Wichita State vs. UCONN 04-13-18

Friday, April 13th

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Time for Wichita State soccer baseball and 97 and thirteen thirty Qaeda and its stance. Now with the column to gain hear them voice of this joggers. Kennedy. Welcome back to our second pregame show the day Dan Simon Sumner alongside now in the studio glad to have you what this tough first came the shocker is that they committed. Three errors gave away three unearned runs. And ended up on the short end of a seven to force courts they're going for a split. The double header now on trying to even up this three game series at a game apiece before it is to the concluding game. On Sunday. Those of you that are listening probably very much aware but in case you're not this series was changed a little bit from a single game tonight won the violent ones Sunday to the doubleheader today. Because of the nasty weather in store tomorrow it is not very good baseball weather with temperatures in the upper thirties to low forties and winds out of the north it. Twenty miles per hour plus no play these two today and better conditions then. Hopefully decent day on Sunday to close out the series soccer staffs work to do now after dropping the first game. In your drive to the game is brought to you by Kansas led tire and service were great tires and professional models service. It's always a home run to soccer's go with freshman Leah Andy here in game two. You cut with one of their best pitchers left hander basin the only this is a really big one or Wichita State. Because UConn without your ace going into the season to him Kate who's missing a couple of weekends starts to just tightness in his arm. Going with Colby Dunlop basically relief pitcher and only started once it had gone more than a couple of innings all year. Gives them were shut out innings in the first game that is that I have to feel really good about the situation there and with two really good starters. Still able to go in games two and threes in this actors you come back performance here behind Lee of any. In this second game and I'll be back with a couple quick comments from shocker head coach Todd Butler right after this. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the front of the comforts of the skin to your air conditioner or in selling new Levy system. You can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort isn't keeping Woodstock shocker is cool call today 2657831. Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems proud partner of shocker athletics. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are skiing all weekend wow that is awesome. 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Had a chance to catch up with soccer head coach Todd Butler for just couple quick questions presented by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work. That second game of the doubleheader you're facing a lefthander he always got really good numbers on here what do you know about him Skadden. He's good he's good like cake so. You know he strikes people audience more strikeouts and innings pitch we have secure pitch. You know baseball quite if you if you look at his numbers team target to forty off so you know he's good and he's a guy that I look at the stats last year. When we. When we announced we were going to the American athletica started looking at the numbers of the teams who was coming back and I was going. You know the only case that they really caught my attention so. He's really good we'll have to be outstanding with a solid approach to the middle of the field in the opposite field against her could change. It's like you're starting pitchers fans that came before charting OK keep an eye on the other team. Certainly a quick turnaround from the Atlanta today what do you hope that he's able to pick up watching it. First you well know to know how we're pitching and to watch Cody warrior hopefully have success against quality start and we've been solid all year. In you know he really locates his fastball and now. Good breaking ball so. We just needs to be William and that will be good for speaking up location with the wind blowing the latest today would you say he's been bloody years your best guys keep. I think so he has been Tommy born house would come on two of these. He's been really good on Sunday students an opportunity to be in the ball game so this comes down to pitching can we match their pitching. And offensively can we solve their pitching staff is. I coach thank you shook her head coach talk about what it's for game two coming up next. 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Dot com for the Huskies have you cut now 1810. And one. And foreign three in the American athletic conference that will be John spoke bluntly it off and playing left field. At a second at shortstop Anthony Corrado. Hitting third is to catch your exact Susie. Isaac felt state will be in right field batting cleanup. DH is that Philip so that fifth. Hitting six in center field Troy Stefanski. The second baseman Cristian that go that seventh hitting eighth at first van winkle and Michael would worth. We'll be at third base batting ninth that's the same lineup as game one and every one of the starters except for that Phillips had at least one hit. In game one of the starting pitcher in game two is Mason the only. Who has been four and out through eight starts with a two point 96. ERA very good pitcher starting this one for UConn for Wichita State. Luke Ritter will lead off and play left field recent Janice in center batting second. Alec bomb will be at third base hitting there to clean up man and catcher better Trout lines. Trade Vickers will be at shortstop batting fifth. Paxton Wallace will DH in this one against the left hander Gil that six hitting seventh in right field date did. Josh to backers first base of that eighth in batting ninth at second base. Jordan's lawyers would get that shocker lineup Ridder canister bomb Trout line backers Wallace. You got it back here employers same lineup as the first game except for Wallace at the DH spot. President Mason O'Brien on the mound freshman righthander Lian at 86 and one little one point 94 ERA. Suckers are asking him to give them a good performance here in game two. Had hit them a good chance to split this doubleheader and get back even in this series and even. In conference play for the year metadata shot display get 50% off your online order it at Wichita area Papa John's won out of Papa Johns dot com. Use the problem code shocker fifty to receive your shocker to scout. Chapters just about ready to take the field here working into the injury report. Brought you by up to you live your life your journey. Nor optimal you if you missed the first game we mention that it made me highly regarded left handed pitcher for you Connie projected first round draft pick. Has missed a couple of weekends now. Was some tightness in his arm nothing real serious they don't feel like they're being very careful with him with his potential draft status. And so he did not even make the trip this weekend they hope to have him back by the end of the year at for possible post season play. And they had a couple of guys just come back from injuries on the pitching staff them one of them. CJ Dan you know made his first appearance in the right out of mocked in the first game pitched an inning throwing him pitches. They also are without probably anyway Ronnie Rossum on that are pitchers that kind of middle relief guys this year and turned his ankle stepping off her. During the week. Wichita State not a long what's not on the weekend rosters there's just getting in some time to recover from that tightness in his forearm. And Alex Siegel will be on the shelf for a little while to let thumbnail. It's healed completely tried to pitch with that last weekend against Elaine just struggled all of them Sunday it was bleeding after he threw a couple of pitches so. Those of injury situations. And a healthy tip of the game. A post workout breakfast such as eventually on waterboarding smoothly. They provide fuel for your muscles in the form of healthy proteins that's today's healthy shopper's tip write to you by United Healthcare. And the real appeal program learn more real appeal. Dot com. Doctors taking the field just about ready to go the umpires for game two Brett threw intent behind the plate to him capped at first base. And Jason they'll snap. And a third of. And our other behind. For games but they haven't mentioned yet the game tonight Javaris her fidelity points Saturday T sixty. North Broadway. Remember that because of and they're huge inventory which they've been able to develop over the years they gave you great selection at the best every day prices you're going to find anywhere when you start at eleven tile. Or carpet area rugs. Great selection of patterns styles anything that you could possibly be looking for it if they don't have a right here which it's not. They have all kinds of guys and so forth and how they could find it for you. And be sure they order exactly what you want to be unique flooring goes into varsity teams sixteen. North Broadway. Leann and Eddie. Getting the start today for the she doctors in game 264170. Pound freshman righthander from Brighton. Colorado this is his ninth start and he is six and one with a one point 94. The IRA's were 46 in the third innings he is the only shocker pitchers those set that are more this year he's done it three times now. 34 hits in 46 in the third just nine walks one every five innings and 36 strikeouts for the one. Strikeout to walk ratio and coming off one of his better performances in a while went seven innings against Tulane last weekend you have just one run on five hits. With one walk and six strikeouts doctors. Looking for hopefully something similar here this evening as they try to get this series evened out after dropping the first game seven before. Just about ready to go out and threw it out to second by that are Trout line the shocker defense the same as the first game with trial wind behind the plate. Josh to factory first Josh Boyer a second straight Vickers matured Alec on the third. With Luke greater Atlanta suggested Saturday dude. It right defensively. So here we go game to you've got now four and three of the American League soccer's. At three and four and John told buck. Leads it off right handed hitter with good speed hitting 283. With one home run in seventeen runs batted in after going one for four. In the opener of today's doubleheader. Leah Matty looks in for the sign. You know lined up and his first pitch of the ball game fastball over today's for a called strike one test quality eight. William does not throw as hard as. Cody lawyer who is. Consistently 93 to 95 in the first game. You know get up there in 1991. Fast bowler for a strikeout when it 91 and if so to. The winds still blowing hard out to right field it's been twenty miles per hour plus all day and we saw two home runs in the first game a couple of basically wind blown fly balls one by Luke Ritter won by Isaac Goldstein Buchanan. And that would sit there for a called strike three fastball today's on the outside 492. So Leann and Eddie bang bang bang strikes John hope to start the first inning. Brings that Anthony pride though. UConn shortstop a sophomore who was a freshman all American a year ago on a second team all conference selection. It was one for four in the first game now hitting 293 with one home run and eleven runs batted in. Right handed hitter the first pitch to him is not sniper hole on the strange thing. We're probably in game one you made two throwing errors his first two errors of the season. It may not know for a hundred chances. Do their first 28 games. 10. Fastball high to balls and no strikes. Anthony Corrado pre season all conference this year in the American a sophomore from Staten Island New York. Leah Mehdi into the line to the to go. Champion in south fastball just missed and its three or nothing. Walks were not a big factor in game one for shocker pitching Cody Hoyer walked one that was the only walk shocker pitchers gave up. Struck out seven. It was a strike on the outside corner and count to three and one. You count the pre season number two pick in the conference by the league's coaches. Ground balls diving knocked down by bump is not going to be a play. Always hit very sharply toward the hole headlong dive by bombers linked enabled him to get a lot to it but it just kind of knocked it toward the middle of the infield it will be a base hit. For Anthony pronto. In a runner aboard with one out for you'd done here in the first. Reserves act soon see the catcher. One for five in game one with a single hitting 318 with one home run and six team runs batted it. Sissy guy was being mentioned pre season is very possible high draft pick this year. Left handed hitter. It is 318 average leads UConn. First pitch to him is a little bit low for ball one. Mentioned in the first game that the senior currency into or run quite a bit. And Anthony Corrado at first base is their leading base stealer going eleven for fourteen so far. Stretched by Eddie. A quick move to first product dives back. With Leann and Eddie on an ad opposing base stealers are just one of four on the year. And better Trout line has thrown out just under half. Of all the would be base stealers. They were one for two in the first game both tries by Tony Stefanski. Now often handled. By Susie little swivel on the third baseline it's 11. One on one out for the Huskies in the first no one scored in the first game until the top of the fifth when this doctors gave away. And honored to run on an error is stolen base and a base hit. One ball one strike. In any whole industry match and over to first base and he almost had the utterly the wrong way pronto. Kind of a little lean toward second throws for a split second but not a very good throw by Eddie was high. And a chance for actors get tagged out probably would have gotten anyway that they did have him. Frozen for just a split second. Juan Juan does actually see the pitch. Fastball high and it stood on. So after striking out John totally up to game on three pitches. Eddie falling behind a little bit last two that Peters went three you know on Prada and and and 31 you up a hard hit ball for an infield single. At two and one on taxes he. Yeah here's the stretch. You know the pitch. Ground ball off to backers love affair ball down the right field line. Proud don't edit the third they're gonna wave him home around the area the relay is not get a the end time. A double. Courses in a run batted in that ball right down the line backer diving for a lefty had a throwers that diving to his backhand the ball kicked off his glove and on down into the right field corner. So you're not right off the bat with a couple of first inning yet to run home. Writer's second was still only one. UConn came into the series hitting 267. As a team. Averaging a little over five and a half runs per game so not overly impressive. Offensive numbers. Certainly off to a good start in the series. Better Isaak Goldstein the right fielder. One for five in the first game at one hit an opposite field home run takes a strike up the zone a breaking ball for Eddie. Felt steam. With nine home runs now on the season and 26 runs batted in but he 257. Batting average as he strikes out. Better than every three times at bat. Only one strikeout in five at bats in the first game. 01. I drive deep left center field that it'll at least be in the gap it's not out appeared hit the fence on the fly. Run source now seem just getting around first base but nobody covering second. And that's on judged backer both middle infielders were out there in the middle of the diamond. That no state saw that nobody was covering second the ball came off the fence very hard and Buffy slipped. Or something that he is still just rounding first. But there was nobody at second base and he cruised in there with a doubles of Goldstein Russia's wanted deep left center. Walking in the that if footers so of going out at the top of the stance. Back to back doubles three straight hits and it's two to nothing right off the bat UConn in the top of the first. Brings up that Phillips the designated hitter. You got in very good position for postseason play on right we've talked about the soccer's RPI which was hand going into the first game today. UConn came into the series of RP IF 21. And being projected as an NCAA tournament team Phillips takes a strike. That Phillips the DH the only UConn starter. We did not have a hit in the first game he was O for three with a couple strikeout. Hitting 308 on the year one home run thirteen runs batted him. Better its second one out. You can't already up two nothing in the first. At least pitch fouled straight back the balls two strikes. A warm day it was eighty at game time. For the first game today I haven't checked for well missing witnesses. The latest is 67. Still very pleasant. For this evening game. Live blowing hard enough to right field. And he lifted is leg turn towards second base. Looking their daughter back. One out a runner in scoring position in two runs in three UConn and 02 count to Ted Phillips. We have any set. And the pitch. Off speed pitch hung it up high above his head one votes he strikes. All three hits for you kind of been pretty solid. The infield hit by Prada but it was a hard hit ball off the glove of the diving Alley on the third. Suzy at one run with a bag at first for a double as a shot at the middle for another base hit that's gonna get a run home. Genesis Rowe will be back in the middle of the infield. Four consecutive base hits for you god. And they lead three to nothing still with only one out here in the first inning. That phillips' first hit in the doubleheader today is fourteenth run batted it. This is just totally uncharted territory for Leann and Eddie. One run on five hits in seven innings against Tulane three runs seven hits in five innings against TCU's six shutout innings against Furman. And so it goes. I fly ball left field toward the line Ridder tracking it under it and makes the catch for the second out. Joyce Stefanski. Was two for four of the first game going after the first pitch he saw flies out to left field. For out number two. They're hanging on it first. The better Christians that go to freshman second baseman who was one for four with a two run double in the first game. Hitting 267. With no home runs and sixteen runs batted in. Soccer's drops first game seven before digging themselves a three nothing hole in the top of the first year. It's does that coach good breaking ball for a called strike one started in his left hip and broke over the hearted play. Could turn out tonight so far more people coming in all the time as this was just getting under way. Stretch by any. Long hold and DO one. It's hard