Wichita State vs. UT Arlington 03-11-18

Sunday, March 11th

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It's time for. Wichita State shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan and stents. Now with the call the game here's shamed us. And welcome to the ballpark next. Stadium Tyler feel for the finale. Of this three game series between Wichita State and Texas Arlington. Soccer's have taken the first to do they go for the sweep and they look for a four and one week. With the only blemish being a 21 loss on Wednesday. And it told that two or Roberts soccer's. Have. Pretty much dominated the series so far they want Friday. By a score of twelve to three and a game that they've rarely stops score. They got six in the fourth to take AA. Nine to two lead after four they ended up winning twelve to three the three relief pitchers pitched very well back of Cody holier. They hit another Grand Slam grief and Janice. Here's his first Grand Slam of his career his fifth homer of the year. And trade Vickers made a triumphant return to the starting lineup for Wichita State. After he had to set out the previous. Eleven. With a hamstring issue well since then he has. Not necessarily re injured it but it was sore after the Friday game so we got yesterday off. And not likely to see him today and it's not a setback he hasn't re aggravated but. Playing nine innings. For the first time a long long time. His hamstring did exactly reactive. Favorably the next days that we got yesterday opted soreness and he won't be in the starting line up today. But they don't think it's a huge setback Todd bothered being careful with him so. He won't be able lineup we'll check her injury report little bit later on. So shocker one that game twelve to three pounding out a season high sixteen hits. UT Arlington gave up second most runs they've given up any particular game this year. With that dozens more about it shocker. Yesterday it was quite a bit different story soccer's. Had a three to one lead heading into the eighth inning. Got a couple of insurance runs and were able to kind of exhale a little bit but hitting it well again as. We have Eddie and two relievers combined on three hitter the only run was unearned it was in the fifth inning after a ball got lost son. And soccer's one the second game five to one so quite a bit different. Output from one game to the next. On two days of weather that were virtually exactly the same upper sixties. For the Friday night game personal who want suddenly down and it was almost exact thing yesterday sunny. Not much wind at all it was 67 degrees the first pitch and it was. An awesome day for baseball but to soccer's struggled to score get hits like he did the night before but still won the game thanks to his defense and pitching. Now that brings us to today unfortunately. The weather is. A stark contrast from the first few days of this series. It is currently 39. Degrees. We are hoping to get to 47 or 48 by the games and but that's not really the story of the win it is. Come up overnight and it stayed risk out of north at 22 miles an hour gusting harder than that. So. No matter if we get to 49 degrees or not it's not gonna feel like that currently feels like 49. And hopefully the temperature climbed a little bit and make a little more comfortable out down there on the field of players. Because this is zone almost a 180 from Friday and Saturday's weather conditions. So we have that put up with here in the final game of the series shamed us your ballpark Simon's Sumner back at our studios Wichita State. Going for the sweep today and trying to run their record to twelve and two and they are ranked in. Collegiate baseball magazine ranked 42. And in essence they're 26. In the USA today poll there. The most of the others receiving votes outside the top 25 are also receiving votes and he won based water around sorry the writers association poll so they're knocking on the door a couple of different polls and I would imagine if they finish this off in style today to get to twelve and. To you might see him you move up in some or appear in others sold. We'll see here at the top of the hour starting pitchers will be Conner love what's from Wichita State he'll go against straight Paterson. For Texas Arlington they pair of right handers UTA of course out of the sun belt in Wichita State in their first year. In the American. We drive to games rocky by Kansas land tire and service were great tires and professional auto service. Is always a home run and a reminder as you to hopefully drive to the game but if you're not any days shocker play. You can get 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's on on Papa Johns dot com. And he's promo code shocker fifty. Twos that you received your shot at discount. So again need the shocker and Texas Arlington they're going attic for the tenth time all time. The shocker are perfect seven and oh here. Two lead the all time series seven games two and again trying to stay perfect if the mavs here. In this series to date dates back to 1992. When the mavs came here for two games we. A series. Back in 92 game one both by the shocker that twelve run output on Friday. Marked the highest. Output it runs in the series from Wichita State they. Scored eleven inning game in 1994. But that ball Friday night cap me marked the high water mark for Wichita State and runs. All time against UTA so again fair right hitters going at it. Paterson. And lung what's and its doctors will have a four game week. Next week and they'll all be on the road that goes to the zoo on Tuesday. And then. Creighton war games Friday Saturday and Sunday. For the shoppers come back home for Oklahoma and Furman. Texas Arlington will go to Texas and M on Tuesday. And then they'll be home for five more. On Wednesday of next week Minnesota. It comes to play pool ballpark in Arlington and then they'll open up some belt play with Georgia State three game series. Next weekend in Arlington. That a mid week. On the twentieth against Abilene Christian where they hit the road. Again so shocker and mavericks coming up here at the top of the art that you could join us W issue head coach Todd Bachman his pregame comments were brought to you by. Expressed employment professionals. On a mission. To put a million to work we'll take a break here on the pregame show come back and hear from Todd Butler right after this. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the proof that Comfort Systems can junior air conditioner or in selling new letting this stuff you can rely on conferences sums for all of your heating air conditioning and even plumbing means comfort. 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You know for double in the right center field gap offensively took us a little while to get going. You know there center fielder made a great play up against the fence and migrations alternates this baldness and field in the bone crushed the ball left center of the column fans and they're center fielder for UTA's played really well the he's a skier hitter that. You know we get enough offensively I think we had nine hits in few doubles in one home run. We made one error in the field on the sun ball to center that we didn't touch it but run of scorn honor. Leah Matty started. You know for freshman while he has been really good. Throws a breaking ball for strike give me over locates the fastball he's 8891. It became a little tired later in the game with the work itself through fatigue and coach Steele comment about that after the game that he did a good job of of being tired and still won't be an efficient so. You know the thing with William as he gets ahead of yet he doesn't waste a lot of pitches I think our pitchers can learn from a freshman. That is pitch for four weekends now pitched very well. You know one thing that could piggyback on that little bit nervous the last couple weeks that. Guys will be getting toward the end of their pitch count or he can tell there on. But you guys have kind of given on the one more hitter again I give you one more chance you know this yourself and we're not talking about run away games either where we're outside leverage situation that you trusted warrior and I took the trusted. Lee and Eddie. And that kind of permeate throughout the rest of the staff that hey I get my chance I might be able to get it get out of myself you know I actually kept. To give a lot of credit to Mike Steele. You know there was a thought that when he was running on empty. And I mentioned to him maybe an inning before possibly can stand on opera mcginnis. And he really wanted him to go deeper into the ball game and a justice. Just to give him some some test. And deceive you can work through it in which which William did so. Mike's doing a good job you know we were improving each week in pitching. Our numbers are good when you look at our stats the batting average. You know we we really concentrated on get in the lead off hitter now. That was a big thing a big topic for coach Steele with a fifty pitching staff this week and we've. We've been efficient with that so. The lead off guy was getting on base and warming rate that was like 415 so that's working down a little bit but if you look at. You know two out batting averages runner in scoring position. The numbers look like a good pitching staff at this point. You kept things status quo as far as Sandra had the eighth are also the ninth when a save situation but that did their job. Well sand berm is stolen the ball extremely well I mean he was I think 9497. I think my keys in which again coached lewis' got a good job of kind of working with him wanna set up in his. In his stretch. And little bit more out of his Mormon and a little bit more command which he needed. And then also marked trusted born house where the where when we scored off of governors double. To get two more runs or not he wanted to put born house back in a save opportunity. To show him that we trust him and you know it's Nebraska. No one was blown out 25 miles per hour or so and Tommy threw the ball really well he threw the ball down and he's way. Made some really good pitches that are hard hit and both those guys that did a fantastic job coming in behind Lehman. You talk about Jordan Boyer second ago he's been test not only this series but this year he isn't tough enough. You know he's like that you wall war I mean he. You know those big guys that we have on the team where of their pitchers or hitters and any church in chunks out of me he'll bite him on the Achilles in. Each candidate you know without haven't Vickers we saw what Vickers can do on Friday he was or yesterday. I consider Vickers are heartened sober team with his leadership. And I consider Borger just the guy that's the past in the dugout I mean he will not accept. Nothing but success and just hearing him talk is. I mean it's comical to hear him I mean he is something else in. You know I told him he needed to change his setup stance. Instead of Vienna. You know like and a foreign hitter with Latin style approach to be more American and simple and you know he hits a home run and and he's adjusted and and I think he's even gonna get battered bear the weight waist made some adjustments offensively. That's one thing academy class clown and try to lead but you get back up about their innings certainly has done that now. You talked about the other day too that he's. All in all seriousness. To the forefront Heath he's. No nonsense guy in a selfless guy you know he could be campaigning for hitting up in the order but like you said the other day he keeps his mouth shut doesn't job. You know I can move him up I I think he likes the nine hole turn in the lineup or over his jobs to get home base to give back to the top and you know he's comfortable there trump wants comfortable in the eight hole right now and but things change you know yet to make adjustments of these guys get hot the move mob but right now. We like rat with our lineup and I'm telling you Jordan border. You know he's in RG energy and we've been saying that for three years since he's been stepping on the field and he's a joy to be around he comes the park ready to play every single day. He go for the sweep now and we've discussed this before too it was a big game before the the Sunday this Sunday. The Nebraska series came up short now on but that's certainly the message is clear. And maybe it's in the messages saying win or lose squat when a ball game today. You know we've done so we didn't on the road which it was. That decrease was exciting Soro from the road and with a sweep to know that we can do it. And and we sweep the next weekend you know it's Nebraska last weekend we had the opportunity we fell short Lleyton ballgame and sometimes that is baseball. And sometimes you just have to tip your hat. And I'm not make too big deal out of it we want to win every game we can't but we're playing good baseball on and were playing consistent baseball. Sometimes offensively it takes a little time to get going the big key for us is pitching and and defending the field. And that's been our main focus all fall and going into the season and playing during the season so these guys have taken all the coach and we've talked about. All the goals that we've had for pitching in defending. And they've got a good job at this point so well today the conditions. In baseball you don't were not inside so you do have the elements of whether. With the wind blowing the way it is. And and knowing baseball the big win on Friday a little closer game yesterday. We might have to do some little things to win today. I think the by running game is open for young I can actually has a little pulled hamstring I don't think he'll play today. Vickers the weather school I don't think he'll play today. So we might have to do do some small ball to find some ways to win and then. Hopefully someone can deliver ball in the gap I don't see maybe in the home runs being hit today with the way the wind's blowing and but with this lineup you never know when they get a hold of the ball those grow opium was sweep them we'll talk to you counties thank you sharing. Head coach Scott Butler and his pregame comments court prosecute each and every game by. Express employment professionals on a mission. Put a million to work. Injury report dot touched on it struck you biopsy life life your journey nor optimal you Vickers and Katz V. With hamstring issues neither expected to play today. Neither. Really is super serious you know those industries yet be cautious with those that thought Butler will certainly be. Careful with those two guys with a four game week and up next week brought the healthy tip of the game is brought to you by united health care. And you can fill up your fridge with pre cut veggies and keep canned tuna in the pantry for some quick protein. They've healthy shocker step that brought you by united health care and the real appeal program learn more real appeal. Dot com. Chuck baseball grudge impart vied bars carpet out of flooring Saturday 1860 north Broadway. Carbon heart good time all vinyl plank rugs laminate you name it they've got it the largest selection with thousands of options and colored textured pattern as well. 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Josh and our ads play shortstop and it's seven errant ball is in right field hitting eighth. And batting ninth for the mavericks' second base Ethan Johnson. Trade Paterson makes stark an appearance number 4011. With a BRE 689. For you here so again for the mavericks it cook Williams on. Polly Olson Salinas. Linares fault and Johnson trade Paterson pitching. Where you TA for Wichita State eleven and two under head coach Todd Butler Travis young leads and often plays left field. Batting second in center field disgraced Genesis. Batting third hitting playing third is Alan Ball. In the cleanup spot at first base Mason O'Brien. Luke Ritter that's fit to play second base. And right field hitting sixth Dayton Duca. Hundred Gibson we'll DH today in bat seventh for the shocker. Batting eighth the catcher got a Trout line. And batting ninth the shortstop is Jordan Boyer. Carlisle went through make stark in appearance number four as well he wanted to know so far this year with a mean RE a full point. 97. So again for the shocker to young just evolved O'Brien Ridder Duca. Gibson Trout line employer Conner love what's on the mound which doctors. The umpires behind home plate then Harlow at first base bill McGuire and over. Third base. Travis Paulson. Wichita State after they get done with this game today will be exactly at the quarter mark of the season. And this. Game today would be number fourteen on the year and the regular season of course consisting of 56 games. And it looking at Wichita State's. Power numbers compared to how often they strike out for example over the last. Three years very favorable each of the last two years Wichita State is it hit exactly forty home runs. And struck out exactly seven point six times per game. If the shocker hit a home run today. They will be on pace to hit eighty home runs. And strikeout. Less often seven point four strikeouts for being so far this edition of the soccer's. Again if they hit one home run today. They will be on pace for eighty home run regular season and you have to go all the way back. To 200414. Years ago to find a team that hit anywhere close to that many home runs. The 2014. At 78 home runs. But they also took nine more games to get there they played 65 games in 2004. To get to seventy. And the last time any shocker team has many in ninety home runs yet goal back to 1999. That he hit nine V. And that team took 73 games to do it it's impossible to predict how many games in the post season the shocker we've played this year. But just in the regular season they are on pace. To hit eighty. If they hit one today so not quite historic power pace so far and for more immediate reference the 2013. Team. It 44 home runs all year soccer's right now are sitting at nineteen. In the final game of the series between the mavericks in the shocker coming up. At the top of the hour it'll be Conner love lips and trade Paterson you're starting pitchers. Wichita State again that historic power pace may be put into better perspective. Home runs per game that's more fair. And even then Wichita State's 2018. Edition. Third. In the history of the program behind only the 98 team. And the 81 team as far as home runs per game this year's team hitting one point 46 home runs per game. Trailing over only in the 81 team and the 98 team when we come back we'll throw the first pitch at the mavericks in the shoppers. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner to the jerky when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn and trying something new can be exciting and power and downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded them fastest growing brand the last four years old girl. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. This is Michael's. That would join me weeknight today on AM. Welcome back to the ballpark eighth blustery and broad day here. In Wichita and here at the ballpark after beautiful days on Friday and Saturday. Just couldn't stand prosperity I guess around here 39 degrees. And it feels like 29. With a north wind at twenty miles an hour again by. Games and we hope to get to 49 degrees the Atlantis. Really not supposed to. To lay down until this game is pretty much over so. Gonna have to panic spreads through this one as the conditions are less favorable. There is some sun peeking out so. There's that it is mostly cloudy but. Here and there at the sun is making its way out from behind the clouds but it can be. For the most part uncomfortable today that there's not too many places in this stadium to get away from now in its roaring out of the north and over towards right field corner. And it's likely to do so all game long first two games of this series Wichita State is out hit Texas Arlington 362. 161. The mavs have. Mustered only four runs and ten hits him total hits. The shocker by contrast had eleven extra base hits. Of their 25 hits so they have more extra base hits the mavs have hits total. And we'll see of that can continue here in game three of the series shocker. About toward ETA in the first two games of the series 174. And they try to push their record to twelve and two. Overall. And nine and one. At home. A shocker have been are being introduced that are taking the field there. In their Sunday throwback uniforms the cream. Trimmed in black so no hint of yellow in this particular said he uniforms they had these for a couple of years now. Via old throwback. Uniforms that are cut off white cream that they most. Often play are used on a Sunday game they've done that again. Today UTA is going with their blue tops trimmed in Orange orange letters and numbers and white pants with blue pinstripes pretty sharp look. For the second consecutive day for. Texas Arlington the mavericks. Out of the Sun Belt Conference they have been in case you missed pit that finished second. This year in the sun belt west behind Louisiana. Louisiana had nine of the eleven excuse me 9121 place votes you can actually got 21 place votes. In the west the pre season. The South Alabama Jaguars picked to finish. First in the east. It's after you TH finished last year thirty and 25 and a program best ever twenty and ten. In conference play meant to this yesterday. That. Do you TA last year got off to a dreadful start as well they started to at seven. Last year and then went when he enemy team really heated up. In sun belt play obviously. Their nonconference start so far this year four and eight. And it's not likely get much easier they'll go to number eight Texas a and M on Tuesday after they leave here. Before opening a five game homestand in Arlington. Where it non conference games against. Minnesota and happily Christian. Sandwiched around 83 games sun belt series that opens up the sixteenth they'll play Georgia's state. In a three game series so. They've got five arrow at home after the head down that College Station. On Tuesday again Wichita State back in action on Tuesday as well the go to Missouri. By the way right now in Columbia. Snow flurries and the projected high on Tuesday is only supposed to be 43. And that game is scheduled to be played at 630. Tuesday night and so. This might be a precursor get soccer's. Set to play or get used to play off. On Tuesday night in Columbia against Missouri's must be cold supposed to be nicer though when the shocker Ted Creighton Friday Saturday and Sunday TD Ameritrade ballpark. So the final game of the series about to be. Throne and Connor long what's really want to throw the right hander climbs the hill making his fourth start of the season. Connor one wins no losses urea for 971. Pitch of the game is over but low one ball no strikes. Game time 101. Temperature first pitch. 41 degrees. Along what's looking over the loved getting signed from gutter Trout line in the pitch and I went down and hand. Two balls no strikes. Well what has alternated. Less than good around good in his three previous starts. Opening weekend having meat didn't make it out of the third inning. Here's a strike to get to the inside corner to one. On the 25 of February gets Omaha threw six shutout innings gave up just two hits game played here. And then last weekend against Nebraska pitched into the fifth the Internet yeah five rounds. Challenge hit sharply on the ground a diving stop by Ritter from his knee out at birth. Great play by Lou critter the second baseman. Went to headlong dive and he robs them hooked. Of a base hit potentially to right field it's dark. For Harlem with that excuse second baseman Lou greater all of the third baseman border short again Ridder second O'Brien at first. Outfield from left to right young Jim Austin do yeah. Here's RJ Williams. Williams won nine he won nine of 47. Picks in the high strike nothing in one. Williams hitless in the series you know for six. Sparkling play by Luke Ridder start the game. 01 from lung X lying and overweight leaping Jordan Moyer the left center field bowler almost measured Alan that was almost. Back to back webcams but liner in the left. RJ Williams is on there with his first hit of the series. Well. So that'll bring up the center fielder nor Vaughn. Bought the first two games of this series. Hit fourth in the order but. Darren Thomas getting of one extra bat today here in the finale. Three out of seven with a double and triple in the series. He's the only guy hitting above 286. Against the shocker in the first two games of the series. Down around and he's called strike nothing in one. And Connor long waits twelve and two thirds so far this year twelve hits. Only four walks but only five strikeouts all the hits that he's given up oddly have been singles no extra base hits allowed so far. The first. This is long what's. Tenth career start 32 appearance is a shocker. Nineteen of his twenty appearances last year route bullpen. 01 the lawn. Good looking pitch and outside it didn't get to call. One. No Vaughn season numbers 349. On fifteen of 43. I was fifteen hits and gone for extra bases. And when sales of the way it looked like changeup. In quite come down to a one. Our first one out just getting started. Cool and windy day here at the act. Here's a stretch by long what's in the pitch high pop up. Right side wins get a play with a little bit reader over now is in foul ground and makes the catch. Know Vaughn's eyes wandered foul territory. And anytime you get him it hit off the end of the bat you. There's certainly pleased that. We'll bring up the DH Christian holing. Volley to 67 around 1245. Christian is two of the nine in this series against charters. Two away in the UTA first. Long waits long hole in the stretch and a check of the runner first. Diving back to RJ Williams. Not a big running team not at all RJ Williams with one steal. And three other guys on the team that one's deal for total. Christian holly weights from the right hand side. First pitch and touches the inside corner breaking ball nothing in one. Christian holly a mainstay in this UTA lineup since he stepped on campus this is. Game number 145. For him. Best season was last year hit 273. Home runs. A one. Stop on grounder short backing up his lawyer popped out of his glove everybody say. He was waiting on that one last topic news radio brought to second base that would have been the only player that he had. But it didn't stick in the glove and by the time he picked it up everybody was sick so. Jordan Boyer committing a very rare error. He had a 25 game and airless streak. Before that game before that player right there and almost. Half of Mort short thanks to the injury my knickers so. A rare error not only for Jordan warrior but this doctors battle to save an at bat will Olson. Shocker defensively this year than airtight. That's only their seventh air. Swing and MS might also pitch out away from him. And so on wall. So Connor long waits should be in the dugout right now but he's gonna have to. Try to get will Olson. Olson has caught one game and DH one game in the series sketching again today two for seven in the series. 01. Fly ball center field go blow over toward the gap dances got it measured he's got an and the inning is over. So he had to stay away that with this wind roaring out of north blowing it over toward dig but just around the down. And along with pizzas I've pitches around that two out here one hit. Two left the into the half and inning it's Texas Arlington nothing in the shoppers coming up. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. With united health care you can have better control your care. Service is not available from plant. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had six plants and really didn't. Hurt in retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Pick Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John dream rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. No one talks to. In assets. Stadium hey right hander trade Paterson. Making the start here today for UTA uses his fourth start. He has given up at least five hits and three runs than every other one. Total numbers fifteen and two thirds twenty hits. Fourteen runs four walks six strikeouts. Six doubles allowed. His CRA's six point 89. Paterson well travel I'd give 185 when there has looked Texas ties four or Christian high school. They would the north central Texas community college. It stops at Kansas State. And Cisco college since then. Last year he was very good for you TI 74 over the 275. ERA. But this year has been a stark contrast first pitch to young is inside. One ball no strikes. Young journalist and bombed shocker first inning. Components hitting 328 this year against trade Paterson young ran up to bunt and missed it. Nothing one on one rather. Travis young two out of eight in the series. Season's average god she's three for eleven out of 47. Ex big deep breath and climb in the box Paterson. Brings it home hey dots the outside corner once. It's got an interesting dynamic we at Wichita State's lead off man whoever it may be. Because of Afghanistan hitting second. And of course the home and O'Brien hitting behind him. It's almost a moot point who leads off when it comes to speech young shoot one down the right field line in the bleachers still want to do that is to say young. Even if he with all that speed reaches first base is not likely to go anywhere. Norwood anybody else. You know I've got to run most times anyway in front of the ball over. And swing and a foul tip held by the catcher and down goes young on strikes. So that is a moot point he does not reach. And now here Afghanistan. Again not a big strikeout guy trade Paterson but he got young there looks just as seven punch out in sixteen innings pitched. That. Here's just a third third leading hitter on the team being 3335. Home runs fourteen runs batted him. And the first pitches over the low one ball no strikes. Grayson three out of eight in the series including a Grand Slam the charters. Have it five grand slams already this year balance in their first strike. This talking about the power numbers during pregame show if you missed it if the shocker hit a home run today. They will be on pace to finish the regular season with eighty. And by far and away the most. My shocker team in the last to move more than fourteen years. Two balls in the strike now to Greece and Janice. Well outside three and one. Back in 2004. Shocker team hit 78 home runs and 65 games. 31. Way outside ball four loss to adjusted draws a one out walk. And again. Not to belabor the point but if you miss the pregame show to put in perspective. Because we can't project how many post season games a shocker will play. But if they won today. They'll be on pace to hit eighty in the regular C eighty and 56 games. But to put in historical perspective because so many of those early Sharkey played so many games. Home runs per game is probably the way look at the number one team as the 98 team one point 97 homers per game. Homes slashes one foul nothing at one. The 1981 team hit one point 59 homers per game. And as of right now this team. Would be the third most prolific home run hitting team per game. Shocker history currently at one point 46. And each of the last three years they've hit exactly forty. They're almost halfway there now throw to first. One on one out bottom of the first shocker is going for the sweep. Ball hitting 3785. Home runs eighteen driven in three of those home runs. Have been grand slams. 01 shoots one foul the right side took a shot right field. And it's nothing into. So far in this series Alec moment. Two for seven. But he didn't quieted by the UTA staff gives up. Quite a few runs and hits at least so far this year they have. And other throw to first. Mason O'Brien waiting on deck. Right hander Craig Patterson working from the extreme first first base side of the Revver. There is Janice and a check swing foul back and off the back stuff still alone to. Is that got pretty good job. Opposing base stealers are seven out of nine against will Olson. And overall. Teams of stolen twelve and eighteen tries. Against the mavs this year. Nothing into the county ballot ball. And throw to first that I'm just it was barely off that they Grayson is basically just cheating in the last pitch that was thrown to the home. Betting on. Paterson throwing something soft. Here's a stretch by Paterson. And another reject him just at first. Grayson last year and six steals. Last year's team. Hardly ran it not only ended up 37 stolen bases all year. Into the turf that would have been a good when they go on blocked by Olson. Wanna sit. Sold fourteen game certainly does not a season make but when you're talking about pace. This offensive club. Is often run. In addition to the home runs they're averaging better than two doubles the game as well as the lone inside two and two. And if you project that doubles. The way did the home runs Wichita State within the regular season it. A 112 to base hits. The first router back. Last time they had that many doubles. Was 2011. Two balls two strikes. In a very slow moving bottom of the first. Paterson along hole in the stretch to pitch. Bounce back through middle should be 246. And three double play. So Johnson Tim and artists to Salinas and that's another shocker there turned away. In the bottom of the first to get a walk but nothing more nobody left at the end of one knows score from the act. 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Neither can be bigger I didn't start to show he's here he's eleven to zero and I don't do yeah on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry marked Alex Acosta in valley center ten deep or an end over west Sawyer. This is Steven's dad joined this morning right here on cape tennis and. On a cool and frankly uncomfortable today to be out there watching shocker baseball that. There are some hearty souls out here today. Look out by the darker memorial those hearty souls out there on the hill huddle together for some warmth. Privacy. Shocker finish off this week. Wichita State winning. Twelve to three and five to one earlier in the series. Along what's bad throw a few more pitches and they would have liked in the first thanks to an error but. Got out of the first inning unscathed he'll face Omar Salinas to start it. Here in the second. Which brings an end and that drops in there for called strike nothing one. Omar Salinas eleven out of 44. Nine singles and two doubles so far this year. Salinas and I have a sleeping bear right now with that 250 average and now many extra base hits wanted to on the count tonight. And by that I mean last year use 333 here with eleven home runs and eleven doubles and 44 driven them so. He was it. Big time thorn in the sides of those in the sun belt for sure. Any slaps one into left field for a base hit shot one past Norton boy yours right side. And Omar Salinas. Goes the opposite field or. A base hit to start the second inning. Salinas and one for eight in the series before that. Played appearance. Josh and Aris the short stuff. In America one out of six in the series. 273 overall. The Salinas at first not much of a threat to steal he stole twice last year and bought. Toward first and along with shall take care written just in time get to sacrifice. And ours now won three and on the second goes Omar Salinas. So. ETA gives a shocker is an out and now to be up to. Vote and Johnson air ball to right fielder. Well explain all three games of this series since his second start. One for four with a double. The double EA yesterday it's just a little parachute to left and it was just inside the line just beyond the diving Jordan Boyer just beyond this stumbling. Travis young ground ball to short boarder up with a throat first isn't time over to third goes Salinas to. They're not east and Johnson. Johnson a senior second baseman. Off to a slow start this year or for thirty. Johnson hitless in the series. Over six. Does have a sacrifice fly that brought in around that was. In the opener of the series. Third third to a way top of the second slice fouled on the right side. He was taking a shot right field. Ethan Johnson last year was it to 76 hitter. Five doubles nineteen RBIs. Right hander against righthander. Johnson. Big guys 51017. Dixon belt high strike on the outer edge slipping into. Soccer's again we'll hit the road for the next floor before. Coming back a week from Tuesday played Oklahoma. One what's done reading science becomes set. And the OT. Sliders outside. Now a bad idea wanted to. Decent Johnson. And strike out all that much. Went five times on the season so far. It's still way ahead of him wanting to here's a set. Pinch. Checked his swing he did not go and catch it was almost to strike anyway it was a fastball on the outer edge. And Johnson started to swing just held up they peeled down the bill McGuire. 