Wichita State vs. UT Arlington 03-09-18

Friday, March 9th

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It's time for Wichita State shocker baseball. On 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan and stands now with the call the game gears shamed us. Good evening and welcome to act Binyamin Tyler field or darker days. All the first of three with the Texas Arlington mavericks out of the Sun Belt Conference shocker. Wrap all day long stint. Games at home not a true homestand it was interrupted by that Wednesday trip. To all Roberts three with the mavericks coming up. Starting at the top of the hour tomorrow's game to win Sunday's game. At one of soccer's and after hooking up Woody's eighth time overall they lead the all time series. Five games to two and all five games. Here at the act. After this shocker we'll hit the road for the next four they will take on the very tigers. The SEC on Tuesday night. I've played night being over Colombia that game will be at 630 and then they'll hit the road and OT TD Ameritrade ballpark in Omaha. And take on Creighton out of the big east that will also be a Friday night game Saturday to Sunday at noon. On the eighteenth before the shocker come back home for four with Oklahoma. And Herman. Before we get that war American flag. Speaking of oh are you Wichita State had season lows in hits runs. And unfortunately a strikeout output for the hitters as a shocker couldn't come up with a big hit losing today. Golden eagle the other day to the one that. Had its doctor's fault June 9 two on the season at Wichita State got one run and three hits two singles and a double. And really the scoring opportunities. Were really few and far between on the bright side the pitching staff. Struck out seventeen Golden Eagles. That kept Wichita State in that game. Or Robertson had gotten off to such a slow start offensively. Continue to stay chilly but they got just enough as it be that doctors to go one. In shutting down the shocker. Potent offense that had been on display for most of the previous homestand against Omaha Nebraska. And us and thank you Edward fields that I try to get back on the being here tonight against Texas Arlington out of Sunbelt. It will be Cody lawyer pitching hole Wichita State. Again I keep porno Anderson. Or you DA. And then tomorrow be Lian at eight shocker freshman right hander against left the wrath after. Straight Paterson will pitch for UT AR and A doctors are undecided. At the moment. UTA has gotten off to a four and six dark day in their first ten games. Pretty much were anchored to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. They played three game series at home against Texas thing in corporate fifty. They tried a couple of different times three different times to play TCU and they've been. Postponed every time you rain or field conditions. They also tried to place though that this Bradley South Dakota State. In the Dallas Fort Worth area were unable to due to rain in late February. And then they played a couple of games at home. Against Stephen F Austin. To end up the month they want both of those games. And then earlier. This month last weekend as a matter fact. Rights they came in and actually took two out of three. From the mavericks. At play pool ballpark and then they went to globe like stadium home of the Texas Rangers. And got beat nine to one by Baylor a couple of days ago for the coming forward and six. Taking on the shoppers. As Wichita State enters this weekend nine to. And we'll talk to Todd Butler here a second he'll give us I kind of a glossing over of these particular stats but one that I wanna point out. They shot blockers strength. So far this year at times has been its offensive particularly extra bases power. The shocker is slugged 467 as a team. But they were at the mention stymied on one run and three hits it's the other day in Tulsa now one thing that. UTA. Struggles where. It's pitching as they have a six point three ERA. Opponent hit 324 against their pitching staff. Enable he struck out 47. In ninety innings so that may be just what Wichita state office need to get back on the beat they are not a swing and miss type of staff ETA is it. And we'll see if the shocker can take advantage of that. And pile up some hits and runs coming up this weekend your drive to the game has brought to you by Kansas land tire and service. Where great tires and professional auto service. Is always a home run. Injury report brought you by opting like your life your journey your optimal you fortunately for Wichita State. Trade Vickers is healthy enough to be back in the lineup he is in there today we'll see exactly where just a little bit. And pretty much everybody else is well enough to go save for maybe no across he has DA king tonight but he has been hampered a little bit behind the plate and with an impeachment it's throwing shoulder. So he is not totally a 100% and it could be a big reason why. Hasn't caught more than he has so far this year for Wichita State on the shoppers. Against Texas Arlington UTA led by eleventh your head coach Darren Thomas he was the Sun Belt Conference coach of the year last year. And he won his 200. Career game in UTA history. Coming last Saturday that shocker and mavericks. Getting set to go and a beautiful night for baseball it is currently 68 degrees there is no wind whatsoever. And it couldn't be better for shocker baseball tonight so few in the area come on out beautiful night for baseball shocker to mavericks will crank it up. When we come back we'll hear from head coach Todd Butler he's brought you by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work shocker head coach jointly when we come back. 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Orators insurance see Katie family or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay dirt out than derby highest IMAX with action associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge so give us a call at 6520101. Faction associates time well spent money well that. State security investment advisory services offered received point financial ink SPF number ten SIPC SPF separately owned and energies and or marking names product service is referenced here are independent of us via faster associates 2103 north collectively Wichita Kansas six and 206 go 3166520101. Or online and when he dashed planning dot com. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every week they had to default have. Happening right here on KMS. Applicants. Here in just a little bit tough Butler pregame comments. Kind of a characteristic game we are game really all the way around when you. Look back at the Oral Roberts game. All teams really just need one big hit that pull away from the other neither could strikeouts all over the place from both sides. And you guys uncharacteristically were really one run three hits a lot of strikeouts all program worse this year. However Barr now all Townsend and stout three of the best so where you come out what happened here. We weren't very good we did not play very well thought so on Tuesday we might be carried the weather. The way we've played against this you Edwards billion we went six to one candidate and eleven hits were slow storing. And we never got started Roberts and they stifled offensively. We made one error. Which started to war he threw like 53 pitches in two point one innings. Robby came in and hit four batters and then after that Cody Tyler. The other day has pitched extremely well where are well enough miner came in short up the side the last inning so. You know it we put on the office we were very good we were approach wasn't anything close to Nebraska series. And so well and knew we practiced yesterday getting ready for UT. And to close the book on that you've had really wanna opportunity. To make some noise or you game has turned out that would then all of it all took and he had the guys coming up there that you we did you know they get a double right sooner. And they scored two runs there. Travis young and you know I think actually Walsh was hit by pitch Travis it's a double down the left field line and we get thrown out bang bang at the plate. Serious Zito did the right thing or two options close. That's a run there that we didn't score that you have to trucks were there. But UH second and third nobody out and we have big guys up. Howard bloom who's gonna deliver many advocates force this year felt like he pulled off for good slider and pop that up in which struck out. And we didn't make anything and we didn't put the ball in play well enough. To score a couple answers were excellent for one basis so. We were very asleep what you know why I don't know we haven't played well down there over the years. Really wanted to get a win against the war Roberts Susan quality program every year go to regional. Of their comfort so while. But we pitched well you know keep them to us and we score one. Wasn't really happy with the office performance and and were back to working now we've been good on weekends we have UTA coming in and you know whether will be nicest weekend looks like on the UQ speaking of which and if the ORU game is any. Sign in the slop that's anybody's guess however if you look at the numbers. Pitching has been your strength certainly since opening weekend. And maybe not so much for Texas Arlington look like they have pitchers was swinging minutes miss stuff necessarily they're gonna find some barrel barrels. And so maybe they'll play in your hands and you just not well when you look at their numbers you know it's like going to play cal state Fullerton. You know teams out there on the west coaster at 220 to forty new plane deal while our vision to twenty to forty so. You know two weeks in what their own lives and their pitching staff like you mentioned they're not striking out of time guys. When you look at our numbers and there are some action a mop you know the numbers are quite different. And I dare Thomas coached at the liberal. Junior college you know it's a word for many many years good friend of mine since coach UT peso. In other from Texas and they've had some warm weather there probably ahead of us and you know we have to pick it back up. I think this is going to be a very good team I'm excited about pitching. After the first week in coach who's got a great job. Our defense suspense that he defend in the field. Clip that were filled right now we need to continue to do that that's going to be approximate forced. And the bats need to sort comment on how we're giving it midweek games will be weakened series and they need store getting in rhythm. It's org and these bats moving like we did you know 22 with the first three week it's not thought against Nebraska. That we had probably a great approach which state the baseball hit the ball ball fields. We didn't strike out much were really locked in so. Know week we were locked in as well was weakened against Nebraska so. Hopefully get back from Rowling's UT. Talk about the defense for second last year was a program that cost for fewest bears. Ever in the history program make 56 there. In College Baseball to make one there game Pittsburgh. Fielding percentage and all that you guys at least so far been off to. Off shark stark. Think kick these guys do during practiced. Try to make that happen. We've worked on you know I think experience. And you know we talk about this and in Jordan warriors to a great job at shortstop and wood river. In owes them a good on second base. Vickers is coming back this weekend play we he seems to be healthy percent so hopefully will improve defensively but you know I give credit to coach Steele. I give credit coaches Zito with catchers you know go to trial once been better this year. Our infield is an experience in field that our bone his his defense of paralysis improved every year he's a good defender now. And you know the infield skill it. The outfield experience and we worked you know these guys have been through the ringer and you know it's good to play defense it's really pitching number one the institute. And then hitting is the third thing that you're gonna get it. But I think profits is lagging behind right now where pitching is stepping up batter. In our defending the field if we get this offering throne we could be of interest in me. Well there are some sports what fickle hidden stats and errors aren't necessarily hit because right up there on the scoreboard but boy it's noticeable when you have three or four. And then you have none it's like oh you know played pretty well today but take for grant county and you know it is and you know what's funny if you know the OP Gil from philosophy remember tree picker last year we feel really well and I think we made four errors. Within the first were batters of the ball game. In our fielding percentage went to possibly record fielding percentage for the year. To just blow it. And you know you start talking about things he has to strike hitting. You know not striking out not making errors throw strikes. And it seems to just put more pressure on people so I think the best thing to do is play the game play the game loose. In these guys have been. You know light. It baseball such a tough game in the fact that sometimes things come and go over to try and keep them focused and right now our goal is coaching staff as to refocus. To get back and get ready for three games here here. And finally your lineup you shuffled around old arguments in the trade Vickers is alive and well he's going to be back in there but again. Cat right field yeah O'Brien you move up a slot and attract definitely a spot yet we're tried to a trillion with a home base percentage for for tonight's game. Again rest do Gosselin let him watch a little bit. You know Luke river. I'm gonna let him watch tonight I think those two guys are huge for our offense get those guys guys going. Now watching games sometimes and I might be a good thing so can slow down will be Jacob cats week. In related to push my the other day and one of the fastest times down wind and he's such a great athlete. You know last year just didn't think he was mature enough to really play the base running and defending the hitting when round had a good summer. And let's enjoy watching him gross person supporter so he's gonna get an opportunity tonight. And Trevor shown in the lead off what's open gets on base for those big hitters coming up behind you bring up 11 last points on ask one last question. When guys coming off the summer like a handful of guys. Did. Is there something you say or don't say once they get back in order to keep them. At least in the mindset that they have in the summer that's a long time from the summerall in super perform for the sharks. You know what we need these guest have big seasons. In the I think that's obviously these guys when not playing that well but most importantly is what you do is the wonderfully. You know in in the American athletic conference which is the number of conference in the country I mean we're gonna see some legitimate baseball Central Florida. Beat Florida twice Tuesday and Wednesday this week and sport was ranked number one east Carolina's having a good season. UConn to a team that a lot of people in the midwest and south do not take care seriously that they have a fantastic program up there with many first round picks. They've come out of that program yet Houston. 21 enemy its own and all and so. The good thing about this conference's it was sort of warmup here. We're having some warmer weather we're gonna play works in ninety degrees you know with Houston in two lane and soft floor in Central Florida east Carolina. We're playing some good baseball atmosphere Ers. In good weather and that's going to be good for us instead of going more so. I'm really excited but right now we of the UTA mavericks. In their dangerously routinely that you play you have to be ready to be focused and and concentrate. You know like offensively this weekend we need statement based or not pull off not try to do too much. 