Wichita unemployment rate is holding steady

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
A business update with the Wichita Business Journal's Bill Roy.

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97 a thirteen thirty came in and says thieves in the morning now. 7:45. Here on Monday morning it. Now three big things. House of Representatives to vote on to immigration bills this week seeing Hutchinson man's body recovered from the late in Colorado line. Man's body found himself Wichita. Three big things even dead on Kate in incidence. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning. Through 65. Gallon and it seems to be yup right center you've 65. I'm spotted better and 64 so that's at. Mays and Kellogg's traffic update from cape and SF radio on gas chambers. Partly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain today the high of 94 degrees. 10% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 74. Then Tuesday 30% chance for showers and storms tomorrow's high ninety. Now partly cloudy skies we have a salvage a ten miles per hour and 77 degrees. Davis asked whether Ron you by the modern art featuring the perfect and feel for conversation and tax sales. The monarch over the military discounts. Or current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. 746. Now was even tell the World Health Organization says compulsively playing video games now qualifies. As a new mental health condition. A move that some critics warn may risky statement sizing its young players. In its latest revision to an international disease classification manual. The UN health agency says that classifying it gaming disorder as a separate condition. Will serve a public health purpose for countries to be better prepared to identify this this year the UN says playing video games is now. A health condition. So I'm being listened. I'm kind of torn on this because on one hand it's now videogames aren't a disease. Other hand I've seen people who have let teams trying to take over their lives a little bit and really spend way too much time plan and I. I kinda get that that's to be a mental health conditions yes. People can get addicted to strange things all three major indices fell into the red on the last day of trading for the week on Friday. Stocks on Wall Street sold off across the board worries about a trade war tariffs mean US and China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down 84 points to 25009. The NASDAQ Composite down 1477. XP SP 500 down three. At 2779. Names such as Boeing caterpillar came under pressure on the heels of Italy's trade war. We also thought energy stocks dropping as the little drop. Worries about OPEC next week and Saudi Arabia and Russia pumping out more oil. And some development Time Warner's CEO Jeff Bewkes will leave AT&T after the weekend position. And turner chief John Morton meeting after the AT&T acquisition and the name of the new company will be renamed Warner media. On the fluent in your stock exchange middle eighties Fox News. Japanese government data show that the nation's exports to the US groove five point 8% in May from a year ago. As shipments of machinery and vehicles rose Japan's import from the US. Imports for the month grew nineteen point 9%. As imports of aircraft fuel and medical products gained on the year that's according to finance ministry data in and looks like we're in the better side of that one now in the US Kellogg company voluntarily recalling some of its honey smacks cereal. After Salmonella infected 73 people in 31 states you're kidding me breakfast cereal can carry Salmonella. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most of the outbreaks were in California Massachusetts new York and Pennsylvania. Honey smacks is that high on your grocery list or Ted it's not. But what they are I don't I don't believe ever respond used to be super sugar smacks that if I am over the years. You stunning night when I was a kid back in the seventies comedy that's now point at a forty year. Honey smacks. The hundreds of Atlantic City casino workers who lost their jobs when their gambling houses shut down or going back to work. Two of the five casinos that closest one to fourteen are reopening this month. The Trump Taj Mahal is becoming the hard rock. And revel is becoming the ocean resort. So that I haven't come back there in Atlantic City Ted. Re openings and so it was it was empty buildings and if those dice is rolling the money coming in there in Atlantic City. On 750 now Stephens of the morning and we have a look at the local unemployment rate with editor bill we're liable which oppositional to morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted which does unemployment rate holding steady at Kansas Labor Department saying the jobless rate for the Wichita area which includes Cedric Sumner about Kirk and RV counties is at three point 6% and they. That's unchanged from April the total number of kansans looking for work has dropped to 49990. That's the first time the figure dropped below 50000. According to the department labor since may of 2000. The owners of paradise donuts decided to open a downtown location Maryland wire right rather Maryland writes as the new location will be in the renfro building. At 612 east Douglas should be open next month. The downtown location will replace the one at 3107 west central. Shop on west maple will remain open right says he's encouraged by the growth in the core area. Growth in trust bank bank officials announced Friday that it's requiring millennium bank the deal expected to close in the third quarter. Terms of the deal not disclosed the junction city bank has about 35001000. Dollars in assets. And trust bank is a five point two billion dollar bank. Millennium employs about fifteen people local breaking business news everyday and can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal and the war. I'll bet you had a father's days in golf others but you're treated like detained. Right absolutely absolutely I'm broke up have breakfast with my mom and that came back from Kansas City while really. Thousand breakfast in bed did someone weighed on you I don't know breakfast out and kitchen table to kitchen all right let's that's nice. Like now like the old days when you were at home you know and your truck right in whoever attended by your trusty man servant Floyd now it. Surrounded vials are rounded I don't lose Mansour had some woman servants so there at what that would be like really. Boy I don't know to have somebody you know attended every needed you have course like that you have its version of that with my life. By the way it's our anniversary Tuesday. Happy anniversary to you think channel 4048 years of wedded bliss she could while she could not be happier. With the virtual non Norma. Kids you can't dispute it she's not here Wednesday I understand you have do you have a couple of birthdays today. Or what are they want to say that I wondered the twins are having a birthday today sitting in shenae 22 years loan mod. What an amazing what Great Dane head so you're Twitter at a birthday. And your best friend in the world is having an anniversary. That's right what can be better than Mara I don't know that I've reached the pinnacle of life by I am expecting gifts of all. It's a late today he should get those packages over the out front desk anytime and think you. Today as the national go fishing day. Is how about that we are fishermen a picture personally knew Maria here bill not a lot some but not a lot my dad liked finished and so we go commissioner wants one block from the tires and they do it for you. As I'm not putting that more armament. Being aware and while my dad taught me to do in my Brothers to fish and basically. And it was a cane pole and looked at a bomber and in LA and were we dug up the backyard it was very much some Huck Finn Tom Sawyer type thing there. Good times and it didn't need him later on we actually bought a real and a rod so we were sophisticated. And we still in catchment finish but there and I were the main thing about that fishing I think it's spending time with your dad brown Leo yeah. I've always said I'd love to take up fly fishing and would love to fish and one of those Colorado Utah streams those beautiful places. I've done some of caught a Trotter to those constraints but not with it waders and all that stuff you know right I think it would be a lot of fun. Numbers and chance to do it though obligation and a pretty good look. It seems like on patrol. Is gonna. Go to town and country in order of the captain and yell. Of the extent of my fishing that's and a and you're dead that the motivator yet at a DNC get the captain Mario says Corey so delicious thank you gentlemen it is seven. I've now. And save us Stephen deadly 8 o'clock hour we're gonna tell you about a fatal shooting of arts and arts festival in New Jersey visit him a breaking story. Ted has the latest sports scores. You know golf week here in which it's on wolf happy up with this. Royals in the wing what you got entertainment news on the way as well it says yes we'll start compiling navigated good episode coming up at 835 this more try to get traffic and weather on the way has always Stephen Ayers. For the 8 o'clock hour was seated dead on K and as fast. Get to where.