toward the hole diving try but Vickers that it deflects in the shallow left field Ritter charging in after rhetoric on the third man in their safely throw down they'll throw at second. The runners safe there. Going to be a single for effect you know. And he advances to second on the throw to third but another hard hit ball and Vickers. Trying to get to it deep in the hole got just the tip of his glove on it. Deflected into shallow left field. Five hits in the first inning for your time really nothing. Very much of the cheap variety in the mix. Here comes pitching coach Mike Steele no activity nobody that in the shocker bullpen. This is the last thing you want her audience is seven to get into your bullpen a lot and in the first game or two of the series and particularly when you're playing a double header. The shocker is fleetingly and editing a little deeper into this thing. Second and third two out. Three runs already in. The better Chris winkle the first baseman who was two for four in the first game and had another. Deep fly ball out to center yes double a single. Getting to 76 with two home runs and fifteen runs batted it. Nichols stands in from the left side. Leann Eddie into the wind and his first pitch to winkle is a fastball at the knees for a called strike work. Checkers. LT seven and eight on the year in the first game when their opponents score first. God has scored first in a big way here in this. 01. Out of away one ball one strike UConn. Its first game win now fifteen and four when it scores first inning game. Three runs on five hits so far two minute scoring position with two out. 11. Fly ball toward the gap in left center and it's gonna find the gap and score two more bouncing the defense played by Jen Aniston. Standup double for Chris went collects his second double of the day. Two more runs score and UConn has scored five in the first. So Friday's. Are really becoming a nightmare days for shocker they school. Last weekend the nineteen before pummeling the right to Elaine. Packers gave up a five run inning in the first game today that was in the sixth inning lose seven before. Now they've given up five again here in the first five runs on six hits. Better Michael would worth the third baseman he was one for four in the first game. I popped up right side snicker at play at the seats behind first base. That lands in the upper deck area. Would words one for four puts him at 237. No homers six runs that it did. But he has really been much better than that recently. Went for four in the first game puts him eleven for 28 just under 400 over the last nine games. Runner at second to that. UConn has batted around in the first. You know one that would worth fouled back and it's solitude. Michael what we're at the juniors in his first season that you Connick junior college transfer. From Sierra college in his home state of California he's from Alameda. Kind of a scrappy little right handed hitter. Gets hit but pitches and trusted walks down sacrifice bonds just. Scrappy does things to help you win. No balls two strikes. The committee's pitch to drive into right field duke it's gonna be there for this woman makes the catch but another hard hit ball. And you cut in the first since I've been to the plate they scored five runs. On six hits attackers coming to bat for the first time have a lot of work to do. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all plants. I program. Blake's mom. Emotions. We're all gonna die it's logical that we're all doing. Affecting me ask you to do some weird stuff you how. How did she must be big threes and intercede for assignment could stop feeling burned and doesn't do you lose. But as for your own good field it's just thanks very uncomfortable. You're gonna say so yeah Glen canyon mornings at nine didn't understand SS. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry market Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink or an end over west Sawyer. For one talk station. And assets. What is. It's not team when everybody's healthy especially is. Starting pitching in this guy is one of leaders they send the only lefthander FOO. LC. And he is a sophomore from Wakefield Rhode Island 61193. Has to be his ninth start. 45 and two thirds innings 41 hits 28 walks in 45 and two thirds. That's but that's five point six per nine innings but 55 strikeouts. In 45 and two thirds or no with a two point 96. ERA. These basic Luke Ridder raison Janice. And Alec foam in the shocker first inning. The only has kind of become the ace right now with two feet out for a while he started against UC after the series opener last Saturday five innings. Six hits two runs one earned five walks seven strikeouts. In his last five starts. He has a one point 57 ERA for 282 thirds innings in his first pitch to loot Ridder called strike. Big high leg kick fast. Ball low one in one. Used to see more of that from pitchers like that when I was a kid that big high leg kick that not too much anymore. 11. Fastball low two and one that's quality 88. So if you're a hitter you got to really focus on the handed the ball out of hand and I get caught up and all that that motion. 21. Low again three balls and one strike. As fastball at 92 from the left hander. 31. Strike on the outer half minutes three and tutor her lip was one for three in the first game with an opposite field home run his fourth of the year 9283. Four home runs thirteen runs netted him three to batter right back up the middle got a chance into the center field for a base hit. Shocker is down five before they ever get to the plate for the leadoff single from Luke Ritter. And he has now hit safely in seven consecutive games. Except Grayson jettisoned. A couple of solid hits in the first game want to double off the left field fence his first time out that nearly got out another solid single through the right side. The only in his last five starts 282 thirds 25 hits five earned runs. For a one point 57. ERA. First pitch too generous to low for ball one. Grayson is two for 41 game brings him back up over 30306. Six home runs twenty runs batted it. Stretch by the left hander. 10 fastball low and away to an ethnic. It wind that big high leg kick. A lot of activity lot of motion Canada gives you a feeling of real Max effort delivery. Two balls no strikes again mr. Ritter at first nobody out and pitch. Minister showing bunt takes Lowe wasn't thinking about money he was gonna take one no matter what there has bought 92 down. Three and go to Grayson. It was a shocker leader in walks drug among the top 35 or forty in the country 28. Soccer's first 31 games silence outside for ball floor. A four pitch walk. Soccer's take all the charity that he can get stages body UConn five runs in the top of the first. I had to bet on that nobody out for Alec phone. Alec kind of an interesting first game we had two solid base hits. It was called out on strikes twice both on pitches that he definitely felt were not strikes. In a line single to left another line single to right center later in the game hitting 353. Eight home runs and 34 runs batted in. Jason the only from the stretch. First pitch to bomb swing and a miss fastball at 93. Let's see many left handers throw 9293. And the only sit 92 a couple of times 93 when that. Two on nobody out attackers trailing five nothing in the first. And the pitch. Out over the middle for a strike now when it 89. Nothing to. So he can kind of put a little on take a little off these than anywhere from 88 to 93 and his fastball. Greater bounced a single up the middle generous to walked on four pitches bomb in the hole 02. He always pitch breaking ball low inside. That's the first one he's throne. And who's down around feet one ball and two strikes down a phone. Suckers looking for a chance to get right back in this one after giving up five in the top half of the first the first two men not. They've really lacked big hits early in the first game today. 12 pitch low and inside bounces away from the catcher all the way to the backstop. And the runners advanced to second and their wild pitch. On by the only the first and third second and third with nobody out. Again now that too into that Alec phone. Wichita State in the first game today had a runner at second the less than two outs in four of the first five innings and aggregate score any of those routers. Second third year with nobody out. Now ball was in the hole owed to back even now. Here's the stretch but I feel it. And the pitch and well it's also balance that out over behind first. Interesting stat. Relate to the side for an appeal wider. Soccer's are eleven and for all time on Friday the thirteenth including their loss in the first game today so it's been more unlucky for their opponents. Certainly that it has been for which state. These two again while thousands straight back fastball at 93. Redirected back to the street might have been just a touch late on network. Got a piece of it. Already a lot of pitches in the first inning for Mason seal it attackers at second and third nobody out. 22 count to Alec well. And an excellent. I steep pitch big high chopper to third lob by. The third base than what worth it over to first for the out critic got a good break off their to scorers get a stay hangs on at second so bombers out third to first. That drives it around his 35 run batted in of the year. 8521. Ballgame now that are Trout lines hitter. Better one for four in the first game. There a couple of balls really hard desperate step up the lines of bullet right at the center fielder. One it was a single it was a scorcher just under the glove of the third baseman. Hitting 336. Home runs 27 runs batted in. First pitch to him as low for ball on. Suckers have not been. A big run scoring team in the first inning. Their high water mark his three runs against Tulane last weekend. 10 swing and a miss on a high fastball might have been. Higher than strike. One want to Trout lines. Mentioned the starting line up. For you can't all had to hit the first game except for one guy and saying what's troop position doctors to DH position. Mason O'Bryant started their two other guys that limits but took the only over. It to trial wind fouled the right out of play just a little laid out a fastball to want to. Pretty good crowd on hand to night. It's good this hackers were able to play a couple of decent baseball weather today. It's going to be nothing like this tomorrow and hopefully. An OK day on Sunday. 12. It right at the bit low at caught by the shortstop that hanging out at second base alert alias grace suggested. Not hit real hard by Trout line that looked like off the that it had a chance to navy screwed up the middle. And it was caught on the run by private the shortstop the soft liner for the second. So two down. And the chances for a big inning diminishing the soccer's do have one run that gave up five in the top of the verses that trade Vickers. Trying to come up with a two out hit that to get one more run home tennis to its second runs well. They see it should scored. The only states to Vickers entry takes a strike on the inside corner fastball at 92. That are at second base two out in the bottom of the first for Wichita State Trey Vickers one for four in the first game. Hitting 3732. Homers ten runs batted out of foul pop up down the first baseline we'll find the stands. Out of the reach of the first baseman winkle. As the count goes to Poland to hunt Vickers. Paxton Wallace getting a chance to start as the DH in game two is on deck. It's thicker skin keep the inning going that he has got to battle oh and two. Stretch but I feel. And his pitch. Tray takes what happened in almost got him on the left shoulder when volunteers strikes. UConn now leads the all time series between these two teams to all of you only previous meeting. It was 2014. At Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Vickers checks on a pitch down and Danny held up in time. And it's even at two and two. I was late to go 110 inning game one by UConn. And he just joined as the Huskies won the first game seven before. It jumped ahead in this 15 to nothing in the first chapters have won back. Pitched stickers routed to the right side right at first baseman Michael make the play itself. And that will do it so the soccer's did get one run on one hit apparently the man at second after one at UConn five Wichita State one. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health. Planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co base plus are proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance worry free plan 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas who cross and blue shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government with a federal Medicare program. About a decade ago. The government changed the rules for the type of coolant to prove for air conditioners so if your system this ten or more years old and you have. Could cost you over a thousand dollars just to replace the coolant. On the stock has a better option. How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system and it didn't qualify as I don't get you up to 18100 dollars in trade for a new energy efficient models. That's called win win and cult plus stock for details 943. Cool shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest homo. This is Steven can join this morning right here on cape NS NS. Aim of this doubleheader between Wichita State at UConn the Huskies won the first game seven before. And then jumped out with five in the first in this one. Based on first inning pitch counts Leann Eddie. And Mason the only not long for this game. And he threw 27 pitches in the first inning the only 26 and John total leads off an inning for the second straight time and styles one's straight back. Toughest struck out on three pitches his first time up against India very promising start for the freshman right hander and then after that he couldn't get anybody out for a while. No one. Driven toward right center field kind of hanging in the year and did we'll run it down for the fly balls is fairly shallow right center site talk left. There's the first out in the second. And Eddie could use quick innings of low pitch counts for a while. Faces Anthony products mashed one off the bombs glove at third for infield single. One for four in the first game today. Attackers matched UConn in the first game for hits he Steve had ten. Soccer's. The status chances early couldn't get a big yet. And committed three errors it weighs 300 rounds and Eddie. Or other products very gets plunked by any. That's the second time that Prada has been hit by a pitch he was his last time up in the first game that was an off speed pitch. Certainly no thought that there was anything intentional lyric that's. It was not a fastball dusted off speed pitch that got away in a runner on with one out. Because of the way the first inning started he got. So but quickly and then give an infield hit Prada would double to CC doubled to Phillips being singled Phillips. Since he takes time for ball one. Rhetoric first one out UConn leading 51 in the top of the second. Stretch nightly committee. And the pitch. Hi fly ball there might not hit that well you'd actually committed a few steps makes the catch for the second half. Hit the right direction to take advantage of the wind that was way under the soft high fly ball. Two out in the inning the better Isaak Feldstein. Though Steve. Doubled deep to left center his first time up high off the left center field fence that doubled drove it around he later scored each two for six. In today's doubleheader with the opposite field home run in the first gave his ninth of the year. Her first two out Eddie set. For his pitch to tell steam. That game was in on him close and study it spun out of the way that it hit. Some body armor on his left elbow and in that area. Absolutely and Eddie has hit two batters in the inning. First and second two out for that Phillips. The committee it only hit two batters in a it's 47 and a third previous innings through the first inning tonight. Want to hear in the second two on for Phillips who singled up the middle is first on his first hit of the doubleheader. Thousands straight back respect one. Phillips a transfer from alone junior college in California. Junior and his first year at UConn. No balls one strike. Lee and any with a long looked to get to sign now ready. The only one. This little bit low and outside one ball one strike. Two two on in the second for you can't they lead 521 here in game 25 run first inning. Once again the righthander ready. 11 delivery. As of breaking ball up and and it. Phillips got to turn that lead shoulder not that would might need him but it broke back and just missed him two balls and one strike. Trout line got up out of his crutch for a moment. Go back through the signs again. Toobin on via hit by pitches here in the inning and two outs. 21. Tech now along with their baseline. Off speed pitch count and you know money. Turned on it is too little bouncer belongs third base down one student to. Ted Phillips a stocky right handed hitter listed at 58180s. From San Jose California. You could certainly recruits and New England area a lot of guys on the roster from Connecticut Rhode Island. Massachusetts as well as New York. But a few Californians on this team as well. 22. Dowdy looking try to turn his lead Childers and Helen took a breaking ball for a called strike three currently in any. Worked his way around a couple of hit batters for a scoreless inning in the second after one and a half you can't five Wichita State one. AJ's sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. Smart features are only as Smart as their owners. What's the latest with the car dash you've only known only anyway. Museum earth really flat. From someone please don't let me friends so since you listen to lots using it correctly is no. Just ask your smartest thing you wait so they are isn't flat. You can save your fears that wake up with the latest news and information. 