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For the maps so again for ETA perfume Salinas holly. Vaughn also in the williams'. Hook menorah is Johnson. Anderson starting pitcher for UTA. For the shocker that nine into they'll started off with Travis young in left field. Batting second in center field is suggest that. Aleck bald as a third baseman hitting third. Batting fourth at first base Mason O'Brien. Batting fifth is trade Vickers his first start of the season he can play shortstop. The aging and hitting sixth no croft. Jacob cat's feet to right field it's seven. The catcher batting eighth governor Trout wine. And batting ninth at second base is Jordan Boyer. Making start number four is big right hander Cody Hoyer Cody Juno with a RE a 394. His first sixteen innings so it for the shocker that young pianist a bomb or Brian Vickers croft. Can't speak for outline Boyer. Cody pour your starting pitcher for the shock. Umpires behind Coldplay is bill McGuire at first base his travels Olson. And over at third it's been Harlow. It is shocker plate get 50% off your online order in the Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa John's dot com he's promo code shocker if to receive north shocker discount. Look at some scores throughout the the American and College Baseball. This past week mid week anyway in case you missed it east Carolina because Charleston I've been to Houston. Beat me mis state thirteen to nine. Middle Tennessee beat Memphis 726. Southeast Louisiana on Wednesday when a bloodbath with Tulane thirteen twelve. UCF this top Butler mentioned swept Florida on way in the mid week Tuesday and Wednesday one Wednesday fortitude Florida's number want. Number one ranked team in the land. And Jacksonville. Beats South Florida forward to today. ECU was ranked in three different polls anywhere from nineteen point three. Defeated Charlotte 31 so pirates are Canon three at two Wichita State will play first. In the American. In late march. Game still going on there in the top of the twelfth Cincinnati leading our Tennessee you leave Cincinnati three to. UConn scheduled to play the citadel. Central Michigan is at South Florida. San Diego is that Houston. Memphis is already beaten Arkansas little rock and sexy playing at double header. To be some weather in Memphis. And Purdue is traveling to Tulane. Down in New Orleans. Coming up this weekend. So it's a shocker is and Texas Arlington mention their meeting for the eighth time overall. Shocker or a perfect five and oh here in Wichita. And they played a couple different spots down in. Dallas they've lost TU TA 2010. At play pool ball park on the campus of Texas Arlington and they also lost. In a game against UTA. It at Dallas Baptist and tournament some years back as well speaking of rankings that shoppers are ranked 22. In the collegiate baseball poll collegiate baseball poll. And they are number 26. So receiving votes as they say in the USA today coaches poll. And that was before Wichita State's. Mid week in which they'd be SI you Edward the sixth one. And lost apple Roberts two to one so again that the real theme here from Wichita State is to get their offense together. That was a tough one on Wednesday where they only up one run on three hits in losing Q or you. When we come back we'll throw the first pit maverick and shocker coming up. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner to injury when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn they're trying something new can be exciting and power downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. Chevrolet. Find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales security suite fourteen through 2017. Ever wish you could call a timeout those expensive ATM fees. 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Three champions of the conference commissioners got started in 1998. They joined the whack on July 1 2012. After one season there are doing Sunbelt. In 2013. So there again longtime member of south one. They really inception others sports programs fill me short lived and lack of them some sun belt. For the last five years some of their most famous line certainly baseball players might have heard Hunter Pence three time all start time. World Series champion play. You CA when you Arlington Heights school play he seasons. With the mavericks whose previous. That that Texarkana college. He is a second rounder in 2004. After getting drafted him down to selecting not signed on pets. Is anyone. More recognizable alarms in Texas Arlington. In addition to that may be exceeded only by John Lackey a three time World Series champion at one time all star led the American League ERA in 2007. Primarily a position players and EPA. And hit some good really learn how to pitch. And Kelly played the John Lackey one season. At UTA. Full plate racing community college very successful. Pilot program down in Galveston Texas. Back him. 1999. And actually came in second round draft by the Anaheim angels and 99. Was selected. Just after Hunter Pence was elected in 2400. And it was 64 overall selection. John Lackey was 68 overall selection. The second round in 1999. Little. Few tidbits on you TA baseball scores. Laughter. Year. You CA had a very successful season in. Ernie Barrett on the think sun belt coaches here they are picked that its second person now this year. In the western division. The eastern division has south Alabama's lead here pre season and we can't lie yet those formerly feel if you like be called Louisiana now they've. Are picked to finish first in the western division. You finished UTA did last year thirty and 45. Including twenty in ten. In the conference though. They pretty tradition rich baseball program at UTA over the off to a slow start this year I think they aren't just for six. They're big well frankly they've yet to get it going. Either pitching or hitting now like some of its competition and I've played right state who's picked to finish up around the top of their conference play Baylor once. They did get one game in against TCU horned frogs killed fourteen to one. And they played really. Sporadically. From opening weekend until now because of money. Down in the Metroplex so we'll see what they look here this weekend thirteen hit 242. Up through their first ten games. Conversely Wichita State hitting 269. And he and that's even after that. He's really tough game they played Wednesday in which he only got three hits. And but really that's the difference between that these two programs at least through the first ten of eleven games respectively. Is the pitting them. He PA's team earned run averages six point three. And opponent batting average of three to 44. The shocker on the other hand there are pictures cavity area three point six war. And a point batting average of only 227. And the thing that really jumps off the stat sheet accurate for both these pitching staff. It's a strikeout number. Wichita State pitchers. Have struck out a 110. In 99 innings. So it's pretty much ten strikeouts for every game that's shocked at Fitch. And you TA in ninety innings on their staff they've only struck out 47. So they only strikeout little more than four and a half per nine innings. And again as Todd but I talked about what I just told you. The UTA pitching staff allows the opponents hit 324. Against them we'll see if it plays out tonight Cody lawyers ready so is still the perfume in the right hand batter's box just about ready here. As it'll be birth Hume Salinas and holly. You GA and their road grays trimmed in blue shocker there all whites in a fastball right down the middle at 96. Miles an hour. First pitch was thrown 602. And the temperature at first pitch with 67. Degrees. No wind whatsoever perfect night for baseball. Here's he'll want. Stop now has done nothing in two count to fill birth the birth in the only a part time. Players so far this is his eighth game of the eleven that they played he's seven out of fourteen. So Darren Thomas injecting him into the leadoff spot opened a jump start their offense. Through this hits doubles he's driven into. Right hander gets right hander Cody lawyers big ranging right hander from Colorado. Jumped ahead of virtue nothing into the pitch all the way back to the screen fastball at 96. Way up and out of the strikes him. Birth Hume opening weekend. Went three out of six against Texas a and M Corpus Christi. Played two of the three games against Wright State went three out of five. Did not start against Baylor in the 91. Loss midweek. Once it. Swing and miss he struck him out slider and perfume overmatched. By Cody lawyer or your by the way. Two no 394 ERA. In his first sixteen innings he struck out seventy. Walked to get a bit of an issue for him he has. Issued ten bases on balls. But opponent Italy 228. Shocker right hander Cody Hoyer here's Omar Salinas with the bases and Ian waddle. The wine in the first pitch to him is a little bit outside so says. Bill McGuire the home plate umpire Salinas is one of four left hand batters in Darren Thomas starting lineup. Fitting to 78 on ten of 36. 10 is wave Daryn now back behind home plate. One ball one strike two Omar Salinas. Salinas a senior from Arlington. And now I'm tired of waiting he backs out of the batter's box. So Cody lawyer with a strikeout of leadoff man Phil berg a virtue and came in seven out of fourteen. Salinas takes way up and outside. Two balls sinister. Salinas one out of three against Baylor. He is hit in four straight but only one hit in each game. Went three for ten. In the right state series last weekend. Outside the high three and one overthrown perhaps. And now. Cody lawyer in danger of losing Omar Salinas. Now already in this 31 pitch. Swing and found there. In two. Cody lawyer in his last start was very good six innings only gave up four hits against Nebraska and no runs. He did walk four and struck out five. He's walked at least three in each of his first three starts. Powell back to the screen came and I went hard stuff 97 and still preemptive. Dockers defensively. On the infield from third over the first ball the third Vickers at shortstop for the first time this year. Jordan Boyer slides over to second base and Mason O'Brien at first young Janice and cats fees from left over right. In the outfield lawyer and trot lines. The battery. 32. Slight bow stand with the hard stuff and Salinas. Spoiled that upon the indoor practice facility. Although our Salinas. Mention. It out of 36 it's only 278 but he also has eight walks. For a fourth thirteen on base percentage he's always struck out twice this year. And it's a good bet to make contact. Ani files on back again. That one was a slider. Out away from him a little bit. So quite a battle. Between. Cody poirier and Omar Salinas. Christian holly waiting on deck for UT it. Outfield shaded Salinas around toward left just about fifteen steps or toward the gap in left center. 32 again and that's wrapped up the middle base hits Salinas. Some bunch of pitches and finally got on that he could put in play any smack it to the left of the shortstop. Period Vickers the one on one out for Christian holly. Poly like Salinas. Is hitting 278. He is also ten for 36. Holly from the right side with a wide open stance. Six feet 190 from Fort Worth. Pretty good sized lead by Salinas and there's a pitch waterway one ball no strikes. Salinas has not attempted a stolen base. Yet this year and this is. Not a UTA team that runs very much at all. Swing and miss pulled the string on Christian holly. That way out front. Hollywood over for that 91 loss to. Baylor. Couple of days ago. Yeah and they play that global life ballpark in Arlington. What are won the pitch. When he high two and one. Rendered first one out just getting started top of the first. Lot of upperclassmen. In the lineup for both teams. First three guys come to bat for you TA all seniors. Throw to first and it was a close play in Salinas went guiding back. Just got in under the tag of Mason O'Brien. Christian holly. And hit in three straight before he went oh for against Baylor. It every game in the right state is it that through the middle and that's into center field past the plunging trade Vickers and almost exactly the same spotted Salinas in here is so back to back singles. Or Omar Salinas and Christian holly and now Knoll on cleanup man. It. One big guy 63200 pounds junior from Conroe Texas. On the second leading hitter on the team and really the leader of those that qualifying. 3333. Home runs eight RBIs. He also has a double and two triples. So you TA try to get something going here in the very first day two on one out. That's the lawn and check the swing and found the back to the screen. Vaughn and will also in the catcher in the on deck circle both left hand matters. Shocker looking for a double play they've turned eight so far this year. But if they do it up the middle little via. A somewhat brand new. Double play combination with trade Vickers making his first start. Swing and miss fastball at 95 alone to. So no balls and two strikes to nor Vaughn. Boy your reading signs. Comes set. Comes to the plate and that's cracked down right field line that well Fallon hooking out of play. Still Noland no balls and two strikes. No old lawn. Vaughn had the first two. Home runs. For UTA this year they have seven as the team. Homer against Stephen F Austin T see you later against. Right state last weekend. Still nothing in two lawyers pitch. To him as he got a foul tip on away from him. And stayed with the hard stuff would launch though. Strikeouts sandwiched around a pair of singles and now it's will Olson to. Will Olson is seven for 35. Two of his hits home run. Olson 511205. From Sherman Texas. Richard junior. So striking out two singles and another strike out. And despite the wanna. Handful pitches here in the first Cody lawyer trying to get bill last when to keep that zero on the board. It's Olson his upstairs one ball no strikes. Olson a year ago was pretty good for UTA 3222. Home runs and 28 driven in. Off to a slower start this year. We got forty at bats back in 2015. Good breaking ball catching the outside corner from Cody lawyer. One bullet strike. Salinas at second Holley at first when the map. One ball one strike it like Cody lawyer. And the pitch. Line drive over the second baseman in right field bases that's become that the ointment or run rules galore and heading to third Christian home. Sharp single to right by Wilson. And three singles leads to the first run. You'd hear me on top here in the job offers. RBIs number 64. Will Olson. And that'll bring up RG Williams. Writers at the corners. Singles by Salinas Hali and also. RJ Williams. Nothing for three against. Baylor he drove in the game's only run for UTA with a sacrifice fly. First pitch to him. Stands in their first strike nothing in one. Williams hitting two warning on nine of 411. Home run six runs batted him. UTA has reached. Cody a lawyer for a run here in the first. Alone. Sliders strike up into. Two pretty good pitches start to sequence do. RJ Williams senior from rock wall Texas. Williams said multi hit games and each of the first two. Against Texas scene in Corpus Christi. We too. Swan Lake lifted now right side now deployed. Still nothing into two. The third baseman RJ Williams. Williams for your starter in the program lifetime to 54 hitter reduces. 174. Game. And little grounder to third cut off by the home nice play to get him throwing on the run to retire RJ Williams and Williams 600. Career that as a maverick. It's all the size retired but not before you TA gets a run on three hits they'd leave him. At the end of the half and inning it's you GA want the shocker coming up. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all planned. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had six plants and we didn't. In retrospect. I wouldn't pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Hey Jason JB joins us from. Become reality radio week nights at eleven I'm okay. Anderson. Starting pitcher for Texas Arlington. 