Wichita Wagonmasters Downtown Chile Cookoff

The Good Life
Saturday, September 30th
Talking to the reigning Chili Potentate Bob Lutz about the Wichita Wagonmasters Downtown Chile Cookoff.

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Every Saturday here at that about him but here today that it is fairly. Why it's different. Feet beautiful. Here's where we want you can't have beer was actually a good drive on eight want to eat out mouth and then make your livelihood. You should cut. It's only five dollars if you stop the quick trip and they got here yet they and in aggregate they did it get your way. But you could cut that probability that statement. If it goes to 4 o'clock if you're out on the ground that you need to come down so that. Because no matter how much earlier but it it expects to be good. 53330. And run them this. Come down now again the aftermath. That. You may remember several years ago I don't think like that years ago. Good luck I had covered they'd be the program. Via the honorary death on the date chairperson of this beautiful things again. It's pretty but saying it. This year and joining me now is Bob Lewis. You may remember Bob Biggs worked out which don't you don't use them earlier on them or intercom and said. Up by a problem that is the guy I want to be there at that lived the good life for one's absolutely I'd let the avert the press announcement. It's good to have a good lie it is indeed. I thought you drive it around in the cards. But one of your shores it's art experts that your pick in the decoration. If you have gotten out of. On the grounds that we got ninety boots. Continuing growth I believe this the most news. And I'm over ideals but we get around. And the people who are participating. Partners about that chilly but it is not bomb. I'm not only did the spirit. The spirit is really fond of Monica. I heard that noise at you could tell where you were body delegate here as you. Are probably about I have my my trust. Whether they're right there back you don't department make it about it. But what about you and you had a lock in that glorious career. I'll look at you got quite evident that the odds in yeah. I mean that's not my eyes that. Some guy just walked in and month ends. This dilemma that boat it's a bit on campus that. It. My time. On the money trigger a lot of it I think. Eight. And in the morning only go forward Bobby and health care. Let's back up that it's not iMac and a yet not yet I've been. Police are the people but this. Pulling their quiet. I. But what about you but everybody knows the region and an eagle Alia you and your climate archives from the mag mile laps today at the Eagles laugh we were inside the building this down here and wait for the eighth. No movement. Made it pretty amazing to see. The sports. They. Forces with my son. And then. In the back to the director and founder. Only 42. Users and Alec outlook negative beginning in Iraq and other I want to get on the air what. That was radial these days knowing. It does not mean I know that. I would've bought that chili cook off and. Handed out with a okay. A potent name here I mean seriously. Whereas the reverence yet informed about it I really know what that meant. Thank you need it well I think that these. Well you will be. You know we're getting now 34 years think of it down. I hope I'm still around Bob you have an elegant old. I hope not you guys never your harmless. About you I lifted your program although. Great to be out of not being out there at. Got out. This is great Geiger are we live here on campus and it's a great job report Baath. We definitely a space so that's good represent going on you guys have some fun OK take care it's always good to see if it. And they are you right here you pretty Y plus they I don't know why she puts up with you but I get lucky that she. At and you got a month. Art now where we're refi before we were talking about leap forward due to youth baseball league well it. An outward at Gordon did far in. We tried to appeal to those kids you may not. The resources. To plant that. Slightly off the leafs make it very affordable was charged with their dollars plan B per kid per family to. We provide you. All the equipment. And and we're on our fifth year was true about 500. Kids lives here. And that's the joy of my life. Horrible thing that I've ever had the pleasure to. And we ultimately would too long long the very ticket significantly. The 42 well we got the baseball thing taking care of what. If forty to honor Jackie Robinson broke all kinds of barriers that his client force. And worked with courage our kids to never give up. The plot head to find their personal path to success and that never be adopted or. If there's a road block put upon them in front of them find a way to get over it or. Well man got lucky good work at noted that probably a lot of work like it enhances the benefit that you hear about it but it. Personally it's great organization. Is right we have a great and also a time when our kids and our families. And there's nothing like being around. Healthy thank god. Well and then the afternoon. Next week or any any one millionth vehicle. Check back on the fifth I really shouldn't after I can I have my rent my fill of rapid growth it would get thought they'd here. People this really count about down. A lot of I'm not comfortable. I like to be amongst people Friday. That is I took the jacket off I just won't be seen. As every man regular did rise well. Thanks for being a part of the program. And yet you don't forget I think one of the month part of the bullet benefiting. Is definitely be worth it. Yeah about the black. We're looking forward to that or we're looking forward ever it's been a great great honor to vote today. And thanks to the blackened passes for choosing me. And thanks to lose the Chillicothe it's this wonderful which. The great thing about it I am right you get up there eight Q&A. Great comeback and not did not grant cities Leo do quietly nodding your one. I got great confidence from things. It can't happier. For them under the beer at a parking lot actually.