132 outs stop the second those score. Let's bring his hands together come senate chest. Q2. Enemy as he got a passing struck him out and that's the inning so Carlyle when it's not a big strikeout guy gets one with a runner third. And strand Salinas there at the end of one and half were still scoreless. 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The year plus doc started much free HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium appearance it's our new customer 1946. Special from foreign stock. And carrier. Turn to the experts punish doc called and I called Tony Koren. I just let them enjoy the weekend mornings at nine right here right here. Sox fans enjoy every Monday night. The top Butler coach showed a case sports ability Alley thirteenth green which road. Broadcasting live in SS 9713. Thirty days Portugal the Alley at home all shocker coach shows. Now talk Butler show tomorrow will be traveling to the zoo but. And I understand I think there will be. Gregg Marshall show tomorrow. Mentioning him few things are about. So tune in tomorrow shocker coach shows AG's sports grill at the LA 97 and 97 of thirteen thirty. Mason O'Brien. Leading off with a shocker so Brian Riordan duke got. Trade Paterson got double play last half inning to get out of trouble fly ball shallow left center field to win knocking it down and over. Toward the gap is cooking makes it jogging catch. Not to place they had it today. Left side of the diamond. You will be sorry it is. A strong strong north wind blowing over toward right field corner. Here's Luke Ridder Luke one out of four in the series. On the season 178. X lawn outside. One ball no strikes. Bases empty one out bottom of the second. Little tapper that's going to be foul. Alan up along third and flag near the coach's box by Williams. Third baseman. Luke Ritter on the season eight hits three of them doubles. Grounder to second Bobble roll safe. Ethan Johnson has played pretty solid second base this weekend but. He was in the outfield turf shaded up the middle and Ritter here right outing and it claimed right off the heel of his glove. And by the time he scrambled over to pick it up reader. Was safe and throw actually took Salinas off bag anyway so. That'll be the first error of the day for the mavericks. And now one on one count for Dayton Duca. Issued under the right solid base hit. Ritter's gonna stop at second. And now it's soccer's two on with one out they do go. First pitch swing shot one of the right side or Wichita at the expert they fit. I just get right to say in case you. Joined his late. Jacob cats me. Likely not available today with a strained hamstring. Likewise trade Vickers with a sore hamstring. Again Vickers played Friday was sore yesterday and because it's cool today Todd Butler being extra cautious. Didn't make it sound like it was a setback or re aggravation sore from playing Friday. Potter Gibson is your DH today. There with two on and one now. Gibson 632. And arrangement left in batter from. It got Oklahoma. He has won for war. Shocker career lined one into left field for a base hit. It comes around third of mosquitoes that await him it's a good throw. It past catcher. And everybody's gonna move up an extra ninety feet. It was an in between hop it was a strong throw. But the catcher Olson didn't get the hop that he wanted this late in the rear. Are there any in depth scoring so. The shocker lead one to nothing and even better than that though do gaga goes over to third and Gibson. To second. On what. Would likely be a throwing error on the left field. It was a two hopper but that second half. Came up and took a bite out of Molson. So they're good just gonna say that the both runners moved up on the throw nowhere on the left fielder. And Trout wind swings and misses of the pitch down. So Ritter reaching on the air. Really hurts the matchups. As do gun Gibson deliver. Base hits. And they both move up on the throw. In field remains back. That was outside got a Trout line comes in hitting 257 on nine of 35. All right at seven under evidence shocker to take it one to nothing lead. You're in the bottom of the second. Hundred Gibson's second. Career RBIs as a shocker. Tapper foul. And wanted to. Didn't get a chance to tell you that. Under Gibson made a bit of history in his first plate appearances shocker became only the second shocker ever. To hit a home run in his very first plate appearance joining teammate Alec Baldwin did three years ago. Wanted to Trout line. You got third Gibson that second. The pitch and it struck him out. Took a little Lofton. The other Trout line goes down strikes of big strikeout for Corey Patterson. Although this is. Tailor made for Jordan border at least it was last year. Boyer was the king of the two out RBIs a year ago. This year hitting an even 302 homers and seven driven in he's had a whale of a series he homered to the opposite field yesterday. He's four for six scored four times and drove in two. Second and third two iron pitch and it's right back to the pitcher who stabs it. And Boyer is turned away so. Who knows what would happen if we gotten to the bone. Boyer lines out to the pitcher in the shocker have to settle for one measly two in scoring position but RD score after news shocker one you'd gain nothing. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again and sons for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. He Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's all happening right here on K and that's that's. Couple of third top of the order you CA in that regard it would you build on. Here that stadium soccer's have taken a one to nothing lead on an RBI single by a hundred Gibson. Shocker. They get a clean sweep over UT day and then finish up the week before in one. Back on Tuesday and a similar weather day at least wind velocity of similar shocker PSU Edwards bill. By a score of six to want them. And then. Went down oh are you offense absolutely dried out they got beat Iowa Roberts to one. And a strikeout best really for both teams. But then they bounce back beat the mavericks on Friday night 123. Victorious yesterday five to one. And lung which delivers a strike these cuts nothing in one. One run two hits one error for the shocker to no runs two hits one error. For UTA the pair was a big win for them. Cook rounded out his first time. Any jerks one fouled out there right field line this is gonna hook and we'll make it out of play. Off light hold them right field line. 02. Anything in the air over toward the lines blown right out here wind is out of the north they say it 22 miles an hour. There are better at 42. Pretty much all the time and gusts. Up closer to thirty. Coach do. Yes missed outside of her vault. For outline try to sneak over the outer edge sneak. Back on plated. To. Lung what's into the wind right back to work pitch. Swung late fell back to the screen came back with a fastball. Well what's so far today 8688. But the heater. On a better day will be more like 8889 but again the conditions not elect rate for a live warm out there. 12. It's an answer the slider struck him out I was just get right to say that's not really kind of along with game anyway. The blow people away but. He does have a good breaking ball and changeup now and then a couple of different speeds and variations of his breaking ball and that makes an 8688 McKee and quicker. And I back foot slider as well rounded to cook tonight or RJ Williams. Williams hit his first time up there. Did strike downer on the knees nothing in what. RJ Williams. Now cannot 48 I got him above the Mendoza line 208. When outside one ball one strike bases empty one out top of the third shocker one mavericks nothing. Final game of the series. This concludes a long stretch of shoppers home games that was interrupted by that trip to Tulsa. Don't want to Williams. Shocker trying to prove to nine and one at home. This is the tenth. Home game that they've had in it was. Ten of eleven. That little stretch between Omaha series in this one that played at home. It's a little bit inside I guess three in one. Three balls the strike RJ Williams. Right hand that are waiting. And I drops in their threw in some soft oriented. RJ Williams for your players the program as well he has. Lifetime to 54 rader was coming into the series anyway. 32 liner right field for a base hit RJ Williams as the two hit game. The one out single with the punches wander right field. Now know Vaughn. In the most accomplished here probably the most dangerous. He. She died one did foul ground that was hauled in by the second baseman Luke greater. Back in the first. Bought last year it to sixty with seven home runs. First pitch to him. Is just off the outside corner one. Bonds' first two years. Q seven is a freshman with fuel runs then. It's seven out of the park last year and it's 11 O'Brien's got it on down to second for one back the first double play 363. No Vaughn hit a low one hopper that tailor made. And doctors turn it over Wichita State turned their tenth double play of the season and had a races Williams one out single. Only three come to the plate at the bottom of the third the shocker won mavericks now that. We'd lauryn ask Tennessee the that's gonna see chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only taste good but does it. Lisa is second coming directly from small farmers and share the profits back again at American family insurance we believe your dreams are the most valuable things you never. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream. If people want to get your phone. 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Martha living join me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as head. Felt the shock quarter here's the bottom of the third Wichita State leading one to nothing. The young Galveston home facing tree Paterson. Doctors cash in a one out error last inning. To grab that first run of the game. Canas young struck out stark shocker first. Takes low ball no strikes. Young 2009 in the series. Current batting average two to nine. Young up from the right side waiting on Paterson the pitch he tried to bunt and felt tipped it behind home plate nothing into. As young former. Standout athlete at derby high school here in Kansas. Tremendous football player. Committed debt. Butler community college and then decided to walk on here that is you. He's in the hole I was one on one Tuesday not a one Q now wanted to choose that catches the quarter. Young freshman season with a good. At 317104. At bats slump last year it just Q 31. What do. And over with low until into. Young with. A lot of speed. Eighteen steals in 23 tries in his career and he swings in foul tipped one in the glove and goes down on strikes for the second time. That. Is his bugaboo. Struck out 47 times last year a 147. Cents. And that happens a lot with the really really fast base runners flash base stealers the biggest issue is making contact music that speed. And Paterson struck out young twice today pianist. Outside one ball no strikes. Grayson walked his first time up there but. Bomb following him hit into a 463 double play each teams turned twin killing today. Two and noted Joseph. Grayson 333. On sixteen of 48 a double five home runs. He's now walked twelve times. The wind in the 20. Swung and fouled back in to get healthy packet that went. Grayson Janice. How it ball home. Jordan Boyer. And Luke Ritter have all walked at least as many times as they've struck out this year. Three and one to Greece and Janice. Just send home. Pebble walked more than they've struck out Boyer and greater. Exactly same amount. And that's outside ball force him just as walked again. So Paterson staying away from generous there with that strong north wind that would. Blow everything over toward right field corner staying away from him. And there. Because of that is walking twice now. And you can certainly understand that even though out moments power all fields and taking chances with him and cold. Very cold one and year. Patterson from the stretch. And throws one break down the middle and you know. Alec moments. Beside himself can't believe that that was called strike and mature of you thought was low but. Course from way up here toward tell. And now it's 65 so apparently thought that was well below the knees. On strike the ball with a runner at first one out now again Paterson as he did in the first inning checking on. Greece and generous over their first convinced that he's gonna take off. I mentioned last time he's on base. He was six for eleven and steals last year four out of five this year phone calls timeless. He thought Patterson's. Got a quick hits him. Here's stretch. Whole one runner not going swing and a miss home. Feeling for one out away from it it's nothing to. So Ballmer is two out of date. In this series. He went over three against ORU and one for four if that's IU Edwards bills and he's cooled considerably. After quite hot start. Long hold the stretch you know to. When was meant to be outside that was opened in one into. Obama is currently working on a three for eleven week. Right her first one away one or nothing shocker bottom of the third. And threw to first run Iraq. Said three for eleven week it's not quite that good to actually. Three for fifteen now that he's got it back here today. And strike three called on the outside corner and down he give us some bombs over to. And hitting behind Janice didn't want to both times. But Patterson's that I look yet he's got Mason O'Brien to deal with a. O'Brien a home run and fifteen runs batted in second on the team behind bones in eighteen RBIs. He stayed away from O'Brien when he was up their first time too and Mason flied to left. And another throw to first. And for the most part recent Genesis not been very far off first base is leaders okay now. Not a base stealers lead now eight inches out a little further. And throw to first knee hasn't Diamondbacks so. Dennis now it's instant out about as far as he can get without getting picked off. O'Brien up there from the left side waiting. Right are not going pitches outside one ball no strikes. O'Brien. A long line. Of O'Brien's come through the program. Dating back all the way to the late seventies and early eighties when he's uncle Charlie. And then Charlie boy Chris played here. A few years back. Brian fouls at that it's one and one another lawyer. A long line of O'Brien's blood. Long line of number twenty twos. Mason. Carrying on that tradition. I don't know why did it it's a night talk five Butler out of giving up his 42 so he could where Todd did. I'll Butler wearing number nine this year. Through the first quarterback. Speaking of Chris O'Brien yes. The last shocker to even scare 400 yet for ten back in 2011. Connor Gillespie hit. Or nineteen in 2008. So they had at. A 400 hitter. Two of them in the span of four years. Since then Casey Gillespie's. Closest to hitting 400 since Chris O'Brien case in 2014 hit 389. At another throw to first. Craig Patterson stole the game over to first base. One ball one strike two outs. Lakers' lead one to nothing. O'Brien no doubt looking for something to turn on. Outside. Too little on the soda Paterson credit his. Not Tony meant anything middle and that he can handle everything's away. Saying to Genesis. She exit sign now I've got the warning once comes at that yes. Long hold to one drilled into the gap in right center Feeley got when he can handle but the center field is going back and he's got to get their bond. Was played over there anyway. Force with that strong north wind and got a good jump. And it got on its worst may be catch in the gap so. After long and tedious inning Paterson. Like the first. Wait around a one out walk degrees Greece and its characters. Fit in the third way into the fourth to one nothing of the issue. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games practices preparation. Then there's his second job recruiting. That means trample. He couldn't do it without executive their share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can scale to recruit. Indeed back the same night Brady's start is next busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shoppers learn more and exact air shared dot com. Alexa. Do you quick rundown on the local and national news along with any relevant traffic and weather info nobody wants to hear a computer read the news okay. Ralitsa complete cave in as this radio and by the way you can do that on any Smart speaker tried. If you're Smart speaker. You can hear us. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio week nights at less than I'm OK okay. Dennis you ballpark silence on the back studio mavericks. Come about here in the top of the fourth inning it'll be 45 and six. In the order Christian holly deleted off. Holly. Reached on an error by Jordan border shocker shortstop first time up there. 12 and one of the shocker 03 and one for the mavs. Long what's delivers a strike and nothing in one color along which. Through three innings and allowed three hits. He struck out two he's allowed a single. And everything. Of one. Half swing Diddy yep Poland to. So at the moment Connor along with fifteen and two thirds innings. He's given up fifteen hits. They've all been singles. And he's only walked for this year. He had a little wrap on a grounder that shortstop warrior charges fields throws in time. Polly reached out to slap two hopper to Boyer who decided to come charging and throw on the run. And that takes care Christian holly he's open to officially. Here's will Olson Olson. In addition to know Vaughn. If you heard pregame comments Todd Butler Butler pretty impressed with no on the way he handles back. Likewise. Bulls. Got a good approach up there he's been tough out. Changeup that's low and away one ball no strikes now is average certainly hasn't reflected that yet but Olson. Has seen about as many quality pitches and spoil them as anybody in the maverick line up so far in the series. Started to swing took down around the knees curve ball 77. 