62205. Or right hander from pearl city Hawaii. Be making his third start of the season. I keep total Anderson. No record. Four point 91 ERA. He's given up fifteen hits in eleven innings he's walked only two. That struck out only three. I keep -- you understand. Me transfer from Saint Louis. We've making his third career start. Four UTA. Travis young will lead it off against them. Anderson. Started against Texas a and M Corpus Christi on the seventeenth of February went four innings gave up seven hits and three runs. Through seven innings giving up four runs and eight hits against Wright State last weekend. Travis young and leadoff spot first pitch to him is in their first strike in 87. On strike and nothing. To Travis young. Young to 31 on nine for 394. Stolen bases in five tries. Anderson's of one. Capped over the mound this was trouble charging cutting it off as a third baseman Williams and third person and time RJ Williams. Made a nice play because that that gets to minorities. Young safe that hurt us. Good point by Williams retired stranded him. A steps Grayson Janice does shocker center fielder. Afghanistan is making his 109. Consecutive start. Janice the team's leading hitter last year at three warning. Currently hitting 325. Over but low from Anderson one ball no strikes. Recent thirteen out of 44 home runs nine driven in. He's drawn ten walks on base percentage for 71. Now and skipped in the air two balls no strikes. Janice one of the three shocker here it's against all Roberts on Wednesday. Has hit in four straight. The last two games against Nebraska and the Tuesday's game against anti you Edwards bill Mason had two hits in each of those. Ha I drive center field drifting back on he's there. And makes the catch to this day and often into the Baptist enough. To keep at the ballpark so two outs and now here's Alan Ball. Bomb teams living here 395. Fifteen hits four doubles five home runs seventeen RBIs. Three of his five home runs come with the bases loaded. This year. Slugging a robust 8959. Of its fifteen hits gone for extra bases. First pitch to him almost hitting. Big slow curve ball stayed inside one ball no strikes. Bases empty to I wonder nothing you TA bottom of the first. Swing a felt tip. Alex Holmes saw an eleven game hitting streak come to an end. On Wednesday against ORU. Although the four previous games before Wednesday he had just one hit in each of those games. Slow jug dropped below two and one so he's tried to curb balls and one fastball. This with both breaking balls. Total and out ball shocker junior from all law. Did right handed hitter way. Hit right back through the middle that's. I've knocked down by the second baseman. In shallow center field and bull will be an infield hit. Looked like it was gonna make it into center field but nice job by Wisconsin too big headlong dive and stop it but. He had no play whatsoever of the home it's an infield hit. But. Here's Mason O'Brien. Shocker first baseman with a runner on. O'Brien 3141. Home run fifteen runs batted in in his first season as a shocker. Junior college transfer from colleague spent some time in Oklahoma State. It hard and into center field a base hit balls around second on his way to third he's gonna make that play back to back singles with two outs. The rumors are at the corners would trade Vickers. So Mason O'Bryant perhaps one into center field. And the first plate appearance of the season portray Vickers. Vickers the shocker. Normally they shocker everyday shortstop. Miss the first eleven games or at least wasn't in the starting lineup for the first eleven games due to hamstring injury. He has the all time active leader or the active leader. On the roster in games played with a 154. First pitching line drive. Basically served real shocker that time it thicker than the first fifteenth eighth muscles one passage short dot minorities. And we're tied to both teams with three singles in the first inning. They went about it in different ways that trade Vickers. Has not ended up and wanna piece. And now know croft. So we told you I keep Bono Anderson we'll give up some hits. And this is his third start. He gave up eight hits in seven innings against Wright State seven hits in four innings against tech is seen in Corpus Christi. Not a big strikeout guy at all only missed three in eleven innings. Shocker after two round and three consecutive singles. Croft hit the big slow curve ball drops in there. To put the pitch now in one. Croft is four for eleven. Whole run in two RBIs. He's been hampered a bit by some shoulder soreness. Ian Gunner trial winds split time catcher last year. Long hold the stretch TO one. Think that same result could slow curve ball strike of one to. Now croft homered here earlier in the week Tuesday against SAU Edwards bill. That was his fourth career home run. It three last year its freshman. Anyways and misses and pitch got away from him at three pitch strikeout and Anderson now the inning but shocker tied up they get three singles of their own. Leaped to their own at the at a one it's now shocker one UT at one. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co base plus our proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance more recovery plan 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. In the know with the news that's now. Coming up at the top of the hour I got to know what's going on in my sitting on 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita is number one talk. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry marked Alex Acosta in valley center tending to porn and over west Sawyer this season. Join us more things right here on pain. And as ass. Every Monday night for the top Butler coach is shown HD sports ability Allen thirteenth and green which road. Broadcasting live on CNN since 9713. Thirty. AG sports grill at the Alley. Home Paul shocked the coaching shipped. Dot Butler and it sees Wichita State 115. At 130 down earlier this season one it's 200 game. As a head coach is eight season overall. As they head coach of Wichita State. Lower third the order for the mavericks coming up here in the top of the second that cook Josh Menard is. Ethan Johnson. So both teams got a run on three singles. In the first. Here's Cody lawyers first pitch and it's little outside fastball ninth floor. We'll ball no strikes. This is the fifth trip all time by UTA. QX date. Here's to strike down Germany's problem. Mavs first came to Wichita and 1992. Played to gain mid week series. Shocker in winning in twelve innings 43 and eight to one. And two years later the mavericks came back forward to gamer swing and fell back it's green and it's one into the sack cook. Cook is just four for 25 start season. Shocker won both games back in 947 to six and eleven to three didn't see each other again until the year 2000. Played one game here and watch Wichita won by a shocker to eight to three. Outside. Tried the outside corner of breaking ball didn't come back for him and student student Zach cook. Nobody on nobody out top of the second 11 time. Cody lawyer looking for a quicker second. And work a little bit in the first. When dipped low three and two. Shocker in mavericks went ten years between meetings. In 2010. Mentioned they played it DD EU. In a tournament. And mavericks won that game six to three. Just inside ball floors. Cody warrior. Wanted that one but didn't get a call from home plate umpire bill McGuire. First walk by Cody lawyer. And leadoff man is on their forty TA for Josh meant alliance. Shocker is that played one game and legal ballpark. UT's campus and the mavericks put it to the shocker that day in 201093. So Menard is. Checks in 289. And eleven for 38. One of those hits a home run he's driven in seven. Her lead the way at first first pitch and Norris takes little low. One ball no strikes. And ours. With two out of four. In their opener against Texas and Corpus Christi that game won by. In M Corpus Christi 97 there's a strike in their children. One and one Irish arts shortstop. Redshirt sophomore from. San Angelo. The other day against Baylor. And r.s one for three. Now one over but load two and one. And ours playing in his 74 game. His UT eight career. Been in there every game at shortstop so far this year through the first checking on Zach could. Mention you GA then run much they are four for five. He steals. Two balls and one strike to Josh Menard is immune hitting short stuff. Undergo some pitches bounced high off the plate and it. Off the glove of the second baseman Jordan Boyer who went to cover second on the hit and run he had no shot probably even get it out and then. Got a big high chopper off the plate that bounced off his glove. And you TJ's back in business again. First and third nobody out this time they had first and third. One out in the first. And out east and Johnson the second baseman. With runners at corners and nobody out and it runs scratch single forward Josh minorities. Four singles a walk so far for you TA. And here's Easton Johnson. Johnson. Four for 44167. And it sort of first diving back these seminars. Do you TA came in hitting this 242. As a team. But they have. Four hits first time through the order final man to. Face Cody Hoyer for the first time Ethan Johnson takes low one ball no strikes. Johnson one out of three. With a run scored against Baylor he then hit with a triple runs scored was the only one that they got against players. Fly ball right field pretty well hit over toward the line those cats he's got measured makes the catch. Runs got a score to one EPA sacrifice fly. Like Ethan Johnson. Everybody else statehood were the only other runner statehood in judgment ours to cook scores. It's not fly by Easton Johnson. That is are behind them to him. So old Phil berth in the struck out to start the game up there with. One on one out now. Cook the leadoff walk. Comes around to scores it so often tends to. Here's a stretch. Lawyers pitch. Strike down around the knees a breaking ball caught the edge. Nothing in one. Balls and one strike the birth field. Pitch. Kissed off the outside corner fastball. They'll work you may know it a native of Canada. They couple years at Seminole junior college. I wrote her first one out one end. He stretched by Hoyer in the pitch waved at a myth that's now on the turf. When into. So you'd TA will run in each of the first two innings. Soccer's matched them in the bottom of the first. Walk to single a sac flies. UT back on the board here in the second. Phil Bertie and last year's 91 that's 254. Home run eleven driven in part timer a year ago. 120 god I'm looking on the outside corner down ago berth in this struck a couple times. Cody lawyer. I can't number three shocker right hander. Hired Omar Salinas. Singled and scored its first time up there tough now. And I mentioned at the time and good debt to. Put the ball in play too. He singled with one out in the first and was brought home by Wilson's single. First pitch to him swing and miss pitch upstairs a little bit 93. From Cody lawyer. Omar Salinas a year ago for the mavs. 333. With these eleven home runs 44 driven him. Cole's time it's played. Last year for example. Walked more than he struck out 33 to 31. This year's what the times and struck out only twice swings and misses of the pitch out away from an excellent fit. Mentioned hunter Hunter Pence went to UTA for a time before he went on. To get drafted in the big leagues. And from Arlington. Omar Salinas with the same high schools on her parents did and broke pants his school record for batting average. Salinas will always have that. Upstairs one ball and she strikes. All sun belt a year ago as VH. Led the team and averaged doubles hits runs homers. You name and he did it. Salinas did most of his damage last year and a junior college before you TA as a DH. But playing first base here tonight swings and found that that. It's one into Iraq Omar Salinas. And it could you lawyer has any faith in these changeup. We're breaking out right here. When things beginning to swing and miss a couple of times but. Throw the same thing pass this guy will be a tall order. One into. Pitch. Tried one and it was a little high. Slider. Up to into. 21 UTA top of the second. I walked a single to sacrifice flies. Given the mavericks. To one lead. Two and two with two outs and ours that first for the mavs. Certainly is waiting in the left hand batter's box appears to me just hope one pitch out away from him. It is teammate the on deck circle off the back wall. Christian holly. Holland located securities to battle away. Couldn't quite do it. Still to do. Here's a stretch by a lawyer. EPA's made him work so far the first couple innings pitch. Fouled off again. Backdoor slider that stayed up enough towards Salinas. The foul to left and how to play beautiful beautiful night for baseball. Really not a breath of wind. Here in Wichita all day long. High temperatures in the upper sixties and off it got quite to seventy today but. Currently still 67 degree and decrease those evil little warmer tomorrow. I fly ball. Right center field that should do it take cats he is there will be four to come down next to catch and the inning is over so Salinas flies to right. The UTA and its onboard again one run. One hit one left in the one and a half argue scores now Texas Arlington do shocker one. AJ's sports grill at the -- thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Mondays are burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the -- home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. It's ever wonder how good your AC and furnace system is ever wonder how good boss doctor is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. The year plus doc started and trained HB AC tackle conduit system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium parents it's our new customer 1946. Special from foreign stock. And carrier. Turn to the experts. Punish doc called and I totally cool George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here find Guillen SS. It ballpark. I keep Ono Anderson. Second inning of work with lower third the shock order but they said earlier that. He was a transfer from Saint Louis with the Saint Louis high school pearl city Hawaii south mountain. Junior college and Alex crank my cats feed well fell down into the night and how to play. So after a couple years and you go in Phoenix Anderson in his. Initials is in which UT day. That's feature outlined in Boyer and it's a one QD ticket cats that he. County getting started in right field. On the season. He is eight for eighteen. Maybe a handful of pinch hitting appearances. 02 from Anderson. Popping up shallow center field. On comes on and he's under make the catch. Catch the flies to center well Anderson got to be around the plate you've strike thrower mentioned. In his first two outings it's your only walked two and overpowering guys only laws are only struck out three before tonight. Buddies. Nixon and up then pounded the strike zone. You're gonna Trout line. To outline seven for 48 a home run at five RBIs. Right hander against righthander Anderson's pitch swing and immense. One path to Medina. Bases empty one out the shocker second to one UTA. And at a bouncer to third behind the bag is Williams along the road to make any. Gets him in time. Trout line bounces the third to have been key down for. Jordan border shocker Serwer to open two down the first and then strung together three singles. Time. Jordan Boyer it's sliding over to second base with the return of trade Vickers. Started the first eleven games for the shocker at shortstop. Boyer did. Went eight for 34 with a home run and five RBI. Swings and fouls one behind home plate don't want. Lawyers one of the best clutch RBI guys shocker had last year. Hit 296. With 42 driven in. Up there with two outs nobody on. And that pitch crowds in one ball one strike. Jordan lawyer a couple of doubles to go along with a home run five RBI. Me and stolen base. Herbal catches the inside corner one and two. So Anderson. Showing a good. Fastball and breaking ball variations as far as speed locations moved around a Burnett strikes out. One into the border. And kind called by catcher Wilson. Anderson six to righty and he ended. His catcher Olson he's got society wants one to dismissed outside body of their own strike bill into. Little extra on that and 92. Two balls two strikes two outs shocker second. In hard and pass the diving third baseman Williams felt maligned. Lawyer around first contending for second cooks throwing it is cut off. Two out double by Jordan Boyer snuck one. Between the bag in Williams it there. So forth into the April Wichita State already surpassing their entire team output against the war you on Wednesday. Jordan border with two out base hit his third double of the year here's Travis young. Young grounded to third start the last inning for the shock. That's the first extra base hit of the game we've already had eight hits. By side. And Travis young. Standing in the leadoff spot here tonight. And scoring position two way. Anderson's pitch. Low and outside soft stuff. One ball no strikes. Young now becomes the third different shocker leadoff hitter. Lou greater did it nine times Alex Jackson twice. Now young. Reader gets today off duke god gets today off. Fastball outside. Do you know. Anderson walked one person in each of his previous two starts. Also beautiful home run in each of its previous two starts. Swing and fell back young had a good cut. Total one. Travis young to 31 hitter a year ago the couple home runs. It seemed driven him. Jordan border second. Two away in the shocker second. Anderson's got the sign he wants comes set. Friday kicks in deals. Line drive over the short off the base hit in the book over to kind of oh and is a strong want it he thought it. More mortars. Slid around the what it wrote them but coming from left field. But Jordan warriors slipped in the air outside of home plate. As the throw took Olson. The third base line and it'll be a liar. The safe signal. And it is suited to. So young with a single. And RBI goes to second on throw. And boy what a throw that was by Cokie wasn't exactly deep in left field that was going over toward the gap in left center. So wasn't able to get a whole lot on it it didn't appear. Mike that was a situation where you can get along but if something on and he did and he made it really close. And after brief discussion. Darren Thomas the head coach. That in the third base dugout so it's 22 and here's generous. So shocker strike again with two outs. And now it's loaded Grayson. Shocker have all five of their hits with two outs and had two outs nobody on each of the first two innings. Just applied to sinner first time up there. Travis young's fifth run better than. Good cut me founded back. One on one. So already more offense in two innings. And we saw in nine innings and told them Wednesday. Final score rose two to one. Already has many combined hits as we had all day Wednesday. One ball one strike team Grayson Janice that. Mason Dixon. That was stroll outside the box now climbed back in there. One on one account Anderson check the runner. And that's over with low to launch. Now Janice young at second base one of the fastest base runners shocker have. But. Grayson Janice does up there play the course. Young's already in scoring position although cook is shown strong throwing arm and left. Took one. Anderson. And brings an end. Fly ball left field pretty much in his tracks is cook now over toward the line and back a little bit makes the catch. So Anderson. Gets out of the second but again the shocker strike with two outs they got a run on two hits. And at the end of two we are tied at two. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shock. Nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us let our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. And the other great Americans join me. They say. Everybody's looking forward to batting today and killed two after two teams can have combined for nine hits. Doctors with five all with two outs. And so we'll start Oregon go to a third and Christian Holley believe it off. You'll be holly Vaughn and Olson's heart of the order for the mavericks. UTA. Out of RBI single from Wilson first sacrificed by the ninth place hitter east Johnson. In the second. Christian holly has one of the four hits. For you Kia. Cody lawyer. Like Anderson as those now well to like a quick innings of one hop shot to the third baseman bombs got what I wanna. There's a good start for Cody things looking very neat and tidy third innings. He gets holly on one picture now they'll all. Nobody has a strikeout victim is first time up there. On is. Currently riding a seven game hitting streak. And a single and double. On Tuesday against Baylor. Had one hit it exactly and each of the three games against Wright State. No hold on them they're from her right the left side exit breaking ball for strike. Expecting fastball gave up on it and gone in there. No a 63200. Pounder from Conroe Texas. Third year in the program for. Darren Thomas. Lost I'd change up from. Cody of lawyers one and one. Bases empty one out 11 count them on. The biggest power threat in the airline. At least this year. Soft stuff in their first strike. This is Noelle bonds 105. Career start. A lifetime she's seventy hitter at UTA with twelve home runs 68 RBIs this maverick career. Three of those home runs have come this year. One into it. Pitch. Al that this led the far left and over the top. They wanted to. Knoll on Christian holly RJ Williams. The three most experience. For Darren Thomas mavericks those guys all started more than a hundred games. There UT careers. Went to. Three and Nancy Stuckey now took a little off and on. Like girth you had gone down twice on strikes. The only two strikeout victims recruiting Hoyer threw up into down. And now will Paulson. Olson RBI single in the first. Tucci ties were in the third. Warrior looking in for the sign brings it home. And fly ball pretty well hit to center but sloping over toward the gap is pianist he's there he's got it. That's that crew we're the mavericks three up and three down nothing it crossed at the end of two and a half it's still the shocker to them. Do beat Loren asked in OC that's an OC chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate and not only taste good but does it. Lisa is second companies directly from not violence and share the profits back from them at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. They can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champions find yours at M tam dot com American family insurance American financial insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American parkinson's cancer suffers an injury. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around which taught to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our means. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga. Heart rate based interval training and a stock. They even have childcare. Visit up to you like it when he first and whether online deep high thin knife dot com. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today are okay. With the dust in athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors. Wichita State's elite level of corporate partners include constitutional until that old Coke industries. And Cox Communications here it just didn't advertisement which Garcia let alone shocker sports properties 316978. 7552. College ball believe it offer the shocker his heart of their order here and there greeting. I keep home they'll Anderson. The line in the first pitch to ballot bowl month and third inning as popped up back this way Annapolis. Above us. The all American club level. In one. Well two out single scored Djokovic first run in the first. She runs five hits for the shock yours two runs. Four hits for the mavs. Alone popular candy badly distance many believe the infield second baseman. Johnson is under makes the catch. So bone popped out that's how the bottom of the third starts. If Mason O'Brien. O'Brien with a 82 out single in the first inning. Any strokes went into center field sinking quickly on coming on makes a running catch. Two quick outs. For Anderson. Hit the first few outs an inning had the problem for him. It last month. Eluded him you're straight Vickers. Error. Vickerson the only swing are the only hit that he's seen this season. Delivered an RBI single into center. Her ball drops in their. Vickers probably taken all the way anyway after the two quick outs so. Cody Hoyer worked very quick top of the third Anderson. Trying to. Turn the trick. In the bottom. Outside low one ball one strike. Mentioned trade Vickers the active leader in games played. At bats and previous one was number 506 warrant now one back now play. He's also the active leader on the team in hits. Now has 447. And milestone wise. He is now 34 RBIs shy of 100 for his career. One outside June 2. If he lays down for sacrifice buns. He would be number one on the all time shocker list. And sacrificed. Bases empty two outs. Too cute to trade Vickers. Low preemptive. So Anderson got two quick outs in the first and give up three consecutive singles. He got two outs in the second game of the double and a single. And young. And Vickers credited with the RBIs. Crank to deep left field over toward the corner Trey Vickers is to offer to. And his his first home run of the season and they shocker three Anderson with you Alex yeah addict. Drink makers. Personal. Doctor's home run numbers seventy. As the team it's 32 Wichita State welcome back trade Vickers. Okay. About them. As a return to the lineup. Trade Vickers hit his sixth career home run. Career high four home runs last year union. And hired no across. Shocker continue to. Victimized to haunt Anderson after two out in an inning. Croft is a strikeout victim is first time outtakes and 66 mile an hour curveball for strike. Croft the DH for the shocker tonight. Anderson into the wind. In the 01. Another breaking ball to swing and miss that little harder. No crop. Hasn't had a good pitch to handle yet. I wouldn't do. And he struck him out and croft. Waves and this is another breaking ball he struck out twice but the shocker score again. Two out home run by trade Vickers and Ernie score at the end of three shocker it's three. ETA to. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Then there's his second job recruiting. That means trample. He couldn't do it without executive players share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can star recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker us learn more and exact air shared dot com. With spring's arrival nature resumes activity. Giving life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear and get to work. Yeah this is the balance of nature with this balance whether must also find harmony. As it does we find ourselves. In the middle of it. Stay alert tornado season is about to be yeah. Watches and warnings and what you need to know 97 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. No one talks to. In assets. Shot after three. I had to be top of the fourth inning it. Cody lawyers and a modest little six batters streak going worries retired all six. Both these pitchers got touched up the first couple of innings. Before court could you lawyer turned out 1233. After walking single in the second at the next three hitters in succession is working on a good little string for him RJ Williams leading off the map here for. Three to shoppers. Williams cook mean artists. Warrior into the wind brings to golf swing and yes that's how we start the fourth them slider. Dropped under RJ Williams back. Williams hit one Alec home. Two in the first inning. Hoyer into the wind and the 01. It into the turf. And ball one strike. Same two teams tomorrow it'll be 8:2 o'clock start Lian Eddie for the shocker is Brad vasser lefty. We're the mavericks. They're supposed to be good again tomorrow. 71 for projected high here in Wichita. Strike called on the outside corner one and two. Mentioned RJ Williams. Along with holly. And on three of the real veterans on this team that at bat in the first with 600. And he shoots one to all the Guinness on two short hops and throw crosses and time. Obama's taking care RJ Williams points. Jake came into this game. Career to 54 hitter and hitting just two to one start the season for those two at bats here today what mountaineers is that cook. Cook has drawn on the game's only walk. Of course he cameras or you don't walks. Normally killer. That cook off to a slow start for a 45. And he's ahead in the count one ball no strikes. Cook a native of flower mound Texas sophomore. And it takes slowed to an hour. Cook part timer last year. In just over 100 at bats. No home runs eight RBIs a year ago. Played left field today. Showed up. Swing MS. Fastball at 93. Three runs six hits for the shocker he runs four hits for the mavericks. Bases empty one out in the ma'am fourth. Employers to one. And outside three and one. That could. Out of the box for just the second now back in. Pat on the shoulder waiting employers ready. Brings in the three lawn right in there three into. Josh Menard is waiting on deck. Took last year those 108 at bats did it to 96. 32. Fly ball foul twisting and out of played on the left side we'll do it again. Seven in a row is set down by Cody Hoyer. I. Last year only started one game I'm sorry started three games last year twenty appearances. I'm bullpen Cody one. It started five total games in his first two years as a shocker. Tapper foul off of his person in the play and that could. And so now making his fourth start employer is. As a shocker number one. Not least five in each of its first three starts. It up four runs against nick restate the opener one by the shocker Kenneth them. He gave up three runs in five innings five innings against Omaha. And no decision. And mentioned he scattered four hits in six shutout innings against Nebraska. Over the low ball forty walked cook twice threw a breaking ball. And one on one out and at snaps a string of seven in a row retired by Cody warrior. Josh Menard is. It's single against employer his first time up there. It was a hit and run and there's really not a lot that Jordan borders second baseman could do because he initially. Broke over towards second to cover and minorities. In high bouncer wave lawyers left. There for the fast wool balls no strikes. Trout line went off. And talked Cody Willard. But not until the second inning single. He's now as well he was coming in to the game's second leading hitter on the team behind the old lawn. Juan has since gone 02 and minorities. Currently sitting at 308. And he may have caught on by now. Anyway wanna know with a runner first one out top of the fourth. Three teach doctors. And little bat handle liner picked up by Vickers on the short. On and that's all they'll get. Vickers with a nice play to it is forehand side will short hop. And that was not or away from becoming. A line drive double play cook with convinced that was gonna bounce which did. And he was going toward that second base. And pick it up on the short hop what to Boyer second day. Leaped high and grabbed the team on the bag before it got there you choice. And now Ethan Johnson. Johnson delivered a sacrifice fly to write its first time up to. And it takes very high one ball no strikes. Mean our eyes at first base. Without a steal yet this year they have four by one by four different guys. Maker dropped in there 11. Four to three shot 32 shocker rather top of the four. And aren't as pretty decent size lead over first not going pitches a grounder home picked it up on the back candy was in close. Animated. Ethan Johnson so couple zeroes put up by Cody Hoyer who go to the bottom of the fourth shocker three. UTA. Can. You felt pretty good but to save about seven back to the big glut tire store date yet but then getting that service and feeling lasted about as long ago snowman at San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by a factor train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W I issue shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you had your card a good move. Online campus land tired dot com campus land tired you're out of there Ernie prepared big guys scared. To come. The systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the proof that Comfort Systems can junior air conditioner or in selling new Levy system you can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort. Isn't keeping what's Josh zucker is cool call today 2657831. Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. 