87 and thirteen thirty K and SS. I let them enjoy your weekend mornings at nine right here on. That's just the bottom of the second inning. Facing hard throwing left here pervasive feeling the suckers got one run against him in the first but trailed five to one as they come to that in the second. Paxton Wallace will be up they lit it up to date did. And Josh to Becker. The only has a tendency toward wildness of also strikes out a bunch. When he walks in 45 and two thirds previous innings walked one of the first. And through 26 pitches and getting through five hitters in the first. Paxton Wallace in from the right side in the first pitch but the left handers tie for bola. He always a fastball at 88 to 93 in the first inning from the left side. Paxton Wallis both for one of the first games of late game pinch hitter that went inside picks up the catcher's glove at stood. Doctors. Need to be ready you know there that they need to be patient and this was beauties and walks. Too low Wallace its power pop up on the right side scripting to shallow right field. And it is get a ticket nobody bounces typically the second baseman right fielder pounds to play right fielder Austin and upon there. The live pushing it around wait for the first baseman Phillips back the second baseman Golan outfit though. Right fielder Kevin and head coach kind of lunged forward it landed just beyond even shallow right field. And then took erratic bounce away from the right fielder. The score that is a triple or double and an error because of the fumble by the right fielder felt Steve not that counts. That it will be and yet. I would think yeah anyway for Paxton loss. He's at third base with nobody out. Dayton did yes swings and misses for strike was. If that is done at this a hit no errors at the moment. Do go out one for four in the first game signaled his last time out. You know Lee's pitch in high and outside 11. Soccer's it definitely. Got to find a way to get packs of lawless home from third. This chip away give up five of the first they've got one back great opportunity here. Now back might do it one and two days to put it in play. Even on the ground there plain normal depth in the infield with a five bluntly. Routine ground ball should probably get another run out. Do you go out there are good factor to follow. 12. That's the way from the catcher of the first baseline here have also scored standing up. Second wild pitch. The first few innings but I the only. And it's a five to two book game. That's the thing it's a long game to give up five in the first obviously that's a big hole but you know a lot of time affiliates. Soccer's already have two back and nobody out yet in the second inning. To attitude attitude got. And he pops it up. Shortstop almost right where he was playing waiting sport to come down and makes the catch for the first. It jammed a little bit that time. At least he popped up the shortstop for the first step to better judge defector. Josh one for three in the first game. Has brought his average for the season to fifty six for 24. Started over Chad. And is now six for his last fourteen for 29. Let's get it interfaces let it. The line of the pitch fastball high. The left left thing is maybe not quite so pronounced. Was the only because he throws mostly fastballs and he kind of comes over the top so it's not going to be as tough. For a left handed hitter to pick him up as it is some lefties. Met over the top with a fastball there for a called strike one and one. Throws hard but not a lot of deception. 11. Fastball strike call one and two. Just felt very hard that was 93 here. One out bases empty Iran already yen for the shocker here in the second. Actress stepped out for a moment. And the 12 breaking ball and it's rocky Mac that was a really good breaking ball but the only easily thrown a couples of foreign the first two innings. That nasty little book there to strike yet defectors would. First strike yet for Mason the only. And that's Jordan boy here dirt won three of the first game with singled to center. Getting to 473. Home runs fourteen runs batted it. You cut off the first game seven to four they lead 522 in the second. Employer it's a high fly ball to shallow right field to win. If senator around the right fielder felt Steve makes the catch to end the inning. The checkers it's kind of a gift look triple but lawless and score a run at one run on one hit and after two it's now five to two Uga. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with knows mine he got command and I can't believe this contract. Creed now with a smile Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental. It's provider to unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger small. Eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two to fall camp. Happening right here on KMF. It's actually very settled in a little bit in the second he hit a couple of batters it's still only through eleven pitches in the inning getting out of it with no war runs scoring. Gave up five runs on six hits in the first his teammates have come back to get a couple. He pitches into the third trailing five to two will face Troy Stefanski Christians that go. Van winkle was 67 and eight hitters in the Yukon batting order. Stefanski Oprah won and after first pitch and hit a fly ball left his first time up. Version pitched this time is outside for ball one Stefanski two for four in the first game. Bringing his average to 306. On the year four home runs and seventeen runs batted in. 10. Low and away to a nothing Stefanski former walk gun. A four year player down the program. Made 33 starts last year but. Has never hit anything like what he's doing right now. 222 last year's 31 starts. There's a strike on the outside corner to the month. It to 58 in 23 games. As a sophomore and suffered a season ending injury early April but that's been his bat he is. Some fifty points above that now has seen. His fastball just fairly low three and one. Stefanski FS trinity good base steeler not a guy you wanna put on the started hitting. We have Eddie with a 31 pitch. And drive to center right at get a step back a couple of steps makes the catch. A line drive that hit the high all the way out there are two recent Janice. They went back a couple of steps to polity it. One out in the third. And a good job by Eddie to come back from 31 to get an out. Reserve Christian fed cut the second baseman. Singled his first time up. One for four in the first game hitting 267. On the year freshman. Right handed hitter. In these first pitch to him big rip and felt that came out of these shoes that went founded back to the screen on line. Mentioned the first game. They can okay the pepper pot kind of bounces around very animated. 510 freshman second baseman. The committee was CO one. On the outside pitch for a strike zone to. Freshman righthander looking in for the sun. But the sunshine. Washington over the fielded spots now through the shadows of time called let that go. No balls two strikes one out nobody on. And it. To the right side lawyers vices left a visit to upset chosen good play by Jordan's lawyers a low lying here. Only bounced once before it got to the outfield portion of the turf by that Boyer was sliding in front of the to corral it popped up and threw him out of birds could play about the shot his second baseman. And with two out the better Chris twinkle the first baseman. Winkle kind of put the camper. On that first inning with a big two out two run double to left center. It took it from three to nothing to five did nothing he is three for five so far in this doubleheader with two doubles. First pitch to left handed hitters with fastball high. Michael came into this game hitting 276. After going two for four in the first game. He's a sophomore from Orange Connecticut. 10. Lifted fouled on the left side right toward the line and it's gonna fall out of play Ritter gave it chase that the wind was really knocking that ball then looked like it knuckleball hang in there and here. One ball one strike. Went gullet tall lanky left handed hitter listed at 65207. Two out nobody on. And time called. We have many trying to settle it and go ways in this game. It's 11 pitch swing and a miss Lou the fastball by him down into the left handed hitter. One ball two strikes. Michaels standing outside the box for a moment. Finally back yet. We have Eddie with the 12 pitch. Just slow to into fastball. You've gone with five runs on six hits in the first inning which doctors have. Bat with one righted the ship its first to advance. Their first two. Down five to two in the third. 22. Fouled back this way out of play. UConn had a Big Five run inning in the first game as well that gave them the 65 runs on four hits and two shocker errors to go may want to nothing lead to six to nothing. Then held off the shocker seven before. We have Eddie with a two to. Low ball three. Bounced in the air count all the way full to winkle. Vehicle batting eighth in the order. UConn last weekend against UCF 290 averaged ten hits and almost seven runs so they've been swinging it. Pretty well of late. 32. High for ball four looked like he took little something off lifted up. That is Eddie's first walking is also hit two batters. It brings up Michael would worth the third baseman would worth a fly ball to right his first time up. Coming into the double header UConn was hitting 267. Averaging a little over five and a half runs per game and that's. Kind of what their first two conference series every stat is doing it to forty in their first series US. Silence outside for ball onto Woodward's. We can't last weekend to ninety averaged ten hits six point seven runs. And twelve for 39 against Bryant on Wednesday to be a 30 wait pace. One out. Lined up the middle of the state dropped for a base hit to shallow center pianist plays and on the first bounce fires back yet. That is hit number seven for UConn and rapidly and they got the first two men here in the third. Just couldn't have that easy inning two on now to that fortune on toe that the top of the order. Second hit of the doubleheader for would Werth is not two for six against the chapters so both for two so far this with a strikeout looking. And fly boulder right. Little bit history going in the shocker bullpen. Couple a right handed hitter. Goodspeed likes to drive the ball in the opposite field. Eddie's first pitch to him and that's riveted the left fielder Ridder has a jump oddities there it makes the catch. Pretty well hit to left by both that loop Ridder makes the play to end it. No runs one hit to left and after two and a half still five to two you'd gone on top. We'd Lauren asking nosy that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate and not only taste good but does it. We are second companies directly from small farmers and shoot rockets at them and American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things whenever I. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. They can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours and and him dot com American family insurance American coming into insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American partners in Wisconsin putters in three. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working momma tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what's taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life fulfilled a Boyd is an understatement. I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga. Heart rate base interval training and a stock. They even have child care. Visit opting like that 20% weather on line it up deep Tyson nice dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means per Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. As far as living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as at. Test dates back to the top of their order second time through against Mason the only. The only first time through the order two hits and two runs both third walked one struck out one. Lew Ritter had wanted to hits as he leaves it up in the third Luke bounced a single up the middle. Giving him any seven game hitting streak. On for three in the first game today. Started this when hitting 283. In the takes a strike from the only fastball at 88. Line that left standard. Bounce that went across one ball one strike. He's trying to do is gradually chipped away though it was a five nothing deficit after the top of the first inning. 11 Ridder chased one up out of the strike zone fastball at ninety lying grabbed his helmet nuns and swung at a bad pitch that was called two way high. And it's one and two. Settles back in the box. And the one to load two balls two strikes. Having tank had time to figure it out and at the end what first game did Ridder after starting two for 22 on the year was hitting 330s last 22 games. Thousands tobacco industry. It would stay right around that going one for three in the first game today so A 330 hitter. Since that two port 22 start. Two balls two strikes. No Lee's pitch to hit it. But in got a new look show he was hit by a pitch in the shoulder in the first game. You say it did hitting. Please have a name comeback kid. Tot Butler not to talk to Brett brewing to the plate umpire. First base umpire Tim cash and the other the third base and very decent Millsap both coming into the discussion. Certainly looked like it hitting. Up to get to him first base. Well here that's too bad history in Hannity cut that I guess. Bruins did ask the other umpires and apparently they definitely felt like negated recite hitting. Listed as he changed really contenders spreading out of the UConn dug out to question the reversal. Vendors and his fifteenth year as the head coach at UConn. Had a lot of success there he's taken fourteens to the NCAA super regional in 2011. And fully invested in the UConn program played there he was part of the team. It came here for a regional in 1993 attackers and the Huskies did not play each other in that regional. But they were here at 93 for the midwest regional loss to Oklahoma State and Florida be eliminated. Shaq is one option with the regional that here. To a runner at first nobody out. The better Grayson canister who walked on four pitches his first time. So hackers have now had their leadoff man on. In each of the first three innings they scored the previous two Ritter was one of those will lead off single in the first. It's digestive strike called on Iran needs. The earliest given up two hits. He's walked one and hit one he's thrown two wild pitches. In the bottom of the third. At ball stroke foul down left field line. Fastball Genesis started a little late on it hit it solidly that way found on the left side so it's going to. One of the shocker here it's a little bit of flu. Paxson flawlessly towering pop fly to shallow right field. Leading up to second inning and UConn couldn't handle the Winn plated in the electrical. Go to to jettison. Breaking ball striking out swinging. I would estimate that the only is only through on that breaking ball three or four times in the first three innings but he's thrown a couple of Indies to two left handed hitters the factory generous to distract him out swinging. One out. In the third second strikeout for pioli. Better Alley moment grounded to third his first time kind of the big high shot that got a run home from. From there its results for one of the runs batted in his 35 of the year. Two for four in the first game. Italy's first pitched him in a ground ball just now outside thirteen and tight. About the hands along third baseline on the ground. Nice if you can get something he could drive the other way this could be a close game that are. We're still really blowing hard out to right field bomb has power of the opposite field. Here's the pitch. Inside one of one. Alec two for four in the first game or a line drive singles. Settles back in the box caddie that it wanted one. Phillies pitch way inside again that would almost hitting two balls and one strike. Really had him. Buckle over a mid section to get out of the way of that. Second game of the doubleheader middle game of the three game series checkers. Have to come from behind get discipline to have a chance to win the series on Sunday. Two months. Low ball three. And that's going to get a time out. Well by UConn and the pitching coach Josh McDonald and his seventh year on the staff. Sitting out to talk to Mason fielding. No game tomorrow. 'cause of the impending very cold weather. And head back in action on Sunday at 1 o'clock the original game time for Sunday's game that will be there. Final game of the three game series having already lost won the soccer's. Need to come back from five nothing down and witness when they have the chance to win the series. That's McDonald finishing is Janet mentioned in the first game Japan here's the head coach you'd. Played there was an assistant coach there. Graduated in 94. Chris but guess what has been here's volunteer assistant for his entire fifteen years ten years you've done. He graduated a year earlier than Josh McDonald it was just out there and Jeff Horrigan the other. Full time assistant associate head coach. Both of their seventh here on the staff that they are all five of those six graduates of hot shot to left field for a base hit by a home. At the left fielder won't get a package quickly as Alec Cologne. As a line drive single his third hit of the day first and second with one out. Brings up gutter Trout line today. Little hump back liner to shortstop is first time not so useful for wanted this one for four in the first game. At a guy now who could really tight this thing up and her it was one swing. He gets his pitch. Two on one out choppers down five to two in the third after falling behind five did nothing in the first. First pitch to Trout line is a strike on the inside Conan. The only assistant interest in got a lot left handed long here. Big highlight leg kick and Max effort delivery. He can bring it. Bounce that went past the catcher there runners move up into scoring position. Third wild pitch. Of the night for Mason the only 11 data Trout lines. Runners at second and third one out. Now just a simple single. Could get to shocker is within one here in the third inning after they trailed five nothing. It's Ritter at third. All the second. And the pitch bounced that would have they're blocked on the chest protector. But it pitchers CC has yet to work out that appeared to have one account. Gave me the typical stats aren't the only coming in. Mention the 28 walks in 45 and two thirds that it look at wild pitches that he only had four. It 45 and two thirds innings he's thrown three tonight. Two balls one strike two guys are true outlined in the pitch. Big slow breaking ball in their for a called strike wasn't looking for that was as two inches. Again he's hardly thrown it. Very many times they slow curve ball about 7475. Miles an hour that it really isn't. Total change from that ninety plus mile an hour fastball. 22. Fastball just inside that was close three balls in two strikes. Shoppers are forcing him to throw a lot of pitches here in his first three innings he was at 39 through two. Melissa long counts on the first four hitters here in the third inning only one out. Writers at second and third. 32. Local throws strikes me home right through Arlington but a late indication brings an. And Trout lines out looking on strikes the second and in the inning. And he may have called it right away but it. You didn't see any movement from the event Trout lines are to take a step toward first base and raise their right arm. So two out and I hit batter a strike out a single. A strikeout and a wild pitch. Mixed in. Second and third to not for trade Vickers who grabbed the first baseman in his first time out. First pitch to strike on the outside corner. Backers and a great opportunity here in the third to get closer and they need a big two out hit to accomplish anything. Missed a lot of good chances early in the first game the end they had. Rhetoric second lesson too about him for the first five innings and never got any of those runners home. And that losing seven to force there's. A lot of chances to be closer. 