off to such a good start and in just a very un freshman like starting his very consistent thrown well. Relaxed. And once you kind of hit that wall started kind of aiming the ball a little bit. 12 fastball away ground dissect it right at the creator who throws over to first for the out. What he was going good that's not he was due in two just dot net fastball down and later right handed hitters. They had this so more than he's ever been used to. Fatigue that they. Takes little off your fastball me start using a rescue body try to overcompensate. And muscle up a little bit before you know your. Struggling to get people out. Here is Jason Santana is that a tough out today. Just barely 200 coming into the first game but he's three for five and walked his last time up. First pitch students one on this fastball outer half. Here's another thing it really doesn't get brought up too much he's from Colorado to. It's making play baseball throw all your on the Colorado you got shut it down. For a good part of the year you live there. One fastball now all the way to the right. Looks pretty quick deny it does. The high schools get to blew up maybe thirty game rice if they don't get postponed and canceled at the I like Kansas is that way. No balls two strikes two cases since hatton at this catcher. It breaking ball popped up now territory trial winds spreading all worst lies you couldn't quite get it great effort by gutter ball does that get very high in the air. And he really had to hurry even try to get to try to slide came up just a little short count stays and don't do. Gregory guest news. Readjust his shin guard after sliding on it. That are catching both games. One out nobody on prevent this here in the bottom of the fifth. Packers scored four in the first Memphis got to write back and at Memphis scored two in the fourth to tie it. Alec bobbled out the top of his fifth inning with a home run of the shot here's got two more before the inning was over on a ticket cats the home room. 02. Fastball highland mall in two strikes. He stuck here to follow Santana. Less at some point they go back to. Couple left handed hitters for step there and bill. They started against. Alex Siegel they thought Alou there got to face legally didn't get that deep into the game swing and a miss on a fastball away Eddie strikes out Santana. And he is really throwing well here in his first few pitches of the fifth. There are going to get a pinch hitter. But it bogeys DH in the first game will come up to hit. For peace step here step after Oprah tooth. Bogey he had his first home run of the season. In the first game that tied the game. Yeah and adding to that and nobody on. Into the line in the pitch devote cookies outside a low. It's like they have also brought in another. Left handed pinch hitter for bill is due out next. That's below. Two balls no strikes. Bogeys they'll be 88 GE redshirt sophomore from savage Minnesota. Hugo. Now all them analysts twisting out of play at home regularly racing over their gave great effort that just ran out of room. Carried out the on defense. Tell if that the scouts who are here every scene now it won't really cut it loose running that was impressive. And they got see him throw a dart across the diamond. High chopper to him seemingly the yard. That's really nothing new that he hasn't done pretty much from job. Two out bases empty to one count to the hitter. And it given the left pretty well hit but Jackson's right here effect actually asked him back in the step persona makes the catch it's. Three up three down against Ian many in the fifth and shocker is maintained a seven to four lead through five. 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Cease operations Chris Walters Sherri Williams or Pamela marsh and thorough and what you thought. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on CNN. It's worked out well they had Alec bubbly off the fifth inning for Wichita state of the up there to lead off the sixth inning again this soccer's batted around in the fifth scoring three runs. And leaving the bases loaded. Well we started all of them bombed deep left center. Started up again here in the sixth one for two in game two. Two for five in today's doubleheader with a double homer and a couple walks. A home run was his fifteenth of the season and he followed by gutter Trout line impacts that Wallace. Dan and his. Starts his first full and you face to the hitters in the fifth out of the bullpen hit one of them got to fly ball left. Now it bomb. Started this one at 333. Ready to go from the right side Danny Dan sat. And left handers first pitch bomb takes on an outside. Fifteen home runs in. 53 games. It is stripped by the left hander. And the swing and a miss on a pitch down and in one on one. I mentioned his next home run king get one we'll get him into the shocker record books. Mark Stanford 1985 Phil Stevenson 1981 Jason Adams 1995 through my office 2002. All of those guys had sixteen. Where does that rank on the tie for 23. A fly ball right center field drifting back toward the right fielder and that is make bogey Gasquet in the hands of the new guy gets a chance right away. After the fly ball for the first out of the inning. But he stayed in the game after pinch hitting for staff here takes over right field. I gutter Trout line one for two of the walks singled up the middle to drive and a run in the first and later scored walked in the second struck out looking. In the fifth. That are is 246. In today's doubleheader. Here's the stretch. First pitched and then a drive pretty well hit to right center field bogey on the run going back over his head and it hops against the fence bounces back and play. For outline around second turns on the jets he's going through three and he isn't there headfirst with a triple. Got archer outline of the day triple of one out here in the sixth that is his first of the season. Be surprised if there might be the first in his career might look that wanna. Well I'd a stayed at second base from an account and let's pick somebody that these squatted down in with the crowds and and after pop ups all that stuff that held on. Second base that is triple number three in his shocker career and personal image. And you know he's not fast but when he can get at stride out a little bit he's not real slow either he. Voter out there pretty don't scored me runs is he does without being able to run the bases little bit. Paxton lawless that takes a breaking ball outside Memphis is pulled their infield in trailing seven to four here in the top of the sixth. That are at third with one out. One iota Wallace and swing and a miss when Bowen strength. Accidents grounded to second flied to center struck out swinging. The 11. Breaking ball stays high two and one. It's important that for Paxton right here all kinds a way to get around home it's that four run lead back. 21 fastball in gets a strike at the knees on the inside corners pretty good pitchers pitch there substantive. One out so that they can get Wallace and they can move the infield back. And he swung at one of the spirit of breaking ball and strikes out the second ad in the attic. Over anxious at time swung at a breaking ball it was way down in the they're. That's the second out of the inning for strikeout for Danny gans. And it brings up Alex Jackson. Alex had a big two out hit in the first inning with a double that brought it to. Also singled his last time up there he's two for three and listen to RBI two runs scored. For outlined at third with two out. Doctors to seven on the board they stranded seven in. In the second game. And that's to their furloughs strike nothing and on. Looping curveball he that if you're not looking for if it stays up there. It still be able to adjust and hit. This is getting you through much better when he entered since. Paxton Wallace threw studios. There's one hot fly ball laugh. Left fielder coming hearted Williams makes the running accurate that is. Soccer's get a one out triple from Trout line that lead in the third no runs one hit after five and a half attackers delete seven before. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for a plant. One company is on a mission to put a million people towards each year. Sounds like a big number and dozens and not to express employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position. Or administrator for. You were an executive looking for career that fits the we take pride in connecting the right people with the right company. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year Wes Helms and we'll open doors for you. Good to express cruise dot com to find a location near you. Your news traffic and weather station 987. And thirteen thirty. Okay and SS. One through 35 this first inning of work in the ball game. Well face the bottom two. In the Memphis ordered to start the bottom of the sick Wichita state league seven before this 17 runs on twelve hits for the shocker. The four runs on seven hits for Memphis. And he looked sharp in the fifth third shocker picture of the game Alex Siegel lasted only two thirds of inning as the starter. Charged with two runs on a hit it three hit batters. Tyler Davis went three and a third. Two runs on five hits with a walk and three strikeouts and Eddie. Little 1235. Suckers dropped the first game 43. Giving up the tying run in the eighth in the winning run with two out of the bottom of the ninth so trying to gain a split here. Shoppers looking for their 33 win of the year cold meals and hit for Evan bell. Deals started the first game has the right fielder. And that going over for three with a walk. The other came in to the doubleheader. Me to 27. You know for three earlier today bell Oprah to in this one as the starting DH. First pitch from Teddy Neal takes low for ball one. So nick bogey and Colton Neal who started the first game. Both in the game now as pinch hitters against shocker right handers. Swing at a mess. And it goes to one on one. So bogey new DH in the first game has taken over right field Neal who played right field in the first game will now become the DH hitting rebel. 11 pitch fastball just little load two balls and one strike. That this is had a pair of two run innings getting to the first two of the fourth. Soccer scored four in the first and three in the fifth. If you want swing and a miss good fastball down. Two balls and two strikes him. William threw three shutout innings against South Dakota State but the pitches he's thrown so far of four hitters he's looked more like. Only a matter we saw at the beginning of the season and any other time. Due to. Breaking ball did quite snapped at the end. Rounded it off just a little bit three balls in two strikes. It's closed just missed the outside court. 32. Start off Al tipped into the catcher's glove for strike three that's plea of second strike yet in the four hitters he's faced. He had Davis. Have combined to strike out five. Total of four and A third innings. Brings that Kyle O'Keefe who doubled to right on the left field foul line is first time Upton struck out looking. Is second time up there. One for five on the day with three strikeouts. We have medi ready to go to work get his pitch. That's all swung on and missed. Final game of this three game series tomorrow gets underway at 1 o'clock (%expletive) and I will be on the year at 1230. And here on 987 and thirteen thirty. Poland. Low without and one ball one strike. And not only the game time but. What day this actors who play still to be determined in the conference tournament starting next week fell back. That's 12. If there the eight seed they play at 6 o'clock central time on Tuesday after the seventh seed they play at 10 AM central time on Wednesday. Need a win tomorrow and are to blame loss correct yup. Fastball away look really close didn't get the call stood to consuming shocker when this. Now look he's even on the cam attitude to Leon many taking a little more time this time a dead heat here. We'll keep calls time out. One out of the inning call Neal struck out leading and off. 22. And hand those last two have been awfully close that get the call three balls two strikes. Wouldn't complain that much an experience that can't see it's too far away but. Those pretty close right behind home plate here. Three to do. Now to the right. Pretty good place to do a game it is hassle ballpark here. FedEx cart. And lots and lots of I told trees beyond the fence. At the minute in the backdrop for a nice setting. Three to. Pop up. Coming back and out of play throw line gave it a look. Never had a heck of a play on a fell back at the first game panel lodging industry hanging onto it. That was well beyond his reach. Aloe Keefe came into this game hitting 194. He's the senior from Madison Mississippi. 32 again. I fouled right side Genesis reading after that it's gonna get out of play even with all the about ground that there is down there and it carried beyond. He would play territory Aniston to back are both chasing. O'Keefe. The struck out three times in five at bats so far in the series hanging in there are 32 counties held off 32 strike pitches. And he's not messing around with a need to turn it. Striking out Mike tricking him discount right out and making slowing it. 32 against battled back got it on his hands that. Once again O'Keefe able to fight it off. That's all the baseballs that. Plate umpire Henson Kelly not asking for. Little bit of resupply. One out nobody on. And again -- of any two Palo he's been a high drive to deep left field Jackson's got attractive though. And it makes the catch for the out to another when I thought was hit deeper than it was and actually got fairly to the front edge of the warning track. That's the second out of the inning. Yeah it's like these Memphis hitters. Are warning track power of afraid to. 25. Point one. Home runs coming into the series they get wanna game one's it's. Not exactly there are things. I'm the only guy right there. Doctors have left the yard twice in this one Alec Bowman Jacob cats the cats these first collegiate home run. Here's Carlos Williams at the top of the Memphis order he is one particular had been hit by a pitch in this would take slow for Eddie for ball one. Williams overall 247. On the day at this double header. 10. Fastball away gets the outside corner one vote one strike. Clayton Maginnis. Slated to start tomorrow's. Final game of the series. Think he'll be opposed by. Under Smith yeah. That's the rumor. I fly ball right center field cats to the center fielder. To backer the right fielder and it's backed group that's the way to end the inning. Took a few pitches it's a 123 inning against Julian Eddie and threw six Wichita State continues to lead meant the seven before. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes hone their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pros can help these bypass challenges and hit home run go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in which it's Aussie agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in molding Kirk Farber. As far as living finding weekdays at five right here on tape and as at. It's ten. Backer trade victories stood up for Wichita State as the shoppers come to bat in the seventh. Living about the seven before in the second game of the doubleheader which doctors lost the first game late 43. Ticket cat's name. It's actually kind of a career game for him to for three. RBI single and a two run homer. Came into the game hitting 217. Danny gans a lefthander now pitching in his first pitch to backers of breaking ball high. For two Kathy Jacobs short depth. Showed bunt took a back that was well up out of the strike zone. Seven runs on twelve hits for the shock resuming at seven hits in the first game. Fastball in there at the knees for a strike it's 11. Three runs on seven hits in game one for Wichita State. And begins with the one line fastball and a hockey towering fly ball didn't quite get all of this went. And it's back to almost the track advocates made. On the warning track by vote. If that's me with one home run his career almost made it to it as many events. One out of the seventh. Better Josh to back threes one for three with a ground ball single as last time out. Cats being with three runs batted in in this game that's a new career high at three against Texas Tech last season. Backers steps in with one out and nobody on. Left on left matchup against Ford pins. His first pitched it back or low for ball one. Dense came in the face Luke Ritter at the top of the order so he is about to complete his first time through. They seem to backer and Vickers. 10. The curve ball outside two balls no strikes. Backers started the game hitting 262. It's popped to second and struck out in addition to his base hit in the fifth. 20. Now back on a fastball two balls and one strike. Just to backers 63205. So good size and can run. Redshirt junior from Lee's summit Missouri. Started this one in right field finished the first game at first base. 21. Fastball low. Three and one. And through the shocker lineup Paxton Wallace. Oh for four and he is the only shocker starter in this game it is not have at least one hit. One did an actor Andy tidy up with a fastball up and and it caught the bat for strike two. Recognize late that it was coming up Ian out of the strike zone try to stop it not to bad out there. Dive into sew. Them board in toward him toward handle that. Ticked off that just about anything. So full count to the backer. And get something started with one out here in the shocker seventh. 32. Bounce that went way outside for ball four. One out walk to get back here. And dance. Space eight men now. This hit one and walked one he came into the game having walked thirty and 44 and two thirds innings. Brings up trade Vickers who singled his last timeout that is now one for three. And a trip to the mound here. Albania bins for awhile. This is just. I feel. Rest nick Nick Gold making the trip he's the associate head coach. And pitching coach but. The fourteen year head coach spirit show on Iraq was. A longtime division one pitching coach seven years in the SEC at three different schools before tipping his job here at Memphis. So here's stickers. To face Kansas stays in writers first wanna. Ray won for three in this one and one for two would've walked in the first game. First pitch to him is way high and outside. Trey had a couple of hits over the weekend against USF of one of Mosul pop up that. Dropped it shouldn't have his students today have been solid drove one inside the right field line for a double. In the ninth inning of the first game line with a medal here and there goes to backer and the throw is not nearly at times and easy steel of seconds for Josh to backers. Vickers took to pitch which was a strike. And backer now with five stolen bases in six attempts for the season. It puts a man in scoring position with one out. They sit but victories could put another run on the board now. Trade is kind of shorten dot kind of fake but ticket that picture all the way let it back around to the strike and now the 11. Creek breaking ball stays high two and one. Taylor bull bull also left handers they're not throw down right field corner behind. Then begins. Like that combination just name was down Danny gans to Taylor Bobo. They're built about same two little guys they call the block on an inside move by any bands. And not exactly sure what you did wrong. And gain some ground to second base the home plate umpire. Come look weird enough that he. Called off by the way that sixteen blocks called on their pitching staff this year. It seemed an inordinate amount of walks. By comparison shocker for we've seen if you lately we sought to and one game last weekend in the US senate series one on each team they're gonna bring the infield in. To want to Vickers and he swings and misses laid on a fastball down its tune to. Luke Ritter on deck. For the shocks that to backer at third and only one out with Wichita State ought to be leading seven before the top of the seventh. Demands that the belt. 22. Best ball fouled off. Tried to come back with that same fastball didn't get it quite as far down around the knees. Vickers was able fell to their right. Packers have had two big innings of four run first and a three run fifth they had five hits in each of those innings. And high thousands there right out of play again. And that's been a little weird in itself suckers had four runs on five hits in the first three runs on five hits in the fifth. They've had two other hits one of the second one in the sixth. They did. In this sickening in addition the one he had an a couple of walks ended up leaving the bases loaded. 22 against Vickers and high fouled on the right side out of play. Had the opportunity similar to this last inning hurt third. One out and struck out. So Vickers. Trying to find a hole there with the infield in. And all kinds of possibilities when you're low liner. Angles just cut off for the infielders they have very little time to react and can't gain any ground toward the ball. Two to let a strikeout pitch it was not even close to being in a strike it was at its feet. Went down and chased it for strike three. Up until that swing it was Canada day. That it straight Vickers at bat companies that is best talent off two strike pitches well it's pitches that that time just. But doubted chased one that wasn't close. Second strikeout for dance to that in the Ning lit greater up there there rhetoric thirtieth two for three it was pitches last time. Burres pitched to him is bouncing away from the catch here. Here comes to backer on the money can beat this lives score standing up on the wild pitch and the shot lead is now right before. Like to count one another Ritter that's the first run. Charge to stands. Checkers have managed to score around here in the inning without a hit. Back to backer walked stole second went to third on a balk and scored on a wild pitch that's that is. Creative way to go all aware of the bases you're gonna find. 10. Wait behind. Two balls no strikes. If you Santana had become clear that it is. Crotch to grab that one up above raiders head. To vote count. She is a strike dinner on the knees to a month. The critter two for five in the first game. Raises average to 330 series two for three so far in this one. 21. Low three and one. Even if Ritter gets on they may leave bins in for one more hitter because you have left handed hitting Afghanistan coming up next area refresher left. Fresher lefty down there. It's outside for ball floral city that's his second walk of the innings. Coming with two out. Grayson get a stick coming up. Dan says walked two hit a better given up one hit. And there will be a pitching change there and show on rock he would coach for Memphis on his way to the mound. Senator pitcher on his way and we'll pick that up for it we come back to soccer's lead eight to four in the top of the seventh here in game two. Steve and 10 in the morning. In the Wichita City Council approved a 25 million dollars and industrial revenue bonds for projects of greater Wichita YMCA. Seventeen and a half million dollars will be used to build a new branch of the which does state and innovation campus breast would be used for improvements to the east branch of the Wichita business journal I've been award. It's a good investment I suppose in public health I'm sure that which it is probably have the highest physical fitness rate in the entire United States where they did but that's a little. That's fake news wealth and attend a meeting this still why outfit northwest they get a pretty good array of vending machines if you like stuffed in there at each of them mr. they have been there or oh I'm sure that must analyst. Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine Montana SS. When you listen more art forms for educated you do more more prepared more to talk about you understand. Understanding more of what's happened on 97 and thirteen thirty we need to listen and SS we should tell us number one talk. Jason JB joins us from. Become reality radio week nights at eleven I'm OK okay. Good pitcher. This another left hander Taylor Volvo 58155. The senior from olive branch Mississippi transferred a year ago from northeast. Mississippi community college. Was all in two with a five point 21 ERA in sixteen appearances last year. This will be appearance number seventeen. This season as he RE four point 02 for fifteen in two thirds sixteen hits twelve walks in fifteen and two thirds and nineteen strikeouts no decisions. Or saves Bobo pitched a hitless scoreless inning. Against Tennessee Martin on Tuesday game that Memphis won ten to nothing throwing a three hit shut out. He has hit seven and a third scoreless innings over his last five appearances only allowing three hits in those seven mr. Taylor Bobo comes in to face Grayson canister. With Luke Ritter at first base two out. And a run on run yet. Ready for relief. Cracks in the seventh so it is very moment. Seventh inning pianist 01 for four singled his first time Upton three fly ball outs one decider to left. 147. In the double header today. Burgos first pitch Dennis takes low throw down is not nearly at a time Ridder. About halfway to second before that pitch got delivered. Stills his fifth base of the year's shocker to two stolen bases in the inning. And men in scoring position with two on one account to Afghanistan. Recent Oprah three willow walked in the first game. But this one hitting 3082. Phobos one votes breaking balls want to miss that was a big floating breaking ball Genesis one right through it for strike one. Look critter has been on four out of five times that two hits it but it's a walk. 11 to Grayson Janice that one bounces in their block but it catcher Santana. And the cap two balls and one strike. This is one of those games that we are kind of called for at the beginning of this you know. It's hands dirty if you have to. In Iraq fight it out hit these guys slug him around a little bit they've done that. And against the best starting right here right. That it can be done just the opposite of the performance in the first game. 21. Fastball gets a low strike called two balls two strikes. Doctors at four in the first that Memphis immediately got to back. And then tied it with two in the fourth Alec bombs home run leading off the fifth kind of got this actors going again. Big curve ball and I was close didn't get called three into. Three balls two strikes to grace suggest Ridder its second two out. And the pitch Manny strictly about a slow curve ball. That will end because he had nobody building out there were greater panic. Drifted toward third catcher looked like he was gonna throw it Ritter kind of frozen started back the second it's over guys that swing. Ended the no a one run on no hits one left to the soccer's after six and a half Wichita State eight to Memphis tour. When it comes to driving a truck there are the everyday adventures then there are pretty jars and then there are really paying jobs should be operational right trust us. Tour lifestyle. From Colorado to Silverado 15100 and Silverado HD yeah. From a family of the most dependable longest lasting full sized pickups on the road so from the everyday adventures to the really big jobs you can count Chevy trucks so your hometown shot either today. Dependability based on longevity 1972 points of people's eyes of registrations views happens. You saw happen. Very fast. Faster than even I am day and there's no slowing down we can slow it down on the floor there was just slow none of her work. Gotta keep nonstop as we go full orange county and often they could do something for news. The shooting happened man on Russia and Syria are for real weird horse business news and we will lead listening to an end right here and he sent. And SS. Your news traffic and weather station 987 and thirteen thirty. OK MSN. Our doctor. Bottom of the seventh we have had 8676. Down out of the soccer bullpen will be getting into the heart of the Memphis order in the seventh. And he can keep it going the way has been. Soccer's look closer to getting the win then evening things up after losing the first game four victory. He's facing Cahill had a man leading an option Tyler Webb and Alex grow up. At this with four runs on seven hits. They scored four runs on nine hits in the first game. It to 65 that first game going nine for 34 it can't end of that game hitting 193. For the year. It 21 conference games. Averaging. Two and a half runs per game. Animate is one for two in this when it was hit by a pitch his first time up he has scored both times and he's been on base. First pitch to him is a fastball little bit outside. And haven't won for five in the first game struck out three times and then in the bottom of the ninth with two out. Singled through the right side to drive in the game when he room. One of only about eight. Good strike on the outside corner evens it up. And I haven't started the day hitting 291 started this game at 289. He was hitting 355. In conference play going in the first game. What one. Now back to the screen one ball two strikes. Other. Activity in the shocker bullpen. Him to see. How long William Eddy might go. Out and pitches that. I can bombing runs shocker yes you hate to go to Stanford twice and one day it twice and one day. I'm now back and how to play keep the candidate wanted to. And it's Leon's able to go say five is that kind of getting back to were here real serious consideration as a starter next week yes. I don't I was rhetorical. And the both left you know it it just when you really think about this came to a point in the season where he needed a breather and it's not that he's right back to normal right now although it's looking sharper that he has a long time. Just outside of that when it's to do but just don't often in lecture injured have a chance to take it easy. During the season and Mike Steele just backed off back to what else they wouldn't. We're pulled the breaks little here with you and see if we can get here revitalized. Al back again. And some of that. And as you mentioned some bruises. Physical fatigue and it wasn't throwing as hard then it became metal fatigue too with all the stuff he was