Wichita State Shockers vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers 3-4-18

Sunday, March 4th

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Time for a new kids on stage shocker baseball. On 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan and stents. Now with the call the game here's shame Dennis. And while the stadium without a field with the state and Nebraska the finale of a three game series. And they shocker is going forward this week Wichita State. In the previous two games of this series winning 921 and six the three will turn to Connor along with here this afternoon. As he tries to close it out against. Fellow right hander now warrant. War the cornhuskers shoppers. And Huskers getting together for only the second time ever for a series here in this series defined as three games or more. And certainly have not Butler and Darin Erstad respected head coaches and it talks they wanna keep this thing go on and name as well acute especially when it comes to. Weekend's series early in the season. Assuming the weather's good the teams really got fortunate here this weekend and speaking of its. 65 degrees right now in south central Kansas with they've southerly wind up. About 23 miles an hour so it's plenty breezy and has been. The entire weekend. But now we're gonna at least it looks like get an M and the first week of march some kinda iffy there. Million. In the midwest and we're gonna get this within Wichita State is nine and Pau. Again they've won the first two games of this series Nebraska 55. Try to salvage the final game of the series before they go home for the first time. To start a nine game homestand. And hot steel and Mark Clark shocker. Coming up on Tuesday we'll continue this homestand and actually ended it will. Mark the end of homes and to start 2018 uptake on Anthony Edwards filled in the afternoon. Game will be too. Pregame of 130 right here on in assets and then they'll hit the road for a mid week that very next day Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. They'll be and told to take on all Roberts and be right back here this weekend coming up to face Texas Arlington. Friday night then Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Doctors. After opening the season that he state play. Three against all off. Three against Nebraska which will finish up here today I saw you on Tuesday. And then after a brief stop down in Tulsa back home to wrap up the what's not a total homestand. Along almost uninterrupted homes and get the mavericks have UT Arlington and the next four on the road. In mid march so glad you joined us here this afternoon changes here ballpark silence on the back its studio soccer's going for the sweep. Here today starting pitchers as I mentioned. It will be Connor long waits for Wichita State. He had really two. Polar opposites starts and his first two his season back in Lake Charles opening weekend. He started the final game of the series which turned out the eleventh and shocker victory. But he was only able to go to the third innings before being knocked out in the third. And most of it was due to some really uncharacteristic wildness. And Connor normally is a very good control pitcher but he walks three. In two and a third innings that he pitched in Lake Charles and then back on the 25. That. It was part of the the homestand that shoppers are on Connor with six shutout innings and scattered two hits. And only threw 62 pitches. So which Connor along with who you see here this afternoon. I'll hopefully somewhere in the middle or closer portions shocker fans would want closer to. The one against Omaha now Matt Warren is an interesting story he has a transfer from. University of Creighton soccer's we'll go to Q Creighton of course here a couple of weeks. But now Warren is at Omaha native started. His collegiate career at Creighton there was an interruption due to injury he missed out last year DT Tommy John surgery. And once upon a time back in 2014. He was one of the big east best pitchers Matt warned him and one. As a sophomore for Creighton. And an ERA of 2.0. Three. Beginning missed all of last season and he recovered from Tommy John surgery this will be his third start of the season he went five opening weekend. Against Washington State. You know a couple runs and five innings couple more runs and five and two thirds. Against Utah last weekend so manager and pitching matchups. Wichita State and Creighton as a shocker to try to get Q nine and oh on the season and sweet Nebraska in their first trip. The Wichita for a series anyway for the first time in thirty something years. So again it's doctors. And I Huskers Wichita State in their gold topped with white pants. And Nebraska and go to the white idea red tops white numbers and great hands for their uniforms here this afternoon in its. Warm breezy but more overcast and we've had and eat it either the previous two games of this series. So not quite as a bright sunshine is that was Friday and Saturday but it'll do. Or early march and that's when we get underway coming up here. At the top of the ER to comfort break at pregame show. Here coming up here shortly we'll hear from the issue head coach Todd Butler his comments are occupied. Express employment professionals on a mission foot eight million to work. Also include also want to remind you that the drive to regain its rocky like Kansas and tire service. Working great tires and professional on the services always a home run hopefully you're making your way out here in the ballpark. I mean that should be a little breezy again warm enough. To set up Watson got them through College Baseball on the shoppers try to stay undefeated so. He sent look forward to when you drive to the game. Here this afternoon when we come back we'll hear from head coach Todd butler's pregame comments coming up next. Eight. He's too old he's washed are struggling to make it to a site. 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As far as living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. State and Nebraska first time that Nebraska has been here 43 game series in over thirty years only second time it's ever happened. Back in 1983 was last first and last. And you try to make this this is an historic series to sweep them to get off to. A perfect start when you turn to bunch of experienced. Veteran position players to get this last job done. Yeah and it's not going to be easy today I think catching with food. The win on Friday nine to. One in the yesterday were up 61 gave it to in the ninth 63 final I think today will price be the toughest game of the three so. You know talking to coach her stead in Nebraska we wanna keep this going. You know it's only a five hour trip to Lincoln Lincoln which to also. To play a quality team from the big TN. When their conference who went to a regional last year we wanna continue to play the big grid so. The Q you spoke of the experience of our position players and you know the one thing I can tell you in the dugout is there's no panic. There doesn't seem to be anything going on other than playing the game get a good pitch to hit leader Mehdi was fantastic yesterday. As a freshman his composure his maturity his efficiency. Of pitching in the inherent seven pitch inning sir I did a fantastic job and was extremely impressed with no wind I Mena. Parker Sandburg. Two issues we Tim with. I had to have this discussed since three of them so. Channel we're seeing amber was fantastic yesterday through bald Arafat 97 and two steals and a good job with him get more absorb some. You know it was a good win yesterday. We ask you a little something about the committee now we've seen. It happen three weekends in a row happens once OK you wanna see it again. Not that this is how it's going to be throughout the entire season but who do you think if you had asked of course we're gonna ask him it. Greeting he leans on the most one of his teammates in particular Mike Steele or is it something that maybe it's inside him and he border with us you know I really think it's inning. That's a very good question. I think that might coach Steele was really helped him with three pitches that I don't think he really had a changeup coming in and he threw some really good change ups all fall in the spring. His maturity for a freshman he says credit to his family. Damon and Juliet denigrate you are with him he comes in here. He doesn't. He's not overconfident he seems to be humble and bit confident in his ability so I think it's innate inside his heart. And ice very efficient I mean of the three starters that we thrown so far he's been the most efficient. With making quality pitches back to back in not let the count continue to run or walk him. How do you like Ed switching offense now how do you like your offense and the guys up and down the line up working the count. And doesn't seem to matter to them look righty lefty situation you guys have put together some quality at bats even the outs that you made. Seems to me like you got a few Adam Walsh. Yesterday we did a lot of balls hard and really did. Yeah I think we had five hits in a row which is kind of hard to do to get three and rose pretty tough. But you know Dayton do gun first inning and it all of its second base and she steps we crushed. Of course bone does his thing to Vista does his thing. Lick the Luke Ritter has been the guy that has had the bad luck of baseball he is squirted out. You know it seems like ten baseball's. Two week considered her three weekends have gone right for the position players so. Croft yesterday had its first opportunity to play we've been wait for him to heal up from shoulder inflammation and he he has to base its right out the gate so. You know it's been good and I think we can continue to improve in you know today like. You know today's the day that I just think today's can get tough games to be a battle in trying to get these your country you know. And in two dead and you know Darren Erstad in the Big Ten champs that over that third base dugout they're Smart a little bit Gina escalate out. No I won't fight him any kind of got a little heated yesterday. Allison joined was going on in you know nothing bad it's just baseball and those guys are good over there will soon be pitcher today it's you know the other thing that's been very good as we've defended the fielders well. And it you know that's one thing that yet to have every day. And even with the vicar should be an out right now on Jordan we're gonna get a job and so was Lou greater in the middle infield and you know it's just the confidence of this team being together Mena I think back when these guys they lived in the dorm that for the dorm was built shocker hall. I think they grew together. Than they moved way off campus and you'll be in third year and some guys fourth year. They've been through a lot in I think they have a lot of intangibles and character to themselves and I'm always talking about respect from the game and playing with class. And my I think these guys understand that and now baseball is baseball it's very tough sport and you could feel really good and get humbled so we have to make sure that were wrong. We're own check for today's game that were ready to play from the first pitch to last. And coming up real soon and certainly get a ticket this from first. But you're looking at a lot of games in a compressed amount of time. Game against SA UN were Edwards bill Tuesday but it's also Wednesday right back here on the weekend to the zoo. To Creighton employee not the via conference will be here. It's an exciting time for a bunch of players that are playing good baseball because as you know when you're playing well you can't wait it out there yet it's a fact. The thing I'm looking forward to this week is over pitchers get an opportunity to pitch mid week and see with these guys can do that. You know would play Missouri or Roberts we haven't done well down there in Tulsa since I've been here we've. Played well we get we haven't gone down well down there since I've been here OK there you go there now like you say that but hopefully we can change that. You know SAU Edwards flew in the an Oral Roberts. You know playing Creighton at Ameritrade I'm really excited about that played Missouri at Missouri. So you know it it just keeps getting tougher and suffering and the thing that your saying about confidence. These guys live here man I'm telling you they stay here all the time there in the indoor facility because we have no excuses we have one of the best in the country. They get out of class and can hit on their going to ready for practice or warn and we go to oh. Yeah we've covered everything that we possibly can and that you know I also wanna give credit and Mike Steele who. And ceemea Zito and will wish walking Scot anger switches. You know just the culture of everything that's been going on. You know we have some good things going on here right now and I'm really. Proud of the people that are around us around me for for for sure. The trust factor in the work ethic it's created throughout it. I'm glad you brought that because when when Brian walker went on to pursue other things you. Yeah absolutely have to as soon as you possibly can bring a quality guy I mean you wanna do it quickly which also wanna do your due diligence and now. How he jive with us and mean. That organized icing had it you know with Mike question would steal the first year which is hard for for the guys to just catch around everything. They know it now seat I think receive some great things from our pitching staff we were improving. I'm semi SP Zito Jordan Mike and myself and Scott. And also in heaven Willie as a volunteer bit with the S Zito is two national championships he has troops home home I think three trips. He knows what it looks like he knows how you have to play. I think it's Amy is given some comfort to dinner trial worn governors enjoying playing. Last year a little bit of a knee injury bother earning that he's been fantastic in. Sammy with the hitters is positive every day. And he's very simple minded about the game in in simplest how you have to play it you can't get too complex and make him think a lot. And I think he's been a Grand Slam for harm really do player truly like him so it's a fantastic coaches. That are doing everything they can't every day to make this better and on the joint. Well as far as Sammy goes six or nine games he's been down there his right arm's been busy he'd been waving a man. And out pretty much for six or nine games Mike steele's been pretty happy man over there to court she got off to a rocky start down and in Louisiana but since then both those guys that offense and defense been nice balance your home that's it we're team I think. I think distinguish growing. I just know that. You know when you working to build people like Mike has done and Sammy. These gasses continue to give your best so now there's some good things going on this program I'm really excited about these people that we have in here. You know if you look back these these were guys we recruited early in the second year. And now announced their turn that into at all it played a mall and now this will be a big test today due to close out this series from Sunday. Big win today and then at the extent that you would talk to make sure. There's head coach Scott Butler is pregame comments that brought you by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a million to work. Then get your injury report brought you by hockey life like your journey your optimal fuel. No trade knickers again this weekend shocker. Shortstop who had a streak of 89 consecutive starts. Broken opening weekend because of the hamstring issue we will mrs. Ninth consecutive game and trying to heal up and get a 100% before he gets back out there it's. Todd butlers and on couple of occasions and wanna make hearing give him a 100% right and not sending back. Months since then at this week so keep our fingers crossed and hope to trade bickered back and lineups and one guy we will see you lineup today. That had been out of the starting lineup as far as being on the field was no crop. Shocker back at catcher had been suffering from a a bit of a shoulder issue first couple weekends of the year DH yesterday. And he will be behind the plate today so that's good news no crop as well enough. To actually catch here and now play out in the field so guilty that you'd better Trout line. The day off. Injury report for Nebraska. It's something that we mentioned often on during the course of the series but this is a knee injury riddled. Mostly pitching staff in one position player. That missed a couple years ago due to an arm injury but. If Nebraska pitchers didn't have bad luck health wise they would have any luck at all they've already had to deal with Jake make steam but. Injure himself this year. He starts total of nine innings. They're still waiting to decide on whether he needs to have Tommy John surgery or not. They've already lost Robbie Powell hurt. They left handed reliever who got to save and win. In the first two weekends. He is out Connor Currie of the left hander has already been deemed out. Shadowlands man who's there all everything closer a year ago really really good pitcher he's now. And they've had and we've seen a couple and we'll see one today at least. Paul Phillips and right hand pitcher with out last year Ethan Frazier. Out last year. Zach Ingle Ken. Who we saw yesterday actually pitched very effectively three scoreless. Innings yesterday for him. He missed all of last year due to an arm injury wreath and then it's also and today's starter Matt warrant. We'll get into him more a little bit later as the game goes but he is it transfer from Creighton. And again set out all of last year and then transferred as a graduate transfer. To Nebraska despite the fact that he's from all law. He went. 12. And seven. For Creighton. And then. Transferred after you fill out the entire last year recovering from recovery come from Tommy John so. The two other pitchers Nate Fisher and Jake potency. They managed. The 2016. Season due to arm injuries. And Jake Cohen C. Is one of the guys we certainly expect to see day I would imagine because he's one of their guys their days are closer. And