11. Olson flied to center. First time up there wind continues to howl out of the north. Over but low good fastball. Didn't call brutal. Bases empty one out in the fourth shocker pitching has really put that. Brakes on this UTA offense. Two balls the strike pitch. Let up handing rolled foul. Passed first base coaching box. He is empty one out. Along with peering over the love reading signs from what. Gunner Trout wind. Sliders inside notes three into. A little tapper off his foot found the batter's box rolls out commissioner O'Brien. Still three and two again appeared. Not in the south central Kansas or Wichita area there is some sunshine at least that is about the only saving grace on this day. It's cold it's windy. And mostly cloudy but every now and then when you peak of sunshine like we're getting right now. When nothing shocker in the fourth pitch his way high and outside he loses Olson. First base on balls issued. Mike Connor long waits. And so now Omar Salinas the first baseman. Salinas. Singled to left side its first time up there. Along with looking for a ground ball and he delivers fastball high one ball no strikes. For the most part. Carla woods would be. Classified as a fly ball pitcher but he's gotten a fair amount of ground ball outs so what are here in the early going today he's another ground ball here. And out on the guided in their first strike one and one. Final game of the series. And the homestand here for the shocker is abbreviated as it might be. Three gamer this weekend with ETA and then shocker will go to Colombia. Take on Missouri Tuesday night in the chilly one. Joggers in the zoo. Won't want. Pop got left side might stay in play young over he's got measured in a foul ground make the catch. Wind helped the shocker there that look like it was gonna twist in the foul ground in May be out of play but that strong north wind kept it. In the ballpark. And Salinas fouled out to left fielder. July and now Josh Menard is short stuff. Josh meant ours lay down a sacrifice bought his first down often. Also the way it first. Time called at home plate. Will Olson. In his career. As stolen. Two basis. Both came last year and one which checked on him let him know he's thinking about it. Also last year have really solid. Offensive output 32228. RBI. Walk more than he struck out. And he had those two steals but as a catcher slash DH. I expected to get many. Not going pitch drops in their first right. Auto on. Counted Josh Menard it's. And RC redshirt sophomore from. San Angelo Texas. Told you Friday that all the about four guys on this. Roster from the state of Texas. A lot of Thai. One in one. Andrew gross they reliever that pitched yesterday from Chandler Arizona fill birth view them. Started the opener as the position players from Quebec city Canada. 11 the count seminar is two outs runner up first. Here in the top of the fourth. The crowd hitting two balls and one strike. Jordan west who appeared on the bullpen earlier in the series is from Taylor's milieu tall and Friday night's starter. I keep Ono Anderson is from Hawaii everybody else is from Texas. Alan catches inside quarter two inches. Two balls two strikes two outs will Olson at first drew one out walk. One nothing shocker yours. Gotta run in the second thanks in large part. To an error. QQ instead over first. Shocker took a little while to get going offensively. Offensively yesterday. But they turn at 21 game. Into a five to one win with one in the seventh and two in the eight. To do. Flying steered by long list. Put his glove up kind of as an afterthought I am looking what I found so both pitchers. Have basically. Been ended itself perseverance by catching liners. Now one up around along with head but he spears it. And that's sad for you TA the bottom of the fourth still shocker one maverick nothing. 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Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would beat John Green rich cutlass dusty cell for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas this season. Join us more things right here on K yeah. And as ass. Rat bastard did exactly up eye popping numbers coming into his start but. Turn it up beauty kept you GA in it and likewise so far treat Paterson today and almost hits Luke Renner to start the fourth inning. Coming into this game today mentioned the numbers on Patterson twenty hits and fifteen and two thirds. Opponent batting average of over 30328. Greater takes tied to an old. He gave up eight hits and five runs opening weekend against Texas a and M Corpus Christi even. Five hits and three runs in five and concerns that two thirds against Stephen F Austin. There's a strike. And then last weekend tree Patterson seven hits six runs three walks in five innings. Four ERA of 689 but he's pitched much better now today. Inside. Three and walked. So Ritter working him over. Here's a wine in the 31. Now back three and two Ritter had low screamer right at this second baseman. Easton Johnson in the second. And Johnson just had a and it handcuffed him a little bit off the heel of his glove didn't have a play. And low and outside bowl for you walk. So Ritter draws a leadoff walk and here's Dayton did gone. After Ritter reached on that error in the second duke on the first pitch he saw. Just went with Juan and served it in right field. And then hundred Gibson who's now on deck. Likewise hit an opposite field single he's left him battered so we shot on the left that scored Ritter. That's where we are one and nothing. And a little slider into right center field for a base at out of the reach of the diving Johnson and god does it again boy. The approach today by Dayton and I know he's only seen two pitches but it's really clear that he's. Taken a shot at right field and bat looper off the end of the bat was just out of the reach of Johnson. Thought butler's death. Come out of the shocker first base dugout and. Curiously. Replace hunter Gibson that up. RBI single. His first time up there and this can really only mean one thing he wants to block. Two lawn. Nobody out in the bottom of the fourth. And after Gibson with a RBIs singled to left will be lifted for a pinch hitter and it's got to back and that's. Another reason why you think that this is gonna lead to a sacrifice. This net interest thing. Fairly early move. Here in the game one that nothing first and second nobody out bottom of the fourth. Gibson the DH after RBIs single will be replaced by Josh if backer. To backer. So far this year over four. But he does have to sacrifice. To his credit. And it came earlier in the series. This is the second plate appearance. The previous one in the series he lay down about. Williams weigh in at third base. Backer but it's back to the mound there's only one play the throw to first as in times had a backer. Gets the job done. And now it'll be up to Trout line in Boyer. Now here's the interesting part as well because. Carolina Boyer came up in. An identical spot in the second neither one came through so this is a Mulligan for both. Trout line went down on strikes with. Duke guy and Gibson. Both in scoring position. Now the infield got a comment. Trout line in a situation similar to this yesterday in the eighth inning. Shot one up the middle past a drawn in infield that. Curved into the gap in right center in turn into a double and Trout lines swings and misses. And nothing in one. So listen to strike out situation here for sure for Paterson. And he was able to get. One last time. Count on was up there. Borderline. Willow didn't miss by much. One ball one strike. Trout line over one today two for eight in the series. Double mentioned yesterday drove in the only two runs. That he had in this series. Two more out there. Why exactly literally dozens again one runs get a score. After the egos get a waiver and do god that role is cut off when he slides in safely. Two run single for Goddard to outline and as unconventional. As Todd butler's move may have looked. It worked thanks to governor Trout lines rather than both men who did backer he sacrificed my. Are outlined a two run single it's three to nothing Wichita State. That pretty strong throw in by. The cut off man turned out to be Salinas first baseman cut it off and then fired the play. Didn't go in feet first and tried that flap that. Played on his way by I don't think he did it initially but the ball got away from the catcher went back cuts. Mr. and their lawyers so all walk a single pitch sacrifice. And then try outline. A bullet in the center field gives shocker with three roundly. Boyer linebacker in the picture. First time up there. You know swing and a foul tipped nothing into. Shocker and now I'll hit the mavericks' 43. Cashed in that air in the second and a walk here in the fourth and Ritter. Was the beneficiary both times. Oh into the boy where. They'll high tried the outside corner. One into the shoppers dipped Patterson a little bit after that leadoff walk. Do guy with a good piece of hitting. Took it the other way to right and then Trout line right back through the middle. The first internal Weinbach. Paterson has walked three today. Basically pitching around great suggested twice. But certainly didn't intend to do that with Ritter who lost him. And raiders. Come home school. Little roller to the shortstop leads minorities right to the bag and over to first for the double play second amid easier for men aren't too. Was heading over to the bag off the bat and right at the bag. Collected bit tagged the bag and those not born to complete the double play but shocker get a good round. They get two runs on two hits nobody left. And he scored at the end of four shocker three Texas Arlington nothing. Shocker stands stingers ripping in construction is the answer you're inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So it this spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to go to it's what he's 66 are goaded singers ripping dot com to go to each one is 66. Dinners writhing in construction your home team pro. Hey we don't come to big bucks I'm looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV stay and I mean this TDs are back there in the stands there. Over there understands real wouldn't trip me here what does that mean well the plastic looks like woods and especially these twins. I should've gone enhancements Hefner TV. TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here fine Ke en us. Bottom of the fourth worked out for Wichita State and a walk single. A pinch hitter that came in the sacrifice bunt and and the guys came up next Rodham both then singles and field shocker pleaded. Three to nothing. Connor loved once after hitting number five. He's been really good he's allowed at least one base runner in each inning but has been able to stay out of hot water. A lot of single numbers here also first. A single in the second. One out single in the third one out walk in the fourth he's been able to stay away from big innings. Errant ball the right fielder leading off for the maps. Bring nothing shocker on the fifth. Thought tries to bunnies weigh on me books and bowels of long third left hand better here funk. Trying to push one over Alan Ball. Texas Arlington live a handful of recognizable. Alarms. Most notably. Probably Hunter Pence and John Lackey. He'll one from. Long lists and that's rolled up along first thing hair and down toward the corner goes just. One hopper and O'Brien was all the line couldn't get over there quick enough and around second on its way to third is fun. Annie slides head first into third base without a play. He is ready to stop its second then. Decided it did I had gotten the ball quickly enough so he tried for third may not play at the funny look and play all the way around I'll just. Went out and hold one just inside the bag on a couple hops. Bryant who's playing well off the line couldn't get there in time and that's the first extra base hit. Given up by. Conner luck with all season. Lead off triple. Aaron well down in the corner. Series east and Johnson's second baseman. He struck out swinging his first time up there. And he takes a strike nothing in one. They got hundred parents. John Lackey the three time World Series champion. And don't forget about trade Helmut. Former manager of the Kansas City Royals. In the UTA as well. 01 swing and miss pitch out away from him and Ethan Johnson pulled away office slider. Nothing into. Coleman's son TJ played for UTA from. 2013. 2016. One which way ahead of Johnson nothing into the pitch. In and Nancy got him cutter out away from Lehman. Down goes Johnson for the second time. Three strikeouts in the game Carlyle what's. And now Zach cut the lead off man. By the way shocker infield was playing back it certainly would concede a run for and how. Didn't get a ground ball and they remain back. Bald is even with a bag at third and everybody else that normal depth Zach cook is grounded out struck out. Along with first pitch. The way something soft one ball no strikes. Three nothing Wichita State hits even at four. RJ Williams has two of them. For the maps. What else. Starting to swing takes upstairs to enough. It's a situation here for carnal and what's it's nice that he struck out Ethan Johnson but you don't need another strike out here this is. Mid game at three to nothing game just get that cook out of the cute try to strike him out. You end up going for strikeout. And putting putting them on instead and I got the meteor coming up. Here's a string of foul that came out with a fastball to Juan. There's only a couple of times during the course of the game. Probably three at the most. Starting pitcher absolutely has to have a strikeout. And to me right now is not wanna. Too little on the count. And chopper foul to do. Along with his. Battled back even up to count. Involved at third base. RJ Williams waiting on deck. Soccer league you hear me it game three to nothing. And then make it through. The weekend by getting this week and surviving the elements today to do. Off in the back the left fielder goes young still on the rod reaches up and makes the cats around got to score. On the sacrifice fly by Zach cook but. A nice running catch night Travis young in the gap he was point shallow course as he should with the wind. Blasting in from the north. But that was. Sliced into the gap the wind held it up a little bit for young of course and all that speed enabled sprint over to gap right now he was little bit up said he was able. Have an opportunity to make him throw the play. But bases empty down to weigh is fox course. Strike in their RJ Williams announced 31. Ground ball triple just inside the bag. Brought home buys that book. Cook's second RBIs a year and I went in on the ground on one hop to Mason O'Brien he'll take himself. And the inning is over so all things considered. Connor along with that just fine in the fifth one run one hit nobody laughed halfway through art scores now the shocker it's three Texas Arlington one. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. To upgrade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Oh thank you deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile to our delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Drunk drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver and kiss home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry market Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink or an end over west Sawyer. We had a great American join me. You have this thing is keeping your coffee construction scoreboard inning. Roofs gutters to exciting and windows log your home's exterior again that they're terrific dot com. Or call 3162022066. They're rooting construction your home team crow property order for the shocker. Here in the bottom of the fifth. 31 Wichita State. And Paterson quick pitches young and if it's his call the ball. Young looked up by the time he was ready and Paterson had already delivered it to home plate I don't even know. Travis young's film although cross play was called ball lucky for him. And a bounce for. Error over the third. Right inside the line or out first on his way to second and make it in the first inning with a double. Just a high shopper right behind the back third. And young all at ease up their second base for Q constable O'Brien. The shopping doubles first extra base hit of the day which doctors. That is their ninth double. Of the series. And here's Janice news. Really got. Not gotten much to hit today walked last. American conference teams. Inched closer to conference play. Line in left field over toward the line it's cooking the sliding catch. And Janet robbed of that potential extra base hit a good job Mike Cook and he was positioned perfectly. The lines the left. The first down fifth big sigh of relief by Corey Patterson. Felt like he had pitched. Just today aired Grayson was right on the first pitch he saw. So one loud out here's. Alec bombs hit into a double play struck out. Cincinnati in Tennessee. Wrapping up their series. In Cincinnati Tennessee has won the first two games of that series. Breaking balls low one ball no strikes. UCF swept a doubleheader from Siena. Yesterday. And because of expected weather in Florida Natalie UCF in Siena by South Florida central Michigan. Moved up their final games of their respective series by an hour. One out of home. Load tuna. To make it last time he was up their bombs scuffling a little bit this week. Offensive output has slowed way down after an unbelievable start. Young at second base one away. 31 Wichita State good situationally hitting so far in this one. Good enough anyway. And turned it. Jae Kyung back to the bag. Hundred Gibson who started it DH. When an opposite field single to score Ritter after he reached on an error. And after Josh to backer laid down a sacrifice bunt better Trout wind that you run single. And that's over below three and out out the home. UConn and the citadel. Split the first two games of that series in South Carolina. Rubber match today. He stretched the bone it's the Green Line on three you know. Threw him slider that dropped a little low so Paterson wasn't convinced that ball was gonna take all the way silly. In essence pitch around him. At four walks now by trade Paterson. And now he's got a pitch to O'Brien if he's allowed to. Here comes. The UTA pitching coach John went to. First and second one away. In the shocker fifth here's a right hander loosening. And the maverick bullpen. Along visit on top of the mountain house. Convened and Paterson a stadium next so. Paterson. Facing O'Brien who is flood the left. And flied to center. He has gotten really any thing. Middle and that he can turn on. And with conditions today kasich's doing this the wind is really roaring in from the north so it's blowing over toward the right field corner. And O'Brien left hand batters. Hadn't had much to pull Paterson stayed away from him. First and second. O'Brien obviously looking for a mistake here one away. And that was out away from him any. Rolled over the top of it fouled it back. Paterson. By and large is pitched a Smart game today. But the lower part of the orders produced for the shock years. Low and outside. One of the long. Speaking of the citadel and UConn. Citadel leading fortitude in the seventh. San Diego and Houston wrapping up a three gamer downing Houston. Toreros leading to do nothing before. O'Brien cranks wander right the wind gonna push it over and foul ground and it's gonna be out of play this past week. Shocker bull pen. O'Brien finally got sent to turn on that is something they couldn't keep there. He CF has now polished off Siena can debate. Likewise South Florida. And central Michigan the bulls winning ten to six. And Cincinnati comes up in the bottom of the ninth. The last gas to. Avoid a sweep there trailing. Tennessee to want. One until Bryant and another turn the second chase Travis young back to the back. Yeah its second led off with a double in just a line to left ball walk. After a visit to the mound. Paterson has responded by getting ahead of O'Brien one and two. The pitch. Will tap her off. The plate net trickles out that was picked to handle. But O'Brien just a little early. Again. You can see him trying to pull all the right side. I've been able to square one up yet came into the game hitting. 