01. Low on Bowen strike. The other owners are Ridder at third ball that second. Two out in the bottom of the third. 11. Swaying and invest those that are speed breaking ball and stickers seemed to pick it up. Reasonably well he stayed back before he swung added it was united front but it just swung right over the top of it. And it dropped off the table one ball in two strikes netted trick. Characters looking for a big two out hit to get it within Iran. 12. Way inside with the with the fastball to both had two strikes. And continuing to blow hard almost a little more out of the northwest now angling across toward the right field corner. Q2 bounced now along with their baseline. That play by Sammy S is even at third base coach. One plus the unit which actors don't score here they keep piling up pitches on the only they could. That's about it there at that game UConn bullpen. Related to a lot of work lately they had a wins the game. Two balls two strikes to pitch limits and three and two that it fastball. It's gonna be another. Twice some pitch inning it appears for the only through 26 in the first inning. Writers will be go well. Guess not on 32 it. No force situation. 32 pitch. Bounced toward the third base line and now. That's crossed the line for a got to defect. Would Werth to third baseman charging hard tried to keep in fair territory Vickers not a real fast runner. Go get another swing up there. Count holding at three and two. That Ritter hit by a pitch leading off the inning Grayson Janice to struck out knowledge bombs singled. The only wild pitch then the second third Trout line called out on strikes on a close pitch 32. 32 to Vickers. And here it comes in trade balances it fell over toward the third base dugout. That's the only 28 pitches. In this third inning. Still 32 to Vickers. Left hander Eddie. And his pitch striking it now fastball down striking out swinging. So the only strikes out the side in the third. Leaves two men in scoring position neurons on one hit through Wichita State after three UConn five Wichita State to. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Then there's his second job recruiting. That means travel. He couldn't do it without executive there share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can star recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shoppers learn more and exact air shared dot com. This job board delivery and your TV hot I just unpack it over there on you didn't pay haven't unpacked you're not gonna commit to my other equipment you can pay them enough don't you mean I paid good money for a new HDTV boy I didn't know surface exactly. I should go on after teasing. Your TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices ended service. It's what we do all day long and half their TV we've got our roots in which it's not not just our branches. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent friend woody and John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK okay. It's a doubleheader at University of Connecticut flooding the first game seven before leaving in the second five to two after a five run first inning. Lee an idiot his third time through the orderly Casey Anthony prod those Ecstasy. And Isaak Feldstein. Pride 01 for one and hit but hit so far in this game. First pitch to the right handed hitter hit of the year left. Ritter backed a few steps to left field and there makes the catch for the first out. Primenews singled in the first flies out to left this time to start the fourth in the batter's acts Susie. Susie had an RBI doubled them the right field corner in the first inning later flight to write one for to this than 247. In today's doubleheader. Good left handed hitters UConn catcher. Thirty years starter. The regular throughout his career at UConn. And nobody on in the fourth. Lee and heading into the wind throws low and outside for ball one. Freshman though they run first inning five runs on six hits. Everything hit pretty hard. Kind of settling back in trying to keep checkers in the ballgame. Analysts just outside two balls no strikes. Idiot 56 pitches through three innings the 27 in the first or last two a lot more smoothly. Mrs. Lowe at that would three balls and no strikes. It each of these four innings now he's gotten a relatively quick first out and then has had a little bit of trouble. Continuing to work ahead. 30. That's it there for strike three and one. Actually got the first event pretty quickly in the third. Gave up or walk on a 32 count Chris winkle. If they hit to Michael would Werth got a line drive out to Indians 31 to Stacey fouled back in three to. Pretty good fastball away. Mentioned in the first game this is a program with some history I mean I think it's Connecticut. Terms of big time College Baseball but they've had a lot of successful history. Three to tap the first baseline fell. Nineteen NCAA tournament appearances all time. Five college World Series between 1957. And 79. Numerous super regional as recently as 20113. Afghanistan. Chest vest on the outside corner. I guess are brick brewing it looked like it hit kind of movement that maybe he was Smart enough to strike but he was not. So one out walk to Susie. That matters to clear that man Isaac felt steam second walk issued by early committees also hit two batters. And is allowed seven hits certainly not in his sharpest tonight that. Hang in there battling trying to get the Shaq little bit of a blue collar effort here into the middle innings. Isaak Feldstein an RBI double to deep left center and hit by a pitch his two plate appearances. Swimming and in this big rip and assess both. Niche in the first game felt Steve kind of an all or nothing guy. Nine home runs on the year strikes. Once every three at bats. The balls one strike. And the pitch. I drive the senator Janice to go and that still go back at a group that's a home run of the center field landing. Though Steve second home run up today. At UConn. Lose its lead back to seven to two here in game two. Tenth home run of the year he had not hit one. Since March 29. Only one in his last eight games coming into the first game today that he has gone deep in both games are nothing cheap about that with a win may have helped some but that was. Straight away debts that are. I'm Scott Butler looks like that's gonna do it. Poorly and Eddie Eddie having such a tremendous. Freshman season. Skidded dirty app does really good numbers a little bit tonight SC has been roughed up here in the first three plus innings. It's now seven earned runs. In three advancers. I'd hasn't made the movie yet it normally when he comes that he brings the hook it's just a reassurance or maybe a little bit of mechanics or whatever that might steal the pitching coach welcome. Bridge at the plate umpire out. That may have wanted to say so but third striker when thousands are expected previous sooner but he is gonna go to the bullpen here so we'll take a little time out. As attackers make a pitching change at the top of the fourth trailing now in game 27 to two Steve and ten. In the morning I may I may be just a totally all the way. But I know I saw what I saw yesterday that Kellogg and rock road in the middle of the day that I see a coyote just generator added traffic there. Well promoted Britney had a rabies outbreak or even like that there's anybody else in the city kind of did you check Twitter though I have several months ago come into working right up there I saw wild deer rundown rock road so you know why you're like we're marlin Perkins over Internet to. Far from you know the country here the couple miles like yes I swear it was kind of I did not imagine I know legitimate. Stephen gender mornings from six till nine on Cain SS. Recognized as fast break. No morning along with the 24 hour. An SS news. And thirteen thirty KMS as. We should tell us number one talk this. Join us more things right here on KM SN stats. And. Did this year which just stay as fresh right hander Tyler Davis making his twelfth appearance on that your actually his thirteenth appearance on the here. No decisions they two point 93 ERA for fifteen in the third inning sixteen hits and seven walks in eleven strikeouts. In the coming on with the bases empty one out here in the fourth attackers trailing. By a score of seven to two. Tyler davis' most recent outing. Was three innings in that match against Tulane last Friday gave up five hits. And seven on earned runs on seven under walked four struck out once they gave up nine base runners at three innings. Pragmatic scoreless inning in the Oklahoma State game here on one yet. All and all that pretty solid through his freshman season. Colors 63205. A true freshman from spring Texas. But I did keep this soccer's. Within range are you content through these middle innings as they try to get back in this they had. Gone down five nothing to 52 but it two run homer by Isaac felt steam. Estimated 72 year gun. The Huskies won the first game seven before. Brought Tibet Stewart two time today here is that Phillips a single to strike added to plate appearances so far this month. Davis' first pitch to him as a fastball high for ball one. At Phillips 043. In the first game. Currently hitting 313 on the year. One note. Hi fouled the right out of play behind first base. In the bases are empty at the moment one out of the inning here's the 11 pitch. And tried to slow up his swing felt that the street he knew it was that in front try to keep his hands back. Ended up for the little kind of half swings fell back to the security. What it Judith Phillips. Natalie Davis Love up in front of his face into the line. Way outside with that fastball. Two balls two strikes. Phillips is definitely shown he can be had with a good breaking balls authorities doubleheader. 22 pitch. Driven into center field that's really well hit tennis to back still going back and runs out of room again. Back to back home runs to straightaway center field by you cut off to different pitchers. That Phillips who led his junior college conference at home runs last year was 58 hits just his second of the year three time. And they now lead at eight to choose. It's turning into a really long day in more ways than. Justice. You rude greeting for Tyler Davis said of the checker bullpen. It's eight runs on eight hits for the Huskies. One out of the inning Troy Stefanski has flied to left lined to center. Bouncer to first base line foul. Stefanski two for four in the first game. Phillips' home run deep third of the double header for cutting each TV at one of the first it felt steam. You kind lucrative for Wichita State both of those were to write in somewhat definitely helped by the winds up. Now it is low bounces to the next 11. The two of those sitting for you cowards straightaway center but I felt Steven Phillips well hit. Alec Davis looked count 11 the pitch. Ground ball right side Ritter to his left can't get their base hit in the left field. Got a good jump on it. You'll routed the outfield trying to cut it off and it was just out of his reach hard ground single by Stefanski his third did it hit of the doubleheader. Three straight hits for you can't after the one out walk does Texas. Davis has faced him given up two basis. And I try his luck with Christian fed coach who has singled. And hit a low one hop liner to the second baseman. One out in the inning. Davis from the stretch the pitch. And it did strike over the outer half nothing in one. Stefanski at first will run he had his stolen base that was thrown out once in the first game. Eight of eleven on the year. Stretch but I Davis. 01. Fastball for a strike down and away nothing in two. Good pitches in a row for the freshman righthander. Eight to two UConn eight runs ten hits. Where the Huskies. In the stretch CO2 way outside. Got one jumped up ready to throw to first but. Stefanski was being quick retreat to the bag needed places to throw. You kind scored five runs on six hits in the first awfully many Wichita State got one back in the bottom half and another in the second. That you guys tacked on three of the fourth on a pair of home runs. Just managed to spoil that one it was an up and away. Lunge across the plate got the bat on it it's rated over toward first base there again. Christian Medco FE DK au freshman second baseman for UConn. He has 246. So far in today's proceedings. It is pitch Redick goes when it in this throw down his tie and off the glove with the second baseman Boyer. And they strike out that you know that Stefanski steals second. Put him at second with two. And it Davis recording his first strikeout that are its second two down the better Chris winkle who has doubled and walked. To edit hitting sophomore first baseman is having a good day three for five in the doubleheader with a pair of doubles. Only had three. In 28 games coming into the doubleheader headed to order dated pitched it. Swaying in a foul tip one after one down maybe out of the strike zone. In the first game everyone in the Yukon lineup except for that Phillips had at least one hit. And already here in game two. Everybody but one has hit John toe with a leadoff man is over three everyone else has at least one hit already early in the fourth inning. There's a drive into Saturday night as well hit generous to his left toward right center and makes us tumbling catch that ball was dying. Any advantage to run it down for the third out that you can't. Regain some solidly some solidarity on its lead picking up three runs on three hits two of them home runs. And that was one man left on base we go to the bottom of the fourth it's now Connecticut eight Wichita State to. Yet felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big glut tire store date yet but then getting good service and a feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and Mike repair work all handled by factory trained text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. 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Mostly not the bottom of the fourth through Wichita State to successful hives from Mason the only enough we go into the bottom of the inning. Tucker's face pretty big hill down five to nothing after the top of the first now they're down six runs. In the fourth inning. Fastball for strike one and one Wallace in high towering pop up to shallow right field his first time up and it fell among three fielder's. And bounced away going for it triples he has one for one with a run scored. Paxson came into the game hitting 324. Somewhat limited at bats on the year he's now thirteen for 38. Triple. Well little flip he was his second and he is the only shocker player to have two triples on the season. Wallace did on the backer for the checkers here in the fourth. The only with a 11. No hot shot on the grabber right to the shortstop proud of any fires to first Malia. For the better hit balls but his doctors tonight that is right up short stuff I guess there's some baseball justice it worked there as well as. Routine pop up in the win the Crawford tripled and hit the ball hard ground. They sit the only kind of all over the place through the first three innings 68 pitches. Two runs on three hits with one walk and get better for strikeouts and three wild pitches. Beaten duke got takes fastball for a strike this is an impressive young pitcher though. He ever gets command. Consistent command he could be devastating. In new line deal lunch and it's a breaking ball low. One ball one strike. Do adopt popped to short his first time. Soccer's trailing eight to two in the fourth. Now back. And it's one and two. Soccer's best chance in this one facing the deficit they ours. They can continue to pile up pitch count it the only out of it does that you can't bullpen is not as good as he is certainly an. They've been thrown a lot of innings lately could be a little bit worn but they've just found a way to the right. Still wanted to get you guys. He always want to again. They thought they had a breaking ball away at. Sioux City catcher popped out and are ready to fire to third. Cannot goes to two and two. Act to the line in the pitch now that off fastball away he just got a piece of it. Bit late but fouled it off still tuned to. They've had a hard single as last time up in the first game so one for four or one for five so far today's doubleheader. Due to. Fastball inside three and two. He piled up those pitches. UConn had a Wednesday game with Brian it went ten innings it was a 99 games and used a lot of their bullpen guys somewhat extensively and that one. It's more than through the first game today. Three to lose strike three called downer on the knees to their gut. Very similar to Trout lines at bat in the previous inning a close 32 pitch down that they took. And we're upset to hear it called strike three. Second out of the inning five strikeouts now we're the only. So he is keeping pace was his strikeout totals on the year he had struck out 55 and 45 and two thirds innings he has time. It three and two thirds of part of night. The better judge to back her strikeout victim his first time. It is the first one really deceit the only breaking ball at its best and a two strike pitch swing and a miss on a fastball. And so it want. Four of the last five outs recorded but the only had been strikeouts the exception Wallace's ground ball to shortstop to start this inning. Oh under the that is now back to the screen a little better hacked it down he's upset when himself that he had put it in play. He thought it was pretty good pitch to Haiti was just a little under fouled straight back to the left home plate. He is now the hole owed to. They'll victim that really good breaking ball is first time. I'd be looking fastball as hard as the only throws. 