this shocker if they can continue to do what they did the first two games of the theories and that is get out ahead early. That you may miss those guys altogether certainly the best guys out of the bullpen all together. And all depends on what kind of Leach Mariner's dad coaching staff we'll have long. Matt Warren who will be making his third start. Of the year is shoppers. Have hit 313. And scored fifteen runs in the series. Thirteen of the fifteen runs courtesy of five home runs. And six extra base hits for Wichita State. Meanwhile the grass it is very pedestrian 255. Extra base hits moment four runs three of them coming yesterday one of them coming. On a two run home run in the night trying to make things a little more interest so. It's pretty much been all Wichita State so far. In this series and we'll see if it continues here this afternoon healthy tip rocky by United Healthcare. And did you know that help your food choices like snakes can be a great way to a lot more bit in your guy and he's healthy chocolate chip. Right by United Healthcare. And the real appeal program learn more real appeal. Dot com. Starting on out front you buy equity directly you'll never pay ATM fees be sure to visit them online. Equity bank. Dot com. Nebraska at five and five under six your head coach Darren Erstad will start with mode Joseph hanky. It left field exactly a Penske will play second base and hit second. Angelo all of them bella falls out of the leadoff spot and will hit third today he's the Huskers short stuff. Right fielder Scott Shriver will hit fourth. Jesse welcoming the catcher will bat fifth for Nebraska. Batting six the third baseman Luke rough them. Playing first base today. Friday starting pitcher Luis Alvarado of that seven. Center fielder Jackson hallmark we'll get aid. And batting ninety DH yet AT. Matt warned that start number three he wanted to go with a 2.5 three. You are. So again for the Huskers will be Aggie for a and ski all the Villa. Shriver will give me Roscoe. Alvarado hallmark AT. And Matt warned pitching for Nebraska. For Wichita State aid and go under head coach Todd Butler their lineup looks like this second baseman Luke Ridder will lead it off. Followed by the center fielder grief in Afghanistan. Batting third Alec ball and play third base. And the cleanup spot right fielder Dayton Duca. Mason O'Bryant played first base and hit fifth. Batting sixth and catching will be no croft. Travis younger in left field batting seventh. Adding eight the DH spot is Jacob cats team. Jordan or your will that ninth and play short. Carla what will be his third start of the year he also want to know you know in the RE 3.2. War slogan for the shocker will be greater Janice the bowl. You got O'Brien croft. Young cats the employer. Connor along with us on the mound. Shocker. Behind home play calling balls and strikes that we set us up Bachmann after. Umpire first week Matt Anderson. And over there we Jason Blackburn. Eight days shocker play get 50% off your online order in Wichita area pocket jobs. About Papa Johns dot com promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker discount. We will get to the out of town scoreboard. Also. Look at the upcoming scheduled for Wichita State all that coming up. Right after this when we come back we'll have the first pitch for the finale Nebraska and Wichita State coming up next. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics can year racy keep up with the can't see the president Comfort Systems can junior air conditioner or in selling new Levy system you can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means Comfort Systems is keeping Wichita shocker is cool call today 2657831. Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. 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Wagner a eight to nothing lead in back where these final ten runs UK and eight so you CF this thing first two games. Of that series. Cincinnati. Has taken to the first three from Tennessee Martin winning by scores of 6143. And UT Martin clip since the 75 the play one more day where he strike you weather permitting. Same for USF and Columbia. It was. All bulls. In the opener thirteen to one. But they split doubleheader yesterday USF 28 to nothing Colombia when he Ford three to play one more day. Two lane will try to avoid this week at the hands of cal state Fullerton titans winning 9396. Houston played in a turn that down there playing and turn it down in Houston minute maid park. They've taken a couple of on the chin they'd be they lost to Kentucky. Fourteen to two. Loss last night Mississippi State 32 in twelve innings. And later on tonight the play a number twelve and the although Vanderbilt is one Q. And that term as well east Carolina play it'll get together at home and they have. Think an option to their eighteenth ranked in the country Pepperdine got twelve to two. Missouri State beat him seven before yesterday. And they will play game day here any minute now to wrap up that. Invitational ECU. Elsewhere exceed. The softball teams split doubleheader with Nebraska at Lincoln yesterday winning 62 losing 31 there. Ahead six to nothing at the moment in the fourth inning. So. Christie bread winner of a good job so far this weekend looking to take a series. Nebraska that it's mostly it will also get to some scores that shocker will be playing. Most notably next week they'll be playing as you Edwards bill and Oral Roberts they're playing each other right now. As you Edwards though winning six to four Friday. Or you fortitude yesterday. And Golden Eagles leading one to nothing in the bottom fifth. Day. UTA at Wright State QB in here a week from now play weekend's series. They have split first two games of that series when reverend match today so. Or scores as we go throughout the course of this one. Conner love what's currently. Finishing his warmup tosses from Wichita State second time he's pitched on this homestand Annie could have been much better. Against Omaha last weekend's sixth inning two hits no runs one walk strikeouts. As efficient as maybe he's ever been. As a shocker he only threw 62 pitches. And those six innings against Omagh. Aggregate. Two starts eight net there six hits three runs or walks three strikeouts. This coming on the heels of a almost 100%. Out of the bullpen. Effort last year only one time he started game thank conveniently last year to one what they even four ERA. For 27 innings of work he gets strikeouts 48 of 27 innings only walked five. All of last year coming out there but little bit different mentality. This year as he has in the. Number three starter Wichita State. Need to the first three weekend. Both Joseph hackney client and left him better lock the league to not glad to join us shocker go for the sweep hearing breezy Sunday afternoon. Until hanky is three out of seven in the series. And he takes a strike on the outside corner you're ago. So it'll be Aggie for a Penske and all the Villa. One of Aggies hit an extra base hit he tripled here yesterday. He takes a breaking ball down and end. Connor long let's fast ball mid to upper eighties. Looping breaking ball. Mostly it to pitch pitcher. 65 teach warning. Mays high school bounce back through the middle that's gonna get in the center field. It was right over the glove on a hop. Long waits and he couldn't quite like it would do hanky. After bitter blow started here it really picked up blading lately he has four hits along with this guy right here. Akron Penske Penske four out of seven in the series. And repent skis. Season average climbed to 267. On four out of fifteen. He views this series to really heat up. First pitch swinging fly ball fell right side gonna stay in play can anybody get long run for everybody and it drops. In front of him guy and how the reach of the diving Lou greater. For the second straight well really for the third straight day when blowing. Out of the south but harder yesterday and today than it did variety not by much but a little. Lou critters slowed get up and make it back. To his position at second base. But that was Kevin no man's land it on a normal day that's probably the shocker bullpen or beyond but the wind really straighten it out. And repent ski a little bit fortunate still be up there again that was a lot of realistic that the creators second baseman had to cover. And he made a headlong dive in and quite yet. So nothing and want to use that group Penske. Right hander against righthander. Long hole in the stretch and Fitch. Belted into center field well hit but just as going back he's going to be there in front of the track to make the catch going back attack Hannity. He'll think better of it. And stay at first. Or Penske flies out to center field. One on one out for Angelo all the Villa. All the Villa is struggling one for ten. They hit a single. He now has seen his average on the season tumbled 162. This is an experience then. It's somewhat decorated hitter second leading hitter from a year ago. Behind Scott Shriver. Actually pals at bat after quality depth in. All the pillow last year third team all big and hit 31630. Or 39 runs batted him. Native of Minnesota. Is third year in the program didn't stir in play much as a freshman. He's off to a really slow start shocker to keep it that way. Nine more innings. Fly ball twisting left field corner back yeah on the track reaches up and makes the cat went on carried. And Peggy is going to be able to attack and make you think at this time. Too long fly balls turning out that. Wind really help them both that one more so then Eric Hinske flied senator. The two away and your Scotch driver. Schreiber playing right field today. He is a all. Big Ten selection twice last year hit 337. Home runs and 51 runs batted in. The year before that he hit sixteen home runs so he has a bundle of dynamite. Their home plate. The play at second diving back safely is Hank he has Ridder the second baseman went. Sneaking in mind. Driver in the series two for eight a single in the double one RBI. They have. Kept him quiet so far. Shriver on the season home run four RBIs for doubles. Strong writing and better. It's doing. Bounced on the ground left side bull can't cut it off it's gonna bounce over Boyer in the left field. Celeron got to score out there idea. To get the kind of swings that Cotter along with dead after the leadoff single by head beat. You can't find fault in anything happened you got Shriver to hip bouncer. In between third and short. And you would have thought between bold and employer they at least knock it down. And keep an RBI situation. Out applied but. Under the glove the ball and the kangaroo hop over the top of warriors club and it's one to nothing Huskers. As they leave for the first time in the series that kind of tough luck for Carlin went. They're gonna call that. No RBIs. Porsche driver. Check swing those swing by. Welcoming the catcher. The driver 1 July. Huskers. Draw first blood here in the first inning. And Jesse will inning. We shocker have kept him under wraps one for seven team into the series. They're leading hitter. Averages drop some 43 points in this series and he swings and found the back when they are. In swing mode here in the first inning. Not too many strikes thrown by. Connor long would it have made it to the catcher's glove. Will getting last year to 47 a home run and 22 RBI I was on the pre season Johnny Bench award watch list. Third year in the program from cedar lake Indiana. Swing and miss pitch got away from. So it is one and two scoreboard says wanting to think maybe Owens. And anyway she strikes the count. On Jesse welcoming. We'll inning gave former draft selection of the Arizona Diamondbacks. When he round back in 2015. Wanted. Looking on the inside corner well located fastball by a long way to lock the we're getting goes down looking he rarely strikes out only one every eleven so far this year. But Connor long wait even though he gave up a run through the ball pretty well that first inning I threw it run. On one hand they leave one in about half inning it's Nebraska one shocker coming back. The following semester troop trains high extend from me start I appreciate that you get a thousand dollars a day since you won the Kansas lottery lucky for life but there are rules you still have to follow. 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Join us more things right here on page. And as fast. Doctor every Monday night but he thought Butler coach showed they gave sports realty Alley thirteenth green which wrote. Broadcasting live on K in assets 97 to thirty. Ages ports bill at the Alley the home ball shock coach shows. Hopefully. Shocker we'll have that. Undefeated record still intact you know friends we address this threatening three consecutive sweep through these state Omaha. And Nebraska. Will be Luke greater grace Galveston Alec bombed. Hitters do you have faith that Warren. For. The cornhuskers. Bats making his third start. In its previous 1023. Two in pretty good he's only walked one struck out nine. ERA of 2.5. Three. And it's done a good job at each of these first two starts this season. Certainly lots to be asked from him emotional injuries. Most particularly to Jake Eckstein started the first two games. His Nebraska's season and now he's out with a injuries strike in there to the greater. And now Warren pitched opening weekend against Washington they got the win in five innings. Actually no decision findings line drive base hit right field off the battle Luke greater. Soccer's. Heavy immediately a base runners Luke Renner. You're fourth hit of the season. He did hit a home run here yesterday. He's not too afraid. In this series tires Afghanistan. Mentioned Warren five innings against Washington State and no decision Allen got the winning in Utah. Last week in Houston and six. Yeah just two earned runs in former Creighton product. When did. It's got Catholic high school in Nebraska. Ground ball base hit center field that second and holding a letter and back to back singles Knight Ridder and Jonathan shocker that something that can immediately here in the bottom. The first after three pitches shocker with two base runners. As Genesis and its one through the metal. And now Bolton do god O'Brien trying to get the shocker even or maybe better here on a windy windy day. The next day. I'm like the first few games of the series it's overcast today has been basically since then came up but. Temperatures still OK and related. Temperature at first pitch. Was 65 degrees blown away from Warren. Two ballot bowl. Bull to its in this series both home runs he's homered in both games. Scored four times driven in five. At a Grand Slam two days ago. Did strike on the inside corner heading giving ground one and one. On the season ball for 81 on thirteen of 274. Doubles four home runs thirteen RBIs. Also eight walks. And on base percentage of 600. Over with low to one so Ridder second jealous it first. Nobody out in the shocker first one to nothing Nebraska. Obama should imagine good RBI guy especially this year hitting 600 with. Runners in scoring position. Swing and a foul tip fastball slipped past him ninety miles an hour. Matt warned six feet 215 pounds right hand pitcher. Bald a year ago is the second leading hitter on the team it 306 with forty RBIs. Already with thirteen driven in. Through the first eight games. And outside so Warren has alternated. Balls and strikes here. Dayton do doubt waiting next. John rocker's had eight season high thirteen hits here yesterday. In outscored the Huskers fifteen for the first two games is the series in his swing and a mess and down goes. Alec bulk. So bone and will Pennington was struck out in the first. That's the rarity for boat that's only the third time out mold them down strikes. That the big out number one format war. Now I will be facing Dayton duke got. Dayton with three singles in the series. Also lay down a sacrifice of stolen base. Low ground ball in the third baseman this might be to second base support throw an off the bat. Ross. Took root Hinske off the bag. He may have backhanded play. Body with all of the bag and everybody say fielder's choice. Shocker to catch a break I don't know that that was a double play ball anyway because Dayton can really run. But. Now Warren deserve better than that again none. On a ground ball in between hop to roster in the third baseman tonight or Mason O'Brien. And he swings and misses of the change what everybody. Swing it like they have some word beer this afternoon. O'Brien has four hits in this series that's tops on the team. One of those left the ballpark. Driven in six innings swings and misses the saint pitch changeup got away from. Bases loaded one out one and nothing Nebraska bottom of the first. Warren way ahead in the count. So in another little grounder the right side only play it's going to be first by the second baseman. For a Penske did knowing how to how to first O'Brien a productive out. Everybody moved up ninety feet were tied 11. Mason O'Brien now. With eleven RBIs on the season after rarely slow start. So readers floors and we're back even. Now second and third for no croft. Croft getting its first start yesterday at DH went to got a four. Takes a slider wide one ball no strikes. The kind of a weird first inning for both teams. Both pitchers. Could have gotten off the hook. And haven't clipped the outside corner. Think his slider. One ball one strike throughout 1 AM. Croft last year Q 48. Three home runs and eighteen driven them. It's well on the ground left side behind the third base bag foul. That's one and two. So adjust their retreat the third. Do got a second. That error by Nebraska just their second of this series shocker to played careless ball. So far in this series. And considering the conditions. Both teams played really well defensively the blustery series swing and a miss by croft and a heart breaking ball down ago. So again both pitchers probably deserved a little better than what they got. But what they got is 11 after one. Be back right after this. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball an arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas George nor. Are you from coast to coast AM join me week starts right here I'm PMS. Kosuke has made an error in the series actually did in the first inning Alec moments. Saddled with an error and so was the big red third baseman Luke roster so one run. One yeah one air for Nebraska won two and one for the shock yours. Threw one inning though. Both teams have some tightening up to do if they don't want this from the last forever today. Luke Roscoe and will. Stir I do the plate two out eighth in this series with a double. Overall average to 498 of 35. I asked him up their from the left side and kind of lung which brings an end. And it could strike nothing in one. While woods was right around the strike zone in that first inning and Nebraska for the most part. Really aggressive. 01. Belted to right field and deep but right at duke guy and didn't hit it high enough to give ovaries hit it ever reaches up and makes the play in the wind helped a little bit too that was. Hit like a bullet to deep right field but you got back here in play perfectly. So one out for Luis Alvarado this is how Barack knows. First. Start of this series of the non pitcher. On Friday went five and two thirds on the mound give up five runs. They're from the right side Alvarado. Has started one other game with two out of five. As a hitter. First pitch to him. A little bit level. Luis Alvarado. A native of Puerto Rico. He's a career to 77 hitter this it's 500 at bats as a Huskers so that's what he went there there's a strike. One and one. Last year at the dish Eldorado to 83 point five RBIs in 226. At bats and he played planning. Breaking ball on the turf two and one the with the injuries. To the Nebraska pitching staff that I alluded to. It looks at least in the early going that Darren Erstad is these are either. Just easing into the lineup as a hitter or backing off altogether because they need him on the hill. Lying Ritter makes that catch right up the top amateur two out. Alvarado stung one of the opposite field. Shocker second base. Here's a freshman outfielder Jackson hallmark. Hallmark throughout the seven in the first two games of the series both hit singles. Hallmark five and right hand matter. Native of Midland Texas first pitch to him. Is little high. Ball no strikes. Bases empty two way top of the second 11 tie each team with. Single run in the first aided by an error. A little bit outside Juneau. Ads appear out about you and you whip the basketball game today in free here today showing here. Men's hoop ticket. Yes getting started in the second. Do an audit Jackson hallmark. Pitch. Pulled on the ground foul. To have won soccer's defensively. In the outfield from left to right young Janice Hindu god. In the infield from third over the first. As usual the home Boyer Ritter O'Brien croft. Is the catcher today for the doctors. Connor along with snaking. Stark number three. On the year. This will be his ninth start. As a shocker you made five starts back the freshman. Do want a hallmark the pitch. Pulled on the ground foul again. Student to. And all bar with a couple of multi hit games. This year. Both of them coming last weekend. To got a mortgage organ state two for five and you'd top. 22 pitch. Sliced foul down the right side. Has Connor along with trying to run one away from him. And hallmark served it toward the bleachers. Eck stadium of course 330 down the line 375. To the gaps 390 to dead center playing much smaller this weekend. With the wind blowing out in left center. And hard to to swing a felt tip behind home plate. So with two outs nobody on Jackson hallmark making content along with its. Work forward here. Outfield straightaway. Probably a little deeper than they normally would be playing against little guy like hallmark. Guiding looking good breaking ball and Downey goes. Carla woods. Retired society in order in the second beaten Heidi second with a shocker right hander after one and a half that the Huskers Juan shocker one. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and go for days plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance more recovery plan 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. Yeah. Marches Garden Show in Kansas featuring exhibits and seminars for all things outdoor living and landscaping. Patio room's hot tubs and pools outdoor kitchens lot of equipment greenhouses. Liz keepers. And beautiful display gardens and tons of shopping. These outdoor living in landscape show is going on now at century two convention senate Bill Cunningham. Here are the great American join me. It's got. On another one as we go to the bottom of the second inning lower third of the order Wichita State you'll be. Travis young Jacob patsy in Jordan or hear. Anything right hander Matt warned. Full week. Next week for the shocker five games starting on Tuesday afternoon and thank you Edwards bill. Comes to town after being told that if we can play it will Robert. And then the next day march 7 on Wednesday shocker to go to war Roberts do you think game as to when they gain that three. And then next week in each. Hackers right back home take on Texas Arlington. I'm Sunbelt. Line drive right at the shortstop young hit harder right and all the Villa. On a hop when pitch one out Kravis young. There's now two for nine in the series. Then I'll pick it cats being. That's negating his second start on the season. Four for eight on the year with a double. Takes strike in there I think in one. Catchy one for one in this series the pinch single. Allen's inside crowded in. Breaking ball almost hit them back foot. Cats they last year in limited action to 64 and fourteen hits 53 at bats. Left handed hitter from Lee's summit Missouri and one wide welcoming cubs strike. To want. Working quickly Warren brings it back home. I went outside as well three and one. Woody on one out the shocker second pitch to cat's feet. Outside ball four. Flirted with the outside edge three consecutive pitches didn't get any up and they could cats because. One out walk. Jordan Boyer. Warren very good command. And a lot of the players pitchers. Recruited to creek. Which is where he went you know went. Playing in a big ballpark they almost all throw it over the plate Warren is no different. Those runners wearing a mask to throw down is into center field. Actually gonna get up and go to third and he is gonna make it. Third baseman robbed and try to beat humans. That he went in standing up. Really a good job by Jordan Boyer. After the swing and miss not to go leading up front home plate and running into the catcher welcoming. Home plate umpire. She Seth buck minster immediately. Signaled safe as if to say no there was no contact everything's okay so stolen base eat too. Second error as many innings for the Huskers given the shocker it's the opportunity take the lead here. So warrior one of the best RBI men returning from a year ago. Jane Austen bombed a lot of credit fortnight. Lawyer actually knocked in more than both of those guys swing and a felt tip now with Owen to. There's a year Creighton where Warren only walked hand in sixty innings so don't expect a lot of charity from him today. The only walked two down his first three starts. 02 little bat handle flare to shallow right looks like repent he's got to play makes the catch. And not deep enough to score at three. So now Warren. Coming right up the shocker hitters. Now here's Luke Renner. Literally the clean single to right and scored a run last inning 11 tie bottom of the second. In their for a called strike. I think in one. It's a stretch Warren's gonna go from the stretch. Breaking ball shot foul under the net. This wide of the shocker dug out the fluent too. 02. Hitting. And home plate umpires and making stay there but minster determined that Lou creator didn't make an attempt to get out of the way now. Todd butler's gonna come out and argue a little bit. Ridder made an attempt. Is a breaking ball inside is no question about that the that argument or at least conversation won't last long between. Butler and buck minster. So it'll be a ball one ball and threw strikes. Runner third tool away cat she walk stole base and reached third on an error so. Shocker really haven't done much at all to getting there was all the grasses if they can catch it and move Q1 Q rather. Announcer found. Ridder would bet. Base hit in the first. Kept him above 100. It should be pointed out and talk Butler did Sony's pregame comments he's hinted at some tough luck. It swung the bat like a hitter hitting 100. Want to. Bounce serve up long third that's foul right at the bag just in front of it rostrum dug it out of turn. I'm a breaking balls. To Luke creator and readers being with a say that just long enough to get some aluminum on it. Ritter last year as a shock for utility player T 23. Four home runs when he RBIs in homer here yesterday. Count holding a one into Warren. Trying to get through this second inning keep the game time and time called home plate yes he will canning. Called time out wanna warn to back off. Try this again. Theory goes that warrants 12. Crack in the left center field a base hit try to sneak a fastball pathogen Ridder put the shocker in the lead. He's gonna go for second that the role and is too light. Critter with a hustling double. And a guy came into the game hitting 103. As this war one and driven in one Schumacher's lead. Great pizza hitting by Luke Ridder. The first extra base hit here today in the seventh. Of the series a shocker five homers and now two doubles. Hired Jenna study found the single through the middle his first time up there. Plotting a room in the gap in right center for Janice circular way around toward left. Here hard on the ground and steered by the second baseman to his laughter Penske throws the first in the inning is over that canister. Made it did didn't pull through the right side Beckman Penske was there. And that's that but soccer's take believe they get a run on one hit they leave one party scores at the end of June the shocker to a Nebraska one. 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Adults through the door to each did he receive a three terra cotta flower pot or not it's all brought to you by students greenhouses and garden center. It's shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry market Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger or an end over west Sawyer. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight an eight RAM. Playing close games so far where. Through to its shocker to in the cornhuskers won. It'll be 912 in the order due up for Nebraska. Jeff I ate the who homered here yesterday in the ninth inning happened to be his first hit of the season. Started off against Connor long what's. Why the first pitch to him. Now outside fastball at 87. Yeah. One ball no strike to Jeff. Eight feet. Hi pop fouls and get out of play left side. Eight yet they're from the left side his. Season total now one for fifteen. That home run it was with a man aboard yesterday this is his fifth start. Third consecutive start in the series that Darren Erstad sees something and in any. What clicked sooner rather than later. 11. Let up little high. Two and one Nebraska has not. Played a home game yet little changed Thursday. Cal poly counts count to four games in three days. Mustangs. And the Huskers. Play for afternoon games. Pulled on the ground now in its. Current along with threw a fastball in the inside corner. Huskers allowed four against the mustang to cal poly in northern Colorado and for two Northwestern State. In for three. And then they'll actually play to add or Roberts march 20 and 21. And that hit him a breaking ball and check his swing did not go. Breaking ball hit the eight the in the foot. So he leads it off. By getting plunked. And so shocker fans are grumbling that eighth he didn't move to get out of the way. And I don't know it's apples to apples with he and Lou critter is a breaking ball that he was fooled on. Now it's probably the different thing. Luke greater identified with breaking balls probably going to be inside and hit him. Righty righty matchup as opposed to lefty. Eight people left the with a breaking into him. So here's mode Joseph hagee. Aggies had a good series. Annie picked up an end of the fastball wanna know Alec ball in on the green portion of the turf just in case. Peggy wants to drop one down. Four out of eight. Three singles and a triple. Off speed stuff misses low two balls no strikes. Peggy last year to 77. As a freshman. Drove in 27. Eyeball Satterfield Janis says it measured now backs up his. The wind takes it halfway to second APS returned to Kirsten canisters squeezes it. The one on one out. Exactly Penske also flied to center. In the first. One thing that. Connor lung which is not at least not so far today is a ground ball pitcher. All of his doubts have. Come in the air. Non strikeouts. Try to change yet here with zapper Penske. Good hard slider in their for a called strike nothing in one. A Penske all for one today. He's now four out of sixteen and even 250. On the year. Swings late and mrs. dreaded time of breaking ball. For Penske still a couple of years that the Moines area community college. 312 or above in both of those seasons. Rarely played last year. His final go around last year as a house. Hootie. Popped up shallow right center field. And mrs. trouble Ritter it manager and then dropped it. Anti set days out there for the course now though it worked out. Ritter first goal quite aways in right center field looked like he had it measured in and it bounced off Lee's love. But Dayton did god awful and pick it up fired to second. AP forced out at second. That fielders choice will go 496. From the get the out. It is trade base runners. Here's all the villain that's well a few times you'll see a shocker struggle with a pop up in the wind normally pretty good at. Runner goes pitches down cross throw down on the other side of the bag stolen base by Africans. Penske. Swiping his first base of the year misses at least so far not a team that runs much. Huskers are six of eight. Stolen base category that first time they tried one today or in the series rather. But here's all the Villa slumping badly one for eleven in the series. Prior second to relate to one shocker top of the third. All the fill up their from the left side. The stretch by long what's. Check of the runner and the pitch. And in turn breaking ball almost hit him in the foot. Do you know all the Villa. Hundreds second. Two away Huskers got one in the first shocker got one in each of the first two. Smashed into center field hit. Here come propensity to score and all the Billick got a hitters count any tension in this stolen base we are tied back up again. All the villas third RBIs this season here and Scott Shriver. So what. This may be one of those days. Schreiber reached on an error. And that error brought home motel Aggie in urged. Sort of first runner back. Shriver hit one to left of foam with a high bouncer and bomb charge to try to get the short hop and went under his glove and maybe office. And after that it bounced over Jordan lawyers love who's backing him up. First pitch doing is outside one ball no strikes. Scott Schreiber senior out of Wisconsin. 26 round draft pick last year out of our for by the Tampa Bay Rays. He's a lifetime 315 hitter coming in with 27 home runs. And a 147. Runs batted in. His best year is when he was a sophomore sixteen home runs 55 driven in at 325. Back to back. First team all Big Ten selection. Here are on the grounder right Boyer he's gonna flip the short way out there and the inning is over so. The death by paper cuts first third of the game continues with one run. One hit I hit batter. One left will bottom of the third and he scores now Nebraska to. Shocker to. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry market Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. It's awesome number one talks to. And assets. If you're in the area come on now show that stuff in it for free watch soccer's Huskers. Wrap up this three game homes. Three game series rather and see if shocker to stay unbeaten. In baseball but I don't know if they can do it. To teach I bought the third. 345 in the order Wichita State facing mountain warrant. Each picture is. Kinda had his moments good and bad. Defense. Probably say the same thing about them posters have committed to marriage shocker one. And. There's only been 1123 inning kind of lung which turned in a perfect second inning here's ball was struck out his first time. Slow from Matt Warren. Warren so far two innings three hits. One walk which is rare and two strikeouts. Both coming in the first. And he got Bowman croft. Low and outside Juneau. Matt Warren is. In the top five in Creighton program history in multiple categories. Mean it's as low three you know. He's fifth that wins the point to fit the eerie to 69. He left Creighton 22 and seven. A winning percent to seven if Tina. Home taking its three and one. He's second team all America according to Louisville slugger and collegiate baseball in 2014 of those can win that told you about earlier. 