357. Two doubles a home run in fifteen RBIs. Still one into. Paterson pitching for his life right here and I'll fly ball in the left should be easy for cook stayed away from in the entire they'd be pretty much income makes the catch. To alert. Now here's Ridder a guy that Paterson is not retired. Although he should've been the second ground ball that. Ethan Johnson Johnson kicked him. Lucas also walked scored both times up there. Q on Q out. 31 shoppers. Here's the stretch by Paterson that it's greater. Bouncer to short. Charging you get the hopman ours to throw to first is Lowell and dug out by the first baseman. And at the inning. So Paterson pitches around the leadoff double. And the score remains 31 shocker getting it leads to. The top of the sixth obviously still leading you want to. Eight year old dishwasher are struggling to make it to a cycled well then you better get into the deployments during their clearance sale save a quality game players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen aid. Clinton has over 25 models on display to make your buying decision easy. Plus there are large inventory did you get same day or next they delivery and install on most models due diligence that they get that old Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana kitchen made Energy Star rated this -- ask about free install on qualifying models. It's shelter insurance we know landlords have to keep up with their renters and even if they're related. Mom dad. Had we just dropped Biden picked up your rent check. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy that helps cover stuff in case of fire theft and more wouldn't I. I just moved back and smelled oh you mean as new mini case. Shelter insurance through your shingle weird or shelter. Or renters insurance see Katie Chamblee or Jesse mice in Wichita religious leader Dustin derby this is. Michael Savage stormy week nights they've done okay. It's not back from a shaky outing against Nebraska with a solid one day. You're against UTA goes five innings scattered four hits one run one walk three strikeouts. Finally gave up an extra base hit this year. It was a leadoff triple by Aaron thought Kenny Stewart last happening so that's gonna do it war. Conner luck woods as he turns it over to Alex Siegel. Shocker left the news got off to a good start after long awaited debut in Richard freshmen from Scottsdale. Appearing for the fourth time. Five and a third two hits. One run both hits and a run. Allowed in the series against all the wrong. He pitched on Tuesday. Against a site you Edwards bill three perfect innings and he struck out five. Barely threw thirty pitches and those three innings. So he'll get no Vaughn to start the sixth inning left hander against left hander. 34 and five in the ordered face Alex eagle mountain is in their first strike. Siegel 64198. Shopper I'll high school. In Arizona. Missed all of last year or the army issue. His long awaited debut so far been worth it that one's blown away one ball one strike fastball at 87. There and any of the third opening weekend against nick needs. Of the four outs three a more strikeouts. When ball one strike. On its eyes one the left side of the infield ball. She eighty's I've called off by boy or sprints and digest of foul ground and can't get it. Boy the wind just kept blowing them away from. Lawyer who called off ball. And bone frankly didn't have the angle. That boy your did when it comes to the sun. That is probably the correct move man wins this gap. Blown away from Jordan blurry ended up diving in the third base coaching box and had a bounce off his glove. Bolt was looking right up into the sun lawyer wasn't so Jordan called him off. The ball inside almost hitting two and two. So a pop up into third base coaching box you'd think. Should be an automatic out there today. Kids you've. Got to explain pitch out away from Lehman. No Vaughn not all that comfortable during that AB. That's kind of gone for everybody it's faced Alex Siegel is here five and two thirds now ten strikeouts. So Alex and that striking out. No bonded pretty tough customer. Now here's Christian holly. Paulie the DH is reached on very grounded to short. Facing out Siegel for the first time. Good strike on the outside corner. Pretty much so far this year Siegel has been fastball changeup. Nixon a breaking ball the ball on. Couple pitches ago. I'll not. Nothing until he's been a strike thrower he's walked only one in five and two thirds. Ireland which exits after five innings he can only win today. Leaves leading 31. Siegel way ahead of poly on to. Any got a swing at a pitch down in the dirt and Hollywood a half swing went two for back to back strikeouts for Alex Siegel. And in his last three and two thirds. Struck out seven. Not a lot of base runner dating back that Tuesday game against anti you Edwards mill. Tool away and here's will Olsen on the left hand batters so. Siegel figures to have that advantage here in this match. Salinas. Waiting on deck also left and better. Strike down around the knees Olsen. Can't believe it. So this could be missing a good situation for Wichita State at this point the ball game could force. Darren thomas' hand to maybe go to his badge. And just as I say that's Siegel hits Olson with a curveball. So there's a base runner. Awful how Siegel it help bring up Omar Salinas. Salinas is singled and flied to left. Wal-Mart now. Represented the tying run three of one shocker is top of the sixth two out hit batter. The Eagles. Earlier curve ball the ball on almost hit him lead the lead out a way though. That's bull on the inside corner called strike if it won't. And. Little bit squawking from the UTA fans and venture. Fastballs up around bill. No balls and one strike time called don't play. Olson has gone there twice today. Well what's walking in the fourth. Here's a stretch by Siegel. And the pitch. Popped up left side twisting out of play all over for a look at it. He just gave up on it can be looking right up in his on again. Nothing until you Omar Salinas. In the EPA sixth. In the bottom of the inning shocker to have you got a Packard Trout lines scheduled. Three Paterson is kept his team in the game much like Brad vasser did yesterday. Hackers trying to keep you Q arms linked. Into the turf dug out by Trout line throw out a second as a runner started to go to second but Olson thought better of it back to first egos. Well throughout line was convinced that Olson was going silly uncorked it bounded. The shortstop Jordan Boyer by that time though Olson slammed on the brakes and headed back first if for outline. Had been able to hang on to it he could have certainly got Olsen in a rundown or maybe just picked him off that. This kind of shielded by Salinas left him battered. Swing and a miss him down he goes and good breaking ball at time from Alex Siegel and Alex strikes out the side. In the UTA six then the bottom of the sixth Leo it's still the shocker three in the mavericks' one. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for a plan. One company is on a mission to put a million people towards each year sounds like a big never dozens and not to express employment professionals. Seeking a skilled labor position. We were administrator for. You're an executive looking for career that fits the we take pride in connecting the right people with the right company. Express employment professionals is on a mission. A million people to work eat cheese and place help and we'll open doors for you go to expressed cruise dot com to find a location near you then. In assets. More real similar to the game yesterday. Rat bastard pitched into the seventh inning and the Saturday game. The game in which a shocker led 321 after seven. It is three to one going in the bottom of the sixth here today. And a lot like ambassador trait Paterson. It's in his rear end off just keep ETA in the game offense hadn't been able to pick him up. And they do doll little flair an end to center field that goes to god has seen three pitches. And he 33. Two singles to right. And that went right back through the middle shocker here in business. As state and duke doc has tied his career high. With his third hit of the day the fifth time. In Dayton career he's registered three hit game and now here's the backer. And Josh was up there with first and second nobody out and came off the bench to block in the fourth. You think he's probably gonna do the same thing here again in laws. Give you got here to try to steal. Getting runners on and that's slash yellow left field line foul me. Rolled the dice on the hit and run in the backer took a shot at left field. So no balls and one strike. So in large part because. Jacob Cassidy. Has a sore hamstring. Dayton dude got getting an opportunity to start against a right hand pitcher today. And it has taken full advantage. Balls and distracting factor it takes a little bit low. Shocker looking for a little insurance just like they did at this point of the game yesterday. They got one in the seventh. Through in the eighth. To win it five to one. 11 to do guy and he draws a throw. So in this spot in the order hundred Gibson started the game at DH. Delivered at RBI single left. And then to backer pinch hit form in the fourth. Laid down a sacrifice bunt and Trout wind followed with a two run single. When catches the bottom of the zone. One ball and she strikes. Josh did backer. Who is old for four officially this year. Career to 31 hitter. You know 118 at bats. Do god first inches away. The backer waits the 12 swings and misses and pitch off the plate and down it goes to the backers strikes out. For the first out of the six. Trade Paterson again not normally strikeout pitcher. Has struck out five today. Paterson had struck out six his first three combined starts. Your strong wind who's struck out singled. One on one out now. Do Goji Specter first. On the throw from Paterson mentioned this the top of the broadcast as well. Wichita State team. Each of the last two years struck out. Seven point six times per game while hitting just forty home runs. In each of the last two years. Shocker on pace to double that home run wise. While striking out less. Another throw to first at the moment the soccer's. Strike out on average seven point four times a game which is down for me the last two years. But the extra base hit output is. Gone sky high this year. Wind takes a strike down around the knees on the inside corner only one. Two mavericks loosening. Down the left field bullpen. Jordan Boyer would be next. 31 shocker to runner first and they can do got. Paterson said at the letters long hold. Pitch. Strike on the outside corner not in two. The Carolina said very different results in his two previous plate appearances. Q in scoring position in the second struck out two in scoring position in the fourth and lined a single to center. Do guys again guys back safely. Through from Paterson. Patterson. Five and a third and six hits three runs. He's walked four but only one of them scored. Little bouncer foul pastor Sam yes if you don't take care now. Soccer's a bad at least the base runner in every inning. Paterson is there a cautiously. Edged around the heart of the shocker order. But it's that this park shocker you've got a name like back through the middle and under the glove of Ethan Johnson and into center field. Pass the pitcher pat Johnson and Trout lines within other singled to center stopping its second ago. Now Boyer lawyers lined the picture. And bounced into a 63 double play seventh hit of the game for the shock. And for his heart is the wind is blowing toward right field corner. There hasn't been much much action to the right side of the diamond at all today issued credit all the pitchers out there. Keeping it away from the dangers side of the field lethal now. Boy weird and mean to do a half swing. Straight off the bat off the net. Boy there was four out of six in the series before today. Oh for two. Do guys second trial quiet first. Right hander against righthander Patterson's. Probably getting toward the end. Breaking ball alone outside half swing those swing one in one. Jordan border couple home run seven RBIs at opposite field home run here yesterday. Home field. Shallow straight away. Outside. 21. And I've got to believe that trade Patterson's execute his game plan perfectly has missed many spots today. He hasn't really messed around just until he's had through these elected to go after moments dead. He's handled O'Brien staying out of metal plate to him. To want to border. Swing a foul tip off speed stuff. It's two and two. But when he had to. Throw good guy with runners in scoring position. Candidate a 5050 proposition. Got to outline once strong wind got him once. Hundred Gibson. Got him in the second inning. And now he's dueling with Jordan Boyer. Good to. There's lead away one out shocker six. And it's my enemy as he got him slider got away from him. Jordan Boyer the second strike out of the inning. Six strikeouts. Season high for Trey Paterson. And here's young young guys. Been a strikeout victim twice. And he's also double. Big spot in the game for both teams. UT eight trying to stay in a shocker stranded. Deliver a knockout blow. Breaking ball held up the ball in the turf blocked by Olson. One ball no strikes. Wilson's. Been pretty solid behind home plate. These pre season all Sun Belt Conference selection. As a catcher by league coaches. And so is this guy treat Patterson he's gotten off to a rocky start really pitched well today. Eyeball right field right at fault he's waiting for it he's got it. So. Trade Paterson gets his way through six innings. And the shocker leave. Two men on in the sixth. To the seventh shocker three mavs want. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professional that he KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes hone their competitive banks. Part trusted tax accounting and consulting pros can help you slide past challenges and hit home run go to beat Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports is draws you buy American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy owed a neat Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on Kate and as fast. Well whether. You're not like it was yesterday but the game is 31 Wichita State that we had to the top of the seventh bottom of the order. Do up from Texas Arlington. Menorah is fault and Johnson is scheduled hitters. Where you Kia. Josh Menard his soccer flies that lined up to the picture. Sun coming out again. Could it be that the wind is starting died down a little bit it was. 2530. Miles an hour most of the game looks like it's let up just a little bit. And Alex Siegel delivered outside one ball no strikes. Three runs seven hits one error for the shocker is one run four hits one error for UTA. Siegel struck out the side in the six. Who's down and in tune up. In this series UT eight. Five runs fourteen hit this. But there hanging around here on a Sunday trying to avoid this week. Here's a strike from Segal right down the middle to long. Josh Menard is one for aid in the series. One for seven I should say with a sacrifice. Coming in the second. That's high from Siegel three and one. Shocker pitching did not issue a walk yesterday. And only three on Friday. One walk by long what's today. 