32 out runs. In their first three times at bat they'll have cats the Trout line and boy here. To started against. I keep O'Neal Anderson. Can't speak flied to center its first time up there. It's one ball no strike can't. Ticket April 19 so far on the year. In the start right field worked a lot in the summer and in the fall here. At first base strokes one of the gap in right center field perfume coming on everybody chasing it edit and cats they never stop things like that. A fellow parachuting in right center field. In between birth fume that right fielder on the center fielder and even Johnson the second baseman. Ranged far out into right field not on to get it up. And drops harmlessly. Or a little bloop double that ticket that's he's in scoring position with nobody out for dinner Trout one. First time that soccer's courts have been able to. Put the leadoff man on there. There's throw line he. Bounce the third his first time up there. Gunner one home run five RBIs. Anderson brings an end and that's lined it into left field at today's fit. Danny has this field can hold up that he has got to cook in a hurry and the doctors are back on it in the fourth this time with nobody out in the Trout line. Q2 single between. Williams and an arts. Here's warrior the warrior. Grounding that doubled them left field line his first time. Shocker if you don't have the home run tonight. They have kept the pressure on in different ways of course the first three innings they. But the pressure on Anderson by terrorizing him with two outs this time they start the war. To launch. Stretch. Pitch like fouling picking on the first pitch wilderness during down ETA bullpen. Your doctors. Have racked up eight hits. Against the Anderson. Who came in eight suitable guy to start with a fifteen hits in his previous eleven innings this year. A one to Jordan border. Stretched by Anderson and you'll want her ball line drive base hit left field runs to score. And it's now fortitude Djokovic Courtney Avery and Jordan warrior. You got to. First and second nobody out active account that you're we go and Travis you know. Young with a single in the RBI under his belt is one for two. And that's got to bring it trip to the mound. By the pitching coach John twenty. Went to in his fourth season on the staff. Under. Head coach. Darren Thomas. This is then. It's been a struggle for a UTA pitching so far this year and mentioned they had a sixteen ERA. Teen ER at six I don't wanna sound like you 166. Point three with the RA former pitcher at. Arizona State John went through. Also spent a year at the police stay it's. Trip and visit fairly quick. Well that's that's what happens when you got to strike thrower like Anderson without a real put away pitch. You're gonna have to rely on some atom balls so far it's not meant three consecutive hits to start the war. And here young. Williams at third. Would be well served to. Skewed in toward the green portion of the turf. Young pretty good Boehner and they're very fast they struck. Even with the bag first pitch he does try to bunt and hit him. In the batter's box. Fortunate that he's not called out Darren Thomas is not so sure that didn't hitting outside the batter's box. And he's gonna. Come out and talk to bill McGuire and maybe. Ask McGwire and ask for help. Travis Wilson the umpire first. That didn't last long there and did he make it to the on deck circle. And he goes back to third base Daria so what's striking young. Young grounded out to third in the burst and and shot one over the shortstop minorities. Four and RBIs singled it warriors scored just ahead and throw from Zach. Photo on traffic on two on nobody else want in shocker for. Bunning towards third it's picked up by the third baseman only played a personal way lay took a look at seconds and I killed it. Bases loaded. I don't know that he got in anyway. But. Williams took a peek its second. It was a not a great bond because it was in the air for awhile. And then after fielding on hawk Williams was. In no man's land through it first in the indictment. Young minority cast back for another loaded with nobody out or Afghanistan well and certainly we should point out. The Grand Slam thing. Because Wichita State. Has four of them so far this year. Well documented that Alec ball already with three. This year. Swing and miss my tennis that the other one this year. Is by Mason O'Brien. So the bases full of shocker. Nobody out in the fourth inning. And now right hander is up on the rubber down in the bullpen and getting loose. With a low Qaeda backed door him. One and one. Janice. Does have four home runs. Nine driven in. Outline its third border checking in on the first. 11. All actually and it could cut fastball. On the outer third. Just a homered opening day gets that these state. A long home run with two men aboard. Homered with nobody on in the shocker trailing by one in the eighth. In the third game of the season. Homered against Omar. Homered against the draft. One and two. Anderson's pitch. Now through the slider credit back foot slider in on him and Dennis. Able to pull his hands in the spoil it now still wanted to. He's is full of shocker nobody optics Gordon every inning scored exactly one in every. Poised for a big one here in the fourth. Sliced a lap down toward the corner this was trouble is the. All of the apple the other Grand Slam. Wichita State at. Grand Slam of the season. It's great to Genesis sliced it off the the poll. Wichita State. Has now hit five Grand Slam. This year that's gonna do it for Anderson. They are one away from the all time single season record in grand slams. With six hit by the 1998. Team shocker that five grand slams in eleven and a half games. And that's all for Anderson. So Wichita State is now made a five run. Fourth inning. And they've chased the starter. I keep portal Anderson. And another right hander coming out of that. Bullpen this will be Jordan west. Like tough one for Ky people know Anderson who. In each of the first three innings with just one pitch away from getting out of trouble. And had to shocker strung three hits together in the first. Two in the second. And just the one in the third but a run every single time. And so now west we'll take over with nobody on nobody out and unfortunately for Anderson you can RD closed the book on. Three innings plus five batters. Eleven hits. Eight runs just like that shocker if he runs. No walks. Two strikeouts. He threw 56 pitches. And unfortunately for him 41 of them for strikes. Soccer's world. Landed way he runs eleven hits. Three plus innings. So. It'll be turned over to Jordan west. Who has. Appeared three other times this year. And he has lasted just one and two thirds. Over those. Three previous outings. So West End foam here. West appeared in fourteen games last year for the mavs. Covering seventeen innings and 847. ERA. Last year. So I would imagine he will be asked to soak up some innings here as we're early. For the most part in game one of the three game series. And he delivers notable on the single that popped out. West its opening weekend gotten out and allowed two hits against Texas a and M Corpus Christi. Now he's behind tuna. When an inning at third scoreless in Stephen F Austin. And on the first of march. Faced five didn't retire anybody gave up three runs against TCU. To all. Home takes Wall Street. Grayson Janice that has hit the shocker fifth Grand Slam. Of the seas. In not quite twelve games. Over but low ball for won't want. So Jordan west. Walks the first man he faces. And Andrea Mason O'Brien. O'Brien has singled and fly to center. So the first six shocker have reached. Here in the fourth inning. And that's ball five. Also the catcher out talked to Jordan west. Six to 230 senior from. Taylor's milieu top one. Very few non Texans on the roster starting pitcher Anderson obviously from. Pearl city Hawaii. They've got fill birth cue from Quebec city Canada. Got a pitcher from Chandler Arizona but that it. Only four non Texans. On the roster. So one note O'Brien. And that's upstairs. Scoreboard says two and one. So maybe I missed a strike somewhere. But anyway a runner first. Shocker about hit the mavericks 114. That's in their for a called strike. Bullet first still nobody out. Five runs home in the inning. West comes set. Two Q eventually aired this. Low ball three. Trade Vickers waiting in the on deck circle he has two for two. The home run into RBI. Scratch. It's mind drive left field over toward the line in and drop pervasive. Adding that there is twelve minutes tick by cook. And it comes home. Is gonna spill. O'Brien dumped on the left and probably get double in an error. And bull was able to circle they. Know our beyond the play. It will be an error allowing the home to scores so it's doctors have put the first seven on base here in the fourth and six and scored. Now trade Vickers RBI single solo home run. And home run by. Janice depth knowledge shocker fifth Grand Slam but this. Eighteenth home run of the season for the shocker. One noted. Trade Vickers. O'Brien at second. West is trying to stop the bleeding sliced foul by Vickers back and how to play. At least at the plate Vickers looked like he admits to be. First pitch that he saw he shot into center field for an RBI. And then homered with one out. With two outs rather in the third. Hit one into the bleachers. Nine to two attackers bottom of the fourth. Popping up it's like they're gonna getting here and second baseman Johnson. Gives way in the first baseman Salinas there's the first out of the inning. The Vickers retired for the first time I now know croft. Was due to bat but. Luke Ritter's gonna hit four. So croft and hope for two with a pair of strikeouts. And obviously. In this spot. You can pick whoever you want you not to worry about. Making changes defensively in the spot. And so. Thought Butler will go. Luke Ridder. O'Brien its second one away here's the stretch by west the pitch. And so I'd wanna know. Nuclear seven for 411. Home run five RBIs. Started all eleven games of the season. To start at second base. And got the first part of the day off. Here today. 10. Inside tune up. Ridder over three. And scored a run against the war you don't the only run shocker yeah. He scored a run and five straight games from Wichita State though he has been getting on base here and there. And spied at. Sub Mendoza line batting average takes distracts to a one. Here's a stretch. By Jordan west pinch. Slice fouled on the right side it was just twisting out of line and it's too into. Luke Ritter. John rocker's chase. I keep Paul Hill Anderson after three three innings and five batters. Touched him up eight runs and eleven hits. West long hole. And the pitch. Him reaching a little ground ball. Right over the bag found. Slow roller that went down from Williams. Shocker got one of the first one of the second one of the third. And six so far here. In the hole. PTA guy running to the first two innings with Rudy lawyers settled down since then. 22 again into the turf oriented. There is day another right hander loosening behind Jordan west so. I guess that he's not effective. Darren Thomas. Won't be afraid to replace him try to stop the bleeding. Yeah in this tough situation be in for them. Mine in the left field come on over and he's got to make the catch. Ritter hit it well that lines up left in his. First plate appearance today threw away and I'll bring up that's been started this with a soft double to right there. Tough for you TA. In that they lost their starting pitcher after only three innings and this is this the first game of the series so. And what she gets herculean efforts by their starters for the next few days bullpen really going to be heavily involved. This weekend in the RD arm in this. Or if that they want to. In harbor right at the second baseman on two ops Johnson got to throw to first in time. And the inning is over but the shocker have a great round they send him to the plate he scored six. They hit their fifth Grand Slam of the young season great suggested they look at home run highlighting six run fourth. The fifth it's now the shocker nine mavericks to. Shocker stand stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. 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How about the did any time for the scoreboard update racked by being here trooping in construction from ropes to and gutters to siding and windows. Let your home's exterior again good singer trooping dot com or call 316202. When he 66 fingers through a thing construction. Or home team pro. Well first Wichita State leading nine to two. After four. And offensively anyway gotten a bitter taste out of their mouth from Wednesday. That game against Oral Roberts. Snapped out of it tonight nine runs on twelve minutes to pursue war at bats. And chopping ground ball in the leadoff man Gilbert humans struck out twice. Against Cody Hoyer. Here today. Birth fume Salinas. Holly top three in the order. Home even with bag at third case birth team tries to drop one down. You know fell back below nine Q. Highly doubtful. There Trout wine walking up. Ball halfway out to the mound Cody lawyer. And to his credit home plate umpire. Bill McGuire. Followed him out there security. Move this thing along. Elsewhere around the American and the nation get to those scores it's time allows here in the inning. Line in the ode to divert the U. Turf won two. Well in basketball. In the NCA aids shocker leading. Temple 61 to 57. Under ten minutes left to go and that one K you leading case state PP 347 up from Kansas City. Wanted to divert you to pitch. What looked like strike three was. Throne where it was meant to be but caught the inside corner it appeared that bill McGuire. He has filled birth human stay of execution. Future shock her opponent ms. duke shocker to play them on Tuesday leading LaSalle to do nothing. After two and a half. Shocker go to Creighton after that their action tonight. And her team takes three into. Creighton leading forty nothing in the bottom of the third over Minnesota. Weekend's series against the gophers. UTA opened up with Texas a and M Corpus Christi. And opening weekend and OU's got a. Three to two top of the third sooners lead it. Perfume chopped it foul. And it skipped off the top real ha UTA dug up. Soccer's. Haven't upcoming series against Furman their leading Michigan state of the Big Ten three to nothing. And into the bottom of the seventh. One future opponent one pass opponent going head to head central Arkansas on the beach state. The bears leading McBee six nothing bottomless pit swing and a miss him very few goes down for the third time. There's the first got to the top of the fifth Cody Hoyer brings up its fifth strikeout. They've come. Among two guys. Here's Salinas one out of two scored one of the few maverick runs. Mentioned east Carolina nationally ranked. Anywhere from nineteen to 23 depending on the poll they went today over Charlotte three to one. And little cute shot off the plate and employers got it probably should take it to himself until walked over to the back. Look the Mason O'Brien to a Salinas got fooled and hit one right off the cap. Christian holly. Total bases empty to lay Polyone attitude. You can shocker opponent Oklahoma State leading or beat eastern Michigan at final peaked at three. Cowboys beat the Eagles. Nobody on cue up the fifth the pitch. Ali takes a strike slider bins in there. Cody lawyer. And sharp you're in the fifth. Two lane and Purdue. Three game series this weekend there's scoreless after four. Told. Hutus and found the back. Two leaders this week in six and seven. So far this year. UConn and the citadel. Opening 83 game series tonight that citadel within 32 lead after seven. Over the Huskies UConn started the season 54. They've had some weather issues as you can imagine. Open and one ball and two strikes. Kansas beat saint John's big east today seven before. Houston and the University of San Diego opening up the series they're scoreless after one. Houston's got a little bit they're six and six. Just outside tune in to hear from nine to two shot maker's top of the fifth. UCF and Siena. We'll play double header tomorrow. You see up off to a good start their inquiry. To two dollar off the end of that pokes it into right center field just on the movie chaotic and inning is over Haiti earlier. Turned in a 123 inning at its second. Of the day so he has put up three smoke rings on the scoreboard after allowing a run any through the first two halfway through its shocker nine UT eight to. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Grade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Well thank you deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver and kiss home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss two Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink or an end over west Sawyer. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM. Runs in every inning so far will try to keep it going here in the bottom of the fifth. Nine to two Wichita State from a Texas Arlington came to us your ballpark Simon Sumner back in the studio. Governor can't quite believe it off in the heat boy you're young. Here in the fifth. The big inning with a six run fourth capped by Grayson Janice the Grand Slam shocker fifth one already this year. Jordan west. Got the the last three outs of the fourth. Gave up an unearned run. And Trout lines guys want to shallow right over toward the line. On his forces Johnson the second baseman makes a nice over the shoulder catch. Per hour winds one for three. The one away and Jordan lawyers singled and doubled. It. Warriors scored both times. He doubled with two outs in the second young brought him home. And then as part of last inning started he had an RBI single in Cameron's warning grand plan. Started to swing and took low. Nine runs twelve hits in the first four innings for the shocker. Two and oh boy here. So it does look like this game could be Jordan west's for awhile after all. And that's a strike in there 89 to one. Long time waiting 21. And boy your punches one fouled on the right side. And in and out of the bleachers. Copy and shocker coach's office. Could do to Jordan Boyer. Or border came into the game hitting to 35. But now eyes. In on the young season as often happens you get a couple hits and skyrocket your batting average she's hit 278. Now. Three into west mrs. away. Nobody on one out the shocker fifth. 