struggling with that kind of fighting himself Mike is trying to get it back relaxing just wanna throw as hard as you could whatever that wasn't given day. Two balls two strikes. And a breaking ball striking about good finish finally have added a strikeout Pannemon. They guy who doesn't strike out very much as punched out four times in aided that day against the senators. You know we hear. Phrase all the time about pitchers trust your stuff. Well that's all well and good when you're healthy and not tired you know you trust your stuff when you're fatigued. You get trouble that's why you have before flying at the corners that's what any felons to through no fault of his own. You start getting tired and then. You know although all your natural good stuff starts to betray. Swing and a miss on a high fastball for strike one anybody that plays the game of golf should understand trust your swing or whatever even if you're really good golfer. Some days it just seems like he can't hit a bad shot and other matter what you tried you know you gotta do this and that it just doesn't click for. That it becomes hard to trust it or not start messing stuff shouldn't be doing as a strike volatility to. While also that mean you start picking up the game lefthander if that because it didn't work ethic you know. It's just. Reboot a little bit and tweak it the few things here and there fees if you think you must but. This. Freak out the welcome back to you. 02 breaking dawn hot club all the left this could be shallow Jackson Kevin Hart and he's gonna get their Padilla. Big old slaying but a very shallow fly ball in Alex Jackson comes in to play it for the second out. Two up two down in the seventh for the fighting tigers and here is Alec trailer. Throwing hit by a pitch in the first inning since that is applied to senator Graham the third. Netted 246 day at this point with a double in the first game. Two out bases empty in the bottom of the seventh. We have Eddie into the wind. And the pitch a fastball hard for bowl on. No hitting to 38 coming into this. As its top deck toward getting around it torrid first little flip the Grayson Genesee and another 123 and we have Eddie is retired all nine that he has faced. And after seven Wichita State leads this game eight to four. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. Service is not available from plant. Twin peaks bees is the place to get cleaned this Sunday from noon to four. Yeah join us for the twin peaks BJ car wash to benefit the autorad vs foundation all proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officer Stacy Woodson and his son Braden officer Woodson and Braden were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27. Help twin peaks as we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks bikini car wash this Sunday from noon to four at twin peaks beats. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas this is. And join us more things right here on Palin. And as best I. Just take up. Up to bat in the eighth Stacy Taylor Bo Bo who cave in to face one man struck at grace and Genesis to end the seventh. So for the third time tonight Alex Auld will lead off an inning. He has homered and flight derided his two previous lead off at bats will be followed by gutter Trout line and Paxton Wallace here in the shocker eight. Wichita State leading eight to four soccer's collecting twelve hits in this one. And bomb. After Memphis had tied it in the fourth got the shot here's back on track with a long home run to deep left center. Leading off the fifth. Mobile into the line and his first pitch a bomb is bounced up the middle to short the second baseman playing it right at the middle fields it and throws him out. Had to shift on. Second baseman displaying almost behind second base to assist effort to do the right evident ball was hit right adding up the middle on the program. Pannemon throws out bomb. One out. The better gutter Trout lines gutter to through three missile with a single a walk a strikeout and eight triple. Tripled to right field as last time up. That are 347. In today's doubleheader getting off to a good start in this series. Those first pitch to him over for strikes by the news. You know lately it we talked about this game more off the year that better prepared to go through a stretch for a couple weeks where he was really getting tired pitching so often. But he has really come back in a big way. Without getting too much time off picks breaking ball and it's wanted. On but I started the eighteenth that it gets and every single game talk about the mid week you know work that dean in their little bit croft caught a couple. They were just bound and determined that shock of going anywhere he need to be their catcher. Now took it for a strike it's one and two and by that I mean in league games and in the tournament. And game off its feet when every camp of course he was doing so well offensively could just setting altogether because these drive and camera. 12. Way hide outs and in the last. Coupled with three weeks what he's had a hit it's been a solid yet I care very little flares are bloopers fallen and he has just been driving the ball. 22. Outside three balls two strikes he's had a great senior year he really. If there was a comeback player of the year he'd be great great candidate for Weathers in the leaguer nationally he's. Really done a nice job this year it change effort curve ball way outside and it's gunners second walk of the game's been on four out of five times. 101 one out. You know get a pinch hitter for Paxson lawless. Pacs oh for four with two strikeouts in this and so Ross could beat him in this way he started the first game in left field went over three. Did make a couple plays in left field. Handled himself OK out there. He has been primarily DH you connect with the exception of one game that he caught. He has been the DH for most of the last seven or eight games first pitch to him is inside fastball. Ross going 043. In the first game. That 10436. That's what to use 67 thereabouts. It's doing high. Two balls no strike. It feel method that still has averaged fluctuates quite a bit loose every hitter re all for three. Right handed hitting freshman. And pitch. And it's in threw strikes to balls one strike rendered first one out. Katrina from south lake Texas 59195. Pound true freshman. Who try outlined the rhetoric first. 21 pitch. Bounced past the amount torrid second flip to second one man back to first double play. Or 63 other roller for the second baseman Mike Davis. The factories and only three men to the plate in the eighth after seven and a half the shocker pleaded date to form. One have a little fun whatsoever scenery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just what you'd expect from the best fields in the industry seekers of the bobcat dot com slash advantage results have been checked the members and whites are machinery and Wichita Topeka Manhattan garden singer tells us why it's our machinery you're authorized bobcat dealer wow. Yeah. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contrasts. Great now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with delta dental. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here fine TN SA. I have an eight. Game over Memphis eight to four Memphis rallied late to win the first game 43. Leann and Eddie has pitched 3123. Innings as the third shocker pitcher of the game. And be facing Powell all let Jason Santana and the bogey at Memphis here in the eight. Lehman is three innings of work as struck out three. He has recorded. Three fly ball outs and three ground ball outs. Very democratic. Now 112 for three of us and as he comes up faced William for the second time Eddie got him on a ground ball. Active fifth inning part of that he would single wiser. Three hits in today's doubleheader is driven in three runs. Had a big single in the first game to drive in the tying run in the eighth. With two outs first pitch to him now back to the screen. They had the night in Cincinnati they're finally playing him. In Cincinnati got four in the eighth to tie it 88. After eight. After a long lightning delay. UNICEF wins that game they will be the two seat next week there's a ground ball to short right of victor's. And the long throughout prost is not a time. Took too long. Let to its credit constantly all the way. Plainly play that's got to be hit an infield single roll out his third hit of the game first here at first base runner. Lehman Trinidad the arms during the kind of nonchalant Mikey theatre take that much time. And eleven safer. You get a pinch hitter for a Santana. Hurt cash Rucker also a natural fit for Santana freshmen. From the Memphis area Germantown Tennessee. I've 11180. Josh worker. Getting to 3314. Hits and sixty at bats with five runs batted it right handed hitter. First pitch to him is a strike on the outside corner. Germantown ninth place by the way I lived here back in 1996 for the better part of the summer. Wasn't exactly comfortable playing baseball here in the suburban cook it and decides that it had its moment. Poland. This down and away one ball one strike. And that was well before what is AutoZone park. That's Tim carver stadium back there in the home of the double AC Diego Padres. The shadow of the Liberty Bowl once it's still there. Can Carnoustie. One wanna earn. Strike at the knees down and away one and two. In Memphis now the cardinal AAA to a higher than that tripling up to. Tonight's ball park gets actually it's that's a whole other subject and it's amazing some of the AAA parks have been built around the country that are his hand slightly smaller Major League caliber stadiums exactly how to describe them. One to swing and a miss laid on a fastball away and workers' strikes out facing William Eddy. Williams' fourth strikeout. Louisville Indianapolis. Here in Memphis it's really great part though you know it one that was built. Quote unquote a long time ago but to me stands up who is still want my favorite parks is for now you know oh yeah it. And that was it is. Not built to scale but like almost all the way around like a big league ballpark. And just beautiful area. Is nick bogey you ended the game as a pinch hitter in the fifth lifts one in the air right center field. Right fielder to back here moving under it makes the catch rendered first place at halfway and returns to first with two out. Bogey who did homer in the first game nowhere close to it on the upswing despite some of the looting you heard in the crowd as he flies out to. Medium depth right field for the second out. Which brings us to downtown Wichita. To do what to do what we'll be. And by the way tonight was opening night for the wing nuts and that's their swan song according to their. Organizations that cost me the last year of the wing nuts and what we can only assume would be. The last year baseball more steam on stadium after eighty plus years. Here is Coulter Neil and he takes flow from Lehman. And for somebody who grew up in Wichita that's a little bittersweet I'm Steve Lawrence Dumont go by the wayside although I mean I certainly understand it's. It's an outdated ballpark. Too expensive to keep putting band aids on. 10. Now straight back to the screen and fastball down one and one that nearly ended the game as a pinch hitter. For Evan bell in the sixth and struck out basically emitted. Now how many years was. That franchise there or when it was affiliated AAA. A fair amount from 1970. Yes seventy through 1980 force and fly on air actually look beyond that 8086. Or seven so yeah almost twenty years. Fell back it's one and two and then they wranglers came to town that was Padres yeah double A club. And for three years in 1950s. It was the braves' triple A farm club 56 to 58 when they were. Really coming into there own as the National League power. 12. Fastball away just missed two and two. That they've moved after. Three years in Wichita moved to Louisville AAA franchise. And there was no longer any affiliated baseball for. About a decade against twelve years. Due to. Low breaking ball. Three and two. Rendered first to got a leadoff infield single for Powell left. But Memphis. Rendered first two down bottom of the eighth trailing the shocker seek to four. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on us let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Bjorn news traffic and weather station 97 and thirty chain SS. Well here and and that. Of the 32 pitch leave many missed just outside Nicole Neal global sports we have first and second with two out. Now keep coming out with two out he won three. The second inning double. All 41 against Lee in many of the fly ball left in the six. First in this time is driven toward left center field on the move is that it's actually diet. Didn't get it. It left why buy a ticket that's NATO and the panic. That's me is they had two hits including his first home run takes away an extra base at Otis Redding diving catch in left center field. To end the inning no runs one hit some left after eight the factors leading to tour. Every day. More is happening it's incredible what's happening is happening over and over again where I'm pretty. When you listen art form and more educated you can do more more prepared more talk about. You understand. More understanding more. Oh well rounded individual. Well what you want to live together real story. Thirteen thirty K and SS Wichita it's number one talk. Hello shot. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which -- buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past lettuce that our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger small. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alex Acosta in valley center it's indeed born and over west Sawyer. Here they are great Americans join me. Is pretty good shape litigate before that they'll look to add a little insurance here is Alex Jackson comes up bleed enough that Jacob cat's fate. And Josh backer Taylor Bobo lefthander. He's facing. Three straight left handed hitters he's pitched an inning and a third retiring three out of four that he's faced getting a double play ball after walked Trout line in the eighth. Alex jacks and two for 41. Pitch is a fastball low shortened up on the bat. Roker has stayed in the game to catch my. Taking over for Santana. And the pitch fastball is there it's been used for a strike one and one to Jackson's that Josh record catching. Memphis didn't. Make many changes in the first game made a few here in the second. One Wanda Jackson big curve ball outside to a one. Alex is two for four cats B two for four and a backer one for three with a walks of these guys have really. Pay dividends on getting starts that didn't start in the first game. Starting here in the second Allen's a little bit inside its three and one. Accidents scored twice driven into camps he has three runs batted in just made it. Runs saving catch. Swing and a miss on a fastball down. Balls and two strikes. Most left handed hitters like the ball down nose the fastball down and Jackson came out of the shoes on the island. 