31 missed inside bowl for so he walked one in his first team starts. You walk through today. I've started pitching coach Mike field for the game and talking. Particularly about Lian Eddie he was yesterday but. The key of sticking around a while at the picture on the weekend like this with the elements the way they are. Not only not walking people of course that's cardinal fan but getting ahead of people. You fall behind. And we need throws strikes you can be a little tapper from the plate overrunning it is welcoming the throw the first thing. And all kinds English on it it was a swinging bunt but got a perfect results for god. Has just hit it off the cap. And after the second bounce. It bounced away from looking. And then by the time he reached back they can go through the first is not in time because it is going to be enough. And here's O'Brien. Brought in the shocker first run with a ground ball the second first time up there he got three. Change ups from Matt warned swung and missed the first two. Cranked to right field bases and playing on a hop. Is the right fielder Shriver here comes home he is going to make kids coming off bye Colorado the first baseman. Mason O'Brien Kevin quite a series. He crushes one right fielders. Matt Warren try to sneak a fastball past him and shocker to retaken the lead a building that accident horrible. First and second floor no croft. Second RBIs this series for O'Brien eight. Second RBIs the day eight that this year. And now you know as a grand total twelve. He came in this series in struggling hitter. But he is now five for nine in the series. The eight RBIs. Warren to croft. Breaking ball in on many chopped it foul kind of self defense. Cross struck out on a wide breaking ball in the first. Hit number five. Well a shocker it's courtesy of O'Brien's. Sharp single right. Three to shoppers bottom three they got hit play at second and at second base. As duke got he was leaning the wrong way but it looked like he may have had. That right hand Gideon underneath the tank it was on that second base side of the bag with you now. Ruled have been picked off. What at the huge first now. So base running mistake by duke got. That's the second time he's been. Picked off the last few days. It's a one on one out for croft. Very high one and one. Mason O'Brien with two RBIs. Ritter with the other. Strike called. What did you croft. Warren. Hand on his knee reading the signs here's a stretch of letters to pitch. Breaking ball low to into. In spite of each yeah each pitcher giving up. Probably more runs and he'd hoped for. And I don't burn it catches swing without back. And credit to shocker for taking advantage of the walks by Warren. Both bases on balls and scored. Cats in the second. Home here in the third. To kid croft. And got him swinging again a breaking ball the dirt. So promptly struck out twice. And he's now. Two for six with three strikeouts in Sears. Here's Travis young who had sharply the grounded and short spurts not. A runner first and two way. Young two for nine in the series. Five for 28 overall hits one into center field well here we gonna help it into the he's at the track and right in front of the wall once Jackson hallmark. And it's fortunate for him in his playing. 390s sign some young. In a long way but to the deepest part of the park. The shocker they're done in the third but they retake the lead they get one. On two hits they leave one and Ernie scorpion three's now the doctors three draft to. 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I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga. Heart rate based interval training and a Spock. They even have child care. This up to you like it when he person whether online op deep Tyson life dot com. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. She students can join this morning right here on Kate in as answer. You don't need athletics would like to thank shocker ambassadors which constantly level of corporate partners. House lawn Coke industries. Delta dental. Cox Communications. Your interest in advertising which Justine athletics. Shocker sports properties and nine cents at 316978. 75528. Jesse will getting a leading off for the Huskers. Here in the fourth. Shamed us ballpark Simon Sumner back studio's content along with into the wind up first pitch in the fourth. Low and outside one ball no strikes. Native pitchers really had an easy time of it so far. Flung woods is said. The better of it if he had to compare one fewer run it one more 123 inning. Welcoming swings and misses one and one. A rare strike out him do in the first inning. Kind of along with scouting looking. Welcoming though just one of eight in the series Schumacher's. Have had him hitting balls worth soccer's our position now one is loaded into center field for a base hit. So leadoff hit by a weakening got off the into the bats floated one into center. Hurt. Huskers got the lead off man three times in four innings shock or two times in three. It's been that kind of Sunday here so far. Here's Luke Roscoe and third baseman flied to right. Lined out to do guys first time out. First pitch to him. Outside. One ball no strikes. Luke Roscoe and sophomore from chaff in Minnesota. He is on the Big Ten all freshman team plastered to 66 with four home runs and when he driven man. Picks outside to now. Ross can play old third he was a catcher in high school. Two for nine in the series against each doctors and the count Q&A. And that's in their first strike that was. The situation that you shocker pitchers had been staying away from him. Pitching coach Mike Steele was hoping it continues stay away from and that's fallen behind in the count getting in hitters count the days like today. Very dangerous to one pitch. Cranked to right field and again did guys they're going back makes the catch where exactly the same. As the second inning AB. Brosnan couldn't hit it much harder but pretty much right that you got into the wind would knock it down it a little further. So here's Luis Colorado. Playing first today pitched on Friday. He alone screamer that was. Scooped off the top of the turf by Luke Renner. Well on one out. And it's upstairs. That fielder's choice hit by Scott Shriver in the third. Was the only. Out on the ground they'll think you can really count the pop up that bounced off Luke raiders love and and Dayton do got through to second to get a force out that's not a ground ball that's in their first strike to Alvarado. One ball one strike one now. Three to Wichita State top of the war. Both pitchers have been. Living out of the stretch. Breaking ball called strike both pitchers have been able to stay away from any huge inning. By helping themselves when they needed that. Now Warren. Pick the man off second base when he was in some hot water in the third. The 12 upcoming Eldorado instead throw to first. How Morocco as a hitter last year meant to kill 83. He was drafted last year by the Mariners in the thirteenth round. He backed it plays senior season. It's an on the ground in the back inside that I Bible lawyer out of its second day night play. Georgia boy with a headlong dive. Been slow to get out stretching his lower back. He looks like he's OK so there's a ground ball went along with Republican form. They force will be neat its second. And now Jackson hallmark. And might steal. Pitching coach wants to go out reasonable idea. To amounted talked to Connor long waits. I'm curious visit here look like. Love what she's doing fine but. Thank you once talked to him addressing infield. Trying to get out of the sport and. In the shock yours we'll be back here on. Tuesday afternoon against us IU Edwards violent games to apply. Also have the shocker coaches shows to. Todd Butler tomorrow night at the ages court ruled the Alley. And a visit by Mike Steele. Predictably. Pretty short. Colorado goes back to first base Jackson hallmark it was a strikeout victim is first time up there. Not to abate in the series. And along with strategy. Put up another zero. Joggers in the fourth we'll have cats feed Boyer Ridder. One what's pitch. Chop on the ground to third steered by boldly goes wait a second. And that's that for the Huskers Philip. Pretty good fourth inning or Connor long waits pitching around lead off single runs one hit one left. We shall go to the bottom of the fourth. Wichita State leading Nebraska three to two. Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Then there's his second job recruiting. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive players share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for. He can star recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next to busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shot hurts he learned more and exact their shared dot com. Ever wonder how good your AC and furnace system is ever wonder how good boss doctor is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. The year plus doc started too much free HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium parents it's our new customer 1946. Special from foreign stock. And carrier. Turned to the experts. Punish doc called I'm going to need courtroom I lead going into any week day mornings at nine right here on. Take to catch people off when the doctors here at Ford. They hang onto a 32 lead. Wichita State scored single runs in each of the first three innings the Huskers and alternated runs. From the hearse through the fourth. That's seen in his previous plate appearance drew a walk. He installed base and then the third on throwing error by just opening. Huskers have made two errors today. It gives him eleven on the season this is their eleventh game there's strike in their cat's feet. Matt Warren is in search of a much needed quick inning. Ounces one up there it's one in one. Shocker since six men in the play in the first five more in the second five more in the third. And so with low. That's feet. In the summer. Played for Winter Park. In Florida he made the all star team that leagues play in a myths that get through catcher welcoming punitive. He was the all league first baseman and actually led the league. This summer and where park home run 7316. For the diamond dogs where pork. Tops one foul stays alive at the plate. Catch the game Wichita State as an outfielder but. Let's play in the summer as the first baseman has come on defensively to replace Mason O'Brien a handful of times as the first baseman. Changeup bounces up there are three into. In a position players absolutely. Take advantage of summer ball in more ways than just getting hit. 32 I didn't mean to do it that check swing foul ball. Obviously in his case going from the outfield the infield but Grayson Jessica. Who played most of the time last year for the shocker that first base a little bit right. But he was permitted by his summer coaching Kate play thinner. We've been treats there recent hit well high and deep to right field to win the knock it down Shriver now comes in to make the catch. And cannot be on another day may have had an extra base hit. But that one guys in the wind dies in the glove got driver. The wind today gusting up near thirty miles an hour very consistently over warning. Most of the first three innings of the game. Mostly cloudy skies here today mid sixties. Who's Jordan boy journey takes loan outside one now. Boyer popped out the second baseman. And shallow right field its first time up there. He swings the foul tip one on one. One for seven in this series that hit a double. Shocker one here Friday afternoon nine line. One yesterday 63. Hit right back through the middle of may fifth foyer. Thanks one through the middle and over the left side amount. Shocker continue to. Keep the pressure on mount Warren based writer and every inning and now here's Luke Ridder's debt to really get plate appearances. After struggling for most. On the first eight games. At three hits in his first 29 and it's commits today. And make three a bullet into left field shot is making them eligible wanna first and second. Little greater is three for three. After going three for its first when he night. And I got that guys coming up that you want Aniston but home. Janice disputed one in the center field its first time up and then. Get a ground ball in the right side it was cut off by repent he. Want attitude. One for two today three for eight with a home run in the series. I drive base hit right field that gets through Sammy asked that he does gonna put up the stop sign. And Janice at the scramble back in the bag everybody's sake. The Sammy asked as the go with Alan Ball coming up next decided to hold Boyer. It was below ground balls does not like anybody was freezing to see if that goes through but. As the Zito just decided. To let the home. Feeling they can do it Matt Warren. Here in the fourth inning. Had Silva knocked them down. For the Huskers. Nebraska seven here pitching coach. The shoppers now have eight hits three and a third off now Warren. Right hander getting loose for the Huskers and just. Pick me up from debt sold out and it jogged back to the dugout. Still look former cal state Fullerton great. 26 wins in 26 saves for him so he knows we've talked about. So here's the home. The shocker with three grand slams already this year Ballmer has two of them. And the bases were full of shoppers would wanna. Consecutive singles. By Boyer reader in Afghanistan. Popped up now back and how to play in one. Boldness struck out and walked. Ballot bowl with thirteen runs batted in four home runs in two of them with the bases loaded. Awad. Inside almost hitting counts Walter. Keeping them honest. Ballmer has homered in each of the first two games of this series Grand Slam. Here Friday. 11. Talk on the ground now. One ball two strikes. Do you got next. Or your third grader a second adjusted first. Though Matt Warren hang him by a thread. When the writing getting loose behind him bold reaches this might be it. Low breaking ball. You would do. Shocker for a few minutes in the first one in the second two in the third. Three here in the fourth. Now Warren had given up eleven hits in his first two starts combined. I drive deep left bill he has done it again. Another Grand Slam or Alec bowl. Is second in three days. His third on this season. Harvey I 141516. And seventeen. It is seven. To tune Wichita State. He hit the first home run. Given up my mouth Warren this year. And that's gonna do it for Warren wow allow allow the shocker to scored in every inning. They nickel been done in the first three. But after cannot be. In a line drive to right field. Boyer singled up the middle. Ritter pulled one into the hole between third and short. Janice. Singled to right and as it turned out Sammy S is CEO. Was if not a prophet at least very very Smart. Because he held up Jordan Boyer coming around third. He Newbold was coming up next. And foam hit another Grand Slam that's its third. Of this season his second of the series. And the shocker fourth. Of the year home run number fifteen as a team. For Wichita State. So that's all for Matt Warren. He exits after three and a third. And so now. Nebraska goes to the hand very early earlier than they certainly would holt but that's been out. Recurring theme this weekend. Paul Phillips and fillets and redshirt freshman from. Monument Colorado. He'll be appearing for the third time this year he has. Five scoreless innings. Under his belt. And he went. To scoreless. Against Washington State opening weekend. Three scoreless and got the win. Against Utah is giving up one hit. Wanna walk. One strikeout. So Matt Warren in three and a third. Gave up nine hits. He ended up walking two they both scored. And he struck out. Three. Hey give up seven runs. Shocker it with. And very uncommon and very welcome. Power surge. Not only in this series. But through these. First eight plus games of the season. So they're cleared off predicting big guy. And poll Phillips and gave. Bases empty one out situation here in the fourth right hander brings it home. And off speed pit stays up to do got you got one out of two. Single and reached on a fielder's choice. Here's the one out. Swinging and mr. pitched down. One ball and strike one out. Four in after another ballot bowl Grand Slam. Swing and soft stuff down and do you guys couldn't stay back. Here comes the one to. I was blown away. So shocked yours now with. Four grand slams this season. You have to go back to 2010. Define a year that they hit more than four. They hit five. Eight years ago. Crank the left field over goes hanky in need to our heads and makes a backhanded it. Hanging with a tremendous play your game gone the extra bases. Number two. The play by mode you'll find. Now here's Mason O'Bryant. O'Brien working on a good day an excellent series. One for two. RBI in each of his first two plate appearances. Seven it's a shocker is bottom of the fourth. And scored in every inning. Right hander kilts and brings an end left the O'Brien and balance gets up there. Will mean tried backing and a ticket won enough. I fomenting apply to series. Smashed in inner field almost undressed militant. And O'Brien's two out of three. Overall Wichita State. Pretty much had their way would cause they're pitching this weekend. But he gave them wanna do. Out home member of the American honor roll this week I think it's fairly safe to say. Find him on it again. This time next week. Here's croft Suze. Glad to see war and out of there struck out twice the exit belt high strike. So ball now. Officially three of nine with three home runs and nine RBI. Two grand slams and a solo shot and croft swings and misses again it's nothing to 2000 trouble with a breaking ball. Think they made a movie about that only. Not named exactly the same. Here's the 02. And bounces. Went into. So Brian got a shocker is going with the RBI groundout in the first. Lew Ritter an RBI double in the second. Mason O'Brien he's RBI single in the third. And Alec Baldwin other Grand Slam here in the fourth. Stretched by Phillips of the one Q you got in looking at on the outer third. Croft. Struck out all three times but the shocker have a great round within eight to the plate. Or runs four hits four runs five hits that you parties and one man laughed. So. We go to the top of the fifth and our new score is now the shocker seven. The grass but it. 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Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas Tayshaun. Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall camp. Happening right here on CNN San. Guys are thinking construction. Roads and gutters to citing what does learn to love your home's exterior again they're tripping dot com or call 316202. 2066. -- trucking and construction your home team pro score here 72 shoppers. Top five. Yep AT the DH. Will greet Connor long with. Annie smacked one into left center field for a base hit. Just over cut it off to hold eight feet to lead off single. So that's the way the fifth inning starts here next stadium. Elsewhere in Tripoli port future shocker opponent. SI you Edward Dillon or Roberts played three game series in the cougars won two out of three point 64. 