31 isn't there three and do seminars. Pretty much taking all the way on to an island three and one. Just 31 ball game doesn't seem all that close to the way EPA's struggled at the plate. And that's low for ball for some leadoff walk. And that's no seventh inning starts. Parents followed his. Gotta be allowed to hit for himself this is a lefty lefty matchup. Funk has grounded to short and against. Long what's to start the fifth and little ground ball up along first. Thank god and between. The bag and Mason O'Brien and we'll turn it into a triple. Nat inside almost hitting so Siegel is. Lost command to start the seventh inning. Good look much better in the sixth. Five left ten batters in the starting line up. Where you TA. Popped up foul and back and out of play. Ball one strike. Don't fault is left handed back east and Johnson on deck right hand battered and cook the leadoff man. Who would be next she's also. A lefty it's pretty much lefty righty lefty all the way through line. Siegel's 11. Low two and one. The last two games of the series have been. Almost identical. Shocker hanging onto an early lead. All that plagued by far. Student do. Soccer's. Heads to Columbia for a Tuesday night game but it'll be at 630. That game right here on CNN Cecil had that Emporia likewise the weekend series at Creighton and Friday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Curve ball as high. And now three into. Three balls two strikes. Runner first and nobody out big pitch here for Siegel. As a pay off in society lost the ball four he walked two in the inning. And now he's really asking for trouble. This is. The first time that. UTA has been able the put back to back runners on base. And now fill birth you will hit 4 eastern Johnson. Europeans started. The opener of this series. Many Indians ended up striking out all three times and he was up there. And it's Cody Hoyer. So fill birth humans seven for seventeen. Has to lawn and nobody out doctors. Getting a couple right handers up and going. In the bullpen. Siegel has it. Struck out the side but he followed that up with two walks to start the seventh. Never good recipe and you try to work out of trouble here birth view showing bunt pulled the bat that takes all want. And is very likely that virtue is just trying to distract Siegel and taking a strike. So Siegel really running into the first real trouble with his command all season. Two on nobody out the Pittsburgh team takes and that's a little high cue it up. Mrs. Turning into a real troubling inning for the shoppers. Pitching staff is cruising right along Mike has said. The first two and a half games. They've walked only four UTA hitters. And god butler's. Sina. So I gave Siegel a couple of pitches here Ginsburg you know. Body doesn't look like he's going to be allowed them. Finished yet back. The Siegel with the bit of a Jacqueline hide appearance. And that is gonna do it for Alex Segal so. You'll only get credit for one inning plus two batters. And if Chandler sand Byrne who's coming in should happen to walk birth you know that would be. Under Alex Siegel's ledger so. He struck out the side. But he also could potentially walk three. And he did hit a batter. Those shocker full turn to channel or sand burn. He pitched a 1238. Here yesterday. Through twelve pitches. Struck out one. Sandburg appearing for the eighth time. No record one save and an era of war in nine innings. He's allowed just three hits and he struck out seventeen. In nine innings of work. He'll inherit it 20 count. To fill birth you. Certainly in unenviable task for a reliever but such is life when you're coming out of the bullpen. Not only do sometimes you got it clean inning sometimes you get left with somebody else's account. And that's the case here so. Chandler Sandberg who has consistently. In the mid ninety's yesterday. But most importantly. Didn't issue any free passes and that isn't that the key with anybody throws. Mid ninety's roar over the plate you yourself the chance. Sand burning fuel and two thirds back on the fourth against Nebraska. Struck out or walked just one. He walked one in each of his first three outings. And they've only walked. One. In the next four. And he has. Again it. Pressures on him. As he inherited 20 count facing the go ahead run. Here in the top of the seventh inning. After Wichita State exploded for twelve runs and sixteen hits. In the opener. This kind of scratched and clawed their way to five runs and nine hits yesterday. And they haven't been able to come up that big hit today to put away ETA and now Siegel with two walks to start the seventh that's. Invited Texas Arlington back into this game. They were never far away to begin. Derek go. Fill birth Q right hand pinch hitter. Facing flame thrower. Chandler Sandler. That stretch. And an inside move and virtue and slid his hand up to bat to show bunt again. He'd be crazy not to just take a strike and it could be just a tactic to try to distract Chandler Sandberg and don't strike. Mostly. And colonel long looking into Trout line and out dinner tell him to step off. Mavericks were just four hits today but. Pair of base on balls to start that seventh inning. To all. Low three you know. Back to the top of the order after birth fumes so this is. About all that. UTA can ask for. In we're. Still just in the seventh inning so we got a little ways ago. Three out account to fill birth Q did you. Takes him straight down the middle three and what he might be take another. Although you. Got to take a risk. Facing a guy that can touch 97. That you trust yourself with a one swing. If you take your 31 this might be the best when you see. And perfume again. Part time player is seven for seventeen. Outside he lost. So they're loaded. So the walk. Is charged is Alex Siegel and now they're loaded with nobody out. For the top of the order Zach cook. Is over two with a sacrifice fly it. Cook now on the season is four for 29. It's 130. Sandburg looking in for the sign. Uses stretch in his first pitch his line in the center field the base yet. One run is gonna score Aaron Thomas will hold up there and market third. And it's a 32 ball games. That cook. Singles to center on the first pitch. And now we absolutely got a ball game shocker here by now three to. Now RJ Williams. So the bases on balls. Allowed you to CA. To mount a rally here in the seventh. First four of reached. RJ Williams's two for three last time up very grounded out of nation O'Brien. And where you Allen was one of them. Now Fuld that third. Bert humid Sackett cook first. Stretch and I Chandler in the pitch. It back through the middle. And spin but Boyer flip the socket law out of first not in time boy miraculous play. You'll out run scoring a run score. Lawyer just backing and flipped it to the second baseman. Set him. While scores. Over there or use that now there at the corners with one out. And we gotta tie game 33. Acrobatic play by border just to get one now. And now lawyers know all of on their best hitter. He struggled today popped out into a double play and struck out. So at 33 game two of the three walks and scored. And lest she get it. Double player a pop up. Maybe all three scores there's strike. Or strike out as those. Throwback to stand burned out ovaries head butt boy your alert Lee backing up. So 33. The mavericks have tied it up here in the seventh. In the bottom of the inning it'll be just a bold and O'Brien. Against either. A tiring Corey Patterson or new reliever out of them. First things first runners at corners one out. And throw to first diving back safely as RJ Williams. Williams almost. Snuck one through the infield lawyer. Made it tremendous knack and backhand flip to Ritter for the force out. And burned comes set. Good pitch. Swinging and it got passed in 94 upstairs Owen to. Against Connor long waits. Vaughn fouled out to the second baseman and rolled into a 363 double play Siegel struck him out last inning. 02. When outside. Fastball at 931 into it. When ball he strikes one out. Berth in the third Williams at first when the mavericks. Tied it at three pitch he struck him out pull the string autumn and down goes on. Big strikeout for Chandler and burned. And now one more big and getting Christian holly. Holly the DH is over three. Ali not to for twelve in this series. Big outnumber Jews Vaughn. Goes down on strikes. Polly's reached on an error grounded to short. Can Siegel struck him out last inning to. Stamberg first pitch swinging advance thermos slider and Hollywood's Keaton. And missed it by applauding nothing in one Hollywood certain on that fastball. Christian Holley six footer from four or. Where your player in the program. In the count nothing it on the pitch. Line drive bases left field in the maverick particularly. Turn on a fastball. And he eventually got what is look at Florida holly cute one and left and it's a four to three game now the shocker. Trailed it. For the first time well except for the very first inning. First couple innings in the opener on Friday the three walks. All come around to score. Now it's 43 maps. All three of those runs charged to Alex Siegel. Who breezed through the sixth inning but couldn't find the plate in the seventh. Now will Olson. Within insurance through and suddenly out at second base. Will fly ball shallow left center field could be troubled young coming on coming on any troubles that makes the catch. And keep them out of Florida three games the wind was blown away from him. Olson pops the left the inning comes to a close but the shocker invite the maverick right back into the game they scored three runs on two hits. The first three batters walked and they all come around a school. So now stretched time and aren't in school or. Is UTA for the shocker three. When you set out to find new roads you can't do alone you need a partner in the insurance when you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learn they're trying something new can be exciting and power downright exhilarated. 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Top of the seventh inning for the shocker pitching staff Alex Siegel. Walk the first three that he faced in the seventh they all come home to score. Shocker to find themselves trailing 43. Ryan bus he left hander will take over for free Paterson who is now on line to win it. So bus will face great hinge Anniston star the bottom of the seventh in the livers lawn outside. One ball no strikes. Ryan bus fearing for the fourth time one and out knows saves by having a third innings. He allowed two runs. And he throws a strike down around and he's won one. Bust most recently pitched against Baylor in the mid week two innings four hits one run. Jumps at the 11. And generous to show but. It takes outside two on one. It's not exactly sure what he had in mind their bit. But Smith's. Two balls the strike wind continues to blow pretty hard out toward right. And that was found that are way over our head and do. Jealous city didn't get much to swing app from the starter trade Paterson. Mind to left in his only. Official plate appearance also walked twice. Bottom of the seventh shocker trailing 4322. Pitch. I'll back this screen. Trade Patterson went six innings allowed seven hits. Gave up three runs two earned. He walked four. And he struck out six. Again he's a line for the win all with them. 23 and four for the shocker here in the seventh. Strike three call down around the knees on the outer edge and down goes Afghanistan. One away. Here's Alec but home. Obama's finally run into a team in this series that he has really enjoyed all that much. Two for nine in the series. Single and a double just one RBIs. And he's now two for his last twelve. Takes a strike on the outside part of play. 43. UTA in the bottom of the seventh. Ryan bus. Left hand pitcher. Looks down the stretch with nobody on the pitch. When low. Plus 63 to fifteen. Senior from. Highland Park High School in Dallas. Strike called the ball one and two. Don't struck out looking back in the thirty walked in fifth. Bases empty one out the bottom of the seventh. Roy almost adding punched out there two and two pitch barely missed low. But barely pitched last year suddenly appeared four times. And got six outs last year for the maps. Even afford three ball game. And catches the outside corner Bolton called out on strikes. So Ian Grayson generous to both get punched out looking by Ryan books. And thought Butler. I mountain have a word with home plate umpire. Then Harlow. For at least walk over to the on deck circle and talk to Mason O'Brien. Well look the pits to Grayson Genesis a look more like a strike. Then the last one to Alec bone it was on the up side portion of the plate looked like it was maybe a little bit away. But. Like the home. Couldn't pull the trigger on anything they saw. And Todd Butler just standing there in the on deck circle he's been thrown out of the game I've been Harlem. He stood there at near the on deck circle. Next to Mason O'Brien. And. And he is getting his money's worth now it's really. Yet the peace have been Harlow build or acquire the crew chief trying to standing in between the two. But whatever Todd Butler was saying when he was standing nearly on deck circle. Wasn't all that loud and now is getting in the face of bill McGuire. McGwire never really let Todd Butler. Get a piece have been Harlow we came sprinting down from first base to try to get in between the two. And now tides really get his money's worth is let both of them haven't McGwire and Harlow. Point warning adamant he has screaming at the top of his lungs. So two outs in the inning. And butler's still didn't. And bill McGuire. Who's not even got kicked him out. And butler's still out there. So this is suddenly turned into a frustrating game for the charters. They were leading three to one. And then Alex Siegel couldn't find the plate. You TA took advantage. Scored three and they take a 43 lead and Ryan by us. Got Janice day and home looking both of them. And the last pitch to Alex the homeless. A little too far outside for talk Butler couldn't take sitting down. So he went out and absolutely. Put on a show. Written and have been Harlow and bill McGuire well. So on we play Mason O'Brien finally. Steps up to the plate. Boss first it's doing is. Golf high in the air right field when a portion of foul ground second baseman after a long run run that down. Makes the catch. And the inning is over Brian bus turned in a 1237. Highlighted by. The first ejection of the year. Thought Butler at the top of the eight still the mavericks for the shocker here. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access. Learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Service is not available for all planned. I didn't know with the new stats now. Coming off the top of the hour I got a nose guard. In my sitting on 97 now. Thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita is number one talk shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for Harding and Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on CNN. Run right now on roller skates they threw it 43. Thank you to get their head coach rejected their two best players punched out looking. And would kill adversity here in the UTA series for the first time all weekend boarded three mavericks. To the top of the day Omar Salinas Walid and often singled in three trips. To be facing Chandler Sandberg. Stamberg gave up a couple of runs scoring singles. And a fielder's choice. In at seventh inning after Alex Siegel. Kind of lost its way lost home plate. Charged with three walks all came around to score. Salinas takes a little high one ball no strikes. So bin Harlow shows Todd Butler the door it's the first time since last April. I've been kicked out of the game. Here's a strike on the inside corner Omar Salinas. Singled in three trips but also fly to left and struck out. So now Connor long woods can no longer way to. Adam Sandler Stamberg 11 that's foul back pitch out away from Salinas. One and two. Salinas. And artists and fall. Do up here in the eighth inning. Correlates with the first five up one run and then Siegel. Cut through the UQ order in the sixth for shorter hours struck out the side. And bounces. Two and two Marcelino. And then in the seventh he walked Menard is involved. Aligned to another pitcher Hilbert yeah. And and on Butler had seen enough of that so. He went on him and Chandler's amber came and completed the walk which is credited to now Siegel. Another arrest or three Kia. Too too little bat handle ground ball on to Hofstra Ridder. And one away. Salinas badly jammed and he's the first out of the game. So since exploding for sixteen hits this season high. On Friday night. The shocker had to scratch and claw a little bit more yesterday ended up nine hits but. Piled up the majority of those. From the fifth inning on. Today it's been. Tough sledding against. The starter trade Paterson. And now Ryan but the reliever. Koehler one demand RS. This Chandler chamber jumps ahead of him. And ours laid out a sacrifice line went back and picture and Siegel walking the start that mass last inning will have to swing ground ball behind the bag employer nice playing out at first. Didn't mean to do it actually. Hit it on the barrel and went farther than most half swings do it. Live line drive on one hop that Boyer scramble behind the bag gathered and threw out and r.s two outs. Here's Aaron font is tripled and walk scored twice. Or three of the four runs. 43 mavericks. Out of the eight. And burned pitch. Outside fastball at 931 ball no strikes. In the shocker eighth. They'll have Ritter do god and to backer scheduled. And here's a stretch bystander in the 10. And math hit him. Fastball came in on funk and he was clips tonight that on there the last three times. So the pitchers have now walked four and hit Q batters. Mike Steele walking out to the mound he has that make change though. Sandberg got two outs here in the eight. But. You'll not get the chance to complete. The eighth inning I think that's. Clayton mcginnis trotting in from the shocker pins so Sandberg will be credited with one and two thirds. Give up a couple of hits. He struck out one. Hit a batter and didn't walk anybody. So play him again dances. Been so good at stranding inherited base runners. I have a chance to. Stranded what. Is now a potential insurance run. Or you key day. And Adam pulled after two out hit that. Clay McGuinness so far this season. In eight previous appearances covering eight innings giving up three runs. He walked three and struck out seven. So far this year. Again mrs. Not been asked to pitch so far in this series. He threw two scoreless. And at Wednesday's game against or Robert striking out four. So here he comes to try to put out little mini fire in the eight inning two outs and runners for this. You face. Still birthing room. Clayton mcginnis. Right hander from Missouri. Trying to keep this state. Or a three game. Maginnis is really only had. One pick up of a game. Allowed all three guys to be face to score or not to reach two to score and that ten a nine game against. Nebraska a week ago today. Pretty much every other time he's been out there and religious. The Clayton with. They wanna know record at 330 ADR in those eight innings. It appears that he. Ninth time most on the team. They're first in the person of parents' fault. Mcginnis come step. It's divert him. Hitting. Back to back hit batters. And now pitching staff is. All the sudden kind of fallen apart in the last two innings three walks two hit batters. Against a team that really was. Dead in the water offensively they still have been. They got a couple base hits in the seventh but if not for the three walks in front of them. Would be that big of a deal. As it is still only have six hits today. And sixteen hits in the three games in the series. So now back to the top of the order exact car is driven around with a sac fly and driven and another with a single fastball for a strike. Nothing in lawn too long Q out all the sudden. Shocker Chinese to the bottom of the eighth trailing just one trailing by just 143. Mavs got. One in the fifth and three in the seventh. Shocker led at one point three to nothing. No one has little hide. One ball one strike. When it looked like it was gonna lay down for about five minutes or at least a little bit but it's picked back up again. Blowing hard out north over toward right field corner. McGinest check the runner the 11. Good breaking ball dropped in their won into. That cook officially won for three today. The base hit he had against amber in the seventh was his first of the series. And cook came into the game 81484. For 27. There's a stretch by Maginnis. And the 12 pitch outing swinging at a pitch down and away from him a breaking ball. And again as strikes got cook and after hitting birds you so couple hit batters but nothing becomes of it. And Wichita State will come to bat in the bottom of the eighth with the score you TA for the shocker story wanna have a little fun. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and freshman won my world. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lots more lifting force just what you'd expect from the best fields in the industry seizures over bobcat dot com slash advantage or results and check them out a person of whites or machinery in Wichita Topeka Manhattan Garden City council's when it's our machinery you're authorized bobcat dealer wow. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Grade now with a smile you've got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile power with delta dental. This marks living joining weekdays at five right here on tape and as test. Doctor. My six outs. Trailing 43 billion bottom of the eighth. Luke Ritter will lead an offline plus still out there. The lefty that got Janice the ball home. Butler and O'Brien. In the seventh. Ritter is reached on an error he walked. And grounded to short and so where go its reader do god and the backers the scheduled hitters it's been a productive part of the lineup. Ritter been on their twice. Dayton did god has singled. On every pitch that he scene today. And that to those guys have scored all the runs there too and do go the other. And a strike in the air from Bryan bust. Ridder over to officially. Outside one bowl on strike. Four runs six hits one air for you G-8 37 and one for the shock years. Last four runs of the game and scored by the visitors. Went on. Strike called on the outside corner and Wichita State hitters the three last inning and now Ridder. Can't seem to pull the trigger on a lot of called strikes. 12. And slow to into. Buses season numbers. And special five and a third six hits two walks five strikeouts. So far so good form today though. And a swing and miss by Ritter he got. For all import around three by strikeout. Now here's do god. Again. Do guy has seen three pitches. And singled three times twice to write wants to center. The lefty Ryan thus out of the stretch with nobody on those occur ball very high. And it's one ball no strikes. Dude guy has tied his career high with a three hit game. Into the back to our right side twisting in the wind will help. Bullet further out of play into the bleachers one ball one strike. Shocker whip. Six singles and one double today and kind of quiet. Over the low two balls and one strike given overthrown a bit by Ryan bouts and then Wilson overthrew bus. And shortstop and ours had to go to balls and one strike nobody on one out the shocker eight. For the three UT yet. But working quickly hasn't signed Q1. Back through the middle and into center field goes Dayton disguise for four. And when all that's needed effort represented the games tying run for singles for gaga. Exactly happening shocker. And up trade Vickers is gonna pinch hit for Josh to backer. Vickers started Friday night. Coming off that hamstring injury that kept him on the bench. For almost all the first eleven games. Played Friday went three for five including a home run. But that hamstring was. A little sore yesterday so Tom Butler held him out and certainly with the conditions today kind of raw and cold. I've decided I'm not gonna starting today either but here is pinch hitting against lefty Ryan by us. Lo and smothered in the turf. I will also. So Dayton dude got one of the aftershock yours represented the tying run at first he's there with one out. Vickers three for five Friday night. RBI single in the solo home run. Trout wind would be next. 10. The load to know. And certainly at that the very least if you're tray. With his legs the way they are. Looking for something to try to elevate a ground ball and infielder would. And not be good news. Guy will or sore hamstring. Too low. Not swing and miss pitch out away prominent. Trade triggered a little bit late borderline pitch that. Vickers went after him up him. Doing on. Gibson to backer now Vickers in this spot right here. If you want. Into the gap in right center field was that. They're out of trouble and got around second on his way to third in the throughout the throughout the other guy's going to be elements war and bicker and walk in the second base. It comes and he probably will credit or an RB I. Never stopped. And bought a ball in other. And the ball just laid there. Single. And now all of Vickers is going to be and pinch ran for buying Alex Jackson. So Vickers comes through again doesn't get credit for an RBI. Single. Most importantly Trout line now if they can come through again to put the shocker in front. UTA would have to three and four in their order in the top of the night. So the shocker that tied it. On a single and error near strong line. Two hits two RBI today. Alex Jackson pinch running at second base. Outline. After a second innings striking out. Has singled his last two times up there. Albany's first strike. Trout line failed with two runners in scoring position in the second then came through in the same situation in the fourth. And in with duke on first with one out in the sixth. Gunners singled him over to second. And in. One ball one strike. So the shocker that targeted for. And two errors committed by UTA today both of almost immediately led to a shocker run. Al balding short charging is Menard has only played a first out there over to third goes Jackson. The Trout line is how looked. Employers up. Employer one of those guys that Todd butler's talking about in his pregame comments counties. How like the little Chihuahua well it's sure been always bark and always running around. Fired up the guys well he has an opportunity give the shocker the lead. Here in the eighth. He had a solid first two games of the series had been quiet today. Wanted to swing held up took low wanna know. How much Jackson the go ahead run as ninety feet away two outs and run home here any day. Lawyers lying to the pitcher. Grounded into a double play and struck out. Here's a chance to redeem himself. And an end blocked by Olson. We're Olson's little wall back there. 44 tie Tommy barn house loosening in the shocker candy. Came in threw ten pitches yesterday. Nail down the final three outs. Chopping ground ball to third giving ground as williams' long throw across is in time in the game remains tied with the shocker do. Get it tied up. Bus retired Boyer. Wonder on two hits one big error for ETA and one man left on base. Go to the top and I knew scores now the shocker for Texas Arlington for. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group think JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. With spring's arrival nature resumes activity. Giving life points against him flowers and trees the animals appear. And get to Warrick yeah this is the balance of nature wins this balance whether must also find harmony. As it does we find ourselves. In the middle of it. Stay alert tornado season is about to begin the Oilers for watches warnings and what you need to know 97 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Brad would beat John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. Hey Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK okay. Here tonight because. In a tied game at 44. ETA will have RJ Williams Knoll vaunted Christian holly to three and four in their order. In the bottom of the ninth shocker we'll have the top of their order young pianist and ball. That's frustrating series for UTA frustrating game for the shocker is. See who blanks here in the ninth inning 44 tie Clayton Maginnis. Back out there for the shock yours. First pitch is a little bit lone outsider. RJ Williams. Williams is two for four and a run scoring fielder's choice. In that three run seventh. And that's low. Two balls no strikes a 10 slider. Shocker relievers have handed out five free passes in the last two innings. Six over the last three. Three walks and three hit batters. Pop up foul backing out of play now none of the hit batters have come around to score. But all real walks down. So. This is a UTA team. That in this series. And stroke of the manufacture much they have. Just sixteen hits. And eight runs in the three games. McGinest to launch a strike on the outside court could do. Williams singled this first few times up there. Then grounded to first. And a sparkling play by. Jordan Boyer. In the seventh. And as he struck him out through the slider. And Williams couldn't hold up. Thirteen strikeouts for Clayton mcinnis one do in the 81 to start the night. Now know all Vaughn who has a dangerous hitters the but it's been quiet today Oprah for. Went over to against Connor long waits. Alex Siegel struck him out. And Chandler Sandberg struck him out. And McGuinness. Is gonna give way to a lefty so it's going to be a lefty lefty matchup. Here at one out nobody on the night. But Cody Tyler. Sold the vet for the shock yours that you're senior. We'll draw the assignment here. So mcinnis two thirds of an inning. Two strikeouts. That hit batters. And out that Cody Tyler as an action would Siegel is out there. There's a whole bunch left and batters. In this lineup for ETA. Starting with a scaring your normal on. So if Cody has to. Pitch. Extended innings here we should happen to go extra. Yeah Vaughn. Olson Salinas. Phone. All the way up and down that lineup. Perfume pinch hit for Ethan Johnson but those both those guys are right handed so. All the lefties remained in there. So Maginnis with two strikeouts. Tyler the fifth pitcher for the shock yours today. He's appearing for the fourth time. Tyler pitched. In at 21 loss against O are you on Wednesday. Retired four struck out three. I was part of that seventeen strikeout performance. I'm shocker pitching staff on Wednesday and Colson. They then backed it up was. Eleven more on Friday night. They have nine today. So bases empty one out in the ninth at 44 game. Yorkers. Got the tying run in the eighth inning. Dayton did guy's career highs or hit. With one out. And then trade Vickers with a single with a gap in right center field. A ball which do gun never stopped running. And the center fielder Vaughn was saddled with an error when he and full kind of got tied up. On the ball squirted away. Tyler Vaughn. Swing and a felt tip off the mask of gonna drop wind nothing at one. No Vaughn in the opener. Went to out of four with a triple. One for three yesterday old for Ford today. Swing and attack her foul nothing into Tyler coming right at it. Doctors are about to hit the mavericks nine to six. Mavs with too costly errors. Tyler's 02 pitch guy swinging. Knoll Vaughn as a hat trick and he's old for five. What a job the pitching staff has done with no hold on the day but hour. Throughout its. The shocker is one other time have been tied after eight innings. They won the previous game and that happened. Two outs for Christian holly. Holly singled in Iran offered Chandler Sandburg couple innings ago picks. In Q tied one ball in those strikes. Again in the shocker night they'll have young Jenna still involved. We'll see who will be against. Here's a 10. Caught the inside corner down around the knees. Fortunate call from Cody Tyler. Bases empty to lay wanna want to Christian Holly Hughes. One for four. Reached on an air back in the first inning. Strike two called good pitch on the outside corner so. Tyler went down and end for the first strike again on the outer half. With the second. Tyler working from the stretch with nobody on. And working from the first base side of the robber comes down at the letters. 12 pitch and low key shot ground ball the second raiders got it. Throws to first in time and the inning is over so mcginnis. And Cody Tyler turned in a scoreless ninth. We'll go to the bottom line fifty shocker to walk it off it's 44 here yet. 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Bryant buss. Hadn't seen it yet that'll be generous and Obama who bus struck out looking. Bottom of the ninth or four times doctors trying to pull one out the fire. Shows but takes bowl. And pulled RJ Williams the third baseman weigh in on the green portion of the turf. One and Tony young who has won for four. Lined out to right his last time up there. Time called play. Bryan bust through it anyway one ball no strikes. Young a strikeout victim twice. He doubled. The soccer's only extra base hit today violent. And up to boat pulled that back took strike one and one. Janice and go home. Due up next. Combined over five. With three walks and three strikeouts. That kind of a pedestrian outing for those guys but now have one more chance. Little chopper foul often out of Travis young it's one into. John is now three for twelve in the series. All that's the trying to get on somehow and blustery day that north wind continues to blow about 25 miles an hour. And in two and Judy young. Nobody on nobody out shocker half of the night. 44 tie shocker led three to nothing. Gave the mavericks the next four and took one back in the eighth. Now all that and how to play we'll do it again. So Ryan bus. Two innings threw it. One run. No walks and three strikeouts. So it is bus in Tyler pictures or record right now. Hackers trying to make a winner Dakota. Two to swing a foul that these lines that you look. And I away from him. Two balls two strikes account holding. Young waits. Must brings it in. Line drive to the shortstop on a short hop mark Mijares threw across is in time. Hit pretty sharply by young but right at the short stuff and aren't. So Travis young is one for five. So now it's up the bass Brothers Janice does walked twice lined to left and struck out looking. He's the first guy to face. Most Keenan. In the seventh inning. They're still looking for some to elevate and right field. Curve ball's low one ball no strikes. Here's the stretch. 10. Swing and a foul deaf boys got a cut on that what the center fielder lawn. Is pretty much straight away almost directly behind second base not playing very deep. The right fielder thought Susan straight away right here won again particularly deep but. The wind is what's really the X-Factor here. Slow occur over a little low. Just below the knees to launch. Anything hit with any authority to right center field will. Be hooked or blown over towards fall the right fielder. Do you want. Line and into that shallow right field at the second baseman Johnson is out there. And out his Afghanistan that second time except the canister. In this series. So tool way. And here's foam. Last chance for the shocker stood. Avoid going extras here first pitch of the home. Is low. Now Ballmer is twice struck out hit into a double play and walked. He said. Game to forget to this point. And that's called strike he hadn't been able pulled the trigger on line books. He was called out on strikes. Against Boston the sevens and that prompted an injection from. His head coach Todd Butler. 11. Strike on the outside corner one and duke. And buses just paint him out there and the home can't pull the trigger. One ball two strikes two out bottom of the night for four time. He's gonna pick you out there in my blog go out there. Out there again Alan Lowe too into especially with the conditions. The heck with trying to pull. Could do stretch in time called. Zach cook is now playing second base after. Johnson was pinch hit for by virtue. First Jim isn't. Left field. To do. Slice to write that Wynn's gonna push it over toward the line and foul territory now polite. Tilted into. Looking ahead to the UT eight kept should we get there will also in. Lamar Salinas. Josh Menard is. Bomb trying to keep alive keep things going. Here in the ninth to do. Sliced right again over toward the corner long run for fault any makes a basket catch over the corner. 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Oh OK let's leave it off here in the top of the tenth inning. Shocker in mavericks. Knotted up that for peace and see it free baseball here in the final game of the series Yonkers. Trying to sweep ETA out of town the mavericks. Hang on we go to extras. Cody Tyler out there for the tenth inning and first pitch is little high. We'll Olson is over to wells have been hit by pitch and walked. Soccer's a week ago today played their only other extra inning game they lost him the nine. To Nebraska. And a little bit hide Olson too and I'll. There are those not making too many friends today. Call balls and strikes. Here this afternoon. To an old it to an ode to Olson. Tyler's pitch. That's right down the middle to long. ETA is. Played two extra inning games. They don't wanna vote. Beat Stephen F Austin and Wright State. In ten and eleven. And boy one. Look like strike Gordon called either three and one. A couple of umpires in this series not real crazy about cone strikes. 31. Strike three into. We're 230 Tyler's credit to come back and throw a strike after questionable call didn't go his way. Also his flight to senator walked been hit. And popped the left. Nobody on nobody on the tenth payoffs yes he struck him out there in a slider. And Olsen who's been a tough out all series long. Goes down swinging against Cody Tyler Tyler now. It's based three retired three all by strikeout now Omar Salinas and on the left hand out. Derrick Thomas's. Pretty much stayed with his lefties. Between Siegel and Tyler. When they've been out there for the shock years. ETA had man hasn't gone to the bench. First pitch to Salinas. Lawn outside one ball no strikes. We're beyond the one out. The maverick can't. He pitched dens in their slider 11. Salinas is not two for twelve in this series. Shocker pitching is really handcuffed. You TH hitters. 