02. Almost hitting with the breaking ball up around his head ducks out of the way one ball in two strikes. The only has not. Had a 123 inning so far but he is close series got to a 12 count on to backer. One ball two strikes. Lefthander a look at over the glove and that big high leg kick deals and a fastball up and instances. Background in the box for a moment. Measuring the pitcher steps back in. Attitude to. And the pitch. That's all low three and two. You know we just can't stand prosperity. Is it 84 pitches in the fourth inning. Three balls two strikes to Josh to backers. And get something started with two outs in the 32 delivery. Net towards third really eager charging what we're throws to first I throws safe. He pulled my ankle off the bag up the line toward home plate. Pretty routine play is medium speed bouncer along the third baseline would resentment actually charging that money time to throw it just. Air mailed a little bit. Of that little prolonged the inning. And refers to not for Jordan lawyer. And a I shallow fly ball to right his first. First error of the game for either team UConn made two of the first gave the checkers. Three. You cons to a by the shortstop Prada was first two errors of the year. First pitch to voice your fastball up and yeah. Anthony Corrado had come into the doubleheader with no errors and a 111 chances. Through 28 games made two throwing errors in the first game. That fastball is loaded Boyer two balls no strikes. What has saved the only as he has good enough stuff that he denies that in some jams and put people on these. It would make enough good pitches. To not give up a big inning gave up one in the first one in the second. Now leads eight to two in the fourth. What your take slow and inside three and out. That's gonna send the catcher Susie got to had a few words with the only. It runs on ten hits for UConn two runs three hits for the shocker is rolling in the fourth inning. Two quick outs in the inning. Then went to a long count on to Becker after heading on to the back reached on an error. He's followed that up by going three and on Jordan boy. Shoppers can take advantage and it getting something out of this is that. The only ready to go with the three go to Boyer. And that's it for strike three and one. Warrior one for three in the first game with a bloop single for one so far this month. 31 pitch. Low for ball four. A couple of men on now after two were out that to the top of the order from Luke Ritter. It's just a second walk. Give it up IPO lees also hit a better. Moved Ritter denied twice bounced just go up the middle of the first then was hit by a pitch. In the third. One for three in the first game. Here's stretch but I feel it first pitch to Luke and a strike fastball up and it. Look Ritter was 049. In the last two games of the series at ECU on either side of that. He's hit in seven straight games each time including the first game there's this game here today so. Fourteen of sixteen started to god that pitch rides in on aim and hitting. As it it'd be ruled that he was swinging. Like he's gonna have to stay in there. And they had a dispute with Luke the last not about whether or not a pitch hit him. It was ruled that by the plate umpire Brett going to initially that it hadn't and you ask for help from the attitude umpires they both said it did. To have won it looked like he committed on the swing if you swing and it even if it hits you. It is not a hit by pitch. I keep getting in the right forearm and K Il the trainer out see if he's okay account will be Owen tutor. Honestly from what I saw of the swing it. Looked like the right call for years that he did commit on the swing and then it hit it. The counted on to. There with a seven game hitting streak which he hit over 400 ditto for nine in the last two games. At east Carolina. And his hits in seven straight since then. Linda. Stinging Gaudin and his forearm by the back in the box. In the hole and two he's got to be accurate second Boyer first two out. Bottom of the fourth inning trackers are trailing eight to two in this one. And the pitch a little bit outside the house close limbo and two strikes. Susie trying to pull it back in the strike zone for the umpire but Brit Britain wasn't buying it. The only ready. And the pitch breaking ball striking it now looking greater good analogy just frozen but down the middle. So the only strikes two more in the inning. Walked a better guy reached out there checkers leave two men on after four UConn eight Wichita State to. Shocker stand stingers ripping in construction is the answer you're inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always three erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So if the spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to go to it's what he's 66 are goaded stingers ripping dot com to go to each one is 66. Dinners roving and construction your home team pro. Traffic is like taxes. I mean think about it it's either Smoot returns hey guys a home. Or pay a penalty for not being there are no man I hit a backhand. We compare your afternoon commute during tax season and every season remembered the time is money our traffic updates are licensed. Literally. Usually. Drive home can ask fast. And the other great Americans join me. The game about this doubleheader between Wichita State and the University of Connecticut first ever American athletic conference baseball meetings between these two programs. And it's been all UConn. So far to some degree anyway anyone's first game seven before. Scored five in the first in this for the lead at eight to two into the pit Tyler Davis got the last two outs in the fourth inning. Are things not here in the fifth. Leann and Eddie. News roughest outing as a shocker freshman today three and a third eight hits seven runs all earned two walks to strikeouts two hit batters. And yielded a home run. Michael what worth. Leads off for UConn here in the fifth. One for two singled as last time it takes a strike from. From Tyler Davis. Would worth one for four in the first game. Here's the stretch and the pitch. Right back through the pitching the second bait and boy are charging across his. Not me got a nice play by Jordan's lawyer. Flows right through davis' leg right with a bag at second and boy your charging. Picked it up before it could hit the bank it in throwing across his body got a lot on that throw for the type of throat was it throws that would worth differs. Nice play by Jordan's lawyer to start the fifth. John hope that the top of the order both for three batting for the fourth time in five innings in this. And now. A warning as saying directed at the UConn dug getter at least tell him did not get up to but he was sure but about something it. Bruins did play a part pointed at their dugout. That's something like knock it off. News just pitch check swing felt like toe but for strike one. John Tobin has struck out looking flied to right lined to left. Three times up in this than one for five in the first game. One for eight today which has kind of picked up where he was. Before Wednesday he was four for six against Bryant on Wednesday the two doubles but it only been two for nineteen. Over the previous five games. Takes outside one ball one strike. So three for his last 27. Other than that four for six adding against Bryant on Wednesday. 11. Well not cite two balls and strike. I'd mention the game with Bryant on Wednesday played by UConn. I honestly don't know where Bryant is that they've had a pretty good baseball program at times they were in the regional at Manhattan the last time Wichita State was in 12013. 21 bounce straight back to it too and Todd Butler recalled that Bryant beat Arkansas. In the first game. That's why are Gonzales played Wichita State in the second round elimination game which the razorbacks won. They're two UConn was playing on Wednesday adding Bryant somewhere like in the eighties in the RPI. Due to. Check swing on a fastball away did not go and it looked like it was just off the plate to the count goes three and two until the. One out nobody on for UConn in the fifth the soccer's had yet to set the Huskies down and order in the second game. Three balls two strikes Tyler Davis to the plate. I did my thing. Not yet checked his swing again and didn't go. That it might have been a strike anyway. That is ball for. So close. To open draws a one out walk. Tyler davis' first walks three given up by shocker pitching in Florida third here in this second game. Brings up entity Prada the shortstop the infield single but pitch. At a fly ball to left his last time up there. Started at five run rally in the first with a one out single off the glove the ball in the third Alex dove forward to try to cut it off school and toward the hole in the deflected cross the infield. First pitch to pry out of this time low and outside. Checkers in the first game had a Hoyer go five and a third. Human Kilgore two thirds of an inning Adam Keller to the third. And Clayton mcginnis got the last two outs of the game. There goes the runner pitches low throw down right on the Baghdad out at second base and other goods throughout my gutter Trout line. Touchdown total book it was eight for eleven. On the season. So UConn which will run a lot. Two for four in the doubleheader. That are Trout line maintains an average of cutting down. Almost half the base runners who attempted to steal and he's behind the plate. And two out nobody on count as one and one to Prada. Davis' pitch. Strike on the outside corner today's one and two. Tyler Davis for the chance to. Faced just three hitters here in the fifth and hasn't happened there hasn't been a 123 inning and won't be in this city since he walked a guy that he could face the minimum three here. And little flare toward right it's gonna fall in for a base hit. Just over the head of boy you're falling in front of Dayton Duca. Product to retreat in the ball game. Her first with two now the caught stealing looks big. Three hits. Tyler Davis eleven. For UConn in the first five innings. Editors act soon see the UConn catcher who has doubled fight derided walked one for two with two runs scored and runs batted in. Susie steps in from the left side. Stretch but it righthander and davis' pitch. It strike fastball away nothing in one. Checkers don't find a way to rally in this one down six. They're going to be O and four on Fridays. In league play oh into today they lost last Friday due to lane they actually opened the series and it. ECU on a Thursday at one at that lost on Friday. Time was called before the pitch so no pitch Davis threw one plate we're. Which would have been higher at that time had been called by Suzy before it delivered it. The cat is still only one. Alec Davis back to develop. And the pitch swing and a miss fastball away throne to good ones in a row off. My daughter right off the outside edge so obtuse Susie. Prado at first eleven steals on the year showed. Little sign there may be trying to get a read and take off. Two out of the inning. And the other two he does go this time swinging it SO that are won't have to throw him out. As soon as he strikes out too ended up no runs one hit three UConn in the fifth when men left after four and a half the Huskies lead this 1822. 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Chris post Sammy would need Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel this is. Michael Savage join me weeknight today Don okay. The fifth inning and halfway through this witch doctors are trailing eight to two new do you count after losing the first game seven before. Face it the only hard throwing lefthander. Back cat to start the fifty strong 84 pitches. Through the first four innings. Three hits two runs two walks strikeouts he said battered thrown three wild pitches. And check the scoreboard as they go through this shocker that it's right to you by picture perfect construction of roads and cutters the siding and windows. But your home's exterior again that it figures roofing dot com or call them 31620220. 66. EasyJet instantly being in a high pop up in foul territory looks like it'll stay and play if they can find it and diving catch. And the third baseman in the coach's box for the first out. One pitch one out for pioli is tennis you know I popped up. The third baseman whitworth has struggled this win that one drop in foul territory in the first game that he displayed almost let them get away and it literally diving catch. In the third base coach is. One out of ending. The batter Alex phone. Diggers roughing and construction in your home team brokering the scoreboard update. Start checking me. American conference's should be getting some finals are close to it now on the day. Strike called a bomb who has grounded to third driving and Iran and singled to left one too in this one. Three for six in today's doubleheader. This doubleheader here of course the first game to start date the American. There's a strike to Obama today's episode two and now thanks very unhappy with those first two story homes. Baylor in the big twelve. Beat Memphis 128 in Memphis this afternoon. As originally scheduled to start at 630 that they moved up to start time. 02. Outlook outs let's get dig at screens there. First base tonight. ECU leading USF fifteen to two in the bottom of the eighth in Greeneville. You see athletes Cincinnati five to four bottom of the eighth and Orlando. Off speed pitch hangs outside wanting to. Bottom of the fourth in New Orleans Houston leading to lane at twelve to two. Houston Cincinnati both six and three CU for it to attack the lead caving into the weekend. From its high flung a ball slicing into foul territory it's gonna get pushed well out of play were behind the shocker bullpen. And cat stays the ball and threw strikes. So the only other final Baylor over Memphis couple of those games getting later. In the big twelve Kansas. Playing at home against TCU. Was supposed to be of 1 evening game they moved that up to a doubleheader starting this afternoon. The only with the other one to the bomb fell back to the screen. McCain got delayed in the sixth inning the first dividend double header that TCU. Ended up winning that one fortitude. There in the top of the ninth. Back in Huntington and Oklahoma State's league West Virginia seven before. 12 again Devoe man it's up and away two balls in two strikes off speed pitches time. Bottom of the fifth in Lubbock Texas Tech leading Kansas State's seventeen to nothing. Bottom of the sixth it Norman W leading Texas fortitude. In cash dividend to senator well here considered the other gone back looks like he has drug advocates made little bit short of the warning track. Bomb flies to center. It made by Stefanski. And there are two down. Things that cutter cut line. In the big east after put it. Great loss this afternoon at saint John's 62. But the Lincoln they moved day doubleheader between Iowa and Nebraska erased a three game. Single game series to a doubleheader Iowa the first game seven to one Nebraska leads six to three in the bottom of the seventh in game two. First pitch to trot wine bounces and their one ball no strikes gutter has hit a soft liner to short struck out looking at this went. Let down his last time up ought to close 32 pitch that he thought was low. Two out nobody on the shocker fifth the only in the last couple of innings. Has gotten the first two hitters. As opposed to the first three innings when he had guys on early and everything. It's to try outline fastball high to know. Wouldn't think he would do so much farther than this he is in the vicinity averaged just passed a hundred pitches now. Like getting through five on jury mrs. hide away three and out. Time called now pitching coach Josh McDonald on his way to the announcer who wants to make here. If he's okay. You know it's only facing his third hitter of the inning. Don't twelve pitches in his Sunnis and hood and six for the game. After getting to fairly quick outs. He has three you know that are Trout lines. Early season shocker voted yes sir you Edwards still playing at home today. Dropped one to Morehead State 25. To three. Think they're about to make a move here yet they'd like you to finish that. I would think this has got to be any really has kind of been all over the place that he has. Hung in there and made big pitches when he's needed to top ranked Florida defeated. Chapter opponent Missouri three to one. In Gainesville. Southern Conference fervently 43 win. We're Wofford there's ball Florida gutter Trout one. A four pitch walk to the shocker catcher brings that trade victories over two. Ray had to hit in the first game 11 for three so far this when a ground ball to first of a strikeout swing. Prevalence of that game with Wofford 98 in the RPI. Wofford a 108. So. That's pretty good RPI series for ferment and the soccer's deferment when a couple. They got the first one today. These state New Orleans one and one. Bottom of the sixth. And that pitch to Vickers is a strike evens it up that one and 11 ball one strike two out runner at first checkers down eight to two in the fifth. Central Arkansas that soccer's next nonconference opponent committee here on Tuesday postponed. It's game with. Tennessee Martin. To date in Conway Arkansas. The only line right at the second baseman for the out Vickers and his best swing of the game that lined it right at the second baseman. To end the inning so we've probably seen the last of the goalies pastor hundred pitches. But he goes I have bad after five. It is UConn eight Wichita State to. He's year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the supply units during their clearance sale. They won't quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. 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The doubleheader Wichita State trailing you on eight to two as the Huskies trying to go for the sweep here today when it first game. Seven deport Tyler Davis has pitched an inning and two thirds in relief of alienating. Back out to start the sixth. Gave up a home run into the first Mandy face and that a single for the Stennis that'll instance in one run on three hits one walk to strike outs. Through an inning and two thirds the president right hander. Bit of activity in the shocker bullpen starting up. Suckers just trying to. Stay as close as they can right now and see if they could get something going against UConn bullpen and we'll see somebody do. In the bottom of the sixth Mason pioli had a 110 pitches through five innings. As he felt steam leads it off in the sixth two for two. With two extra base knocks along double left center that drove that are on in the first. Two run homer to straightaway center in the fourth in between was hit by pitch takes a strike from Davis. Tyler has not faced him yet it was his home run that brought Tyler Davis and the ball game in the fourth. 01. It's strike breaking ball cut over the heart of the plate no balls two strikes. Felt Steve has homered in both games today is now three for seven in the double hitter and has ten home runs on the season. Right handed hitter who hits with power and strike satellite. 02. Chest low fairly low one ball and two strikes. Feldstein said Phillips and took Troy Stefanski. For you cannot hear in the sixth. There is little bit of milling around some activity in the console then people stretching but nobody really throw and yet the bouncer down the third baseline ends up foul. Stay at a ball in two strikes. Guess it's not out of the realm of possibility that the only would go back out that. For the six. 110 pitches through five and hasn't been easy hundred tea. It's like to avoid using their bullpen any more than they have to in his second game they've. Used quite a few guys quite a bit in Wednesday's game and then in the first game today. The good day ever asked tomorrow if they can hold and not until Sunday. 