32 pitch. Los symbol for warriors and on their all three times. So long on one out and finish up the scoreboard for it brought you buy dinner for opinion construction. That 123 inning. Like Cody ordered you need all the way through. Kansas State played Mercer this afternoon and put it on. Wildcats winning twelve to two. Tennessee outlasted Cincinnati in twelve innings three to two of the volunteers victorious. Cincinnati countess sneaky good start but that loss drops in the seven and six. Wanna know the county Travis young they had a pretty decent win in the mid week against Indiana Indiana's nationally ranked. Cincinnati falls to the volunteers and experts today three to. One note a young. The pitch. It sharply but right at shortstop 64. And three and that's that. For the shocker young couldn't hit it much harder back. Carl Lewis would hit into a double play right there talkers finally held off the scoreboard will go to the sixth 92 Wichita State. He's year old dishwasher are struggling to make it to a cycle well then you better get into Clinton's opponents during their clearance sale. They won't quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. Plus there are large inventory did you get saying they are next day delivery and installed on most models vigilant until they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana kitchen made Energy Star rated this washing ask about free install on qualifying models. The shelter insurance when the landlords have to keep up with the renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Added we just dropped by to pick up your rent checks. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy that helps cover stuff in case of fire theft and more whip. Just moved back and smelled them you mean as new mini case. She'll through insurance we're leadership feel weird shelter. Or renters insurance see Katie Shanle or Jesse mice in Wichita religious leader Dustin derby. Mark Fleming joins me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as. What you're back. For the chargers they are cruising at the moment nine to two. And employers really settled down after half in the labored through the first couple of innings. You run first run in the second then threw the last three innings he's retired 123. In fact he had given up the hit since second. And we know Vaughn leading off here in the sixth. Bond also then Wilson Williams rather. Or five and six and you're no bonus twice struck out. And a little below the knees one ball no strikes and you're go on the sixth. And one of those was his last start against Nebraska. And Allan sales in their first strike something soft. One on one. On struck out swinging in the first swinging in the third. He's not a guy strikes out all that much. Sweating and it's one of two. He had struck out seven times its first ten games this year. And forgot it at six extra base hits including three home runs you take a strike out here and there. But boy literally had these numbers so far. Here's the 12 pitch. Alan stroke behind beat the left center field generous they're going back he's at the track any didn't get it boy and a long way to run. And bought around second and on his way to third with a standup triple. Vaughn hit it where they peaked and hit it well almost got it out here the opposite field so he has his third triple. Already this year any leads off the sixth inning. At third base for Wilson. Rules then the single and a fly ball. So. But he Hoyer to the stretch. One of the few times in the mid inning. And swing and a miss by Olson out in front of the slider nothing in 1922. Shoppers. Got in the sixth. No Vaughn with his third triple already. Shoppers will. Remain back they'll concede and how are run for an out if they can get it. Strike that thing into. It's an lawyers struck out five but birth fume in Bonn. Have represented all five strikeouts and just two guys. To stretch. Pitch. It on the ground in the second baseman old getting men but Boyer takes care of Poulsen. It's nine to three so Olsen does his job but. UTA. Could use a big inning if they wanna get back in businessmen and Olsen now one for three with a pair of RBIs. So they're clear for RJ Williams who's twice grounded out to ballot ball. First pitch coming to Williams. And here it is bounces one ball no strike. Elsewhere around the American South Florida is entertaining central Michigan this weekend. Bulls leading one to nothing through five. USF case you didn't know as a likely first round draft pick one of these days chain McClanahan is off to a smoke and hot start as a foul ball that shocker bullpen. Memphis. Played a double dip today with. Little Rock. With some impending weather and Memphis winning ten to six. Little Rock waiting five to four. Finish up that series tomorrow or try to anyway pitch. Powell not wanting to. Future shock her opponent South Dakota State playing northern Colorado. And the bears victorious. Northern Colorado winning an 1132. Oral Roberts. Playing a weekend's series against Dallas Baptist. And the patriots lead three to nothing after two. One ball two strikes to RJ Williams. Lawyers won two. Load tune into. Here it's nine to three shocker. In the top of the ticks. Maybe the get together the weekend occurring in Los Angeles. On solid teams out there that dodger town classic. To do. Chopper foul do it again. Number fifteen Vanderbilt. We'll take on UCLA. And number eight TCU will play USC. Doctor count classic in Los Angeles. And in what could be a college World Series preview. Number three Texas tech's taking on number six Kentucky. Kentucky leads ten to seven in the night and then hit RJ Williams. So I hit batter puts a runner on with one out wars that cook. Who is twice walked. We'll action in the shocker bullpen analysis. Cody lawyers pitch count started to mount a little booties. I start to pay the tab for those first couple of innings. One on one one in. In the mavericks' sixth inning. Nine to three Wichita State pitch. Bouncer to short giving ground as Vickers gets rid of the the second for one back the first almost turned a beautiful double play fake that birds. It'll be a fielder's choice that they retire the fine. Good play by trade Vickers to really get rid of them and her. The two outs now Josh minorities. As. Cody Hoyer is north of 100 pitches now. And. First pitch to him. To hire one ball no strikes. Cook at first two way. A leadoff triple by no Vaughn. It's come home to roost. And a half swing foul ball and even half swings. But Norris thought about it and got the barrel out there just barely. One and one. Her lead the way it first Zach cook. Doctors in front nine to three. Pitch. And that hitting. Men are as flings the bat away but. That's just a fatigue Cody lawyer not being able to. Finish his pitches and we'll see if Mike Steele pod Butler. Whomever comes out of the dugout and. Replaces him. Obviously two hit batters in the inning. Ethan Johnson. In the nine hole hitter and do recognize him sacrifice fly and grounded to third. Full surprise or staying within these. Having trouble finishing out the sixth that they're gonna give him one more batter. In a nine to three game. Here's a strike in there nothing in one of Johnson fly ball to right that brought home run and he's grounded to third. Has squeeze one more out out of Cody order. The deal on. Here are on the ground right to Vickers he's got it flips to second and that's that though Cody lawyer gets out of the inning. He gives up a run experience to. And the doctors are still comfortably in front of the bottom of the sixth Wichita State nine UT 83. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. Service is not available from plant. One company is on a mission to put a million people towards each year sounds like the big number dozens and not to express employment professionals. Helped to engineer or ninety developer looking for the right for. Or how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never church where he defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year plus how we open. Go to expressed grows dot com to find a location near you needs decent JB joins from beyond really read you know weeknight. I'm okay. Doctors about the bottom of the sixth and and between three and four in the order. Shocker nine runs twelve hits no errors. Mavericks three runs five hits one error. Grayson Janice the one for three and hit a Grand Slam. Back in the fourth inning. Tennis stuff. One for three balls one for too long walk O'Brien two for three. Jordan west brings an end. Upstairs one ball no strikes. Against safety teams here tomorrow will be at 2 o'clock game. Shocker we'll start freshman DeLeon Eddie woods three you know. Be opposed by Brad bathroom lefty. Strike two tennis one in one. Eddie ERA 145. Brad passer very respectable two point 89 ERA. But this'll only be his second start. Appeared three times in early. Do you want to Grayson just. And disagreement fountain back over the net. Don't do. You shocker went home runs from Vickers in Janice. Three other doubles lawyer cats the O'Brien. Haven't bounces. So it looks like Wednesday's game I faded memory. These shocker hitters. Beautiful night for baseball. Still in the mid sixties. And virtually no wind all day today in which to. And it bounces ball four against the wall. The lead off man on there for the shocker here in the sixth. In each of the first three innings in case you missed it the shocker had two outs and nobody on. They got three singles for a run in the first at double a single for a run in the second. And a home run. In the third all coming after two rounds. They're home. He's singled walked scored twice. Jordan west right hander. They seem equally big right hand batter I fly ball center field got in on the back just enough lawn. In straightaway center waiting for to come down makes the catch. So bald one out of three and back at first those. Recent tennis. You bring up Mason O'Brien two hits in three tries. I O'Brien moved up to the cleanup spot here tonight they did not getting the night off Luke Ritter got. The first part of the ninth off and then pinch hit for. No croft DH spot. Well Brian pops one now backing out of play. O'Brien first Guidant street west. I'm sorry the second guy west walked Coleman and O'Brien dump to double down the left field line. And in cook kicked it around him and loud booms war. Brian got off to a slow start but we've been red hot since then swing and it's pitch up. 12. O'Brien went crazy and that. Nebraska series. Somewhat overshadowed by three home runs including two grand slams by Al Bowman yet. A pair of three hit games against the Huskers. We'll continue to makes it O'Brien jealous it first one out nine to three doctors. And swing and miss them it's down and Brian strikes out. That's Jordan west's first strikeout. Now here's victor's cry they were Carolina. RBI single solo home run. Okay. Speakers popped up. Do first baseman in his last time in. Quite a triumphant return to lineup. Inside. One ball no strikes. Trail along consecutive game streak snapped. 89 consecutive starts opening weekend course. Had to set out all ten games part of eleventh with a hamstring issue. Takes strike one and one. Okay. One little one. Just that first led off with a walk. Swing and yes. 87 past demons now it's one into. Top of the order do for you TA in the top of the seventh. What continue to trade Vickers. Jordan west. Now they're since the war. They're gonna pianist panel liner over the second baseman they fit Vickers got a three hit game. And cruising over to third goes Grayson Janice news off the events that trade Vickers. Is three for war. And that'll bring up Luke Ridder. Yates. Vickers. Twice in his career Teddy four hit game. Again quite a return to lineup. Tree Vickers. Ridder had a hard but he lined up to cook left fielder last time up there. First pitched it Ritter upcoming here it is. Upstairs one ball no strikes. More action in the maverick bullpen. Nine to three shocker it's. They now hit the mavs. Thirteen to five. Here's a 10. Inside almost 88 Jack and I found a way tuna. Dayton do god has grabbed a baton you'll hit next. So it looks like cats these night. Might be done. And that mrs. ball three. So there one pitch away from load them up again. The shocker this year are five for seven with the bases loaded. They've all been home for a. Three out of Ridder. And it's inside ball for their loaded up. So here comes dig out. Do delegate for cats me. He's hitting 2051. Home run two RBIs. Cat's feet finishes one for three with a double. So they're loaded up Purdue guy. Jordan Boyer. And Travis young. Our active shoppers. Who own a Grand Slam besides young pianist and O'Brien now. And swung late shot now path we want these first base coach nothing in one. In the Butler era. Besides the guys that green this year. Ryan think them chase raider Zach Redding. Sam Hilliard. Always grand slams. High bouncer over the third baseman down toward the left field corner to run the and his score it's not a Grand Slam. In the second and safe. I was hustling double. Those shocker get the run back and then some as Peyton didn't go with a pinch hit two run double. And only third goes Ridder. Warring. Vickers. And Houston though it's not include another crooked and another accurately fit. Now it's eleven the theory here comes on or Trout line. Cal won one out of three. So a shocker with two more runs batted in with two outs. That's. Five of their eleven. Runs coming with fuel way. Here's strong line. I fly ball right field over toward the line down toward the corner a long long run and it drops fouled birth fumed. Hadn't gone acre of real estate to cover and it bounced on the ground turf and out here. Or along strike from. Better Trout line. No balls and one strike. Not whining single runs coordinate six run shocker for. A lot of scoring early on. But it's been mostly shocker in mid game. Swung late flights now UTA got to run in the first. On three singles RBIs by Wilson. Shocker counted it countered it with a two out RBIs from trade knickers. First of three hits for him. Sacrifice fly east and Johnson in the second. Mate to one shocker immediately answered with a RBIs by Travis young in the bottom. Popped up now on how to play by Trout lines still wanted. And then in the third inning after the shocker yours put up a zero on the board. Got a two out home run by trade Vickers. And then that six run fourth capped by jones' Grand Slam. And now two more here in the sixth. Courtesy of Dayton do god. Counters the RBI in the top of the inning by Wilson. One into and out of Trout lines so eleven to three. Now by the way has. Tied for the most runs scored in the game this year by the shocker twice down eleven at meets. And a swing and MS high fastball and down goes Trout line. So the shoppers. Tacked on two more. They had two hits there were two walks. And there were two left our new score after six is Wichita State eleven. And Texas Arlington three. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes hone their competitive banks. Park trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy slide past challenges and hit home run go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sing this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel this season. Join us more things right here on K. And as. A couple of changes the Wichita state of course knowing that. You guys hit the cats being that new avenue right fielder and it didn't do guys like there. And Adam Keller pitching for the first time in 2018. Cody lawyers night is done. A lawyer. Went six innings for the second straight start. He gave up five hits three runs walked he struck out five through a 108 pitches and leave with a knee friendly. Adam Keller. Making me. Appearance for the shocker sixth seed you'll find a senior from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Keller last year. Appeared 22 times. Point eight in relief. It was three and two with a knee RE a 386. Also. Spent time at West Virginia. And Seward county. Shocker basketball team policy is off temple 8981. They will move on to play tomorrow and American. Conference championships. Being played down in Orlando and play. The winner. Houston and the league Central Florida but it. Soccer's advance 8981. Line 24 points from Landry champ. So Keller will get the top of the order. Leading off will be. Fill birth fumes schedule. Looks like get a pinch hitter for him. Keller first pitch. Is strike. 113 Wichita State top of the seventh. Parents fault. Pinch hitting for birth you. All want. What good looking pitch this somewhere. 