21 or you won yesterday's report news so. As you Edwards bill coming here Tuesday coming off a series win over or you. Mode Joseph Haiti. Takes outside low mode goes one for two. That's the Darlington and here next weekend. Playing a three game series against Wright State. UTA lost eight to 61111011. Innings yesterday Wright State had 62 after. Five today. Outside to Maggie and it's tuna. So this one's not over yet. With the way that. One with its is. Prone to give up fly ball just never know now on the ground ball pitcher. And a line drive base hit to right field with a full line had 82 and no hanky made things. Back to back singles to start Oscar Beth. Here's Accra Penske. Right hander starting to play catch for the shock yours down their parents seven to two Wichita State. Top of the fifth. Missouri and Maryland Baltimore County playing three game series in the zoo winner 716. To 55 to nothing. Soccer's. We'll go there a week from Tuesday. At number five for the Huskers. They've had the lead off man on their all day. First third fourth and now on the fifth. Lawn outside from along with us. The Sims called strike. Scoreboard says its own one. If so Christmas it's comer relief are long what's. Creighton in central Arkansas playing a series. Out of Arkansas they split the first two games great winning 12 to 5 central Arkansas a 62. Bears ahead 74 bottom of the seventh in the rubber game. On which brings it home a little chopper left side and no play boy get a ground ball to chew on it that nobody. That's it. Over bolt who. Went over cut it off in the third baseline her baseline between second and third but. Everybody safe and three consecutive singles to start the Oscar fifth. Powders and blow all the bella. All the Villa started the series one for its first eleven. Before giving it fuel pitching. Smacking one in this dinner in the third toward Akron Penske bases full Huskers. 87 to two shocker game. In the top of the fifth. Stretch by a long with a pitch. Good backdoor breaking ball strike on. Oklahoma and Alabama playing a three game series and oh you took two out of three winning 21 and sixteen to four. Crimson Tide won today thirteen to one. Writers leeway at every base. On one all the Villa. It's still him. Outside low wanna want this this series marred with. Frustration by Nebraska hitters. Coming up with big hits with runners in scoring position. One ball one strike. Through the Huskers shortstop. Shocker will play Furman three game series in March 23 24 and 25. They'd be central Connecticut. Two out of three this weekend. Wonder all the Villa. Which picture. Down and handed down around his feet to a one. Plate mcginnis loosening for the shoppers. In the right field bullpen. Number eighteen EC two loss to Pepperdine Friday twelve to two. Invite in North Carolina Missouri State beat him seven a foursome of pirates trying to win one. This weekend playing saint Joe's today scoreless after two. 21. Town and in three and one. So the shocker you scored in every inning. Trying to keep the Huskers from. Getting back in this when they're poised for multi run innings for the first time one of the few times this weekend. It's 31. Strike called outside corner of ground adultery and do. Oklahoma State playing a series in Tempe against Arizona State and also doubles so far nine to 114. To first two games. Okie state leading 21 after four today. Into all the Villa the stretch by long what's today. Eyeball right field pretty well hit there goes duke got tracking it and makes a sliding catch on the warning track and our runs gonna score everybody else who blew up ninety feet so they got an out but all the Villa. K state and duke got in the gap in right center and bold steps spicy flavor. From him thanks to win so our run scorers. Runners at second and third. Scott drivers announced. That it gets gonna do good Warren Conner along with us Todd Butler making long slow walk. And he has. Made a move to the pin so long with. Lee credit for four in the third. A little bit of misfortune here in the fifth but. Both teams' hitters. Certainly lock in today. So. Not Butler going to his. Right handers junior from Missouri he's done such a great job straining routers this year. I inherited second and third jam. We have one down 1 AM here in the fifth Conner love lifts. Win or a third. Six kids. Three runs so far. No walks. She strikeouts he's gone willful runners at second and third. One of the runs so far it's been and earn it quite Maginnis. One of the busiest guys in the country whose first three weekends. Listening Clayton seventh appearance. In his previous six. He's given up this two hits in six innings of work. Wanna know in the area won it. In the. Opener. He threw a scoreless inning. After Cody holier went up now. And need. Omaha series he got too big outs in the final game of that series striking out two with runners on. And the opener of that series went to sports. Giving up just one hit and striking out one. So it is seven to three shocker in the top of the fifth. Maginnis will face Nebraska is most accomplished hitter Scott driver. Run second third and just one out elsewhere around the American. Fullerton at stake in the first two game series against two lane 9396. Green wave leading seven to one after six. In the finale there. UConn lost two out of three in north Florida winning the opener five to orbit the ospreys winning 65 and fortitude. Shocker infield will be back you'll concede a run for a ground out. Seemingly drivers the only guy hits a ball on the ground. Or Nebraska. It into fielder's choice in the third. Against delivers low one and now. Seven runs candidates want air for the shocker it's three runs six hits two errors for the big red. They've scored single runs. Every other inning. I guess we'll really have to do routine keep in this one here. And now runs low and inside through another breaking ball tuna. I'd be able throw off speed pitches for strikes on day like today. Actually behind in the count. Kansas swept Texas southern this weekend 7532. And seven to one. Schumacher's. OCK you for awhile. To note this driver very dangerous hitter. And that's outside freedom. The Huskers loaded them up to start with here in the fifth and an altered Villa in the long sacrifice fly to right. And mcinnis one pitch away from loading them back up. Jesse will canning catcher greeting on deck. 73 shoppers. Tying run in the on deck circle just in the fifth. He swinging any popped up foul right side. Over toward the barrier goes cats the end it just gets into the first row and bounces out of play. Lloyd Scott driver came within an eyelash of fouling out on a 30 count. Play fourth ranked Houston playing in the trainers classic got an intimate part. Tough weekend so far looking for he organized a loss to number seven Kentucky fourteen to. Mississippi State 32 and twelve. Play Vanderbilt tonight six. 31 to Shriver here's the pitch. And he lost the ball full back. So their loaded back out towards Jesse welcoming. And Hank the third. We're Penske its second chart version that does set up a potential double play. Central Florida got this week. Wagner this weekend six to three and eight winning today twelve nothing her off to good start. They say also this week he swept LaSalle. So right against righty mcginnis to welcoming. And low and outside of the fastball one of them. Not Butler hoping to magic continues with clay McGuinness. In inheriting runners and leaving them there. Huskers and every base one run home here in the fifth. Soccer's seven Nebraska three. There's a stretch and time call. How Maginnis is ready becomes set at the bell. 10. Down tuna. No croft once called time out talk about it. Cincinnati Bearcats in baseball today. Got a victory against Tennessee Martin may. Take three out of war. Winning. Six going on Friday split a doubleheader yesterday. And one today 63. Soccer softball winning two out of three in the Lincoln against Nebraska they won today. Run rule fashion eight to nothing. And gets through croft and safe at the plate everybody moves. I know across the struggling today. At the plate and behind it is. Kennedy scores. Penske down to third Shriver second so there goes the double play. In comes another hour at 74. And it's three and soda will connect. Yeah. And I will be a wild pitch. And their first strike three and one. So Nebraska poised here right back in this thing and one of the first one in the third. Knowledge doctors going in every inning. They have threatened from the start here in the fifth. Three singles. A walk wild pitch. And another base hit into right center field it's just gonna scored two. Will hitting it big turning into the drive for second the throw from jettisoned out of time posters are right back into welcoming. Gotta hit the ground. And blisters one and again we got a ballgame that six. So all of those runs that McGinest did inherit. Come home to score. And one of his own now and one more of his own out there at second base. Those doctors give all four back here in the fifth. And we might beer while the day here's. Luke Rossum the third baseman. First pitch swinging thousand off the end of that how to play in the left side. Ruskin twice against long waits hit it well that was out to right field. So six runs and five earned. Hung on Connor along with so he continues. His alternating starts his first and third start sub par is second one great. But the Huskers cut him up today. Frank are in deep right center field goal get it and it's gonna short off the wall Rossum finally found a gap. And this game this time posters and storming back. It's back to back doubles off clay McGuinness. And it's now 77. In the fifth. And apparently played Maginnis. Didn't have it today but. Faced. Three. All three of reached. Walked two goals and while it's mixed in. And that's gonna do it for him so. Late Maginnis has been very good so far this year didn't have it today. And now a shocker and a bloodbath Chandler Sandberg. Has been summoned him. Right field shocker bullpen. Again back to the bigger proofing and obstruction out of town scoreboard South Dakota State. Split the first two with Southeast Missouri State seem a winning twelve to make itself Thursday point 74. Handed them rubber game in finale south there's state leading 53 in the bottom six. South Dakota State will come here in early may mean I. Don't claim that we need here. South Florida took or in the process of taking three out of four against. Columbia. Walls winners guys scored a thirteen to 18 to nothing. They lost. As part of a doubleheader yesterday in Columbia Ford three. Wolf leading. Today ten to six in the eighth Memphis playing in the tri star classic in Knoxville. Beat Middle Tennessee State six to four loss to Tennessee to Juan. Lost to East Tennessee State. Needs to court to mention. Wichita State softball. Took two out of three from Nebraska. Winning by scores of six to do anything nothing Oscar winning. Three and one. Seoul yesterday and Friday. Nebraska will hope for sixteen with runners in scoring position. Told you about their frustration but he realizes quite that bad it was. Flat line but today four of five. With runners in scoring position. And we are tied at seven Chandler Sandberg. On an early for the shocker is he worked a 1237. Inning yesterday struck out the side. And so now he comes in to face Alvarado with the go ahead run at second base. And still this one out in the inning. Oh right hander Chandler Sandberg. Come set. Big right hander check the runner and brings an end and a fastball up and in one and up. And it is feared five times four of them have been stellar. I'm a third total innings twelve strikeouts. So Chandler Sandburg his record sixteen counts twelve my way of striking. Belt high strike on the outside corner and Luis Colorado to face Colorado. Over to these lined out into a fielder's choice and now Matt Warren is off the hook. You give up seventh. In less than four innings. But 85 run fifth brought the Huskers all the way back. 11 pitch. Swing and yes fastball out away from any 94. Seven runs ten hits for the shocker seven runs eight hits for the Huskers. Five of those hits here in the fifth. Once it. Fastball outside that 97. Sandburg was livid right there yesterday 94 and 97. Striking out all three hitters that he faced. Two interior Colorado. Rough come at second base. Check the runner and inside moved keeping close Sandburg. Turning toward his right shoulder. Wind continues to without toward left as it has all weekend. Do Colorado. Here's the stretch and here's the pitch swinging at it he struck you now look up to 96. Two out. So now here's Josh hall mark the ninth man to bat in the inning. Shocker in the fifth inning will have young. Cats Ian Boyer. Hallmark is struck out looking. And hit into a fielder's choice. And burned check of the runner of the pitch lawn outside one of them. Again if you join display. Ballot bowl within another Grand Slam it's two in the series. Three on the year. Five total home runs for him. And now seventeen runs batted in on the year. But they've needed it because Nebraska is caught up. Two and oh fastball upstairs. Nebraska came in this game hitting just. 250 in the series with a only five extra base hits. But a couple of doubles here in the inning. Turnaround the complexion of this game and her. Doing all mark. Swan Lake fell back over the room. Took one. Chandler Sandberg 62195. He is making an appearance number 56 in the shocker career. All but five of those have been starts have been out of the bullpen rather. Stretch in the two on the hallmark. Started a hole it started to swing and couldn't hold up to swing what people. Don't give. 77 tie in the top of the fifth. This was something to shocker ran into and two out of three games got to meet but not a home. That's getting into it. Offensive slugfest. Sweden and as he struck you now saying burns like Scott Altman that he faces. But Nebraska that's around. And they tied up. Five runs. On four hits one man left on base halfway through it the bottom of the fifth. It's not Nebraska seven shocker city. Shot. Or stand stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So it the spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to vote since what he's 66 are goaded stingers ripping dot com 2022066. Dinners writhing in construction your home team pro. Yeah. Don't miss the largest Garden Show in Kansas the outdoor living in landscape so. Come see beautiful landscaping displays an outdoor water features attend informative seminars and learn how to turn your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary. Outdoor living space plus shop tons of vendor booths it's all going on now at the outdoor living in landscape show at century to this. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Well that's. Now ballgame 77. The bottom of the fifth. OK Dennis Simon's number Barack studio. Shocker he scored every inning. Crooked numbers or. Huskers scored three separate innings. Five spot there. And be lower third of the order. For the shocker in the fifth. It's all Ellison. Billiton retired two of the 380 faced coming on relief from mount Warren in the fourth. And that's little high one ball no strikes. Till then right hander from the extreme first vice the first base are there ever. Brings in the 10. In their first strike in 86. Now as young over to you today. Now to put him in the series grounded out. And flied deep to center today. Showed bunt for an up people back movie did you pulled back that lets your faithful who. Police travels as you know groaning. He thought Travis young went too far. Too little. Shocker with ten hits today had thirteen yesterday. Players. Three and one to young. Coming into this game they'd hit 313 in the first two games of the series with six extra base hits and five home runs it. A double and home run today. Inside high strike called green to. I was young I knew it. 77. Bottom of the fifth. Jacob Kathy waiting next full count pitch to come to young here it is. But outside ball four Iraq. So leadoff walk to Travis young that's his sixth walk of the year. Me. Six walks drawn by hand in his fourth on the team. So with Paulette speed over occurs. Even though it's only just one run we thank. It's gonna take more than eight to win this woman but every little bit help to know there was nobody out for cats keep. Cats stay over one. He has. Writing a four game hitting streak there goes the runner and a button run was on him cat's bounce it behind home plate now. They're trying to. Put something in motion there. Butler O'Neill theater off. In cat's feet and hit him. Four in a row coming in so. With that hit yesterday five straight. And that is not all starts. He's really had earned a five game an extra. Total. But for him up along first and he's gonna beat the pictures look bad. In the second baseman Tim Blake getting there I actually think it was probably their time but. Phillips and thought he was going to be able to tag cannot be in the infield single. And the first baseman Alvarado. Was charging in but Phillips and kind of off in the that was a foot race for the back. Phillips and thought it could be that see there by the time he killed at the the second date it was too late. Now Boyer. Lawyers popped out and singled. So too long nobody out shocker fifth they. Threaten again. The first four reached in the fourth. Lawyer bogs it down only play going to be first. One for sacrifice. Even with the condition that doctors playing small ball. So now it's the top of the order again and suddenly red hot blue letter. Ritter three for three apparel runs scored and RBIs. Second and third one now. Tillotson curator. Swung on and has pulled the string on him and over in curve ball. Shocker one in the first one in the second one in the third. Bombs Grand Slam in the fourth. And here we are in the fifth 77 time. Blunt. Think it's same result. Ritter pulls off and swung and missed. Ritter with those three hits suddenly. Four for ten in the series after starting 1%. The luckiest shot right side past the diving Eldorado. The second baseman of the picture covering got it runs scored. The job by Ridder to put it playing almost squeezed into right field Legos for one. Reader gets an hour behind 87 shocker continues worn every inning I can speakers. If there. Militant left it up just enough. Or. Ridder to get a piece of it you get past the diving Eldorado. I here's Janice down with a runner at third. And two away. Janice days two out of three facing tilts and for the first time. Hy drive to deep left center field always had a hat to the track and reaching a hallmark in front of the wall to make it again. Yeah I think it with about three feet of hitting another shocker home run. But hallmark is in part up there warning track all week in law shocker want to. Leave one. And it's cooler now. We had the top of the sixth. Shocker eight Nebraska seven. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract to create now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Oh thank you deserves delta delta the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile to our delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver and kissed home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Jason Jay join us for. Beyond reality radio week nights at eleven I'm okay. The old man now. It is eight to seven shoppers confidence that. Eight he had. 91 and two in the hunt through order. This trio led off last inning in this led two time Oscar runs. Eight feet greeted. Cart along with with a single. And for the dust settled. Huskers had tied it up shocker since retaken the lead scoring another run in the bottom of the inning. And gracious and generous to barely missing a two run home run. The channel or Sam burn out for his second inning of work. He struck out all five men that he faced in this series fastballs up on the way wanna. Eight feet. After starting his season over fourteen. Has since homered that was with a man aboard yesterday in the nine been hit by pitch and singled today. And violence into tight. Two and a so whichever bullpen can command the strike zone. And working had most consistently as best chance to win this one. Because everybody's inning hitting news there's strike they have been from the start really both teams. That come out Hackett. And long waits and Warren both starters with reputations as strike throwers so why not. Upstairs some sand burned three in one. A shocker bullpen they should be arrested the most important parts of them anyway overall there would be rested nobody threw more than one inning yesterday. Wanting the day before. Outside ball four Sandberg walked slowly off and it's just going to be one of those days. Eight the is not been retired yet today. And he leads off with a walker. Four out of six innings at the leadoff man and reached. Vote Joseph hanky the left fielder two out of three. Tagging is five for 103 runs scored the series. My name is Peggy. They can ought to pitch up around the belt. Our eskolaste here 3522. And one they were Big Ten regular season champs. They were runners up in the Big Ten tournament but what Poland to and Corvallis. NCAA regional play. Generalities for a called strike go into. Darin Erstad in his sixth season as head coach in Lincoln. Big Ten record of 8854. And one. They were picked to finish sect this year in the Big Ten but of our had been ravaged pitching staff by injury. Just missed out an at a breaking ball hard slider that. Tank he didn't offer at. Went into. Here's a stretch. Hate the way it first up much speed pitch. Line on a short hop right at Ridder for six and three double play. Hank he has so many if they tax. Could hit any harder but right at Ridder for 463 double play. What were the other that was going to be a double play because if Ridder caught it I think he he was far enough off of there. That he wasn't going to be able to get back. He froze lose only about three fourths of the way after. The ball got through Ritter. And it was him likable. Short populace for six street here for Penske. White stripe nothing in one fastball 96. We're Penske one out of three. Lied to center. Reached on a fielder's choice dole Mason scored in the third singled and scored. Aston. 87 shocker stop the sixth. Outside high from Sandberg won one. Eight double play turn by that doctors on the season. One want. And around the belt for a called strike slider. The troops. Busy week for the shocker starting Tuesday 115. Game week and be. Interesting to see who they run out there on the mound Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon here against you Edwards. Playing an ass and down goes for Penske. Third strikeout can't learn. And zero on up on the board by shocker picture result. In a bloodbath we got to the bottom of the sixth that's for the shocker eight Huskers seven. These are old dishwasher are struggling to make it to a cycle well then you've got to get into that its opponents during their clearance sale. They won't quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. 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Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer this season. Join us more things right here on K okay. And as fast. Six from Wichita State. Foam. Has hit a Grand Slam walk. And struck out. He's now. Three for nine in the series all of the hits have been home runs two of them have big grand slams. Annie is not the end 93 home runs and nine RBIs in this series. The first guy in three years to homer in three straight games they can strike from fillets and we bone due Donald Bryant. Back in 2015. Stand Hilliard homered in the final three games of the regular season and first. Of the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. One noted one at one rather to how well. Oh yeah. Nobody on nobody out one wants. Over the glow with a breaking ball to at all. Bomb becomes the first player or XT exceeds the first player rather to hit. Q grandstands in the season because he has three now. Casey Gillespie. Is thirteen hit two grand slams in the season and thirteenth. 31 the bulk. So we're gonna have to. Find out last carry it three grannies in the season it is. Alec is that guy now after nine games. And wall for. Leadoff man on there for the shock the homeless now wants wants. That's the fourth time in six innings. Six innings that they put the leadoff man on. Phillips that was the first got faith in god he's up there now. In the fourth and Dayton was dropped by hello Gil hanging made great diving back unions have a low liner deep to left field words. Perch just in front warning track. Played on outside. We picked up by welcoming. 87 shocker bottom six. Got hit the Huskers 118. And pretty much battered their pitching staff all weekend long. Do go one for three. Swings and misses of the curve ball blown away. One. Do guys yesterday Q out of four. Right hander against righthander. Phillips and brings an end bounces gets away from welcoming one of the few balls and he had mailed to smother. It goes bulb over to third that role is. It's kinda got in there and get thrown to the south side of the back. Otherwise rostrum. Maybe able to apply the tag on bolt who elected head nurse so he goes from first third of a wild pitch. Annie's there'd there'd been nobody. Woke me had done that and nice job all series long. Saved them and bulls get away from him but he's been brilliant. Outing balls to her. That when edema. Don't want to do to. Inside strike called big not so sure to include. So Paul Phillips then. Kind of stop the bleeding here. Straight about for the Fed a faltering into. And Phillips and five scoreless innings in his previous two outings before today. Shocker treat him in the fifth and threatening again here in the sixth. Stretch. Pay off to dig up. And low and outside walking him. So Dayton Duca showing a little patience runners at the corners and nobody out. Now Mason O'Brien's team that is twelve anybody. O'Brien two hits two RBIs today. Six hit eight yard behind series. Right hander loosening in the hustler pan. Is eight to seven doctors. Runners at the corners. Peril walks to start the shocker six. First pitch Joseph O'Brien and loan in one ball no strikes. Phillips and last year made just two appearances. Covering five in the third before. Receiving a medical hardship. In trouble here in the sixth. Bouncing ball valley pull the string alignment O'Brien was out front. If you count of fielder's choice shocker to read seventeen base runners in five innings plus two batters. Line drive base hit center field Mason O'Brien has three hits three RBI. And they're at the corners. With a run ins still millennia. Mason O'Brien is on fire on this homestand. 972 doctors. They have still scored in every inning. Single runs in the first second third. Fifth and sixth. And that Grand Slam in the form. So Alex Jackson is gonna hit for no croft. No luck struck out all three times he was up there. And Whitney Tilson a right hander. Scott Butler elects to go. Where they have left hand pinch hitter. And it remains to be seen if it'll be. Against. Paul Phillips and has there as an Oscar warming up and hurried. Down the left field bullpen from nine to seven Wichita State. In the bottom of the sixth. Whoever it is down there he's ready but they're gonna stay with Phillips and for one more about it we still of course have not seen Jake whole NC. That's probably their best reliever. Policy is they're closers though bringing him in now would be. A risky proposition but honestly if you don't bring him in quick this might get out the gate again. It does put a lot of confidence in your office. And hoping that the soccer's. Fizzle out here before long nine to seven here's Jackson. Militants first pitch is over but low one and up. Mike Walter and Matt Walters brother Matt pitched yesterday Mike Waldman loosening now. Okay. Called strike one and one. Wichita State nine Nebraska seven. In the bottom of the sixth. Alex Jackson Hole for three in the opener. Swings and misses and look like a street changeup went into. On the season Alex you're six for 45 with three runs batted in. Sophomore utility man from Texas. One ball and she strikes. Do good third O'Brien at first. Any doubting swinging off speed stuff and Jackson strikes out. And that's the fourth time this spot in the order struck out today. And I young. Fifth strikeout for Nebraska pitching today. Young has been. In three trips. Luke Ridder guiding home with a ground ball. I asked him. First and third one out one in Finnish doctors. And above up along first there runners coming home the throw is gonna get it. Thought safety squeeze. And the big red cut down duke got the play fielder's choice Alvarado. Those three do. So. Thought Butler is elected not this. Let him swing it their innate sense fights safety squeeze there for young. Not part up toward the second baseman Colorado came charging him pretty much right out of him. And an accurate throw got Uga by employees version second throughout New Year's Jacob Capps. He takes lawn outside. Katz. 97 shoppers. Bottom of the sixth. Bolt let off the inning with a walk. You around to score. Inside corner called strike one and one. Gray overcast dark day all day the wind. The third straight day howling out to left. Here's a stretch by Phillips and one want. Half swing. Yes he did something in the dirt. The pellets and mixing it up pretty nicely here in the sixth after. Back to back walks to start the inning. Jackson is strike out young of course. Without safety squeeze. It turned into and out of the play. And Judy Katz feet. Will never back over the mound this woods' trouble backing of about the second baseman no play infield single. I want to got over Billiton and it was going to be almost impossible to get Kathy little scratch single. And that'll let them back up. And here's Jordan lawyer. Lawyer last year with the king of the two out RBIs. Over 70%. Or 75% of the RB I'll ask your game with two way. He's up there with a bases loaded. And two outs in the inning. Stretch killed since pitch. Little tapper toward third near the bag as can be found. What you say bases loaded around. Darren Erstad this weekend he would flinch when he hears. O'Brien a third. Young its second cats hit first. Warrior one out of two. Let me down a sacrifice is last time up there. Runners away at every base that stretch by Paul Phillips and. 01 way again and missed. Nothing into. Jordan boy here. One run home in the inning 34 and five in the order for the Huskers in the seventh. And be down at least two. This stretch. Bulletins two bounces and a great block by look at me they have got Nathan O'Brien too far out there picking off. About a third of the way down the the baseline. And locating who has done a great job blocking balls all day and all series. Gets that line too far off the bag. And he is outs. You in the thick stuff. One run. Two minutes. And two men left on base the top of the seventh now the shocker from nine. Nebraska seven. One company is on a mission to put a million people towards each year it sounds like a big number dozens and not to express employment professionals. Helped to engineer or ninety developer looking for the right for. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never Churchill would be defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to. Each year plus how we open. Good who expressed grows dot com to find a location near you. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Services not available from plants. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carry marked Alex Acosta in valley center tending to porn and over west Sawyer George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here I'm OK MS. It's not. For the Huskers 34 and five in order nine to seven Wichita State. Shocker of scored in every inning. The beginning for the Huskers a five run fifth. She ain't gonna hear it ballpark and stadium Tyler field. Simon Sumner. But in overtime here today partner which does studios. Chandler Sandberg to all the villains we have found that this went laws. Nothing in one. Oh. OK. Okay. There all the Villa and it swung the bat well the day after struggling in the first two games of the series. RBI single and sacrifice fly. Samberg go on. Breaking ball just a little low one on one. I along with started for the shocker is pitched into the fifth when he ran into big trouble was born at third. You're up six hits in five runs. Hit sharply on the ground at that Ridder for a couple of steps to these Wright has left rather and throw it over in time. Don't ground ball out ball to Villa leadoff man retired that's been a rarity in the along with for a third six innings. For the third six hits five runs. And and plate Maginnis with a rare clunker he allowed two hits and walked three batters he faced. Sand burned. Has turned in out to scoreless innings in relief. Shriver a little flare. Backside of the infield run down by Ritter. Sandburg jams driver two out. And bring up Jesse welcoming with the bases empty and fuel. Samberg only allowed one base runner that was a walk to eight feet last inning. Struck out two in the fifth double play and strike out sixth and here we are in the seventh throughout. Nobody aboard. And urged a nice job of bridging. Basically long waits to the back in. That are trapped wind up catching for the show Packers after. No croft. Was pinch hit for. By Alex Jackson. Welcoming his two out of three. Swings and misses something off speed Chandler Sandberg pulled strings. So two and a third three strikeouts one walk. Chandler Sandburg. Comes to the set with nobody on the pitch. We need a file back came back at 95. In the shocker seventh the course Boyer who was up there when. Mason O'Brien was caught too far off third then Ritter and generous if anybody gets on ball. One ball two strikes two outs. Nebraska 79 to seven shoppers. Yes a little bit outside. Good tip. Users dissent. Is that due to slowing in the SE Stuckey got pulled this thing a slider. 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Here are the great American join me so. That's brother. They really good job actually considering. By Paul Phillips and. You had base runners all over the place Paul Phillips. Did. Is that going. Two and two thirds. Four hits two runs three walks to strikeouts though. It up a little bit of everything. But he's not the only one. Mike Waldman. Has an ERA of 1157. And two and a third innings so far. Two appearances five hits three runs. No walks or strikeouts through hearing go to the bottom of the seventh. And Jordan boy here. Deleted off I was gonna meant to the last happening shocker if one Grand Slam last year. It was my boy. But he didn't get chance after. Turf ball bounced away from Jesse will inane. Mason O'Brien runner at third. Took some liberties. And actually thought it was gonna get away far enough. For him to be able to score a wild pitch and welcoming. Got in now so here's Mike Waldman. And a strike in there at 88. Mike Aldrin has hit a little bit yeah. Utility player not so far this year 36 ABs last year. Ripped and a great back hand picked up by shortstop long you'll cross and a good back and pick up on an in between hop by Eldorado. All the Villa robs Jordan's lawyer. Yeah actually Colorado they'll now. Paul Miller. So anyway Mike Walden. Did not pitch last year. Appeared in three games here before this is third game today or this year me. They Suzuki won out here Ridder. No one outside one of them. Luke Ritter pairs singles a double. Two RB IQ runs scored. Mike Wald and Fitch. Pop him up now ground right side twisting toward the stands you'll get out of life. 97 Wichita State. They not hit the Huskers thirteen to make. Shocker since scored in. Every inning so far. Mike Wald and appearing for the first time in this series. Delivers a strike one and two. Bases empty one out home half of the seven. Hackers going for the sweep. At their hands full there. And one bounces and their boy welcoming get beat up. Walter and most recently. Hit on the 22 of February went up inning and two thirds. Against number two Oregon State. Gave up three runs and two thirds of inning. Against UC Riverside on the seventeenth. So Mike Waldman from west side high school in Omaha. 62 tool plot. Nobody on one out after Boyer was robbed by all the Villa. His hard right and all the Villa didn't have to move crow hop got. Two bullets pretty much right at all developed. So now the shocker is not only in danger of not scoring for the first. They haven't been of course sit down in order either because of that so both those in jeopardy down here comes. Janice does try to remedy that two out of war. Pair of singles or runs scored. Four out of 103 runs scored in the series. One of those hits a home run. Besides striking was looking out over the plate nothing in one. Charters with six home runs in the series. Half of them by Alec bone. Of one. Saying that same result of the into. Justin made a bid in the fifth inning went a long way to. Center left center. To win he thought might be able to blowout but. Jackson hallmark ran it down from the which dog growing companies signing deepest left center. Outside of showcase fastball wanting to. In the eighth inning when Nebraska will be Luke Roscoe and Luis Alvarado and Jackson hallmark 67 and eight in the house in order. Kindness helps keep it down Afghanistan. Strikes out so shocker still quarter for the very first time today. To the top of the tape shocker to nine Nebraska seven. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy slide past challenges and hit home runs go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy go to meet Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. This is Michael Savage joy you weeknight an eight RAM. Okay freshman right hander Tyler Davis. Davis 63 writing from spring Texas. And makes his debut in this series. Davis' appeared three times this year all in relief. Covering June 2 thirds innings. Hats off to a champ Sandburg was killed and two thirds scoreless didn't give a big hit. And struck out more. And he stands to be aware of the doctors can stay out front nine to seven Wichita State in the eighth. Davis did once last weekend against Omaha and give up they hit a walk. And struck out two NN inning. Opening weekend like Charles when it getting into thirds scoreless relief. As well so Tyler Davis and their for the fourth time. You know face Luke roster come from Luis Alvarado and Jackson home mark pare right hand matters. After Ross can lose up there from the left side bases empty nobody out in the 897 shoppers. Davis first pitch. Foul tip. And into the country club. Fortunate for Davis. Roscoe one for three. He took the ball well all three times. 01 that. Inside. They're Davis going from the stretch that nobody on. Come set comes to the plate. And that's inside low two and one. Tyler Davis went Oak Ridge high school last year. Don't want here's a stretch. And the pitch. Chop on the ground and the first baseman Jason O'Brien gets the hop that he wants right near the back. That's bunnies will little bit let. Came spreading toward home plate try to make sure the ball that bounced again movies and Nathan O'Brien. Takes a three and assistant. So Davis gets leadoff man out and Luis Alvarado and so for three. Colorado a veteran two way player. Of the program for Nebraska started on the mound on Friday takes a little bit behind inside. Colorado 64 Q ten. Making his second appearance as a hitter. The only other previous start as a hitter was two for five. Swing and miss good pitch by Tyler Davis pulled strength. Best overall season at the plate Colorado was last year 2832. Home runs 25 RBIs. What I want. Giving ground called strike. Bender in the air one and two. Alvarado is on the pre season stopper. Of the year watch list but of course he's been pressed into service as a starter. One and two Davis it. Got him looking he absolutely pain at Eldorado and he knew it fastball on the outer edge and down the cholera. Two outs there's Jackson hallmark. So yeah. He. So hallmark gold for three. Sandberg not Davis have permitted just one base runner. Since one out in the fifth. Yeah bangs up there one and out. And a shocker half of the eight bowl do go O'Brien. Here's the stretch in the 10. Hats in their one and on. So they offense after sputtering against Omaha. Has really kicked it into high gear this weekend. She doctors. Got nine runs compare grand slams Friday tick the six runs thirteen hits yesterday. And thirteen hits in nine more runs today two and one account to Jackson home mark. Okay. Two balls that distract the stretch by Davis in the pitch. In there should do. Bases empty two outs shocker to nine. Posters seven. Tyler Davis. Comes death comes the play low. Preemptive. Gonna have to face the top of the order again. Many of those guys remains to be seen. It's spiritual. The long way toward telling that hallmark. At the eighth position in line to. Coming up I'll get that helped by better Trout line he got it. Other Davis don't want to victory in the pairs strikeout. It's in Vernon Davis. And rarely shut down Nebraska's offense and it shocker nine cornhuskers haven't. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner and injured when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learning and trying something new can be exciting empowerment downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. Chevrolet find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales security suite fourteen through twenty. His job board delivery and your TV how I just unpack it over there on you didn't pay to have an impact you're not gonna commit to my other equipment even paid haven't hooked up can you mean I paid good money for a new HDTV glad I didn't know surface exactly. I said a gun after teasing. Your TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and in fairness it's what we do all day long have you TP we've got her roots in which talk not just our branches. No one talks to. CNN San. Been a wild one today shot there's nine. Cornhuskers seven which touched me going for the sweep. You've seen in other Grand Slam by Alan Ball here today it's the third one this season the second one of the series. Obama leading off against Mike Walton. This will be the first time that he faces. Mike Waldrop. Ballmer is officially one for two and homered with a bases loaded he struck out he's also walked twice and scored three times. Bomb us now scored seven runs in the series takes a called strike. Last half innings shocker went 123. First time in the score in an inning today. Mulder into the home. Catches the outside corner Owen to. Bone take a little bit of extra time before he's ready. I cauldron looking in for the sign. And his hands together kicks in deals heading reaching any. Emergency packs one in his screen behind home plate. Moment the moment fourteen of 29 for 83. Five home runs seventeen runs batted it. Inside fastball wanting to. With those. Three runs scored today that gives him eleven. We had a team leading fourteen hits. I drive to center field hallmark back he's gonna have room and makes the play. Obama on his front foot just enough then. It is to dead center just give up the wind didn't help me. One way. Do you guys single than walk. In the ninth for Nebraska they'll have kept AP. In the ninth spot whose. Not then retired yet. And mode Joseph hang. How the Villa would hit fourth Shriver would hit fifth in the inning. Strength call do. Dayton due to. But the shocker bullpen is. Been really good the last two guys out there Chandler's and burn. And Tyler Davis seemingly turned to the night he was assumed Tommy barn house. And skips behind. Welcoming him back this hearing. There is a lefty loosening. For the shock authors eight feet below leading off his left handed. Do god takes strike. Mode till hanky the leadoff man at bats left handed. And Jeff had eight people do. So we'll see if the shocker turn it over to a lefty relievers start the bottom and I think. Could tip. Feeling Kilgore is a lefty loosening for the shark yours next to barn house. Do intend to do got. Mike Walter and stitch. Johnny looking on the outside corner enough. Strikes on the start to open up a little bit here in the late innings. They're cute out Mike Walton is some retired all in all five inspectors. Not out of the woods yet Mason O'Brien. Three singles three RBIs. Seven for 119. Runs batted in in the series from Mason O'Brien. Won't get headlines that O'Brien doing his part. One and up. O'Brien came into this weekend. Hitting under the Mendoza line but was caught fire. Freaking ball drops in there it's lighter. 11. At the moment O'Brien 357. One home run thirteen runs batted in. Candy called strike one and two. Couldn't pull the trigger. Mike Walter and showed good command of the strike zone. Jumping ahead a shocker hitters. Due out of the shock create bitch. Bouncing ball the first Colorado's got in the win the race to the bag and a shocker is going to order for the second straight inning. After scoring in the previous six so we'll go to the night it's a shocker nine Huskers up. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all planned. It's yeah. Screening is right around the corner and there's no better place to get prepared in the outdoor living and landscapes you'll. All you need to make your landscaping and garden the and eat at your neighbors can be found inside seems treats you. So come get inspired. This shows going on right now equipment provider of the outdoor living in the landscape show is flights are machinery you'll official blackjack dealer family owned and operated. Since 1910. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Mrs. Stevens and join this morning right here on Kate and as an. Blow this one out his nine to seven Wichita State. Florida house yesterday in a non save situation. Gave up two hits a walk and two runs. But they shop the ninth inning and a 53 shocker victory. He's scheduled to face just ate the. Vote Joseph hanky and that's where kids he. He faced all three of those guys yesterday and if anybody gets done. Angelo all develop faced him yesterday to. Yeah. Here's AP. With a runner on facing courthouse yesterday and the night homered to left. AP today has been hit by pitch singled and walked. Shocker nine Nebraska 79. Inning. Barn house. From the stretch but nobody done. The first vintage. Dismiss the outside corner fastball at 92. One and up. What else was spotless. Before yesterday. So now in five innings he's given up two runs. Courtesy of AT. Here's a strike at the bell underneath his hands. Darren Erstad not so sure but. Wichita State instead. Play a borderline pitches go against them when their hitters have been up there it is so. There are stat pointing and yelling but to no avail what are want. Thought that it is Iran. 11. Swing events. Climb a ladder went into. Barn house Kansas native. Bounced between starting and relieving last year. Will be the primary close of the shocker is this year one and two to eight feet. Pitch. They're dancing got both the straight line through the slider. And AP was all kind of confuse him down meego. Since Hamburg came into one out with them. The bar relief corps struck out seven. Sandberg for Davis to Melbourne house one here's mode Joseph Hagerty leadoff man hanky. Flied to left in the game yesterday facing mark now. Are now 64 Q 25. Leavenworth high school. Board in Lansing Kansas. Actually. Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Moved to Kansas and here's a pitch a little bit low ball and distracts. Bases empty water out. AP when he walked in the sixth there's actually been the last hi Oscar to reach base. While they had some neon bouncing ball back through the middle and a diving stop by Boyer throws from me at ease not in time. The only good. Modes Hank well enough to legged out of the tying run welcomed the play. It'll be exactly Penske. Group Hinske popped up the first facing barn house yesterday. Today he has one for four. So is that the Penske represented the tying run. Came into the game today four out of this team. Let them know RBI. And it gets through Trout line. And a probably or should goes a passed ball and there goes the double play opportunity in Haiti goes down the second. Libya while Pitt but. Whether that crossed up Trout line. That was not handled well. So are Penske whether runner at second. Regardless the job for winehouse is a thing. Penske is a senior. Again a junior college transfer. And only had 23 at bats when he five at bats last. Hi I drive deep left field worked night. Well regardless wild pitch fastball Lipinski. Influence. Over the scoreboard. And for the second straight day Tommy Boy announces given a two run home run in the ninth inning didn't hurt each record yesterday. But it did tick. Solar tide back up again track. And all the villain Shriver who both hit. Here in the ninth. So is not the Penske. Where. No extra base hits this year and only one. And his previous. 36 at bats. Hit the mammoth home run to left. So for the second time today Huskers have come back to China. Our house mrs. upstairs to all develop Angelo is one for three. He's driven into. And notes you Angelo called the Villa. He lined out against barn house yesterday. And 8000 back. And out of play one on one. There. Scotch driver waiting on deck did not face barn house yesterday. So what bit barn house last year was the home run ball. Andy gave up ten and 42 and two thirds. He's given up homers in back to back days. Good breaking ball on the outs Kohler called strike one and it. So Huskers were really quiet offensively for game plus eight innings. And then in the ninth yesterday Jeff AC hit a home run off barn house. Made a lot of noise and at five run fifth and we're Penske its first home run of the season of his career here in the ninth. And it's tied it up at 99. Upstairs crowded into into. Shocker in the night should have. They don't make any moves Trout line young cannot speak. If they bring in their clothes are whole NC. First time in the series. In the air to left young's got to measure that was not the end of the Battie backs up a couple of steps to make the play for the second now. So two outs in the inning and here's Scott Shriver. Driver with 27 career home runs. One so far this year. Nobody on two out to end on. Exactly Penske one out two run home run. The barn house looking into Trout line for the signal. He's got the one who wants. And the pitch. Good pitch outside corner 92 it. No balls and one strike. Got Shriver. Flied to center hit into a fielder's choice quarter run single that scored a run. I beg your pardon walked and scored a run. It's also popped out. Well it was just barely missed went back out there again it's one and one. It's got Schreiber in this series two for eleven. One. Popped up foul it's gonna make the seats and do. So bark out one more good kids today and then. If the shock yours and have a chance to walk off. Coming into the bottom of the ninth. Bases empty two out one and Judith Scott Shriver exactly Penske two run home run keeps this when going. 12. Chopping ground ball that third goal it got copy wallets throws out Shriver. And that's the innings so Nebraska ties it up but the soccer's have a chance. To win it in the bottom of the night. Two runs on two exact repent he with a game tying home run. And we'll go to the bottom line that I knew scored now the shocker to nine. Huskers nine wanna have a little fun. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and freshman won my world. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just would you expect from the best fields in the industry seizures over bobcat dot com slash advantage or results been checked about a person who whites or machinery in Wichita Topeka Manhattan garden. And senator Dole's when it's our machinery you're authorized bobcat dealer wow. Yeah. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Great now with a smile Q got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your smile power with delta dental. Let back into any weekend mornings and night right here runs. Oscar best out of the bullpen. Jake Cohen C. My shoulder and a great job faced the minimum six in his two innings of relief. Striking out two Jake Holland C sixteen to thirty from these high school Lincoln. It was a starter last year was pretty good what seven and three in the area for 39. This is his fifth appearance this year and first in the theory. No record three days three and two thirds scoreless innings. Saved the game twice against Utah. There are two different times and once against Washington State. So gutter Trout line deleted off. Three of our players have hidden. Spot. Cohen sees first pitch at fastball right down the middle. Who has made seventeen starts. And 31 relief appearances. Comes on in relief here today. Lawn outside overthrew a fast ball one and one. Better Trout lines first appearance at the plate today. He's two for eight in this series no crop started at catcher. This afternoon. Swing and a miss pull the string on Ayman. Throughout wine out in front. So will be Trout line. Travis young. Jacob cats the who's your scheduled hitters in the bottom of the night. If they can't come through we'll have extras for the first time this year. And a swing and just like Trout line and hard slider and and this spot in the orders. Seen better days between three different guys. We urge young. None over three will walk. Nebraska has played an extra inning game here last weekend they beat you top fortitude. Can't. And side almost hit one ball no strikes to. Breaking ball didn't break. Jake hole and see. And Tommy barn house or at least at the mall at the pitchers are record. Right back through the middle they fit my Travis yup it's got away from them and slapped it right now fluently and he's gonna try for second anything in there. Wow a line drive to center field that premise turned it databases and look there was a bottle agency. Now this young never stopped. And he's at second base representing the winning. You're Jacob cats. And it could be. That Jackson hallmark was playing so deep and maybe nonchalantly that little bit. Don't want to hustle play by. Travis young. So he's in scoring position. For cats and boy. Hit number fourteen today for this doctors. Here's Kathy he has to have. First pitch. Hard slider low wanna know. Cats feed tube for three. Getting a second start. Of the season. Swing and miss another hard slider is went down the turf and Kathy couldn't hold up. So it's hard stuff from Holland C. But ninety's fastball and hard slider. Katz V and Boyer waiting on a mistake. Another slider down and into the turf and county held off. So that will be ruled a double by young to senator. He represents the winner at second base and one out. To want to catch me. I fly ball left center field hallmarks Andre he's got it. Tagging is young he's gonna make it that there to be there with two out. So cats being whipped a fly ball to left center. Now Boyer. The king of the two out RBIs a year ago. He's one for Florida day. Rounded out his last time up there. I hit and a run scored in the fourth inning. Only his second hit of the series. Started to swing held up took a strike at the knees. Winning run at third two outs bottom of the ninth 99. Jake hole and see kind of get us to experience. We'll battle ground ball to short all the village gotta gotta hurry doesn't go to the fifth inning. So Holland city. Had the winning run at third base got Boyer. 