12 again swing it and yes he got it slowing. Slider down. And Davis got the last man in the fifth on strikes strikes out don't speak the leadoff man in the sixth. Three strikeouts now for Taylor and two full innings. One out to set Phillips. Phillips greeted Tyler Davis on his entry into the game. With a home run to straightaway center almost the same spot where Goldstein had just hit one. First pitch through it. Hi fly ball to center this that's pretty well hit to win Kerry gets on the tennis is there on the warning track to make the catch for the second out. At Philips two for four in this one after being the only UConn started to go hitless in the first game to up to them. Shocker pitchers have still not had a 123 inning in this game. Chance to maybe get one here is Troy Stefanski comes up. Stefanski one for three singled up Tyler Davis in the fourth he also supplied the left of lined to center. Three hits in seven times up in today's doubleheader. Two out nobody on in the Yukon sixth. A fastball at the knees for a called strike one. It's a right hander. Sarah to actually throw a little bit now on the UConn bullpen got up on the mound yet. 01. Off the outside edge one ball one strike. Stefanski came it is game hitting 306. Having a very good senior year after being strictly role player. Former walk on swing at a mess they've looked ahead of that one. He chased one down one ball and two strikes. Tyler Davis has settled in making a lot more good pitches that he was earlier race when he first entered the scene. Stefanski standing outside the box frivolity and a whole one and two. Two out bases empty in the sixth for the Huskies. The pitch. Big high shot left side bones charging across the body got a good play by the third baseman. He really had to come hard on a big high chopped it only got about halfway down the third baseline but a good 123 inning. Rick Tyler Davis is given the soccer's really a solid two and two thirds out of the bowl bid. Got to find a way to score some runs they're down eight to two on the bottom of the city. Is. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for a plan. One company is on a mission to put a million people to work each year sounds like the big number doesn't tend not to express employment professionals. Helped to engineer or ninety developer. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never church where he defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission. Each year plus how we open. Go to expressed first dot com to find a location near you. Mrs. Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhancement. Pitches through five innings logo back out to start the bottom of the sixth. I'm sure you not hoping they could get a quick inning Friday may be ten or twelve pitches. Goes beyond that I would think that doesn't depend they're gonna have. The righthander ready down there at any point this Trevor Holmes has been warming up a little bit should be ready to go. The only will face Paxton Wallace leading get off of Paxson fouls one back on a big grip for strike one. Lawless they went blown. Misplayed fly ball triple. Back in the second and then a ground ball to short in the fourth hit the ball better on the ground ball to short these one for two other obscure. THE in this one against the lefthander. O line a little roller to first fielded by Michael Vick play an assistant wanna. Wallace tried to adjust to an off speed breaking ball and stay back on it ended up getting a little weak grounder through the first basement. That's what you can't is looking for quick out there on just two pitches. Better date a guy who has popped to short struck out looking. Both times he's run the cast deep to add to the first time three into the second time. First pitch from the only fastball. Down low for a strike that are on the needs. It pointed out 146. In today's doubleheader started this game hitting 261. 01. Swing and a miss off speed stuff cavity and known to. The only impressive young lefthander. Wild that great stuff vote to. I'm an outside wanted to. Packers trying to get something going in the six down eight to two. One to hide outside two and two. Did. That even on account. Waits to pitch here it comes. Strike three call fastball right down the middle may be just about today's date immediately let it go. Second time he's been down looking two outs in the inning seven strikeouts for pioli. The batter Josh to backers who has struck out. And reached on an error by the third baseman he hit a bouncer. Two would Werth to third his last time of the Wentworth charging it. Through high at first bulletin first baseman on the bag that's been the only error by their team in the game with a shocker spanning the six. The only looking for a beginning is close he has two outs. On seven pitches. Becker takes a strike up in the zone. He can get it back here quickly he's gonna have six innings in both up around a 120. And they can go to Japan. Leading at least eight to two in his seventh time called. The only question and he thought he was into his motion before the time got called the plate umpire Bret throwing to and said no he got it. The backers stepped out that he had. 01. And it's in for a strike go into all of a sudden it's the only. He needs to have a quick getting. It's throwing strikes like he has and all day. Those two to the backers. And the other two delivered struck him out swinging on a high fastball so the only. Giving you kind exactly what it was hoping for from him. As he throws a 12 and 310 pitch sixth inning I would think he's done for sure now six innings. 120 pitches that you kindly sit eight to two after six. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors helped organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy bypass challenges and hit home run go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile Ellis first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Grade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Well I think it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile to our delta dental. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. I just let them enjoy the weekend mornings at nine right here on. Top of the seventh inning Saturday there's Baghdad for another. At least possible inning of work you'll certainly get an inning and if he's effective shocker trailing eight to two. Last scoring was a three run fourth by youth gun. The Christians that go then Chris winkle of Michael would worth the bottom three in the order for UConn here in the seventh. It runs eleven hits one error for you cut to three you know from Wichita State fastball low and away for ball one. UConn won the first game seven to force in position to sweep the shoppers. Shoppers could lose two games at home in one day where they've only lost two in eighteen previous games all year. Swing and a miss on a fastball away it's 11 shocker sixteen and two at home before today's doubleheader. They also. Hit a late home run in the first game today by Lew Ritter that's only the third time in 23 games this year they've they've hit a home run and lost to him. 11 gloat too balls and one strike Medco a single. A one hop liner to the second baseman lawyers threw him out and a strikeout one for three in the ballgame. 247. In today's doubleheader. Getting to 68 for the year try to check his swing and bounced to foul up plate. It's two and two. They go freshman second baseman. For him give Sony a Pennsylvania. Man in the seventh davis' retired the last four in a row. First 123 inning of the game in the sixth edition. To. Popped out shallow center. Infielders out jettisoning it and it's Vickers a shortstop but he can't hang onto that you got there just picks it up their rhetoric to second base. That's a ball that generous to probably should have called Vickers off even though Vickers was College Board. And we've talked about this many times during his career he goes out on pop ups about as well as anybody you're ever SC. But the wind was pushing now went away from him toward right center. Eddy didn't quite get to a. So that's gonna go is that doubled for fed go. That's the ball should have been caught. Now UConn threatening to add to their eight to two lead with a runner at second nobody out. Chris winkle the first baseman won for two with a double and walk. Stripped by Tyler Davis. And the first pitch is low for ball one. That's an unfortunate break for Tyler Davis because he settled in and pitched pretty well since the first couple of hitters he faced. That's all it should have been out and now easily could end up being a run charged to him. Second base nobody out. Guano. Pop up shallow center again Grayson Janice to Canadian Vickers out. Get a stick calls it ought to Simon and drops the ball roll out there in center field Vickers who play it back yet. And that's pretty much got it goes an error he had become a long way but he was there called that ad was underneath that he wasn't reaching forty was underneath it. At his glove extended read up around his left shoulder. And it just dropped off his glove it and we'll be an error. So first and third nobody out. First error of the game charge to Wichita State. That they're just piling dirt on top themselves right now already down eight to Michael would worth one for three in the book game. Thrown out of a really good plot but boy here at second is less time up on a bouncer up the middle. It was his pitch to him. It's outside for Poland. Even though they're down eight to two in the seventh the sockets are gonna stay at double play depth up the middle though. Take a couple of outs and give up around. It is from the scratch. One out. At balls hammered it deep left center field it's gonna plug the gap that bouncer defense. One run is in easily rather man being waved around third and sending harmony should be out by a mile to throw is there he is out at the plate. Good relay. From Jordan boy here who's got to the second relate men out there in shallow left field it's a double from Michael would worth. The runner that goes scored from third. And then winkle trying to come all the way around it took a very aggressive gamble on sending him and he is at a place that it's now late 92 game. A runner at second with one out. RBI double for Michael would Werth is now two for four in the game but that ball was really cranked into the left center field gap. One run in in the inning and it's an earned run charged Davis and again that was on me. So called double should've been cottage Ellison or field. Should be to not a runner at second and nobody had instead one out a runner at second run home the better John hope blow for three with a walk. Six outside for ball one. Nine to two Huskies nine runs thirteen hits now for UConn. It is steps author ever for a moment looks back in. Allen Davis at the belt and the pitch. Now back to the screen for strike one. On top but 148. In today's doubleheader. Season average has slipped to 76. Walked his last time not that was thrown out stealing he has struck out looking slider right lined to left in this for. 11. Diop George short runners gonna go to third he'll make it there is Vickers fires to first standard bounces away from the backer of the runners safe. Tough play slowly hit ball fast runner Vickers made it did play and got to throw there at times it'll bit of a short hop. And attacker could dig it out in the runners safe. First and third still only one out. Again that's a tough play but. That's one that. If you get a win close games should be. Should be handled those two. Two balls that have fallen in this setting for are gone for kids. That probably should have been out. Infield single for October. Anderson pitch outside for ball one Anthony Corrado. First and third one out one run already in here in the inning it's nine to two UConn. Prada two for three and hit by a pitch. Davis' Pitt should strike on the inside corner one and one. Nine runs fourteen hits for the Huskies checkers at. Turned a couple of potential outs into hits here in the seventh. 11. Low around one came up looking to throw that nobody moving to balls one strike. Give the shocker sixteen and two at home on the year but to go forward to on the day. Tyler Davis to the plate. Shrek two on the outside corner good fastball on the X two balls two strikes product. Rioters throwing in the shocker bullpen. No game tomorrow game three of the series Sunday at 1 o'clock. Davis is pitch struck him out. Got a fastball up and in kinda tied up grotto and he strikes out swinging for the second out. Two down too soon see. One fortunate thing for touted Davis is if anybody else scores and inning it's all going to be on earth that should be the third out. Brings that sex is seen who is one for three in this one little walk. Two outs two on UConn leading nine to two. They were run home here in the seventh first run for either team since the fourth. Strike on the outside corner to Steussie. Having now recorded two outs here in the inning Tyler Davis has gone three and a third in this well that's a new career longest outing for him he went three. Last Friday against Tulane. Stretch further right hander. No one. And it looked closely just missed inside one ball one strike. We started the doubleheader in eighty degree weather. Now low fifties. Front moving in from the north west. It's gonna get cold tomorrow. Off speed pitch down and away two balls and a stress. Cold temperatures and strong north wind forecast for tomorrow that's why. Decided to move it up to a doubleheader today skip tomorrow play Sunday. 21. And and ticked off to catcher's glove that might have gotten plate umpire Brett Brington he has been over that one caught it. Like up in the shoulder maybe. Three balls and one strike. The long day for everybody. Particularly for the shoppers and their fans good crowd earlier but not many of hung around that soccer's. Down nine to two of the litigating colder here in the seventh inning. Three balls one strike. Davis' pitch. Now tipped and its three and two. Actually see the sixth man to bad here in the inning for UConn. He has 248. In today's doubleheader. Started today as UConn leading hitter on the year at 324. He's 318. At the moment. Three balls two strikes. Alec Davis trying to finish this at an off. And his pitch. It on the ground to second one hop to Boyer over to first for the out that'll do it. And Tyler Davis with a nice job should have been out of the inning without any runs story does give up one run. On three hits there was one error that helped prolong the inning and have been left on base after six and a half UConn zionists doctors to. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner who injured when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learning they're trying something new can be exciting and power and downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. Chevrolet. Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales security suite fourteen through 27 to. Twin peaks is the ultimate sports slug you've been searching -- welcome to your local source for sports shown on every angle on wall to wall TVs and on most scenic views in the market everything on this fan favorite menu is made from scratch pared the news spicy Nashville hot chicken sandwich with a local twin peaks which its own room service at a teeth chattering 29 degrees by a beautiful twin peaks girl gin up here instead 20% rock west at rates intact. Twin peaks eats drinks scenic views its. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM. Again if you go to the bottom of the seventh inning with the Huskies leading nine to two Trevor Holmes right hander. From Ashland Massachusetts takes over homes if you're seniors six to 230 pounder. He is making an appearance number eight on the year he's pitched nine and a third innings giving up seven hits and eight runs five earned. ERA a four point 824 walks eight strikeouts in those nine the third innings. And a record of Poland want. He succeeds Mason pioli who went six throwing a 120 pitches he was wild at times. It to a lot of long counts. But whether it to throw six innings in which he only gave up two runs on three hits walked two struck out eight. Get a better and mixed in three wild pitches. It is team a solid start through six innings leaves in the seven run lead to turn it over to the pulpit. Doctors got their two runs in their first two at bats one of the first one in the second after giving up five in the first. And you can't has added some additional runs on since mid game they're up nine to two here in the seventh Jordan Boyer. Luke Ridder Grayson Genesis scheduled up to the shocker to home's first pitch deploy your lined over the shortstop and in the left field for a base hit. It's a lawyer sitting first pitch fastball got one and lined it in the left for his first hit of the game 245. In the double headers he walked once earlier this game is the fourth hit through Wichita State. Gotta start somewhere suckers down seven. And we're gonna get a pinch hitter. For Luke Ridder. Little bit of a surprise. In that Ritter has been hustling and as well as anybody is single hit but he had struck out looking in his last time up. He's been hit a couple of times in this month and that they'd either read them they. He had little Sorenson Jacob cats sleep is going to pinch hit. For Ridder probably will take over the left field as well the first pitch to him fouled straight back. Katz is head 35 at bats with ten hits 286. A couple of doubles mixed in there with three runs batted it. Left handed hitting sophomore from Lee's summit Missouri. Better at first nobody out. It's two cats feed bounce bounced away from the catcher but not far enough for any advancement but boy your first no reason to risk it down seven. One ball one strike two cats these are Ritter. In one for two in this game two for five in today's doubleheader. And we'll carry a seven game hitting streak in descending. Holmes set to pitch and catch he swings and misses. Rig count to one and two. Nine to two Huskies they've added the checkers fourteen to four in this one. Jacob cats these last at bat last Sunday against Tulane at over one. The pitch strike him out chase one down and away. And out on strikes for the first out in the seventh. Nine strikeouts now for UConn in the game. Is that race and get a step he has walked struck out now that the third baseman. Facing the starting left hander base in Theo it sure he's glad to see a right hander there. Packers have a seven run deficit to make up of their last three at bats need to get started. First pitch to Jen Aniston is low for ball one. Grayson two for four in the first game. And two hits at Oklahoma State on Tuesday. 