32. Low for Foley called it is I don't know. Close to Texans called out on strikes the first a minute. Second strikeout forward to Google book. Brings a ticket cats they. Who has had himself quite a game two for four with a RBI single and a two run homer his last time hit a fly ball. Kind of like the homer high towering fly ball carried the warning track and then just made it great diving catch in left center field particularly an extra base it. Takes a breaking ball for a called strike on the inside corner. Katz he came into the game hitting 217. Right now he's at 240. Twelve for fifty on the easier swing and just lay it on a fastball. And its own suit. Three runs batted in in this game made new career high for Jacob led to against Texas Tech last season. One out nobody on top of the ninth. 02 fastball high. Packers did most of his scoring in two innings tonight for the first three in the fifth. 12 curve balls for a few minutes when. So it just continue down on strike yet here in the ninth. And Josh to back you'll come up. With that second out. Against Bobo two full innings since he came into the game so that is not nine and a third consecutive scoreless innings in his last six appearances. You know pinch hitter for the backers they do go will hit. Josh was one for three with a walk. Scored a run. Hugo is first at bat today swings on the first pitch popped it up on the left side at shortstop column takes it. And that'll do attackers once you create a night that they will take a four run lead and remembers his last at bat to take four shots. AJ's sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy owed any Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. This is Michael's. Join me weeknight an eight RAM. You look at video fine tonight. Baghdad the night for a shutout innings one hit one walk four strikeouts as the third pitcher of the night. At one defensive change for the shot through state and get a guy who's hit. Well the right field of backers stays in the ballgame in right field top of the order form at this coming up here in the ninth with Carlos Williams PL Hammond. And Tyler Webb. Williams is one for three or they hit by pitch he singled and scored in the fourth. Since Alex Siegel a starter only want two thirds of an inning. Who gets the win in this one at the shocker to a it would be at the scores discretion salute on up they might give it to Eddie or if they would give it to Davis and unity of shape that he finishes there's a pop up on the left side on the first pitch of the inning involved. Almost right in its tracks makes the catch for the out. One pitch one out for any in the ninth. 59 pitches through four innings for the right hander. Will they scale animal. What that job he's done and if the table to finish she got the not only Samberg has its particular for the night off quick and athletic Keller Kilgore. Those guys will be available tomorrow. Behind. Likely to get late mcginnis yelling next start so. We have many great job tonight two more to get. He'll head of and one for three hit by a pitch his first time that it takes a fastball for a strike on the outside one. Adamant has faced Eddie wants that to the seventh inning and struck out swinging. 248 in today's doubleheader but he's also struck out four times which is unusual for him. Fastball in called strike zone to Eddie working both sides of the plate to get him in the hole no balls and two strikes. And as potentially embarrassing as it might be. Assuming Alex Siegel feels OK maybe get a couple outsider and marquee team too because you didn't last very long today. 02. Just outside one ball two strikes. Attackers state still depends on two lane and what they do as far as whether they'll be the seven or eight seed. Suckers if they finish just went off you have the chance to still be the seventh. Breaking ball didn't quite break two balls in two strikes that. Attackers win tomorrow at Tulane loses this Packers would be the seventh seed otherwise they'll be the eight regardless of whether they would lose. Two balls two strikes. Eddie to the wind up missed low and it's three and two. Hale had a man with a game winning single to the bottom of the night in game one is Memphis. Came back late tied it with a run in the eighth won it with a run in the bottom of the ninth won the game 43. Soccer's. Two outs away from splitting the double header. 32. Bounce back over the mound on up to meddle in the center field for a base hit big high bounce over the mound. And then just found open spaces right up the middle of the center for a one out singles. And that is Memphis is best hitter that puts him at three for nine in today's doubleheader after starting the day at 291. Things that Tyler Webb the center fielder. Here's one for four in this one for three in game one had a two run single in the fourth inning of this. Also flight left twice and struck out. To hit softly and adding. Total of eight. Make it nine in the game for Memphis. Under its first one out. We have Eddie working from the stretch now. And the pitch is outside. Adam Keller has been throwing a little the shock of volcanic maybe Kilgore has joined him just in case. We need to get William Eddy. One ball no strikes. Stretched by the right handers and his pitch swing and a miss on a fastball away wanna be on. Radar gun here is a little slow so it's hard to tell how hard he's throwing them. Looks like it's just about as live as it was back in the fifth when he came in. All those swings and misses them fast mostly everything you need to know how looks to the hitter. One on and a file back one ball two strikes. William has struck out four walked one. Only given up two hits and one of those was. An infield hit that was basically a ground ball right at. Trade Vickers and just took a little bit too much time been loaded Paulo Latin beat it out. 12 pitch coming in at a stretch you out on a fastball down. Went down swinging for the second out in the ninth it's five strikeouts for Tyler ready earth we have many places fastball command is back. That will bring up Alec follow the shortstop and clean up there. Pillow for three in this one. By a pitch in the first inning. If you've heard me say that quite a bit to each of these hit by each of these hitters coming up three. Hit batters in the first inning by Alex eagle. Two out runner at first. The first pitch to troll through blurred a first right at Janice and scoops it up stepped on the bag in the ballgame is over and lead many. Here's the shocker is 52 hit shutout innings to and the ball game. And looked like his old self tonight shoppers waited 84 to split the double header will be back to wrap things up. Eight year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the supply it's during their clearance sale save a quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your final decision easy. Plus there are large inventory did you get same day or next they delivered and installed on most models good intelligence that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana kitchen aid Energy Star rated this Washington ask about. Preinstalled on qualifying models. 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Just jump more blue marine major TV how I just unpack it over there on you didn't pay you haven't unpacked you're not gonna commit to my other equipment you can pay and haven't hooked up you mean nine paid good money for a new HDTV glad I didn't know service exactly. I should go on 33. Your TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and concern if it's what we do all day long have you TV we've got our roots in which it's not not just our branches. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs Bernhard and Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. No one talks to. In assets. Doctors suffered a disappointing 43 loss in the first game of today's doubleheader came back but an eight to four win. And a couple of the things that really stand out in this when chain the performance of Jackson cats beat the backer in the lower part of the order all inserted in the second game and then the pitching Lee a medical that's five innings is really a positive sign for next yeah I was true team effort. It was left to. Just a few guys although you know homes home run kind of kick start everything the fifth but that was only one that only made it. A one run late and can't to count of hit a mammoth home run to right field is. Personally of this year but in his career. And to back walk stole base created a run in the seventh. And help out the cause a little bit but not. Maybe get back and not necessarily the game but it was pretty close that. Alex Jackson with that ringing double to right field that made all the way to the wall turned day. A one run. First inning which you are happy about that they scored really kicked the door open for the shot the score four. Alec Siegel had a disappointing start he's command wasn't there basically at one pitch. And his breaking ball and everything else kind of left him. And then Tyler Davis had to come on in and save the day but considering. Two pitchers. Got 25 outs. Pretty darn good especially with weight to him that he finished. We have Manny faced eighteen hitters only three of them reached base in one of those probably shouldn't have so. He really did a solid job looked like his old self then. Again the soccer still are searching for of their starters are going to be in next week's tournament and he just may have. Canceled his name back into one of those slots early in the tournament. So that's our game recap threat to buy villainy Cummings comings in coming this year criminal defense in DUI law firm in Wichita. Give them a call 2641548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC. Dot com Cummings of Cummings law where your needs. 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We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas hello. Dodd or. Got shots. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our favorite local golf course since 1981 has something new to show you the new local owners great life Casey have added new solution fairways to the golf course and begin a 2.3 million dollar renovation with phase one of a brand new state of the art fitness center and locker room already complete to top it all off tall grass has new lower membership breaks and are offering the first month of membership waived for new members play where shoppers and shocker fans play and play the new tall grass country club today. 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Yeah join us for the twin peaks BJ car wash to benefit the autorad vs foundation. All proceeds benefit the family of fallen police officer Stacy would send and his son Braden officer Woodson and Braden were tragically killed when the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a drunk driver on April 27. Help twin peaks as we strive to help their family through this difficult time it's the twin peaks bikini car wash this Sunday from noon to four at twin peaks east. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on Kate in this and. Yeah post game shows a day any day this Packers play get 50% after online order any Wichita area Papa John's log on to Papa John's not commonly used a promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker discount. Our play of the game is presented by lives appliance in this time we can cola they put it in the deep freeze play of the game. As Jackson and a high drive to deep right field that ball is going to be way out of here. That's clearer over a little pavilion that's beyond the right field fans Jacob patsy was his first home run. And Wichita State has gone deep twice in the inning that make believe seven before. First career home run in addition as soccer's going to win it. By a score of eight to four at the scoreboard right to buy diggers roughing in construction for ropes and gutters deciding in windows. Love your home's exterior again that it figures referring dot com or call 3162022066. Fingers roughing and construction your home team pro. Houston is done with the conference there outside the conference playing southeast Louisiana they're leading. 21 over the lines in the seventh and Houston at the one seed at sixteen and eight. UConn took two out of three from ECUs so those both of those teams are fourteen and ten USF though 19 to eight over Cincinnati. And it game that was dragged out due to weather. So they are now fourteen ER 149 and one and they LeapFrog UConn and he see you both were fourteen and ten. UCF walked off feeling twice today seven to six and three to. So UCF thirteen and tan also they're going for the sweep. Against two lane tomorrow. And there. Soccer softball victorious over Oklahoma State 82. Wichita State Arkansas tomorrow afternoon I'm Fayetteville in NCAA softball. UConn at ECU regime mentioned both fourteen and ten UConn would have the edge there head to head letting to a three this weekend but. You see F with a sweep the two line tomorrow would also be fourteen in tents are not sure how that factors in but those would be the 34 and five seeds then and in whatever order. But it is now set that Houston's the one USF two attackers will play one of those two next week. In the first round of the tournament. What it will take to the soccer team beat the seventh seed is to win here tomorrow and too lame to lose at UCF. Okay time to go inside the numbers rusty but BK DC PAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. Who's yours. We give the totals in this one yeah sure for the victorious shocker eight runs twelve hits no errors. And nine left Memphis four runs nine hits lawyers. Also nine left we have Eddie the winner the winner seven and three. Bowling Jonathan bowl and falls to two in nine and he's deserved better this year but maybe not necessarily today shocker knocked him around a little bit to give up eleven hits. And seven runs. Gave took three hours and twelve minutes played 336. Sought here FedEx park. Home runs the ball being heard one album ticket that's the his first with a man aboard palace home his fifteenth. Leading off the fifth inning shocker now 33 in nineteen. 814 and one in the American Memphis twenty and 355. And eighteen in league play we. Capped it all tomorrow regular season against Mark Clayton mcginnis and Hunter Smith. And we'll bring it to you right hearing Cain and assessed at 1 o'clock. Tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to Andrew handling of Simon Sumner for their assistance back in the studio thanks to all of you who hunger and whether it's through a long day doubleheader here just single tomorrow 1 o'clock we'll talk with you then from Memphis. You've been listening to soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS brought to you by these fine sponsors. United health care the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance but Carnahan group. Off the line. Lleyton appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental BP. Why start machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship. Kansas land tire and service comings in coming losses. Pop a giant and dinners roofing and construction.