11. Parents fault. Has been in a funk he's one for fourteen. And his mood 71. File a junior from Mansfield Texas. Keller won one. Upstairs to a one. 1114 you know for the shocker 35 and one for the ma'am. Two balls and one strike nobody on nobody out. 21 from Keller and that hitting write them back. Who. Three hit batters. In the last. Five. That's on the seventh inning starts for Adam Keller. I don't bring up Omar Salinas. Salinas went one out of three employer. Ball from the shocker bullpen makes its way out on the field so. Time called briefly. Salinas a first inning single scored a run flied to right. And hit come backer. Keller come says. Comes to the plight. Soft stuff got in their first strike. Flight and nothing in one. To stretch. One. Strike on the outside corner wanted to. So I don't back in there and it jumped back ahead in the count against Salinas. Christian holly waiting next. Shocker to eleven mavericks three were in the top of the seventh versed in the three game series. Them CO2. We'll grounder to second might need to that they are very tag the runner Kellen bar that's the only way they could have done more three double play good job by borders. Thought grant right in the double blind. Two outs. Bases empty now for Christian holiday. Now what hit hard enough Eric didn't appear anyway if for example. Fault would have. Fallen down or stopped or whatever. Boy you would had a backhand and Vickers who would have had few if you want to turn a double play the old fashioned way than conventional way probably. Would add to bare handed and and throw all in one motion even have a chance but. While grain and the out and Boyer. Did the easy part after that swing and Imus by Christian holly holly one out of three in the first inning single. Soccer's. Turned to. That it recently hit batter. Hold on to Christian holly. Adam Keller comes out of the letters with nobody on. And comes to the plate. Good looking pitch called a little bit high. What are want. John workers off to that nine and two start told it's very top. He these two teams records. Here's the 11 pitch swing and it. They started ten and two. Back in 2010. So they're bidding to. Get off to the best start in eight years. The 2006. Team got off to a seventeen in two starts a little work left to go there but. Shocker off to a good start nonetheless. This mist outside boy bill McGuire had an opportunity to. Bring up Christian hauling in eleven at three game in the seventh but he elected to. Make Adam Keller threw a QQ pits instead. Bases empty two out. Shocker to score that. Five separate innings. Too cute. Off the end of that little flare to center field and it's gonna drop for basic so holly has a two hit game. Slider right off the into the Baptist. The little players' dinner. I know Vaughn. Vaughn has struck out twice and tripled the opposite field. We. Move on with those twelve career home runs. He now has nine. Career triples. After hitting its third one of the season. Back in the sixth. Let off last inning with a triple to deep left center. When ball no strikes. Wichita State has equaled its highest output against. Texas Arlington. In this series. The all time series that is shocker 111 to three. In game back in 1994. Line to the right center field a basic head over to try to cut off his due got he will. And into second base goes on with the another extra base hit. Over at third goes holly. Don't know all Vaughan continues to be an extra base hitting machine. He came in with six of his twelve hits for extra bases bulldoze its tonight and gone for extra base triple and a double. So runners at second and third. And now will Olson. Olson has produced a run in the first and the six. With a single in the ground ball. I was correct Houston placed UCF in the late game in the basketball turned it down and or look I know that through Wichita State will face the survivor of that. Here's a stretch killers pitch. In their first strike and opinion won't. Shocker we'll take on Missouri coming up on Tuesday. In Colombia. But one game midweek. And be their twelfth all time meeting against the tigers. It fits in there for strike two. This will be the first game between a shocker is in his dues since 2014. At Kauffman Stadium. Missouri won that game five to four in ten innings. 02 Olson. Trial winds setting up outside caller's pitch and 8000 back it's out there that Olson was laying in wait for. Still 120 Polly at third on a second. Two outs in the seventh. And Adam Keller benefiting from a ground ball double play. Keep this a scoreless frame for the moment. Nothing in cute Keller with a couple pitches to work with here. Here's the stretch. Adams pitch high. One and two. Shocker seventh we'll have 91 and two in the order. Jordan Boyer lead off and he's yet to be retired. One Volquez strikes to will soon. Killer comes set. One to swing and it's got to pull the string on aim on a pitch down and Keller worked out of trouble. He hit a man to lead off the inning gave up a single and double after that but with a 20 in his debut in 2018. Stretched out here at the ballpark that shocker to eleven in the mavericks' three. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner manager when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn and trying something new can be exciting and power downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. Chevrolet find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sale securities when he fourteen through 2070. Rush somebody ask any given day have you ever bought out found it was the old it's a wonderful life questions. Reverend Clarence the Angel was telling George Bailey you know out of town and meet different equipment we're the there's something what would happen if you hadn't started your show in 1980 if you can't imagine a world without him. Guys that never thought about neither Janine because I did start tonight he's here he's eleven to zero and I don't do yeah on 97 and thirteen thirty. And SS. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm Kia and its. Jordan west ends up going three innings in relief. I've had trouble closing out. He ended up going three innings. Three kids three runs. Two earned. He walked four. Jordan lifted. And struck out two. So you're go to the bottom of the seventh. And the new pitcher. That is. Right hander. Parker. Scotty. 61175. Parker's Scotty. Becomes the third relief that second relief pitcher third pitcher overall. As he threw the first two went. Three innings. Jordan Boyer a lead it off. He has doubled singled and walked. Scotty. Delivers and it's strike nothing in one. Scotty pitched one that. Scoreless inning in relief so far this year. And he has had a pitching in mop up time here tonight. One in London Jordan Boyer. Scotty pitching from the stretch with nobody on right hander against right handers pitch. And that's upstairs. Scotty a native of Mansfield Texas. Redshirt sophomore. And that's outside three in one. Scotty pitched one inning. Last year. And has pitched one inning this year. Three law and it. Jordan boy here. And inside rebel forces Heidi walks border and Jordan's been on their whole four times soccer fans rejoice every Monday night for the top Butler coaches show an AJ sports grill at the Alley. Thirteenth and green which road broadcasting live on key assets 9713. Thirty. He gave support military ally and home for all shocker confucius. So young will be pinch hit for Alex Jackson will take over for him. And an eleven to three ballgame. In the bottom of the seventh on Butler electing this. In a couple of new guys in there and Jackson it'll chopper to first down to second hand out there on a short hop. As Salinas. And it made things tough on Menard has the fielder's choice and Alex Jackson replaces. Jordan warriors runner. How Grayson Janice. One for three with a Grand Slam. And he takes a little bit low. The ball no strikes. I pitch and that's and ripped. Right passes second baseman on a short hop up to do or die play and Johnson got eaten up throw comes in the middle of the diamond Jackson makes its way to third. The justice golden one their rights dinner at his second hit. And bring up Alec won't. So Parker's body. Is. Hit number fifteen which doctors tonight. The starter Anderson gave up eleven. West only gave up three in three innings but any walked formula three era. Horrors of the corners one away for Alec ball. And that slow curve ball drops in their first strike. Ballmer is singled walked. Scored both of those times. He's also popped out and flied to center. Swing and it. Appears at least. After the first six or show gains that bombs start to come back down to earth ever so. Slightly. Scene is average. Dropped to 390. He started his first twenty at bats hitting over 500. Well into the count on it. And at the breakers here. It. Shocker with at least one base runner in every inning. There quietness with the fifth or the other one out walk that. Young hit into a double play so they only fit three plate then. Blasted hot and deep to left center field bought going back and eat in front of the track makes the catch and runs and score and bolt hit just off the inbound. Not to keep in the park and hit the wrong part of market well so give it right to left center field but he'll have to settle for his eighteenth runs batted in. And with also and that the weather cooling off and no wind helped him. That wasn't exactly planned bombs Avery about twelve to three. And aquifers because Afghanistan. Eric posting. And hit the Mason O'Brien. Merry go round continues it's. Big here kosice 64195. Native of Omaha left hand batter. Well hit formation O'Brien. And he swings and misses. Coaches has one other plate appearance this year. Scotty with a runner at first. And bomb practically standing on the bag kosice picked outside. Garrick got to pinch hit appearance against all long on February 25. Only the fifth inning and soccer's not thwart him. Blasted to right field and it can think quickly and dropped in front of the right fielder. And in this second coast the S and even there may fit. He's gonna have a double. And. The right fielder had a little bit trouble. Gauging it that far who replaced birth team. It was a kind of a false spin lob I guess you could say but he was hit like a bullet so far was. Kinda undecided on what to do. Annie retreated at the last moment. And they had a pretty strong throw to second base but it was offline at Johnson couldn't chase down hostess though. Second and third now. Portrayed Vickers. Who's got an opportunity had a career night at play here yet three hits. And takes extra. So your closest it's his first hit as a shocker. In the double to right. Sixteen hits now flew charters. They followed up their worst performance offensively with their best. And Vickers hit one in right field folks got measured he's waiting for it makes the catch. The shocker seventh is finished they score one more they strand two more. And Ernie score at the end of seven. Is a shocker twelve. UT 83. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for a plan. The twin peaks the ultimate spores lodge where everything's been raised to a higher elevation there's sports on huge screens and -- who is bursting from the best kitchen in sports there's something and the many dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any source journal items from the table when he's full service bar features an extensive selection of draught Beers that are purposely serve that it teeth chattering 29 degrees in months so ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of hasty TV so there's never a bad seat in the house heads for twin peaks eats drinks scenic views shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means Bernhard and Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Here are the great American join me so. Simple changes here defensively for the doctors Yoshko backers now playing first base for Wichita State. Alec accident in the left. And Fred Allen if you do pitcher. Soccer left the appearing for the second time this year. We're also gonna have a pinch hitter for UTA. You're atop the ate them be who Montgomery. Have had a chance swing the bat. And to be his. Fifth game these ladies. Over six so far. That trip Allen against Boone Montgomery innate twelve the three game doctors. Have scored in every inning but one. The mavericks got runs in the first few innings. And then one in the sixth. So Boone Montgomery freshman from grapevine. March date. Big time wind change really for both teams we're gonna probably see a few more subs the rest of the way. Soccer's accords with the nine run lead can split it up with pitching staff the rest of the way athletes who choose to get some guys in the having pitched much and Trent now on that would qualify. Big lefty kicks and deals and at Taiwan ball no strikes. Chris Allen a third of an inning against Nebraska on the second. Yeah about one hit. Howland at Montgomery that outside tuna. So be Montgomery. And then Zach cook at least him in the on deck circle. Yet that won't force 30. Fred Allen misses to boot Montgomery. Montgomery. Highly decorated out great nine high school first team holes leader last year. And can Allen has thrown or street out of the strike zone. And 812 the three game here in the right. Now is that cook. Cook is walked twice in his mid fielder's choice. Trent Allen speaking of Texas is a native of south lake Texas. Went to Carol senior high school. And breaking ball missed inside. One ball in those strikes. So. Trip Allen who's 65200. Pounds. A little bit at fault to him he pitches down the stretch. All elbows and he kept coming at you when mrs. lawn outside in. Home plate umpire bill McGuire is never anywhere V. Twelve the three. In the top of the eight. Do though. Allen's in there too long. Zach cook with a leadoff walk in the second game around to score one of the three. Maverick runs through one out walk on employer. In the fourth. To want. And side three and one. Couple right he's loosening in the shocker pan. Josh Menard is. Waiting on dec three want. That's in their strength to. Prior first no outs in need maverick eight. ETA run out of time. Twelve the three Wichita State. In Jackson Janice then duke got. Left to right in the outfield. And a swing MS and down goes cut so for now and comes all the way back to strike outlook for the first out. Okay. Don't want out here's minorities youth singled he's one for two officially also been hit by pitch. Out. And ours is a second inning single. Came into the game as the Mets in the second leading hitter on the team the ones that. Our regular. Players anyway here's a strike in there fill birth you came into the game at 500 hitter but he only seven hour fourteen he had a tough 10 for three. Three strikeouts. Replaced by errant ball. 01 started to swing held up and takes low. And it's one of the one. Shocker in match tomorrow do it'll be Leann Eddie and Brad vasser. Starting pitchers. Fred Allen. Then over on his knee looking for the sign he's got the when he wants straightened up brings it and that's way outside. 21. So shocker with a season high twelve runs. Coming off of a game where they only got three hits against along are you. This got to feel particularly good for the hitters. This is a season behind hits too. Players' strike two into the ground up so they get twelve runs. Eclipsing the two games against meet meet state where there at eleven. And they have sixteen hits. To better than the fourteen they had against Nebraska. A week ago Sunday. Tried the outside corner and missed the breaking balls three and two. Three balls to strike our first one out in the eight. Alan reading science Kim sat. I'm still play. Popped up foul back and play. Soccer's. With two home runs tonight including another Grand Slam their fifth of the season. They also had. Five doubles. That gives him 25 on the season. One short of their season high of six and game swing and answer Allen gets an art to enough. Go back to back strikeouts for Fred Allen after walk. And here's Easton Johnson right field. Johnson has. Hit a sacrifice fly and is over to otherwise. Try and Alan. Meaning in that now comes set at the letters. And the pitch. All want. Montgomery at first he walked to start the inning but then cook Inman ours have been struck out. It's going to miss one long. Well pitching staff has certainly kept up their end of the bargain like they have. Really for the last couple weeks. And only gave up to Wednesday in the loss to give up one Tuesday in the win. He did have got a Mulligan against Nebraska that Sunday game where they lost ten of nine bullpen. Couldn't hold it. 72 lead. But they had. In the mid week. Double fit double figure strikeouts in both including seventeen against. Or Roberts on Wednesday. That's in there for a called strike two and two. They have a more down to earth eight strikeouts. Tonight. Allen with two in a row has a chance to strike out the side. Two balls two strikes two counts twelve to three shocker pitch. Ghana game looking. It's up around the belt and Allan good strike out that night. After a leadoff walk through an Allen takes care of the rest. Are about 8123. Shocker. Wanna have a little fun at what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by award. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just would you expect from the best fields in the industry seekers over a bobcat dot com slash advantage results have been checked about a person of whites or machinery in Wichita Topeka Manhattan Garden City aerosols when it's our machinery you're authorized bobcat dealer lot. Yeah. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Oh great now with a smile Q got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider could unleash your smile power with delta dental. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today on gay and. Picture for. You'd PA. Here in the bottom of the eight inning. Parker's Scotty. Suffered his way through a long seventh inning which he gave up two hits a walk and run. And the gives way to Cody warmly. We're only has pitched twice previously this year totaling one inning. Right hander. 6215. Richard freshman Allen Texas. So the DH spot will have its. Third different guy there for the shocker this heat packs and Wallace looks like he's getting hit for Ritter who hit for croft. And then after that. Likely to see a hundred Gibson so. Lot of subs into the game now it's twelve the three were in the bottom of the eighth Boone Montgomery stayed in the game for ETA play third. They'll be Wallace then likely Gibson. Then heck may be rusty via. All we know. But first things first it will be. Paxton Wallace. Lawless native of Greenbrier Arkansas at the start. DH. And Tulsa on Wednesday against the war you were at least pitch. Hi fly ball right field should be playable for full. Groups over into the gap waiting for come down Mexicans. So Wallace. Flies to right. Lawlessness. Over one against the war you. Here's targets and they did does night it was a brief when he played for a couple of innings. In right field after cats he started. Pounced on one big long hot this second baseman two pitches to routes. That's more like it. Keep this thing go on here comes Covina. He is gonna hit four of governor Trout wine and he better not throwing first pitch. Us to dean yeah. Getting a plate appearance for the shoppers. Freshman backup catcher one out of four so far his. Shocker career. And sure enough he did swing at the first pitch. Cody were we almost had an iMac not an immaculate inning but a miraculous one never have three pitching camera and it. Anywhere you strike out all three. On nine pitches. There's an immaculate inning that's fell back into the stands and influence to news that shoppers are in swing mode right now nine. To Dina got to start on the 25 against a smaller one out of three. He got up at bat in that runaway game against these eleven to two on opening weekend. Annie swings and misses in Downey goes so Cody were leaked through five pitches all of strikes. And gets to Dina. To India and go to the night twelve to three. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Alexa. We have quick rundown on the local and national news along with any relevant traffic and weather info nobody wants to hear a computer read the news okay. Ralitsa complete cave in as this radio and by the way you can do that on any Smart speaker tried. You're Smart speaker. You can hear us. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. One talk station. CNN cents. Lead off the top of the Ninth Ward UTA Robbie Evans takes over on the mound for the shocker. Ross could Dina. We hit for per hour wind gets tonight. And patrolling right field for the ninth inning will be hundred Gibson. 123 Wichita State pull over on sixteen hits no errors three runs seven hits one error for the mavericks. Texas Arlington. Errant ball was hit by pitch by Adam Keller. His previous plate appearances so. So Robby Evans running a bit of a bounce back. From his outing on Wednesday. He added do you Z boy he went. One and two thirds. Gave up one hit struck out three but also tied a program record. With a four hit batters. And that one and two thirds. But. Ended up. Coming out of that game unscathed. Clayton mcginnis came in and stranded his writers when he was removed. And didn't give up anything. Here's fault first pitch to him swan on fouled back. So Evans appearing for the fifth time. All of early covering. Three and a third so far. No records saves. In the fault. And then what looks like maybe the trial subscribe to that. And made it for Salinas. When I went all back to the screen prosecuting a thought he was gonna throw curve ball had. Threw a fastball right by its face. One ball one strike somebody. Was confused. Game was 22 after two. The difference was a shocker kept scoring and ETA didn't. One of the one errant thought. Hy drive to deep right field Gibson going backe is gonna be under right by the warning track and there. Aaron well give it a ride and goodies that want. Only now one for fifteen bodies the long first down of the night. Philip Childs will get his. Second plate appearance. Of the season. The child redshirt freshman from you looks. Salinas went one out of four. So right hitter against right hander nobody on one out the night. Robbie Evans trying to. Bayless went down since the shocker cannon to. It would be their best start. In eight years. One ball no strikes to. Child's. Computer. Stretch by Evans. And pitch slider bends in their first strike. Evans also it. Native Texan who's from Frisco. 11. Swan very late and missed one and two. Robbie Evans making appearance number 35 and a shocker career. All the five of them have. Come out bullpen. One out here in the night. The one to. The outside corner over the battle mentioning on the Wednesday game if you. If you missed it rob Evans is a lower three quarters sling it in their kind of guy 8990. Unease fastball with a her with a slider that breakthrough with the plate with that. Army. There was and it's poked the right side now ground overs to backer looking for room and runs out how to play. Two balls two strikes Juan out nobody on computer. It felt Childs. 5817. Lot of reserves getting. Some time today for both teams. Although the shocker reserves in the ninth really hate rather didn't waste any time yet in and out the batter's box. Yes swing and ask for the slider and down goes around. Ten strikeouts for shocker pitching. Here this evening and now. Christian Holly's ETA's final hope. There. Holly pairs singles and four at bats. Now guys average. And an even 300. Bases empty two out Evans looking to turn in at 123 inning. Strike called this a turn Cody Hoyer. In to a winner tonight with the first six. Lawyer would improve to 30. Heavens 01. Last ballot. Without that net that extended all the way down shocker bullpen. And would have come into the stands and higher rated speed but this year. Instead it just going from dugout to dugout it's all the way down the right field line to protect them. One sitting in the box seats on the right side. OT. Heading reaching slider he fell back over the screens data just now. Polly hanging with a. The start tonight for Christian holly his 130. Seconds. As a maverick came in a career to 63 here. Off to a little bit better start now offensively that you're still on the hole into the pitch is high. And one and two. Series resumes tomorrow. It will be at 2 o'clock start the on the air here on Cain SS. 130 with pre game. Here's a stretch in the 12. Why didn't load to into. Lawyer went six Adam Keller. And Trent Allen with a scoreless inning apiece. And now Evans trying to nail it down. Two balls two strikes. And how back again. So with the wind shocker to go to ten and two PGA would fall to four and seven. This is their first road trip of the year first extensive one anyway had been in the Metroplex. For their first ten games. The hot Texas a and M next Tuesday. Good to. Lofted foul we'll do it again. So holly. And Noelle Vaughn. As we've seen tonight generally it'll also Omar Salinas pretty tough outs in the middle of that order. They'll make you work. ETA will open up. Conference play a Little Rock coming up 23 24 when it. And holly swings and misses in Downey goes. And the game is over Bobby Evans. Was a perfect night stalkers think the opener. Twelve to three stay tuned for the post game show. 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Security investment advisory services offered to receive point financial aid SPF number ten SIPC SP if separately owned and energies indoor marking names product service is referenced here are independent of us via Astrid says he's 2103 north collectively in Wichita Kansas six inches or six got 3166520101. Iran want him when he dashed planning to. No shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry market Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. She's Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhancements. Doctor. Emphatic fashion twelve with three over Texas Arlington chain and its valuable partner it's not something back. You know which it does you dockers go to ten and do and they drunk you're seeing night they battered. Four pitchers that they saw it through four anyway. Twelve runs sixteen hits both season highs. And coming on the heels of a two to one loss that or are where they. Turned out only three hits and I had the feeling really good for the offense. And you TA came out breathing fire to begin with they had. And RBI single from Wilson to get him on the board they took an early one and definitely. As soccer's. Facing I'd be. I keep photo Anderson. Had two outs nobody on. In the first and then bull O'Brien thicker goals thing that they immediately answered with 121 after one. UTA was thinking and they got leadoff walk and plated him to make it one. And shocker in two outs nobody on got a double from Boyer RBIs singled and Travis on me to two. And in the third inning with two outs nobody on trade Vickers and his return to lineup. Hit a solo home run the left. And but the shocker at 32. The difference between then on a different spin on was. Cody a lawyer putting up zeros and Wichita State can't score they had a six run fourth inning shocker it. Boy with a RBIs single. Grayson pianist David Graham slam that's the fifth bases loaded home run that doctors have had this year. They went scoreless in the fifth but got two more than 61. More than seven. And went down quickly in the day in a game that was getting on and so really when it mattered there's only one inning when Schumacher's. Failed to score. And they win the opener this series. Twelve to three. A two game recap throw IQ by bill and they keep coming. Coming to come into their criminal defense and Eli law firm which dog in the call 3166. For 1548. Or visit them online. At bill Cummings LLC dot com coming to coming law where you need it's always come first. Player games brought you by the Kansas lottery between Kansas lottery mega million ticket today for a chance to become millionaire. OK if lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Like Kansas lottery. And green bigger. And act got to give it to trade Vickers a guy that's been out of the lineup. For the first ten games of the season the first pitch that he saw he delivered in RBIs being fit. He's first home run of the year ends up with three hits scored twice drove into. Of course honorable mentioned Travis young great suggested though that multi hit game as did Jordan Boyer. Who. Arguably give it to him he was retired on linemen throughout two with a couple walks but welcome back line at trade Vickers she's there. Kansas lottery player of the game he needed shocker play you can get 50% off your online order in Wichita area pop John. Log on Papa Johns dot com from a coach shocker if you receive your shocker discount. When we come back we'll take a look at the other town's scoreboard will. Tell you are put at the deep freeze play of the game and over the final steps we come back the next day. He's year old dishwasher are struggling to make it to a cycle well then you've got to get into that its opponents during their clearance sale. 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TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest collections of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. I left I enjoyed your weekend mornings and night right here on. Kind of USDA in this stadium they went twelve to three their highest scoring output in the history of the series between two schools twelve to three final. Shocker to a tenant to. On New Year's scoreboard update rocky biding her trophy construction. From what ropes and gutters to siding and windows love your home's exterior again go to bigger stripping dot com. Or you can call to a 22066. Fingers writhing in construction home team pro. Elsewhere around the American. The court which star state winning here Houston and San Diego. And you are leading 31 after six. UCF and Siena will played double header tomorrow so there and some weather issues. Between ETF and yes they'll try to play two tomorrow Cincinnati got heartbroken by Tennessee in twelve innings 322 balls they win now when. DB you all over or Roberts former shocker part Kendall one. Patriots after six. South Florida tied 22 in the tenth against central Michigan first of the three game series there. Memphis and little rocks with a double header today in the six tigers. And trojans winning five before they'll try to finish this series up tomorrow. Furman beat Michigan State three to shock little seat Furman later on the play Illinois tomorrow. Gain power that get togethers Greenville, South Carolina ECU beat Charlotte 31. Two lane leading one to nothing over Purdue. In the top of the ninth the citadel beat UConn tonight for it to. And that just about does it for the American. Dodger town classic out in LA Vanderbilt for. UCLA one in the third. And Keith you're leading USC two to nothing after two and a half. And number six Kentucky and maybe marquee matchup of the weekend beat number three Texas Tech. Ten to seven previews made feature both those teams in the college World Series. Which dot state men's basketball wins he'll play tomorrow against the winner UCF in Houston. Any AC turn it down. In Orlando are part of the deep freeze play of the game. Kind of put it in the deep freeze I suppose that's Cody Hoyer starred settled down by the end. And that big hit. Came in the fourth inning were the shoppers. Early took a commanding lead so here it is rocky by letting supply interpret the deep freeze play of the game. Sliced a lap down toward the corner this was trouble is the. All of the Arab poll the other Grand Slam. Wichita State at. Grand Slam of the season. It's great to benefit sliced it off the the poll. Let gives him five home runs now fourteen runs batted in and won more Grand Slam. In Wichita State will equal the program basked in the season. They already have five. Through their first twelve games. Take a look inside the numbers don't look look at the final stats rocky by DK EDT pay as CPAs and advisors every blonde. Need to trusted advisor who's yours. The victorious shocker twelve runs sixteen hits no airs eight left on base mavericks three runs seven hits one error nine laughed. No save in the ball game. Home runs great and generous there which you just heard with a bases loaded in the fourth that its fifth. Trade Vickers with nobody on and two out in the third at its first this course it's his first game back. Soccer's. Got multi hit games from Travis young Greeks and Janice Mason O'Brien left him out there. Trade Vickers and Jordan border season high in runs with twelve seed and nine hits with their sixteen. And the shocker play yet another error let's game that at least eight. And out of the twelve they've played that they have played hairless ball there tenant to. UTA is four and seven. Series continues tomorrow at 2 o'clock will be on the air with pregame show 130. B Leann Eddie and Brad vasser. The starting pitchers. So once again final score shocker when it twelve the 34 Simon Sumner back and studio ashamed of saying thanks for listening. And we'll talk to you tomorrow until then so long from packed stadium in Wichita. You felt pretty good but to save about seven bucks at the big glut tire store did yet but then getting that service and a feeling lasted about as long ago snowman and San Diego. Great value exceptional fire service and like repair work all handled by a factor train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. 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