10. Way and it sort of mystery changeup for ball one strike. That's greedy self into the ground on that had a big cut to the pits it had even gotten area. Under its first one out. One blond bounce that went in there and outside two balls and one strike. Right hander throwing the shocker bullpen picture that. Tyler Davis is done after a career longest three and two thirds innings. Really pitched pretty well should have only given up have been charged with one earned run got to. Because of the double should have been caught two Lonnie swings and misses that one. Just didn't see that very well leader pulled off of it it was down and away. There's two and two degree suggested. It concentrated really stand on this one. And up the middle of the way they've put the shift on now really swung around the right side against the two. Just blow to host close three balls and two strikes. Noise you heard this from the UConn dug out thinking they had strike three there. Three balls two strikes to Grayson Janice rhetoric first one out to soccer's trailing by seven in the bottom of the seventh. And the 32 struck him out of our speed breaking ball down and ended. I was just not a good at bat for Jenner state just never looked comfortable that look like he saw the ball at all. That two swinging strikeouts after a leadoff single by Boyer. And brings that Alec bone. Trevor hall coming into tonight eight strikeouts in nine of the third previous settings and does have a pretty good strikeout total of the year. Alex bald one for three in this what it's grounded third lined a single left flied to center. Ticks down and away from bowl on. A couple of hits in the first game has three singles in seven trips today at the doubleheader. All three hits it it really solid. Line one the left line rather one to right center in the first in line one to left at this. That was way inside to know. Slipping this double header would be a huge boost for UConn which came in here with an RPI of 21 to start with. Soccer's it the end. And the pitch. That's the way from the catcher back to the next. Lawyer down to second base with two. Wild pitch by Holmes the fourth of the game by UConn pitching. Counts three and oh now it well. Seventh inning. Is actually still time even though it's rare to come back this late from this big a deficit there is still time she Packers could. Find a way to get a couple or so here in this that it. It's to Alec little bit low and away for ball four. So with two out walk first and second was too damn. Better try outline its path to get a hold one. 95 looks little more doable F percent. That are over to this one with a walk. One for four in the first game. Dick sauber 127 runs batted in on the year that place to hit one. Now is just the opposite field to right that's where the winds blowing actually even drifting toward the corner a little bit out of the northwest. Gutter does have at least one opposite field home run under these kind of conditions that I can recall this year. Homes from the belt to pitch. And a little bit low for ball one. Trevor Holmes has given up two home runs in his previous night and a third. Here's the stretch the 10. Fastball for strike at the knees on the inside corner one ball one strike. UConn won the first game today seven before writing a five run sixth inning to that victory. 11. Breaking ball up just a little bit to miss by much two balls and one strike. It discipline they used another five running right off the bat this time five runs in the first off Lian Eddie. And they've stayed in front all the way to shoppers cut it to 52 after two. And haven't scored since. 21. That's ball low three balls and strike. Trout line reaches trade Vickers on dec two out two on in the shocker seventh. First inning of work for Trevor Holmes at the Kumble then. In the stretch. Want to try outline. Driven toward left center field it's gonna plug and roll all the way to the track one Odyssey and you're kind of bomb around third of the way comparable store without apply it to standup double for Trout line. And it's now 89 before ball game. So as I said he comes through a sentence that starts to make it look a little more doable. Big two out double like utter Trout line he now has 29 runs batted in on the year. They die before ballgame now and other base hit. Start to make it look interstate. Always smoke into the gap in left center. A couple of hits off homes here in the inning. Just five in the game for Wichita State. Trey bickers over three. Takes a strike down and away. Trading at his first really good swing and game his last time out that lined it right at the second baseman. For the final out in the fifth he has grounded to first struck out prior to that. Went one for three in the first game. Milan. I drive to center pretty well hit center fielder back on an ad makes the catch over the shoulder for the third. Vickers drove want to straightaway center run by had to run down by Stefanski to edit the attackers did get two runs on two hits in the seventh. We'll go to the aids now trailing nine before. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for a planned to rush. You know every day we are treated and shoot eight immediately diet better store some nutrients for your new information die it's. All I think it's over for content of the ring Obama. Controls going to be MP Jack the Democrats were in the mid terms and even if the Democrats don't win and in terms I'm gonna be impatient trumped Hillary ran effectiveness. And drop this proves that he left and until you pass a basic summary of what's the nose in my neck. Thirteen there. An SS. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Brad would beat John Green return punts does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas this. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as it. Got to the top of the eighth that the factors that trailing behind the or acting up after picking up to the seventh Jacob cats they. Pitch hit and added that from Lew Ritter he stays in the game at first base. And the first baseman Josh to factor moves to left field to take readers but in the defense and a new pitcher for the show doctors. Is Preston minor. Freshman redshirt freshman righthander Frisco Texas. And he will be making his eighth appearance of the year but his first in about three weeks last time he pitched. Was in the fervent series on Friday it's the third of an inning gave up one hit no runs one walk. And one strike yet those of space necessary Oral Roberts Nebraska Omaha. That these state. Total of those seven appearances of four innings six hits three runs with three walks and five strikeouts in the RA. Six point seven. Five with Alex Siegel. And Connor long woods off the roster this weekend because of little nagging injuries. My here getting added to the roster so. It's an opportunity to pitch in conference play for the first time as he faces UConn here in the eighth to be right in the middle of the order Isaak felt steam. That Phillips Troy Stefanski. 45 and six. You've got nine runs on fourteen hits shocker four runs on five hits in the eighth. Felt steam to for three with a double and homer in this one also homered in the first game's first pitch to him is low for ball one. Mr. miner. Kind of drops down from the side. Third pitcher of the game Tyler Davis gave soccer's three and two thirds out of the bullpen in this. Tried to check his swing at a breaking ball they say did not go around held up just in time to know. Which broke off the outside corner. Two balls no strikes. Here's the stretch. And it laws driven the left. Right there is Josh to backers to make the catch almost didn't get quite deep enough. Cut to his left did reach up above his head the halls and in the first. He got tested right away in his new position after moving up their first base. Brings up that Phillips who was over three in the first game. And struck out a couple of times come back with a single and a home run in four trips in this. Homered to straightaway center and worth. Miners first pitched in Canada swing and a miss for strike want to. Monitored doesn't throw real hard mid eighties fastball at the hardest. He relies on location deception a little bit. 01 swing and a foul tip into the catcher's glove no balls two strikes. Phillips 247. In today's doubleheader hitting 317. For the year. First year UConn out of all loan junior college in California. Balls two strikes the pit should they strike you out possibly breaking ball. Kept it down and their two out in the NN. This extract gas for Shaq you're pitching in this game. And the better beat Troy Stefanski the center fielder one for four in this with a single in the fourth. Two for four in the first game. Hitting 304 as he stands in. Left handed hitter with good speed. Minor league. First pitch fastball down the middle for a strike. Strikers in the eighth. We'll have lawless do down the backer due up as they try to continue it come back they got two in the seventh still trail mine before. Mr. miner was the 01. Fastball low and just missed. One ball one strike to Stefanski. Hyder working from the stretch as the sign consent. And the 11. Myers' fastball just a little bit low against two pretty good lives in a row that just missed load two balls and one strike. Stefanski is senior from north stoning in Connecticut 611 night he. Having by far the best season of his four year career UConn. 21. Our speed pitch just missed low. Monitor keep the the ball down well there's just. Below the strike zone three times in a row three balls one strike. Right hander has the signing comes set. 31. Do you call fastball on the inside corner. To pitch righted in on main street to. Fly ball a strike gets its first two outs in the inning. 32 now on Troy Stefanski. Miners set. And deals. Ground ball right to the shortstop big clean hop for Vickers over the first 123 inning. Four press to monitor well done Preston may go to the bottom of the eighth. Still line before you cut. Wanna have a little fun whatsoever jittery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and pressure them one by one. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just what you'd expect from the best fields in the industry seizures over a bobcat dot com slash advantage results can check them out a version of whites or machinery in Wichita Topeka Manhattan Garden City your souls when it's our machinery you're authorized bobcats dealer wow. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with delta dental. Jason hey join us for become reality radio week nights. I'm OK okay. Hot as he goes to the bottom of the eighth inning. Wichita State trailing. By a score of nine before. Yeah first it will make his eleventh appearance of the year and second of the day Kirsten pitched two thirds of an inning. In the first game. Gave up two runs on three hits. And struck out one this will be his eleventh appearance. In 31 and a third previous settings and ERA now of four point 02 he's made three starts. And this will be years eight appearance in relief. There's students walked thirteen in 31 in the third and struck out twelve. He's allowed 35 base hits in 31 in the third. Kirsten 641 night junior right hander from people California transfer from Sierra college. So basically shocker for the second time today got roughed up a little bit the first game. 28 period this went on into the night for the with a comfortable lead it's nine before you come to soccer's did get to back in the seventh. Paxton Wallace there to lead off the eighth one for three in this book game. First pitch to the freshman and he takes a strike. Lawless a fly ball to shallow right that was misplayed into a triple in the second inning since that he has grounded to short grounded to first. Poland swings it one that bounces and snow balls and two strikes. Texans both for one in the first game. At the moment hang it right around the 330 marquis is thirteen for forty. On the year. Leading off the gates hackers they base runners they're down by five. So similar to the situation they were in twos united Stillwater. My friends down going to the eighth. That was his way outside bounce pass to capture one ball in two strikes. If Kirsten two thirds of an inning. In the first game today. Threw twenty pitches. Pitched in Wednesday's game against Bryant atlas fouled back over the screen. Pitched two innings 38 pitches in the that would. In the pitch count starting to mount a little bit. Wallace trying to get something started battling 12. Swing and a miss he struck you about it a breaking laws. One out in the eighth for the checkers. It's eleven strikeouts in this room for that you can't pitchers eight by the starter Mason pioli in six innings. And the better Dayton did it's been a victim to those strikeouts and so for three in the book it struck out looking in the fourth and get in the sixth. Popped to short is first I'm not he was one for four in the first game. Except when just a little bit inside breaking ball that didn't quite get back on the inserted moved him back slightly. One ball no strikes. One driven into right field for a base hit solid line drive he drops in front of the right fielders Dayton did in each game. Has single on his fourth and then her first one out. That it will be Josh defector. There'd be game at first now playing in left field. Packers trying to find some magic in the late innings again. Nine before the eight. Backer over three of us wanted to struck out twice the first chance to face someone other than they. Starting left hander Mason the only. First pitch to a little bit low and inside for ball one. Josh was one for three in the first game. And swinging it well over the last week or so. Kirsten 10. Hit hard right toward the second base and the second one there back to first started time there gets past the first baseman but. The backstop and backer will hang on it forces do got second and are now two down in the inning. Fielder's choice were just a backer that brings up Jordan Boyer. Oppose it just enough to the second baseman left that you had to. A few steps to his left and turned back to make at least throw to second base that slowed the plate down just a little bit. Gerard Boyer with a solid single to left to lead off the seventh inning and stories once for two that this would low walk. The breaking ball for a strike. To not want on the suckers down at their last four outs trailing nine to four in the eight. Is stretched by Kirsten. And his pitch. Fouled off the handle inside out swing sprayed it down the first baseline so it too. Packers were the only six hits in this game. They had ten in the first thing matched you got it hits in the first game. Tintin but we're outscored seven before. In the stretch to pitch way high with that fastball one and two notable lawyers. Okay. One out single in the inning by date due but he was forced at second set two one on. We are trying to reignite things a little bit the pitch. Checked off a breaking ball the turf he didn't go as they appeal it to first base and student two. Started to go held at that time that one ended up being blocked by the catcher. To the other action. In the American winding down. Chop to the right side of the infield pitcher runs after it feels it goes to first himself that he got that got by him. But have been almost like a swinging push button. But Kirsten came off the map they are running grab of that bounce and ran to first base unassisted. Do you think he shot the innings of soccer's no runs on one hit in the eighth we go to the ninth with UConn leading it kind of war. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Hi this Don banks were backs associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team is seen challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge so give us a call at 6520101. Paction associates time well spent money well invested. Security investment advisory services offered to receive point financial ES PF member fender SIPC SP if the separately owned an energies indoor marking names products services referenced here are independent of us via faster associates when he won a free of course to play in Wichita Kansas six and 206 go 316620101. Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center to endanger or an end over west Sawyer. This is seen intense join us more things right here on K. And as fast. Yeah today 123 eighths at the Baghdad for the night to wrap things up for this doctors. Their hopes that dimmed the littlest they didn't get any thing at the bottom of the gates there's still trail by 59 before. Into the ninth. And it will take some kind of last ditch rally to pull this matter or counts gonna commute here's sweetness doubleheader. Leading off for the Huskies Christian Medco the second baseman two for four in this ball game 348. In the doubleheader. Minor side armed delivery slap how long the third baseline for strike one head coach Chris winkle. Michael would words do up for the Huskies in the night. There in their fifth time through the order. If collected fourteen hits in this one. Five in the first they've been in command ever since. Liners 01 way outside breaking ball one ball one strike. Other finals in now the American UCF defeated Cincinnati five to four that improves. Central Florida to five and five Cincinnati now six and four Italy. Houston looking to go to seven and three leading to lane fourteen to six in the bottom of the seventh. In New Orleans there's a strike call on the outside corner it's one and two. Ended in Greeneville ECU. Ranged USF fifteen to two. EC you know five and two in the conference USF falls to five and five. That this lusting nonconference game to Baylor 128. Went outside to add to defend code. TCU in Kansas able to finish first game over. They played earlier today that scheduled TCU won that afforded to after weathering a delay in the sixth inning. 22 pitch fouled back stays too good to Oklahoma State. Goes to West Virginia and win seven to four Oklahoma State. We now eight and two in the big twelve their 1912. And one overall. They were forty in the RPI going into that one West Virginia 23 in the RPIs that would certainly helps the chapters you need some help. As clear. On the way to possibly losing two here tonight. Tutu to fit go way inside this time three balls two strikes. They just feeding. Creighton 62 Nebraska Iowa splitting double header that'll help the shocker little also Iowa's 34 in the RPI. What the first one from Nebraska seven to one that the Huskers won the second ten to four. Morehead State beat SAU Edwards bill 25 to three Florida over Missouri three to one firm and beat Wofford for three. Later ready 32. Almost hitting straight streak off. He spun out of the way like it almost hit humanities rung up by Britain relented on the inside corner for strike threes have two strikeouts offers for many states for Preston minor. And the better knack Chris winkle left handed hitting first baseman. Winkle is one for three in this game he has doubled walked flied to center and reached on an error drop fly ball by justice center. Preston minor ready to work first pitch to winkle strike call on the outside corner got the call even though. Got wind dropped that one. With John to hope that getting an infield single in the seventh inning. Everybody in the Yukon lineup hasn't hit in this one. Although one starter had a hit in the first game of the balls driven in the gap in right center Dennis to chasing it to detract winkle around first headed for second. And you know cruiser there is standing up with a double. So Chris winkle. With two hits in this 13 doubles. In today's doubleheader and he's at second base with one out that's the first base rent or given up by Preston minor. It is also fifteen hits now for UConn. It. Michael would worth to reform the IR BI double his last time. One for four in the first game. Michael would worth. 