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Everyone needs entrusted advisor who's yours. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. So to say we are thrilled off delightful fill that void is an understatement. Hockey life encompasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. Visit opting liked it when he person whether online deep high thin life dot com. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KMS. Jesse Levine a lead off the Huskers in the top of the tenth. In 99 time exactly Penske with two out current. One out two run home run in the ninth against Tommy barn house tied up. Shocker threatened but failed to score in the bottom of the ninth so. Extra innings for the first time here for the shocker its second extra inning game with a Huskers. Jesse will inning facing. Tommy born house. And one ball no strikes so be inching CO barn house bounces back here in the pants. He's been scored upon in each of his last two outings. And been touched for a home run. Any till last two after he was lights out. In his first three appearances this year. One iota welcoming. All too. Will inning. Ross' Kim Alvarado. Three scheduled for the Huskers. In the camp. Through walls and those strikes Jesse welcoming his two for four today. Him Hy drive deep left fielder Austin nine Huskers. I coach Tommy Boy announces new allowed three home runs. In his last two outings. Three home runs back to moment. Three home runs in his last eleven batters. And so now the shocker gonna need at least one in the bottom of the inning. To keep this going. Here's Luke Ruskin. So now the first bit of adversity to strike Tommy barn house. Game in which the shocker led seven to two. It's now ten to nine Huskers in the tent. And found back my roster in the school look. Luke thrust him. RBI double in four tries. So to know doubters. Why guys don't get many. Won by guys that hadn't hit any that's Wilkens second. Upstairs from barn house and it's wanted to look. So a two run home run in the ninth by Eric Hinske solo home run to lead things off in the tenth or Jesse will ending. Swing and miss pitch down to pitch my barn house pulled the string on it. And one into. This pitches were elevated big time. In the Penske and will in England all over. Ask him as swung the bat well today not much to show for. One and two. And it's wariness slows stuff down strikeout. And they are wanna laugh so that waste a really good. Performance by Chandler Sandberg and Tyler Davis. They went a combined three and two thirds. Didn't allow any hits and struck out six. From the fifth inning to the eight. But the Huskers hit two barn house. And now he's on the hook for the loss but he still got some work to do in the tent. One out to Alvarado as though for four. Slang MS go breaking ball down so. Tommy's found something with the off speed stuff. The Huskers only lead of the series. That's come twice today he scored in the first shocker quickly erased that. It was 11 after 121. Shoppers after 232. After three. Once popped up our right side O'Brien over and it won't stay up long enough formula knocked it down. In front of the shocker dugout so when do. After the shocker stick gate three digit lead in the third. Alec gold hitting another Grand Slam in the fourth his second of the series' third of the year. That made it seven it is. But then the Huskers got a ball back. In the fifth against Chandler Sandberg Parra. Connor along with clay McGuinness seven to seven. Shocker got right back in the bottom of the inning leading to them. Low one and two. Then in the sixth. Took the lead nine to seven. And that's where we stood until the night. On a two run homer in the ninth solo home run of the camp and the Huskers have just their second lead the entire series. I'll backtrack just look at fastball past Luis Alvarado. And now it's one and two. In the shocker tent they will have the top of the order. Greater Janice and bomb anybody gets on Uga. One until it Luis Alvarado bases empty one now. Right hander against righthander. Barn house take a little extra time working out of the stretch. And hook up with. Gunner Trout line to put away Colorado here's a stretch. And the pitch. How Barack and the hard stuff. And one and two steals. One multi strikes. Sent by barn house once you. Swinging a breaking ball away from him and outlined tags in and Alvarado has that hat trick. Do out there. There's this bar from one out in the fifth to one out in the ninth. Shocker relievers had struck out seven of twelve Huskers to come to the plate including barn house to get eight he'd start the night. Little glitch over the last. Five batters that he faced or the five after he struck out eight feet and here we are in the camp with the Huskers leading ten to nine. Odd pop up shallow center field off the bat a hallmark. And boy or the shortstop gathered to the end so. The Huskers take the lead they get a leadoff home run from guessing look inning. And we go to the bottom of the tent. Last chance for the shocker it's the Huskers pin that shocker nine. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to give an LG four KTV delivered sweet all right let's get started of course deliveries extra. Plus you plug up the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus the call off the blistering start to the Nam I want my name lite service fees. Extra steps charged sunny day. Colleges are gone to have tires. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be signed not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. You felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big flat tire store date yet but then getting that service and a feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by factory trained text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you had your car and a good move. Online campus land tired dot com campus land tired you're out of bear Ernie prepared big guys here. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. Mark living join me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as. The fly ball striking here we go 109 Huskers. Bottom ten. Ritter Janice and home against Jake Cohen C. Trying to win it. Hold back go into. Policy. Turned a shocker the way the bottom of the ninth and 99 game and pitched around a one out double by Travis young. But we'll get the toughest to shocker to have to offer both today and on the season here in the tent. Go to it swing and attack her Fowler makes its way out from home played a slider. Spin. Back and forth since the fifth inning. Lou graders had the best day of his season today. Three out of 52. Runs scored two driven in. I get on base for the big guns. Poland to Holland sees guy by the neck. And a rose one hard but high 931 and two. Her first inning single runs scored. Second inning RBI double fourth inning single runs scored and a bones grant. Low slider. Two into. Raider three for 5 June institute out of five. Bold one for three with a pair laws. Topping ground ball to third right at Roscoe on the throw crosses in town Gosselin on the line. And he's playing no doubles truly the way. Well on this homestand shocker pitching staff had its way with Omaha and Nebraska. The first two games of this series. Huskers came alive in the fifth. Shocker to NAFTA. Rally at. They wanna win this one. Cue shot off the end of the map Jen Aniston geared up for a fastball got something else will want. I pair of singles in five at bats for racing Janice. Rule number out in front of the plate Ellen she's got it. And the shocker today on the last now. Do away from home. First inning strikeout third inning walk fourth inning Grand Slam. Sixth inning walk. Eighth inning fly ball the medium depth center field. Shocker scored in every inning from the first of the six. And then they went in order in the seventh in the eighth against Mike Waldman. And let's bomb could keep it on the hood out of order in the Tampa lose for the first time. Poland see a big hard throwing right hander in the line to pitch. Slider got in there. A balls one strike home. Is ready so as Valencia now he calls time. Somebody did. Told he was ready in bowl ones that quite. And how once he went into his motion before it's set but mr. thought he ship there's still one and out time again. Okay. Okay. And now Seth Buckman who's gonna walk over to Darren or Staten find out who's the culprit here. Well of course not like. Not unlike anybody else before they get ready to get there backhand. To signal time to home plate umpire before they're ready and Holland sees pretty quick Workman ready to go the the last couple of times. It happened little quicker than. Ball wanted it to or more importantly the home plate umpire itself but mr. wanted to. So it's only one embodies an app that cooler gets a little bit. And now we're ready area. Outside all the way back to stream fastball one want. One ball one strike. Poland Sebring sedan. Low hard slider to go on bases empty two out bottom of the tenth soccer's. Mitterrand to keep it going. Obama's five home runs and seventeen RBIs. Here's the wind well here comes to one. We're at low three and one. Those C Al frisky whole NC gets on a 31 pitch guy that's homered. In every game of the series. Hit back through the middle shortstop all the Billick gives ground throws. Rot I and gets away. Rose ball to second base a routine ground ball to short called the bill through the line. Doctors between the line. Why at 31 slider that is not the bombs that took all the build up the middle little bit. The lawyer that was not a tough play. So the tying run at second. And do god. We'll get a chance to keep things going here. Did god is one for for a single and a walk. Into the turf wanna know. Third error of the day for the big grid opens the door for the shock yours. Potency becomes snack. 10. Swing events slider down and do God's over the top of. Policy got a decent slider but he's one flat one away from getting walked off of Hugo runs into one. 11. Lol. Good one. One pitch. On the left side a diving stop by the third baseman with the first time. A lunching sliding stop by Ruskin. 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Went for the sweet had to settle for the series. Victory few games to one in Nebraska here. Rallied from down seven to two and nine to seven. To win it in ten innings. Ten to nine game recap rocky by villainy becoming. Comings in coming your criminal defense Eli law or law firm in which you talked in the call 316. 2641548. Or visit them on line bill Cummings LLC dot com. Coming in coming law we need to always. Come first. It looked like there would mean each stoppage. In scoring runs from the get go Nebraska got on the board first. Thanks in large part to a two out error. Sport mode feel panicky. The one and nothing ever happening shocker immediately answered back to back singles by. Greater pianist. O'Brien three batters later brought in raider with a ground ball 11. After want it to two after two. Soccer's. Got the I was to go on after few rather than they traded runs third made 32. And now it ball. With his second Grand Slam this series. Maybe it. Seven to two. After four but Connor long way it's couldn't hold them hostage in the they've batted around or five tied it up at seven. Shocker got a run back in the bottom of the fifth. A ground ball by the raiders scored Travis on May eighth at seven shocker got to run six. Mason O'Brien single. And nine to seven that was O'Brien's third RBIs of the day. But in the ninth with one out nobody on. And the Huskers trailing nine to seven mode you'll hanky. And a single second on wild pitch in that group Penske crushed a two run home run off Tommy barn house a laugh that tied up nine. Shocker got the winning run over the third with two outs in the bottom line and getting home office Jake potency. The closer for Nebraska. And then. Jacque we'll look at me like Jesse will contain a solo home run hit. The lead off against Tom Barr now. And soccer's he did throughout error. Has handled all the Villa fired one wide it. Luis Alvarado not able to get him scoring position but you guys get a ground ball to Luke rothmans left profits motherhood on slide. And throughout you've got in the game and shot the nine game winning streak to start the season. 109 your final. In ten innings soccer's first extra inning game. The year player of the game are occupied. Kansas lottery gets in the lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to have a millionaire that KS lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. Look rader who got off to such a slow start this year matter that he's three for its first 49 went three for his first read today. Not into scored two leadoff spot. He will get our Kansas lottery. Player. The game. Needed shocker split it 50% off your online order in the Wichita area Papa John's and Papa Johns dot com eased from a coach shocker if you'd see. Shocker is now. Quick check of the on account scoreboard rocky might be your trophy instruction on roofs gutters siding and windows. Love your home's exterior again go to digger dripping dot com call three months six to 2066. They're stripping instruction. Your home team pro finals today coach future shock her opponents more American opponent both. As you Edwards will be Oral Roberts to one CF Lee Edwards on Tuesday. Right state takes two out of three from Texas Arlington. The mavericks will be in here next weekend misery sweeps misery Baltimore County shocker boot humans do for a mid week coming up. Central Arkansas took two out of three from Creighton Yonkers people those. Oklahoma kicked out of three from Alabama so you can then we we day game later on season soccer pools Berman three game series. Furman took two out of three. Central Connecticut. Today in the American east Carolina leading saint Joe's nine to nothing in the eighth. Two lane salvage the final game of their series 93 against cal state Fullerton. Houston taking on Andy tonight the minute maid at minute maid park shrines classic. UCF swept Wagner went to date twelve to nothing. Cincinnati to three out of four from Tennessee Barton went to basic three. You can shocker points out of state to throughout the sounds very South Florida took three or from Columbia. And Memphis get beat by east Tennessee today. Memphis. Went. One and two Chrysler classic soft dollars to two out of three Nebraska this weekend right ruling Huskers in Lincoln ate that up. Come back with our final stats and our player game that's coming up now. 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Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. The twin peaks the ultimate spores lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on -- screens and scratch who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something and the many dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any Mercer who items from the table twin peaks full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in months so ice cold Beers crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of basting TV so there's never a bad seat in the house heads for twin peaks eats drinks scenic views. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie tell. Us this season. Join us more things right here on K okay. And as fast. Doctors have been pitching. Especially at home we thought the fourth inning home run. Served up by Nebraska's starter. Man Warren was turned into the Clinton the trees play the game and unfortunately it didn't it was pretty historic. Anyway by Alec Bowman who is third Grand Slam of the season his second of the series. He'll have to settle. For the play of the game rocky by Litton compliance. Here's how lightbulbs third Grand Slam of the season. Not warrant had given up eleven hits you first you start combined. I drive deep left bill he has done it. Another Grand Slam or Alec ball. His second in three days it's his third on this season. RBIs 141516. And seventeen. It is seven to tune Wichita State. Unfortunately. Shocker gave Paul back in the fifth made 77. Although this soccer's rally to take it nine to seven lead it wasn't to be today is Nebraska. Got two home runs late one on the night one of the tenth Huskers solid final game of the series. Ten to nine. Let's go inside the numbers with a look at final stats rocky by B Katie CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Who's yours Nebraska ten runs eleven hits three errors and four left on base. Wichita State nine runs fourteen hits one error and ten left on base the winner. Jake hole and see he has won a note the loser Tommy barn house he wanted one of the battle closes at the end and once the nipped. Barn house as Nebraska wins it ten to nine game took three hours and seventeen minutes Tenet 2121. Shocker fault eaten one Nebraska improves to six and five Wichita State back in action. Coming up Tuesday afternoon SI you would two Edwards though comes to town. And game will be at 2 o'clock. And the pregame prayer can assess at 130 and shoppers will take their show on the road they'll. Plea or Roberts Wednesday afternoon at three be right back here next weekend. Three game series against UT Arlington starting Friday night. At six. Thanks again assignments Sumner back there studio show ain't gonna sing thank you for listening out there once in the final score Nebraska. Beat Wichita State in ten innings ten to nine starters bold eight and one but would be back in action on Tuesday afternoon so until then. So long from X stadium here in Wichita. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty self or an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. You've been listening to shocker baseball along 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance the Carnahan group. Popular lines. Lleyton appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. BP. Mike Starr machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executive airship Kansas land tire and service comings in coming losses. Pop a giant. And dinners room.