11 is way low and outside. No Vaughn after. Going over for five today is now three for twelve in the series. Olsen is two for cam. And those are the best hitters. Few balls and one strike. Swing and a miss slider too and to. We Cody Tyler got a nice tight late breaking slider today more electric cutters. Salinas after a second inning single. It's flied to left struck out grounded to second. To do. Well the end of that little flare to left young is under the wind blown it toward the infield and I asked to come spreading in the last five or six steps. Two down. So. To open tear down here in the tenth for Josh meant on us. The Norris says lay down a sacrifice. Lined the pitcher. Walk and grounded to short. Shocker bullpen has really pitched well in this series. Tyler comes down to the plate. Little bit inside one though Sandberg and barn house. Each pitched a scoreless inning yesterday. Keller Howland and Evans. Went three scoreless. Ball on Friday. And three of the four relievers that picture today of turned in scoreless outings. There's a strike in the air him and artists wouldn't want the only hiccup was Alex Siegel. Who walked three. And they all came around to score. Sandberg McGuinness now Tyler. Have been spotless in their outings today. Tyler try to get back in the dugout let his guys make a winner out of him for in the eighth time in his shocker career. Thirty dollars in federal law. Often injured knees. Career dates back to 2014. Now and shot back through the middle base hit by Menard. A two out single in the center field. And all that does is bring up another left hand matter here and follow. And list after the game quality post game show. Have your game recap. Player of the game. And hopefully put the deep freeze play of the game. And look inside the numbers elect coming up as soon as this was over. Aired fog has been on their three times in a row triple walk and hit batter. Started to swing. Pitches probably strike anyway they're gonna appeal the middle of the diamond there's no way in the world Hillary get that call one ball no strikes. Only time you shot hasn't gotten here and Fogg is in the second and Connor along with going to ground out to shore. Again this is a thank god it came into this game with just one here all year. Then. Tough to retire today and one reason or another. One's in a mile layer of shallow right senator. Ritter out camp under makes the catch and the shocker for the second straight inning we'll have a chance to. Get a walk off victory in the final game of this series. It will be O'Bryant Ritter India got coming up in the bottom of the tenth. This job board delivery and your TV well I just unpack it over there on you didn't pay haven't unpacked you're not gonna commit to my other equipment you can pay and haven't hooked up you mean I paid good money for a new HDTV boy I didn't know service exactly. I should go on after teasing. Your TV we don't charge extra for delivery in Sana its good prices and get serviced it's what we do all day long have their TV we've got her roots in Wichita not to start branches. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Great now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Well I think it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy owed any Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest homo. Here are great Americans join me. Come out there for the bottom of the tenth inning he worked around. Some issues in the eighth inning but not before the shocker tied it up. Any then he went a 1239. Inning. A face O'Brien reader and do guy here in the tent. So Ryan bus. Out for his fourth inning in relief. And here's Mason O'Brien. Annie pops it up the left side of the diamond foul ground to win gonna play with a Williams makes the catch one pitch at one out. O'Brien miles out of the third baseman. Mason O'Brien threw for five. Who's Luke Ritter. And that's gonna do it for Ryan about so. They asked Brian does just to get to this to get Mason O'Brien here at ten. And so overall crime busted a very good job there's. Three and a third in relief. And gave up an unearned run. In the eighth that's kept this thing go on. He certainly did his job so. Buses out there and turn it over to a right hander. Patterson went six bus. Three and a third. And now they'll. Turn it over to David Moffett who looks like. Moffett had started. Each of the game city. Appeared in previously all three of them. Twelve and two thirds. Six earned runs so far pool walks with seven strikeouts. So respectable four point 26 ERA. But coming out of the bullpen now after. Starting the first three games. His 2008 team. It. David Moffett. Started against Texas a and M Corpus Christi with five in the third. Got knocked around against TCU. Two and two thirds five hits four runs three walks. He's starting each of the last two mid week games TCU and against Baylor globalized park. We gave up two runs one earned against Baylor four and two thirds. So Moffett will. Get Ridder herewith one out nobody on in the bottom of the tenth. Here's the wine by the right hander in the catch slow curve ball drops level. David Moffett six feet 17. True freshman from Wichita Falls. Swing and miss pitch out away from Ridder it's one and one. Dayton duke our cannot perfect days waiting next. Four for four. Slow curve grounder to second. Gobbled up their Mike Cook in the. Throw to first is off line and they first. The right field line and Salinas and he put on the back. That'll be. An error. On Zack look. The third error of the day and the previous two in one way or another led to a shocker run. Ridder actually grounded one to Johnson the second baseman in the second where he just kicked it. Ritter came around to score. And then on that the backers singled to right center field. It was an error on the center fielder Juan. That allowed duke got the score from first and here's Dayton takes a strike. So winning run at first. Dig up for singles to run scored. Moffett pitch. In their first strike it so into. Do you guys singled and every other inning starting in the second. Second fourth sixth eight. Winning run at first here in the tenth no balls and two strikes to Dayton do go. David Moffett comes at the shoulders it's high bouncer off the plate. The second baseman trying to tag the runner at second and to get him again at. And the shocker bits can't believe it. Willie's walkie. Can't believe it Sammy Esposito I assume is the acting head coach. Ritter went into a headlong dive. And Travis Olson. And a good long look at it in that second baseman cook tried to tagging coming by and Wilson said he did. And the shocker bullpen just erupted or the other dugout just erupted now. The shoppers are in the first base dugout so they're staring right down the barrel vacancy. Or what they thought was they missed tank. And now it's Sammy Esposito gonna get castles and asked. McGwire for some help. Now they're all gonna get together and don't think that. Darren Thomas will come unglued if they all get together and say reader was safe if I didn't look like you dove out of the baseline. Just went into a headfirst dive to try to avoid the tag. And as the Zito throws up his arms and disbelief. And they're gonna say raiders out so do gods on there on a fielder's choice. So cook went with a sweet tags to try to get. Ridder with a headfirst slide on his way by on the high bouncer up the play. And Travis Olson said that cook Scott Ritter on the backside. So now here's. Alex Jackson. Before guide you come to the plate in the DH spot today. Winning run at first two outs. First pitch is over but lo and Moffett better shorten up his. Delivered to the plate or they do double steal a stand and wanted to go to Jackson. He's six for 48 so far this year. 10 fouled off in the catcher's glove one and one. Alex ran for trade Vickers after tracing all the right center field and an eighth inning. Wanted to Wanda Jackson. Left and batter out there trying to move duke all around. 11 fell back and it's one into it. So fairly Dayton did god not pull it just didn't stealing second you might be now with. Two strikes the count on. Alex Johnson. Moffett kind of slowed the play surprised did I haven't tried yet she would do away. Here's a stretch. And now. Moffett stepped off. David Moffett. Shocker gonna wanna error. And then a questionable call that went the way of ETA on a high bouncer to second base. They're gonna do god Al Leiter in right field that's gonna drop it for a base hit. Do God's gonna make it the third the throw comes all the way to third for summaries and do gods there safely. Jackson with a single girl I soccer's. Have the winning run ninety feet away. And gutter Trout lines go up. Darren Thomas wants to have. Visit with bin Harlow the home plate umpire. So do dollar bought was offered the pitch Jackson dumped it into right field. And ages Darren Thomas is one of the note he had a visit to burn. So out he goes. He talked to David Moffett. So do god third. Jackson offers Jackson's front that mean anything the winner's third day. Derrick Thomas. Dunne talking to his entire infield in pitcher catcher. That does that does it matter season third. Throw line at the plate is to perform. Trout line is struck out in the second. Two run single to center in the fourth single. In the sixth. Grounded to short in the eight. David Moffett making his first relief appearance of the season. Strike on the inside corner nothing in one. Moffett 8889. Of these fastball. Outfield. Somewhat shallow very much straightaway. And outweigh pretty much all day. Oh Juan into the turf. Wanted to mention a couple of times before. Will Olson has been a wall back there. It's got through three games in the series he's been really good at blocking balls. 11 account. Right hander against right hander mopped the come Seth. Comes still play slow stuff drops in their first strike one and two. Winning run at third. Two outs in the bottom of the tenth. What into the count to draw a line he's been up with guys on all day. They're gonna as a runner that pitch dismisses lawn outside the Jackson will stay on the force out if there is one. And Trout line. Now as to and do. No stolen base defense of indifference. On that play with Jackson. Moving to second to into. Moffitt. Becomes set. To deploy. 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On your side they'll do prepared fans keep you safe from minute by minute coverage of breaking news download your case for us to learn whether Iraq. Breaking these shells during this wildfire season. On air and online and like few phone when you need us most. On your side. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today Don KM. Finally get shocker baseball they sweep Texas Arlington go to Walden two on the year they had to. It'll bump in the road here today but all's well that ends well they walk off. In the tenth inning and when it. My final 54. Game recap this rocky by bill Miki Cummings coming to coming here criminal defense and in the call at 3162641548. Or visit them on line bill Cummings LLC dot com coming to coming flaw where he needs always come first. Wichita State got on the board first in the second thanks in large part due to an error. Luke Ridder grounded once it. Easton Johnson the second baseman just kicked it and in Q batters later part Gibson running home with a single to left field and truckers lit one and nothing. They extend the lead to three to nothing in the fourth with some really good execution. Walk. Single sacrifice bunt and then Gunner for outlined in two run single senator made three nothing shocker. But he mavericks got one back in the fifth on a ground ball triple by Aaron well down the right field corner and sacrifice fly by Jack hook. But then the shocker he. I have felt for a little bit Al Seigel had been so good this season so good in the sixties struck outside. But then in final play he walked minorities. And follow. And then went to a vote to fill birth you know. Before Chandler Sandberg came in Sandburg. Completed the walk which was credited to Siegel. And and Zach cooked with a RBIs single Margie Williams with a run scoring ground ball in Christian Hollywood and RBIs singled just like that to shocker from behind. Four to three. But they got one back in the day. After you got singled with one out shot trade Vickers pinch hit. And dumped a single candidate no man's land into right center field course dig out all of speed. Turned second headed for third and this center fielder Vaughn kind of ran into war got. Tangled up with the right fielder well and that allowed you got to score all the way from first that tied it up or. And then. Sandberg mcginnis and Tyler did the rest out of shocker bullpen. And in the bottom of the tenth inning another error. Led to UT aids and doing their third of the game cook who started in left field played second. After a substitution. He. Threw to first on a ground ball by Ridder with one count and pulled its first base and off the bag so Ridder was safe. And then do got pounded one off the plate and in cooked. Came charging and tried to tag Ridder sliding by the third base umpire said he did. And so with two outs dude I was at first base and and kind of an unsung at bat Alex Jackson with duke I'm moving. Don't one into right field that allowed do got to go to third. And and a couple of pitches later gutter Trout line shot one into right field for the game winning RBIs shocker walking off they win five to four. In ten innings and a twelve and two UT Arlington off to a slow start. Thankful for and non. And gave shocker play it 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's but Papa Johns dot com these promote coach shocker if the Steve shocker. Discount player the game is brought you by the Kansas lottery get to Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire. Kiss lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount. Kansas lottery dream bigger really. To shoppers did most of the heavy lift millions. Luke raiders going to the runs in Dayton Duca scoring the other three Duca four for five a career high four hits. He scored the game winner certainly honorable mention gutter Trout lines up. At up to the plate with the bases and base runners on pretty much all day long he delivered the game winner but our. Kansas lottery player of the game didn't do had a career high four hits and scored. The game winner. When we come back we'll take a look at the scoreboard and head into the final stats and sign up for him shocker went five to force they win its final segment right after this. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the Comfort Systems can junior air conditioner or in selling new Levy system. You can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort to. Sims is keeping what's Josh Duncan is cool call today 2657831. Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. 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State security investment advisory services offered to receive point financial ES PF number ten SIPC SP if separately owned an energies and or marketing names products services referenced here are independent of SPF restaurants assist when he 103 north collectively in Wichita Kansas except to 0603166520101. Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. I want talks to. In assets. The mavericks fired up four in ten innings the score today shocker now twelve and two is embark on a trip to Missouri Tuesday night for 630 game. Against the tigers are the SEC. Take a look at scoreboard update brought to you by the abide their true opinion construction. From ropes and gutters to siding and windows love your home's exterior again they're they're stripping dot com or call 316202. Point 66. Tiger proofing instruction. Your home team pro elsewhere on the American the citadel beat UConn today afforded to. San Diego leading Houston six before. There in the bottom of the eight in Houston UCF swept CNN they be aimed at 8108. South Florida over central Michigan 106. Tennessee sweet Cincinnati they went today to the one. Outside the American future shocker opponents. Oklahoma State lost to eastern Michigan six the five K state beat Mercer thirteenth six. Kansas beat saint John's. Six the five. Also in the American through lane leading produced three nothing about war or Roberts defeated Dallas Baptist state board to. Future shock proponents don't go to state trailing northern Colorado 1179. And so you was beaten by Texas and Corpus Christi fourteen to four in the eighth. Game was called in beauty travel curfew. Leeway you know you've got stopped fourteen boards today. By the islanders. Let's go inside the numbers look the final stats rock you by be Katie CPAs and advisors everyone needs trusted advisor. Who's your words. For the victorious shocker is five runs eleven hits one error and eight left on base. The mavericks four runs seven hits three costly errors and ten men left on base winning pitcher Cody Tyler you wanna know. David Moffett a loser falls 04 than normal starter came out of hand in hand. Can't absorb the loss of those saves in the big ballgame it took three hours and seventeen minutes paid attendance 2030. Eight. No home runs in the ball game soccer's did get a four game that you got three game and the game winning RBIs honor Frontline. And by and large the bullpen was really good this weekend as Sandberg mcginnis and Tyler. Came on after Alex Siegel that'll pick up in the seventh inning and then make the winner on Cody Tyler. In the pen soccer now twelve and two Texas Arlington falls to fourth and nine. And if there was any doubt at all here's your putting the deep freeze play the game brought to you by with the lines in the plight. Rob well. Throughout line with a par behind singled to right in the path of the shot three EPA. Final score before Wichita State post game show coming up. Shocker if this week the Texas Arlington and off they go. To take on the Missouri Tigers Tuesday night and stay on the road. Going to Creighton next weekend Friday Saturday. And Sunday Soviet thing seeing how the shocker spare in the national rankings after four and one week. They lose a tough one down and told to go oh are you to go on but they come back this week Texas Arlington. Here at home by scores 1235. To one. And today here next innings. I tore five before I think Steve Simon Sumner back in the studio and that each and every one of you for listening again shocker when it. Five before they sweep Texas Arlington. We'll talk to you again on Tuesday night she and I think thanks so much for listening. Until Tuesday from Columbia Missouri. So long from actually have a good rescue week and everybody. You've been listening to soccer baseball along 97 and thirteen thirty K in excess. Rock do you buy these fine sponsors. 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