247. On the year but that has really been climbing lately. 348. In this doubleheader he's now thirteen for 32. In the last ten games rhetoric artistry our second picked up Gotti. Wrinkles taken some big liberties off second base and monitored estate districts that dust cloud around and threw him out. So winkle picked off at second base. Not a big deal with a nine to four lead with two out nobody on down the ninth. So count yet to Michael Woodward's. Is the stretch but not her first pitch to Woodward's insights for all along we will only remember that play. It's just you're somehow find a way to get tied up. Nine before in the ninth. That's potential run would only be big shocker to mount an incredible comeback here. There's a good strike over the middle and it clinching a little bit of that side armed delivery one bullet strike. Preston Myer limited opportunities this year that scoreless eighth Turkey's ERA from six point 75 to five point 40 as a chance for others were listening here in the ninth. 11. Popped up right side just the back of the end feel Boyer calling off the first baseman and makes the catch in foul territory for the third out. So Preston minor Cairns in two scoreless innings out of the shocker bullpen. No runs on one hit in the ninth for UConn we go to the bottom of the night last chance for the shock hazard down nine before. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which -- would you tell your new home for shocker coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. That's the sounds of birds tweeting tells us strangers in the air. From the sound no bus tweeting means news. Is on the air. Breaking news we're following now president drama following us means she'll get up to this second breaking news alerts as it's the end. And take off like a rocket ship moving very quickly keeping you wings touched me in June and informed on the just click on the link yeah. Kate and SS radio dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel Georgia story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KMS. Back out there every time we go to the bottom of the ninth bullet through an inning in the first game. Comes back for. What they hope will dispute with getting here in the bottom of the ninth. This would be here's eighteenth appearance. In thirty games this season. Three and 29 saves. Gave up an unearned run in the first game. Got dizzy IRA to four point 63. Or 23 in the third innings and managed in the first game he has really been. Kind of up and down he's had some really rough outings along the way the three and two at nine saves he has contributed. Those 212 but there eighteen victories. It spinning in the first game is one of those guys that seems capable of thrown about every day. And could be back after the second time today. Threw seventy pitches. That inning through the first game. Who have. Pitched a scoreless inning and a third against Ryan on Wednesday as well appeared all three games last weekend against UCF. You'll be facing. A pinch hitter here as. No croft. Will hit for Jacob cat's feet lead off the ninth cats he was over one with a strikeout in the seventh. Replaced Luke Ritter who was one for two that came out to get. Is beat up a little bit couple pitches it's his team in this game first pitch to crop to called strike. Nor reached on an error as a pinch hitter in the first game today. These students one on admits he's in the hole and two. This is no across fourteenth. Appearance hitting 303 on ten for 33. Little left hander back to work. And misses outside ball to strikes. Who have struck out one didn't walk anybody in the first game sixteen walks 28 strikeouts in 23 and a third so high totals of both columns. 12. Inside the festival two balls two strikes fastballs. Upper eighties from Melissa I touched 91 wants in the first game. He's got that occasionally to reach back for. Checkers down five in the night. Do. Little flare over the second biggest can't quite get it drops it to right center for a base hit good effort by fed cut going now Reese was spreading out. Looking up over his shoulder trying to get to a but it falls in relief not singles for no outcrop. Can't get five if you don't get the first woods doctors get the lead up they have done. The better Grayson canister over three wood to strike out of this what. Left on left matchup for fluent in. Recent was two for four in the first game with two really solid hits that. Struggled this one hasn't really hit it solidly hit ball yet. It students. Outside for ball one. Drop back below 300 that is so for three started to slip to 97. Six homers twenty runs batted in. Long hold to stretch the one. And it's over for a strike at today's one and one. Alec bomb on deck for the checkers. Down nine to four in the bottom of the night cross hit was their seventh hit the ball game. 11. And he chased another off speed pitch and deter of his last two times he said some swings. And dusty speed stuff to just weren't even close. That wasn't even a strike one ball two strikes Grayson. Trying to. This pick up the ball here it's not seal that off speed stuff very well. One ball two strikes. And along doubled in the stretch. Nightly the pitch fastball down and away tune to. You would think. He's going to be likely to come back with the off speed stuff Beers basis just really struggled his last couple times. That. Better at first nobody out 22 count to the hitter. Let's pitch. Missed outside three and two. He would do Janice did a shocker is a real favorite here but walking Aziz. Struggling at the moment. So hackers would need a run in the the bases loaded to get tying run to play. 32. Strike three call. Fastball down the middle pianist apparently thought it was low but it was right over the middle of the place it must have been down a little. There's the first ad in the ninth. Ruling gets his strikeout. That's way old. For UConn pitching in this game better Alex well one for three with a walk. Doctors high for strikeouts and games fourteen. In nine innings against Oral Roberts. Twelve so far tonight. Alec bomb stands in. Takes a fastball inside for ball one. Now it all one for three in this 1347. In this double header. Back in the bucks for a moment. He sets himself one ball no strikes. Let's pitch. Fastball. We've been back a little catches the inside corner at one at one. Who and getting Janice did the next several hitters now are right handed hitters bomb dropped on Vickers Wallace do. If they get that far of course. 11. Low and away two balls and strike. That there is some potential still is steady diet of right handed hitters coming up against the lefthander. Only one out so far that I attackers trailing nine to four with a runner at first. It do balls one strike PGA coolant cents. Here's his pitch foam thousands to the right out of play tuned to. That. Long day it more ways than one for the suckers. It is still Friday the thirteenth. Had a stat started the second game coming into today's doubleheader the shocker as were eleven and three all time on Fridays the thirteenth. It hasn't been very lucky for them today. Two to the bone they chop to short. Charging. Rondo flipped to second for the force to out of the inning. On reaches on the fielder's choice across forced at second. Checkers are down to their last two in the night. Better better Trout line. In the shocker a little bit of a boost in the seventh with a two run double in the left center field gap he's one for three in this book in 247. In today's doubleheader. That are has now hit safely in five straight up. The reader in seventh straight. Bomb has hit in the seventh straight. Fastball for a called strike. Trade Vickers extended his hitting streak to seven through the first game but his hope for for this one so he needs. Trout wanted to get on to get one more chance at extending his current hitting streak. 01 to getter Trout line. Let's pitch way he would sign almost hitting one ball one strike. Leadoff single by no props here tonight with a strikeout by pianist and a force play grounder by a bomb. And the shoppers down to their last out. That are Trout lines coming it is game at 330. 11. High and outside two balls that a strike gutter with. To release an at double in the seventh now at 29 runs batted in Alec the only shocker with 35. Trout Juan came into the double header. Hitting 421. In his last eleven games. 21. Now Stewart's second should the ball game flip dissect for the forceful good. Soccer's go quietly in the night to lead off single that that was it no runs one. And one man leapt. UConn beats to shocker it's by a score of nine before sweeps this doubleheader they have already claimed the series Shaq will have to try to salvage one. On Sunday. Get the final score nine to four or stay tuned for the post game show. These year old dishwasher struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into the deployments during their clearance sale. Stay low quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your final decision easy. 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Shoppers force is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Here are great Americans join me. Our second post game show of the day it's been a long day for the doctors they end up on the short end twice seven to four of the first game nine to war. In this one and this one was kind of over early you've gone jumping on Lian caddie for five runs on six hits in the first inning. So five nothing start to shocker Scott back in the first one in the second. And it looked like errors relatively wildest Mason the only was early chapters might continue to. Get a couple more at least got about lest it get him out of there but maybe five innings four or five innings and have a chance to get back against the bullpen. That that you can't added three more in the fourth of that was kind of the killer was eight to two the only got through sixty through a 120 pitches. They've got through six innings. Giving up two runs on three hits. And his backers just unable to make any real noise Leahy did get a couple of runs in the seventh to cut it to nine before Britain really never threatened. It negates that night and go quietly into the night so it's a big turnaround for the shot records after. But come back we get it gets too late last week after lose the opener they come from behind win and Oklahoma State on Tuesday night appeared to have. No such thing as momentum really and baseball is certainly some positive flow coming into the weekend. Another gonna have to scramble to pull out one game in this series attackers who were sixteen and two at home on the year. Losing twice in one day at home. As UConn wins this second game nine before you sweep the double header that's our game recap rescue but they'll let me get Cummings. Cummings of Cummings this year criminal defense a DUI offerman which give them a call it 645048. Or visit no Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law. Where you're needs always come first we'll be back to close things out on the post game show. Yet felt pretty good put to save about seven bucks at the big flat tires or did yet but then getting that service that feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by a factor train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you had your car and a good move. Online campus land tired dot com campus my entire here out of bear Ernie prepared big guys here. 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While there are improving lives saving lives and restoring flyers Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment. Compassion. Community. What is this. She's a little babies lying dead. Next to their mothers list only a monster who. BI's so get ready. Morning watch. This election. I'm not checking in often for the latest is gonna happen right here. Or 97 and thirteen thirty AN SS Wichita is number one talk. So is your local lines where all sports fans are always encouraged to indulge jet ready to enjoy wild card weekends and World Series hits out of the park without barrel aged suburban pored over a handmade ice ball in the mood for new classic suburban cocktails give them Manhattan a dry or terror and ice cold 29 degree local twin peaks in Wichita brew without made from scratch menu item that are rumored to be every fan's favorite he's at 20% rock west it rich and tasks twin peaks eats drinks scenic views. This is Michael Savage join me week nights they've done okay. Show on top long day for Wichita State today as they dropped both games of this double header. Got a tough to pick a star of the game and it's presented by the Kansas lottery if you're Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire go to KS lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. It was kind of in mop up time this Packers were down that. Preston miner who is added to the roster for the weekend with a couple of guys that are out for the weekend. Got a chance to pitch last two innings just one hit and no rounds with no walks. And two strikeouts is that performance. By Preston miners Richard freshman from Frisco Texas he'll serve as our star of the game. The play of the game presented by litmus appliance Shaq here's of one little glimmer of hope in the late innings. In the stretch. Undeterred outline. Driven toward left center field it's got to plug that app role all the way to the track want others in. You're cups all around third of the way comparable store without appliances standup double for Trout line. And it's now 89 before ballgame. That's where it would end the checkers get no closer to the rest of the way you play the game again presented. Violence appliance remember any data shoppers play you get 50% off your online order. At which time area Papa John's won on the Papa John's that comedies the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker discount. The scoreboard is brought to you by diggers roughing and construction for roads and gutters to siding and windows love your home's exterior again and diggers roughing dot com. Or call 31. 62022066. Acres ripping and construction. Your home team pro. Giving you some of those scores outside the league in the conference today and tonight. You cut sweeping the doubleheader here. Cincinnati falls at UCF five to four and ECU pummeled USS fifteen to two in Greenville. In the bottom of the eighth in New Orleans Houston leading to lane sixteen to eight so it looks like cougars co leaders you're gonna win again. And Baylor defeated Memphis in Memphis in a non league games twelve to eight so it appears that it's going to be Houston sedimentary. ECU at five and two at the top of the conference. And then you can't moving up into third place at 53 essentially tied with Cincinnati at six four's Forrest gains about 500 with a better percentage. You see after now five of five. And too late for a six shocker three at five kind of sharing the next spots Wichita State. In such a good position coming into the weekend if they can win at least two out of three. That's gonna have to try to salvage one on Sunday just to stay close to the leaders. A couple of shocker opponents. That. Either have just been played it will be coming up Oklahoma State won at West Virginia seven to four West Virginia was 23 in the RPIs so. That'll help keep the shocker is up there pretty well on the RPI despite the two losses. TCU beat Kansas in Lawrence fortitude jayhawks will be in town next week. Central Arkansas that will be here next Tuesday postponed their game with Tennessee Martin in Conway Arkansas today. Former shocker opponent Nebraska split a doubleheader with Iowa and number 34 teams in the RPI. So those were some of the others scores of interest shocker opponents. And the scoreboard presented by diggers roughing and construction final totals brought to you by beat Katie CPAs advisors. Everyone needs trusted advisor. Who's yours. You can't. In game 29 runs fifteen hits and one error Wichita State four runs seven hits. And one air the winning pitcher Mason the only goes 620. Pitches three hits two runs three walks eight strikeouts. He moves to 50 on the year. And then three pitcher's split is that there was an inning apiece Lee of any by far his roughest outing. As a shocker freshman three and a third innings eight hits seven runs all earned his ERA. Climbs from a little under two to three point. 08 and is now 62. On the year. All around the actually couple for UConn. Isaak felt the new hit his ninth of the year in the first game crushed one to straightaway center for his tenth of the season and then that Phillips followed as the next hitter with a another almost the same spot. That was his second. Of the year. For the shocker it's. That are Trout lines two run double was the big blow of the game a seven different players at one hit a piece you caught that 1910. And one. Five and three in the American and shocker spoke 23 and 93 and five. In the American no game tomorrow because of the weather the concluding third game of the series will be on Sunday. Getting underway at 1 o'clock pregame at 1230. I hero 97. And thirteen thirty. Thanks true Andrew handling earlier Simon Sumner more recently for getting us through this long day in the studio thanks to all of you who hunt with this but. What are the tougher days of the season for this Packers this year as they dropped both games this doubleheader UConn. Seven to four and nine to four we'll talk with you again on Sunday. You've been listening to soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance the Carnahan group. Popular line. Lleyton appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealer delta dental. BP team. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas might start machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley. Tall grass country club. Comfort Systems. Express employment executive airship Kansas land tire and service comings in coming Wallace's. Apology. And dinners Romanian construction.